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Bobby Hinkle of Nashville Tennessee says howdy!.


Word Mission Statement: 
Novels I have written:
   LoJoker  Rated R


Water Spider Rated PG


          FORESTER Rated PG
GREEN CHIPPER (HBO Series, 10 Episodes) Synopsis &  Cast of Characters Rated R
RUBY YACHT....Synopsis
          DEATH FOG STAR....Synopsis
Book of Poems & Songs....Synopsis


fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction, "reality", angst, vision, floods, apocalypse, riot, Football in Europe, philosophy in a drunken orgy, eco caricature, altered myth, ill considered opinion, ill advised conjecture, terroristic genius, Johnny Quest drilling machine,  Crime A is a peninsula, fiction, Arkansas, Vikings in Oklahoma, Iberian Celts in the Ozarks, clear cutting of Syria 2000 B.C., adrenalin junkies, Amish nerd, Lesbian groundperson, Ace of Spades as the executioner, irritating Four Diamond need hire a joker as bodyguard this evening, fiction, Arkansas, print your own, I dropped CenturyTel.
stream of consciousness flow uncharted window to madness catagorical madness clinical phycoxis erectus call after four hours, tag out. Unappreciation avoidance. anti social network Viking net. Phychos r us. call 1 8 ohoh. ohohoh. ohohohoh.