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Rocker ninja from Rokkalypse romps through a violent pro football game.

When you're fourteen and run 100 meters faster than anyone on the planet, but you party too, well shooting a home video with eighty thousand people wanting to kill you is just right. On CD!

Will b publishing that story here in 2018, aw Here let me try2 capture the day. If u r familiar with Bart, Angela and Ramone fro Rokkalypse, This story takes place in the future. nineteen ninety six. Not kidding. But Ramone is this black belt from birth who is the fastest man on the planet @ age fourteen. BArt is his odd friend, Angela is Barts model girlfriend; BArt is filming Ramone play in an ultra violent american football game between Paris and London in Paris. Ramone romps the game, kicks the helmet off a guy, the celebration goes wrong... Bart filming was knocked hard2 the grass. Crowds barely separated by chain link...It's just a short story, a few pages seems like. That stuff was dormant4 decades. Written on a Panasonic Word Processor and lost many years. Maybe it should hibernate more. KInd of like EROSION. Why do I the things that I do? Why do I exist? Anyway hope2 have Death Fog Star posted soon.

Bart Ramone Rokkalypse Angela autistic ninja