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February 16, 2019

Quiet morning. I’m a little gimpy 2day lol. Last night was the full court competitive game of basketball in the AL Hudson center. I had never set foot on the floor of shot a basket there. During warm ups I was fluid and feeling rhythm with super loud rock music playing I was in my element. Using girls balls I was sinking high arcing jumpers. But the game ball was larger and spongy. I shot a couple of air balls, then got my own rebound and finally made a point blank shot4 my total points on the night. 2.

    But it was fun. The announcer called me Bon Jovi because of my long hair plus I was wearing jeans and they singled me out4 a five second lay up. I . Didn’t make it. I knew I could barely do that when I was @ my peak @ twenty years old. That was a long time ago.

    But I walked out under my own power and not on a stretcher. Another successful venture.

    So now it’s get red e2 go2 work next week. 2nite is an EROSION jam and then prolly THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY.

There were actually alot of people there. Hundreds of children. Lots of dancing.

New timeline. Rough draft.

1626 The European metal adze and its techniques and uses are shown directly2 Powhatan and council.

1636 Canoe making industry, reinvigorated by crafters using the adze and organized in industrial teams becomes competitive.

1646 Outer Banks canoers in tulip poplar dugouts, using the adze perfect the balance and weight4 fast movement and transport by dragging or carrying.

1656 Around modern day Blacksburg Virginia was as far as u could go upstream on the Roanoke River which travels through Virginia and empties n2 the Atlantic Ocean @ the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

      On the other side of Blacksburg is the Konawha River, an ancient trail and an anomaly. It traveled west2 the Ohio River where all other rivers flowed2 the Atlantic or Tennessee;

      1666 Using the still strong Powhatan federation2 safely navigate the Konawha 2 the Ohio, Cherokee make initial incursions n2 the massive capes and bays of the Ohio and Mississippi.  Massive swamps and open water stretch over one thousand miles, French Mariners spread the legend of Cape Girardeau, the largest fresh water cape in the world.

      1676 As Cherokee and Powhatans move with remnants or banished onto the Ohio they are unmatched in  speed and ability. Great lake canoes lack the speed and are also heavier2 drag. All boats fail2 perform like the Outer Banks style brought over by Powhatan and Cherokee.

      1686 Grandsons of Powhatan himself establish strong villages @ modern day Pocahontas and Powhatan in Arkansas @ the eastern edge of the Ozark Escarpment. Cherokee learn the hard way that Osage bows are the most powerful in the world.

1696 Dangerous Man gets guns in Carolina. He establishes a Cherokee Post @ modern Day Black Rock Arkansas. With fast boats, long rifles, steel traps and metal saws, metal plows, and metal kettles, traditional Cherokee quietly held power on Spring and Strawberry River Valleys.

1706 Continuing the secretive bonds of the original confederation, a new coalition builds with Shawnee and Delaware. Freemason guilds, royal societies merge with Craft bees and Olympiads @ Forty Islands(modern day Hardy Arkansas)

1716 French deed approximately the north east quarter of modern day Arknasas2 Cherokee. There was no Missouri Bootheel then. The Devils Backbone, Just west of Salem Arkansas is western limit.

1726 joined by Shaman banished2 Arkansas after the disastrous outbreak of small pox in 1721, Saint Francis River populates with traditional Cherokee. White Clay is used by cherokee2 make the finest porcelain in the world. This clay is secretly shipped from Arkansas back east in exchange4 steel implements.

1736 England deeds all lands south of the thirty six thirty lateral and west of the Mississippi west2 the Pacific Ocean2 Cherokee. Most stay east of Devils Backbone. Irish Cherokee inhabit Strawberry River and it’s creek valleys trading wool, French Cherokee move up Southfork, farming and trapping.

1746 Great alliances are created, Osage trade and interact, though slavers were 4bidden in Cherokee territory, elsewhere slave wars raged.

Shawnee and Delaware are given Eleven Point and Current Rivers by Osage Council. But Cherokee assume authority of paper deeds by ‘rulers” in name only. France and England had no real power in the Ozarks.

1756 French culture merges with natives and territory 4 beaver, bear, deer and other skins boil over across the continent. As French lose power back east those Cherokees aligned with them must go2 Arkansas.

1766 Spanish governors begin “governing” Arkansas. Not much changes until they create a licensing requirement that 4bids Cherokee2 trade @ Saint Genevieve, forces them2 trade @ unsavory Arkansas Post. Delaware allies help with moving goods north instead of south.

      1776 Forces of “Great Britain” burn the ancient Cherokee town of Sitka in Carolina, while its inhabitants were out fighting4 the British. Sitka is one of the first major Cherokee towns in Arkansas, Straddling the Spring and Strawberry Rivers in the Ozarks fifty miles west of the Saint Francis River. As the British lose the war, those Cherokees aligned with Britain must move west2 Arkansas.

      1786 Cherokee immigration2 Arkansas heavy. Scotsmen and Blacks paid by the Spanish start a north south road sanctioned by Cherokee council.

      1796 Chickamauga Cherokee come2 Arkansas. These last traditional Raven Warriors take up farming in Arkansas. The melting pot culture tests Cherokee councils banning alcohol, slavery, certain types of music and dancing, bon fires, beating of metal, gun fighting, barking dogs…

1806 With Cherokee  breeching the Devils Backbone war erupts with Osage. President Adams encourages Cherokee2 immigrate2”the Arkansas.” As the backbone fills tight, Most Cherokee would rather head downstream2 the Arkansas, then upstream2 the Russellville area, or overland2 the Conway area, then hazard directly west n2 Osage country. Viola and Pfieffer established outside of the backbone advertise all things banned by traditional Cherokee. Americans waste no time draining the huge swamp. Many areas dry up over night, vast prairies are revealed in Arkansas. Improved manacles and corporate greed ensure that Quapaw and Cherokee in Arkansas face hypocrisy and discrimination

      1816 Cherokee on Buffalo River receive deeds from United States Government. But in a couple decades they were reneged upon and Cherokee in Arkansas forced2 take the Trail of Tears and once again relocate. Many went2 Mexico of which Texas was @ the time.


Ran n2 an old friend @ the TONY SPINNER show Saturday Night.

February 12, 2019

Sunshine! Nice day, beautiful bike romp2 Eagle Crest and beyond. The creeks are fat and pulsing, babbling happily. Otter Creek is romping. Big Creek. Romping. But the flood stayed just in the banks, the rain stopped just in time…

     So I’m playing against the Harlem Wizards Friday night here  in Highland. This will b a hoot. I haven’t shot a basket in a couple years.

     So It’s get back2 work. I’ve got sporadic jobs scheduled here and there, it should dry out a little 2moro and maybe I get something done this week, then next week is kicking off busy. So git er dun.

Prior2 1812 lower eleven point would have been a mixture of many tribes including but not limited2: Delaware, Shawnee, Cherokee, Michagamea and Mingo.  No doubt Englishmen and Osage, even enemy tribes, numerous blacks on Black River. Duh.

     Or maybe Black River was named4 black chunks of wood floating and mired, fires were mighty and frequent certain decades of settlement.

     The records 4 Missouri are far more comprehensive and coherent. It’s a reconstruction thing that is more noticeable now as archive material gets converted2 internet.

     I think Missouri knows more about the natives here than Arkansas But both know very little. Cherokee historians have no idea the secret culture that existed here, and Arkansas historians have no idea either. That’s part of the legend, the secret web that held strength among natives west of the Mississippi.

     Started by the Powhatans, of which Pocahontas was one, settlement of the Eastern edge of Ozark escarpment began in the sixteen nineties. The Powhatan were known 4 keeping secrets among a federation of tribes. So well that they trapped a large subdivision of colonists, allowing them2 settle and grow crops many months b4 massacring them, which was the plan all along and no one spilled the beans. Of the thousands of natives in on the secret, not one Englishmen found out about it and stopped it. Nancy ward would warn whites of Cherokee attack a hundred years or so later and was likely banished2 Arkansas but that’s another story. Point is. Powhatans could keep secrets. They worked well with other tribes as leader of a confederacy over in Virginia.

     The first Cherokee here in the eastern Ozarks, first scouts, found the Osage had much superior bows. War fare with Osage was unwise, they could kill @ twice the distance of Cherokee. Back2 the Saint Francis Cherokee would canoe around modern day Paragould Arkansas.

     Not long after that Cherokee got guns in Carolina. No longer @ disadvantage they quietly took the Black Rock Area and staked areas around modern day Hardy and Cherokee Village Arkansas. By 1700 strict ethic and secrecy guarded knowledge of Otter Creek. Few Cherokee even knew where they were, trusting only that the setting sun would lead the way.

     Chalk Bluff was a crucial area.

     Lower Eleven Point might have been heavy with Delawares. Some treaties with Osage gave Delaware Eleven Point River and it’s not likely those treaties acknowledged the state line as did Spanish French and English captains and governors.

     But the coalition was a melting pot anyway, dual council of Lower Eleven Point probably very progressive, the Delaware or Lenape are an ancient tribe, known as the Grandfathers by the Shawnee. Some historians put the Delaware as having descended from Eric the Red or that culture. Although they did skirmish Cherokee sometimes, in General they were in on the beginnings of a confederacy from the ashes of the old Powhatan Confederation.

     Lead mines were crucial4 bullets. Most likely Cherokee and Delaware, along with Shawnee miners traded skins and pelts4 lead. Spanish governors decreed Cherokee must trade @ Arkansas post, a vile, dangerous place with pitiful prices. Cherokee might have traded Delaware fine furs4 lead. Delaware could legally trade @ Saint Genevieve Missouri, a much more favorable place. Missouri was an easier return trip4 Cherokee, sometimes Arkansas Post was a difficult return trip wrought with bandits or other hazard.  Other times it wasn’t so bad. With the use of pigeons Cherokee could signal kindred on Crowleys Ridge as they were embarking 2 Arkansas Post from modern day Newark. Other Cherokee then embark from the Cherry Valley area directly east, angling n2 Arkansas Post from another direction4 security and leverage should conditions b unfavorable which they often were. Even Arkansas historians will tell u Arkansas Post was a vile place, with the worst sort of characters. Arkansas Post was the wild west. Simple Cherokee were all but guaranteed2 b cheated. So they didn’t go there often.

     Most Cherokee @ Arkansas Post likely came from modern Day forest city, which is@ the southern end of Crow Lee’s Ridge @ I40 between Memphis and little Rock. There were likely daily movements2 Arkansas Post, and likely direct merchant connections of corvette yachts and other fast French or Spanish, or English boats.

     The whites had no idea the extent of the web. Travel by canoe @night. Taboos on large fires, noise etc. Ethic and prayer. A coalition, a great secret coalition was forming here, the secret web held strong one hundred and more years. But as the gr8 Shawnee Tecumseh was weaving a mosaic of native coalition and strength the earthquakes hit. Coalition asunder, Grand secret federation evaporated.

     Ensuing land rush and slavery and chaos of the Civil War, the genocide of the plains tribes, and subsequent wars and erosion of civil rights, greed and treason of capitalist murderers and saboteurs.

     But it was the introduction of the adze n2 native American culture on the eastern seaboard that triggered settlement of this area. Moron that later.

     The Powhatan confederacy  developed in conjunction with the adze.  A booming industry developed quickly as standard canoe making methods changed quickly with the adze. The industry standard was fine tuned around the Outer Banks region. A canoe built in the standard balance capable of conquering the outer banks proved invincible in the Ohio Valley. Gigantic open water capes could b traversed quickly groups of Cherokee traveling with friends Shawnee and Delaware, themselves part of the crumbling Powhatan Confederacy, armed with guns, these first western sojourns quickly moved across the Mississippi.

     Other tribes were eradicated, some, like the Pamunkey and Appamatix, made deals with the English4 reservations of land, swamp land, but occasionally land. So the bulk of those tribes stayed. Remnants of others moved west. They would not be fenced in by the hated English.

     Frenchmen were more fluid, they loved water, did not drain swamps. Customs of Paris blended well with native societies. Cajun custom and Cherokee were very similar.

     When Spain took over Arkansas in the seventeen sixties, little changed4 Cherokee, many of the sheriffs and such were the same people, ownership of Arkansas changed in name only until the decree that Cherokee must trade @ Arkansas Post.

     The biggest development was a north south Spanish Road in the seventeen nineties built through Hardy and Highland, Evening Shade and Cave City.

     Bees and Olympiads were big deals here, huge pow wow or potlatch, craft bees in conjunction with athletic tests of skill featuring native American shooting, wrestling and ball games and also Greek Olympiad skills.

     These festivals and dances were held many times @ Forty Islands(modern day Hardy

     So Pocahontas and Powhatan are Powhatan villages originally founded or cohabitated by remnants of Powhatan in say, sixteen eighty. In Sixteen ninety six Cherokee Established a post @ Black Rock.

     Within a year of that post Cherokee were flung as far As Salem Arkansas but no further for over one hundred years. If u must move further west as Cherokee u would move downstream2 the Little Rock area then upstream on the Arkansas system, which in those days were massive capes and bays of flat swamp. There likely Cherokee scattered n2 Oklahoma even then, and those increased in the eighteen hundreds but my focus is on the Cherokee here in Sharp and Fulton country from sixteen ninety six til 1812

     The Arkansas River Cherokee increased drastically in 1812  Thousands moved off Saint Francis river amid apocalyptic preaching. But the Cherokee here went over2 Buffalo River. The bands 2gether formed a large chunk of Northwest Arkansas and were given much of that in deed in 1818, but forced further west in the 1830s.

     By this time the adze and even most canoe travel was abandoned. Sure an adze helped smooth out a log4 a cabin and other things. Cherokee still used the adze. Just not4 canoe making.

     Until the Europeans came2 Carolina, natives used stone adzes. Metal adzes did way better4 quality wood working. So in the sixteen hundreds Powhatan and by extension Cherokee, learned of this new standard in canoe making tested on the outer banks and dominating the Ohio River.


This is a kokopelli I think but it has an Egyptian kind of thing with the coyote ears, The one I found on Strawberry River resembles this.without the penis.

February 11, 2019

Rain. Every day it seems. Flooding about2 take place, Facebook says Spring River is about2 get out of it’s banks in Hardy.

      So the creeks must b babbling brother. Full pools and puddles everywhere. Creeks running even way up here in Highland. Highland Is high land, approximately six hundred feet elevation. We are in the Ozarks, but just the foothills. There are decent elevation changes here and east2 Black Rock, but get over 2ward White River south and west of here4 larger elevation changes. Then some really larger ones over on Buffalo River. The largest elevation change between the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains is there south of Jasper.

      Extreme country. Might b a good year2 get over there cos the water table is up and should not go down2 fast now that everything is thoroughly saturated.

      This bodes well. There should b ample water now4 many months. Two weeks on the Buffalo is a good goal. Realistically one week @ a time lol.

      Current is in my cross hairs. Something like Jack’s Fork2 Van Buren. Have people come upstream on a flat bottom jet boat2 meet us and float the last day. So many ways2 float, so many streams. In my day streaming was floating and paddling, streaming was catching crawdads lol. Not Live Streaming LADY GAGA. Although she is a pretty little thing.

      I may play against the Harlem Wizards! Lol. It will b a hoot. I hope I get2 take a shot lol. U gotta d up against the Wizards.

      I wonder if they have any famous guys? Probably a dunker and shooter and a dribbler. They are very similar the Globetrotters.

      I have played against some great players. Alan Penders comes2 mind. He was good4 a white guy. Then U got all the greats from that eras great great Highland team: Brogdon, Hensley, Smith, Cormican, Rhodes…Duhme and Bates. Some others I’m neglecting.

      Robby Davis. Jay Hansen. US Reed. Scott Rose. Myron Jackson. Dennis Nutt. Jimmy Pippen. Other nameless or 4gotten ex Razorack or AIC players in various stages of retirement. There was this guy in the eighties, played4 the hogs, on the calendar, he was six eight but broke his knee or something and was on drugs so hung out @ Murray Park in Little Rock where we kicked hacky sack. I took him up2 Cammack Village a couple of times and we played a game or two while noodling about town. Cant remember his name but he was on the Razorback Mens Basketball calendar mid eighties.

      My best games were @ UALR. I played major college talent and held my own. It was in the summer and they were usually a step slower than late season but I did a full array of inside and out on them. I could dunk on them or bomb long range jumpers on them. Pete Myers, a future Chicago Bull, took an interest in me and we played one on one all summer. Pete stayed in shape. And got a pro contract. Jimmy  Lampley was seven foot, I actually guarded him @ times, and he guarded me. I did good against him because he was out of shape. Everybody thought he would go pro but he was2 lazy. The last place Dallas Mavericks told lazy Lampley2 get off the floor. 2bad. He was incredibly coordinated and smooth4 a seven footer. He had great instincts around the block and was court savvy actually. I would have like2 c him in High School or some time when he was motivated. If he had had fire in his ass we would have seen him in the prose. Intentional misspelling.

      Myron Jackson was fast and quick and could pull the plug on a deep three in the blink of an eye. He wore gold chains and Adidas. Dennis Nutt was a little hustler. As a member of the Nutt family he was royalty in Arkansas anyway, but he hustled and never missed a wide open three. Ever. 

      Jimmy Pippen ran the best non organized game in Central
Arkansas. I don’t know who I played against there in North Little Rock, but every single player was all conference or college level.

      Holy souls had the cleanest game in town, I played multiple ex razorbacks there. Henderson junior High was high level but really ghetto. As the lone white guy I got shoved around by bitter drunks but poured in points. Getting fouled alot I developed a jump hook shot. And defense was my strong point so my guy usually got shut down and angry. Sometimes I wonder if I played Derek Fisher cos he was about fourteen then and I used2 play those kids, black fourteen year olds often play against older white guys and beat them.

      I have mellowed, no longer competitive. Injuries and fear of more have dampened my maniacal play. But playing with nieces and nephews has sharpened my fake playing. So if they drag me out of the crowd2 play the wizards I should do well.

      Rain picks up in intensity. This will b the time when this flood truly becomes presidential. The only saving grace may b that it is forecast2 stop raining by this evening. That will b just in time.

February 9, 2019

Bright sunny cold day. Tryna keep fires burning. Getting2 b a drag lol.

    Last night was a soso EROSION rehearsal. We powered through, KILE is working on some new drum techniques yada yada. I was tired after a  brutal cold bike romp. People are so shocked that I’m out in it. I’m like have u ever seen a snow mobile? Don’t u think those guys are warm? Plus I’m working out, sweating inner layers. That’s the real danger. Plus u gotta stay hydrated in winter2.

    TONY SPINNER @ Spring River Draft House 2nite. Debby and Weston and I r looking2 make that one. THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY will b rocking Copper Feather,

    Freezing rain predicted. Then heavy rain. Flooding. Everything is saturated right now. Conditions r ripe4 flooding. I like floods again. 4 several years i didn't because my sister bought a business in hardy that hadn't flooded in a quarter of a century. And. As. She. Signed. The. Papers. Thunder was heard. And. Just like that a couple of weeks later Spring River was eight feet deep in the building. Then. After we got that all cleaned up, another flood took it six feet deep inthe building. Right after we got that cleaned up another flood put it four feet, another cleanup and another flood, two feet deep in building and I think one more yada yada. Time Time Timing is everything.

    So it's gear up4 a hard ride. Frigid run2 EAgle Crest and beyond. Maybe it will be up2 the mid twenties when I start. mid thirties when I'm done.

    T Rump officials evasive and combative. ONe Repo said it's time4 another Kent State. Put it on Twitter and Facebook. Qausi apology. CEO of Exxon made secretary of Energy. T Rump told him don't bother resigning from Exxon, u can do both.

    Prick Perry got wind of it and beat George Stephanopous4 no reason. He kicked him in the ribs by a dumpster and dragged him by the hair2 a dark crevice in an alley. The only thing that saved Stephanopolous life was the fact that Perry was late4 a prayer meeting.

    Perry and the coal CEO heading the EPA laugh it up @ lunch. Their only regret is that they have never shot someone in the face, Publicly, Like Dick Cheney. Sure, they have done it, many times Prick Perry has shot someone iunthe face. But never got2 brag in public about it. Sure they brag @ poker games and locker rooms. But Cheney, Tricky Uncle Dicky was the greatest.

    I think their is a new movie out about that.

T Rump busy kicking people off medicaid. He says States don't need2 study or compile statistics or talk about how many ppl lose coverage. They don't need2 read briefings. Just watch Fox. Fox/Russia will tell us all we need2 know.

    On the same day Elizabeth Warren announces she is running4 president, T Rumps consumer protection bureau fines a man one dollar and tells him2 never ever again scam veterans out of their pensions.



 February 8 2019

Bright and cold. The rain moved out and temps plunged. Quickly light snow fell and pools of standing water developed icy  crust.

    2day will b a good day2 ride and check out waterfalls. Get some film clips of dancing white water4 Panadox.

    Eagle Crest and beyond.

    PResidenial harassment. Fake news.

February 7, 2019

Rain. All week mostly. Flooding likely. Not able2 get much work done. And that’s ok2lol.

      I want2 tour bridges and take a look@ rivers, etc. But it looks like the long chain of storms may finally ease out and then I can ride. If not I may have2 do a mud run.

      So yeah, I did a mud run. Flood passage. Crazy. Plenty of water but I hope it keeps up.

      So I’m breaking down Cherokee territory here by creek valley, with modern day state line as the northern boundary of Arkansas, and Cherokee territory by the English and Spanish. The university of Missouri seems2 b on point with how early Cherokee crossed the Mississippi yada yada. Official notes from French Captains2 Spanish Captains says as the papers were exchanged in Saint Genevieve Missouri in seventeen sixty three a recorded comment was made that the
Cherokee had occupied the area4 “@least forty years.” This was the seventeen sixties. That puts credence2 the northern Cherokee Claim that they came here2 Saint Francis River as Shaman banished from eastern towns stricken with Chicken Pox. Or Small Pox. Or diptheria etc… This is off the top of my head so I need2 get us a complete list of European diseases that Arkansas Cherokee died or were disfigured from.

      So it breaks down like this:


In Virginia Powhatan utilize remnants of the once powerful confederacy2 bring Atlantic Ocean style canoes over in2 the gigantic swamps of the Ohio and Mississippi Valley, dominating maneuvers, establish towns of Pocahontas and Powhatan on the western edge of the Ozark escarpment.


In Carolina Dangerous Man trades land4 guns and uses alliances with Powhatans2 move onto the Ohio equipped with superior Atlantic Ocean style canoes. Inn addition2 long rifles they bring plows, kettles, saws and the all powerful adze, 2 the Ozarks of Arkansas.


Division of territory east of Devils Backbone is loosely divided by clan and race, Irish taking Strawberry River, French taking Southfork River. Scots and English or Blacks held sturdy claims. Though Cherokee often warred with Delaware and Shawnees back east on the Ohio, factions of each tribe left early4 the west and teamed up.


Traditional Shaman are banished2 Arkansas when they fail2 stop a horrible round of Small Pox in Carolina. Forgive me if I get some details wrong here because it was  real and painful time in humanity history, but the shaman used the old trails 2 headwaters of the Cumberland and Kentucky Rivers, crafting Atlantic Style Canoes with steel adze. Remnants of Powhatan coalition slowly evolved2 Shawnee and Delaware as these two tribes struck deals with Osage in Southern Missouri, east of Devils Backbone on the Current and Eleven Point Rivers.


      Troubles in Carolina bring steady trickle of Cherokee, all walks of life, clan, family…. Customs of France infuse fluid Cherokee Diaspora. Seven Cherokee Chiefs and en tourage party in LOndon.

      With military discipline, guns2 keep all powerful Osage bows @ distance, plows2 break Ozark soil, and saws2 quietly harvest and build. Kettles and skillets added ease and flavor. Large treasured knives Cherokee from early age sharpened, dulled, sheathed and killed with. Arkansas was bear country, knives must b large2 give advantage against bears.


      Peace rules many years as tribes share Olympiads and craft fairs known as Bees. Individual Cherokee go2 the Prairie with Osage and gain fame, Cherokee offer Osage horses as tribute4 peace. Cherokee used utilitarian ponies and mules. Rangier beasts driven north and west as tribute2 Osage in times of plenty.


      England deeds Cherokee North Arkansas and all land due west2 the Pacific Ocean. In reality all Cherokee can really control and homestead is the area south of thirty six thirty and east of Devil Backbone.

      Also in general Cherokee dominance on the Saint Francis was limited2 South of the Thirty Six Thirty line. Although they did occasionally move onto the upper Saint Francis and massacred a few miners, in general they were based @ Chalk Bluff north of Paragould and Jonesboro area @ the modern day state line.


Otter Town quietly builds coalition. Moving by water @ night, quiet and smokeless much, low profile secret coalition strengthens web. War erupts just east, Through native coalition Missouri and Arkansas hold.


      British torch Ancient vibrant Cherokee Town of SitKa. English POWS move west with Delaware. Spanish decree Cherokee must trade furs @ Arkansas Post, a vile and dangerous place. Saint Genevieve in Missouri is much more favorable. Moving in Atlantic style canoes Cherokee travel @ night, trading skins, furs, mink and bear oil, white clay and pottery4 plows, gunpowder, knives, kettles...


Steady stream of Cherokee move west2 Arkansas. Spanish post ads in harassment torn Alabama and Georgia2 “Come2 Arkansas young Cherokee.” Other Spanish deals in these states complicated other deals and treaties. Double Head came here, banished4 giving Kentucky away. I think maybe Nancy Ward was here, banished4 tipping the whites of impending attack.

      Dragging Canoe must have chilled here, recovering from war wounds and plotting next moves from Lead mine trails near Raven Den. Wautauga Springs is likely where Cherokee farmers uprooted from the Watagua area settled.


`Epic floods  and big water mean Cherokee maintain strategic effectiveness. Native coalition destroy Americans in Indiana. But soon beaten Cherokee trickle, then flood2 North Arkansas east of Devil Backbone. Spanish governors commission a north south road dissecting Cherokee territory, with conditions they accept. Two of those conditions are violated when Scotsmen building the road drink ale and also shoot game two far away from the road. Plus Scotsmen were known2 blow bag pipes also a taboo inside the backbone. So Pfieffer, a Scottish community just outside the backbone was formed. Similarly Viola was founded just outside of the backbone and named in responce2 a ban on Fiddle Music by Cherokee council governing inside the backbone.


      With immigration @ fever pitch, breeches of the backbone became more common and war between Osage and Cherokee more ferquent. But the coalition was still strong as Tecumseh built coalition among natives. Only the awesome power of the gigantic earth quakes in 1811 could and did end all hopes4 native equality. Well into 1812 quakes continued, several topping out the scale. The Mississippi River ran backwards three days.

      With no backup, the web destroyed, Cherokee, Shawnee and Delaware all decided that all treaties were null and all three tribes moved west across the Backbone. Here in Otter Town, Modern Day Cherokee Village Cherokee hid the cave entrances and left on foot, leaving fields and garden 2 b harvested.

      Sure, some Irish families tried2 hold land on Strawberry River they had worked many generations. But confusion ruled as bribe and mistake disrupted. Ever wonder why Daniel Boone was a wilderness guy? He was a failed mapmaker, several people wanted him dead 4 botching a crucial map in Kentucky. He spent lots of time over here in Arkansas with Cherokee.

    English were more successful @ holding land claims. they were near the state line on both sides, working legislatures and prevailing land grabs or open claim systems in conjunction with kindred in government, Sam Houston was in the area frequently.

      Look near the old Cherokee community called Pine knot. It's near Paragould tucked n2 folds of Crow Lee’s Ridge near an ancient portage trail. Right next2 that is a town called Crockett. It’s probably because Davy Crockett stayed there, @ first as Guest of Cherokee, then as first claimant with whatever government, be it Spanish, French, English, American, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois Louisiana, Lawrence county yada yada, of which the area of Arkansas has been all of @ times. Uh. Oh. I said has been.

      So I’m thinking its time4 Blue Collar Jam6, or Blue Collar Pow Wow. Get some live bands. Play Native Way Stage Main Street Hardy. In  conjunction w Griffin Park have a show there2. Memory Lane. Plenty of possibilities. This is a new idea so Imma b fleshing it out the next couple days.

      Plus I still want2do JT Fest. A jam @ JT’s house on Lower Spring. Canoe and Frisbee would b involved.

      Blue Collar Pow Wow. April 20 2019 Main Street Hardy Arkansas.

      I think I would call a concert @ JTs Blue Collar 7.  SHAGGY, EROSION…

      But this Pow Wow thing, BLACK RIVER PEARL, EROSION…Plus @ Griffin Park have MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY, and then BLACK RIVER PEARL, or vice versa… I’m rambling. Like I said it’s a new concept but I have contacted the venue owner 2day and it’s a go. Stay tuned.

February 5, 2019

Hello. Nice day. Foggy all day, still now close2 dark. We worked out @ Saddler Falls, a double cherry was all over a trailer. Topping and lopping, rigging, roping… We flopped one side of it. I have a pic4 u.

    I talked the owners out of removing a nice medium elm. I gave it a trim and tuck instead. Vines plagued. And that didn’t help doing another estimate in Cherokee Village later, A lady wanted a super cheap price on a tree dense with ivy. Couldn’t do it.

    So I have work, Im starting2 crave some river. But it sposed2 get cold soon I may lose the urge.

    Awesome EROSION jam last night. We ran Panadox giant screen visuals, a hot chick guest drummer. KILE  ripping. Cool night.

    I’m lookin @ water testing equipment. Imma step up the water pollution game. Fight back a little. I mean if T Rump is impeached water purity nation wide will improve. 2day he put an oil executive in charge of a cabinet. 2nite is the State of the Union. He will triple down on easily proven lies, desperate2 stay president so he can pardon his “children.”

    Who am I kidding? It sure as hell wont b about the kids. Junior is expected2 fold like a cheap suit and bring daddy down. Ivanka will cry but it won’t impress Mueller. T Rump figures hes got a better shot @ surviving a Russian Mafia assassination attempt as President. He is examining witness protection options. He may move n2 a modest home in Montana and grow a beard. Or frolic with Indonesian hookers off the grid. Ivanka wants them all2 move2 an undersea city and create a secret submarine community. Or in orbit, ignoring subpoenas from a space shuttle

     I will check out Occasio Cortez in her rebuttal, and of course c what Daniel Baldwin on Saturday Night Live does.  But as far as seeing this evil orange bastards big mouth and loud lies, Nada.

    Cabinet full of enemies. Just as Russia commanded. Government hobbled, heads of myriad compartments vacant. He is lazy, just2day a report on his Fox News watching “executive time,” and how much he doesn’t work. Plus the millions per month, much of it paid directly2 Mar A Lago, of his golf trips. The amount of tax$ he has spent in two years surpasses all of the past presidents full terms. And Vice presidents added in the total also.

    But silence from those that hated Michelle Obama4 wearing expensive dresses’, taking vacations, and baring her arms. Fox is still worked up about that. That and the tan Suit debacle almost brought our country 2 it’s knees. Fox/Russia’s fair and balanced, and they still used the phrase then, non stop bitch about the black president wearing a tan suit and his wife with the bare arms. Nothing about how the Repos fought dirty and driven2 deprive people of protections for pre existing conditions.

    It was the tan suit and bare arms that distracted us from murderous tactics.

    Kind of like when Clinton got caught getting a bj. Wow. But the only other time we had a special counsel was when Bush/Reagan bargaining with terrorists, financed secret wars and sponsored mass murders undermining Central America while introducing Crack cocaine2 us. But Bill got the bj. Immoral.

    The only thing worse than abortion is war. Repos are pro war. Pro pollution. Pro murder. But pro life, yeah they recommend ignoring the constitution and supreme court because this is a Christian nation. Athiests and Muslims must pay taxes and not be represented.

    Sarah Huckster: ignoring intelligence briefings2 watch Fox and Tweet is a “creative environment,” for the President. She also had this gem: The deepening investigation of the T Rump Inaugural committee “has nothing2 do with the President.” She also said that concerning subpoenas and the shutting down, of the, ahem, T Rump Foundation.

    Asked if the lies documented by Mueller show definitive collusion by Mike Pence, Huckster added. “The president doesn’t even know Mike Pence. He never met him and has never been photographed with him or in the same room. So this witch hunt, this far left liberal hoax, this evil fake investigation must end. We. Must. Restore. Credibility2 the FBI.

    Everywhere u turn, tv, radio, memes on Facebook, editorials in typical conservative print media. Like yesterday the Jonesboro Sun, one of the most conservative papers in the nation, they give this headline and column2 the right winger complaining about how they took Roget Stone armed. And how that’s so wrong yada yada, and in the next breath promote overthrowing the  rule of law because T Rump is being harassed by the deep state rogue FBI. But what they will do is nothing compared2 what the KGB will do if Putin doesn’t get his penthouse.

    Ur damn right their coming in hot. Everyday T Rump tweets out lies condemning them, accusing them, etc. it’s war. T Rump will b in hand cuffs. He will bark shrill orders ignored but by the hollowest shells of corpse like haters, he will slander and bellow about till dead. Then Junior and Ivanka can marry.

    Idaho forcing Repos2 man up and accept Medicaid as voted in. Repos lied and slandered against Medicaid as voted by the people, and since it passed anyway now they are stalling and trying2 make crippled Idahoans jump through flaming hoops in mascot costumes. Also work requirement and probably drug testing. But as we are finding out here in Arkansas having Implemented T Rumps work requirements2 Medicaid is costing more than just expanding Medicaid. It costs more2 implement the massive bureaucracy than catching less than one percent of abusers saves. Pathetic. And we are pathetic4 voting repo vampires n2 office. I’m no Dum. Dums have their own vices and corruptions. But its’ way less heinous and murderous than repos. Corporate welfare is fine. Eight hundred military bases not in this country, that’s eight hundred US military bases that are not, I repeat, not in this country. We are the many headed beast devouring. Our vehicles have multiple drink holders, science is an inconvenience, and American Exceptionalism means we are free from blame or question. And look @ our president, our representative and ambassador, our Commander Bone Spurs in Chief. We elected him. We deserve our plunge from grace. Our standard of living will decrease under T Rump, just as Putin planned. Now we will stand in line4 bread.


So the Adze, the metal European version of a wedge shaped wood carving tool. In the sixteen hundreds This metal version much improved efficiency and speed of making dug out canoes. Through research and competition Carolina tribes around the outer banks perfected a very fast maneuverable canoe. Around modern day Blacksburg Virginia was a portage path from the Roanoke River headwaters over2 the Konawa River, which flows west2 the Ohio River. So a great adze  culture bloomed in the sixteen hundreds, standard canoes traded and crafted.

Portages were vulnerable2 ambush, strong federation of tribes headed by the Powhatans worked with Cherokee2 secure key passages2 big water.

     Cherokee used tulip tree4 canoes. Once attaining lower level of the Konawha River in modern day West Virginia, Cherokee traveled by night n2 the largest freshwater cape in the world. Cape Girardeau stretched over a thousand miles of flat cypress swamp and open water.

     With superior canoes, guns recently acquired,  saws and plows Old Cherokee settled the Ozarks in the seventeen hundreds. All of the seventeen hundreds. But not all of the Ozarks. Only the watersheds of Southfork and Strawberry River, Black and Saint Francis. In The modern day state line was used as northern limit in some treaties as the line was used in the early seventeen hundreds by Frenchmen and then later by Spanish “governors.”

     Dangerous Man came here2 modern day Cherokee Village in sixteen ninety six. His people and many new immigrants left here in eighteen twelve.

     The strain lives on through descendants of the Buffalo River Arkansas Cherokee, and the Ketoowah Band of Cherokee.

     Ketoowah was developed here in the early seventeen hundreds. Customs of Paris were prevalent here, tempered with matrilineal Cherokee clan and council. Women were empowered in the Cherokee Tribe. Uncles more important2 family structure than modern day.

     Irish were in the Cherokee tribe before Columbus arrived. They  moved as Cherokee2 the Ozarks very early also. Irish Cherokee claimed all the Strawberry Valley.  French Cherokee claimed creek valleys on Southfork. Further north was a vein of English Cherokee and English Delaware influence. Further South on the Southern border of backbone Scots broke taboo with loud horns and ale.

     Black and paler Mulattos etc joined Cherokee, the Powhatan strain braided n2 Shawnee and Delaware again coalition weaves secret web And the coalition was set2 achieve independence in 1811 as the great Shawnee Tecumseh brought awareness and awakening2 the strength natives held in this region. Cherokee, Shawnee, Delaware, and Osage held total power in the Ozarks. Fifty Louis and Clarks came up these rivers after the Louisiana Purchase, all fifty never returned. It is rumored they were staked dead @ forks in rivers, bits of white man attire discernible. But of course the new Madrid Earthquakes of eighteen eleven and twelve scattered all treaties asunder.

January 31, 2019


Quiet night.  Not so much  earlier. EROSION was in house. Making some noise. But we tight. My drummer is taking it2 another level now so it’s some good jam. We gonna check on getting some gigs.

       Hard ride on Otter Creek 2day. Eagle Crest and beyond. Plus there was something else, what was it? Oh yeah, a gigantic red oak. I went up fifty feet with some difficulty. The climb wasn’t pretty but I humped it out and got serious weight off above the roof. Crazy.

       Then it was a tall double hickory, also extremely difficult spikeless. I took out large sections of the top2 train and reduce the tree.  In a few years do it again.

       I want2 ride early 2moro, have lunch in Hardy, shoot a couple waterfall scenes4 Panadox. I want2 accumulate sunny waterfall shots4 a collage. Great stage lighting or just any reason a white waterfall does the trick.

       So I’m covering Tree Care, River Adventures, EROSION,  and Panadox. Word. I’m continuing this journal, plus working on fleshing out my novel of the Cherokee who lived here in the seventeen hundreds. I’m realizing the Cherokee were part of the Powhatan Confederacy just as local legend told.

       I’m learning that the metal adze, an axe like tool from Europe that performed way better than stone tools of precontact Natives. The Adze revolutionized canoe making on the East Coast. As designs and trends changed, a dominant standard was developed by Ocean and inlet dwellers around the Outer Banks of Carolina. These dominant canoes proved faster in open water, and also efficient moving into fresh water streams, particularly the Roanoake in Virginia.

       Using the confederacy network Cherokee and Powhatan in the sixteen hundreds secured portage trails and water falls, using mules and oxen2 drag boats over key transits.

       In sixteen eighties Powhatans and Cherokee moved across gigantic open water bays of  Ohio  and Mississippi Rivers here2 the eastern escarpment of the Ozarks.

       In sixteen ninety six Cherokee Dangerous Man traded his land4 guns. With dominant boat style, guns, metal European saws, the trusted adze, and secret network or federation of Powhatan, which merged with Shawnees and Delewares moving west from a very early time.

       It made sense. Once the passage from Roanoke waters over2 the Konawha river in the modern day Blacksburg Virginia area, Wtiht he help of confederacy sentries and lifters, Cherokee could make the Ohio river and once there, traveling @ night with best boats, they moved with impuninity

       It was actually a better way2 move west than hazarding the Tennessse River and hostile Creek and Chickasaws. Especially in the sixteen hundreds when the Powhatans confederacy still existed.

       Cape Girardeau stretched from Ohio2 the gulf coast @ Baton Rouge. It was the largest fresh water cape on the planet. Well traveled French mariners knew this. Endless cypress swamp considered “ocean”2 Cherokee. Tides, albeit small ones, were regular and  consistent  At Black Rock Arkansas. The vast black river valley, now cotton or soybean fields was known as Cherokee Bay. Crowleys Ridge was a long narrow island on vast Mississippi flood plain.

       So French and Cherokee culture mixed. Slavery  and alcohol issues tackled by persuasion nd consensus: common council. English Cherokee came here, more Chorokee as Spanish granted formal deed of property.

       Otter Creek.

January 28, 2019

And we roll. Rebel Tree Care back on. Early I was headed up a gigantic post oak in Horse Shoe Bend. Spikeless of course I ascended up around fifty feet and took major branches over the roof, rigging and roping… The tree was solid and sturdy, not a bad lean, and now it’s even less lean, thousands of pounds taken off lightens the load. Same thing on tap most of the week and beyond.  

Then it was another job back here in Sharp County. Trimming prized variegated privet, memorial apple, Bradford pear, removing juniper, privet…

    Then the main attraction. A gigantic red oak severely declining, straining2 stay alive many years now. It leaned the right way, the trunk was forty inches or so across, but I got the notch right and boom bada bang that monster hit hard and broke up on impact. Except4 the giant trunk. I'm cutting that up next time.

    So it’s cruise each day, knock out pruning jobs while it’s cold winter. Tis the season.

    Cold winds howling out there. Chicago bracing4 twenty below.

New journal notes

I wish Hunter Thompson were here2 “comment” on T Rump. T Rump would read him on the toilet and get all kinds of ideas4 tweets.

    Lara T Rump sounding off like a good upper crust C word. “Make the minor sacrifice of not eating of caring4 ur children so my father in law can get his way.”

    She also suggested those struggling with housing issues stay in their friends shoe closet a few weeks.

    “If ur broke and the grocery  store wont let u  borrow groceries take a limo2 Doosh Bank on Fifth Avenue, arrive with ur entourage, a little dog helps, and get $. Take out a pay day loan, Doosh does those, same day cash. C? I mean come on, missing a few checks should b no big deal. Melt ur jewelry down with a crack lighter. Make a porn. We do what we must. Support T Rump personally and work 4 no pay indefinitely. God will grant u everlasting feast. U can waste and feast in gluttony4 eternity. That is my personal guarantee, in writing. Doosh Bank is the only bank the T Rump foundation uses, they take care of all our needs. From filtering proceeds from Venezuelan accounts and Russian oligarchs buying my condo4 eighty billion Doosh Bank and the T  Rump foundation when no one else would loan The Don a nickel they partnered with us. So give freely and often; dig deeper, evil democrats are working2 take ur guns and kill babies with them. In God’s Holy name stand against HR 1 requiring political donors 2 b public record. Eric has assured me that this overturning of Citizens United will crush the economy. Soy Bean farmers will b foreclosed upon. Unless they switch2 hemp in  time. And Eric knows farming. He and Junior went2 an opening ceremony @ a winery, and technically that’s a farm.

    Sarah Hucksters: “This subpoena has nothing2 do w the PResident.” She claimed T Rump never met Stone, that he was a glorified coffee boy4 Manafort, and that if Stone testified, T Rump would have the entire Stone family tortured.

    Asked if T Rump would force another shut down in three weeks Huckster nodded, “the president is running that by Vladimir as we speak, I think we will have an answer very soon. Rest assured this president is dead focused on getting the government shut back down in three weeks. How many children will b duct taped and tortured while we debate this. The president said on live tv the effectiveness of a beautiful, artistic wall with coils of barbed wire on top. Plus spikes2 impale the fallen. But we must rinse the blood back n2 Mexico. Not one drop of Mexican blood should touch American soil. We Alone have the manifest destiny. Only Repos will ascend2 the heavens. Godless dums must suffer inequality. Heathen Hedonstic naughty pants.

    Commerce secretary Kudlow, “we can make this work, workers will make the sacrifice because of allegience2 T Rump. If all repo voters work4 free, we can spread the numbers and cook the books because we are a  church. We don’t have2 pay taxes. That’s how t rump gets out of taxes or any crime: he has deeply  held religious beliefs. He has the freedom2 pursue the church of T Rump, so he is tax free. He is ordained.

    T Rump: we won the war on Christmas. Now comes the war on Valentines Day. We have ended wars in Syria just as Putin commanded, We have withdrawn from the war on Pollution, my EPA says we won that.  Dynamic scoring of research has proven pollution is nonexistent.

    Dums don’t care about crime. I care. I surround myself with criminals so that I am more effective understanding crime. Same way with cabinets heads I  install industry lobbyists whose life long goals are2 destroy that cabinet, that means they understand how2 rig the system and tilt democracy and justice 2ward corporate profit and greed. It’s simple once u understand I’m a Russian Agent.

January 26, 2019

Bright sunny day. Above freezing, blue jays and crows active.

    It’s been muddy, I’ve barely worked this week. So next week is full up. I’m in the thick of proper pruning. Tis the Season.

    Roger Stone indicted. The pressure cooker is on.

    Right after the news broke T Rump opened the government. 4 a few weeks.

    The Stone indictment shows a pattern of coordinated attacks on Hillary Clinton. Russia/Fox. Or Rox/Russia. 4 instance a few hours after they suggest planting fake news about Hillarys health, Sean Hannity began planting fake news stories about Hillary’s health.

    This just caught my eye: in the midst of turmoil in Venezuala, in which T Rump is accused of massive meddling, Three major European powers insist on a new election.

    Stone is a fake news originator from way back. He was 2 sleazy4 Nixon. He  and manafort have been deceiving right wing rubes4 many decades.

    T Rump stalling Russian sanctions again.

    Big oil permits one section of government that was not shut down. But the inspectors and auditors were.

    So for three more weeks federal workers won’t have2 hold bake sales get high interest loans and borrow groceries, as T Rump and others in his administration have suggested as solutions.

    President Pelosi displayed T Rumps one testicle @ the podium in the House. Putin stewed in Moscow with the other in a pickle jar on his mantle.

    Cohen refuses2 testify after T Rump threatens his family on twitter. Which is. An undeniable. Felony.

    Michigans new Dum governor drops the frivolous law suit against the EPA. That is great news.

    Elijah Cummings asking simply: how were these people allowed security clearances? He’s talking about most of T Rumps associates and family.

    Russia now contracted 2 sell soy beans2 China. Tired of winning farmers?

    So 4 3 weeks our government will hobble along, then T Rump says he will declare a National Emergency. Ann Coulter was found in his bedroom with a whip and assless chaps.

    The Covington High School ass hats who surrounded a Native American after he deescalated a confrontation where they would have gotten their asses beat by black men, this after they harassed women and called them sluts, are now2 b guests of honor @ the white house. These entitled little dip dweebs with their MAGA hats will now get2 eat Chrystal Burgers with T Rump. The whole bunch should b served crow.

    In the midst of a gigantic and sky rocketing deficit, T Rump gives NASA unlimited funds2 find the deficit on Mars.

    So, tripling down on lying, T Rump hits and exceeds the cherished eight thousand lie mark just under two years in office. He bragged on Twitter that only he could achieve such a record in only two years.

    Aides clapped as he entered the room2 take a victory lap after he caved2 President Pelosi and accepted her terms, which he could have done a month ago. He cursed Stone under his breath4 getting indicted and forcing him2 bargain. Putin called on his direct line and warned Donald 2 keep the US government hobbled.

    He had tweeted the day b4 he caved that he would not cave.

    It’s amazing. All remaining T Rump supporters will tell u Obama crashed the Economy and T Rump saved it. Obama is a Muslim and T Rump is a Christian. Yada freaking yada. Facts will not change the bottom feeding one fifth of us. Russia/Fox has polluted our collective consciousness, and our rivers and air. Yes abortion is bad. But not as bad as war. We will fight 4 unborn American babies by forcing their mothers 2 our beliefs. But we will napalm and crater bomb adult Muslims and their babies in God’s name. We are hypocrisy on high, accomplices2 murder with multiple drink holders in our chariots. Moron this later.

January 21, 2019

Quiet night. Very bright with the giant full moon and neon white snow covering. Then everything got dark and the blood colored eclipse happened. Crazy. End times yo.

      Long day piddling. Errands. Estimates. Eagle Crest and beyond. In the van. Turns out I could have rode the bike but I was thinking it was icier. The trees and landscapes are still locked in shiny white ice, but major roads are mostly clear.

      Prolly won’t work4 a few days till things clear up a little. I have a project I may dig some post holes while it’s so soft. Yada yada.

      Patriots back in the Super Bowl. That makes nine or ten4 Brady and Gronk. Typical heroics again 2nite. Just like the Rams Saints game, down2 the wire against the Chiefs, heroics on both sides. The Rams hit a fifty seven yard field goal in OT4 the win. The Pats methodically drove4 the TD win. Three times in overtime Brady  connected on Third and long. Gronk, barely upright, Went split and got crucial catches as always.

       T Rump admits he was working the Russians deal all the way up2 the inauguration. But all the lies, how many times did he say all sarcastic that he had nothing @ all 2do w Russia? That explains lifting the sanctions first thing.

      There is a pathetic right wing Face book thrust2 discredit and minimize Mueller and the rogue FBI.

      How bout the MAGA hat wearing douche bags. Taunting the Native American? They need a few chicks in their school.

      So the creeks will sing2 me. Willows are naked, shivering in want. Trembling in anticipation. Madly dancing, tossing restless, sighing and whispering, searching blind, straining, supple and smooth they bend but won’t break, firmly grounded, roots strong, currents babble and rush, popping…

      It’s waterfall filming time. I plan on getting some footage of sunny waterfalls, adding2 my collage of white water I will unveil @ some show soon.

    Nice EROSION jam. Loud. CAnt hear the dogs barking and neon buzz. That neon buzz can get2 u. Good name4 a song though.

    Should get warm and melt the snow soon. Then I get back2 climbing trees and proper pruning. 4now it's keep two fires.

January 19, 2019

Rain. Heavy and sure. Sleet on the way. Looks like a hunker down n stoke the fires night. I will probably run2 Wal Mart.

       Creeks are singing and they should sing more after this. I bet Sweet Strawberry is missing me, fat and full. Her soft cold shoulders need my fire.

       Warm and dry. Yesterday was a massive event @ FNB Arena in Jonesboro. Fish Fry and auction. I got my face painted.

       Tree work on tap next week.

       President Pelosi tells T Rump2 pre record his State of the Union and phone it in. He responds by outing her secretive plans2 visit war zones and assure world leaders that when she is sworn in next month things will go back2 sane.

       President Pelosi. I love the sound of that. If only because of the collective changing of the “I support my president,” movement. Nobody who supports T Rump supported Obama, or any other dum president.

       Then u have the deport Cortez crowd. The “uppity,” liberal, “2big4 her britches.” Is she the Muslim cos that freedom of Religion thing is really freaking the right out. That elected leader thing. They didn’t think it through. Hatred and hypocrisy have a tendency2 blind.

       Bitch McConnel allows a vote. Not on reopening the government. But. Killing Russian Sanctions. In the midst of the Russia investigation.

       T Rump: the Russian hoax is a nothing berder.

       And. White out. Heavy snow. I barely made it the mile2 the Grocery store. Heavy slush and snow and it’s getting colder. Winter decided2 drop by.

       Howling winds as snow tapers off. There are a few tree branches falling according2 social media.

       Traffic is snarled, trucks jackknifing etc. all around the area. I do want2 get out and hit some back roads. Shoot guns. I saw a bear recently. I love my property when the creeks are up.

         It’s nice and warm where Im @. Maybe I will stay here. I’m old lol. I have fun with my four wheel drive but I can’t mess it up cos it’s crucial4 tree work.

       T Rump busy jacking up health care rates. He’s angry he stayed in the White House, it’s a “dump” he says, and he couldn’t show us his selfies with hookers he later killed. He says The Affordable Care Act is “immoral,” and health care should b in “God’s hands.”

       Some changes don’t take effect until next year. It’s part of the Repo re messaging and re branding effort. If they change names of bills and shuffle rules and statutes around enough they can act like it’s the dums killing people.

       It’s also part of Putins strategy of destabilizing us. Using puppets he purchased with cash and black mail he has successfully hobbled all of our government. Using his puppet2 entertain and distract us he is dividing and conquering us.

January 16, 2019

And we roll. Quiet night. Nice. I’m making strides. Larger steps. Life is. And then U.

    So we started a clearing job this morning, but it was 2 soft and we had2 hold off til it freezes or dries out. We have some super cold coming so maybe then not a problem.

    So over2 Cherokee Village, both jobs actually on differing borders. Reducing Bradford Pear. Tis the seson. We started off removing two cedars and a hackberry over the roof then got n2 numerous bradfords, taking long spars curving 2ward the house or drive. Better2 reduce them now then try2 rcecover from a storm.

    So I’m all over the place.. I have stuff on the calendar. A few things get rearranged yada yada.

    Im a little apprehensive about this Strawberry trip coming up. It’s sposed2 b about ten degrees soon. I don’t always enjoy canoeing under say, twenty.

    Last week T Rump was all "I never said Mexico would pay4 the wall." Now he is all, "I never said there was no collusion." Ted Cruz, "no one outside of DC cares about the Mueller investigation." "We are totally about law ans order, say the repos crushing medicinal pot, then in the same breath, "The FBI is rogue, bad cops who should making a case on a dum. Any dum."

    Watching the Arkansas Session of legisstature as Farm Bureau and their repo subservants plan2 destroy Best Management of HOg farms. This evil ploy will go unnoticed but4 an angry op ed every few weeks with a misleading title and right next2 an abortion column.

    Try this. When the news comes on the radio or tv download a liberal web site and read the same stories as the radio or tv reads them. See the difference? Everything is slanted and framed fox style, nuance and innuendo, blatant hypocrisy and charisma sell the repo brand, the rebrand, the talking point, the hatred until something sticks. Something resonates, then thats the thing pounding us relentless. So2 all the people who say I stand with T Rump as my president, I say u didn't stand with Obama ur president and u wont' stand with President Pelosi either.

January 15, 2019

And we roll. Back2 work finally. Cool jobs this morning in Cherokee Village. First up was a Bradford Pear. Reducing. Proper pruning. Same thing with a cypress. Training trees not2 crowd the house. Or in the case of a cool weeping patina, parking. The bushy green woody plant had been hacked short 4 power lines directly above. I like the look, kind of mushroomy, but one side was all over parking. An ornamental peach needed a proper tuck away from the drive, several crepe myrtle clumps got trimming. Maybe 4gettting some. Complete cleanup. I chip the  brush and haul the chips. Most other tree services just drop the trailer loads of brush on deserted cul de sac circles. It’s pretty difficult2 turn around.

     Then it was over2 Otter Creek. I’m making a client an interpretive nature trail from her back yard onto an island in Otter Creek.

     Trimming numerous cherry hackberry or elm. Removing green briars and dozens of tiny saplings sprouting up the trail. Grape vine.

     Neighbors preyed on by chumps next door a fine old red oak butchered by some chump in a bucket trunk. U can c how it was the reach of some shitty bucket that determined how the tree would get cut. How far the bucket could reach is such a crappy excuse. Red Oaks and other trees are on  fine line, battling stresses: improper pruning, root zone disruption, natural disaster or hazard: drought, wind, freeze, ice, snow… Ant and “termites,” are a secondary pest, by the time they arrive the damage is done. In general.

     Improper pruning is easy2 avoid. Don’t do it. Don’t hire it done.

Don’t let ur motorcycle cousin do “it”. Nine out of ten tree services will perform nonstandard tree “cutting,” which upsets the biology of the tree, making catastrophic failure more likely.

     Root Zone Disruption: most of us think yeah trenchers cutting through roots, or foundations and walls slicing roots, and these things are bad4 trees especially if not following Best Managemnt Practices, but so is a lawn. Not only are lawns the biggest easily preventable source of fuel consumption and pollution, they battle and stress trees, completely different from forest sub strata trees have evolved with. Fungus and ecosystem play little understood role in keeping trees healthy. Raised beds on the root zone of trees emulate this natural sytem.

     So u got improper pruning, root zone disruption, high wind, heavy ice or snow, global warming: red oaks specifically are suffering as insects move north each year. Ash are beset with disease near nation wide. And now T Rump shuts the government down. Repos had already killed off scientists who spoke truth. Mass media slants right all the time in subtle ways. Most tv and radio don’t talk that much about specific treasonous activity by repos, but rather give say, Kevin “Witch Hunter” McCarthy a few choice soundbites of nothingness2 slander dums. President Pelosi is being blamed4 the shut down even though she was sworn in as Speaker a week or two after the T Rump Christmas shut down started. President Pelosi. I like the sound of that.

     Repos are now tripping down on the coup being installed. All repos are accusing the FBI of staging a coup. And remember, when repos accuse, they are guilty. Bitch McConnel cried alone in the mens room of Macdonald’s.

     Heritage Foundation bullet points this week, probably early yesterday morning, a Monday, said something2 the effect of: FBI is now rogue, we will not allow this Special Council.

     I saw a bear! On my property. Drove right up on it as it slept and it walked away through the woods.

     The EROSION gig went well. Once again we rocked Scott’s Palace. Panadox went well, giant screen of a Spring River waterfall lighting us up with white neon cascades. There are whispers of us being the house band. EROSION rocks.

     Farm Bureau is set2 call in favors in this session of Arkansas congress. Seems repos have a river killing bill that rescindS Best Management Practices requirement4 hog farms and I assume any farm or ranch. This will allow C n H pork2 continue. Polluting. This evil stunt is in coordination with repo priorities2 destroy environmental regulation. Farm Bureau and cattle associations, instead of promoting Best Management Practices4 water management, attack the science, disrupt honest evaluation, and discredit research, helping vile scum like T Rump get elected by duping well meaning churches or inflaming the hatred and discrimination these churches barely hide.

     My answer? Don’t eat beef. Just my little statement. Don’t vote repo. Kick some hacky sack. Don’t eat beef. Don’t vote repo. Reduce, Reuse, Reflect. Recycle. Hemp and Bicycles. Electric cars. Peace.

January 12, 2019

Rain. Cold, consistent. Some sleet occasionally. We worked in it yesterday, Ground work clearing volunteers and  working up firewood. No big whoop.

     2nite weather permitting is EROSION @ Scott’s Palace. The VIP room. They said we would never play the VIP Room @ Scott’s Palace. But here we are it just shows if u work hard, and chase ur dreams long enough, they do come true.

     So it’s piddle and stay warm. Keep fires burning. Let one another b free.

     Munchkin non testifies4 the House. I’m sure Snarky Fox barely contained their glee that a T Rump criminal owned the libs. This will prove somehow that it’s all a big nothing burger. This will vindicate T Rump. This will b the moment that his Presidency cements n2 a solid wall. He is shitting bricks4 his wall as we speak.

     His incoherent ramblings r getting 2 b 2 much 4 even Fox though. He was spouting nonsense about drug dealers racing across the desert in fast cares with duct taped women. How they throw rooster tails of sand as they take a left n2 America yada yada. Fox cut away2 a Metamucil commercial mid sentence.

     A cartel in Mexico orders one hundred tunneling machines.

     The Mexican Pole Vaulting team is breaking all kinds of records. Steel cutting saws are being shipped by the dozen across the border2 Mexico.

     The new Attorney General is a public critic of Mueller and was right in the middle of questionable pardons by Bush. Wow what a coincidence.

     T Rump hires seventeen lawyers.

Repo congressman: When did white supremacist become offensive?

     T Rump says he never said he would make Mexico pay4 the wall.

     Now this. The quasi religious right “Christian" group opposes an anti lynching bill because it also protects Gay or LBTG people from lynching.’

     Rudy Guiliani: “we have the final say about Muellers report. We can edit it any way we want. We can cross out stuff we don’t like.”

     I better end this.

January 9, 2019

And we roll. Quiet night. Hot rods out there somewhere. Ears ringing lol. Somebody said frogs were singing last night. But it’s colder now.

     Nice Rebel Tree Care morning on the banks of Spring River. First up was very dead red oak. That1 hit on target then it was dicing it up. Quickly another job doing what I know. Spikeless as always on trimming I moved into a large sprawling post oak, picking it out a little: a few suckers, some dead, a few odd branches…

     Then plenty of lower as that was the original reason: parking clearance. An adjacent oak got some raisin also. Then a post oak nearby got some big dead out, wires and trash bin a factor so it needed rigging. Sweet morning in Hardy.

     So now it’s a few days off. Much needed. We r a little frazzled. Need2 rest and relax some. Ride and visit, hang and chill. Some EROSION coming up, we have2 decide whether2 take the offer of house band or not. It’s an honor 2 b offered the gig though, I don’t c how I can turn that down. We’ll c.

     Winds kicking up as cold moves in.

     T Rumps big speech exactly as predicted. Same tired lies he's been spouting4 three years.

     Repos recommended painting and odd jobs2 make rent4 government employees hobbled by T Rumps Christmas tantrum shut down. Now they suggest Coast Guard employees babysit and hold garage sales4 pay.

     T Rump stiffing contractors. Just like always.

     T Rump brags that he has restored our standing with the world now that Obama is gone. Iran responded that he is a “first class idiot.” China snickered that T Rump is an “orange dullard with small thumbs.” Montenegro caricatured T Rump as a crunchy cheeto, Yemen ridiculed his golf attire, Madagascar invited Melania2 tour the country and specifically said2 “leave the gas bag @ home.” Russia said they had some “wet nurses4 Mr T Rump.” Poland said he was “flat out stupid.” Germany’s Prime minister made a finger gagging motion when asked about him. Peru offered up a giant pacifier as a gift. Japan labeled him “Toxic.” Australians collectively ribbed him as a “sissie boy.” Moldavian Prime ministers labeled him a “wimp,” Sweden asked that he not talk about them, Scotland and Ireland joined2 denounce him, then North and south Korea in unity tweeted: “impeach the MotherF***er.” Sudan prayed4 “President Pelosi,” and Iceland quipped: “T Rump is full of S**t.”

      So he missed the cherished eight thousand lie mark last night by keeping remarks brief. They are still tabulating, but this morning tweet storm may have gotten him over the mark. Remember even one of the eight thousand easily proven, indisputable lies would have cost Obama or Hillary or Nancy or Elizabeth all standing and disgraced them courtesy of Fake Fox/Russia. Just one of the eight thousand easily proven lies that T Rump has told would have the hypocrite right all snow flaked out. If. A Dumocrat spoke it.

     Rush Limbaugh calls the new female Hispanic rep “uppity.”

     The repo party is holding democracy hostage4 a vanity project of its toddler leader. The repo party is a danger2 the survival of humanity.

     Winds blow outside. Two fires.

January 8, 2019

And we roll. Hard bike ride2 Eagle Crest and beyond. I’m back2 mostly mornings so I was able 2 get out and about on the bike.

      Early we were sizing up a dead red oak curving and leaning 2ward a Cherokee Village home. The beast was shaky but we put a little pull, not 2much mind u, and the beast plunged n2 the woods. We cut that one up short4 a fireplace insert and off we went2 Lake Thunderbird. A fine sugar maple was crowding a driveway and a large oak was crowding the maple. Saul Goode now, more on tap next month. A cool little juniper got some Japanese Style pruning, the same as others I do actually, it’s simply proper pruning. Rare.

      So it’s hit it again 2moro on Spring River in Hardy, two separate and distinct jobs. Then I’m thinking about cutting loose a few days. Get deep rest. I need2 think about music and what I want2 do with it. A Strawberry River trip is imminent, that will clear my head. Play my acoustic(bass) But my bills are paid and I’m glad2 b home. Everyday I enjoy getting home. I enjoy freedom of navigation and innocent passage.

      T Rump all set2 dominate every channel 2nite as he speaks with unflinching dishonesty about the fake immigration emergency. He will declare emergencies, declare war, declare he is a victim of a fake witch hunt hoax by angry dums and media the enema of the ppl.

      Alabama slaughtered in the championship game last night.

      How bout the Bears, a guy got a finger on a field goal attempt and it bounced off two uprights and missed.

      Cracks in the Golden State Warriors appearing. But they are still one of the best teams ever. James Harden the best player on the planet right now. LeBron is injured but he will certainly b back.

      Manafort lawyers accidentally unredact proof of collusion. T Rump about2 hit the eight thousand lie mark. Depends on how long his speech is 2nite. If he can somehow put over four hundred lies in2 this speech, which 4 him is entirely possible, he will hit that cherished eight thousand lie plateau reserved4 only the most heinous of dictators and emperors. But this emperor wears no clothes.

January 7, 2019

Day  slips quietly away. Ears ringing lol. We got over2 Crown Lake early and spent the day cutting and moving stumps and logs. Rough and tough end2 a rough and tough job. But I banked the check and still got all my digits. No mishaps or injuries other than a slap in the face and a twisted ankle. My bike riding helped a lot finishing up. My  endurance is high. Life rocks when ur Rebel Tree Care.

       So it’s back2 smaller jobs now. Scheduled pruning, taking care of my regular folks. Done by noon most days. But like the old commercial we do more b4 breakfast than most people do all day. True that. We work hard and the job is difficult. But it gives us fierce pride and confidence. Scoffers go2 hell lol.

        So Scott’s Palace dug us and we may make it a regular gig. That would b cool.

       I have a 3day canoe trip in the works. Strawberry is fat and full. She may b having my baby lol.

       Sarah Huckster called out on Fox4 blatant lying. T Rumps line about thousands of terrorists is BS. Even fox couldn’t let it slide. ALL of the ppl they are talking about were in airports. And almost all drugs come from shipping containers. Mexicans can’t carry industrial shipping containers in their back packs. Even the one with calves like cantaloupes.

       T Rump set2 exert executive privilege and stifle the Mueller report. Big surprise.



January 5, 2019

Quiet dusk. Two fires this warm night.

Another hard run on Crown Lake 2day. Long day of working trees. Chipping. Sectioning. We are removing larger trees in a landscape thick with understory trees, some of which will now grow2 new canopy. Others, dogwoods and redbuds, will stay short.

       This job is intense. We have2 bear down, clear areas of large trees, it is difficult, we use patience and r careful all the long day. The footing is irregular, stone landscaping borders under thick leaves. But we hae a handle on it, all the chipping is done, one more morning of cutting and detailing and then I can get the check in the bank and start on my other jobs. First things first.

`     I hit the lottery! Blackjack pays double. I think it’s four bucks. That gives me an excuse2 go2 Red Mule. Maybe get a pizza. Harass Women. I like Rebel Time Out Pizza better,    but every now and then u gotta get Red Mule Pizza. They been the same4 three or four decades. They r open twenty four hours so u can count on them4 cigarrettes and munchies. They sell beer now but u can’t get that after midnight.

       So T Rump, after forcing the shutdown by reneging on statements he made about getting the funding elsewhere yada yada, now says he may keep it shut down months or years, now says he may declare an emergency and build the wall that way. Like Prick Snyder did in Flint.

       Dums looking n2 $ Laundering by Russian and T Rump. They are also looking n2 Universal Health Care. Fox/Russia and Repo Right will call them commies. Just. As. Russia. Says.

       There is a disturbing trend they have noticed about T Rump, he is echoing Fake Russian News now. Bringing up Putin propaganda @ odd times. It’s weird and a little unnerving when u realize the full scope of his service2 Putin. Boy that pee tape must be really embarrassing.

       Franklin Graham and Jerry Fallwell must b scared the Dums will take their tax free status. They pretty much say that King T Rump can do wrong, that being critical of him is immoral. They are damaging the Jesus Brand.

       National Parks getting smelly. They get a little dangerous during shut downs. I’ve canoed Mark Twain in Missouri during a shut down and u really notice the criminal element picks up with no Federal Marshalls around.

       Tucker Carlson: if women make more than men they no longer need2 marry men.

       Lou Dobbs: Mitt Romney is treasonous4 mildly criticizing T Rump.

        T Rump supporter: T Rump should fire the democrats.

       Prick Sanitarium, “so what if T Rump is inspiring racism, Black Lives Matter is racist.”

       The right is up in arms. One new congresswoman called T Rump a mother****er. And another one danced. In college.

So the first Saint Francis Cherokee were very close2 the Old Cherokee here in Cherokee Village Arkansas. Since Otter Creek runs through CV I have named the old settlement Otter Town. Otter is a fitting name4 the stream back then. Water levels were much higher most of the year, springs were full capacity compared2 now. Exceptions might have been Mammoth and Greer Springs, consistent and cold4 centuries. So Otter Creek sprang out of the ground and romped here in Highland, which Cherokees named Stuart after a beloved Scot/Cherokee, the superintendent of Indian affairs in the southern district of North America pre revolutionary war. Otter Creek romped like an otter2 Southfork River @ Town Center CV. Nowadays numerous lakes are constructed, but in the seventeen hundreds smaller lakes existed, constructed by cherokee4 use in navigation, farming, fishing, and prayer…

     Domestic beavers worked alongside these spiritual people, Prayer by “the cataracts,” central in daily Cherokee lives.

     The name Otter was strategic. Sitting on a fortune in Beaver pelts, Cherokee traded otter and lion skins with the outside world. When the Spanish took over in 1763, they used the English dividing line and ordered Arkansas Cherokee2 trade @ Arkansas Post down on the Arkansas River area. The area was dangerous and dirty, rife with violence and fraud. Saint Genevieve Missouri is where the Shawnees and Delaware in Missouri got2 trade, a much more pleasant and profitable town. So Cherokee traded skins north of Ravenden Springs. At the territorial line, 2day the state line, Cherokee met with Delaware2 exchange goods, mostly lead from a mine near Eleven Point River. Down @ Cave City a Cherokee might team with Scots and make a run2 Arkansas Post, security of family and clan armed with guns and fast canoes preferred on the dangerous journey. They would likely send a pigeon 2 Forest City area on the Saint Francis River notifying kindred of impending move2 the post. Thus Cherokee could descend on the post from two different angles, advantageous in case of adverse conditions or attacks. The English had a post near West Memphis, but Chickasaw were in power there, most Cherokee stayed away.

     The French ran the post, pretty much through the Spanish era, little changed but4 unenforceable rules. Cherokee could easily put on Shawnee colors and move across Cherokee  Bay2 Saint Genevieve, they traveled east or west in dark of night. Neither English French or Spanish had real power here, tiny garrisons of a few soldiers showed in midstream, but all three European powers gave Cherokee North Arkansas on written and spoken treaty. By the seventeen nineties though formal deeds and planned townships by the Spanish were common, Scotsmen funded by Spain began a military road through Forty Islands and Stuart(Hardy and Highland)

     Though they held deed and claim2 all of North Arkansas, for one hundred and sixteen years Cherokee physically occupied only2 the Devils Backbone, a subcontinental divide separating the white watershed from the black. This prevented war with the ruling Osage. Many of years of truce with Osage waws achieved by limiting westward expansion2 the backbone.

     Isolated factions may have moved away2 the Arkansas River or Mexico, Oklahoma or Colorado, and certainly some lived north of the line in Missouri, but the body of Ozark Cherokee, The Oldest Settlers of Arkansas, the ancient Keetoowah Cherokee stayed here inside the backbone.

     While the Spanish sponsored the north south road with limited sanction of Cherokee Council, @ the same time they were also outfitting Cherokee in Northern Alabama. Deals were cut, bribes, Chiefs banished2 Arkansas. There was an epic flood in 1792, and also an epic win a massacre of the US forces by a coalition of Native tribes in Indiana.

     But nothing would stop the manifest destiny. After the earthquakes Cherokee here could no longer communicate with kin east of the Mississippi.  Everything was devastation, pigeons no longer true, river and swamp rife with hazard…

     Cherokee sealed caves here, there was also landslides caused by the earthquakes so concealing caves worked well. The Keetoowah of Oklahoma still know where the caves are, but "we" have never found them. Cherokee left fields planted and walked over the backbone2 White River, crossing2 occupy Buffalo river twenty six years b4 forced2 Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears.


January 4, 2019

Rain out. Heavy and sure. There is a lull now but it’s swinging back around, likely heavy most of the day. Thank God. I needed this. The last2 days have been brutal. So things work out.

      I will piddle and moan this dark morning.

      President Pelosi on the job. She introduces a sensible plan2 reopen government rejected out of hand by Bitch McConnell. And it’s nearly identical2 the plan passed by the Senate a week ago 100 to 0. But now it’s dums taking charge and that just bruises repo egos so continue hobbling government. Drop our  credit rating like T Rumps. Then we will have2 ask Russia4 Credit like T Rump. U gotta ask urself. If even one of all these dozens of impeachable, questionable, unethical and immoral statement or moves by T Rump were done by Obama or a dum; would Fox and conservatives still like them? We know the answer so does that make them hypocrites putting party over country? Is that a way2 govern a country? Other than Russia? Isn’t that ignoring the constitution? Isn’t war and pollution as usual wrong? Isn’t passing laws2 increase income inequality wrong? Isn’t hatred of Muslims and immigrants against teachings of Jesus? Isn’t T Rump just an immoral hypocrite, a selfish wanna b dictator? Shouldn’t we call T Rump Cheeto Mussolini? Excuse me Mister Sir Cheeto Mussolini?

      He is burning organized religion down as they twist n2 pretzels finding words2 explain why they still support him, or ever supported him. Some think he is chosen by God not just2 b president, but King. They say we are chosen not2 b subjects of the King, but2 b apprentices.

      Remember if Obama or Hillary or Elizabeth or Nancy or Berny had told even one on the five thousand and counting verifiable lies T Rump is proven2 have told, even one of the five thousand, they would b crucified no end by Fox/Russia and quasi christains. But five thousand and counting lies by T Rump? Nothing burger. Dums are winers.

      They move the goal posts and still get beat. Like this latest shutdown. T Rump said through Huckster Sanders they were abandoning the request4 financing the wall, they would get the funding somewhere else. So the senate and house put 2gether a workable compromise and presented it 2 him. But by this time Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter and Fox had said he would look weak if he signed it, and he one thing he doesn’t want is2 look weak and foolish. God 4bid this weak and foolish president look weak and foolish.

      The right claimed falsely4 eight years that Obama was hurting our standing abroad. Now that T Rump has alienated our allies headlines across the world are laughing @ Cheeto daily. Sure they won’t laugh when he nukes Yemen or baits China in2 war on their shores.

      He will thwart the reunion of the Koreas. The closer he gets2 impeachment or indictment he will kill millions and not through shutting down health care and denying basic livable wages, hobbling disease control and allowing pollution. He will start the ugliest war imaginable, a war mankind will b lucky2 survive, all so Ivanka won’t do time.

January 3, 2019

And we roll. Ears ringing. And it’s not rock n roll this time lol. Chainsaws and chipper heard4 miles on Crown Lake the last two days and two more2 go. We r feeling it, reminds me of Memphis cos we work longer hours there. Here I like2 do half days if possible, but we r bearing down now. Methodical and safe as possible.

       It’s a test. We r slaying large trees, but taking care not2 damage numerous smaller trees. Once this job is done we can get back2 normal, proper pruning regularly scheduled jobs. Tis the season.

       President Pelosi sworn in lol. Shouldn’t b 2 long now she will b president. Treason, of which our current president is obviously guilty, carries a penalty of removing the Vice President also. In that case Nancy will take over.

       But T Rump’s only choice is2 stay prez. If he quits he is vulnerable 2 state charges that the Pence pardon won’t protect him from. He will fight like a rabid dog. 4 himself. Not the country.

       Corporate lobbyists dominate his cabinet. These are T Rump’s people. The swamp. He is the swamp thing, the Creature from the orange lagoon. Or yellow from mercury. He loves mercury, relaxing rules on discharge of mercury. He loves Uranus2.


EROSION gig went off Good. We rocked Scott's Palace!

January 2, 2019

And we roll. Dark night. But it gets dark@ 3:30 so it’s not2 L8 lol.

Rough and tough day on Crown Lake. Early I was headed up a white oak over a fine home. Topping and lopping, rigging, missing the house and sky lights anyway I could. Soon it was a limbless pole red e2 b dropped when we made room. A bushy ash leaned 2ward the house, again it took tricky rigging2 miss the roof and sky lights. Not2 mention the drain field and nandina? Shrub. A curving red oak. Two more. We are spreading chips throughout the naturalized area, plenty of under story trees will grow now. Moron tap the rest of the week.

     Back in Ash Flat/Highland/Hardy I had just enough time2 c clients and potential clients, filling out the calendar with smaller jobs.

     So I’m hitting on all cylinders. I strapped the boots on after the big weekend and I am strong. I have endurance from all the miles of bike riding, my feet are quick. Using spikes on a couple of trees helped position4 cuts, different size ropes and rigging equipment help different situations. Sometimes I top the tree, other times just “skinny it up,” so that it falls clean with less damage2 surrounding trees, shrubs and landscaping…

     So stay tuned, there is plenty more this week and this month as Rebel Tree Care rolls again.

     President Nancy Pelosi. I like the sound of that. Not because I like her so much, mostly just2 irritate the right.

     Fox: “food stamp recipients lay around watching porn.”

     Master deal maker T Rump squirming as Mueller set2 release his report. Rudy Guiliani says he will release his more important counter report after that.

     Yesterday was a sweet show by LAUREN and MIKE. Hardy Junction is a new antique/auction with a good client of mine. He hired LAUREN4 his restaurant and singing. He is moving and shaking, repurposing several empty buildings.

     So I’m upbeat. Looking2 get plenty of work done so I can. Hit the river lol. We may do Strawberry this month. Darryl Strawberry wants2 finish out the last leg of Strawberry. That will b a nice, my Strawberry gets soft and sandy, with curves and tiny shoulders ripe4 company.

     I'm researching more Cherokee stories.  Rebel Word.

     EROSION. Fresh off a successful gig headlining Scott’s Palace.

     Panadox. Also very popular lately. B4 and after sets when things were quiet the visuals still ran4 wanderers and onlookers.

     So I’ve got it all  covered. Rebel Tree Care. Rebel River Adventures. Rebel Word. EROSION. Panadox. Stay classy San Diego.

January 1, 2019

Quiet. Restful. Life is fine. Headed over 2 the Grand Opening of Hardy Junction. MIKE and LAUREN r doing a show there this afternoon. Don’t know about last night’s show @ Copper Feather but I’m sure it was classic. THE MIKE GRAY BAND w LAUREN does NYE right.

       Last night was EROSION in the VIP room of Scott’s Palace. They said we would NEVER play Scott’s Palace. We did two power house sets tight and loud. Panadox was nice in the room, giant screen showing video behind us. Between sets we got food and a beer next door @ the Pub/Grill, checked out DYLAN KANE rocking a set. DYLAN is hard2 classify, folk boogie maybe? He started well b4 us and was still @ it when we shut down around midnight.

       So a new year starts. As usual I get2 work now. We start with a brutal week long job in Horse Shoe Bend. Then more weeks of scheduled pruning. Tis the season.

       Al Franken started the New Year with a essay on T Rump that nails it. Google it unless I can copy and paste it in it’s entirety.  I may 4get. Find it.

       So I hope this year is better4 me in some ways. This was the first year of my life since the age of fourteen that I had no girlfriend the entire year. Sure, there were a few clumsy reunions but nothing substantial. I embrace the freedom but it gets a little stale. I have energy. I am static. I must spark and connect. Or I will explode. I am a transformer, a kinetic void crackling with eager expectance, withdrawing time and again2 strengthen resolve and revel. I am singular and prolific. I am really dangerous around water. God 4bid u take a bath w me. God 4bid u take a bath @ all. Lol. Peace.


December 30, 2018

Ok so Im chilling l8ly. Chasing nothing. I went2 the Basketball tournament here in Highland and hugged a few Brogdons lol. And others. Nice little reunion.

     Listening2 bluegrass radio. Nice.

     Whenever I have an hour or so just2 research I delve n2 history here on the net. I specialize in Cherokee History, I feel it’s a calling. Only I found the water spider stone. Only I remember spoken legend and evidence of Cherokee here in Cherokee Village and Highland. I remember the border was near Viola, research proves Viola just west of Devils Backbone, or the curving north/south continental divide used @ times as formal treaty boundaries. I remember they left the fields cleared and caves disguised when they left in 1812. I remember they came here @ night across a massive “ocean,” Cape Girardo, once over a thousand miles of flat swamp and open water, and that their canoe style was developed around the outer banks region of North Carolina, the Atlantic Ocean.

     Traveling from the outer banks inland on the Roanoke river very far inland would bring u2 a unique place near Blacksburg Virginia. @ some point a portage would take u over2 the ancient Kanawha River then flows north and west, opposite of most rivers of the continent, and cuts through the Appalachians2 join the Ohio River and thus2 the Mississippi and Arkansas.

     If Cherokee made such a journey with the Atlantic style canoes they would have undoubtedly used mules2 drag canoes, they would use prevailing tides and flood condition, types of floods, etc. Waterfalls and carrying places would b crucial. Security was paramount so confederacies were important. Legend says that when Cherokee there got guns they came2 arkansas, no longer so wary of the Osages superior bows. Legend also specifically mentions the Powhatan, which is backed up by the towns on the edge of the Ozark Escarpment, “ocean” front property @ times back then, Pocahontas and Powhatan. Powhatan did indeed head up a vast confederacy of tribes in the Outer banks and Kanawha area.

     But maybe they did not bring canoes through the treacherous mountain rivers, but carried the knowledge of making them, balancing them, using them2 easier launching areas on the Lower Kanawha, or places on the Cumberland and Tennessee or Kentucky Rivers.

     There they crafted the Outer Banks style boats with intricate knowledge and expertise. Cherokee eased out @ night traveling n2 the setting sun across the massive swamp that stretched from Ohio2 Baton Rouge. These ATlantic style canoes were faster and more maneuverable than all other boats used here: great lake syle canoes and kayaks, birch bark or flat bottom, skiffs and skuds, etc...

     I remember that people who developed Cherokee Village, the bulldozer drivers and workers observed that a culture earlier than whites had formerly had quite a network of locks and dams here. Canoes were used extensively, indeed rivers were the roads then, and other than foot paths and old buffalo trails, land bound travel was rare until the seventeen nineties when a Spanish financed Road was cut north and south here, with Cherokee sanction, but the Scotsmen building the road drank beer in violation of agreement, then began wandering further off the working road than agreed. In the Scots favor, they rarely violated both rules @ the same time. By the eighteen hundreds the road was complete2 Batesville, and taken up by the US military soon after. The scots clustered in this area. See Pfeiffer.

     I may be the only person2 make the connection that Dota Creek, starting about Pfeiffer but inside the backbone, is named after OO na Dota, or Bushy Head Stuart, a Scotsmen become Cherokee, that Highland, formerly Stuart is name after. The Stuart part is common legend, but I wonder if anyone has connected Dota Creek2 Stuart.

     Viola(Violin) and Pfeiffer(bag pipes) may have been placed and named as they were in direct defiance of Strict traditional Cherokee rules and taboos, such as bans on Violins and bagpipes. These towns are located just outside the backbone and featured not only violins and bagpipes, but other taboos, liquor, bon fires, loud voices, beating of metal, firing guns n2 the air, etc…


     We will use loud voices and beating of metal 2moro night @ Scott’s Palace. Also THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY will b rocking the Copper Feather.

     4 2 more days I can say that I dated a beautiful twenty four year old speech pathologist last year. I reflect on the year, good solid tree jobs, I’m thankful4 family. I appreciate my drummer KILE(LITTLE ELVIS), he sticks with it and we have a tight set.

     So here’s 2 many canoe trips in 19.

Even the River gets the blues man, even the sky is blue…

     T Rump blames dums4 the death of two migrant children. The T Rump Christmas shutdown continues n2 next year. He is acting like he is working in the White House while Melania and Ivanka and the other co conspirators hang crepe paper @ Mar A Lago. But I bet he shows here just b4 midnight. But he is wearing glass slippers better get on back. Hopefully he wont catch Melania with that hot Guatemalan janitor because if he does boom goes Dubai. Gone. The poor janitor will watch sadly as T Rump gets 2 the party just in time2 force Melania2 kiss him @ midnight, then force her n2 a side office, closing the door... The janitor will move 2ward the office in anger, intercepted by SEcret SErvice and pushed away. The janitor will disappear.

     I think it’s casino nighth night @ Mar A Lago. They will lose $. Sure it takes a million bucks2 join and another twenty grand2 hit the party, but the sluts are loose. T Rump knows a blackjack system he will sell u4 3 grand. It was a course @ T Rump University3 semesters but the feds got wind of it. T Rump blames the NFL4 “ratting” him out. He went2 congress the next day and addressed them: “I was informed this morning that the biggest threat facing our nation is NFL players who kneel. WE MUST. Support cops. Even those found2 b covering up murders of innocent young black men. We must support with our whole hearts and minds a dangerous double standard and secretive workings of internal affairs. I would walk out on2 that field and punch one of those guys out if I wasn’t president. Believe me. I was light heavyweight champ of North America. Sadly I had2 drop out, diagnosed with Bone Spurs. It cost my dad a small favor but the doctor said I was the healthiest camp bowling champion ever known until those bone spurs showed and almost ruined my life. But with help of over a half billion buckeroos from dad over the years I have rose up from that shattering diagnosis and bankrupted some dozen business, put my name on many buildings, almost Russia but maybe, time will tell, we shall c. U guys impeach me I go make some real $. America needs me. They need me2 boss them, subservient them, treat them like my slutty little apprentice. Believe me when I tell u this: I have never met Vladimir Putin. Never spoke2 him or about him. I have never met Jared Kushner. I did however nail Robert Mueller’s wife4 three years every other Monday night.”

December 27, 2018

Quiet dusk. It rained most of the day as I lined up January jobs. Then it was climbing a tall Cherokee Village red oak2 get a cat down. The poor guy was on his fifth day up there, wet and bedraggled he was red e4 rescue. I went up about fifty feet in the wet slick tree and I was preparing2 go further up the little guy scrambled precariously down about ten feet2 me. I tucked him in my coat and calmed him down, then slowly descended. My good deed 4 the day and I got paid2.

       So this week is a wash, but I don’t mind lol. I play music Monday night @ Scott’s Palace. Then by mid week I will be headed n2 a large rough and tough job over in Horshoe Bend4 many days of brutal tree work. Then I have a couple weeks of red oak pruning and general pruning jobs I’ve been saving up4 January. So January is pretty fat and that usually snow balls n2 February or summer.

       So I’m upbeat, red e2 rock.

       T Rump outs a SEAL unit on twitter. While Michelle Obama was voted most respected woman in America and Barack getting awards2, T Rump was voted the biggest source of Fake News.

       His Russia stuff is becoming clear, his work as a double agent sent2 destroy us is becoming very clear.

       He claims he is proud2 shut the government down then blames the dums. His inconsistency and hypocrisy is evident, easily provable. Most of his cabinet have quit, replaced with “acting,” department heads, crisis actors continuing 2 wreak havoc or obstruct missions and goals, and justice.

       Creeks are up, pulsing fat with white ribbons of cascading rapids. But Strawberry didn’t seem2 b up much, I checked it out and it would still b a bony ride.

       So with all the work I may not hit a river next month. But it will always b on my mind, the roaring, the applause if u will, the popping and sighing. Willows will tremble @ my approach, blindly they search, slender limbs supple and strong, dancing madly bending in reverence and temperance, straining, naked now, twisting and rooted, anchored and stalwart, searching eternally4 me…

December 27, 2018

Rain. Steady. Sure. It took it’s time then hit this morning @ day light. There is no day light. It’s dark as night here @7.

      Looking @ jobs 2day, way 2 rainy2 work. Although I do have a cat rescue later.

      My mind is on the gig. EROSION kicks up Monday night, new years eve. Plus I have jobs scheduled4 next year.

      Nice Christmas. Nieces and nephews all sizes and shapes, ages and personalities.

      Two fires…


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