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scam alert. Vacant Lake Thunderbird home recently had it's trees butchered by an irresponsible neighbor hiring chumps in bucket trucks. Beware. No joke

December 8 2017

Cold day warming now. eArly I was headed up a tall tuliptree. I ascended spikeless as always up about sixty feet or more and began relieving the tree of branches over a wire. This was4 sattelite clearance so both trees were left one sided, but the canopy is intact. Just a big hole 4the all mighty satellite dish. A few old stubs taken off @ the bottom.

     The power company finally showed and made the second tree a little easier.

     Brutal cold this morning but things went well. My groundmans hands got cold but the truck and chipper both started, things went well. Nice Rebel Tree Care morning.

      T Rump wants2 take servers tips and give it2 Owners. But2 stave off bad press he is going2 Mississippi2 oversee the opening of a new Civil Rights Museum. He will pose with a black woman2 show his love of African Americans.

     Interior secretary takes six thousand $ helicopter ride2 go ride horses with Mike Pence. ďHey I really wanted2 c Mikes  Barn, it has an escalator4 horses. I mean Mitt Romney had an elevator4 his horses, but this in an escalatory. Way better,Ē tweeted Ryan Zinke, still breathless from his six thousand $ helicopter ride2 ride horses with Mike Pence.

     Roy Moore: America was great when we had slavery. Roy Moore: Putin is right, America is evil. Roy Moore: heterosexual rape is fine. But consensual homosexual sex among consenting adults is evil and should b jailable. Roy Moore: display the Ten Commandments against federal law, just donít follow them.

     I better go. I need2 get in the wind and if I let this rant heat up it may take awhile. Stay tuned.

December 7, 2017

Nice bright chilly day. Squirrels and birds. Splitting wood. Being. Hard ride2 Eagle Crest and beyond. Big errands. Big deal. Like anybody cares lol. Does anybody care what I had4 lunch and what my favorite fake bands are? I donít care lol.

     T Rump moves the capital of Israel. Violence world wide. T Rump moves2 sell off national parks. Back2 Israel. We R finding out that collusion with Russia is a minor sup plot here. Israel has also orchestrated a coup de tat, installing T Rump as puppet dictator. Israel is imporant2 Christians in the Holy War, so no bitching about aid2 them when they have universal health care and we donít. If Israel lets the Palestinians gain an inch we are losing2 Muslims and that canít happen. As Christians we must bomb the fuck out of Muslims.

     T Rump is scary. He slurred his words so bad it seems like he is in the grip of some demonic demented slow witted monster.

     Al Franken out4 acting like he was groping a slutty female comedienne. Roy Moore, who was barred by law enforcement in his thirties from malls and high school sporting events because he routinely preyed on young girls, and T Rump, admitted pussy grabber still in the oval office and getting votes and approval from the ďChristianĒ right.

     fifty out of fifty one economists say the tax scam is a scam, makes zero fiscal sense, and will result in chaos and disaster. But that one guy who says its great is all over Fox so T Rumpsters believe it all.

     Paul Ryan and T Rump last week: ďThis. Will. Not. Hurt. The. Middle.Class. This hurts the upper class.Ē Now that a few people have read it, the whole world is like what? The? Holy hell? Could u use Vaseline next time? U satanic bastards?

     Strong calls4 T Rump2 skip the opening of the new civil rights museum. It would ruin most peoples day who are proud of the museum and believe in civil rights. The violence would cause civil rights2 b violated. But T Rump and Special Jeffy Sessions have the constitution printed on their toilet paper.

     Betsy Devos wants federal money4 private schools. And. The. Right2. Discriminate. There will b no mention of Evolution in the T Rump era. No dancing or gays of any sort. No kneeling during the anthem, praying respectfully is mandatory, all students will conceal carry, masturbation and contraception will b grounds4 expulsion. Sure this guarantees a slew of law suits that the Education Department will certainly lose. But thatís years down the line. McConnel and DeVos cronies will bank billions and put it off shore using the new loop holes, and when that pans out they always have the private prisons and private rehabs their judge friends keep busy.

     So T Rump is setting the stage4 a big government shutdown. Blaming the Dums of course, but whisperings of something even more sinister hint that he is planning2 fire Mueller and trigger all kinds of machinations2 get his demented and bigoted agenda passed. Stock up on Duct tape.

December 6 2017

Cool quiet night. Iím rocking, listening2 TESLA, ALICE COOPER, LED ZEPPELIN, OZZY OSBOURNEÖ

       I want2 put an ad in a Memphis or Little Rock board: TESLA tribute singer available. Also original set of bass and vocals. I think I could pull off the vocals on most TESLA songs, but it would take me awhile2 learn the bass. EROSION will find a way. Which is a weird twist of words beause I think Eros means love. Which would b Love Will Find A  Way, a TESLA hit song. I think itís titled Love Song. Not sure. But I need2 delve n2 how the concept of erosion is rooted in Love. Maybe love gnaws @ u like rain water on the soil, etching ur hard heart like the wind engraves exposed stone.

       So Iím keeping fires stoked, its sposed2 get colder. Hard ride 2day n2 Cherokee Village and beyond.

       I have a couple of tall tuliptrees2 trim this week. I have a couple more weeks of off season stuff as the winter pruning cranks up. The pruning calendar is full. Nice.

       So itís keep on splitting and ricking. I have a few projects going on, minor stuff just bearing down on piddling.  Savage organization. Eliminate and reduce. Burn and trash. Seek and destroy. Other METTALICA songs.

       So Erosion is a gnawing and Eros was the God of Love. Love gnaws @ ur soul so I guess there is a connection. EROSION rocks.

       My drummer wants2 jam so I may go back2 full band mode. Maybe not, this video has convinced me2 do my own thing.

       COURTNEY LOVE made a statement in Seattle 2day. She says in a video message about me, ďWARREN, U made a gr8 record. An instant classic DVD album. Hope u bring it out here and kill it.Ē WARREN PEACE is my stage name.

       So itís n joy. Life is.

Greatest fake bands of all time. First let me get this out of the way. EROSION is not a fake band. My band may b bad, 2loud, or any number of things but not fake.

       So. Greatest fake bands: SPINAL TAP.

BLENDER CHILDREN(Tapeheads, also the SWANKY MODES from tat movie, unless they are a real band)VESUVIUS. THE MONKEYS. Yes THE MONKEYS had real hits. The became a real band. After. They. Were. A Fake band. BOBBY BLACK of The Adventures of Ford Fairlane Rock and Roll Detective. DANGER KITTY was cool. THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY. Lead singer DAVID CASSIDY recently passed. THE COCAINE COWBOYS were a cool fake band4 a b movie. CB4 were an incredible fake rap band. THE BANNED, my air guitar band in the late eighties were cool. There are several modern grungy fake bands in movies and the like I will compile a better list. ADD was a cool fake band. But VESUVIUS, from the same movie, The Rocker, were awesome. They had some killer stuff. And SPINAL TAP are legendary, like fire and ice, I mean who in America didnít blaze a Marlboro and kill a Milwaukees best2 Hell Hole or Sex Farm?

       The Star Wars band, which I used2 think was GWAR. Joe Piscipo, usually regarded as the least funny Saturday Night Live alumni did a great hair metal parody, STILL WATER was a real band, but became a sort of fake story, I think, in the movie Almost Famous. I mean there was a band called STILLWATER, from that era, with a hit called Mindbender featured in the film, but they were never on the cover of Rolling Stone, etc. Which brings me2 Rock Star. STEEL DRAGON  was a flat out awesome entirely fictional heavy metal band.   Tom Cruise in Rock of AGes was epic.

       There are many more. Sit coms and comedy, commercials. WYLD STALLIONS from Bill and Ted. THE LONE RANGERS from Airheads. SAMMY CURR in Halloween. Not sure about ANVIL. CHEECH AND CHONG  had a hell of a band in Nice Dreams. Or was it Up in Smoke?  DEWEY COX was powerful in Walk Hard. I didnít care4 JESSE and the RIPPERS, John Stamosí band in Full House. RUSSEL BRAND gets kudos 4 his fake band INFANT SORROW(Forgtting Sarah Marshall, Get Him2 the Greek.) ZACK ATTACK(Saved by the Bell) deserves no mention. BIG FUN from Heathers. Wrong. DEATHKLOCK from Adult Swim were cool shtuff. Who could 4get George Clooney and THE SOGGY BOTTOM BOYS. AUTOBAHN from The Big Lebowski. JOSEY AND THE PUSSYCATS were hot. THE COMMITMENTS were cool. SNOT ROCKET from some movie(side tracked, or dead end? were a cool punk band. SErGEANT PEPPERS LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND was really PETER FRAMPTON and the BEEGEES, so.

       The WONDERS and the SUBURBANS were in two different movies, one with Tom Hanks, the other with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Will Ferrel. Both decent flicks. Eddie Murphy was SEXUAL CHOCOLATE. SADGASM was probably awesome. THE BLUES BROTHERS were epic. The band of space aliens in Heavy Metal. There are lots others on google but I picked out my faves.

December 5, 2017

Gusty. Overcast. Rainout. Sweet. We hit the numbers last night, might have gotten an inch of rain. We need more but I aint greedy Iím thankful4 what we got.

      Mueller after T Rump bank accounts. T Rump, in an ill advised tweet: ďU COCKSUCKER Iíll burn ur house down! Iíll kill ur family. I never should have let this go on this far, I should have fired u like that tattle tale Comey and Murdered u long ago.Ē

       Mueller is particularly focused on Doosh Bank, thatís the account T Rump used when he sold a parking lot2 Putins brother in law4 seventy billion and a weedy vacant lot in New Jersey2 Putins cousin4 a cool trillion. Then there was that seventy billion $ condo with weeds growing in the gutter. "That was on city water," said a spokesman, real nice view."

      In response Bitch McConnel vowed2 reopen Whitewater, the failed Clinton witchhunt from ninety three.

      The tax scam has had and will have zero hearings. Benghazi, however, holding strong @ seventy hearings, can handle a couple dozen more. The catering4 these hearings is marked way up but we canít afford lead pencils @ public schools.  Ted Cruz added a last minute rider2 give tax breaks4 private schools and strip public funding of regular schools. Not a joke.

      This tax scam is modeled after Kansas, who tried it in a grand experiment a few years ago. The Kocks got richer but public schools can barely open their doors now. Same thing in Oklahoma and other repo dominated states.

      T Rump raffles off huge chunks of national parks. I wonder what Buffalo River will bring? A couple million if no one shows up4 the auction because itís rainy? Less than that if they quietly change the date of the auction and only tell the Kocks?

      Sheldon Addison will get pissed. But the Kocks will laugh and laugh that they saved thousands by not having2 bid against Addison4 the Buffalo River.

      Missouri will not let the Current and Eleven Point go so cheap. They will get good coin per acre when they sell off Mark Twain National Forest system2 repo billionaires who own private schools and rehab court mandated rehad centers.

      So the leaves are off as we enter late fall with a shudder.


    Hard chill ride 2day. Then splitting up wood. The hard stuff. Had2 break out the wedge. But I will persevere. Most people are like rent a splitter. I'm like hit it right. I do it right, plus I'm tall, strong, and have vicious timing and relentless drive. And i can barely do it. I beat the hell out of the gnarly bastards though.

    I'm tryna stay ahead of the game. I've got a few ricks stacked up, but I'm tryna add2 it now so I won't have2 scrounge stuff up in the snow or late @ night lol. Nothing says loser like splitting wood @ three am.

    Right now I could make it 2 next year with what I got. But then there is three more months of the witches titty most likely. I'm a very warm person.

    I will reproduce an epilogue each day now. First up is the final page of Forester. Rebel Word.




Diamond Head sported real palm trees and sweet party. Sarah sang:


ďAloha! Aloha! Aloha! Sweet HawaiiĒ


    She sang with differing accents. Parodying and mocking, she smiled between syllables, ebbing and flowing across lit stage. ďAloha!Ē she sung like the hot blooded dark haired senorita calling C-Span their home. ďAloha!Ē Like a big buxom blonde from SweetDen. ďAloha!Ē like a shy Hebrew maiden, ďAloha!Ē like Shawn-Tayís Nubian grandmother.

ďAloha sweet Diamondhead.

Today I choose a surfer.

Do not give my pineapple to the pig

And tall tall glass of gin.Ē

         She shimmied in grass skirt. Games and feast surrounded,  tubs of hot water steamed bathers in tan togas. Games on black sand physical, pig and clam baked over pits. Surfers fought over sweet waves, colorful clan quilts and shade fronds decorated beaches

          Demos ruled here, as treasured guest thirty years before, as a ten year old boy chosen to learn martial arts from masters of OakGnaw, Mark had broken a cherished glass object by clumsy boyish prank, and as punishment ordered to clean floors. For years afterward, the hall, remains now barely discernible bottom the lagoon, had shone like a river, everyone had talked of the worker who cleaned the floors, and Mark Demos became a legendary name here.

         He seemed intent on increasing the legacy, cajoling drunken musclemen into betting barter on hitting and head butting games. One lad half his age seemed to have Demosí charisma and ability. Mark drained a tall drink, then exploded to break a bundle of reeds. The younger man broke a stout stick. Demos head butted bamboo door frame, then leaped to spin kick a moth from torch fire. The young man swung to back fist a moth, Demos punched two moths from the airÖ  




December 4 2017

And we rock. Overcast. Looks snowy out there. Way2 warm though. But itís sposed2 get cold soon. Good. I like it cold.

          Fox attacks Obama4 saying ďthink b4 u tweet.Ē They assumed it was a knock on T Rump. So they say he is stalking  T Rump, he is irrelevant, implying he is black and born in another country. Then they went on a holy tirade about that time he wore a tan suit. Never ever think b4 u tweet they say.

          NO work 2day so Imma put on miles. Get far out. Iím hitting a new road everyday now.  Roads less traveled.

          May rain 2day! I hope so we need it big time.

          Im getting around Cherokee Village more and more cos they have a lot of pavement. Pavement miles are more enjouyable.

          First I need2 get in the kitchen and make up a couple of giant ham and egg sandwiches. Fuel.

          I do have projects on the sideline right now that I will blow off2 ride. The ride is freeing. 4my body and mind. Chores and projects are frustrating, difficult2 finish but I have a plan. A neighbor needs help so we may trade off a couple mornings every week. He helps me put siding and sheds up, I help him put siding and sheds up. Itís the Ammish way.

          I wanted2 try that with a beautiful woman. But the beautiful woman is always L8. That causes problems beauty doesnít solve. I mean u unhook the trailer, stack lumber, load tools, then find out she got bit by a lady bug and canít make it. After a few days of this things get messed up, u find a circular saw on a tree job, stacks of lumber in the rain or underfoot. All because the beautiful woman got bit by a lady bug.

          So its ride. Get loose. Work it and feel it, save it and spend it. Life is quick, u must jump over the candlestick. U must b nimble and alert, The magic beanstalk will fold. The giant is hard2 elude. Life is not a fairy tale. Barby will steal ur credit cards.


`         Hard ride all over Cherokeed Village. I will b in one area way out, then get a call2 look @ something way out in another area. Boom I pull it off. It may take til after dark or twenty five miles of unfamiliar hills, but I get it done. Once I get2 Okmulgee I know how much itíll take2 get home.


          Rain now. Deep and consistent. Radar shows it lining up good, the angle and trajectory is moving over us perfectly 4 once. Maybe we get something substantial this time.

          T Rump tweets proof of Obstruction of Justice. Then. Many hours later. His lawyer claims 2 have done it. Right.

          Maybe Hillary did it between on break from her new job aborting fetuses.

`         this rain feels good deep down.

December 2, 2017

Quiet night. Iíve been listening2 THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY hone their craft. Itís real work putting songs 2gether, they should b commended4 professionalism. Quality work. I hope2 check out the gig 2moro night. Hvaenít seen them in a while.

     Hard ride 2day. Only a dozen or so miles each one was rought and tough. Eagle crest and way beyond.

     Tax scam about2 pass unless three heros stand up2 fascists. Unbridled greed and inequality. Rape of an entire class of people. They released the plan about an hour ago. The vote is in about an hour. And. There. Are. Hand written notes in the margins and sloppy redactions and corrections, no one could possibly decipher, or even read this thing b4 the vote. No hearings. No debate. Rushed, Midnight vote. Repos @ work.

     Flynn rolling over, so is Nixon. Expect a new war soon, if they indict T Rump the leak will cause us2 create an incident in the South China Sea, we will ďrespondĒ2 their aggression with a missile from one the nuclear carriers, mega battleships, ultra destroyers and drones patrolling the South China Sea and harassing asian people in their own back yards. We have them surrounded, with our guns pointing right @ them. This will b epic! Big fun4 the T Rump.

     The little monopoly guys r drooling @ all the free cash they gonna get. Dums tried2 make sure it will trickle down by introducing an amendment2 force corporations2 use the stimulus give aways2 give employees raises and health care etc. but not one Repo voted 4 that. Just trust the Corporations2 trickle it down. Just like Kansas.

     Munchkin has been promising the bill would be thoroughly evaluated and scored, but4 some reason that never happens. He promises. Then nothing. He promises. Then nothing.

     ďUncleí Tom Cotton may b selected as head of the CIA if T Rump promotes that guy2 get ride of another guy. Tis the Treason. Go Spurs. And Mueller.

     Bright morning. The tax scheme passes. This will cost us, except upper class Americns, they are americans2. So it does help millionaires, but it will screw everyone else. Millionares can take early retirement still, but wonít cos itís so much fun2 work. Now we have2 hear them sell it, convoluted math4 the next ten years will defend and spin it while blaming Obama4 itís glaring omissions and greed. And when there is a dum prez suddenly the deficit will b important again.

     Hard ride in store. Then Shelbiís wedding. Then THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY. I will b dancing.

November 29 2017

Quiet night. Tired. Didnít work 2day but put in twenty miles on the bike. Rough terrain, unfamiliar roads. I treaded the fine crooked line of the subcontinental divide between Strawberry and Southfork all day. Ending on the divide between Spring and Strawberry. Long run.

       So itís do gr8 things. Or simple pleasures. B. Exist. B happy. Iím kinda lonely l8ly so I may make a run2 Wal Mart, buy some condoms.

       Or not. Relax.

       Repos set2 begin wholesale murder of the sick and transfer wealth2 the rich. Even though most CEOís say they will not make capital investment with extra profits. Plus they are already surfing on record profits and not investing that. Demand is the only thing that creates capital investment and the way2 get that is get consumers more disposable income. But Repos skipped that semester. This will reward mega donors, and ensure another year of obscene ads attacking those a little different, demonizing and obstructing, screaming bloody snow flakes.

       Plus, with Affordable Care Act hobbled, people will begin dying very soon. Pre existing conditions will not b mentioned again.

       T Rump brags in Missouri over and over about how this tax bill hurts him. Not true, his family will benefit directly2 the tune of billions. He says it over and over though, I mean lots of times, so itís got2 b true right?

       Fox turns down Ad buy by dums pointing out all the lies about the tax scam. Brilliant idea by dums2 get the real word out over there. Fox: nah. We like our lies. Our CEO needs a new air craft carrier with escalators. Plus we like2 stash solid gold under our swimming pools. The brown leeches can riot and die.

       Repos now the worldsí most powerful hate group. T Rump retweets violent anti muslim videos. ďjust a retweet, not a tweet,Ē implied Huckster Sanders, ďwhat about Obamaís work visa from eighty seven?Ē

       Believe me, says t Rump, which always, I mean always means he is lying his ass off again, my accountants r mad @ me, this tax plan hurts me bad. I was going2 have an escalotor4 my trophy room now Iím going2 b eating Alpo next year. I hate CEOís, Iím down with the workers, I like2 walk among them and pick out hotter chicks4 promotions. Show me a perfect ten with a hammer and Iíll jump start her career with a private consultation, feel her out, find her hidden qualifications, grab her by the shorties and shave the numbers.Ē

       Mueller moving methodically 2ward more indictments. Word is he has flipped Flynn. Looks like it was either Flynns son or T Rumps son in law. So Flynn turned state witness but he might get offed soon.

       North Korea does itís best test of an ICBM yet. Hawaii tests itís nuclear attack siren.

    Go Spurs. G Pop is a class act.

    Miss USA contestant with downs Syndrome wins award. T Rump tweeted: pathetic. Not a ten.

    Peaceful protestors from the inauguration facing sixty years. Retrial of black woman who snickered @ Special Jeffy Sessions.

    T Rump: China is raping the US. T Rump in China: I would have done the same thing.

    Back2 T Rumps trophy room. In it, right next2 the planned escalator, is a beautiful stuffed Unicorn he claims2 have killed in Fiji with a bow and arrow. Believe me, he says, these beasts can kill a man, I was in real danger, the condo was hundreds of yards away. This was the last of it's kind, would u like some Panda penis soup? Some r saying this is the best Panda Penis soup, I mean look @ it, the texture, the taste. Believe me this is the best Panda Penis soup ever.

November 28 2017

And we roll. Hard ride in the urban forest this morning. A tall hickory through a deck was split @ itís rotten base, leaning in a tall red oak. This job gave me a headache, it also was a Monday 4us, little things going wrong, throwballs and line, saws pinching yada freaking yada. I opted not2 climb it, sticking with safety over all, and still managed2 do very little damage2 the old deck. A little damage was in the bid/budget so itís Saul Goode.

       I did have2 climb the red oak2 get a dangler but the situation was well under control @ that point. But the beast hung on til the end. It did not go down without a fight. Rough and tough morning in Ozark Acres. The beast is slain.

        T Rump hates political grandstanding. From other people.


       So now itís ride. Get free and romp. First I need food, I skipped breakfast and lunch.

       Kock brothers buy Time. T Rump will get those twelve covers now and man of the year, all in one year. It took Obama eight years.

       They say they will have no editorial control. Bullshit. Read the fine print. Just like when they testified b4 congress, ďwe donít expect favors just because we donate trillions, we have no agenda, weíre just two guys, aw shucks.Ē

       The right hates Obama based on lies and fake news. I hate the right based on truth. The hypocrisy burns, my whole life I get called out4 the slightest thing, constantly on defense4 stuff others get away with. The repos do things, breathtakingly hypocritical things. Itís just wrong.

        T Rumpís ethic lawyer, I know right?, just quit.

       Roy Moore wonít debate his opponent. Because he is a racist, sexist rapist moron.

       Scott Walkers Wisconsin rescinding all environmental rules. Unfettered pollution of air water and or anything else is now encouraged. Plus with the health care destruction asthma and cancer patients will b unable2 afford treatment, they will die in prison4 buying weed in the streets.

       Scott Pruitt replaces scientists with industry shills with ties2 big tobacco and oil, war and pollution. They recently voted2 allow coal plants unfettered air and water pollution. The Scottys. C a trend?

       So this ďtax reformĒ rammed through with no hearings or studies, we are finding out will b a tax increase4 the poor, especially if u factor in the rising cost of health insurance, this $ will go directly n2 offshore accounts4 the extremely filthy rich.  Repos donít even try2 tell lies about it, they just smirk cryptically, say Hillary and uranium then piss on the poor. The piss trickles down.

       Iím a big San Antonio Spurs fan now. MY favorite team. Greg Popovich, one of the best coaches of all time is described as a class act. He recently called T Rump a ďsoulless coward.Ē Bingo. Go Spurs..

       Brutal day. I think I downplayed my morning, it was one of those cry in the street and scream in frustration as this tree hung on and on.

       Then fifteen miles on the bike. U guessed it. Eagle Crest and beyond.

       Iíve been looking @ a Cherokee burial ground on Otter Creek, here in their sacred home lands. They were here4 one hundred sixteen years, thatís longer than they were in much of the East.

       Itís a west facing slope where on journey ends, the long canoe journey from east of the Mississippi and up the chain of man made lakes Cherokee held here through much of the seventeen hundreds, and another journey begins, the short walk over2 the Strawberry river watershed and downstream2 the great swamp, or Wild Horses and Walking Sticks on a land journey further west.

       Anyway itís been brutal, but I will recover 2nite and in the morning. And then. Do it all again. Pace.

November 27, 2017

Bright morning. Waiting4 the power company2 take a wire down b4 we do a crazy tree. If they donít get2 it that early we will do it 2moro n I will just ride 2day. Riding is wearing me down. Pure work. Itís 4 the best but it does beat me down.

       So itís have some breakfast and gear up.

       T Rump sabatoging consumers right about now. HE named a director of the Consumer protection bureau even though the law is the outgoing director names the successor. The guy T rump has named, likely causing a showdown, or constitutional crisis, like all of his cabinet and other appointees, is an enemy of the department, seeking destruction of it so giant mega corporations can prey on the old and or inattentive, non lawyers who canít decipher complicated fine print. Very fine.

        T Rump is consistently against the poor and middle class and actively 4 billionaires. History will show he was a secretive yet transparent douche bag, the opposite of Obama, who was and is a dedicated public servant, a better man by far than t Rump, a better Christian, a better president, statesman, etc. Obama again is a gr8 man, t Rump horrible person. Scoffers Fuck off.

       So I did thirteen hard miles2 Eagle crest and beyond. Iím starting 2 ride Cherokee Village more and more, scouting side roads and locations. I recently found a burial ground that is probably Cherokee. Itís on Otter creek.

       Cherokee is basically all pavement so the riding is smooth in general. Iíve locate several old Cherokee sites over the years. Canoe docks, burial grounds, damsÖ

       But Cherokee is hilly, these foothills, though not as deep as further west in the Ozarks, can b disorienting and tiring. Gps helps and cell service4 maps. Trouble is the cell service only works on the tops of hills lol.

       I donít care4 hiway travel but I have2 do a little most days. Plus I anticipate soccer moms in vans, they freak upon seeing a bike, they will stop in the middle of the road in dangerous areas I guess2 make a point2 the children but itís really lame if u canít coexist with bicycles. I donít impede traffic. Sometimes itís just a general loathing. Some people can barely contain their mirth under their three hundred pounds. ďdonít u have a car? Call me Iíll give u a ride. Do u walk everywhere?Ē Iím like u mean ride? And theyíre like ďwalking, riding whatever,Ē Iím like, thereís a huge difference. Maybe I should b snarky back but Iím not like that. Iím not like T Rump w a sixth grade mentality. I got over the sixth grade mentality in tenth grade.

       One fb friend is like all men hate my music, canít they c that Iím a famous pop star?

       Chris Christie heads up the latest crusade against weed. Selected because he plays ball, he concluded that weed causes more opiod death, which is odd because the data does not support that. In fact just the opposite. In states where weed is legal opiod deaths are down over twenty five percent. But itís never been about facts on weed, fake news prevails. Plus hemp could still destroy the petroleum industry b4 they completely run out of oil and coal. So mega corporations who ran the world in the gr8 depression of the thirties are still in charge. The internet and freedom of information has done very little2 expose the fake facts and fake research and fake news in seventy years.

       T Rump insults Elizabeth Warren, yet again calling her ďPocahontasĒ, but this time get this: @ an event honoring native Americans. Not fake news.

       Plus it was right in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson, a character loathed beyond words by native Americans, especially Cherokee.     

       Repos and T Rump promised over and over they would . Not. Cut. Medicaid. Medicare. There would b ďinsurance4 all, beautiful insurance.Ē Now they are passing a bill that cuts five hundred billion from these programs, and handing it over in a paper sack2 billionaires. But repos watch fox, they donít frame it that way. They donít mention the negatives, only throw shadow @ Hillary still. Call Elizabeth warren Pocahontas. Insult real media, attack the constitution so we wonít notice their promises are now lies.

       Boy T rump was sure and eloquent, pinching his fingers 2gether and using other hand gestures2 accentuate that their would b no cuts2 medicaid and medicare. He really sounded exact and passionate. He said clean water was a priority. Ah, but that was over a year ago, the public has 4gotten all that, after all, itís not like a dum said it then reneged. Thatís what repos do. Hypocrisy on high.

November 26 2017

Quiet morning. Bright. Warm. Bout let the fires go out.

     Last night was a crazy night with Westy. Heís my besty. He runs the show.

     Big rides planned 2day. Eagle Crest and beyond. Deep n2 Cherokee Village. And Back late 2nite. Big run. Plus I have an extreme tree2 get on the ground prolly 2moro.

     T Rump set2 break federal law by installing his own director of the Consumer Protection Division 2moro, even though the law clearly states that the new director shall b selected by the outgoing director. But a little thing like Federal law never stops Cheeto Mussolini, until the courts enforce the law and spank him down like has already happened so many times. U wonít hear about his many losses on Fox. Or on his twitter feed.

     His tiny hands are going2 cramp when he gets mad about this.

     Iím sure the guy he is installing will go through as much info and cases as possible as quickly as possible so he can use the inside information 2 tip off corporations under investigation4 quick narc$ and stock tips.

     Elizabeth Warren will tell it like it is, eloquent and direct, confrontational if needed, intelligent and passionate, truly4 the working men and women, truly4 the middle and lower class, but T Rump will dismiss her with the base stock insult he uses every time her name comes up.  "Pocahontas."

     The fake director, once again a sworn enemy of the department he will ďhead,Ē will immediately drop or monkey wrench the case against Wells Fargo, who were caught in a blatant scheme2 bilk customers, an obvious, fraudulent, corporation operation2 whittle everyone down without their knowledge or permission. Thatís okay under T Rump. But still against Federal Law thank God.

     Teaching of evolution banned in Turkey. And Georgia. Alabama is next.

     Saudi Arabia helping Yemen recover from Brutal war. ďThis will not stand,Ē T Rump shouted2 a reporter. The Saudis need2 finish Yemen off and put that T Rump Tower up like they promised.Ē

     Hundreds slaughtered in Egypt. T Rump tweets ďc. told u those ragheads were murderous. Travel Ban needed! Give Israel more$ Bomb Palestine. Itís biblical and Iím an atheist.Ē

     Asked if robots are hurting the workforce T Rump answered, ďwell, Melania is moving back2 New York and I canít go there anymore, Plus Ivanka and Jared are going back so I can say I had nothing2 do with them in 2017.Ē

     Asked4 clarification, he shouted ďMEGA BOWL. MEGA BOWL. MEGA BOWL. MEGA BOWL.Ē Yes u must b a huge Will Ferrel fan2 get that reference2 the movie Semi Pro. T Rump said2 tune n2 Fox News Sunday night, he, T Rump, would ďwrestle a bear. And heís killed people in public.Ē

     Killing Dodd Frank is a boon4 T Rumps circle. They made trillions in repos after the crash. Itís what they do, repos repo. They want another crash, T Rump is on record has saying so, from the ashes the mega rich make thousands on the dollar, unregulated repos are all about gigantic profit and yachts. They take their profits off shore with the yachts. Keeps the hookers off balance. In Jesus holy name repos pray4 depression.

     Time2 get breakfast. Then get out in this beautiful Ozark day.

     Texas Governor says succession from Union on hold til they secure the one hundred fifty billion from the Federal Government. Houston billionaires need the $ 2 repair huge stucco subdivisions built below sea level. T Rump installed David Duke as head of Fema2 make ďgod damned sure those God Damne N*ggers donít get a dime.Ē

     Anniversary dinner4 my sister and Brother out law 2nite. Forty three years of bliss.

November 24 2017

Black Friday. When entitled Americans descend upon $ centers2 fight each other4 over priced crap so spoiled children will feel superior as dictated by Madison Avenue.

     Wal marts will have stand still traffic, mall shootings standard fare, and national shop lifting day.

     There will b stabbings4 panty hose, shooting over the latest fashionable toys, and a demolition derby all2 celebrate the birth of Jesus.

     I will ride all day 2day. Yesterday was well over twenty  miles and Iím feeling it but the holidays are the time2 bear down. Get er dun.

     Christmas is the time2 parade expensive clothes and drive ur shiny metal box, making fun of people in old clothes with dull metal boxes, 2 celebrate the birth of Jesus.

     There is a very credible journalist taking a page from Glenn Beck with the chalkboard and flow chart. Only this isnít some half true disguised attack on Liberals. It shows factual information on record of what T Rump and his circle have said about the Russia connection. And guess what? Every. Single. Thing. They. Are one Record. Saying. Is. A. w8 4it. Lie. Big surprise.

     Witness intimidation. In public. Congressional compliance. ďDuh,Ē say the congressmen, ďwell if u say so. I reckon the leaks are worse than treason. These guys arenít getting in trouble4 what they did, they are getting in trouble4 lying about. What. They. DidÖ " Everybody is lying but Putin.

     Fox will say there has2 b war4 treason2 occur. U say well4 the last seventeen years we have dropped thousands upon thousand of bombs on Afghanistan and Iraq, killed millions of soldiers and also millions of innocent bystanders, but. Congress. Has. Never issued a formal declaration of war. This is all still a continuation of the illegal unilateral action of Bush/Cheney. A police Action. Like Vietnam. A holy war2 b sure, but not technically a ďwar.Ē A feel good war, a murderous rampage, a heinous mutilation with weapons of mass destruction2 b sure. But no, not a war. So itís not treason T Rump is guilty of. Itís. something elseÖ

     The only good thing I can say about T Rumps presidency: it is by far the most polite White House ever in history. As people move about inside, they constantly say ďpardon me.Ē

     Time4 a big ride. Look @ a hazardous tree.

Thanksgiving is not celebrated by Native Americans. Itís signifies genocide as settlers killed off probably a thousand Pequot, and that was a lot of killing back then.

       Cherokee here in Northern Arkansas from 1696 till Eighteen Twelve probably didnít celebrate the holiday  but there is a chance that progressives west of the Mississippi, very ďwhiteĒ in manner and custom, in fact setting the template4 white settlers a few years later might have observed a thanksgiving here between eighteen three and eighteen twelve. Maybe the first and last one was celebrated in eighteen eleven. Very possible the Cherokee here in Sharp and Fulton country, @ least a few households, celebrated thanksgiving.

       The first Baptist Church in Arkansas was probably here in Highland. Originally called Stuart, the Cherokee name4 this post On the high road, Stuart was a Cherokee, part Scot, called BushyHead, who was superintendent of Indian Affairs4 England and then the Colonies and states. Not sure on his tenure, but Bushyhead was a rarity, he was beloved by natives and respected by whites, he and his son were avid Baptist Preachers. But some point very near here, probably within a mile of my house there must have been Baptist roots and spirit. This would have been in the mid seventeen hundreds, long b4 any records of a Baptist church in Arkansas Iíll wager.

       Probably even the Cherokee have 4gotten this. Even historians, even historians specializing in Arkansas, have no idea of the degree of civilization in place or the strength of Tecumsehís coalition quietly holding steady claim2 almost all of the Ozarks. Even History teachers and books that delve deeply n2 the histories of Aransas and Missouri have no idea.

       I do know the Cherokee know much of this but I would love2 hear a knowledgeable Cherokee speak about the land east of the Devilís Backbone. They visit every few years Iíve heard, 2 observe sacred sites or pass visual locations down.

       They still know where the imploded caves are. The covered the entrances and disguised them when they left. The more whiter characters of each clan stayed behind, tending crops, trying2 defend and maintain farms became big work4 one or two men in each valley. But Cherokees finally got messages out, homing pigeons no longer flew straight2 posts in Kentucky, but soon each clan and family back east sent misfits and wanted or hated2 work the fields. Fields here were already growing unharvested crops here when the very first whites came in fall of eighteen twelve.

       Scots in cave city, Irish on the strawberry, French on southfork, and English further north.

       Much of this story is known from this point. After the Cherokee crossed the White River and new white settlers came in, there were land scandals and squatting and rigged claims and corporate malfeasance and slavery.

The New Madrid Earthquakes, which left Cherokees here vulnerable, with half the tribe killed on Saint Francis river, wreckage and carnage between the Ozarks and Kentucky. In Eighteen eleven Osages were still a theat2 attack Cherokee, but periods of peace and war existed between Cherokee and Osage.

Shawnee and Osage didnít war I donít think they and Deleware(Lenni Lenape) had treaty in Missouri. Plus Tecumseh brought Osage, Cherokee and many other tribes 2gether, right here in Stuart or Otter Town, Modern day Cherokee Village. Hardy was an ancient gathering place known as Forty Islands. Raccoon springs on the North Golf Course in Cherokee Village was a historic meeting of "five civilized tribes."

       These places became white in Eighteen twelve without war. With all treaties and allegiances dashed asunder with the horrible earthquakes, Tecumsehís hope destroyed, tribes moved west2 war over White River, Fort Smith would b established just2 keep peace between Osage and Cherokee.

       So Basically Cherokee were in this area4 exactly one hundred and sixteen years, but u wonít find out about that anywhere but here.     

November 23 2017

Bright morning. Slightly cold and crisp. Nice.

       T Rump pardoned the Thanksgiving Turkey, then when the turkey did not express gratitude he slaughtered it. Then blamed it on Obama4 that all the turkeys were arrogant and disrespectful. Then he called Obama a jive turkey, then claimed he had said cock sucker. Semi Pro.

       He takes credit4 the economy again, even though everything is growing @ the exact rate it was during Obamaís eight years. HE railed those numbers as fake b4, now itís his goto holy grail, his only win. Fox news of course plays it his way, their viewers are absolutely sure that Obama destroyed the economy and T Rump is saving it.

       Fox doesnít frame the tax plan as a giveaway2 filthy rich repo donors. But that is the closest anyone can describe it honestly. No word on the deficit, the ďweíre brokeĒ crowd, as this horrible plan will add trillions2 the deficit. Those tax breaks and cash incentives2 flood the airwaves with advertising will cost roughly what the cuts2 medicare and Medicaid add up2, then if u add up the subsidies2 obscenely profitable mega corporations, they would see little damage2 their bottom line if we used the$ 2pay4 College4 all Americans or paid 4 universal health care. When u break it down like that itís just sick.

       And it is that simple. Cut and dry. Repos are nasty vile reptiles with hollow sound bites and insipid little mouths constantly spinning lies... Their souls are chained in hell, they drag the rest of humanity n2 the cesspool with them, all in the all holy name of corporate profits.

       So itís ride hard2 Hardy. Thanksgiving dinner with family. Iím missing the big family dinner, but thatís just the way it happens this year. This way I get a cold ride in2 build up my appetite, and. Then. Work. Some of it off on the long hill back up2 Highland.

       N Joy.

November 22 2017

Quiet nite. 2fires. Tired. Early we were rigging a hundred foot tall pine4 removal. We chipped that n2 a swing set area. Then it was dropping a nice red oak very near a fine Cherokee Village home. Nice Rebel tree Care job. Tis the season 4removals.

       Then it was a hard ride of over a dozen miles2 Eagle Crest and beyond.

       So 2moro is Turkey day, Iím meeting a cousin4 Chinese.  A Chinese thanksgiving, kind of like the Chinese New year. Me likey the girls @ China garden.

       My video is awesome! I am awesome! No really itís got great sound and visuals. Itís simple and straight forward, uncomplicated and loud. WE are working on the finished product now, artwork etc. Soon EROSION WILL B UNLEASHED.

 November 21, 2017

Quiet night. Maybe I should jam. Still wired from this bushy Horse Shoe Bend Oak. I work in rhythm as my ground man hustles. I lop and top, he drags. We chipped the entire tree n2 one truck load of chips, except4 the fire wood. In the mix was a proper pruning of a sugar maple near the house.

       No ride 2nite. First day without a ride 4 quite a while. Itís okay Iíll double up 2moro.

       In a good place. Two fires.

       Red e4 video 2b done. I hope I donít suck. @ least there will b a nice video of a waterfall.

       Iím red e4 rainÖ and winterÖ. Itís only a little over a month til New Years.

       Kush Kushner caught lying multiple times under oath. Par4 the course. But cut Medicaid and give billionaires a break. Piss on the poor. The piss will trickle down. U need a steel grate like a shark cage2 protect u from the poor as u piss on them. Hope they donít shank u through the soles of ur shoes with an ice pick. Donít kick @ them. Just piss on them and move on.

       Again the repo Senate holds the fate of the world in itís tiny hands. They may drop the meddling in health care thing the house passed. They will release and leak and reverse as information is dispersed, fake news will confuse and trick, yellow journalism run amok, Orange Journalism.

       Hopefully they will melt down as usual and accomplish nothing. We can cling2 the preexisting clause and thank Obama, @ least they couldnít erase preexisting.

       I think Paul ďwhatever David Kock sells Iím buyinĒ Ryan kicked the can down the road by passing the budget with the health care mandate repeal 2gether. Itís nonsensical.

       So the Senate may drop it but maybe not. And uno T Rump will sign anything @ all so he can brag on twitter about how he is winning and the most successful president ever in the history of precedency. Then some black guy will not pledge allegiance2 him and he will threaten and harass, obvious abusive  narcism from our ďpresident.Ē Toddler in chief.

       T Rumps tax plan has extra tax breaks4 golf course owners, of which he owns several, and private jets of which he owns many. And if u happen2 b a golf course owner with a private jet, u get triple $. This one ups Mitt the Bitch Romneyís plan, which would have enriched Race Horse owners with escalotors2 the tune of three million in subsidies. Repo magic math.

       Dynamic scoring can create any desired effect. Two plus Two is five and can b proven so. And u can not afford2 prove that two plus two is four, the people who say it is five have better lawyers than u, thus two plus two is five and get over it. Move on.

       Voodoo economics. Reverse Robin Hood. Steal from the poor2 help the rich. Show on a chalk board with a flow chart how two plus two equals five. Deride and demonize those godless liberals who claim two plus two is four.

       One more day of dropping trees then itís Thanksgiving weekend. This2 will rock. Peace on earth and all that good shtuff yaíll. 

    ISIS calls4 the assassination of Barron T Rump. HEinous yes but don't 4get his father called may times4 the families of the terrorists2 b killed.   Trouble is, we are the terrorists. We are the dragoon gangs with weapons of mass destruction. We are the imperialist fascists who won't recycle, we cruise in our huge metal boxes with rear drink holders, we police the world, bully and intimidate others in their own back yards. We ridicule and rape the downtrodden, we don't manage our emotions or the planet, we hate and divide, OCD and inattentive we scroll, we form long lines2 pick up our children so they don't ride the empty bus, we mow our postage stamp lawns anal and competitive, we buy cookie cutter stucco McMansions and boss our circle. We assassinate children. The numbers of innocent bystanders murdered by US is suppressed and growing fast. 2 the copper bosses it's collateral damage, 2 the native hosts of our atrocities it's dead family. Corpses @ the breakfast table. And the refugees we create die in the desert or die waiting4 Visas, die @ sea... We demonize barefoot survivors and make them stay there and get bombed more by us because we are a Christian nation.

November 20, 2017

And we chill by the fire. Red Box nite. Quiet. Outside. Hard ride this afternoon2 Eagle Crest and beyond. The movie Wind River took my breath away.

     Early I was topping a Highland red oak4 removal. Basic stuff, a few tricky ones and never much room4 error. But thatís why they called me.

     2moro itís similar removing a bushy willow oak by a prominent Horse Shoe Bend home. Then Cherokee Village the next day, healthy red oak and pine removals. Itís the off season, I stall or recommend trimming instead of removal, but u canít win them all. One thing u wonít talk me n2 is topping. Topping is non standard. Topping is a disruption. Topping is fraud.

     Iím cruising n2 three thousand miles in a year. And that;s with one month completely off after the wreck. I had a blowout jamming down PONTIAC HILL. Uno what Iím ralking about if ur local. Roller Coaster road. Road rash. Check the archives I must have mentioned it if not I must have been distracted but all my bikes were down one full month. So add twelve percent or whatever 2 find my goal 4 next year. Basically nine or ten miles a day. Everyday. Or, if I miss a day, Iím doing seventeen the next day and thirteen the next day and so on keeping my average up close2 ten. Or I may increase going n2 spring, bear down, gain the edge, get cut again. Itís possible. Canoe trips in April will make maintaining a high average difficult, but I can compensate by riding the first morning and the last evening during the portages if u get it. The carry way. Drag Over.

     I snapped a photo of some Arbor Vidaes Candy and I planted during a larger trimming job some years back. She is a doctor in Okinawa now, probably my most successful ex helper.

     I wish I could have a party or a big cookout with all my ex helpers still with us. What a varied and interesting bunch. Society has a taboo about chipping brush, itís very hard and potentially dangerous work, often with little or no pay, so some of my helpers were broke, others in it4 the buzz. Some were beautiful females, others ugly men. Only a couple have ever done any climbing4 me as I do that4 myself except when injured. Sometimes they trip a little when they stick their head in my truck just like itís ninety eight still. Since ninety two Iíve been through a lot of people. Iíll figure it up some day, maybe now.

     Baggs. Zak Cooper. Zane Medlock. Illa. Candy. Jill. Cheryl. Ridge. Ray Ray. Dave Thompson. Chad Stark. Larry Venticher. MIKE GRAY. Ken Hamm. Karen Matselboba. Garret Gray. Vinny and Vince Reilly. Joe Imboden. Ed French. Rob French. my brother Rodney, my sister Debby4 that matter, Jason Foster. Jacob Foster, Dallas and Ginny Oliver; Gonzo, RAyelle, Casey Clouse. Justin Ramsdell. Jesse Mendez. Jerod Murphy.  Rudy Bostick, James Buchanan. Mike McCormick. Lamar Wright. Duane Miles. Melissa Blasciewitz. Phillip. Herby Williams. Carliss. Mike Mennen. Kevin McCarty. Jarid Carter. DYLAN KANE, Seth Hamilton, Pickle. Draper. Martin. Rhiannon, Robin, Bryan Joy, Sandy Boggs, Scott Runsick, Joey WEstmoreland, others I don't care2 remember. There are literally dozens more I 4get the names, maybe they only worked one day, or a few daysÖ I used2 take one group of two or three2 Memphis a week, wear them out, and have another group of two or three fresh and ready4 a grueling week here @ home. Iíve picked up many  a Mexican or black guy4 day labor or holding a rope in Memphis, Fayetteville and Little Rock.

     After twenty nine years in the business, twenty six of those My own boss, there are many who walked through fire with me2 complete tough jobs. Most were solid and trustworthy, some weak and short lived in the urban forest.


     So itís maintain. B warm4 humanity. Fake a difference. Pose4 real. SIR REAL.

     I canít w8 2c if the video turned out awesome. Imma keep some around. I may not post it online. IDK yet. I may combine parts of it n2 The Best of KILL. Plus I have a new camcorder, I know everbody has a video camera on their phone, well now I have2. Just gotta figger it out I ainít 2tech savvy.

     But I can split wood really good.

    Nebraska repos okay Keystone pipeline. As it leaks.

    Peaceful protestors of T Rumps inauguration, many in the tiniest crowd ever2 c a presidential inauguration, facing life in prison. They also chuckled @ Special Jeffy Sessions. The repo judge said this constitutes a "special circumstance," and a "hate crime."

    Charles Manson dies b4 T Rump could put him charge of a special cult unit.

November 19 2017

Nice. Quiet night. Deer stew. Computer consulting. Maintaining. Two fires.

       Hard ride yet again 2day. Imma get about three thousand miles this year. Two thousand on one bike. Seven hundred on another. Three hundred total on two more. Three thousand by early December. And thatís with exactly one month with zero miles. So Imma step it up a little more next year. Another year like this and imma b in shape yo...

       EROSION in house 2nite. Acoustic. Quick set.

       Hard week in store, but short with Thanksgiving on Thursday. Iím taking them down now. Not a gr8 time2 prune, but some times I get talked n2 removing a tree or2. Ya gotta do what u gotta do.

       So its bear down. Knock out jobs and get back here. Knock out miles and get back here. Machine Man. Iron Will. The Way. Hash tag bear down. Iím underwhelmed. Over bear. We shall over bear. Down in the Valley. Girls in Bush, mountaineers with laptops, conservative coffee cups with snow flakes and merry effin Christmas u effn happy now? What about Niger? The four brave Americans who died? Trey Gowdy: crickets.

       Al Franken up2 something. His little prank twenty years ago is barely harassment or assault. Most politicians have something far worse on the record. No Franken is up2 something, he has disappeared a few days. I think he and say, Steven Colbert are cooking up a prank2 showcase Repo hypocrisy. I hope I publish in time2 prove that I wrote this b4 they sprang the trap.

       Witnesses are flipping. Mueller is methodically prying, treating it as a RICO or organized crime, already the money laundering is apparent and T Rumps tax returns will b key. But T Rump has warned them not2 seek his taxes, there s a special safe now4 them, which is probably bs as they could just down load them but there will b a coup de tat, even though the repos are a coup with the voter suppression and manipulation, this will b a coup de tat where T Rump hunkers down in the white house then jets2 Indosnesia2 drink mai tais and get peed on by grass skirted dancers. Maybe he gets capped by KGB or the Kocks, who are the same now, or maybe a lone assassin with pre existing conditions who bought his rifle while covered in blood with no ID.

       Or maybe he hides in a fortress of solitude on Antartcica, with Swedish porn stars and Kaitlan Jenner, Rush Limbaugh and Hannity will lounge pool side near naked, still claiming hoax on Global Warming.

       Fox will show on chalk boards and flow charts how Hillary caused the ice caps2 disappear and show a grainy video of her crawling out from under the XL pipeline while an oil slick begins. She tosses a monkey wrench aside and disappears n2 the night.

       Another Fox edited video shows her in surgical scrubs, with a huge scary pair of bloody tongs and a pile of dead fetuses around her ankles. She smokes a Marlboro and tells a nurse2 hurry the f#ck up.

       Maybe they have her in Niger. Maybe she caused Chad2 pull out, not the misguided travel ban T Rump implemented, maybe they were offended by Hillary that very same day. There was plenty of backup, say Fox, but Hillary, as director of a world wide shadow government and military, ordered the extra battalions2 ďstand down."

    ONe Fox pundit wondered if she perpetrated this heinous crime against America in retaliation4 the "dangling Chad" controversy that eventually defeated her husbands running mate Al Gore when he was dead locked with Bush during the recount. This is probably a Freudian slip and repo 101 spin and reversal as it was T Rump who left Chad dangling.

       T Rump considering a reversal of the pause of the reversal of the reversal of the pause of the elephant and rhino hunting ban.

       Scott Walker tells FoxConn, a gigantic corporation that they can ignore all environmental laws if they build in Wisconsin. Even the federal ones. No word if fox con knows Walker canít ever rule federal law. Maybe possibly just a teensy weensy chance of a law suit here? Or is it just me? Scott Walker. POS.

November 18, 2017

Good morning. Warm. I hope this is not another El Nino. I like my winters. Especially this year cos I got so much firewood ricked up. Plus I keep the stacks fat by scrounging up snags and splitting a little everyday, burning irregular pieces a and shorties or unsplttable. I donít tarp firewood, thatís pointless. Itís OCD and anal. Everybody is like I gotta get a tarp immediately yada yada. I hate that. WET WOOD BURNS FINE. If u must keep some kindling dry with a tarp so be it. Rant over. My dad instilled that rant in me years ago.

       He also taught me2 bend my knees low when cutting. He made me do it so I wouldnít dull the saw much. As a shortstop bending low was ez in the day, but years later I entered the urban forestry field and realized nobody bends their knees so I continued2 do it and it has served me well, not only on saw maintenance but back longevity. I still have a good back thanks2 my bending of the knees over the years. Stoop2 Conquer.

       Iím gonna ride here in a bit. Spend the day in the wind. Get out and go2 Wal Mart. Wal Mart on a Saturday around Thanksgiving will b a circus. Good cross section of soccer moms and sluts.

       Last night was EROSION in house. Loud and proud. My fingers are getting tough after last weekends video shoot so I want2 keep them calloused.

       I was up late helping my sister figure out some computer stuff4 college. Cutting and pasting hyperlinks, which I know a little about from maintaining this website.

       Itís warm. The fires may go out 2day. I think itís sposed2 drop off cold soon though, 2day or 2moro.

       So get er dun yo. Finger it out.

November 17, 2017

And we roll this Friday. Itís still the off season4 me, sure the chumps are bustling and hustling and knocking on doors begging2 chop trees down. I have January booked, I will b making trees safe and beautiful while they are drunk, complaining that the yard is2 soft4 them2 butcher up trees, baiting, switchingÖ Forging their own destiny. And checks.

   Early I was tugging on hangers and trying2 do some old storm cleanup. Tricky cutting and dicey ground work. But itís Saul Goode now.

   Iíve had a productive morning. Even though my beautiful helper was L8 again and probably wonít b asked back, I got the job done with the help of a 27, I mean 72 year old man, then got home in a fine rain and kept the ball rolling, working up more wood and maintaining wood furnaces. I am a very warm person.

   So now itís chill awhile, put on some soup and surf. I will ride 2day, racking up miles, pushing three thousand in a year. Thatís less than ten a day so not that gr8.

   House passes tax cut4 the super wealthy. T Rump gets a billion. They get pissed2 high hell if anyone points out that the middle class pays more. Plus if they get the health insurance cuts everyone pays still more. Warren Buffet, the worlds richest man, worried that he might have2 eat alpo.

   Monsanto orders arkansas2 halt state ban on herbicide. Their SuperPac is one of the biggest donors, so they call the shots.

   Missouri is ahead of the curve compared2 Arkansas, as usual since the Civil war. They simply altered the use of Dicambria, and with no funds 4 the EPA, there is no enforcement of the altered injunction reversal unilateral overturning of the structured partial ban.

   Repos rigging Alabama election. Against a repo. Gay hater Roy Moore, okay with statutory straight rape but not consensual adult gay sex, and determined2 commit false witness while insisting the ten Commandments b prominent, has got repos straining the limits of voting rights and procedural misdirection in the war2 capture special Jeffy "Midnight" Sessions vacated seat.

   Fox and the right up in arms over Starbucks cups. The special holiday(remember it's ellegal2 say merry Christmas, obama made sure of that in his jihad against Christmas, look it up in the fox archives) cups are red, but show two hands they say may b gay hands. Not kidding. The war on Christmas is alive and well. And we thought T rump and Bill Oreilly won that one.

   Al Franken jokingly pretend groped a colleague, in a bullet proof vest, and T Rump is all over it. No word on Roy Moore using his power as district attorney2 rape very young teens. T Rump and groping is a very fine line4 KellyAnne Conway2 lie about.

   Keystone pipeline ruptures. Official count fifty five thousand barrels. But judging by past vast under estimations by guilty oil companies the leak is probably quadruple that @ least. No tweets by T Rump explaining how there is no downside...

   Fox host explains why there is no Uranium one Scandal, why Hillary is in no way responsible. Calls4 his head were instant.

   Not much about Benghazi now that law suits have revealed how Repos cut embassy security2 make things difficult4 Obama and Hillary, plus key Fox expert witnesses are being convicted of falsifying credentials. Four Americans used as pawns, but no word from fox ďexpertsĒ on Niger and how T rump hung four Marines out2 dry.

   The Russian money laundering scheme is coming2 light. Soon Mueller will subpoena T Rumps taxes and then boom goes North Korea.

   The weekend looms. Plus I have good jobs lined up4 next week. Life is. And then u.

November 15 2017

Rain out. Sure and slow a front came through and now it is nearly gone. Cooler air now.

       Zimbabwe in turmoil, the military seizes power. Asked about it T Rump smiled smugly, ďI got him off. No one can ever say I am racist, he got caught shoplifting in China, while I was there, so I gave the word2 china2 let them go and poof. Now if Mueller will do the same4 me as any good American should we can put this Russia thing behind us and get n2 the Russia thing on Hillary.

       And congress needs2 pass tax reform 2day so trillionairres can eat 2moro. We just about had it so we put health care in there. People are saying I'm the best politician of all time, not just America but everywhere.Ē

       Kolin Kaepernick man of the year.

       Snowflake conservatives are royally pissed about that. How can u exercise ur constitutional rights and still b man of the year? How can u have ur pudding if u donít eat ur meat? PINK FLOYD. They are lonely and deserted on Sundays, sneaking peeks @ their favorite teams and getting things done around the house.

       So itís ride. I have a job2 look @ in Hardy. I need2 jam and hunt deer also.

November 14 2017

Quiet night. Nice. Early I was jetting down n2 Cherokee Village2 look  @ several jobs on Lake Thunderbird. Not2 cold yetÖThen it was another hard ride2 Eagle Crest and beyond. Quality time. Then I sat on a deer stand till dark, no action. Nice day. I power on. Like a soldier. The shape of things2 come. AUDIOSLAVEÖ

     Hell I may do another romp 2nite. But I doubt it. Iím tired. Itís a movie and mixed nuts. Keep the fires going. Helping one another b Free. REO SPEEDWAGONÖ

     I may hunt again 2moro. I like2 have deer meat frozen away and have very little right now. Tis the season.

     So itís stoke fires, wander not lost.

November 13 2017

And we roll. Quiet night. Deep rest. This morning was a post oak all over a Cherokee Village home. Meticulous rigging, lopping and chopping, dropping and popping. All went well. @stake was the house, bay window, wires all around, and a concrete driveway. Rebel Tree Care. Insurance certificate.

       Then it was a hard ride2 Eagle Crest and beyond. Nice day4 a blast. Thatís several in a row. Still getn my legs back. It takes a while.

       Last night was EROSION. Panadox was prominent. I had a pro with lots of cool equipment and skill. In a couple of weeks I should have a finished DVD. I did my set, some songs took a couple takes. Most was one take. Trust me this guy is going2 make a good record. Stay tuned.

       So itís maintain. Hard ride2 Lake Thunderbird in the morning2 look @ trees.

        T Rump and Roy Moore ďjust like Jesus,Ē with their grabbing of pussies and raping of young teens.

       After proclaiming far and wide on every show, every interview, every social medium that the repo tax plan gives ďcuts 4 all,Ē now the bastards quietly, with no fan fare or publicity, mumble, ďwe mis spoke.Ē

       ďSo what if T Rump and Roy Moore rape young teens? Bill Clinton showed his cock2 hookers, JFK cheated on Jackie and Obama did cocaine as a teen. Maybe u should investigate that.Ē

       ďJesus would totally make sure Wells Fargo canít b sued4 fine print or outright fraud.Ē

       ďCorporations are people2. With feelings, a pulse, and urges. Corporations need group therapy with other corporations. T  Rump and the repos provide that group therapy, better known as congress.Ē

       Red e2 ride in morning. Chill winds will greet me. But thatís the way we like it. Pace.

Eleven eleven.

And we roll. Not really. Hang time @ the crib. Hogs only losing by 7 so far. Two fires. Not hearing a lot of gun fire this first day of deer season.

        We got in fairly early, stopped off @ Bob n Sandyís beach club bbq4 ribs, I also dropped them off some Pecan wood4 smoking meat.

        The last two days were quite an array of trimming and removing. In the mix were numerous bay magnolia, holly, juniper, crepe myrtle, willow oak, post oak, maple, southern magnolia, cherry? Pear?, several more prolly, also pecanÖ Complete cleanup.

        We left Cordova mid afternoon and got n2 the hills by dark. I made the scene @ Beach Clubís new location across from Loweís in Jonesboro.

        Last night, w8, the night b4 we ripped Beale Street  a new one. We destroyed the street. Just kidding after Tater Reds and BB KINGS we hit Blues City Cafe4 bbq shrimp fish Gumbo like that. We were escorted by 2 attractive young ladies, friends of mine, They knew Geezer(sob), everybody in  Blues City knows me, I thought maybe my memory was fading but Im still a muddy legend there.

        2nite itís EROSION in house. Sound check4 a pro video. Stay tuned.

        EROSION did  an acoustic set each night @ the hotel. I sang2 young ladies. I did some KISS 2, and thatís huge cos I donít do covers. Well, ten seconds of Dazed and Confused.

        So itís take a ride. Hit the cold streets. If the game is close I may listen w my phone. Life goes on here @

        Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge: I want2 protect Arkansans from frauds and scams. Now support T Rump and drink whatever Kook Aid Fox News and the Heritage Foundation feed u. Totally legit. Look it up.

         Hogs sticking in there4 now. Some worried Cajuns right about now.

        But the Hogs lost. They seem pretty good in basketball but that could change.

        Hard ride around Cherokee Village. I didnít ride in Memphis so I want2 bear down now.

        EROSION in house4 a video sound check. I hear things. SSSH. We gonna blow up like a bullet, yo high as a kite, movin like the river, rapid like a burst, flyin like Fred Durst,

        The test went well, Panadox is prominent. Gr8 sound and lighting. One vocal mic, one four string     bass w delay and distortion. SOCIAL DISTORTION. I do have a punk song. Problematic. And maybe Peyote Goat is punk. I have a honky tonk song called Hard Feelings, a stoner anthem called Lady Eagle Eyes, a heavy metal song titled Cyclops, a barnyard blues song River Blues, a metal blues song titled Bonny Boo Hoo, and an instrumental metal song entitled Erosion, which if in ALL CAPS, is also the name of the ďband.Ē

        Itís an Album. A DVD video live album. Itís a journey, a revelation, epiphany, and more. This pro producer is on the case and very soon I will present EROSION2  the cyber.

So itís ride. And jam. I have work4 next week,,

November 8, 2017

And we roll. Down the Highway. Memphis Tennessee.

       Dums sweep elections. Gain dozens of seats and a couple of governors. T Rump backlash starting2 hit.

       We stopped in Jonesboro2 hit Bob and Sandyís original Beach Club Barbque. Sweet. Nice place. Beth, I hear u calling.

       Fox: T Rump well received in China, not like Obama who was hated. Probably a lie on both fronts. Double lies are even harder2 fact check. Double and triple lies are Fox mainstays.

       All systems go. The road was kind, the trip smooth, gear @ the job red e4 work. I have a helper captive and two little hotties red e4 Beale Street 2moro night. Life is. And then u play the blues yo.

       Iím ahead of schedule4 getting my shtuff 2gether. Maybe not in life years, but Iím accelerating quickly. Suddenly, after years of being a slob, Iím fairly neat. After years of clutter Iím organized. Strange.

November 5 2017

Hard rides lately. Eating up miles. Enjoying it. This morning I went2 Hardy, the gun and knife show, and bought guns and knives.

       @ least twenty dead in Church shooting. Many more wounded. San Antonio Texas. Baptist church, donít know if the shooter is white black or brown yet. T Rump will b all over it unless heís white.

       Post phoning the video. I have work in Mympho Ten. A few days of proper pruning4 riotous coin.

       Iíve been building structures, a wilderness shed, repairing or remodeling other sheds, cleaning, maintainingÖ

       I actually trimmed a huge post oak and a cedar, removed some cherry and hackberry 2day.  Not bad4 a Sunday.

       T Rump installs thrice deemed unethical lawyer as law ethics head. Scott Pruitt installs Giant Pollution heads2 run pollution units.

       More indictments coming, Michael Flynn is expected2 b indicted 2moro. Special Jeffy ďMidnightĒ Sessions still yet again caught lying about Russia. IN fact @ this point it would b easier2 list T Rump people who have not been caught lying about Russia. Yet.

       The GOP tax plan, Middle income earners make eight hundred thousand a year. Small businesses with less than one thousand employees get breaks. Homeless people get T Rump vodka.

       ďWe must help the poor and middle class by giving rich people more money. 4those poor unfortunate members of the working force who make less than two hundred dollars an hour there is a safety net.Ē

       Strange. After eight years of obstruction touting the all holy deficit, Repos are silent now as they try2 pass a budget that adds trillions2 the deficit. I thought the deficit was really important2 them, why is nobody talking about the deficit now? Hypocrites.

       Another T Rump nominee linked2 Russian investment. The whole bunch, especially Tillerson, stands2 instantly make trillions if the sanctions are lifted. The first thing they did as the presumptive nominee was2 strike the sanctions. Murderous regime? Meh. Hillary.

       Prick Perry. ďGod wants fossil fuels and Jesus hates solar. And wind.Ē Scott Pruitt, ďfossil fuels are ordained by the Holy Bible.Ē Pat Robertson: ďwe must uphold Godís holy law and destroy hybrid electric cars as an unholy abomination.Ē

       T Rumps commerce secretary a big time Russia investor. He says he will recuse on any matter having2 do with Russia, or commerce.

       He lied2 Congress about it, the only reason we know is from a massive data dump that shows how the filthy rich shuffle shell corporations offshore. T Rump and his bunch are very good @ it.

       Surprise.  Paying4 college will soon b officially impossible with Betsy DeVos trying2 force everything private.

       Paying4 entrance2 a national park will soon require financing as T Rumps Repo gang start privatizing natural areas.

       Pot wonít b legal federally4 quite some time as Cheeto Mussolini and Special Jeffy privatize more prisons.

       Electricity free in Germany. They use wind power. Florida cuts solar. ďWe want electricity @ night also,Ē says the governor, ďnot just in the day when the sun is shining. The Holy Bible commands us2 use fossil fuels, only fossil fuels4 transportation and power.Ē

       Texas Governor tells the public2 carry guns in church.

    Some guy did a study about T Rump. It seems that every time, literally every single time he says believe me, he follows that with a demonstrable lie.

November 1, 2017

Rain out. Slow and sure. It was hit and miss all night but full on now. I had a good day planned. But now itís get in the shop and keep it up. I need2 pull a truck in and check the oil. I am packed and red e2 hit a river many days @ a moments notice so stay tuned4 that. I have back up bicycles red e4 action. I have a music  video stage red e4 a professional shoot. I do need2 clean up some chainsaws but first I need2 find oil4 my air compressor. Laundry. Groceries. Yada.

     Scott Pruitt tells a Kentucky crowd that solar and wind power should not receive subsidies. He says that they should stand on their own merits. Implying2 the coal crowd that coal does not receive subsidies. Trouble is, like so much that T Rump Team say, thatís a lie. Coal has received more subsidies4 200 years than any other industry. They even get $2 stay in the states, which is an insider joke cos u canít take coal mining and burning off shore.

     Plus if u factor in the birth defects, lung disease, and other ill health effects, itís not just wrong but catastrophic costs make it the least wise way2 use tax  $ imaginable. Pollution is real Scott Pruitt, we just canít afford2 prove it a court of law against u. Dick.

     Trey Gowdy. Shooter is back @ it. ďWe must alter documents2 frame Hillary. Itís not2 L8!Ē

     Terror in New York City. Since the perp was ISIS type T Rump wasted no time waiting4 the facts. He attacked the immigration system and democrats within hours of the massacre. He used it as a hate wedge immediately. He judged all people of color from this one douche bag. White right terrorists still lead in the death tally, but they are ďfine folks.Ē

T Rump Junior. Halloween is socialism. My daughter should earn her candy like I do.

Scott Pruitt takes scientists off science advisory board. He says its a conflict of interest2 have them advising us and receiving grants4 research. so. He gives the administration2 big business who. the administration is supposed2 regulate. "Honor system," says Pruitt, "If u hear cancer rates are up it's fake news. Science 2 its very core is a liberal conspiracy. Ezekiel says we must foul the waters. We must foul the air4 fifty silver weight, and water4 gold." Pressed4 exact verses these supposed Bible quotes came from, he accused the questioner of being a demon, held a bloody fetus high pointing, screaming, Baby killer job killer, commie moocher criminal. Go ask Hillary why she fired all the scientists in the nineties. She's been trying2 destroy water and air, the sacred water and air we breathe and drink in our sacred bodies. Exxon says they don't pollute, and emission controls are killing GM. Tyson foods says their is no dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, who would know better than them there is no dead zone. HEmp paper doesn't need dioxins, theres a whole industry of poison control units that would b fired f we legallzed hemp so thats a job killer. plus hemp needs no water, fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide... Hemp paper needs no bleach, no glue, cuts out several industries. Hemp plastics and paints are biodegradable, hemp diesel has no carbon. We must. Keep. Hemp scheduled as a dangerous narcotic worse than heroin and coke/crack and meth and opiates and alcohol and tobacco, with, no. KNown. Benefit.

October 31, 2017

And we roll. This is the off season but Iím doing a little most mornings. Early we were driving up on a walnut. It was a double trunk, one curving and leaning away from the house, another tall  and leaning over the house. I strapped on the spikes and went up lopping and chopping, moving up2 about thirty feet, pulled the top 2ward a shed, it was close but didnít touch, worked back down taking large chunks off the spar2 shorten it, then kept chunking and the final cut was from the ground. The spikes never touched the remaining part of the tree, that would b a violation of ANSI standard, I never spike a tree2  b left in the landscape. Never have, hope I never will. This was no cleanup, so my ground man was quite happy.

       So itís keep on getting things done. Twerk, I mean tweak things down, simplify and maintain.

       T Rumps stubby thumbs and tiny hands must b cramping. He probably needs potassium. 4get hoax investigation he says, focus on huge tax cuts4 the poor, focus on Democratic corruption he says, didnít even know this Manafort character if he really exists, fake news says he was my campaign chairman4 a year, barely remember him. Never talked2 him, NO COLLUSION! Honestly, donít even know this other guy this whatís his name? Eric Trump.

       When T Rump says honestly, I get this gag reflex.

       Special Jeffy Sessions: Iím not aware of any Russian contacts @ all. What is Russia? Who is this Russia scoundrel? We will prosecute Russia. I bet Russia smokes pot.

       Congress: why werenít we told about this Russian interference in our elections? (they were, as Hillary pointed out in the debates, or rather tried2 as  T Rump and Foxcaster Wallace shouted her down. Going ten seconds over her allotted time was way more important)

       Repos unite2 screw people on state and local taxes. Sales taxes hurt the poor way more than the rich. But they need a focus group2 tell them that, so they will look n2 forming one. Meanwhile, until they get definitive proof they will raise these type taxes and strip health care, but hey, hereís a hundred bucks.

       One more indictment not Hillary, T Rump is expected2 tweet later 2day, ďBOOM.Ē

October 30 2017

And we roll. Crazy day. I love those crazy daze. And crazy nights. TESLA.

     This morning was a dead red oak(recurring theme). This dead red oak leaned 2ward fine town homes. Plus there was new deck work all around2 complicate things. Swirling winds predominately the exact wrong way also complicated my reasoning. The killer was there was no anchor point4 pulling it, I loathed the idea of topping and rigging it, and the client would have loathed the price 4 that. The only solution was across the mighty southfork two hundred feet away. Long story short we pulled it over from across the river, with different tie offs and pulling devices. I was wading waist deep a couple of times. But. It all went well. The top landed in the river and burst asunder n2 little pieces, larger logs I diced up4 the next guy.

     Then it was hard riding against the wind, many errands and visits.

     The gig may b canceled. Iím getting jerked around by my over rated band. Iím shifting focus, preferring a professional video in a closed setting. Lotís of reasons and factors.

     2moro itís a walnut over a rural farm home.

     I used2 live4 Halloween. I made a will out every year as brushes with death were common in the day. All Hallows eve was all mine, only mine, 4ever mine.

     Not this time. Iím sober and alert, and will b 2moro night.

     I missed THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY Saturday night. I hear there was a rowdy crowd of costumed crazies, they partied past the wee hour. Nice4 my peeps.

     T Rumpís house of cards crumbling. His glass house has major cracks. His straw house is burning.

     Manafort and others indicted, moron the way. T Rump tweeted fearfully about Whitewater, Bill Clintons failed real estate deal from the nineties.

     Some of the gang are pleading not guilty others are pleading guilty and cooperating. KellyAnne Conway, mistaken4 a Walking Dead cast member, mumbled and moaned, staggered and stumbled, bumbled, blind.

     One of the many charges is conspiracy against the United States. T Rump is obviously in this conspiracy. The douche bag loves Russia. And their hookers. Part of the problem is RNC platform section they had inserted first thing helping Russia, easing sanctions etc., which T Rump has in turn denied happened, denied doing it, denied knowing about, denied allowing, denied denied denied, each time each claim is easily disproven. Every single thing he says, on any subject, is easily proven a lie. Itís pathetic.

     Told that white supremacists within our midst, in law enforcement and government is our biggest domestic terrorism threat,  T Rump doubles down on directives2 beat down peaceful protestors in Black Lives Matter. Racist repo states are passing laws2 protect drivers who kill protestors in streets. A driver who purposely runs a protestor over should b dragged from the car and shot in the face. (written 2days b4 the NYC tragedy)

      Fox and friends: this is all a conspiracty2 destroy T Rump by: u guessed, Hillary and Barack. The real story is not high crimes and treason, itís leaks.

     Hillary was working with the Russians, Fox says, she should b investigated, not T Rump who is not under investigation.

     Split screen: Putin/Hillary.

     Special guest also not talking about the indictments, but tries2 make it all about Hillary.

     Fox continues. Black men kneeling in silent protest is so wrong. Not patriotic like us. Now, we will ignore T Rumps campaign manager indictment and examine why millenials donít get excited about Halloween anymore. Instead of the indictments letís talk about cheeseburgers, giggling @ our snarky jokes. Now letís bash T Rumps critics4 a while. Now letís listen as KellyAnne tells us the whole Mueller investigation is a giant liberal hoax started when Hillary was first lady. The real crime is the leaks, democrats on the commission are letting Hillary skateÖ NO one cares about the Russia probeÖDebby Wasserman ShultzÖNot about thirty percent approval of her bossÖdonít discuss this issue with her bossÖ

     Indictments in, fox immediately begins doubting if any of the alleged activity occurred during his T Rump tenure. Remember indictments donít mean ur guilty. Unless ur Hillary.

     Rerun the KellyAnne interview that just aired less than twenty minutes ago.

     Because of some article they say the left is trying2 destroy police and armed services. Obama was part of the conspiracy(it was McCain)

     Collusion claims are ridiculous they concur.

     Wishful thinking that this is the first domino, the snarky smart set say, then itís more cheeseburgers.

     Itís the leaks. T Rump is the victim. Itís all Hillary/Obama/Bill.

     The day Cheeto Mussollini walks out of the white house in chains will b time4 that four hour special on a surfing squirrel. Fox. Fair and Balanced.

     The mental gymnastics of the right is mind boggling. The hypocrisy is so blatant and transparent its hilariously evil. The silence on hatebook is preferable. Silence by T Rump supporters is preferred.

     Iím not gloating. The repos are still in charge, congress will do nothing2 help find truth and justice. They will do as always and hide, obstruct.

     T Rump: leaks are bad. Except when really hot Russian hookers do and let u watch.

October 27 2017

Rain. Wow. Sweet rain out this morning. First smatterings are hitting just as we were about2 go2 work. Radar shows a decent event coming in. Heres hoping. We need a lot.

     JFK files released. Except that after twenty five years of promises, they kept the juicy stuff another six months, and even then it will likely be heavily redacted and secret. The scary thing is now T Rump knows what it says.

     New article details the gross arrogant ways in which T Rumps administration thumbs the eyes of America. Quick rundown, a ďragtag battalion of liars and frauds.Ē ďanti truth, anti factÖ Malevelont.Ē

     Besides being unaware that he was responsible4 security clearances, T Rumps chief of the transition team skipped out2 do a Hair Metal cover gig.

     Steve Bannon brags that all Cabinet members were selected4 Deconstruction of their department.

     Scott Pruitt explains2 EPA scientists that Climate Change is a hoax and takes a machete2 their budget.

     T Rump dismisses seventeen agencies implicating Russia in the election as a Hoax, calling them Nazis. A Term he refuses2 use4 real Nazis. Those people are ďfine folks.Ē

`    in his first day in office he went2 the CIA memorial and lied about crowd size4 a while, then joked about re invading Iraq2 steal their oil. It would b cheaper just2 buy it all.

     When T Rump failed2 divest his business interests insiders noted even stranger decisions, explained only by greed. Ethics waivers were a red flag. He handed out more in a few months, most in secret, than Obama did In eight years.

     Praising of dictators, admiration of ruthless murderous regimes.

     Pledges of loyalty2 the president. Punishment of whistle blowers. Slander and reprisals. Destruction of careers.

     Tearing of families apart. Gross discrimination. This administration is wrong.

     Panadox on tap. I have hired a pro video service2 capture EROSION4 posterity. I will do a solo thing first, show that a little, then have more leverage2 recruit a real drummer and metal guitar player.

     So itís do rain out things. Maybe get a ride in l8r. I havenít skipped a day in quite a while so extra rest is needed. A day piddling in the shop will b nice. I have a few tree jobs on tap4 next week, probably line up a few more this weekend.

     THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY plays Saturday @ Copper Feather. A rowdy bus load of major league partiers in costume is headed there so itís on.

     Time2 piddle. Pace.

October 26, 2017

Beautiful day. Early I was @ B n B supply picking up some landscaping timbers. I had a fat load of chips and assorted tools: metal spikes, mattox pick, sledge hammer, fork, shovel, rakesÖ

      I did a nice simple landscaping job on Lake Cherokee, using chips and timbers2 stabilize a washing out zone if thatís the right phrase. Itís right by the spillway park.

      Red e2 ride.

T Rump names Rush Limbaugh ambassador2 Antarctica.

      These timbers and chips will help purify runoff, trapping sediments, filtering storm water, preventing erosionÖ Help keep our waterways clean.

      U wont hear T Rump praise mulch. I think his code word Drain the Swamp means u can throw up a strip mall any, I mean anywhere, and wetland regulations wonít be stopping u. Sure, itíll b a deserted eyesore in a year but u can raid the fixtures and plead chapter 11. C ya endangered species. Wouldnít wanna b ya.

      2 T Rump mulch is something Mexicans do. Clean water4 all is as hollow a talking point4 him as it gets. Kind of like insurance4 all. He says what he thinks will get him out of a momentary situation, his words have no staying power, no truth.

      Repos, intent only on undoing any and all Obama era happenings, divide us, drive wedges between cultures and race. That gets u elected. But makes it impossible2 govern. Repos want only2 get elected, they cannot govern, wonít do the brass tacks nuts and bolts hard work of governing and making policy. They let the dums do all that, then use myth and misinformation2 tear it down.

      Twitter insults are the new diplomacy. When Puerto Rico asked4 transparency about the new 300 million crony contract, Whitefish CEO tweeted, ďso? What are u? u want us2 pull out right now cos we willĒ And this was just a transparency request. Then the CEO tweeted, ďMoochy Moochy scratch ur kootchy.Ē In responce2 Bob Corkers admonishments,  T Rump tweeted, ďwiddle bobby lost his cookies.Ē Kindergarten diplomacy is upon us.

Iíve always wanted2 catalogue my brushes with greatness.

          Austin from HINDER and more of the band. I was backstage and got on Austins Bus with his wife and dad4 quite a while. I think ANN, or NANCY WILSON of HEART wanted2 meet me but Governor Mike Beebe balls showed up and shut the area down. Really crushed the groove.

          Lorne Greene. Ben Cartwright rode up @ a big state rodeo and shook my hand. I think he shook my brothers hand2. I think my mom was hot and Drew Lorne over maybe. Not sure.

          Brooks Robinson. Iím pretty sure my all time favorite baseball player went by as I canoed White River in the fall. Tan and smiling he rode in the front of a long green fishing guide type boat heading upstream around Norfork. It took me a while2 put it 2gether but it was him. I know it was him. I have a poster of him in my guest bedroom. I have had that poster a half century.

          US Reed. Reed was cool shit. Often a point guard with a gigantic jumper from anywhere on the floor, @ six feet he could three sixty dunk in traffic against say the Houston Cougars. US calmly hit a half court jump shot @ the buzzer2 beat National Champion Louisville in the NCAA tournament. Three days later I run n2 him @ Fayetteville MacDonald's and shake his hand, congratulating him on his shot. . I played against him, guarded him, a few years later in Little Rock @ Interstate park and Holy Souls

          Scott Hastings. Later that night Iím @ a party @ the Renk in Fayetteville. A thousand people, a high schoolers dream party. So Iím dancing with two playboy bunny blondes Michelob in hand. Cool Cool people. I accidentally bump n2 a large person behind me,  Literally way over my six four height, I turn and Scott Hastings is also dancing with 2hot blondes, Michelob in hand. He raises his bottle in a quick toast2 me. Scott was all conference4 the Razorbacks may years then went on2 the Detroit Pistons2 become the highest paid player per minute in history.

          Dale Bumpers. My Mother and Father were prominent Democrats in the area, My father claimed that even though Dums would rip up off4 millions of $, Repos would rip us off4 trillions. That still holds true 2day. We went2 Batesville Arkansas2 a rally in nineteen sixty something and as a small child I shook the prospective Senators hand, then in the Eighties I bagged the umpteen term senators groceries @ Tanglewood Safeway in Little Rock and shook his hand again. He asked me if I had been in Washington long.

          I know Sweet Connie. Major rock bands of the seventies and eighties know this beautiful woman. She perfected the art of being a rock groupy.

          Lets c. I know DAVID LYNN JONES and his beautiful wife ILLA. DAVID wrote a number one song called Promised Land I believe.

 I met SWITCHFOOT on beale street. They played New Daisy that night, I loved the concert. I talked2 them awhile outside Blues City Cafe. I've had brushes with John Calipari, legendary college basketball coach in Memphis, one quite dramatic encounter. I almost brushed shoulders with MICK MARS as he and a lady friend walked out of Hard Rock on Beale. I was very close2 WILLY NELSON as he sneaked a toke on Beale.  This list is just rolling off my brain in real time so stay tuned. My brother in law MIKE GRAY is famous in his own right, as is his and my sisters daughter, my niece LAUREN, who rocked American Idol and trended very high on Yahoo a few times. LITTLE BIG TOWN is one of the most famous bands in the world, PHILLIP,  a founding and current member is from here and used2 b my brother in law by marriage.

 TONY SPINNERIMR BIG, TOTO) took DAVID LEE ROTHS(VAN HALEN, DAVID LEE ROTH BAND) place in a band. TONY is a friend. I've met members of LA GUNS, DOKKEN, and some others @ a meet n greet. Craig Oneal is a newscaster from Little Rock, he is a friend. ONe morning after a strange night in Little Rock recently ousted Governor Frank White(defeated by master politician Bill Clinton) jogged past me and ran4 his life in fear. Did I say it had been a strange night? Lets c, I used2 play ex Chicago Bulls starter Pete Meyers every day in Little rock. I met Christian rock band STRYPER in an elevator in Little Rock.  There are probably others 2 b added as I think of them.   Keith Jackson, NFL tight end4 ten years, Oklahoma Sooner, Park view Patriots. I hung with him recently in a Little Rock Restaurant.

    MIXMASTER MIKE of the BEASTY BOYS is a multiple grammy award winner. His lovely wife DIANE(copeland entertainment) used2 dance4 PRINCE. i hung with them and a couple of other grammy winners @ a Hollywood Club, sitting in the VIP section watching the LAUREN GRAY BAND. A Few days b4 that Jon Lovitz seemed amused @ my attire @ a sheik restaurant in Ventura and smirked @ me sometime. I dated a woman in the eighties that appeared on the television show Dallas. The Outlaw Tommy Smith was an icon in Little Rock radio, I had several eventful run ins and conversations with him. Zeke Logan, rock DJ in Little Rock and Memphis  rest his soul, I hung with and had long conversations with. SONNY BURGESS, rock n roll hall of famer i stood elbow2 elbow with a couple of times. Tommy Bolt won the masters golf tournament, appeared on two covers of Sport Illustrated in the fifties, I met a couple of times and know his family well. JASON D WILLIAMS, the son of JERRY LEE LEWIS, tours the United States and Beyond with his wild piano music. I've hung with him several times. GERRY MOSS played BB KINGS club every night. He was a buddy. He plays up in his hometown of Chickapee Massachusetts now. TErry Wood was the popular weatherman @ the main tv station around, Kait in Jonesboro Arkansas. I hang with him frequently on Spring River. Silky, rest his soul, the King of Beale, I sat and visited with often. Kerry Wayne Evans starred in  world wide reality show Clash of the Ozarks. Hes a buddy. Tommy Garner has a national hunting and fishing show. I c him around quite a bit. RIP Crowbar, star of Clash of the Ozarks and Ozark outdoors. Burt Reynolds is from Evening Shade. I canoe up when he is catfishing and he regales me with Hollywood stories and Brandy. Okay that last one was a lie.

      Iím also working on a thing called meaningful minutes. Thatís where u break down ur playing time in High School, or college I guess, Itís how many meaningful minutes u played. Like if u started or played in relevant times as opposed2 blow outs where one team has it won.

          Championships and individual awards should count more. 4instance bonus minutes4 all district and all state. Bonus4 MVP or scoring champ, hits of the week, fumble recoveries, home runs and rbis, rebounds and steals etc.

          And Iím not doing this2 make myself look good. I was an average athlete. There were people that make my meaningful minutes look really weak.

          Im thinking in baseball an inning should count five minutes or so. So a full season of Baseball or Basketball is roughly twenty five games @ thirty five or forty minutes, 4 brevity say if u start every game in a season and play most of it u garner approximately one thousand meaningful minutes. I think football will b similar, depending on if u start or play alot on both defense and offense.

          So I played twenty five or so senior high basketball games as a senior, literally none as a junior or sophomore, assuming a game is what forty minutes thatís a thousand minutes. Sounds impressive until u add up my best Friend Terry Jamiesons minutes, he had a few more because he played meaningful minutes as junior and a sophomore.

          Plus Jamiesons baseball minutes are huge. Im gonna round his baseball meaningful minutes2 three thousand two hundred. Whereas my baseball minutes would have been a thousand three hundred forty or so. Twenty three hundred meaningful minutes, a state championship and numerous conference and district champions as a substitute, State Runner up as a starter. Not bad, but as u will c, some of my peers collected upwards of eight thousand meaningful minutes. Ed French had close2 four thousand Meaningful minutes in baseball, and a state championship as a starter. Ed also had some good numbers in football, but much of his success was in ninth grade, not counted here.

          Jamieson had huge football numbers Iím pretty sure he started on defense three years. I started one game on the kickoff team. The first kick offs of my sophomore year were my only meaningful minutes in high school football. I had meaningful minutes in Junior high football2 b sure, starting every game on the best junior high defense Highland has ever had. I still2 this day hold the record4 the longest TD run from scrimmage in Highland History. But we are not counting junior high games, unfortunately that would complicate things 2 much.

          Iím gonna save Jay Hansen and Dennis Subletts meaningful minute total4 a later time. Any Hansen is way up, State and District championships add weight. Starters on championship teams get a bonus. .Substitutes on championship teams get a little nod. sTan Maag, the local radio guy scores good on the meaningful minute scale.

          Hansen and Sublett started every game in baseball and basketball in tenth eleventh and twelfth grades., Hansen probably many senior high games if not all in ninth grade. Both sports I think. Sublett also played football2 though, important part of @ least one district championship team maybe2 I cant remember. So Jay gets an eight thousand with state championship and numerous district championships.

          Dennis gets Just under that I believe but could easily b wrong. I don't want2 demean Dennis' numbers but all of his basketball championships were dependent on Jay. And Dennis was dispensable in Baseball. But maybe I'm bitter that I could never quite beat him out. Stan Maag gets eight thousand meaningful minutes in three sports with three state runner-ups and several district champs and a state championship. Thatís hard2 beat.

          Or u could count families and coaching. Because u factor in numerous state championships in golf and tennis Coach Maag soars. Families like Sandy Golden Murphy and her daughter Ginger are both state champs. Me, my brother Rodney and my sister Debby all played on State Champion teams. Dennis Sublett and his sister Karen had lots of meaningful minutes and a state championship, as did Dennis' daughter.

          Donítí get me wrong, there were heroes, beasts and warriors, workmen, champions and subs. There were winners with few meaningful minutes. There were injuries and arrests. There were vital characters and role players, There were players who lit it up a while then faded away. Others burned out after starring in Junior High. These were all team sports, fluid and subject2 myriad combination and problem, chemistry of success and chance.

          We wont take off points4 errors or disappearing acts and chokes and over confidence. A Safety with four tackles gets just as many meaningful minutes as a Linebacker with seventy. A shortstop who taunts a baserunner and gets beat. A first baseman pulls off the bag and a timely defeat keeps State Champions from repeating.

          Which brings up another little thing. Track and Field. Iím not sure yet how golf tennis and track or other sports are going2 convert yet but we will find an appropriate exchange and include those people in our calculus. Hell cheerleaders need2 b examined also. Spread sheet it.

    Mark Lukeheart won state in Cross Country. Bonus. David Brogdon was an incredible basketball star in high school and college, also a great hurdler if I remember right. But he didn't play baseball and football maybe? Terry Cormican, major player in baseball and basketball, Jason Rhodes. so many great athletes.

          Huge plays should count extra2. Like Richard Stowers taking a kickoff fifty yards as a ninth grader in a senior high state playoff game, or Joel King running a punt back against highly rated Newport. Jay Hansen drawing a foul with no time left on the clock and winning a crucial NEA tournament game. All state pitchers LIke Jeff and Roth Gourley may not have collected a huge amount of minutes but what they had was huge. My sister Debby started most of four years on an incredible basketball team, with very few losses in four years and a state championship. Joey Westmoreland influenced football games like few can, earning a trip2 play in Razorback Stadium. Recent standouts like Stowers and Stewart are playing in major college, Deon Stewart played fairly well against number one Alabama last week. A guy like Ron Runsick rest his soul put up some serious Minutes on high caliber football and basketball teams, @ quarterback, safety, and shooting guard. The list goes on. These are just guys I know personally. There are plenty of others who would challenge4 the meaningful minute trophy. Basically u have2 have started four years in three sports with some championships and awards, big plays and steady performance. Some players were as good as it gets in one sport but not very good in other sports. So they don't get that many total minutes. Scott sTreet was awesome @ Football and basketball. But not very good @ baseball. Scott Mooney was awesome @ football and very good @ baseball. Robert and Richard wiles and Sandy Hall, very good @ Football and Baseball, but didn't play basketball. Three sport standouts are rare and thats what it takes2 get the Meaningful Minutes award. Jay Hansen is an exception. He was so good @ baseball and basketball he didn't need2 play football2 get eight thousand minutes.

          Raw stats should count very little in this. Power indexes and averages are left4 scouts and coaches2 study. Although Jay Hansen averaged twenty points as a sophomore point guard and Dale Strobbe averaged one point they both get approximately one thousand minutes on a Conference and District champion ship basketball season.

          Then theres college. Three Hansen brothers, after putting up thousands of meaningful minutes @ Highland went on2 college and again put up thousands of meaningful minutes. Terry Jamieson went on2 play thousands of meaningful minutes in major college baseball, and hundreds in football, seeing action against highly ranked major college programs.

          My meaningful minutes in college was garbage time in three practice games. I did however score seven points in one.         Come2 think of it I did have thousands of meaningful minutes, maybe tens of thousands, in Recreation leagues in my twenties and thirties.

          If u count meaningful minutes in hacky sack and Frisbee Iím a state champ. If u count meaningful minutes in a canoe Iím world class. Life is. And then U.

Shout out2 Tim(BURN) Branscum and Jason(Pillage)Fisher, awesome baseball and football players in the late eighties and early nineties. And gr8 bandmates as we romped and stomped the area with loud ass rock.

October 25, 2017

And we roll. Mammoth morning in the urban forest of Ash Flat. A large white pine was dead from a lightning strike. WE dropped it and methodically started chipping the brush, the rake up was large, but the wood and brush relatively light.

      Another white pine was green and tall. I got up, way up in it, spikeless as always, reduced the very top a little, roped a few over the shed, generally thinning and pruning the entire tree. Soon the job was done and we were rolling down the highway.

      Repos kill consumer protections. U can bet T rump will sign that.

      2GUYS AND A TRUCK GET THREE HUNDRED MILLION$ CONTRACT2 REWIRE Puerto Rico. Tesla and solar were not considered. The 2guys were huge donors2 repos so there u go.

      Hard ride2 Eagle Crest and beyond. Looking @ trees. Lining up work. This is my off season but Im staying busy.

      I have plenty of time4 contemplation when riding. In Arkansas bike riders and recyclers are considered sub human, welfare and alcoholics by fat people and children in Suburbans and shiny metal boxes. And in the T Rump era it is noticeably worse. Ridicule rules. Bully2 cover ur own insecurities.

      So America wonít b recycling or using renewable energy in the near future. It will take decades2 undo the damage done by cronies in the gigantic pollution and war industries. The Military industrial complex.

      Monsanto sues Arkansas. Offered a nice vacation home, the Attorney general will fold.

0CTOBER 24 2017

Quiet night. Now that EROSION is done lol. Iím ripping off a set every night now. Crisp.

     Early I was planting trees on Lake Cherokee. Sometimes digging holes by hand around here is rough. And this was no picnic but the half gallon containers donít take up 2 much hole. I put in a half dozen crepe myrtles and three sky rocket junipers.

      I supplement the soil with humus, manure, and enriched top soil. Sometimes these were sandy, sometimes good dirt from woods or old sod beds, sometimes rooty and rocky, then I mulch them with weathered chips and soak them in.

     Then it was across Lake Thunderbird, a split Bradford pear was standing near a fine town home, I got that down, and we chipped it up and took it back2 the landscaping job, stabilizing a washing areaÖ

     In the mix was red oak trim. I warned them it was the wrong time, but it was minor and I took precautions2 minimize risk of invasion by pathogens. ANSI.

     Then it was a hard bike ride back n2 Cherokee. Then the fabled jam.

     Deep rest now. I missed Open MIc @ the Pub w/ DYLAN KANE. I like that but Im bizzee. I hope DYLAN wants2 do the gig with me next week.

     Repo cronies corner the market in Puerto Rico.

     Key repos coming out of the closet in defiance of Cheeto Mussolini.

     Repos open up investigation of, wait4 it, HIllaries involvement in the Uranium deal seventeen agencies and countries signed off on. No word on the Russian Collusion seventeen agencies found suspicious. Strange.

     No word on Niger either. Four dead Americans with all repo in charge. Meh. Nothing2 c. Crickets.

     The repos caused Benghazi. They never talk about how they cut security2 make it as difficult on Hillary and Obama as possible. They were fighting the gr8 evil constitution. Russian trillionairres and American trillionairres run both countries in tandem, simultaneously and in cooperation. Sowing division and discontent is so ez, wedge issues and simmering hatred are ez2 exploit. Twitter tantrums and petty insults are nice distractions. Iím sure itís hilarious2 repos.  

October 22 2017

Rain. Cold and sure, not a whole bunch but rain nonetheless. The giant river in the atmosphere split up a little as it swung through, but itís setting in a little.

   I rode in it, I love it. Eagle Crest and beyond.

   Last night was the lauren gray band. Sweet night of quality music. I needed it.

   EROSION in house frequently. Iím getting my chops up4 a gig and a video shoot.

   Good start2 the week coming up 2moro, a couple of days of tree work. This is kind of my off season, I line up work4 January now, rapidly booking January actually. But jobs pop up that donít need2 wait so I still get work. Things work out. I donít advertise or knock on doors, donít mince words about the sorry state of the tree industry here and elsewhere.

    The White House slandering a black congresswoman bcos race. The woman complained about the presidents tone and choice of words so they have been pulling out racist and sexist lies2 discredit her. They use the old, ďshe called Obama and got a big free handout from her black buddy.Ē This enforces the false stereotype that Obama hands out $2 other blacks. T Rumps base eats this up, Fox uses this false scenario as background4 all their fodder. There is videotape exonerating her and proving John Kelly is a lying liar like his orange Cheeto Mussolini boss.

   Hereís the rub. The whole reason those marines were killed is because the travel ban. Chad was included just4 spite. They had run short of forms. But the travel ban is a list of our enemies, so Chad pulled out of Niger because we essentially called them terrorists. They were our backup in Niger, so our marines were under the bus. T Rumps misguided, uninformed policy caused those deaths. But the deaths of four Americans is only important if u can try2 pin it on Hillary.  T Rump wonít speak about this two weeks now. But he sure spouts about Football, Hillary, and chocolate cake.

   If I had one question2 show case T Rumps hypocrisy I would slowly frame the question, ďwe have video tape proving u have promised 2 preserve and protect the constitution, and other video tape and tweets that prove u donít. My question2 u sir  is this: if the video tape exists will u admit u lied?Ē Then produce video tape of the swearing in ceremony where he pledges2 defend the constitution. Then show all the multitude of cases, quotes, events and comments that prove he has no interest in or deep knowledge of the constitution. The right hates the constitution, except4 the second half of the second amendment.

   So itís listen2 the rain. And then get loud.

Nice jam. EROSION is red e4, or will b red e4 the gig. WARREN PEACE will n e way, the others can kiss my bollocks.

   Fox: reporters like Rachel Maddow shouldnít make up wild conspiracy theories about the Niger Massacre. Four brave Americans lost their lives and thatís all this is about. Not pinning blame or casting doubt. Hillary was not involved in this. So lets move on. Nothing2 c here.Ē

   Another fake dude on fox busted. This one, just like the others used fake credentials and fake authority2 lie about Obama and Hillary and praise war and hypocrisy.  

October 21 2017

Birds tooting outside. Acorns fall on tin roof. I piddle and plan breakfast. Plan a ride. Best planned lays oft go astray.

   Tweaking gear. I bought new ropes. And other stuff. I bought a little mill2 use a chainsaw2 make lumber and landscaping timbers and or building blocks. Pioneer time. Get off grid. Away from T Rump lol.

   How bout this pOS chief of staff, the gold star General who claimed The congresswoman who happedened2 b with the Gold Star family when T Rump called. They say she bragged about calling her friend Obama and getting a twenty million $ deal done. That is so off base in nature and reality itís pathetic. Iím not going2 hash the details out but itís a lie and itís pathetic they even say it. Desperately trying2 obstruct and deflect from T Rumps Benghazi.

   Repos investigated Benghazi4 years trying2 get Clinton. The Niger incident is very similar but their wonít b even an inquiry. And the whole silly Russian collusion will b blamed on one of the ďkidsĒ and dismissed soon so it wonít affect the next election.

   Repos piling up gigantic wads of super pac cash. Itís clear they will play dirty ball4 corporations and trillionairres @ the expense of the middle class. Dums lag way behind, weíre talking ten percent, a hundred thousand4 every repo million. So get red e4 blanket negative lying on every air wave and bill board across this land.

   U can win by driving wedges, hot button issues2 rile the base. But u canít govern. And thatís what weíre seeing. Repos use the wedge issues2 create false religious objections, moral legislation(unconstitutional), that gets them in power, but by itís very nature makes it impossible2 govern. Look n2 it.

   The right mocking Obamaís tears after Sandy Hook. Many on the right donít believe The Sandy Hook massacre happened, but do believe Jade Helm, where Obama was building a secret liberal force2 impose martial law on Texas or some shit.

   ďthe attacks on the president are unprecedented,Ē say the right and fox, implying that Obama had a free pass, was never criticized because he is black.

   The same people who believe Obamaa is a Muslim believe T Rump is a Christain.

   Special Jeffy Sessions gets his budget4 fighting Medical Marijuana. Murderous whores.

October 20, 2017

And we roll. Nice day. Not so early we were on Lake Thunderbird trimming. Mostly smaller trees: arbor vidae(s), dogwood, juniper(s), barberry(s), post oak(s), boxwood(s), cedar, also removing patina, sycamore, box elder, holly, etc.

       I donít usually do run of the mill shrubbing, rather I prefer what I call Japanese style pruning, utilizing the natural shape of the tree or shrub.

       But we destroyed Japan with weapons of mass destruction so square shrubbing and square green polluting chemlawns are better.

       And we have continued our war of aggression against fabricated enemies ever since. We surround North Korea, guns pointing at them from every conceivable angle with every conceivable form of explosive, and accuse them of being belligerent.

       We patrol China, nuclear armadas parading, Atomic battleships of evil daring them2 cross the line. We surround Iran with active military bases, and when they tow our disabled ship safely2 port we scream4 war. We are the great evil of planet earth. But we elected a gr8 Christian president in T Rump, so weíre the feel good war mongers.

       Fox leads the charge4 war and pollution. And if u agree with Fox ur a hypocrite. U r the problem. Donít blame liberals u fucking hypocrite. Conservative snow flake. Facebook whiners unite. If U drink Foxís Kool Aid ur a moron. U hate Obama, didnít support him, and rail against haters of T Rump as un-American. Now it's: as an American u must support our president. Repos have no compassion, no Christian values, and hey, pro choice is not pro abortion, itís pro constitution. If ur pro life ur anti constitution. And pro life stops @ birth cos ur anti health care, anti women infant and children anti refugee, that we caused with wars of false pretenses by the way, repos conveniently gloss that over, seeking more wars of false pretense. Anti gay because the one bible verse u believe in and can quote says something about men not ought2 lay with other men. Lesbians are cool when ur drunk though.

       Fake news is fine when attacking a black or woman. As long as it furthers the trillionairre position and gratuitously hurts the unfortunate or poor, different or strange. Fox is fake news. Bottom line. Fair and balanced. Fake slogan.

       But direct quotes and video taped news labeled as fake is way wrong. And day after day its petty attacks and twitter lies. Like the other day, T Rump says no other presidents called family of slain military. Easily debunked, but instead of walk it back itís attack the messenger. Attack the woman senator who happened2 b there when T rump offered up, ďhe knew what he signed up 4.Ē Destroy the careers of scientists who testify against polluters. Repo 101.

       Munchkin: ďwe must pass this tax cut4 the very super duper rich. They need it. Wall street needs it. WE. MUST. INCREASE. INEQUALITY.  Itís the Christian way. Gigantic yacht dealers are people2.Ē

       4 the first time in many years 2day health coverage enrollment is headed down. Already T Rump and his hypocrite base are killing people. Not a joke.

       The death panels are real now. T RumpCare is the death panel. Chattel Slavery, discipline with the bull whip is back with bitch Mac in leather chaps. Six Pence snickers, hated in Indiana he loathes all that is free. Pigs r flyin Ryan laughs in amazement that his party is in power bcos Bill Clinton let a twenty four year old woman consentually suck his dick. And she kept the stain. That is way worse than bargaining with terrorists and running guns and crack like Reagan. Trickle down as we receive the golden shower. We stand in humiliation as the golden shower trickles down upon us. Repos piss above us, steamy amber piss splattering on our faces, drenching our hair, on2 our lips and soaking our clothes and bodies we are held hostage by insurance and security, ever larger scams as petroleum corners the market on transportation still, beef dominates the point of purchase in all grocery stores, nylon and mylar, white wood pulp paper needing bleach and glue because hemp is illegal.

October 19 2017

And we roll. Crazy run. Early this morning we were between the lakes. Several trees blocking another security lamp. First up was a tall hickory needed skinned up a ways. Then a leaning, curving post oak had2 be relieved of a large percentage of foliage, but I was able2 stay in standard4 the most part. In play was a security fence, but other than a couple of chunks I was able2 lop and drop it without roping. Then it was a bushy cedar all over the fence and some random cherry and hackberryÖ It was getting warm on the cleanup. We used the chips2 start on a landscaping job on Lake Cherokee.

     Serious piddling on tap4 2moro. Now itís time4 a serious ride.

     Berny Sanders obliterates Ted Cruz in a debate last night. Trickle down vs. truth. Life vs. Death. U wonít hear Fox framing it like that, but itís that black and white. War vs Peace.

     T Rump deflecting from his petty comments and insensitive bs by blaming Hillary4 the uranium deal she had very little 2do with. Ten agencies and various other countries thoroughly vetted the deal, T Rump desperately looking2 feed the Hillary Hatred Syndrome that got him elected.

     Special Jeffy Sessions sputtering and confused, trying desperately 2 excuse his proven lies and contradictions. The racist, sexist Alabama dip shit, our Attorney General at Large, is unconstitutional2 his very core.

     Twitler @ it again. Cheeto Mussolini. Orange journalism. ĎCant help PR or Cali, mention Nigger, whoops I mean Niger, 2busy reading comments and retweeting.Ē

     ďThe death panels r here. We must give tax breaks2 trillionaires. They will spend the $ on bread and milk. Help those industries.Ē

     So itís ride. Should b a jam 2nite.

October 18, 2017

Another hot1. But the nights are cool. Last night I was in Little Rock. Put me in a haze. Sweet Sweet Connie. Doing her act. She hogged the whole show and thatís a natural fact. Just kidding, although I do know Sweet Connie, there were no shenanigans of that sort in Little rock last night, @ least not by me.

       I bought arborist goodies, dropped arborist boots off @ Cobblestone 2 get reconditioned, and attended a lecture/power point about the early days of Paragould Arkansas law and lawless. My grandfather was murdered there in the gr8 depression investigating the theft of sixty eight cents and a pocket comb. I got back around one this morning.

Early I was trimming away on Lake Cherokee. Miscellaneous and security light clearance: Hickory, elm, oak, hollies, mulberry, probably othersÖthen we cleaned it up, and it was time2 plant ten cypress trees. Also mulch I brought from home. Plus  I had humus and top soilÖ NiceÖ

       T Rump attacks the wife of a slain Marine. Calls her a liar. Says her husband knew what he signed up4. T Rump and that evil Bitch Sarah Huckster change their story and tune more often than their underwear and itís getting smelly down there.

       Sessions squirming and ambiguous, dodging and weaving, claiming executive privilege, sneering in superiority, amazed that liberals can ask him questions in public.

       Hatebook on the Harvey Weinstein wagon, comparing him2 Bill Clinton and Bill cosby yada yada. Bill Cosby is black, Obamaís friend, so that proves liberals are godless fiends. No mention of the Grab em by the pussy tape.

       Fox beating the drum4 war constantly. They say that T Rumps authority is why ISIS is on the ropes. They imply; one snarky quasi expert ďjournalistĒ after another: withdrawing from the middle east will create the quagmire, not the war itself. Obama weak, t Rump strong. Obama atheist muslim, t Rump good Christian American. Kill the Kurds.

       Uncle Tom Cotton mentioned4 CIA director. Boy will Iran and the world be destroyed in a Holy War if that POS gets in. He needs a woman. Not his wife. He needs a hooker. That bastard is backed up. He sux. But so does T Rump and the rest of the repos. Six Pence. Flyiní Ryan. Bitch Mac. All the others championed by Fox and Limbaugh, Brietbart and the NRA. No compromise with these traitorous whores. Wipe them out. Donít even talk about it. Just burn the party down. The planet survival depends on it.

       Time4 a ride. Jam the streets. Fly in the wind. Life is. And then U.

       Arkansas repos announce huge health insurance premium hikes, and T Rumps sabotage is not even a done deal yet. He will 4get it, or change his mind, but the instability is forcing the law2 implode. The ultimate obstruction of justice. Lock him up. I hope he dies in prison.

       The contempt the right holds4 liberals and the fifty four percent is nothing compared2 my deep hatred4 repo elected officials. @ least my feelings are based on fact and policy, not easily disproven conspiracies and click bait. Snow flakes melt ez.

October 15 2017

Quiet morning. Clean and universal. Life is. We toll along, setting up and tearing down, up the alley or down in the woods, city dwellers in the cliffs, notes2 the teacher, from the doctor, pepper in the wounds, salty dogs, solid dolls, surgery; recovery, smoking and fire, split or split wood?

       Whatever, I am way ahead of winter now.

       I want2 go2 Little Rock, watch a lecture about Paragould Arkansas and crime. My grandfather was a deputy in Paragould, killed in the line of duty investigating the theft of sixty eight cents and a pocket comb. Park Franklin ďCowboyĒ Williams, gunned down by a hitchhiker a week b4 Christmas in 1934.

       While in Little Rock I could get some Arborist goodies, c old friends, get some boot repairs, and do some bike ridingÖ

       I love the town. I lived there much of the eighties and the memories r good.

       2day itís a bike blast. Bear down and ride. Keep the edge.


       Hard ride. Pushn it. Iím keepn bikes in repair, my guns r clean, camp gear packing, Home entertainment areas completeÖ

       I will build 2moro. Construct. And. Then. Deconstruct lolÖ

       Bomb blast kills 200 in Somaliaís capital. More importantly Ben Affleck was spotted in a club.

       I wonder how the NFL anthem protest went? I heard fewer San Francisco Forty Niners kneeled now that it is against the rules. I figure there will b some sort of fist in the air, or maybe arms crossed in an X. Malcom is watching.




October 14, 2017

Hot fall day.  Pushing ninety this afternoon and I rode hard2 Eagle crest and beyond. Heavy sweat. I hope this is the last day2 use my air conditioner. Iím red e4 some cold weather, fire up the wood heat and chill.

      Moron in chief killing us. Murderer in chief. The aging Ken doll with tiny hands and stubby thumbs.

      Fox and repos are accomplices. Obstruction. Sabatoge. Murder. And thatís only the stuff we know about.    

      Itís ok2 collude with Russia2 sabotage our electoral system. Iím going2 guess if Hillary did it might get a rise outa the snow flakes.

      T Rump donned a huge cowboy hat and double shiny six shooters. ďIíve got2 clean this country up after what Obama did2 us. Iím authorizing a huge shipment of  weapons and explosives2 Ferguson Missouri. A plane load of money2, big stacks, pallets of cash and weapons of mass destruction. I donít care that Obamas Justice Department found gross racism in Ferguson, class favoritism etc, and Obamaís FBI found that the biggest threat of terrorism is neo Nazis and white supremacists, of course Obamas administration would find that there was systemic racism everywhere. The Obama administration sure helped their black buddies2 free pot and health care, how bout this, we pay poor black people4 going2 the doctor. Dignified old whites will have2 sit beside unruly black children in waiting rooms across this gr8 land. Is that what we are angry about? We must discredit and erase every. Single. Thing. Obama ever did. There will b no mention of this black skid mark on history, no mention of evolution or pollution. WE. Must. destroy all. Checks and Balances, so that supreme unfettered evil will reign all powerful. With the help of the religious right and God himself I pray4 the horrible deaths of the poor.

      I challenge Kim of North Korea2 a duel. Not Putin cos he would totally kill me but If I choose the weapon, the Colt six shooter, I think I can take him. And no ninja stars, those Orientals cheat like that. I mean I can throw ninja stars well, I was world champion six years in a row in the seventies, but this bastard will probably choose nuclear weapons.Ē

October 13 2017

And we roll this quiet Friday night. Long day. Not so early I was trimming privet, also a little oak and cherry, some cedar and hack berry2.

       Maintaining and getting firewood up. Cleaning stuff out, rearranging, planning, etc. My trucks are running, trailers and bikes, boats, televisions, guns and bows, Music equipment is solid.

       Last night was EROSION in house. WARREN PEACE. Iím getting red e4 a gig @ Copper Feather Halloween night. Imma enjoy that one. I may play solo, may have a guitarists, may have a drummer. Who knows? I donít do u?

       Imma do a video2. Thatís imminent. I will call it a Panadox production but itís another company.

       T Rump moves2 murder millions. In violation of the law he penned an executive order2 allow substandard health insurance policies2 b sold. That and his refusal 2day2 pay subsidies will now destroy American Health care just as he has promised2 his eager Obama haters.

       He is trying2 destroy the freedom of the press. Sessions just 2day moved2 discriminate against gays in the name of religious liberty.

       Emolluments. The constitution directly 4bids a president from profiting exactly like T Rump profits from his office.

       California hit hard by fires. But. They voted overwhelmingly4 Hillary. So. Tough4 them getting help from this administration. They openly defy Muslim bans and Immigration crackdowns in the name of reasonable humanity. So. No soup4 them.

       This violates his oath of office. But that wonít matter2 his supporters. He violates everything and no one gives a damn. But By God Obama, or Hillary do one little thing insignificant thing and itís Holy Hell Hypocrisy on High.

       But I know one thing. Obama is a good man. An intelligent, passionate public servant. T Rump is an unholy abomination, evil moron fascist.

       He has waged war without congressional approval. He profits from foreign governments. He attacked the first amendment. He has abused his pardon powers. He obstructs justice. He fights civil rights, an obvious racist. He is sexist and elitist, petty and driven by revenge and greed, a dreadful douche bagÖ

       Instead of correcting police abuse he sends them military equipment. He will sell off our national parks and use the money4 golden showers. Heinous fraud. Par4 the repo course. The senate nominated him4 best president ever.

       Urging the AG2 investigate Hillary. Impeachable.

       So itís ride. 2moro. Rest this evening. Enjoy. B.

Won't b going out this evening, Friday the thirteenth.

October 12, 2017

And we roll. Nice cool morning in the Urban Forest.  Early we were tackling a fallen red oak. The beast had split in a storm and narrowly missed 2 separate houses in Cherokee Village. WE made the place presentable, in the mix was trimming a dogwood and white oak off the house. Life is fine.

     Very early I was biking through fog, temps very close2 the thirties. So this mid day Iíve already had a good workout, moron tap this afternoon.

     Repo lies @ work2 destroy the middle class. ObamaCare. T rumps bizzy liddle thumbs tweeting lies. Marsha Blackburn still peddling the lie that Planned Parenthood auctions off baby pieces when the video fabricators have been convicted of fraud.  Frauds against Abortion r ok I guess. Lies about birth control2. There is a repo holy war2 stop both Abortion and birth control. Gay abortion is next.

     T Rump says FEMA has had enough of Puerto Rico. If they donít like T rump they get no more help. ďI was going2 float them a personal loan but they are working in cahoots with dums2 make it look like they are hurting. FAKE NEWS. Thay r lazy but what do u expect from a Puerto Rican.Ē

     Carter Page pleads the fifth.

     T Rump: I want our missiles really shiny. I saw satellite video of North Korea they really put the elbow grease on their rockets, shining them up really nice.Ē

     Informed that this is a form of deflecting laser beams he smirked, ďwhatever.Ē

     T Rump selects Harvey Weinstein as liason4 women in the work place. Bill Cosby was unavailable. ďNobody knows harassment and how2 combat sexual harrassment better than Harvey. Except4 me.Ē

     T Rump openly flouting his oath of office. He is not preserving, protecting or defending the constitution. Most recently with his attack on the free press.

October 10 2017

Windy night. It was quite windy 2day off and on. No tree climbing 2day it would have been shall we say, exhilarating. I did do a monster ride, that went well, I make my legs like lead so that they will bring lightning. Whatever.

       It finally feels like fall just 2nite. Iím tweaked and battened, phat and crazy. I missed open Mic w DYLAN KANE 2nite. I kind of like that scene up @ the Pub. Lots of my peeps and old friends own it. Iím trying2 decide whether2 do Copper Feather as planned or go over2 the Pocahontas Moose Halloween night and rock with them. CHRIS LYNCH is having an all night rock party. EROSION would fit right in.

       It may depend on the band. DYLAN and VIPER may have input and over rule me. Iím under whelmed. Plus I own the drums.

       Iím red e2 hit a river 2moro afternoon. I just want2 head upstream on Strawberry and come back2 the truck2 camp. Maybe head downstream2 Big Creek. Either way u got some upstream, some downstream and a whole lot of good flat water and soft sand bars. Sweet Strawberry is yearning4 me. Her soft shoulders need my caress, she strains and wanders searching4 me, babbling, subdued she leaps in joy @ my approach.

       Acorns dropping. Leaves starting2 drop but itís dead ones and certain species. Most large shade trees have not started turning or dropping. Iím so red e4 some cool weather. Itís like pushing ninety every afternoon lately and thatís just wrong.

         T Rump insults Corkerís height.

       As we flew over Korea 2day in a show of aggression, there is talk that we may have2 physically restrain T Rump2 keep him from the red button. His tiny fingers and fat thumbs will pause from tweeting and quickly jab the launch button in a fit of rage over a tweet. Maybe they will quietly paint the button another color2 confuse him and instead of nuking north Korea he locks down the rose Garden.

       The NFL announces that players must stand4 the anthem. Players do not have constitutional rights when they play. Maybe if the game is in England they do. I hope big stars decide2 kneel. And I doubt if the NBA tries2 regulate the constitution, Lebron and Steph wonít stand 4 that(pun intended). They will exercise their right2 peacefully protest.

       I mean whatís next? Do u have2 take ur hat off? Can u dance? Do have2 hold ur hand over ur heart? What if u stand and hold a fist high? If itís a black thing it wonít b allowed.

       Clean Power Rule axed by Scot Pruitt. Pruitt quietly bought stock in asthma inhalers.

        T Rump bragged about the Gross Domestic Product. He claims itís never been that good, but a follower pointed out that it happened in 2009, 10, 11, 13, 14, and 15 under Obama.

       Sarah Huckster says u have2 know what the president means. ďIf he makes air quotes,Ē she said with a straight face, ďhe means business. If itís ALL CAPS. Heís dead serious. All these lies u people think u catch him in. HEíS BEING SARCASTIC. U morons need2 catch a clue. The man has a gigantic IQ. Higher than any reporters. And higher than any normal person or North American Vampire. As one of the last true Vampires left in this hemisphere, suffice it2 say that if he puts I WILL SUCK UR BLOOD DRY, in all caps, u best not go out after dark. U can put that in quotes, that I can tell u.Ē

       Puerto Rico thirsty and hungry. FEMA says out of the blue, itís not our job2 get food and water2 them. We deal in corporate rebuilding, killing off poor slums so we can build expensive resorts. Itís a big ocean. Lotís of water. But donít send them here. We donít accept refugees from other countries.

       I would like2 ask T Rump a two part question along the lines of ďis it true u bought stock in asthma inhalers the day Scott Pruitt axed the Clean Power Plan? And have u ever heard of hemp?Ē

October 9, 2017

And we roll. Sweet day off. I rode seventeen hard miles. Nice run2 Eagle Crest and beyond. Iím getting my legs under me. What 2do? Iíve got a few days off looks like, Iím sifting river ideas, I kind of want2 go2 Buffalo point on White River and canoe upstream up the Buffalo. Or just get in Spring and goto Black rock. Itís shallow everywhere, but Spring stays up.

      Or I could just do a couple of day trips from the truck. Easier in some ways. Or I could just ride harder everyday and keep lining work up. Iím booking up January right now, well on my way2 Booking February. That rocks.

      Freedom. Choice. Life. Birth. Blood. Doom. The Battering Ram. Life is a loaded gun, and love is a bullet that sometimes kills. ZAKK WYLDEÖ

October 8 2017

And we roll. Hard ride out of Cherokee this quiet morning. Itís all up hill n then ur over the hill. This has been hard on me. Or maybe itís this has been has a a hard on. Harry Beaver is extinct. Mildred Swimming Beaver does the ghost dance now.

          Itís like I can channel the ghosts of Cherokee around me here in Cherokee Village/Stuart. Sitka. Itís weird cos Sit-ka was the oldest settlement in North American over there in Modern day North Carolina. Cherokees did not build it, they occupied it in prolly the fourteen or fifteen hundreds. I have never read a specific study, in fact it may b lost2 us now, but. In Sitka Arkansas there are strange ruins. Circular, ancient, non white dwellings. There are some straight line borders or walls, but cisterns, pools, a certain oval or arcing qualities that might b similar some sites in Old Sit-ka. The British burned Ols Sit-ka2 the ground while Cherokee were fighting a war4 Britian. This was in the seventeen sixties or seventies. Many of those Cherokee came here2 Spring/Southfork river.

         Itís a on a subcontinenal divide. Water flows either2 strawberry River or Spring, similar my home town of Stuart, Named after BushyHead Stuart, superintendent of the southern district of the United States, of which we were not a part, @ that time under Spanish rule in claim only.

          Cherokee ruled from Salem Arkansas eastward2 the Mississippi river. They allowed free unhindered passage of travelers on the Main waterway, allowed some rich whites2 hunt bears on the Lower Saint Francis River. Forest City was a Cherokee Town, possibly called Turkey Town or Crow Town. Just @ the end of Crow lees Ridge. I figure their were a lot of Quapaw and French or Spanish @ Forest City, possibly a few Choctaw, probably not many Chickasaw as the nearby Chickasaw usually warred with the Cherokee and French. Chickasaw did not acquire territory, they wanted2 defend and keep what they had around Memphis area. They would not.

          So their were prolly Creeks or Muskogee, Choctaws, maybe Caddo, mixed in with Cherokees and Quapaws; probably horses and mules on boats.

          The north end of the territory is where the ridge ends @ the Saint Francis River, the modern day state line between Arkansas and Missouri, and this thirty six thirty boundary was used by the Spanish from an early time. This north end would feature full blooded Cherokee, some French and Spanish, and Shawnee, Delaware, maybe Mingo. Even some English DAniel boone types.

          Over in the Ozarks, here in Otter Town, Modern Day Cherokee Village, French Cherokee inched up southfork River, Irish Cherokee farmed Strawbery River, Scot Cherokees held caves in Cave City, and English Cherokee worked farms in the Gray Area around Mammoth Spring Arkansas and Thayer Missouri. English Delaware worked farms with Osage permission in Southern Missouri, Pure Delaware held Greer Springs upper Eleven Point, then Irish and French Shawnee, traditional Shawnee on Jackís Fork and Current Rivers, Mingo held an area also if modern Day Mingo Swamp is any indication.

          I do know that certain Cherokee back in Talequah Oklahoma know secrets of Modern Day Cherokee Village, imploded cave locations and the like. I wish I could sit down and talk with them. Iíd say look @ this stone, is this Grandmother Water Spider? I would show them where I c ghosts. Mike McCormicks house has ghosts of Cherokee. Right there is where wounded elders would meet up blockaded evacuees.

          I c it in my mind. Horns and shots, smoke and screams of war signal Cherokee2 open the spill ways. Young or vulnerable flee in canoes, riding the temporary flood out2  the larger strawberry chain of lakes or river, eventually reaching the black swamp just east, achieving relative safety.

          Now, if the Osages and Chickasaw formed an unholy alliance, the Chickasaw would form a blockade around Hiway 58 2ambush fleeing Cherokee. If confronted, Cherokees would have2 reverse course and move upstream on Big Creek, back2 Liberty Hill. Near Mocormicks house is where elders and wounded from the initial Osage incursion hours b4 would slowly gather. There they would help the evacuees regroup or portage over2 Rock Creek and Spring River.

          They would harvest beaver, who were tame here and worked side by side with Cherokee, quickly, pelters would work under duress as war raged around them. With a boat of fine fur refugees would flee2 Modern Day Bono.

          Osages attacked on horse back, I assume late in the summer, so the pelts would b inferior. Cherokee would use them, selling winter pelts in Saint Louis in defiance of Spanish Law that pelts harvested in Arkansas must by sold @ the Arkansas Trading Post, but that post was dangerous and cheap, Saint Louis paid way better so Cherokee Would simply travel across the big swamps @ night. Crossing the Mississippi was also only done @ night.

          Horseback invaders were ez2 elude on steep shelves of Otter Town.(modern day Cherokee Village.)

          There was a teepee village near the Airport. And while u donít usually associate Arkansas Cherokee with teepees, these far flung western territories and spots on subcontinental divides were cosmopolitan, there was a mixture of the horse culture and water cult. Rivers were traditional highways, buffalo and foot trails became horse trails, then wagon trails.

          Traditional Cherokee ďprayed by the cataracts.Ē A Cataract is a man made dam, water fall, fish trap, and prayer platform. The Cherokee are known2 have many through out the area, some are under water or were destroyed making modern day Lakes in Cherokee Village, others are still with us, scattered about the area creeks.

          Iím working 4 UPS again this year so expect more of this speculation about Cherokee history. Yes, the painful drug and background checks I voluntarily submit2 r back. Once again I will pop in on ppl around town and make their day with my quick wit and smile. And. Their. Package.

          T Rump: ďthe fact checkers have us @ seventy four percent lies. We can do better, I think itís probably up closer2 ninety percent lies. And these are public record, easily proven lies, there are a lots of shady areas they cant possibly know are lies that they donít count. So the real percentage is closer2 ninety, which is an incredible number. Itís impressive. Ninety percent lies, thatís the highest percentage of lies by far, ever4 a president or governor. Thatís no lie.Ē

          NRA: ďbecause these liberal senators are attacking America we must go on all the talk shows and spread lies. The Founding Fathers wanted us all2 have high capacity fully automatic machine guns with Bump Stocks. Itís in the constitution. We must b allowed2 purchase these guns with no waiting period, even if the buyer is covered in blood. And read my lips, Inter continental ballistic missiles. Can. B. Used. 4. Rabbit hunting.

Obama is from Chicago. They have strict gun laws that we have gutted and look @ Obamaís hometown. Some president.Ē

          Pence leaves an NFL game bcos of the kneeling. Turns out it was a PR stunt he and T Rump spent a couple million setting up. The whole cabinet is flying their family out2 eat. T Rumps golf has cost close 2 one hundred million by now, add the flights and uíve got six months of pre existing conditions covered.

          ďI will not allow evil athiests2 peacefully protest in my exalted presence,Ē pious Pence pronounced. ďI believe in the Under God(pun?), not the Justice4 all.Ē

          Tesls, not the band or it would be in ALL CAPS, offered2 power Puerto Rico with Solar. T Rump took2 twitter immediately accusing Musk, CEO of Tesla, of being in cahoots with Hillary, claimed he was in on Benghazi, that he was an evil atheist, and that Solar ďdoesnít work. My friends in the business says2 kill solar, kill electric cars, kill wind energy b4 those blades slice up all the butterflies and birds left. We MUST USE COAL.Ē

          Asked about hemp and itís proven record of clean renewable energy, he shouted n2 a megaphone. ďHemp kills. It destroys families, it causes black musicians and athletes2 rape white women and riot. It makes Mexicans lazy rapists, and Puerto Ricans, the things I could tell u about Puerto Rican stoners. I know a lot about under priviliged beauty contestant stoners and its not good, trust me .this I can tell u stick with coke, good quality cocaine, and fine whiskey. Beat ur wife drunk. Drive ur large American car now that I bailed out GM.

          The dums are trying2 make me look bad. Donít they know by now I can grab any pussy and murder people and the sun still shines outa my ass. Im the golden orange God, or Lucifer if ur  libtistic.í

          So life is. And then U.

October 7 2017

Quiet morning. Life is. Acorns falling on the roof. Deer came in last night and 8 a bunch. Iím getting red e2 ride. I want2 romp this day. Iíve got my  shtuff 2gether yo. Iíve got a head start on winter. The Old man and the Witches titty will not suppress me.

     T Rump sabotaging the law of the land. This is tantamount2 murder. Asked about murdering millions of people, He lashed out, ďwho told u that? Leaking that information is way worse than murder. Leakers should b murdered now that Iím prez. And reporters should b murdered2 so watch ur ass cupcake.Ē

     Red states, super duper red states like Iowa and Oklahoma kind of perplexed they are getting screwed by this sabotage, not allowed2 expand Medicaid and medicare like the Affordable Care Act allows. Duh, Iowa and Oklahoma, what do u expect from this moron? U red morons.

     T Rump not pissed about the moron comment. He expects it. He lives4 disgruntled subordinates2 hate him. He just doesnít want anyone2 know. Kind of like the Mexican President, who he begged not2 say anything in defiance of the wall.

     Suppression of unfavorable data is rampant in this administration. Ninety percent of Puerto Rico still struggling? Delete most of that off the FEMA website.

     Beneficiaries of the corporate tax cuts? Deleted off the Treasury website.

     Risks of mountain top removal and filling in of creeks and rivers in defiance of common sense and the Clean Water Initiative? Halt the study.

     Suppress the data on gun violence. Donít even allow people2 study it.

     Pollution? Donít mention it.

    Evolution? Fake science.

     Rapes? Not the appropriate time2 study it.

     Travel Gate? Hey Boeing dropped the price of F35s so itís ok. T Rump repeatedly takes the credit buy they were going bargain basement no matter who claims2 b president.

     Vast conspiracy? There is obviously not one against Hillary. The real story is how comedians are conspiring against T Rump. Congress is calling Jimmy Kimmel up next week as part of a new inquiry.

     Obviously I could keep this up all day. I gotta get out in the day and ride. Pace.

October 6 2017

And we roll this hot humid sunny day. Early I was in a declining ash. I hit my throw ball shots perfect, nailing three separate targets so I was ending the week with rhythm. And I needed it, the tree was whacko, large dead pieces with plenty of risk. But it all went smooth, I may b a utube star by now. Nice Rebel Tree Care job in Hardy.

     Then it was another job in Highland. Trimming4 view numerous small oak and hickoryÖ Also removing sycamoreÖ

     So itís head n2 the weekend strong. I may hit the Pioneer Daze Pow Wow in Hardy 2moro. Ride it.

     I hope2 catch THE MIKE GRAY BAND Saturday night. LAUREN  is out of town so itíll b a more traditional set. Maybe DYLAN KANE will show up.

     I need2 talk2 CHRIS LYNCH about having a singer songwriter thing Halloween night when EROSION  and DYLAN KANE play.

     I need2 hit a river many days. Boom stay tuned.

     It will b depressing without Bonny @ first. Maybe I should take Lucy. I have b4. Thatís just strange though, I donít care 4 that bitch. I want2 have inner sha.

     I will sing the song I fist sang2 Bonny on our first trip 2gether, four days of Strawberry River. Near dark the first day the river was barred by a dense gate of thorn branches from a tree. Strong Current, no way out, this was in winter also, I had 2 flip the canoe and ride under the thorns. All of my gear was forced deep under as it dispatched from the canoe yada yada. We hit the last wild pig crossing in front of usÖ Bonny and I had quite the maiden voyage then. I'm sure it's all chronicled in the archives.

`    I sang WHITESNAKE 2her:

     The wind was with u

When u left on the morning tide

U set ur sail, 4 an island in the sun.

     On the horizon, storm clouds of ahead

The Ocean, is deeper. Then it seems.

     Bound4 Glory, on the seven seas of life

     After all is said and one.

     Take me with u, take me far away.

Weíll ride in the wind across the sky

     Take the chance and u will c

U control ur destiny,

After all is said and done.

Iím just rattling these off, donít feel like google right now. Iím kind of getting where I donít trust google now anyway, or facebook, I mean were finding out Russia put out some serious hard right hoax news last year, and weíre finding out that Google and Facebook knew about it. I wish the Russians had wanted Hillary in, but shes no puppet.

     I wrote a standard blues song inspired by Bonny that Iíve been doing @ Open MIc lately:

     My friends all call u Bonny Boo Hoo

     Cos ur crying all the time

     U ainít never got no reason baby

     U ainít never got no rhyme.

     U just cry, cry cry, all the time time time

     Bought u a forty dollar steak.

     And a thousand dollar car.

     Now u gonna call me cryin from cross town

Donít know where the hell u are.

     My friends all call u Bonny Boo Hoo

U just cryin all the time.

     ďUncleĒ Tom Cotton: we must renege on our word and bomb Iran. We have them surrounded. They donít like Israel, who is mentioned in the Holy Bible. This Holy war will cos the entire world2 b destroyed, just like the Bible Says. We must chop gays in two and starve the poor, just like the Bible. We can sell unruly daughters 4 sacks of grain, We can chop the tits off unfaithful women. But first we must make damn sure2 strip the poor of health insurance. Masturbation is murder.Ē

     Special Jeffy ďMidnightĒ Sessions goes after gays and trans in the name of religious liberty. ďAs a mega hypocrite it is my duty2 discriminate based on the Bible. We must stamp out those different. We must force them2 march2 their deaths. We. Must. Ethnic and Sexually. Cleanse our cities and rural areas of non white liberal weirdo foreigners. As Attorney General I took a pledge2 honor certain cherry picked parts of the constitution and cherry pick certain Bible verses2 condemn the unfortunate and down trodden among us as the statute of liberty demands. Sure, if they will gratefully accept minimum wage jobs and not put on airs and start thinking they are somebody. Somebody white. I have owned many neegra slaves, taken many a young pre teen neegra boy as a lover, I claim my right as the bible says, 2 own dark servants and employ bean counters with hannukahs and rag heads. Then u got the nippers, our culture is way better because we bombed them with weapons of mass destruction. We must through the power of Jesus Christ almighty imprison medical marijuana users immediately, shut down the grows and dispensaries, kill the free health care and college initiatives massive profits from this illegal devil weed generate. My friends in the private prison industry say that pot smokers are the most violent and depraved rapists and murderers. God tells me this2. We must imprison pot growers, distributors, smokers, prescribersíÖ We must allow white domestic terrorists2 proliferate. They are fine folks. In Jesus name I pray4 the deportation of all dark skinned people. Contraception is murder.Ē

October 4 2017

And we roll. Hot1 seems like. Early I was reducing a massive elm. This oldy was sweatn in this humidity. Frogs and spiders were out last night, mosquitos 2day, all from the pittance of rain we got.

       Last night was open Mic @ the Pub. DYLAN KANE runs the show, the guy is a natural, energy and talent aplomb. Me not so much lol. I did a few EROSION songs, and accompanied DYLAN on several of his. I sung LED ZEPPELIN, PANTERA, JOHN PRINE, TOM PETTYÖ We did a TOM PETTY tribute with young ladies harmonizing. Quick fun night @ the Pub.

       So itís knock off miles and take names. I have a whacko job Friday in Hardy, huge declining elm. I have firewood2 rick up, winterizingÖ

       So get er dun and get lunch. Pace.

       T Rump says itís fake news that his Puerto Rico response was not the best response in the history of responses.

       ďThis is not the time2 talk climate change, gun control, gay rights or pollutionÖ Itís just not appropriate right now. And anyone who insists on speaking out about these things are un-American.Ē

       Tillerson: ďT Rump is the greatest american2 ever live. And a moron.Ē

       Hatebookers projecting their insecurity, railing against CNN, 2them Fox is the only source u can trust lol lmfao. Rachel Maddows sexuality will become the talking point soon. They spin the massacre, spin the hurricane response, post about their empathy and about how fair and balanced they are. They are projecting their weakness and failures on2 Liberals. They are very transparent. Conservative snow flakes.

       Knife control opponents up in arms.

October 3 2017

Bingo. And we roll. Hard morning chipping brush and little else. I donít care4 these jobs but occasionally I get sucked n2 1.

      Itís over now. And the chips have been delivered2 a key erosion control project. Light rain most of the day. Really barely a trace until this mid afternoon, itís picking up a little. Címon Címon C;mon.

      2nite itís open  mic w DYLAN KAN. We r working up a JOHNNY CASH song4 2nite. We honor requests, the next week. Not that night. But itís tough hosting an open mic and not knowing any covers. I used2 really piss people off. N0 we donít do covers, hereís an original again, or ur welcome2 sing it. Or play it. Just donít ask me2 lol. But I promised a good friend I would try a JOHNNY CASH song this week, DYLAN is working on the guitar hook, Iíll barely b heard with my bass so itís only important2 hit a couple of notes but there is a lot of lyrics2 the song so I may have2 smoothly check my phone a couple of times. I try2 drink a beer sip in the same motion.  If im not driving I might kill one.

      DYLAN wins the crowd over usually. They can turn on me. Who knew bikers hated heavy metal?

      Oh yeh I think weíre doing an EROSION/DYLAN KANE show Halloweed @ Copper Feather. Thatís a typo btw.

      I really want2 do the King Biscuit Festival. Thatís the real deal. King Biscuit right here in Arkansas invented rock n roll. By that I mean LED ZEPPELIN nad the BEATLES, ROLLING STONES, CR»ME(CLAPTON) listened2 the blues radio show out of Helena as youngsters. They listened2 every bent note and cool vibe coming from delta blues.

      So its ride in the rain. Get nutty.

      I have a large elm2 quick trim 2moro. Moron Tap.

      T Rump lands in Puerto Rico, He lamented that the golf course Had 2many hazards2 play. Angered that he couldnít hate tweet the NfL, he passed out hats2 dehydrated seniors and danced with Melania4 malnourished toddlers and malaria stricken children.

      He heads2 Las Vegas 2moro, an NRA rally titled Deregulate silencers. As Hillary noted, people were running from the sound of Gun shots. If they hadnít heard them he would have killed more. So of course the repos r trying2 deregulate more. Itís their systemic murder of a certain acceptable percentage of people.

      But this guy was white. The president and fox will not utter the words domestic terrorism. That doesnít fit the narrative of the right. They say it was disrespect of T Rump that spurred the murders. Pat Robertson and  others r actually saying that. They r not mentioning gay marriage and retribution this time.

      Still the rain falls. Lightly but fairly consistent. Nice.

October 2 2017

And we roll this Monday. Early I was clearing a parking lot of side volunteers and proper pruning some. Then my attractive helper showed and we were chipping brush. Then it was up a hickory over a fine town home, reducing. Standard work.

     Lunch @ Carolís as always.

     Then more chipping brush.

     Bonny is gone. She suffered a traumatic injury and is being put down as we speak. My soul is sad4 her. My perfect companion4 many miles of the Buffalo, White, Black, Strawberry, Little Maumelle, North Fork, Southfork, Spring, Warm Fork, Eleven Point, and Current Rivers. Also the Fouche, Piney and Crooked Creek. Maybe more.

     I wrote a blues song4 her that I do on open mic these days:

My friends all call u Bonny BooHoo

     Cos u cryin all the time

     U aint never got no reason baby

     U aint never got no rhyme

     U just cry, I, I, ing all the timeÖ

     Bought u a forty dollar steak

     And a thousand dollar car.

     Now u gonna call me cryin from crosstown

Donít know where the hell u are.

     RIP Bonny. Awesome friend. Loyal and true like I rarely know.

     Hundreds dead and wounded in Las Vegas.

September 29 2017

And we roll. Let it roll. Down the Highway. I had that 8track. BTO was awesome, especially that song.

       Not so early Rebel Tree Care was on the job in Cherokee/Highland removing loblolly pines in a pond bank. Aslo a thorny pear, a few cedars. One pine got a pruning.

       Then it was a large red oak over a fine town home in Cherokee Village. Really just snatching a storm hanger over a parking shed, dicey shtuff nonethelessÖ

       Still we labored, my hot little helper sweating now, we picked up some Bradford pear and raked some twigs, hauling heavy load up the hill2 Highland and beyond.

       Lunch @ China Garden quite nice. Me likee. I always tell the new girls fresh off the boat that they have2 kiss me now. Some dig it some donít.

       So Iím starting my weekend now.

September 28 2017

And we roll. Hard ride2 Eagle Crest Community and beyond. I rip off miles now eating them up, red e4 more. Iím a young man. Burning it up. LOL.

   Itís several busy highway miles, rolling hills and quite a challenge. Extreme sports. Urban cycling. 2gether with the Urban Forest I guess Iím n2 extreme sports every day almost. Multiple day canoe trips are also an extreme sport. Makes me wanna crank up some QUICKSAND. Manic Compression. Once in my life I ask myself, loading my questions like a shotgun, u can fuck every chance with one shot, u think thatís the answerÖ The cut. It Stings. Look b4 u leapÖ All blown apartÖ Google QUICKSAND band. I love Ďem. They broke up after one album, broke my heart.

   Looks like work picking back up again. A full several days coming up. I should b mentally rested and physically razor sharp. Iím getting my legs back quickly. Happy feet.

   T Rump feverishly working the phones all hours, hitting fox and speechifying, trying his best2 make everyone stand4 the anthem. His grudge against the NFL is laughingstock, he ignores Puerto Rico, doing six hour lunches with Jerry Jones. ďWhy would we help Puerto Rico,Ē he tweeted b4 erasing it, ďWe have problems here in the US. We canít b helping foreign countries.

   I am announcing a gigantic aid package4 Israel. They are a very rich country so all the money goes back2 Boeing4 missiles. Boeing goes the economy. We Must. Kill. Palestinians. In case. They. Are. Gay.Ē

   Roy Moore red e2 win Jeff Sessions vacated seat. He showed a draft of a bill he plans2 introduce on day one. Itís tentatively titled, Send all Gays2 Guantanamo, one rider makes masturbation, gay or straight, jailable, another says in the stature, ďwhite girls of impregnable age caught with birth control will be enslaved @ private facilities4 no less than nine months. Another rider says transsexuals will b imprisoned4 even applying4 a marriage license. And Lesbian Muslims will b pitted in gladiator syle death matches in Roy Mooreís Alabama.

   Hugh Hefner dies. He leaves behind seven blonde girlfriends whose ages totaled up are barely older than him. His last wish was4 me2 come 2the mansion and trim the trees, but Iím sure convincing the security guard of that will b a bitch. I hope he left a note on the wall.

    T Rump: ďthis is not a travel ban, but this travel ban is really popular with the tourism industry. And itís not a muslim ban look, we added a non muslim country. The Devil is in me, I mean in the details, so come out2 Indiana next week and get all that and more as I, Donald T Rump, will wrestle a bear. Not just any bear, heís killed people in public.(Semi Pro).

   We must ban travel from Chad. And Danny Bonaduce.

   Travel from North Korea was getting out of hand. Weíve had a lot of trouble in my hotels from out of control parties by North Koreans. A North Korean rock star threw a tv in the pool just last night.Ē Told North Koreans were not allowed2 travel abroad, He said, ďexactly.

   Hey we totally would have killed millions if that one imaginary senator wasnít in the hospital. Everything we do is a win.  We are the most successful administration in the history of the world, just ask Sarah Huckster SandersÖĒ

   When asked2 clarify T Rumps remarks on the NFL protests she said with rare and startling honesty, ďthatís a black and white issue.Ē

   Newly installed white wing supreme court judge gorsauch entertains @ T Rump hotel. ďI live here,Ē he says smirking, ďso itís not a conflict.Ē Mike Pence threatened2 ďshoot him in the face,Ē if he ever voted liberal.

   When asked about violence against kurds T Rump seemed perplexed, ďwhats a kurd?Ē

   He blustered when informed about Kurds, and vowed he would never pardon Turkey on Thanksgiving.

   He shouted loudly that he hated Poles., ďThey always disapprove of me lately, And can u believe this latest pole from North Korea, my approval rating is two percent. Well, it was, those people were murdered, itís back down2 zero.
   Iím really popular in Russia, Vladís latest pole shows Iím popular with one hundred percent approval in Russia. Wow, gotta love Russia. I hate fifty four percent of America.Ē   





Willow Ford. I love this woman deeply. This picture never fails2 make me catch my breath in intense feelings. We may not be 2gether 4ever, but our time has been the happiest 5 years of my life. Uh oh. I said has been.   Seriously I stare@ this photo every night. I enlarge it way big2 get even more intense. Rhonda is the sweetest thing I have ever known.  I will always love her. Even now in 2016 I still pine4 her. Red Faced shame that I lost her. Lost love is a real bitch. But this pic may well be my defining moment, the absolute happiest time of my life. We'll c. With this pic my arms are always around her. I say her name, breathless. Rhonda. She is moved off2 the soulless big city when all that should have mattered was pleasing me. Only I know  secrets of Willow searching. Reaching. Blind. Straining, madly dancing, serene.. Slender limbs, soft shoulders, sweet caresses and shelter from storm. .Only I am an island.

    She was my lucky charm. Hiking with her I looked down and found a blood stone transparent ceremonial arrow head. Canoing with her on Strawberry River I looked down eating lunch and found an arrowhead. She had a roof that don't leak. When the rain is falling down. She was like rolling a seven. Every time I roll the dice...Each week of five years with her was like a seven game world series.

Did You Know There Are Codes and Standards For Tree Service?

            With dismay I have noticed a continuing rash of spike climbing residential and municipal trees for pruning. This discredited method is unprofessional at best. Climbing spikes are to be used for removing trees only. Thousands of communities world wide have outlawed or discouraged this method of climbing, as it needlessly causes irreparable damage. Slick tree services use a bait and switch method to get the jobs, presenting themselves as ďmastersĒ or ďexpertsĒ, then performing non standard ďhackĒ work. Is your tree service posing as legitimate, qualified arborists? One way a client can be sure 2 get quality work is insist that compliance with ANSI A300 tree pruning standard be put in writing.

            Use the internet. Sites such as and can help you realize the huge difference in tree service. The standard is very important. So called tree men are moving the Cherokee Village/Hardy area backward with gratuitous malpractice. Only one man has consistently carried the standard of quality in the area (insured continually) since early 1989, and continues to do so today.


Alan Williams

Rebel Tree Care

 With dismay I read of the topped willow oaks. This malpractice is against ANSI standard. While not law yet, this standard is used in courts of law for deciding litigation. Joe maintenance man is nearly always ignorant of such standards, considering the tree a nuisance. It is not hard work for a gang of men to top off a tree. Hard work is an arborist climbing the tree without the aid of climbing spikes, diligently striving to make proper pruning cuts. Sadly a high percentage of professional tree services use discredited methods to make quick money, the industry is rife with myth and fast talk.

            How many times in sixteen years have I felt the same as Pete Rausch when beautiful trees are topped? Here in Hardy and Cherokee Village, as in many other places, this malpractice is rampant. A county judge should acquaint his or herself with these standards, codes, and guidelines when ordering public work done. Specifying in writing that all work is to be done to ANSI standard would eliminate many common problems and level the field for competing bids.

            These standards are important. Storm work shows internal weakness caused by improper pruning often years or decades past. From massive shade trees to tiny landscaping plants, ANSI standards are crucial to saving the urban forest.


Alan Williams

Rebel Tree Care

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