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scam alert. Vacant Lake Thunderbird home recently had it's trees butchered by an irresponsible neighbor hiring chumps in bucket trucks. Beware. No joke.

August 15 2017

Rain. Heavy and sure. This complicates things and simplifies them. If I can’t get2 work 2day I have a large job hanging over my head. Trouble is I have already been paid4 it lol. I told the guy, don’t ever pay a tree trimmer in advance. I have heard a thousand stories of getting jilted. Once they get the $ they are gone, usually with plenty of work2 b done. Tree Trimmers are usually criminals. Check forgers, brush dumpers, scam and hack artists. Nearly every deserted cul de sac in Cherokee Village, and there r hundreds, is full of tight brush bundles dumped by so called professional tree services. One guy in particular is the instigator, others try in vain2 imitate him, they don’t even try2 imitate me. One guy told a good client of mine recently that I was in jail. I can’t repeat many of the lies they tell2 try2 knock me off the throne4 long enough2 trick some old lady out of one hundred $. They knock on doors all day every day. I never have. They advertise in local newspapers claiming quality, or mastery, experience, bait and switch advertising bringing u non standard work, which is not what u want. I don’t advertise. No need. I’m not even in the phone book. I get plenty of calls. I go2 lunch. I get several leads. I ride my bike down the road, I get several leads. Quality is it’s own advertisement. Word of mouth. Oral history.

      So I guess I won’t cash the check until I’m able2 get back2 the job and finish, which will be some time. The client knows the situation. It’s all good.

      This extra rest will b appreciated by my body. And mind. I can spend time puttering and packing, preparing… The 3 ps.

      Big thunder now. Radar shows it moving steadily in. Nice. I will have2 do something2 day regardless. I have two trees rigged up red e2 pull over, plus I have2 get the chipper out of a yard. Yada yada.

      Racists on Facebook emboldened. They say stupid stuff like u must support our commander in chief. Without even checking u know they didn’t support Obama. I doubt nation wide there is one T Rump supporter out there that supported Obama. Hypocrites. @ least many Obama supporters supported Bush. Some n e way lol. I love me some Bush lol. But these days it’s rare. If u check the archives u will c how much I liked the Bush Cheney regime.

      CEO’s distancing themselves from T Rump. His approval ratings hover near the twenties. Disapproval pushing n2 the seventies. The alt right may be the only support he has now, and the tepid disavowing of them did little. They say, rightly, that there was no conviction in his condemnation of them. It was a hollow tweet. He gets more fired up when TAYLOR SWIFT complains about the buffet table on the Apprentice.

      I may go4 a bike romp in this downpour. Get silly. I invited an attractive young woman over4 donuts this early overcast morning, but she will keep me guessing until it’s 2L84 quality time. They always do. My schedule is always @ odds with the world.

      I think that’s why I like tree work. Trees r rarely on  a schedule, or in a hurry.

      So it’s listen2 the rain. Day dreams. Donuts on the way.


So we got2 work L8 morning. The rain backed off about that time. We had a monster afternoon trimming and removing. Tough stuff. We couldn’t get it all done but we r set4 a strong finish next week. Now it is rumbling again, radar shows a vicious storm heading 2ward us.

      I had my donuts this morning. Now it is time4 EROSION. My drummer decided he wanted2 make some noise. He is mad because Priscilla Presley is charging thirty bucks2 attend the vigil4 ELVIS.

      T Rump strongly disavows his tepid disavowal. He’s back. And he hates nwords. He accused the “alt left” of fomenting violence. But by that logic The United States was just as guilty in WW2 as Hitler and Germany. That could b true, but not4 the reasons T Rump is spouting. He’s a dangerous dick. Agent Orange. Cheeto Mussolini. The Tangerine Cocksucker.

      So It’s bear down and relax. Unwind starting now. Peace.

August 14 2017

And we roll. Hard Monday down the hatch. Very early we were off, heavy fog, dripping, very nearly rain. Yellow blinking lights @ the school zone this first day of school.

       On2 Lake Thunderbird. Quickly getting n2 a monster day of trimming and removals. Chipping. Cut up. Trimming4 the view, trimming old and new storm damage…Moron tap 2moro. Another monster day in store.

       Now it’s a bike ride. Sure, I’m tired. But it’s a different kind of workout than tree work. More erotic, I mean aerobic.

       I will miss Darby’s twentieth. That will b epic. Hope2 get another good weekend on the upper Spring b4 and after Labor Day.

       T Rump denounces the KKK. Sort of. After three days and a lifetime of playing us and them, dividing us, unifying and emboldening them. It’s a good thing the counter protestors made the white nation scatter because it was a rally2 “unite the right.” That’s just wrong. Supremacy is wrong. Supposed superiority wrong. We already fought that war. The whites marching are mostly entitled brats, rich white suburbanites and sheltered rural little dick dweebs who scattered like roaches back2 their bunkers and talk radio. 2bad Jim Brown is dead, he would have had them scared2 death. Shaft would have had them pissing themselves.


       Hard ride2 Eagle Crest and beyond. I have a standard twenty mile round trip I do often. Keeps the average a day up around fifteen. That’s about what it takes. I will sleep good 2nite.

       Merck Pharma quits T Rumps council over racism and his slow response2 hate killings blaming anti racists equally. Instantly T Rump attacked him, mentioning high drug prices4 the first time since the campaign. The 2o16 campaign. The 2022 campaign is  in full swing. Since Citizen’s United there is a perpetual campaign, and now that Sinclair and Clear Channel have circumvented the laws concerning propaganda and monopoly there will b a hard right slant and saturation. Fox viewers won’t notice.

       T Rump under pressure2 fire white supremacist Steve BAnnon of Brietbart. T Rump ignored the FBI warning that neo Nazi’s are the biggest terrorist threat.  Instead he focuses on the Wall. He is obsessed with PINK FLOYD.

       It looked like rain coming. As usual, it gets near then burns up. Little Rock flooding 2day. Downstream people.

    EROSION 2moro night. We'll c f my Drummer brings inspiration. I been rocking solo and I'm digging it.

August 13 2017

Quiet night. Hard run winds down. Early on this Sunday we got out2 work in a hard rain. We dreaded it but got out in2 a job. Quickly it stopped raining. It started again several times but never got2 sloppy or crazy wet. We cleared a vista way out on Southfork River. Removing saplings all day long. I found one dogwood and left it. I spaced out oaks and hickories, left a few elm and mulberry. Looks gr8.

       Now it’s prepare4 a long 2days of removing numerous trees on Lake Thunderbird. Most of them need it, I don’t like indiscriminate deforestation. Big words4 a tree trimmer.

       So if I can bear down two days I’m taking some time off and riding my bike. Life is.

       Hate rally goes bad. Black supremacists messed it all up. THE SUPREMES were black. Most of those white nerds would explode if DIANA ROSS or BEYONCE touched them.

       Journal veterans will remember when my Drummer was fire bombed. The wannabee KKK pricks didn’t know how2 make a good Molotov cocktail or it would have went bad. They shouted a racial slur. So the local cop called the FBI. The FBI asked around town and boom. Caught the perps in a couple of days. They are ten or so years in2 a forty year sentence right now. Federal.

       EROSION in house frequently. Imma do a solo video I figure. My drummer isn’t really n2 it n e more. An uninspired drummer gets in my way. I pound the pickups hard so I have heavy percussion on my own. Plus with a delay I’m always in perfect time. Plus I really crank it up so the empty set kind of plays with me, the snare in particular, tossing strange noises as I feedback and sustain. I will sustain. EROSION is a force of nature. Groaning, groping, stomping, moaning, giant yawns of awakening blues. Or I can do acoustic. Different vibe. Same songs. I have an hour of original music. No covers.

       T Rump will not utter the words. And he sure won’t put it all caps. WHITE CHRISTIAN TERRORISM. His dad is rolling over in his pointy hat.

       The pretty white girl that was killed confronting hate might have been killed because she was white. A Race traitor. Maybe the killer wanted2 have sex with her. But hated her. He put his car in reverse after hitting her once, then finished her off. Boy that “unite the right” guy sure bolted when the heat was on. He went2 the police station. Black cops had2 help protect him. Maybe he should spend the day recycling with black children. He probably went back2 Westboro Baptist Church.

White Nationalists elected T Rump. Hard core and closet racists form his core block of support. Without them he would not have won. David Duke praised him, said the march was enabled by him, in honor of him. He so far has not denounced them.

       Hard ride in the rain 2day. Bearing down. Got2 pin this. Don’t mess with the missionary man. This position is difficult. Problematic. I’m like a goat in the desert chewing on peyote. Like Beevis crawling, no willows shade me, MONSTER MAGNET. Attracting malice and disrespect I shrug like Atlas, imma flip out and throw flames, spin the wheel, piece it all 2gether and glide n2 clouds, dreaming… I will know the kind, the LOVING KIND, the good stuff again. 4now I cruise in control, fans in the trailer, iron in the pie, blue steel and blues feel, numb2 comfort, southern but strategic initiative  instinctive, in2 wishin, well wishin, divine invention, I flowing like a river, rapid giver, slow taker, real times and super fishing, grateful life, humble triangle, organ dishonor, catfish hunter, Vida Blue, we pinch run, turn, triple and throw. Cutoff, halter top, good genes, lump of protein, squeeze my lemon.

I should prolly call this rant off. Take it down a notch. Stay tuned.

LAUREN and THE MIKE GRAY BAND in house last night. I bounced early but it was happening. BAD BRAD large. All my peeps. NIce.

August 12 2017

Nice day. BAD BRAD is kickin right about  now yo. I missed it again. I’m hustling tryn2 get my stuff 2gether. A Saturday on upper Spring puts me behind. Plus I’ve got brutal tree work the next 3days. Got2 deliver the goods. Then it’s many days off. But I will b back @ it b4 this crazy month is done.

      Violence @ a KKK rally. Surprise.

      A white supremist ran over dozens of anti racists.  T Rump was all over it, blaming “all sides” 4 the white supremist rally causing violence. Black Supremists r causing this. Maybe when the whites were shouting black lives don’t matter is when it flared up. But they don’t have2 chant that. It’s understood.

      Quiet in Highland. I ripped off several miles on the bike. Last night I wrote a song called Lady Daylee, Princess of Denial. She touches everything, She’s just a child.

      Hard run2 the Eagle Crest Community. Watching Shrek. Shrek is a good actor. Really expressive. He projects well. Classic beauty and the beast. Gotta love ya some big ol green Shrek.

       I’m babbling. Piddling2 do. Gotta go.

      LAUREN and THE MIKE GRAY BAND 2nite @ Copper Feather. Should b a good night, I hear things.

August 11 2017

August. From the latin phrase Augustus ithimundus meaning, T Rump is douche bag.

      Rain out. Heavy rain, deep thunder this dark morning. Prolly means a muggy messy afternoon when I go back2 detail yesterdays job. Saul goode though, the climbing and major operations r done.

      An eleventh investigation of Hillaries emails begin. T Rump railed against his liberal critics, “u want an even dozen? Lock me up, I mean lock her up.”

      Another hard squall moves in. Heavy rain. Nice. WE need this.

      T Rump needs a new war. The war on Christmas is over with Bill Oreilly forced out. The war on the constitution is unconstitutional. The war on Christianity is over now that Obama is gone. The war on fake news and the twitter war are not killing anyone. T Rump needs a nuclear war so the sore losers will get off his back. The day we get his tax returns North Korea better get2 the bottom floor of the basement tunnels.

      “Stupid Tunnels are killing us,” said Rex Tillerson. “If those little bastards in Aghanistan would come out and fight like men we would totally kill them.”

      T Rump twit twit tweeting: “If Kim Jung says one more thing @ all, if he even glances my way or smirks @ Melania, his and Tokyo’s destruction are mutually assured.”

      Official Federal Report says T Rumps claims about climate change are NONSENSE. “This hoax by the Chinese, that pollution exists will b proven false next week,” the “president” tweeted very early this morning.

      China says war with India imminent. “Not so fast,” tweeted T Rump, “I say when war starts. U2 little piss ants need2 step down and let the big boys  chest thump. U can play when Putin, I mean I, say.”

                “Vladimir.” Trump wrote in his memoirs, “That’s just a cool name. I love the guy. He’s a mass murderer but hilarious @ cocktail parties. It’s a good thing he expelled all our diplomats. I was going2 fire them anyway. I love his body. He’s scary sexy strong. We kissed once on New Year’s Eve.”

Wall street upset about the threat of nuclear war. It really messes with investing. Throws everything off kilter. They say it really causes a surge in gas masks and duct tape and the like, but long term investment falters. Oh yeah, they say, it kills people2 and that’s bad.

       Sunshine now. I got my detail done. Got paid. Tryn2 bear down and work as much as possible b4 heading2 the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania.

       Getn red e2 ride. Fridays r whacko though. Partiers getn out, travelers late4 Lake Norfork. Mymphians and flatlanders streaming n2 Hardy. A bike rider has2 go2 war out there. I can hear the motors roaring now. sTereos thumping. Already 2day there was a bad accident @ 412 and Pontiac road.

       2nite is the meteor shower. I may watch it with an attractive woman from Central Arkansas. Kick back. Speaking of shower, time2.

August 10 2017

And we roll. Hard run in Highland. Delayed4 several reasons concerning my helpers, we got2 work mid morning and Quickly I was up a sprawling red oak. Storm damage and danglers and twisted pieces plus old stubs. Seems some Church people came by after a storm and “did them a favor by topping the tree, rounding it off.” And stacking the brush in an impenetrable mass prolly. Trouble is the topping job is responsible4 the tree falling apart. It is riddled with rot, easily traced2 harsh nonstandard topping cuts.

     ON2 a sprawling maple near the house. I removed a side stem, one of many. Again a tall maple near the house, I removed a side stem. Some may say this is not a best practice, cabling and thinning is recommended @ times, but I have had good success over almost thirty years doing this, most of my trees are still graceful and beautiful. A red oak was severely declining. WE dropped it. Another maple near the house, but this one was crucial shade on the driveway so we thinned it, reducing, but left certain branches… One more maple was crowding the house, we took off a bushy stem. Complete cleanup on all this. That’s right. Monster Rebel Tree Care day. A little detail on tap 2moro.

     So I spent most of the day aloft. Only thirty or so feet and working down slowly as my ground man hustled. We have a rhythm, I cut a branch, he drags it2 the chipper, I cut a branch, he drags it2 the chipper. Communication is key4 safety.

     T Rump declares state of emergency4 the opiod crisis. For once I may agree with him.

     Unless this is just a way4 sessions2 illegally search and sieze us. They have little regard4 any other amendment I don’t know why the fourth would slow them down. We’ll c. Unless North Korea erases Tokyo, then all bets r off.

     But  T Rump has lost a fortune in Casinos, so he knows a little about betting. Very little. Plus he loves2 bluff, but is very bad @ it. He gets this twitch.

     Plus sports betting. He took the bills in four straight super bowls. He bet on the cubs every year except last year. He still insists Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen, the nineties bulls, were, “not very good.” And says with a straight face Lebron James has “never been2 the finals.”

     He claims he could beat Tiger Woods @ golf, “in both of our primes.” He says he could dunk @ sixty, and that he hit nine home runs in a major league baseball game4 the Yankees in 1970.

     Fox continues2 poison minds and brainwash. T Rump is a gr8 Christian, Obama an evil muslim. Right. We get it Fox. U lying dicks.

     Sinclair bypasses a law designed2 keep media monopolies down. The law states that one company cannot saturate a certain area with more than one third of the media. Sinclair now saturates two thirds of certain markets. Plus they force station owners and anchors2 put “approved” stories on the air. Only approved stories. Fake news. Propaganda. Little Foxes.

      It’s on every newspaper, snarky editorials full of misleading innuendo and easily debunked lies. It’s all over radio, clever right wing racists and obama haters disguised as witty banter. And it’s on cable and satellite, fox style fake news. Only a few like Msnbc and Cnn r @ least close2 neutral. In the old days ethics and neutrality were essential, mandatory. Not anymore. Not lol.

     T Rump didn’t mention fake news until after the election. Since then it’s been a shit parade of accusations. Because ninety percent of the Fake news b4 the election was about Hillary. Comet Pizza. Benghazi. Yada yada freakn yada. When he recognized brietbart as real news and started cat calling fake news @ cnn just like the Doonesbury comic strip predicted, I think the liberal stomach ache kicked in.

     Just2 b clear, these whackos advising him on spiritual matters, saying God wants him2 take out Korea and whatever. They are calling4 the death of millions. The death of hundreds of thousands of children. The sickness and burning alive and radiation and skin peeling blast of millions of Christians and muslims. But they r pro life.

      T Rump on the opiod crisis: tell kids this is bad. No good. Tell them not2 take drugs. Just say no.” this approached worked well b4…That’s… Why… We have… An opiod epidemic.

     Jeffy “midnight” sessions bringing D.A.R.E. back. Yeah that really works. The drug war is a failure. Drugs r ez2 get thanks in part2 the drug war itself. “The drug war on people keeps the poor in and out of jail, which is what we need so jails don’t close. Morons.”

     Hard ride2 Hardy and Back. Thirteen miles. Im averaging about fifteen a day, and it shows. I’m getting there. I’ll post a naked selfie soon. When the time is right. I can’t get banned from I’m a shell corporation filtering huge $4 T Rump. My connections in Russia and Cyprus keep me one step ahead of the feds. Dick Cheney and I were recently in a strip club in Prague and I dropped a fake fifty4 a lap dance. They would have beat the hell out of me if Tricky Dick hadn’t of snapped out of his coma and wiggled a finger. WE laughed and laughed.

     T Rump got involved when his three casinos, pro football league, and giant marina he built in ninety one all went bankrupt in ninety two.

     Me and Dickey helped him out with a few million2 get T Rump U and  t Rump vodka off the ground, but those flopped almost immediately also and we never got that cash back with interest as promised. Uncle Dickey cut one of T Rumps nipples off. He keeps it @ the ranch with Oliver North’s left testicle. Look close the next time u c T Rump sweating on the golf course. The left nipple is prosthetic.

     T rump blackmailed the minister of Kazakstan n2 investing in Mexican condos on a polluted beach. That went bad from the get go also. Then he got cut up by the KGB in a penny stock pump and dump. Then the eight hundred million $ condo, one condo, bought by a Russian steel magnate who complained about a leaky roof and wanted a refund. That refund never came.

     Then it was thousands of second level million dollar condos funneled2 Russian playboys through the chamber of commerce.

     Then it was the eight billion $ race horse T Rump sold2 a Russian porn star financed by Polands minister of defense. Then a one hundred million $ condo bought from T Rump by Russian stock brokers.

     Then T Rump sponsored the ill fated miss Orphan contest. Winners got2 ride on his yacht. About this time, Miss Russia peed on T Rump on Videotape.

     T Rump fixed the property tax system in Manhattan so that Russians buying from him had2 pay only ten $ on a four hundred seventy billion $ high rise.

     In ninety one T Rump was fined by the New Jersey gaming commision4 seventeen hundred gross violations of transfer and levie rules.

     Each of the next four years he reports losses of over ninety billion. Interviewed by congress he makes an inappropriate joke about having lost a brazilion $.

     2003. A maid finds sixty billion in unmarked non sequential bills in the laundry room of T Rump Taj Mahal.

     2004. T Rump joins the Apprentice.

     2011. Manafort “loses” fifty million in a strip club in Cyprus.

     2015. T Rumps Taj Mahal fined 10 million by the financial crimes division. T Rump files2 run4 president.

August 9 2017

And we roll. Hard ride this morning way out Baker Cemetery road. A huge white oak had a twisted top. Dicey shtuff, a split and decline contributed2 difficulty.  In the mix was a nice barn and corral. Rough and tough. That1 worked out ok, then it was a sprawling double post oak all over a wood stove and guest house. It kind of needed a cable, but we just lightened up both sides quite a bit instead. A little dead, a few snags. Spikeless as always. The client was pleased. Another Rebel Tree Care morning in the books.

      Big day 2moro. My kind of job though. Plenty of pruning. I may run through a couple helpers on this1. Stay tuned.

I can't decide if T Rump is more like Ray Liotta when Hannibel Lecter feeds him his own brain while still alive, or Hannibal Lecter. I don't think he is as smart as Doctor Lecter, he is definitely more like Ray Liottas smug dumb  arrogant sexist character, so yes, he is being fed his own brain while still alive. Maybe they will put one of those Hockey mask thingies on him in prison.

      I’m feeling a river jones yo. I need2 keep this tan dark and keep the river flowing. Inner sha. I pause, listen and reflect when I cross Big Creek but it’s not enough. I need total cold water and  rapid pounding. Saturday will bring chaos and I dig that2. But I love me some quiet river time2. It’s Saul Goode. Plus I think Strawberry is missing me. Her soft shoulders and bony rush need my caress. Only I know the secret of Willow searching. Of sycamores weeping. Blind. Madly tossing restless, reaching, straining, rushing, hushing, supple…

T Rump said he wanted prosecutions of leakers of top secrets. Then. A. Few minutes later. retweeted a fox and friends leak of Top Secret material.

    Now he is gloating about how Hillary, in thirty years of congressional witch hunts and a couple dozen partisan tax payer funded sham investigations, never got a Grand Jury. T Rump bragged about how he achieved a Grand Jury in less than six months.

    T Rumps religious advisor says God wants T Rump2 rain nuclear hell fire on NOrth Korea. Im not sure he knows about fallout. He also said Obama was the precursor2 the Anti Christ. But he thought Hillary was going2 win.

    NOw this. Twice a day, @ our expense, staffers present T Rump with a folder of screen shots and clippings favorable2 him. Some are fake twitter fans, of which he has many thousand. They are called bots. Fake accounts with stock photos and profiles. Fake media.

    FBI raids Manaforts home.

    August 8 2017

Hard ride. talking trees.

fossil fuel subsidies hit six trillion. But we can't afford health insurance subsidies.

Blackwater skates on murder charges, T Rump wants2 hire them as mercenaries in Afghanistan, Or as his personal body guards. Either or. Dick Cheney set this up, he resented Rex Tillerson tryn2 take over the title of the most corrupt government employee in history.

Fox and Friends did a roundtable discussion on how2 get around liberal witch hunts. Pat Robertson did the same on his show, likening T Rump2 Jesus on the cross, "we must kill out liberal satans and bomb the H E double toothpicks out of Iran."

   T Rump advisor. "mosque bombing faked by the left." Another T Rump advisor, "Sandy Hook was a hoax. Comet Pizza is a child porn ring run by the Clintons." T Rump, "Obama was not born in the US." Tin foil hat anyone?

    Three year old questionable immigrant freed from jail after a year and a half.

    Fox News b4 the election: we cannot have a president under indictment and subject2 endless trials. Fox news now: liberal witch hunts are slowing tax reform. Billionaires are losing money as we speak.

      Good work and hard rides on tap the rest of the week.

August 7 2017

Overcast. Nice dim day slightly muggy. And we roll. Excellent Rebel Tree Care Morning. First up was a large squat post oak over an Ash Flat home. In the mix were wires. Major reduction, we got large branches cut off back2 collars, numerous ends and laterals in wires or nuisance. One was rubbing on another, that one pinned my saw yada yada… Mondays.

       Then it was trimming redbud, privet, pear, persimmon, hackberry… Plenty of miscellaneous… Then a neighbor needed a tuck, Quick trimming, wire clearance, roof clearance… Not ez. Skill. Proper tools. Perseverance… Fine Rebel Tree Care morning…

       Now it’s time2 hit the wind. Hard bike ride in store this afternoon and every day from now on…I’m on a mission.

       Highland is not bike friendly. Stupid curbs make it down night dangerous. This goes4 cars also, rain gushes n2 the major highway and  does not drain off. Not good. Bad.

       T Rump tweet tweeting about how the jobs numbers prove he is Making. America. Gr8. Again. Trouble is he railed that jobs numbers were fake until he stepped in2 the oval office. Plus they are not as good as Obama’s numbers4 any year. Plus he has not actually implemented any jobs policy or passed jobs legislation yada yada. He’s just a gloating wrong headed prick running4 reelection. Hopefully he will b in prison soon. Maybe he will abscond2 Fiji after looting social security. There he will tweet away, beautiful hookers trickling down…

       Melania will choose the hottest secret service guy2 secret service her, A ghost writer will publish her memoirs and it will go something like this: Every word my husband ever said was a lie. I hated him with every fiber of my being since b4 we married. But I’m an illegal immigrant just like Donalds’ mom, and a shameless gold digger so I got a good deal. My accountant says I’m probably the highest paid wife servant ever per bedroom favor. I think he said it came out2 a billion a pop.

       T Rump  bans the disabled from golfing. “Golf is a rigorous sport. It’s not fair2 me and other white privileged billionaires2 have the disabled flopping around out there. It’s distracting and uncool, tacky. I have introduced a new disability test, 2 collect benefits the disabled must demonstrate the ability2 jump through hoops.”

       So it’s prepare. 4life.

Hard ride2 Eagle Crest Community. And beyond. Twenty miles or so of the hard stuff. It lets me sleep @ night on light days. I know, I know, there is a kotex4 that. I always thought PEARL JAM should sponsor a kotex. Even flow.

    T Rump silent on Mosque bombing.

August 6 2017

Birds chirp. Hard ride down the hatch this melancholy day. Lining up work4 next winter. Serious white oak and hickory reductions on Spring River in Hardy. No hurry. Winter is a little better4 the trees in general.

        Racking up miles on the bike again. Getting my legs under me. Last night was dancing and playing pool. THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LALA(LAUREN GRAY) were in house. And in charge. MIKE turned it up a notch and wailed lead guitar all night. LALA prowled and growled, octave range and soulful spectrum amazing. LEE and JOHN provided professional bass and percussions, plus backup or lead vocals. Thoroughly entertained, two birthday parties kept the pressure on all night. Great evening @ Copper Feather in Cherokee Village.

         T Rump surpasses Obama in vacation days. That’s right, he has taken more vacation days in six months than Obama did in eight years. T Rump has cost the nation more in vacations in six months than the Obamasa nd Bidens did in eight years. And most of that is direct profit in2 his wallet. He even jacked up the rent on the Secret Service and they moved out of T Rump tower. Next he will charge the white house budget4 his appearances there.

`Kelly Anne refuses2 answer simple questions. She can only croak hoarsely, “Benghazi. Hillary. Benghazi. We. Must. Investigate. Benghazi because it sounds scary. There have only been seven complete and exhaustive special investigations on Benghazi. We must have another2 distract from T Rumps obvious treason.

        T Rump lawyers: The diversity of the Grand Jury is unfair2 T Rump. Newt Gingrich: “the trial should b in West Virginia where he is way more popular.” Scott Walker guaranteed an acquittal if he could have the trial in Wisconsin. T Rump lobbied4 having the trial @ Mar A Lago in Florida so he could golf on recess.

        As the investigation narrows repos rip cheap phones and internet away from the poor. “u wanna lose WIC? Keep it up with ur liberal questions and typing.”

        Im thinking head down2 Little Rock soon. Check out some live music. Get some tree stuff. Reconnect with the old ways.

        Pharma Bro Martin Skrelli found guilty. He gloated and bragged on twitter that he would skate or get the country club treatment. He will not be missed if he is violently killed in prison.

    T Rump pissed @ china. "How dare they help us look4 our lost soldiers? What r they saying that we are incapable of finding our men? This aggression will not stand. If they don't take out North Korea we will take china out. Only I can do this, in a few months u will c my big stick."

    This may hae been in responce2 Mexico saying T Rump speaks loudly and carries a small stick. He sent them a pic of a massive penis he claimed was his but that was found2 b photo shopped and air brushed, enlarged and magnified. Plus, it was black.

August 5 2017

Gusty outside. Time4 a ride lol. Hit the wind. Like an eagle in the wind I ride(BADLANDS).

Lonely road. Won’t u take me down so ez.

       So I’m  riding and jamming more. Prolly not hitting upper Spring River 2day. Hard not2 go c the titties. PRolly ought2 look @ trees and talk2 clients. I don’t knock on doors. Never have much. I don’t advertise. I’m not in the book. I’m hard2 get a hold of. So when I do connect with people I take very good care of them by providing quality tree work. Rare.

       So I’m tracing the Devils Backbone. I’m obsessed with defining the Cherokee Territory. The oldest settlers. Old Settlers are usually defined as the Cherokee who lived in Northwest Arkansas prior2 the trail of tears, 1818 to 1836. I’m saying the true old settlers were Cherokee in Northeast Arkansas prior2 1812.

       The Kituwah, or Keetoowah, were a secret organization of Cherokee  first publicized just prio2 the civil war. I’m saying they existed here in similar form one hundred years b4 that. In the seventeen thirties French Keetoowah lived here in Cherokee Village and Williford, developing a vast secret web centered near Modern day Paragould, stretching into Kentucky and Tennessee from Salem Arkansas. The secret was well kept. Tecumseh, the great Shawnee, was a mason, and knew a little about keeping secrets. Americans didn’t know about it. Still don’t know that it existed. They were about2 find out when the earthquakes messed everything up. White exceptionalism and manifest destiny strolled n2 the Spring/Southfork water shed in eighteen twelve and thirteen.

       So I down load maps, trying2 find clues. Walking Stick Road is a huge clue. Walking Stick is a district in Cherokee Oklahoma. Names like Walking Stick, Bushyhead, Otter Lifter and Jane. Nancy Ward was known as Rose. She is buried near Liberty Hill. Everyone assumes it’s Liberty Hill near Grainger Tennessee, but they admittedly don’t know. It may very well b here in Sharp County near Stuart(Bushyhead),

       Walking Stick is where Southfork turns north around Salem. That would b a place where a walking stick might b needed, as the river shallows it would b time2 abandon canoes and begin land journeys. Thus walking stick. Camp Arkansas is near there2, legend has it Cherokees camped there4 a long time. Frenchtown downstream was likely a town of French Cherokee, possibly the origin of Kituwah Society. On downstream was Otter Town, a thriving metropolis of trade and farm connected 2 the ancient forty islands(modern day Hardy).

       Williford and Sitka were possibly the oldest Cherokee Settlements in the Ozark mountains. Sitka was an ancient settlement in western North Carolina, the oldest in North America, populated in the sixteen hundreds by Cherokee. It was burned2 the ground by the British in 1750 ish and again in 1770 ish. Ancient ruins in Sitka Arkansas show evidence of advanced culture. Common legend of the area speaks of Williford area and Sitka being established during French “reighn” which would b b4 1750. Highland and Cherokee village are said2 have been bustling during the Spanish “reign of the seventeen eighties and nineties.

       I think of these things as I drive or ride around here. I c strange rock clusters or partial cararacts, I envision the water levels and use maps2 understand probable uses of this geography.

       Another spoken word was that Cherokee liked Cherokee Village because of the rock shelves. Osage were a horse culture by this point, and Cherokee children and elders could easily evade horse back attackers by simple foot paths2 elevate them where horses could not follow. A Drive around Cherokee Village proves this capability.

       So we ride. I’m on a mission from the Gr8 Spirit! I save gasoline and get abs @ 40ish!

       So we have covered Rebel Word. Water Spider. We covered Rebel Tree Care. Post oak reduction Monday in ash Flat. Rebel River Adventures. Plenty of river lately. Hard bike rides most every day again. EROSION. I’m jamming acoustic getting red e4 a band jam w my drummer KILE(LITTLE ELVIS). Panadox. I just bought a flat screen tv, plus the giant waterfall will run behind a video of the band in the near future. So I’m touching all the bases on this home run. C the cycle I’ve batted4. It ain’t like that n e more(ALICE IN CHAINS).

       There I was, laid out on the table.

       Prolly need2 feed the dogs.

August 4 2017

Nice day. The world awaits. I’ve been all around lining up jobs this Friday. Gearing up4 a bike ride2 the Eagle Crest Community. There was a tipi(teepee) village there, which is a little strange because u don’t think of tipis when u think of Cherokee. But there was a cosmopolitan feel2 the Cherokee here. That tipi village near the Cherokee Village Airport sat astraddle Irish and Cherokee domains, or rather, the subcontinental divide between Strawberry and southfork rivers. It stretches over2 Agnos, not surprisingly near Indian Trail Road. And it meanders over south of Salem and  ends @ the Devil’s Backbone, the watershed of White River, or North Fork,

      Cherokee are not depicted in tipis. But the Cherokee here in Northern Arkansas in the seventeen hundreds were not typical. They sought deeply traditional ways of Cherokee, Much of the Shaman culture came here @ an early time. Seventeen Twenty one2 b fairly exact.

      But they had ways of Europe. In fact because of the Osage’s superior bows, Cherokee could not penetrate the Ozark escarpment or control Crow Lee’s Ridge until they made a deal with the English in South Carolina4 guns and ammo. This was in Sixteen ninety six. They also ceded land4 the first time that year. Dangerous Man went west.

      Cherokee used a fine mix of deeply held tradition and European technology. Kettles. Saws. Knives. They might have worn turbans @ times. They used discarded barrel staves2 gouge arrow heads. Trespassing on Osage territory they used saws2 cut trees, firewood and lumber. Axes r heard much2 ez. They used Pigeons2 communicate across large regions in real time. Also pony and foot messengers. Smoke signals.

      Traditional Cherokee “prayed by the cataracts.” Modern Day Cherokee Village and Highland are tiered with hundreds of Cherokee made dams, or cataracts.

      Cherokee came here @ night. IN canoes. Across the ocean. Cherokee considered the great swamps of the old Arkansas and Missouri territory the ocean. It was one body of flat water thousands of miles, through cypress stands. Frenchman of the region, often seasoned world travelers, considered Cape Girardo the largest fresh water body on the planet.

      Hardy was known as Forty Islands. There were times of Olympiads and Bees, or gatherings of trade and ability. Other times there was war.

      @ times Osage allowed limited occupation of the area. The Devils Backbone was the western border many decades. Just west of Salem Arkansas. Just east of Viola.

      It’s complicated. The thirty six thirty line, now the state line was a dividing line very early. So even though the Shawnee and Deleware were occupying the Current and Eleven Point Rivers in Missouri, Cherokee claimed North Arkansas by right of English, French, and Spanish treaty, each giving all of North Arkansas. But4 peace @ times the Cherokee accepted the backbone as western limit.

      IN the seventeen ninetys it was crazy. Spanish and Cherokee built a road here, thousands of Cherokee moved here from back east. By the eighteen hundreds some were spilling over the backbone on2 the White using Spanish deed but the trouble was, now the area was once again “property” the hated United States. Cherokee spat the name in disgust.

      Tecusmseh was a Shawnee. He built a coalition here, Whites of any nation held no power with strong native coalition. But the New Madrid Earthquakes destroyed all. Cherokee would walk west2 the Buffalo River and Crooked Creek. Whites would walk in and occupy cleared fields. They would harvest Cherokee bounty. Though Cherokee would implode caves here and only they know2 this day where those caves are, they did not burn the crops.

      Back2 the tipis. Osages are Sioux stock. There was a prairie culture and myriad tradition, Five civilized tribes met here. The first Baptist Cherokees were here. Fur fish and game preservation and management rules held here. Vast secret web never known by whites. Only guessed @.

      After the Louisiana purchase the United States sent fifty Lewis and Clarks type scouts n2 the Ozarks two @ a time. None returned.

      My home town of Highland Arkansas sits astraddle the backbone between Strawberry and Southfork, and Spring River. The old Spanish Road, now hiway 412 runs through here. In the day this was Stuart. Named4 BushyHead, a scot Cherokee, beloved superintendent of Indian Affairs in the southern district of the US, of which Arkansas was not included as it was Spanish @ this time in the late seventeen hundreds. BushyHead was a Baptist preacher.

      So go pray by the cataracts, modern ninjas. Babble on nimble mirthful companion.

      Time2 ride now. Pace.

August 3 2017

Thunder. Big lightning. Rain. It’s been awhile. Gigantic thunder, radar shows weird bow echos. Dogs eatn grass or cowering as full dark is shattered by intense lightning.

       Back2 riding. I got back from a little ten mile jaunt just in time. Although rain doesn’t bother me much usually. I do mud.

       Grand Jury convening2 nail T Rump. He threatened on twitter2 “fire them all.”

       T Rump caught on tape begging the Mexican president not2 say publicly he wont pay 4the effn wall. T Rump grovels and groans, it’s pathetic. But now it’s all “somebody committed a felony leak.” It was ok4 him2 use leaks against opponents, but it’s a felony when the leak embarrasses him, which is quite often lately lol. Sad tiny fingered scum bag.

       I crossed the Devil’s Backbone 2day.

The tip of the Devil’s Backbone, is, fittingly, Sulphur Rock Arkansas. From there it curves slightly north west up south of Cave City, through the Guion and Violet Hill Area, Bexar, just east of Viola, Sturky, and from there close2 straight north. This was western boundary of Cherokee country4 over one hundred years. Approximately seventeen hundred2 eighteen twelve.

       The rain is done already. Brief storm barely wets the ground out there prolly.

        Betsy DeVos backs off screwing students on loans4 now. With T rumps approval numbers in the twenties she tossed the poor a bone.

       The head of T Rumps bureau of scientists; is; not; a scientist. But he is really sarcastic and knows a guy that sold DANNY BONADUCE a condo.

       T Rump busy making Russia gr8 again. He is such a fine Christian man, such a successful business man, averaging one law suit against him a week4, not a joke, fifty three years. Bankrupt six times, he could have just taken the money his father gave him and invested it and he would have more money without all the chapter elevens and Russian mobsters. They have an electronic shock device on his penis they activate when he tells the truth, so he never gets shocked. He sends Melania2 Putin every other Friday night, but now they expect Ivanka2. And it’s not just Putin, the bodyguards r getting action2.

       But it’s paying off, Ivanka got the chance2 hawk her new line of designer hand cuffs on Russian Shopping Channel.

       So we love America. And the freedoms we enjoy. We just hate Colin Kaepernick4 using his freedoms. He takes a knee during the Anthem so rednecks vow never2 watch another football game. Drama Queens. Drunks call up sports shows and cuss him4 dishonoring dead troops and cops. Even cops that murder in cold blood and their colleagues who cover it up are sacred. U cannot disrupt them. Sherrif Joe “our pie yo” is a God. He rounded up thousands of brown people and corralled them. What u don’t hear is that he left thousands of warrants neglected, violent and otherwise, because those were on white people. I’m white. But that’s just wrong. It’s like putting pot smokers in jail and ruining the future of a kid4 a joint. It’s just wrong. Pot is classified as harsher than cocaine and meth. That’s ridiculous. And Jeffy “midnight” sessions is trying2 keep private prisons full of pot smokers4 his buddies2 profit. Madness. T Rump insanity. We must stop this methed up madman. The new Grand Jury is rumored2 b preparing  a large wave of indictments. And not of Hillary.

       Conservatives railing that we must police the world. Aggression by China in the China Sea can not stand. We must meddle in the Soviet Union. We do not need2 know about how they have our president by the nads. WE do not need2 know that our Secretary of State is also president of Exxon working on a 100 trillion dollar deal with. Wait 4 it. Russia. We must patrol and harass other countries and fill up our decaying prisons with new criminals. WE must kill the poor and make the rich piss on their dead bodies. Trickle down.

       Wisconsin allows a Chinese company suspiciously named Fox Con2 pollute @ will as part of their incentive. Scotty “Beam me up Ranger” Walker will gloat and rally In celebration.  All environmental regulations are nullified4 this company. And with T Rump and Scott Pruitt in charge of the EPA, there will b no Federal oversight. Pollution controls of any sort r over reach. Regulations, even regulations about killing on the job. R job killers. Remember the conservative talking point about jobs jobs jobs? A jobs bill was never produced, only Hillary investigations and Fake Planned parenthood videos. Freedom of Religion unless it’s islam or rastafarian. Jobs? How about a hand job.

       Faint distant thunder. Quiet now, frogs and crickets in crescendo.

    West Virginia governor, elected as a dumocrat, switches party @ a T Rump rally. This is a particularly Heinous move, lIke our own traitor Linda Collins Smith did. "Coal is the future," they yell, "We must bring back coal and make America Gr8 again now that the black guy is gone."

August 2 2017

And we roll. Fabulous morning high above Lake Thunderbird. Finishing out a gr8 view. Complete cleanup. Nice. The temps r cool, weather pattern nice. So we rock on.

       Last night was EROSION in house. We hammered out a loud rough set. Not where we wanna be, may never get there. But we get loud trying lol.

       DYLAN KANE played Copper Feather last night. I heard it was really nice. DYLAN is a special talent. He’s fresh off a gig @ Bonneroo.

       T Rump @ war with the Boy Scouts of America. He says he is by far the most truthful president in the history of America. He says he is the most productive by far of any president, or king, in the history of the written word.

       Sarah Huckster Sanders agrees. “This president every day proves he is honest and trustworthy, good folks know he is by far the most honest person ever2 exist. Why don’t u ask about Hillary?”

    Sean Hannity jumped on the train: "this president is already more productive and honest than all other presidents combined. He does not play golf like Obama."

       So I’m thinking about what river I want2 do next. And it may b in Pennsylvania. I’m headed2 the Little League World Series this month4 over a week. I’m a big baseball guy. I played on a killer little league program. We only lost two games in two years. I started @ shortstop and batted lead off. Those were the days. So I’m looking 4ward2 heading east4 a little while.

       So it’s maintain. Play my acoustic. Clean my saws. Wax my paddle lol. Life is. And then u.

August 1 2017

Boom. Back2 work in a big way. Early I was way up in a tall post oak over a fine home on Lake thunderbird. Reducing. Rigging. Lowering. Collar cuts. Climbing and positioning without spikes. That’s the way its done. That one went well. Then it was another oak all over the roof. Again, that1 went well, large branch cut back2 the collar… then it was another large oak, getting big dead from the ground, another post oak on the roof, slight tucks taking it back from the eave a little. Then numerous others, getting suckers, clearing and cleaning a gr8 view. Rebel Tree Care on the job. Moron tap 2moro.

       T Rump and fox busted4 fabricating a story. Finally. They have been working overtime2 frame hillary4 the seth rich murder, working 2gether in collusion2 frame and fabricate many stories, but now they r caught. Benghazi specialists stumbled n2 this failed conspiracy, reported as fact by fox and only fox.

       Eric T Rump sad4 his father, carrying a heavy burden that only he bears. Bullshit. We carry the burden as these coke freaks party. We have2 work 2moro though as they rage on.

       Scarymucus out. I think ive already posted that but I like the phrase scarymucus. It just sums up a t Rump spokesperson. Scary Mucus. 2bad he is already gone as communications director after just a few days. I have not yet really begun2 use and enjoy the name scarymucus. Adios scumbag.

       It’s not the treason that’s gonna get him. It’s not the collusion that’s gonna get him. It’s not the cover up that’s gonna get him. It’s the cover up of the cover up of the treason and collusion.

       Amid horrible poll numbers and Repo implosion, stalled legislative agenda and clown car stuck in the mud, Paul ryan tweets: “time4 the wall.’ Maybe he was listening2 pink Floyd but I doubt it.

       Repos busy smearing Mueller because he had lunch with comey. Once. In ten years. And Hillary had a pap smear. It all makes sense now.

       Congress, in a particularly heinous version of the wall construction, is fast tracking permits2 destroy a wildlife refuge with endangered species and plants; first. They want2 build that section of the wall. First. Repo bastards @ work4 the kocks. If they do this it will weaken other areas and make them vulnerable2 commercialization and exploitation. Y do u think repo clerks and bureaucrats okayed a hog farm very near the buffalo river? It makes it ez2 pollute other areas. Smart… Evil… But smart.

       Plus u got techniques2 make it seem like little pollution is present. Like testing during drought. If they tested water after rain they would find a lethal cocktail of ecoli, phosphorus, cattle feces and urine, chicken feces, etc. but nothing during drought. So. @ behest of giant concentrated animal operations and Tyson foods and the meddlesome overbearing beef cattle industry… they only check when they know it’s gonna give a favorable readout. And2 list a stream as impaired they have2 have five years of negative data. Which they never seem2 have. This is Arkansas. We don’t keep very good records when it comes2 pollution. It’s who u blow.

       Then u got Scott Pruitt. He has held up a ruling on water purity that inspired this journal in 2005. That’s right, a water purity case between Arkansas and Oklahoma still stands with no decision fourteen years later thanks2 dirty politics and scoundrels, not all repos this time as former dum governor beebe is complicit. Judge frizzle has dropped off the map, moved 2 his gift home in the south pacific prolly. Tyson and the kocks are fine with it. No ruling means pollution as usual.

       War as usual continues. War and pollution is the repo agenda. Conservatives are pro war, pro pollution. Pro death. Pro Russia. Anti American. Anti choice. Anti peace…

       The idiocracy rules. Russia rules us, breaking our systems, creating havoc within, chief ass clown T Rump sits atop the clown car as it teeters on four flats, chased by the keystone kops, hilarious and raucous they cripple the last elephant, shoot the last lion, knock a central support from the big top, tear the safety net from beneath performers as fires rage in the stands and confetti explosions scare babies as young mothers scramble4 safety. Each night afterward t Rump and friends laugh it up. But they sleep troubled. awakening2 tweet fearfully. The circus is endangered, soon2 b no more. They know the end is near. And it wont b pretty.

Arizona sheriff Joe "Our Pie yo" found guilty of being a racist dip shit.

T Rump encourages brutality as he talks2 thousands of police. They laughed nervously, then their supervisors issued stern warnings2 ignore our president. One of the talking heads in spin control said half heartedly that T Rump was "joking."

    EROSION in house 2nite.

July 31 2017

Nice. I’m really tan. I’ve been on a river five of the last six days. Actually six day in a row if u count last Friday I waded a channel and cut some flood damage out. Paying job4 a lovely woman. Kemper helped out2. Saturday I did upper Spring, quite a workout avoiding rafts and staying near DJ rafts. That way I don’t have2 talk2 people lol. Then it was rapid surfing and dancing @ Howards. Then I just camped there, good nights sleep feet away from a two point five rapid.

      Then yesterday I canoed all the long day, past Hardy down2 near my brothers. Haweiand Island. Grueling with little food and another pounding day of sunshine. I was a little slow getting around this morning. But I did get out, saw my mother, lined up Rebel Tree Care4 the week. Strapping those boots on in the morning will b fine.

      ScaryMucus fired. T Rumps brand new foul mouthed liar out. T Rump will sign the Russia Sanctions deal and act like he’s doing everyone a big favor. The vote was like six hundred forty 2 three, that’s a slaughter. They would have embarrassed him and over ridden his veto big time. So T Rump is gambling that Putin understands and doesn't take out his other testicle with a rusty pliers.  Repos trying2 put some space between them and Russia. Hypocrites mocked Obama’s every move now they have2 figure out what2 do without him2 poke @. Dicks.

      John McCain, mocked as a loser because he was captured, cast the deciding vote. Fresh from the hospital, he probably realized what it really means2 strip the poor of treatment.

      T Rump threatened Alaska senator Murkowski4 her no vote, implying that she is in collusion with Russia. “It’s easier2 collude with Russia from Alaska, btw, NO federal funds4 n e thing.”

      Arkansas senators Boozman and Cotton were pissed. They slapped their desks and hit the air with fists, “We. Must. Strip. Arkansans. Of Health Care. We must do our repo duty of killing and degrading the poor. Sure we got elected because our constituents think Arkansas Doesn’t have ObamaCare because we named it the Private Option2 confuse them. But now, Dangit, we still have those stupid federal funds we don’t want. With T Rumps Godly help we will sabatoge this law of the land, we will commit treason over and over, wreak havoc among the lower classes, starve and destroy the sick, the tired and unfortunate. In Jesus Christs Holy name we pray.”

Brownback goes2 Washington. After destroying Kansas with his particularly filthy style of governing@ behest of his local buddies Charles and David Kock, he leaves the state in shambles and jets off2 work4 T Rump. That just figures. What a sick joke Kansas is. And don’t 4get Texas. The southern strategy is working just fine4 repos. Southerners will vote2 kill themselves rather than someone Fox News says is bad. And that is anybody not lock step on the repo talking points play book.

      I gotta go4 now. Stay tuned.

July 28 2017

I’m baaack. Incredible run on Eleven Point. Can’t say enough. All good. Three days of bliss. Sure it was rough @ the top. Thomasville was completely destroyed by that last flood. Getting2 the boat ramp was quite an adventure. But we set float and rowed merrilee down the stream. Quickly Middle Fork joins and gives the river enough volume. There was just enough water, but dozens of trees barred passage often. I’ve seen worse. I’ve seen longer portages on this river. But many times we had2 abandon ship and persevere. Still we enjoyed the trip immensely. Waterfalls pounded the cliffs, unseen. One as always fern covered and boulder strewn. White water babbled happily from the cliff and plunged2 the river mere feet away. We paused in reverence some time. The upper section, wild and free drew us in, plush sandy camp with quick babbling and popping shoals. Nekkid time.

       Wildlife abounded, always a caconophy of song birds, frogs, crickets, cricket frogs… The Blanchard Cricket Frog is a fave…

       Traveling with a beautiful master naturalist I’ve been trying2 learn more. Maidenhair ferns, northern and southern, decorate cliff cracks and rock ledges along cliffs. Liver wort, broad beech fern… So many green shades, lichen and moss, such a natural mosaic…

       Yellow Crowned Night herons stood guard. We don’t have those in Arkansas. They know where the state line is.

       Kingfishers provided entertainment. Eagles showed spectacular white tails. Deer, otter family, mink… Hunting hawks sounded alarm. We watched a fat raccoon fishing some time. Baby ducks.

       Clouds of dragon flies escorted us. Most were big yellow or green clear wings, others laser blue with big black wings, or fire red…Snake doctors I’m told.

       Butterflies had small parties, tiny moths.

       Bull frogs. Trouts. Blue gills…

       Around the horn2 Greer Spring and the river changes, colder and clearer. We began2 c the occasional floaters and fishermen and women. Passage got easier, though skill was still needed2 avoid calamity. Miles reeled off as the water more than doubled, now it was like riding a caddilac yo.

       We camped right @ Boze Mill, probably broke a rule but didn’t get caught. Ice cold spray and pressured waterfall coming out of the bottom of the old mill pond kept us cool and collected as supper cooked in bright fire. Nekkid in fog rocks.

       Loons and Blue Herons. White egret. Herons are actually egrets.

       From there the ride2 the state line was a cake walk. The Narrows escorted us2 Arkansas on quick current and easy ride. Still flood damage lined the banks continually. I revisited my evacuation camp from last spring, describing my ordeal2 my partner. She showed me ground cherry and northen fog fruit…

       Soft rain cooled us drifting2 the state line @ Myrtle. We waited4 our ride in cool rain. Students studying the clear water crayfish showed us passion4 knowledge and craft. They get college credit4 catching crawdads! The ultimate.

       So it’s back2 reality. I have a Rebel Tree Care job this evening. @ least it’s in the river lol.

       I have options and probabilities. I have flo and hustle.

       I hear the train whistle five miles away in Hardy. There are spots of rain out there. The T Rumps are probably plotting and tweeking, I mean tweeting. 4some reason I don’t even care about those entitled pussies. Lock ‘em up.

       So it’s plan another piece of the sun. Find a river and float it. Next up is probably Spring River this weekend. Don’t get naked there u get arrested. It does happen though. Something about a nipple…or beaver...Shalom…


Diann was tired when we got back

July 25 2017

 Quiet night this wee hour. Things 4 falling n2 place. A river trip is imminent. I must get away from T Rump and Scarymucus. When I get back the pundits will b examining junior and Kush’s vague and elusive testimony. Tis the treason. Obvious collusion. If it was Hillary and Chelsea they would already b in sleeveless stripes and cuffs.

     I must set afloat. I have an attractive nature lover going this time. She’s a pro photographer so I may post some good stuff next week. Don’t know if Bonny gets2 go or not. Game time decision. If shes acting the bitch she can lay around here.

     T Rump leads forty thousand boy scouts in booing Obama, calling ObamaCare Death Death Death, and Claiming Obamacare has been ruining America4 seventeen years. He probably claimed that Obama started the wars we r in, and masterminded 9/11. But the real tragedy was 11/9. 2016

     It looks like he will probably fire Sessions while the senate is on recess, out on the playground of T Rump University swinging on the monkey bars. If he does this, he can install a friendly head of the DOJ and drop the investigation cold. Ted Cruz and Rudy Guilaini r sucking his ass big time4 such a high profile spot.

     John McCain leaving the hospital early so he can vote2 murder millions. They have no idea what the bill even says or does. They know only that it kills ObamaCare. The fact that it will kill many others doesn’t matter, Only winning matters. Perception of victory. Repo bastards. Stunning hypocrisy on full display. Quasi Christians. Fake faith.

     So it’s 4get about it awhile. Enjoy our clean Ozark water while it lasts. T Rumps second in command @ the EPA is a coal lobbyist known4 shilling gigantic pollution. He can handle Environmental protection if Scott Pruitt gets busted4 something. We can only hope. Plus u got an army of ex tobacco lawyers destroying the careers of scientists every chance they get.

     Plus I want2 enjoy the Mark Twain National Forest b4 T Rump sells it. Or b4 billboards line the banks. Not a joke, repos r trying2 commercialize and sell off our national parks. Maybe they will bull doze the Buffalo4 a buddy. Make a strip mall, Drain the swamp.

     I do have a little Rebel Tree Care lined up, but I’m putting off many jobs till the heat breaks. River Adventure rules right now. Plus I got Erosion on tap. I will keep a journal of my trip also. Stay tuned. Peace.

July 23 2017

Nice. Delightful morning. Life is. And then u. Hit eleven point. Nice weekend. I missed the hula hoop festival and a kick ass MIKE GRAY BAND show. But had my own shows none the less.

     Im just tryna stay cool. Rest. I may b hitting a river many days soon. I have a few errands2 run 2moro. Time2 ride again soon I hope. This heat is a fine line.

     T Rump tweeting up a storm. Huckster Sanders is a lying idiot, the new communications director contradicted the white house line three times in his first day. The  T Rump straw house is burning down, the house of cards with the joker perched precariously on top awaits the storm. Kushner and Junior set2 testify this week. Repos slowly falling away from Nazi lock step. Ur hypocrisy is showing. Instead of focusing on treason and collusion they still want a special investigation of Michelle Obama’s sleeveless attire. Also of Barack’s tan suit and bubble gum. They r seeking a special council n2 these things that dropped our standing in the world.

     T Rump got off the golf course 2day, his forty second trip since inauguration, most of them enriching his resorts2 the tune of millions of tax dollars per visit, he ripped n2 any and  everyone not on his bus. Minions echo far flung excuses, or write him off as inexperienced, doesn’t know he’s lying, or stupid, so it’s ok, focus on what Bill Clinton did, repeat unfounded lies about the Clintons, blame the Clintons4 the Russian collusion, Blame the Clintons4 Sarah Palin’s grandbabies daddies, blame the Clinton’s4 Junior and Kushner’s treason. Blame. Distract. Misdirect. Lie. Greed. Envy. T Rump. The orange shower.

     Yeah I need2 hit the river. Get lost in inner Sha.

     Fox News is Pushing bs that T Rump has created 4 trillion$ in the economy. I’m sure now the jobs numbers and fake numbers T Rump criticized during the election r now fine as he takes credit4 the black guys success. Just like Fox does, implying he was simply giving free stuff2 his black family as the nation reeled from the Bush recession and Obama guided us out of it fighting bs repos the whole way.

     Fox Business is misdirection. Every day they take2 the world wide airwaves and flood us with half truths and misrepresentations. T Rump watches from the crapper and get busy with his grimy little thumbs, retweeting the lies, formulating policy based on the lies, attacking the opposite of the lies…

     Soon universal health care will b upon us. The lies will spiral and tighten, scatter asunder and solidify, ooze and drip in a pyramid fountain, spray like the neck chop of a machete murder, trickle down… The murderous whores in the GOP must b called out. We need Rachel Maddow in every city, every state, every county, every small town,,, We need Kieth Olberman on every town council, every state newspaper. I like Kieth, just not what he did2 Pete Rose.

     I watched a collage of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, and Fox lying in rapid fire about Obama and health care. Incredible unfounded, disproven lies. Means nothing2 the repo base. T Rump could ban guns and they would cheerfully march n2 town and give them up. Because Hillaries emails.

North Korea could hit Hawaii. More importantly Brooke Shields opens up about Travolta. T Rump has a hearing problem. He says pardon me all the time. He runs the politest oval office in decades. All his staffers say pardon me all the time.. Lawyers resigning like dominos. Not the pizza. Comet Pizza back in business, Bill came up from the basement with a smug look. Maybe T Rump should try Godfather's. On his daughters wedding day. Maybe the Russians made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Maybe they killed his prime race horse and left it's head in the floor of it's personal elevator.. T Rump says he never met the Russian REal Estate Mogul. Video of them partying 2gether in seventeen differing locations and three decades says otherwise. T Rump warns special counsel Mueller not2 touch his tax returns. "I'll fire his ass if he messes with my family finances," T Rump tweeted.

    Senate accountability unit slices up T Rump Care. It will now take sixty votes instead of fifty. Bitch McConnel sat quietly in his darkened office stabbing a live bunny. "WEll," he accidentally tweeted, "@ least abortion deaths r up in Texas."

Wisconsin bill trying2 ban abortion training. "Wisconsonites don't need a bunch of regulations. States rights. We can wait until babies r born b4 we kill them," Paul "whatever" Ryan posted on Facebook.

    Exxon Mobil fined4 violating Russia Sanctions, "We cant' afford the 2 million dollar fine, that would b an extreme hardship so we need more subsidies and welfare. Plus Rex said not2 worry about it, he was gonna take care of it. don't make us fire T Rump."

    T Rumps event planner/Housing and Urban Development head, a family friend, has now allowed decades of anti segregation efforts2 fall back. It is now ok2 receive federal funds while discriminating. "It's a twofer," tweeted T Rump, "My properties get2 bar niggers, plus I get nice kickbacks, and awards 4 fairness in real estate. Now if I can just get those pesky wheel chair standards eliminated I have my eye on some other property I can flip b4 the public finds out."

    Sean Spicer "resigns". Sarah Huckster Sanders will now lie4 T Rump. She also comes by lying natural. Mike Huckabee was the biggerst hypocrite2 walk the planet4 several years as Arkansas rejected Blow Job Billy. Yes it's Monicas fault thousands will die if Arkansas drops the PRivate option, better known as Obamacare. The Hucksters would have us approach them in a cathedral and kneel while they place a bland wafer in our open mouths then forced the sickest of us2 kick in cash4 a shot of rattlesnake venom. Extra donations guarantee a trip2 heaven. The back lighting will b surreal.

    Scarramuccus or some dude is now communications director. He is a wall street shill big time. A few years ago he prissed and preened like a fox guy asking Obama why he beat up on Wall Street so bad. He said he felt like a piñata. With that cute analogy he also acted like main street and wall street had a lot in common. Obama shot him down like a knowledgeable well spoken president, something we've not seen in a while. "U guys caused the meltdown, u got bailed out, and u still gave ur CEO's and staff gigantic billion dollar, one hundred million dollar bonuses. U think u got beat up? I think there r a few people on Main STree that got beat up." But that's just liberal spin.

    Jeffy "midnight" Sessions caught lying about Russia again. This time he was secretly recorded discussing the election with Russians. Again. T Rump responded via twitter, "this illegal special counsel has liberal connections2 Hillaries Email. illegal. Sad. Better back off or boom goes Yemen."

    Alex Jones calls4 Civil War. "Bill and Hillary moved the child porn ring out of the basement of Comet Pizza. Now it is in a bunker, fifty stories under Washington, shared with the Obama's and that's awkward with Bill and Michelle forced2 share a bathroom, but this shadow, dark secret government runs the world now. They work2 tear down this wonderful health care system that T Rump has implemented, they work2 tear down the military that T Rump built up, and they work2 destroy safeguards 4 water pollution that T Rump implemented, but mostly they molest and sell young children. So if they orchestrate an impeachment we must have civil war. Obama can still implement Jade Helm from down there. He can still get ur guns. We must destroy the planet if the liberals try2 tear T Rump down. In Jesus most holy name I pray."

    Conservative congressman says God punishes homosexuality with storms. Then his house was destroyed by a storm. Faggot.

  T Rump: it won't b my fault if Obamacare fails. I know a lot about health care. Everybody was complimenting me on my knowledge. All the guys @ the Repo National Party say I'm the smartest ever. Way smarter than Obama. I say let an empty office in Haiti sell health insurance policies. Sign up the whole country. Get everyone on board with insurance4 all, free insurance, whatever. Then we try2 track them down when the first claim comes in. That buys us a couple years. Or Repeal. Send me a repeal bill. I will  sign it. Anything. I'll sign it. I'll sign it so fast the page will burn. That i can tell u. I'm eager2 put the poor in their place and prop up the rich. We must take from the poor and feed the rich. We will pave the roads 2 our fifth homes with bones of skinny protestors. Carts of pork barrels will roll over crippled masses, lazy diseased moochers wanting a seat @ the table but they r not hot enough. U got2 bring something2 my party. U got2 pay up, way up, @ my party. First class. Grab em by the pussy n hit back ten times harder. We must b a meaner, less gentle nation, we must kill Muslims and stop all recycling programs, kill sustainable fuels and clean energy, we must pollute water, allow fine print and deregulations 2 strip the unsuspecting of retirement dollars, we must force poor women n2 sex trade, we must arm. all. Grade School Age. And above. Students. With Machine guns. We must allow Intercontinental Ballistic Missilles4 rabbit hunting. WE must censor the free press. sensor free speech. Berny Sanders is a criminal We must lock him and Elizabeth Warren up. Say it with me, Lock me up, I mean Lock them up. Lock them up.  

    No flags ordered flown @ half mast4 the marines killed in Mississippi. No outrage on social media. Like their would have been if Obama was president. Double standard much?

    Thanks2 the Clinton impeachment we may have a way2 get T Rump out. First we have2 vote repos out. They r not going2 do it even he severs Kathy Griffins head on live tv.

    Kentucky under siege by athiests and gays. First they have2 fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars4 legal fees caused by Bitch Kim Davis, the clerk who hates gays and won't let them marry because she is religious. Then they had2 give Ken Hamms failing creation park plenty of perks. But in a cool twist of fate, they get alot of that back, because Hamm transferred ownership2 his "nonprofit" 2 get out of certain taxes. But. That. opened up liability in the other taxes, Kentucky immediately reinstated those taxes. The park, open4 about a year, is about2 go under. Hamm blames atheists.

     Carrier workers hating T Rump. "he blew smoke up our asses with a shit eating grin.: Actual quote.

    T Rump whistling alot. Tis the treason.

    Jeb Bush calling out T Rumps hypocrisy. This is the strongest statement he's made since "c'mon man" in the debates.

July 21 2017

And July speeds on by. Another glorious couple of days with family @ Riverside Camp. Gr8 people. Watermelons and trouts down the hatch. Cold Spring River kept me cool all the hot afternoons. Young ladies talking2 me, asking about me… curious. Yes it’s all me girls.

     I had canoe partners tooling about upper Spring. I took one upstream damn near the dam3. I caught several nice trout. Our group caught a lot, we 8 trout three meals a day all week. And deer meat, bacon and eggs, garden veggies… 

     Hard canoing, hard Frisbee. Most nights I picked the bass, passed it around last night, two other bass players were visiting, these guys r pros, so someone was putting some mojo on pretty much all the time. MIKE and LALA did several impromptu shows, applause coming from shadow often. Weston is the star of the show, he likes2 float and wade… Saul Goode after a week of the good life…

     Now it is time2, w8… It’s getting even hotter and I don’t have a lot of work… Another week is appropriate @ this juncture. Plus I got a major party @ Howard’s 2moro… And beyond… C ya on the river yo. Love u all.

     We did do a tree id session. My new canoe partner is a naturalist and pro photographer. She knows all the flowers and we try2 id all the trees. So that’s interesting plus she’s quick and agile, hiking and wading, she even pulls the boat up falls 4 me! But I never ask her2 paddle.

     Hot1. Time4 a u guessed it. An ice cold. Yellow. Certified Cave City watermelon.

     Then maybe a bike ride in blistering heat. Yeah. That rocks4 me. Gotta go. Gettn silly. Crazy from the heat.

     T Rump: “health care is hard. This preexisting thing, thats tough. I mean u pay ur 12$ a month u expect2 use ur health insurance when ur much older, but Syria, The bible says bomb Syria so the day they figure out we gutted Medicare watch out Syria. Syria is bad. They have radical muslim terrorists there killing Christians. Me must make the country a crater. The sand will glow in unholy hue. Or. We can be happy with my health care plan. Ur choice America.”

July 18 2017

And we roll. Or rather Spring River rolls. Huge Frisbee games, trout feasts, canoe trips, Weston…

       Many days in a row on Upper Spring.  Many more in store. Cold water chills even in the mid2 upper nineties it’s still chill.

       Soaking in inner sha.

Im going n2 civilization in the morning2 feed dogs and stock up on watermelon, and pick up my raft. And get back here2 Riverside as fast as I can.

       The beast has awakened. I must devour Spring River. Immerse and adapt.  Life is. And then the current…

July 14 2017.

And we blog. Thunder rumbling all morning and afternoon but little rain on this side of the county. Piddling. Spinning my wheels tryna get my stuff 2gether. Frustrating. But other areas of my life r not. So it’s a good trade. A little aggravation on off days4 deep well being in general.  Done.

       Went4 a little ride. Lookn 4ward2 some river. And creek. Cool places. I’m well stocked on yellow Cave City Certified watermelons.

       So it’s vehement piddling. Tweakn it down. I don’t do meth so it’s ez2 stay focused. I think T Rump is on a huge coke bender and we r the unfortunate attendees at the private party. He will crash crack and burn in a Scarface scene killing many. The “kids”will b loyal, junior will serve in prison some with him, Kushner flee2 Antarctica but in a strange twist of fate Antarctica will b gone when he gets there.

Killers whales will circle Ivanka’s yacht as they tweet4 help. Baron will play with guns, Melania pose4 Sports Illustrated in the Apocalypse issue.

       So we w8 4 the New York Times2 tell T Rump what his next version of a story is. We have2 tell him what we know then he spins it until the next story debunks that, proving his lies over and over. Trouble is we have2 work 2moro as his coke bender deteriorates n2 a second and third night straight of raving bloody nose plotting.

       Now the Russians are billing the Republican National Committee4 legal bills. They represent every one in the White house, they set most of it up, unfold it, un box it, un mask it how they want, causing maximum cost2 defendants and tax payers. Maximum pain4 us waiting patiently4 these particular rats2 leap in2 the fire.

       Thunder rolls.

       The latest vibe, the top secret talking point is this is all part of Hillaries Emails. It’s all a fake news distraction designed2 derail the T Rump agenda he was elccted by the electoral college2 implement.

       We knew he was going2 jack up health care rates, and bluster about nuclear war, kill the planet, human harmony, natural appreciation, his unholy immaturity appealing and funny2 redneck Merica. The southern strategy. Google that. It’s about how corporate conservatives exploit the stupidity of  the south. And the Russians jacked the north. But we deserve it4 allowing it2 even b close.

       Yesterday T Rump was on Pat Robertson: Why would Russia want me? Hillary would have destroyed the Military by now, that would b good4 them. She’s a Russian puppet just like I said in the debate, she would have weakened America by installing heads of cabinet sworn2 dismantle those cabinet departments.

       My son is a great little boy. He’s a good forty nine year old boy. Sure we finally admitted he gleefully met with KGB2 destroy Hillary, Fox egged this on 4years. It was obvious repos would help Russia over Dumocrats every opportunity. My ratings as president are very high.

       Now. The wall. We will have solar panels 2 power it. Not build it though. Plus get this. We have2 make it transparent. I know, I know, nothing in my administration is transparent yada yada, but this is not a joke, we need2 c through it so Americans don’t get hit with bags of drugs being thrown over by Mexicans.

       Then u got these black moochers, these, what is it, SNAP recipients, these parasites buying out all the deluxe size shrimps @ Wal Mart, putting it in their thousand dollar deep freezes and ice making refrigerators. How r we going2 continue the subsidies 2 Exxon with these moochers living the high life on white folks dime? The poor should b ashamed.

       Uno, f the Fake News would lay off  this Russia thing, maybe we save pre existing, but as it stands right now I’m red e2 sign Lyin  Ted Cruz’s, or Count Dracula lmao, version of health care, that knocks it back2 b4 Ocare and knocks forty or fifty million off a plan. We have2 finance the giant tax breaks4 the richest one percent and biggest corporations. Then and only then will we allow some trickle down. But we have2 make a statement here. U liberals and poor must first show gratitude, praise me and God, kick the abortion barbies and scientists2 the curb.  The fact that Obama dropped more tnt on ISIS than the rest of the world combined will not b mentioned. Evolution. The word evolution shall not b mentioned again. WE WILL STOP ALL TERRORISM. YES THIS IS ALL CAPS.  We will stamp out Islam. Radical Christianity will destroy Islam. In God’s Holy Name I pray4 destruction and inequality.

     Vicious thunder right on cue.

The Russian Lawyer was Lorretta Lynchs' fault4 approving her visa. I can c the pattern coming. It was all a frame up by Hillary. Bill set it up on the tarmac.

    Oh, the lady that laughed @ Jeff Sessions and they tried2 put in prison? She got off on a technicality. Sessions is appealing but he doesn't know anything about law. Sure, he's the head of the Justice Department, but that's just because of his white supremist views and hatred of pot.

    Sessions threatened2 imprison protestors @ the KKK rally. "These people, these Black Lives Matter thugs, that surrounded the peaceful rally of white supremacy and taunted them, inviting violence, inciting violence, will. B. Held. Accountable. We must stop this instigation of race based violence. Blacks must b subjugated as the Holy Bible commands."

     T Rumps big voter fraud commision floundering. "Dammit" he tweeted, "how r we supposed2 commit voter fraud again if the states won't cooperate? We must purge liberals from the rolls. We MUST. SUPPRESS. The minority vote."

    He then attacked Jimmy Carter. " Carter passes out building homes4 the poor. Pathetic. The man needs a cell phone2 check temps. What a dumb ass. Another stupid liberal."

    Big thunder.

July 13 2017

Sweet day off. Chilln. I walk out feed the dogs, get back2 the ac. I walk out piddle in shop get back2 ac. I pushed it hard this short brutal week. Now I must ecover.

       I’m hitting on all cylinders now. I have big river and creek plans2 just b. EROSION getting red e4 a project.

       Rebel Tree Care. Kicking ass all of this year and twenty six years b4.

       Rebel River adventures. Quite a few canoe trips pulled off this year and big plans afoot. Also Frisbee games and bike rides. Rafting, fishing, wading, hiking… The long awaited flor and fauna identification tour is on.

       Rebel Word. This journal is alive and well, I have recently edited Water Spider, breathed just a little more life n2 it. I am proud of my novel about the Arkansas Cherokee.

       EROSION. Crisp and mean now. Professional video in the works.

       Panadox. A giant waterfall will decorate the background of our video.

       The dogs r fed and life is good.

       One point about my facebook friends who still complain about Hillaries emails. Why do u bring it up? Just2 attack Hillary? Because the Bush Cheney regime just a few years b4 “lost” twenty two million emails concerning war and conspiracy, unmatched evil, pollution and collusion. I think it’s because of Hillary hatred syndrome that started when the vast right wing saw her as a threat In the nineties with her talk of Universal Health Care. Don’t worry though, Hillary Hatred Syndrome is a pre existing condition. It’s still covered4 now in the United States. Just not in Texas.

       The quadruple standard is in effect. If Hillary or Barack had made just one of T Rumps moves or appearance of impropriety they would b vilified with biblical urgency. The failed voter id inquisition. The flip flops and hypocrisy. The collusion, emoluments(spelling?). Nepotism. The sleeveless blouses, the hookers. Any one of those and much much more would feed Fox News 24/7. But now its like: Every single one of your staff and cabinet lied about Russian collusion? Nah, Nothing burgers. Nothing2 c here folks, look @ this surfing squirrel.

       So the birds and bees and frogs will b. Nature is lush this year, no drought2 wilt and discolor. Kill. Next week will b brutal but Imma b on Spring River yo. Cold refreshing Upper Spring. Watermelons and trouts. Bike rides. Life is. I have2 move on.

July 12 2017

Sweet morning. Early we were2 meet the power company. They were2 take a service wire down so we could reduce a massive ash over a house. But roofers were working! Post ponement! Sweet! It was pushing ninety @ eight oclock and the sun was clearing the tree line. Big heat. But now it’s finish yesterdays job and take some time off. Spring river and trouts await me roaring approval.

        I’ts been a rough week already but it’s almost over already.  I was able2 do many errands, four estimates in Evening Shade. One of them is4 Burt Reynolds. I may sell his chips individually. Then I went and picked up u guessed it. Cave City Certified yellow watermelons. Quite a few. I’m the watermelon man4 a couple weeks. Lifes blood. Mothers milk, flesh and nectar of the Gods.

        Juniors lawyers up. And his lawyer lawyers up. And that lawyer lawyers up. They all work4 Mafia families. Hey if they can get Joey Gambino a walk on a triple murder witnessed by a crowd of thirty thousand @ Yankee Stadium getting Junior off should b a cake walk.

        Ted Cruz blaming Obama and Hillary4 T Rumps Russia connections. Don’t ever 4get about  Ted Cruz. The maggot is sick. But he wants2 shutter planned parenthood so “Christians” support him.

        T Rump complains on twitter that he should b allowed2 do crimes, because Hillary may have committed crimes. Eight congressional investigations @ a cost that could have financed preexisting conditions found no wrong doing on her part. If she was surrounded with Russia collusion and lying about it non stop they might have a case. Repos. Russian patriots. They can never call liberals communist again.

        So we wind down. The river babbles4 me. Roaring approval. Applauding if u will. I have challenged an old friend2 a six day ninety mile canoe trip on the Gasconade River in Missouri. I said no food. I may allow a dozen boiled eggs but we have2 catch fish, or crawdads, snakes, snails or something2 eat. He runs ultra marathons, college athlete in the day. Competitive. Appreciative of nature. He2 hears the water speaking2 us.  Many an hour in a canoe with him. Luv ya TJ.

        So keep cool.

July 11 2017

And we roll. Hard ride chilln the jets now. Early I was ascending a dead leading red oak. Obstacles abounded, masonry, shrubs, other trees, not2 mention houses and walkways… I gingerly dropped a few larger branches just right. Rigged one, I am loathe2 rig on a dead tree but I had already relieved it of thousands of pounds so I was confident. Back on the ground extensive rigging against the lean got it safe on the ground. Then hundreds of baby yellow jackets swarmed. Plus the heat is suffocating. We r going back this evening2 finish or get close2 it.

            So I’m feeling better about things. There is a massive Ash 2moro but it’s more my style. Reducing over the roof, it’s a healthy tree I’m just pruning it so I won’t lose sleep over it. Life rocks with Rebel Tree Care.

            T Rump jr met with Russians on June 9 2016. @ 2 pm. On june 9 2016 @ 3pm T Rump tweeted his first of many strange tweets concerning “33 thousand emails”. But I’m sure it’s not related2 the meeting. Probably on Fox and Friends.

            Jr originally denied it all. Confronted with impending New York Times stories about the emails, he suddenly, the day b4, wanted transparency and published them all b4 they could. But they totally contradict his public testimony. Little liar comes by it natural.

            When T rump gets hit. He hits back ten times harder. But if America gets hit, he doesn’t hit back @ all. He bends over. Reprehensible POS.

            4 all who hate liars but Love T Rump: I hope he dies in prison.

July 10 2017

And we roll. Exhausted. Fairly early we were headed2 Hardy. We r always a little slow getting going on Monday. But quickly we were reducing street trees in Hardy, then some off a bed n breakfast. Then it was the main attraction. A gigantic white oak is declining slightly way up. Or was. I topped and trimmed it w gr8 difficulty. Spikeless I ascended approximately eighty feet, working way wide I was perilously exposed way up there, trying2 cut things back and leave green branches. It took a while. I pushed the limit. Finally I was done with that particular operation but had2 climb two other parts of the tree4 more dead wooding.  We were spent, soaked, chilled, pushing exhaustion with temps over ninety, but the clients were very pleased and now Imma chilln n the crib yo.

          I’ve been eating watermelons. Giant yellow Cave City Certified watermelons. I think that’s the only thing that got me through. It’s after three and I’ve had nothing2 eat all day. That will change soon. I have an ice cold u guessed it. Giant yellow Cave City Certified yellow watermelon.

          Moron tap 2moro. And beyond. The crazy train keeps rolling. Got2 keep it on track.

           T Rump Jr. Seems he met with Russians, just like everybody else in the administration. They said they had dirt on Hillary. But it was fake news.

          Don’t get me wrong. A cease fire is a cease fire. I’m sure it’s all orchestrated2 make T Rump look better. 2 make him look like a godly peace maker, a gr8 deal broker, a healer. When really he is just a guy who was peed on and the  Russians have the tape. It won’t change anybody’s mind if it comes out. His supporters are okay with him pissing on us, so a Hooker Pee Tape won’t change that.

          He is destroying clean water. He is destroying renewable energy, public education and housing. He is destroying health care and dreams of early retirement4 the lower and middle class. He is destroying the credibility of churches,  safeguards against predatory lending, and America’s standing in the world, all this and his conservative snow flake supporters still rail against Hillary and her email.  They still believe she runs a child sex slavery ring out of Comet Pizza. So a Hooker Pee tape won’t change anything.

Recovering. Slowly. I drink pickle juice2 ward off Chief Charlie Horse. I eat the giant melons. Thankfully my sister is making dinner 2nite and I don’t have2 cook. Rest rules til 2moro morning. Unless… Well… There r a few reasons I would push myself. But it’s all about getting two more really tough trees done. Then. The. Other. Stuff.

July 7 2017

And we roll. Hot humid morning on Spring River in trees. Tough pruning locust, elm, maple, hickory… a few removals in the mix, chipping, raking… Spring River babbled below us, muddy swirls of white foam washing on2 gravel bar and jumping a small log jam… Fine Rebel Tree Care morning…

     Prick Perry sarcastically defends coal, patiently explaining the concept of Supply and Demand. Only he gets it backward. Completely wrong. Demand comes first. So coal still sux. And so does Prick Perry.

     T Rump taking the long walk on the carpet up2 Putin’s door. He will nervously knock, peek in with a scared smile, try2 wander off the wrong way, Putins people will guide him strongly2 his dreaded meeting with his lord and master. He will offer sex, cocaine, Melania and parts of Alaska and Syria. Then, as Putin gestures with his finger, T Rump will drop his pants, bend over, and accept his spanking, eyes watering. Immediately afterward he will ridicule Obama and threaten a Korea on twitter.

     So it’s the weekend again. I’m just getting back n2 the groove. I may work 2moro. Not ruling it out. There will b more river. I’m hoping4 a watermelon party this afternoon. I picked up a load of certified cave city yellow watermelons yesterday and that’s got me feeling right.

     EROSION in house 2nite. We r crisp and tight lately, soon the professional video will happen. I will post the video here, but I warn u, u may change ur image of me lol.

     Panadox will b prominent. Gigantic waterfalls inspire me.

     So git er dun ya’ll. Pace.

july 6 2017

‘and we roll. Sweaty day. Humid. It was2 wet2 do a tree on Lake Sequoyah so we ran over2 Batesville4 a small job4 a dear friend. In the mix were catalpa, hackberry, holly, post oak and red oak. I did some rock climbing on  a fine chimney and got on the roof. Nice Rebel Tree Care job. Life is fine.

       EROSION is kicking up. Equipment upgrades and new sound configurations, professional video in the works. Hear us roar.

       T Rump in Poland. He gave a fake news conference running America down and propping Putin up like any good bitch does. He is apparently popular in Poland with well filterered paid attendees. It's the Polls in America that show his popularity in the twenties he has a problem with.

        Hamburg erupts in violence as protestors take2 the streets against T Rump. “Hmmm,” said cheeto Mussolini, “I used2 like Hamburgers.”

       Ethics chief quits. He could only mumble… “T Rump. T Rump.”

       Texas, with rising rates of childbirth deaths and uninsured, passed a law that “folks should b good Christians,” in conjunction with shuttering planned parenthood and rejecting federal Medicaid money. “Good Christians don’t accept charity from a liberal black fella.” Texas. Leading the nation in number two.

       In responce2 the Ethics chief resignation, T  Rump tweeted from Germany: “I will kick that little kike’s ass and ruin his so called career. Sad.”

       Melania also tweeted: “I stand with my husband2 end cyber bullying by the liberal media.”

Rain out. Sheeting rain this morning causes a postponement. And I was so red e2 get back it. Quite a few days off. But 2moro is serious stuff on Lake Sequoyah.

       Long weekend very nice. Crazy times on  Upper Spring so long ago now. More recent times on Lower Spring the last couple of days. BAD BRAD and company rockin the boat. Lot’s of Spring River and floating. Dancing… I am no longer a stranger2 the ways of women.

       I did not go forth on the fourth with a fifth because then u do not go forth on the fifth.

       Time2 get back @ bike rides. The long climb getting back in shape begins. Life is an uphill battle. Enjoy because u will b over the hill eventually. This has been hard on me.

       Scott Pruitt setting up “exersizes”2 debate climate change. ON the one hand he will have smartest sellouts on the planet, hand picked by David Kock, cancer deniers from big tobacco, Monsanto, etc… And on the other hand he will have Danny Bonaduce and Howie Mandell. Gilbert Gottfried was unavailable, he said it was “beneath his dignity”.

       T Rump mad about North Korea testing another missile. “I am instructing the South Korean diplomat2 get on this and shut this down.” He failed2 mention there is no south Korean diplomat from the the US because he has not nominated a few hundred posts because his tiny twitter hands r2 busy. Hey Fox News don’t watch itself.

       So it’s maintain. Persevere. Do un2 others. Gently.

       T Rump and Putin huddle with hookers as Paul “out of my ass monkeys r flyin” Ryan kills the Russian sanctions bill @ the behest of Rex Tillerson. “Look” says Rex, “I’ll never catch up with Tricky Dick Cheney4 the most corrupt conflict of interest in American history if they don’t let me do the job I was anointed, I mean appointed2 do. As Secretary of State and CEO of Exxon I have a duty2 my shareholders2 maximize profits. If I have2 take out a few minor countries and eff with China big time bring it. Tricky Dick was the master guru. As president of Halliburton and Vice President of the US he wrote the book on stonewalling congressional investigations and hiding profits in a shell game. He was the best. It's what I strive4 as an American business man. I mean Secretary of STate.”

       Guns now the biggest killer of kids. The National Rifle Association says it’s not them it’s Liberals. Who. Don’t. Carry. Guns. If everyone carried guns, they say, their would b no gun violence.

       100 shot in Chicago over the weekend.

That destroys the thirty wounded in Little Rock. The NRA jumped all over that. Bill Clintons hometown and Obama’s home town, people shot all over. This is proof that liberal policies. Do. Not. Work.”

       Anti life conservatives rallied4 T Rump but sparse attendance allowed thousands more protestors take over. Peacefully of course. But they were still arrested. Confronted with the constitution and right of peaceable assembly, the cop spat on people and drew his club. “U liberals have got2 learn a lesson. Amendments are not part of the constitution. And that “justice4 all thing @ the end of the pledge? Uh. Uh. Not on my and T Rumps watch.”

June 29 2017

And we roll. Exhausted. Long day on Spring River. And It wasn’t partying and floating. It was tree work. Early we were dropping a near dead elm(recurring theme). Arraying the brush4 chipping, cutting firewood2 haul 2 the stack, raking twigs and moving them2 a burn pile. I got up a stately sycamore reducing over a shed, parking, etc. N2 another sycamore a triple stem, removing one over the house, another elm was riverside but still over the house, sensible reduction. Another elm was in wires and on the shed. Other sycamores are declining, we got some lower dead off them, wait and c on the rest. Finally a long thick variegated hedge was over grown. I got n2 that and reduced it back from three driveways and the yard and road… A fine crepe myrtle in the mix…

     I took three loads of chips down2 Howard’s, jumped in2 help them drag some stuff out of the river… That was nice…

     So 2more its an ez morning @ 2 separate locations on…w8 4 it… Spring River! And then a few days of the good life on… Spring River!

     Remember. He who goes forth with a fifth on the fourth doesn’t go forth on the fifth.

     T Rump… O who gives a shit? The toddler esque cheeto chump is destroying our water by sabotaging the clean water rule. He’s a Russian operative crippling the US. They have him by the balls, leveraging his ass and his assets, he’s in hock up2 his eyeballs and he wants2 make us pay4 it. Plus they have the pee tape. Don’t get me started. I think he’s making me ill. Is that a preexisting condition?

     Fox pissed @ Obama4 having fun on vacation.

     The first house version of T RumpCAre: twenty four million lose coverage. T RumpCAre II: twenty three million lose coverage. Senate T RumpCare: twenty two million lose coverage. Soon they will tweak that down2 twenty one million lose coverage, so if we can make them redo it twenty one more times maybe we can get it down where it needs2 b. This health care bill has nothing2 do with helping people, unless those people are trillionairres or corporation, and corporations are people, the Supreme Courty said so, with massive tax cuts paid4 by blood and death of real people. Death Panels have arrived.

     Chicken factories r taking over. They foul the air, foul the water. And with T Rump in charge they can dump the guts and feces in the creek. Scott Pruitt will protect them. He has a big boat with a pool. He doesn’t get in the water.

     There is one regulation T Rump and Pruitt are4: no swimming with a bloody facelift.

June 29 2017

And we roll. Hard morning in a tree. A gigantic post oak needed serious reduction. I went up spikeless as always. Operating about fifty feet up I took large long  branches way over the roof, then others, larger even, close2 the roof. Not a large percentage of canopy. A few snags and touchdown. Another quality Rebel Tree Care job down the hatch. Countdown2 a large weekend.

          I still can’t wrap my head around T Rumps tweeting that he just found out about Russian collusion yada yada but it was common knowledge last fall. Not even liberal media is calling him out on it. Hillary tried in vain2 explain that seventeen intelligence agencies had found serious evidence of collusion and hacking but she was shouted down by T Rump and the Fox news moderator in debate two or three.

          Kind of like when he was boasting about the bombs and raids he ordered, Thrilled @ how efficient and and effective and responsive our military is now that he was president4 a week or two. B4 it was “the military is in shambles.” No one calls him out. Maybe because the television stations r owned by the same people. The Military Industrial Complex? Even MSNBC and CNN r not liberal. They r just trying2 slow the fascists a little, get a few people a fair shake cos only trillionaires get a fair shake when repos “govern.”

          Trump team 2day. All Russian stories r FAKE NEWS. BECAUSE WE SAY SO.

                             Bitch McConnell paused his midday meal of fetus blood2 slip his false fangs away and laugh when a wheel chair bound protestor rolled up. McConnel hit a button under the table and the floor opened up, dropping the crippled protestor down a long tunnel directly 2 prison.

          EPA drops rule that protects drinking water4 1.6 million Americans. “It wasn’t being enforced anyway,” says Scot Pruitt. “The trend now is bottled water anyway. T Rump water is back. 2gether with T Rump University we have developed knew marketing strategies and distribution. Regulations were killing the bottled water market.”

          Jason Chaffetz works 4Fox now. He always has, but now it’s public knowledge. This insures the next few years will not b about Russian Collusion and a myriad other ethical, moral, legal failings, hypocrisy and rape of our country by repos, only Benghazi and Hillaries Emails.

          There is a growing movement4 single payer. Universal Health Care. But there will b a mandate. U must sign up. It’s free. But if u don’t get legit u don’t get medical treatment. It costs a signature. But the repos will not b happy with this mandate. They will fight tooth and nail many years, saturating the air waves battling this unfair mandate.

          Russian and Syrian encounters. Jets barely missing each other. Chemical warfare, tensions escalating. Immediately after the last incident, T Rump took2 twitter, blasting Arnold Swarzneggars
“lousy ratings,” and vowed2 put DANNY BONADUCE in charge of the “mess in the Middle East caused by Obama’s wars, and Russian meddling.

          Pass the tax cuts4 the ultra rich first. Then we talk about cutting n2 the fifty million uninsured moochers. Thank the Holy God above repo governors have held out, not accepting Medicaid expansion4 the poorest and sickest. Because now they can help show how bad O Care is. They helped sabatoge America, helped our unholy crusade2 discredit the black guy. His name will b stricken from books and computers, his tenure a redacted dark age b4 the gilded golden era of T Rump. How dare that blacky insult me @ the correspondence dinner five years ago. I’m gonna enslave his family and race, his party, his ideology. We will destroy everything. Not sad. They lose. I win. I mean we(repos, white, rich) win.

June 27 2017

And we roll. Later in the day this time. Early we were trimming an elm overlooking Spring River; and over the highway. So that was interesting. And STressfull, as was the cleanup very close2 said highway, drivers zipping by inches from us.

       Then it was a nice maple in a similar situation but a little further from traffic so we had breathing room on that 1. There was also minor trimming involved, side trimming hickory, maple, mulberry and others over a fine fence. Also quick trimming a huge white oak, and stripping a vine, removing a cedar and scrub privet… Rough and tough morning in the urban jungle.

       Then it was over2 Southfork River. Cleaning up a mess we made yesterday, chipping a pile of brush and pecan trimmings, also some redbud in the mix… Tough day.

       Sean Hannity hammers CNN4 dubious sources. Not a joke. Hypocrite much? What a prick weed. Hannity is a snug pompous douche slickly packaged by Fox as a journalist. Bait and Switch. Misdirection.

       Sean Spicer, “we need2 know who knew what when why and where,” implying, uno, that Obama is the real criminal. Reporters so far have failed2 point out that seventeen  agencies already knew the Russians hacked us well b4 the election. T Rump says he just found out yesterday. Maybe he should pay attention2 his briefings. The chocolate cake was really good that day.

       More repos defecting. From Russia. It looks like the promised “b4 the fourth of July” vote is now post poned. The death panel must recalculate. The wolves must sift breezes4 wounded and preexisting. The Blob must nap b4 lurching n2 the crowded theatre.

    2days talking point: even if T Rump colluded. Thats not a crime. Not kidding. the heinous right is saying that all over the place 2day. I'm like look high crimes and impeachable crimes and treason. Tis the treason and the vast conspiracy of right wing death panels are in cahoots. They wanted2 lock Hillary up, our SEcretary of State mind u, 4 missing a tiny C that supposedly meant classified that was probably added by Trey Gowdy after the fact but T Rump colluding with Russia2 hack our election. NOt a crime. The hypocrisy of the right is literally shocking. It leaves me struck dumb @ Times. That's y i have2 blog about it.

        So it’s three more tough days b4 I get my long weekend. I been pretty banged up from swimming and dancing, Spring River takes its toll one way or the other. I have a giant post oak2 reduce. I have a variety of pruning and removals. And then I have more on tap after. This roller coaster needs2 slow down a little so I can hit Current River many days, but4 now I’m gonna ride the wave. Pace.

June 26 2017

And we roll. Hard ride in trees winding down. Early I was up a Cherokee Village white oak, side trimming 4 garden light. That 1 was done quick and it was2 another job, a stump was o a fence. It took two guys trying really hard and a metal can’t hook but we got that 1done2.

      Then it was a couple of pecans on Southfork river in Cherokee Village. The river is dingy from the weekend down pout. Wow it was vicious. It’s like our EROSION set called it up. Timing is everything.

      Saturday was the usual mayhem on Spring River. Floating with DJ Supermoon and rocking out w BAD BRAD.

      I saved a girls life kind of. She was helpless, underwater in the midst. I swam like Tarzan and grabbed her hand just in time as she hit the rocks. I had her but a drunken fat dude jumped in2 also save her but he just made it worse4 her, they swept downstream 2gether and I went about getting back. A little banged up and bloody but I had a first aid kit.

      Rough stuff on Saddler Falls. A two point five rapid with a stripper pole. I been catching trouts. We got a lot of floating coming up on Independence weekend.

      All my bikes r broke so I’m resting up better, I’ll b back @ it n a couple days.

      T Rump 2 days ago: This Russia thing is a hoax by the democrats.  T Rump 2day: Obama knew about it and didn’t stop it.” He says he just found out 2day. Maybe he shouldn’t have shouted down Hillary when she was telling him about it in the debates. He says dums should apoligize 4 being so obstructionist and mean.

    Ted Cruz against T Rump CAre. He says it doesn't kill nearly enough people. He also claims it makes it2 ez4 paraplegics2 milk the system.

      So eight hundred billion the repos r cutting from Medicaid and the eight hundred billion in tax breaks and subsidies4 the very rich and corporate is not connected at all. Buzz woed of the day is restructuring yadayada. Then u got new little amendments added or dropped daily and hourly like the preexisting and uninsured.

      Modern World hit a brilliant idea. Gofundme4 universal health care.

      Bid ad campaign2 discredit Mueller now.

      Repos lying their asses off double time2 sell the snake oil. Insurance4 all. Get ur insurance here. We will not have anyone lose coverage. I they have blood2 sell. They have2 sign off on the ambulance charges, even if the emergency room is a hundred miles away. The CBO is a liberal hoax.

      Gotta go.




Willow Ford. I love this woman deeply. This picture never fails2 make me catch my breath in intense feelings. We may not be 2gether 4ever, but our time has been the happiest 5 years of my life. Uh oh. I said has been.   Seriously I stare@ this photo every night. I enlarge it way big2 get even more intense. Rhonda is the sweetest thing I have ever known.  I will always love her. Even now in 2016 I still pine4 her. Red Faced shame that I lost her. Lost love is a real bitch. But this pic may well be my defining moment, the absolute happiest time of my life. We'll c. With this pic my arms are always around her. I say her name, breathless. Rhonda. She is moved off2 the soulless big city when all that should have mattered was pleasing me. Only I know  secrets of Willow searching. Reaching. Blind. Straining, madly dancing, serene.. Slender limbs, soft shoulders, sweet caresses and shelter from storm. .Only I am an island.

    She was my lucky charm. Hiking with her I looked down and found a blood stone transparent ceremonial arrow head. Canoing with her on Strawberry River I looked down eating lunch and found an arrowhead. She had a roof that don't leak. When the rain is falling down. She was like rolling a seven. Every time I roll the dice...Each week of five years with her was like a seven game world series.

Did You Know There Are Codes and Standards For Tree Service?

            With dismay I have noticed a continuing rash of spike climbing residential and municipal trees for pruning. This discredited method is unprofessional at best. Climbing spikes are to be used for removing trees only. Thousands of communities world wide have outlawed or discouraged this method of climbing, as it needlessly causes irreparable damage. Slick tree services use a bait and switch method to get the jobs, presenting themselves as “masters” or “experts”, then performing non standard “hack” work. Is your tree service posing as legitimate, qualified arborists? One way a client can be sure 2 get quality work is insist that compliance with ANSI A300 tree pruning standard be put in writing.

            Use the internet. Sites such as and can help you realize the huge difference in tree service. The standard is very important. So called tree men are moving the Cherokee Village/Hardy area backward with gratuitous malpractice. Only one man has consistently carried the standard of quality in the area (insured continually) since early 1989, and continues to do so today.


Alan Williams

Rebel Tree Care

 With dismay I read of the topped willow oaks. This malpractice is against ANSI standard. While not law yet, this standard is used in courts of law for deciding litigation. Joe maintenance man is nearly always ignorant of such standards, considering the tree a nuisance. It is not hard work for a gang of men to top off a tree. Hard work is an arborist climbing the tree without the aid of climbing spikes, diligently striving to make proper pruning cuts. Sadly a high percentage of professional tree services use discredited methods to make quick money, the industry is rife with myth and fast talk.

            How many times in sixteen years have I felt the same as Pete Rausch when beautiful trees are topped? Here in Hardy and Cherokee Village, as in many other places, this malpractice is rampant. A county judge should acquaint his or herself with these standards, codes, and guidelines when ordering public work done. Specifying in writing that all work is to be done to ANSI standard would eliminate many common problems and level the field for competing bids.

            These standards are important. Storm work shows internal weakness caused by improper pruning often years or decades past. From massive shade trees to tiny landscaping plants, ANSI standards are crucial to saving the urban forest.


Alan Williams

Rebel Tree Care

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