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scam alert. Vacant Lake Thunderbird home recently had it's trees butchered by an irresponsible neighbor hiring chumps in bucket trucks. Beware. No joke

February 20, 2018

Rain. Occasional spats and a huge system approaching this early dark dank day. Kickn it.

      There is a lot of rain out there, it skirts just north infuriatingly. We need2 hit the rain lottery.

      And we missed it again. Gigantic system on the proper trajectory slides by and breaks up with just a smattering, a pittance. Sux.

      T Rump blames Obama4 the school shooting. Repos call the protesting kids ďRussiansĒ. Mitch McConnel railed @ bar, ďI tried2 get Obama2 get tough on the RusskiesĒ. Later he tweeted, ďif this infrastructure plan goes through we can all retire.Ē

      T Rump said he would willingly forfeit his social security check every month and donate it2 charity. Ivanka picked fur coat manufacturing owners, who along with race track owners and Golf Courses, have been hit hard. The charity is2 buy and install escalators 4 all the animals.

      Mittens ďBitchĒ Wrong Knee Jerk accepts T Rumps endorsement, a man who he called a ďfraud,Ē and ďPhony,Ē a few months ago. ďAs one of three remaining true vampires in the Western Hemisphere, not an evil Clown like T Rump, big difference,  I will ensure that all people, regardless of sex or race, Have. Access. 2. Pink slime.Ē

      Lets do this. Hear me roar.

February 19, 2018

Overcast. I piddle. Mostly I ride. I ran out of work and I donít care. Next week is six days of Black River from Poplar Bluff Missouri2 Arkansas. EROSION is set2 jam out 2moro night. I have a pretty groupy maybe. Iím in a good place. Despite T Rump.

     Fox/Repo congress still hoping2 cover it all up, even though new indictments and flipping witnesses and lies stacking up. Some say T Rump will resign soon. WE Can only hope. Then we can deal with Major Asshole Mike ďSixĒ Pence.

     Itís Obamaís fault, they say, but he tried2 do something last year, Bitch McConnel stopped him.

     Its weird. T Rump has never once disparaged Putin or Russia, only Americans and America. ITís obvious he is  a stooge installed by fake news2 dismantle America. Tis the Treason.

     Russia/Fox still grasping @ straws. They imply and insinuate, insidious, asinineÖ

     So the young Kennedy will suddenly b phrophesized as the Anti Christ. Elizabeth Warren may b the Anti Christ. Depends who gets the nomination next, that person is the Anti Christ. I guess because she believe in the Constitution and science which says we must allow legal abortion. But Hillary, she actually performs the abortions. She straps on the gown @ four a.m. every week day and eagerly kills live fetuses, selling them on the side4 high $. Listen closely u can hear her cursing Jesus, then the metallic clang as she drops the fetus n2 the receptacle.

     2day teenagers are lying in the street in Washington DC2 protest School shootings. They want only2 stop the sales of fully automatic weapons and high capacity clips2 bloody angry pre teens.

      T Rump claims the shooting happened because the FBI is so focused on him they missed the warning signals.

     And Sandy Hook happened because of a scheduled merger T Rump had planned that fell through. With, u guessed it. Russia. He was set2 make a cash deal with Putins cousin in law4 a run down split level ranchette two blocks from Hooters4 a cool trillion in non sequential untraceable bills, but Chris Christy accidentally elbowed the lap top making the transaction when he was struggling2 get an entire burger n2 his mouth.

     Ivanka and Kushner caught on tape bragging about the $ they will make as long as T Rump refuses2 enact the Russian Sanctions. He is the only person in any party that doesnít want the sanctions. Except4 Pence and Tillerson, who will personally profit untold trillions of $ off the Exxon Deal.

     Around and Around we go. The rest of the world is not surprised we elected this soulless coward. It confirms what they think of Americans.

     So Manafort is flipping, with all his charges and money laundering and the RNC/Russia fingerprints he probably gets rubbed out soon. The KGB can hit T Rump, and we know they can, even a president is vulnerable2 assassination, but as long as he doesnít sign the sanctions heís cool with Russia. Just ask Fox.

     Faced with mounting allegations, tired as an aide read the list of possible charges and contradictions, T Rump stared @ the television set, ďOprah weighs over two hundred pounds,Ē he complained, ďdisgusting. She couldnít even get in the poorer district condos. But she would sue us,Ē he made air quotes, ďhow did Bush shut her up? She insulted hamburger or something and they made her shut the f*ck up? Can we do that? She couldnít even be my apprentice.Ē He looked up in inspiration, looked2 Kelly Anne, who wrinkled her nose and shook her head, and T Rump 4got about Oprah being his apprentice. As the original aide continued his list of possible charges and contradictions, T Rump Stared @ his hands, asking another aide, ďI have beautiful hands you know, Remember the commercial where the big lumberjack was clapping? That was me. I subbed4 a temp in Soho.

     His tweets r off the rails, he blames Hillary, Barack, the FBI, his own team, anybody but his pal Putin and/or Russia Fox.

      I wish I had time2 argue with T Rump supporters on social media. I would b alias in cognito etc, I donít want2 alienate beloved friends and family that do think Hillary is the Anti Crhist and Obama, every thing he did, every single thing he did, was a Muslim conspiracy. Getting the preexisting, upward trends, responsible statesmanship and morality, all that was a muslim conspiracy 2 destroy America. T Rump spent ten years faking news about Obamas birth certificate. He was the birth certificate guy.

     Bitch Romney running4 Senate from Utah, where seven of his wives live.

     Im tweaking gear4 this Poplar Bluff run. The Black is curving and looping and long. It is narrow and covered in jungle. I have examine it closely in Poplar Bluff. The run will b daunting, probably seventy river miles I hope2 catch fish but will have food. I am close2 packed, I have ice jugs ready, wet suit, wool socks, tents and beds. I figure the campsites will b sand. That means I donít need2 take my thick air bed, or the pumps and batteries needed.

     I do a tripod thing that holds one end of my canoe upside down and I camp under it. Plus the tripod can b firewood. Plus I have sterno. I have fishing poles, throw net, scoop net, quick tackle box with stringer and needle nose or hemostats. I have basic tackle, hooks sinkers, a couple of rooster tails or a spoon or repala. I might make up some prepared limb lines. That would require a live bucket4 minnows or bluegill2 b used as bait. Live buckets r not a problem on the Black. Waterfalls tough on live buckets, we wonít hit any I donít think on this section of the Black. We did way up there above Clearwater Lake yada yada, check the archives lol.

     I donít know if I mentioned this in those posts but getting across Clearwater Lake that day was the toughest canoeing Ive ever done. The wind was insane, exactly the wrong angles, hours long struggle just2 get across a wing of a small lake. So I want2 do from Clearwater Lake Dam if this run goes well.

     One problem on the Black was mad coatings over fresh beaver cuttings. Dangerous, u slip on mud, fall hard2 the mud and look right beside u is a sharp spear sticking up u got lucky not2 impale yourself. I was barely able2 get out of the area, slick sudden slides and pencil pointed spears everwhere. Finally I was able2 get some sand that wasnít fresh mud. Loved it. It was way cold, I donít think it will b that cold this time. Im rambling now. I had a point earlier. Much earlier.

     The rain is taking itís time getting here. I may jam the bike, get out in the wind, that always gets the storm here.

     LALA heading back out2 LA4 another round of I collaboration/ auditioning, itís connected with her management yada yada, exciting.

     She deserves it. She pours it out every Saturday night, bold and beautiful. They said the Guys in Cali r very similar in style2 MIKE, so that might help the chemistry. Lubbee me some LALA. Copeland Entertainment.

     I sat in the VIP section of a Hollywood club with three Grammy winners. THE LAUREN GRAY BAND rocked the house. I gotta get the name of that club. Check the archives lol.

     MIXMASTER MIKE is big in Brazil. In fact he doesnít tour on purpose, he likes Rio and Vegas. Well the year I met him he had the number one song in the world4 his scratches and rhythms played on every commercial break of the World Cup coverage.

     Kind of like ALAN PARSONS. He had a project, he got a couple of gold records and industry cred in the seventies or eighties but then the Chicago Bulls started playing his songs every pre game. He blew up.

     I think SURVIVOR did that with Eye of the Tiger and Rocky.

     MONTROSE is huge inside Hockey Arenas. Gr8 band.

     SPINAL TAPS song Sex Farm was huge in Japan.

     The Olympics are winding down. Good NBA all star game. Lebron will probably get2 the finals again 4 the umpteenth final in a row, he recently changed almost his whole team out. He gets bad press4 loafing but he turns it on in time. Basically hes a rich cocky black guy and that means hated.

     I feel like jamming on the bike. Dare the storm2 catch me.

February 14, 2018

Fine day. Hard rides. Imma machine. Machine man. Iron Mike. Keep punching. Last night was a dinner date with my valentine. Not really but u never know. Happy VD.

       Iíve delivered a lot of flowers over the years on  Bloody  Valentine. Pretty girls in bloom getting blooms. Balloons are cool2, except on windy days when twenty four of them get tangled up in an impenetrable clump.

       I have been working a little. Odd jobs. A prized Bradford pear all over a house. Clearing a lot yada yadaÖ

       Itís strange, when I run out of work I c a lot of really super crappy work being done. Real Estate companies set the tone with shitty work.

       Horrible school shooting in Florida.

Two Koreas in harmony @ the winter Olympics. Mike Pence started a rumor that North Koreans were gay.

       Sean White is all short hair corporate sell out now.

       T Rump makes shocking announcement: he does not approve of domestic violence.

       T Rumps lawyer claims he paid porn star out of his own pocket. I wonder if this is the same lawyer that took credit4 the tweet that would have proven collusion.

       T Rump wants2 kill food stamps. Now itís food baskets, of, T Rump steaks. Discounts4  T Rump university graduates. Plus T Rump water @ top $. Plus it is sent2 u in a big orange wrapper titled: LOSER.  Moocher on welfare.

       So im riding hard. Way hard. My  laundry is done and my stuff in order. Imma start a building project soon.

       Emoluments. T Rump still hasnít, isnít going2, relinquish his if thatís the right verb.

T Rump caught on hot mic: ď we need a few more trill4 my buddy. How can we humiliate and demean the hungry? I mean címon, hunger? Pathetic. Now. Nuclear waste Prick Perry says it could b a problem so dig a f%cking hole under south Chicago and GET RID OF IT.Ē

       The solution of T Rumps vetting problems with the dozens of staffers in all department having lied on applications about Russia Ties and domestic violence? Reject a guy who once smoked pot. Not a joke. Sessions wanted2 get him in the system as a narc facing forty years but thought better of it when a reporter showed photos of Sessions smoking crack with a teenage male prostitute.

       Melania spent Valentines Day holed up in T Rump Tower watching porn with Secret Service agents.

       Locally repos r working hard2 pollute. Repos claiming that people wanting the hog farm closed down are paid out of state protestors. Repos and Cattle industry will lie and cheat, steal and covet. They insanely, with a str8 face, claim that kayakers put more feces in the water than watershed covered with non Best Management Practice animal farms. They also claim that wild hogs put more in the river which is a dangerous false hood the rubes will buy like cow farts. First of all wild pigs shit in the woods. The forest is a natural filter, plus wild pigs eat acorns, no toxic mix of steroids and phosphorous is dropped on a bare field near water bodies. Huge difference, but if u r a scientist and go2 court2 testify about something so basic and elemental, u get ur career destroyed, ur life ruined while Scott Pruitt gets rich.

       I could go on a while. And will. Pace.

Word: Im writing an extra chapter2 my novel Water Spider. Breathing life n2 my short saga of the Arkansaw Cherokee.

February 7 2018

And we roll. Down the highway. Hard runs2 Ash Flat and Hardy 2day. Over twenty miles total prolly. Plus I been back @ average ten miles a day almost every day l8lee

      Out of work, scrounging up old estimates or people I may have missed. I use the time off2 heal.

      I plan and finger things out. Gr8 Super Bowl. Tom Brady kept us in suspense till the last second.

      I like Tom Brady even though he likes T Rump. Tom was not heavily recruited. Kind of like Scotty Pippen. I guess Tom was a major college recruit, donít know, but Scotty Walked on, volunteering2 manage equipment and work his way. He was a baller from a big farm family. And. Then. He. Grew. Eight Inches. Next thing u know he is indispensable as Michael Jordans right had man, actually the bulls were one of the best teams on the planet even when Michael  had retired and played baseball @ the age of thirty.

      But Brady did play major college. UCA was a small college, but they had a tradition of incredible basketball players, NBA level @ times, but always with a catch, a mental or substance abuse problemÖ Kind of like West Arkansas junior college, the Darrel Walker types, scrappers with no jumper, dangerous Chicago temper, and TENACIOUS D. Walker was incredible. But the hogs took a chance on him, assault and battery constant threats. Rocket Crockett played4 UCA after his explosive stint in Fayetteville. Randy Porter continued his big league ways from Gosnell2 Central ARkasas.

      But Brady had a slew of hot shot quarterbacks drafted well ahead of him. 2 a man they were a bust though, only Brady is still in the mix, three 4 three in six Super Bowls.

      Scotty was a six time champ @ Chicage with the bulls. He is listed as one of the best fifty players in the history of the game. He was very similar LeBron James twenty five years b2 Lebron James. Scotty never missed huge sweeping left handed lay ups or right handed moves either, shooting high percentages from three point, two point, free throw, and getting lots of rebounds, assists and steals. Some people are like yeah id have a few assists if I had Michael Jordan2 throw it2, but the more u understand, the more u may think Michael was fortunate2 have Scotty.

      It goes2 show u never know.

Darrel Walker, and his running mate Alvin Robertson were the most entertaining back court4 Arkansas in the day. They trapped, gambling constantly on defense, creating havoc, bouncing like pin balls they usually won. And they both went pro and decent careers in the NBA. One or both were in the Guinness book of World records for triple doubles or quadruble doubles, which is the mythical double figures in four categories, in general points, rebounds, assists and steals. Triple doubles or averaging triple doubles mean u r good. Real good. Double doubles means u got @ least ten points and ten rebounds, not a small accomplishment in any game. U add ten steal and or ten assists u r a monster. U can run, dance, fly and pitch a bitch all in one.

      T Rump ratchets the rhetoric as Hannity/Putin tell him2 go full speed crazy attack. Now itís Obama was over seeing a FISA state spying on good Americans, especially the good Americans and Russians in T Rump tower.

      Itís the standard white guy lie2 the cops: the black guy did it.

       Michelle Bachman, I need a sign from God  b4 I decide2 run, A gigantic billboard appeared on a busy road in Minnesota that said, Michelle: No. God.

      So itís about the fake memo. And since this one is flopping, even though T Rump says it ďtotally vindicatesĒ him, not enough people are taking it seriously, so they have five more lined up. Trey ďShooterĒ Gowdy stays up l8 n2 the night surfing brietbart comments, They make crazy flow charts so they can chart where there conspiracies, theories and chain of progression lead lest they 4get about certain lies like liars do and then it bites them on the ass. Itís like basketball players who flop2 the ground in fake contact, yeah it fools a few people, fools a ref once or twice, but in the end the flopping fool is flopped on the ground while the winner soars 2 the hoop4 an uncontested score while the flopper on his back stares in hate @ the ref.

      Iím still breathing life n2 my novel about the Arkansas Cherokee. I do exhaustive research, read long historic documents, but itís worth it sometimes2 get one little idea.

      Like Stuart, who this town is named after, was Scotsmen/Cherokee, a member of a secret order of Scottish Fellows.

      His son Jesse Bushyhead was the original televangelist. He translated Sermons with guttural growl, ending each big sentence with the classic Uhh Huuuhh, He was a beloved man among Cherokee.

      So while Stuart and Cherokee deal with a southern district below the thirty six thirty line, Shawnee and Delaware worked with Johnson in the north.

      There was a covenant chain that favored the Iroquois. The Iroquois sold Kentucky2 one English Faction, The Cherokees sold Kentucky2 another faction. Chickasaw were dangerous enemy, or trusted aliy @ times.      

February 2 2018

A brutal February continues 2day. eArly I was ascending a sprawling Izard County maple. It was a generational prize, planted over a centry ago by the great grandfather of the landowner. We reduced it, taking large branches 2ward the house, a few dead snags, and old stubs off the bottom. Rough and tough. Huge tree. Then it was several smaller variety of maple, random pruning away from the house and drive, cleaning up improper power line pruning, taking off numerous old stubs, random pruning sugar maple, hackberryÖ My kind of job. Rebel Tree Care. Quality.

     Then it was a tough ground job in Highland, clearing briars and volunteer. We did take time out4 a few blasts on my pistol. Imma shoot a lot lately, it is a stress reducer. Iíve been sick. And alone. Iím crawling out of it but Iím not made of steel. I have family close and thatís a comfort.

     The memo is out. And. As. We. All. Except die hard conservatives knew. It is complete and utter bull shit. DONíT make me put that in ALL CAPS.

     All this stupid memo does is risk putting the collaborators in jail. We find out Trey ďShooterĒ Gowdy is one of the architects, no wonder he suddenly announced his retirement. He couldnít get Hillary in his eight year witch hunt so he just put her name in the memo4 no reason. Retirement will not shield him from prosecution.

     It also reminds everyone that the whole reason this is happening is the Russian Collusion, the obstruction, etc. The hiring of Russian Agents already under surveliance by T Rump. And he knew what they were. Because he is one. Russia/Fox will spin ludicrous and hilarious theories as they do and run with them as they do and b discredited as the are each time. No need4 Saturday Night Live skits. This script is 2good. The ratings will b high4 the impeachment. Russia/Fox/Kock will not like it. They will find a way2 produce a constitutional crisis, hanging on2 power by their fingernails, T Rumps fat belly will show as he hangs, his hair will slide sideways as he screams lock Pocahontas up.

     Putin loves it. He gets all the benefit. But no risk. With this orange stooge he owns America. He sits with naked Melania and drinks vodka, toasting Little Donny. Planning our next moves. Planning how he wants Fox2 spin it. Planning how2 make Americans wait in line4 bread. Convince us a snow is imminent maybe?

February 1, 2018

And we roll. Brutal month already lol. Not2 bad, we did three separate and distinct jobs in the Urban Forest this morning. First up was a tall skinny red oak very near a house in Cherokee Village. Reducing away from the roof, correcting a slight leanÖ Also some crepe myrtles and rose of Sharon, a prized maple, a cherry, and a few othersÖ Nice quicky2 start the morning and who doesnít like a quicky?

       Down the road2 the next job. Two tuliptrees had old splits and storm damage. I reduced the height, not topping mind u, this was drop crotching, ANSI standard.

       Again, down the road2 a sprawling Bradford pear over a fine Highland home. Reducing, taking major spars that would have split someday, thatís a given with bradfords. Boom. Tough morning done and gone.

       Repos haggle over fake memos and false narratives and government shut downs. Anything2 distract from the obvious: they are covering up collusion and obstruction and The FBI is closing in. Boy those repos REALLY do not want2 lose power, and they will do anything2 keep it. But we already knew that. I pray Elizabeth Warren is president by early next year. She is way more presidential than T Rump. Pence is presidential, heís just an evil bastard.

       So itís bear down. Knock out jobs and plan a Black River trip4 later this month.

       The black rolls down out the Missouri Ozarks and enters the Mississippi Delta @ Poplar Bluff, meandering and looping much on itís journey2 Arkansas, entering the state near Corning. The only section I havenít done is from Clearwater Lake2 just south of Corning. I like2 do the lower sections in winter because snakes and mosquitoes plague Black River in summer.

       So this dweeb Nunes, who wrote the ďmemoĒ, changed it after it passed a hearing yada yada, but itís all some plan2 distract and discredit, using lies and smoke and mirrors. Russia/Fox play along, pretending outrage or concern when they already know the end game. And that is2 pin the collusion, obstruction, money laundering and treason on Hillary.

       T Rumpís latest lie: the ratings4 his big speech were the highest ever. Not even close. Almost every recent State of the Union address was much higher rated. T Rump couldnít even b an apprentice4 the others, except maybe Bush, he could probably pull that off if he didnít get fired.

       That show must have really hit a nerve with the rubes. I guess country folks must have secretly watched that show and fantasized about working feverishly4 a fake millionaire and playing the corporate ass kissing game. They fell hook line and sinker4 this soulless coward con artist. But his con is wearing thin, his hollow platitudes and nonsensical claims just donít carry water with more and more people every day. U donít c near as much bravado by repos on FB, and what u do c is desperation, striking out of  despair and failing superiority as Russian bots and fake news still make the rounds.

       And it will continue. T Rump wouldnít sign the Russian sanctions bill that passed like 600 to 3. And his first act last summer was 2 strike Russian Sanctions from the platform going n2 the repo convention. The only person on the planet T  Rump trusts is Putin. He will burn this country down2 keep us from seeing the pee tape.

       Not even Franklin Graham ďCrackerĒ can unsee the pee tape.

        T Rump cuts seventy five percent of renewable energy investment. ďtheres no profit4 the middle men. There is no meat on the bone4 my donors. Plus the Caymans will collapse without that offshore flow of hidden profits. Renewable energy is a liberal scam, an archaic, outdated idea. Coal and petroleum are the future.

        T Rump buries data showing tip stealing proposal would b bad4 workers. Duh. Duh on the badness and duh on the burying of data. No surprise there. Gee hope no one spits on his chocolate cake or Big Mac.

       He will snivel and wine: Hillary never testified under oath. Which is a lie. She testified under oath endlessly and dozens of times, all2 the same conclusion. Nobody has found her guilty of anything except4 Fox/Russia. Fox/Russia and the rubes have pronounced her guilty many times with no evidence @ all, in fact even their accusations are invariably unfounded and never verified except by Fox/Russia ďexpertsĒ many of whom are proven liars or in prison now. But their claims live on in the whacko right sphere. Comet Pizza anyone? Brietbart probably still claims she and Bill are running a child prostitution ring under the popular childrenís restaurant. They will never back down now that T Rump is in.

       In the T Rump education system slavery was ďimmigrationĒ and ďindentured servitude", and it was all right because blacks caught them originally in Africa and sold them2 whites.

       The right invented the Blue Lives Matter movement in responSe2 the concept that Black Lives Matter. But as they attack the FBI their rhetoric smacks of hollow hypocrisy. Stinks of it actually. Plus what about black cops? How do they demonize them without the rubes catching on? Horns of a dilemma4 repos.

       I mean how do they say Blue lIves Matter but not Black Cops? Slippery slope. Iím sure there are fine blacks, T Rump will say, just donít let them in my neighborhood. Swastika wearing fine folks come on in. donít worry about the deposit. Iím sure the association will float u. Just donít put Hitler on the front lawn, and the words Merry Christmas are mandatory. Gigantic neon green chem Lawns are mandatory, vegetable gardens are 4bidden, and 4 Godís sake no fruit trees or birds, little white spots on a BMW are tacky.

January 31 2018

Windy. Nice. Iím sick w a chest cold. Plus work has reshuffled. I will finish out the week strong with rough and tough jobs. A prized Izard County maple is in store. Many others.

       I may not ride 2day. Iím hot and cold, chill and sweatn. Getting better all the time though.

       Trey Shooter Gowdy: I have been caught in something really bad so I am retiring from congress. I mean when I shot two dozen whores dead in Guatemala and jetted back4 the Family Values Summit I never dreamed I would b the first line of defense against Hillary. She was and is public enema number one.Ē

       FBI warns Repos not2 release the fake memo. ďu guys are in enough trouble with the collusion, treason, and coverup, not2 mention the money laundering and drugs and prostitution. U need2 quit creating fake news and c about the business of getting correct.Ē Nunes may face obstruction charges4 authoring the ďmemo.Ē Itís kind of like the Planned Parenthood video makers getting busted.

       Fox/Russia all over it. Collusion and treason ARE NOT CRIMES. Money laundering, drugs and prostitution ARE NOT CRIMES. The missing email in HIllaries server? CRIME. HUGE CRIME.

       Facebook is all bringing DACA recipients2 the State of the Union is UNAMERICAN. No mention of the treason.

       Maine POS Paul LePage calls moratorium on wind energy in Maine. He also is racist and defied the people on legal weed. Iím. Not sure. I can. Comment further. I mean what a DICK basically.

       Pence policy cuts pay4 construction workers. With no savings4 tax payers. Just2 b mean.

       T Rump: immigrants are murderers, Dumocrats are complicit in murder. We need unity.

       Eric T Rump: Dums hate God, did u c how they refused2 clap and stand4 daddy? Those moochers need2 get out and work4 a living, scratching out a life like I have as a self made billionaire. Sure dad helped a little, but aside from a fifty million $ loan itís been all me. I mean he has2 okay every little thing and cuts me checks4 fifty million every few months. Thatís chump change. I make more in one minute than the liberal does in a lifetime of dehumanizing labor. Thatís why we must. Lower. The. Minimum. Wage... God wants us2.

    Franklin Graham ďCrackerĒ agrees. Blacks r evil. This country was founded on Christianity rule. Catholics are evil, Jews. Evil. Only my interpretation of the King James version of the Holy Bible is the proper way2 govern. Gays must not live in Government housing or marry or serve in the military as we carry out Holy Crusade against Muslims4 gigantic oil profit. Discrimination against polluters is 4bidden in prophecy. I decided that itís okay2 separate threaded garments on Sunday and sell my daughters n2 slavery4 sacks of grain, but we must stop contraception. With Fox/Russia on my side Iím a bullet proof BITCH! I b getting more porn star tail then u can shake ur socks @. In our precious lord Jesus name I pray.

January 30, 2018

So it goes. Postponements. Thatís fine, I gotta sore throat so hollering @ my ground man from sixty feet up in the wind would not b good 2day. I have things2 look @, things2 line up. I have a start on February, slowly cutting back2 half days.

      Need2 jam. I will ride 2day, in fact I have already rode, not long after daylight I jetted down2 my mechanics a few miles2 pick up a pick up.

      T Rump refuses2 sign Russia Sanctions. Puppet n e 1? God I canít imagine watching cheeto mussoliniís mouth spewing vehement total bs 2night4 the State of the Union. Maybe Iíll read a spoof called state of the Onion.

      So everybody lies about T Rump. Dums, Liars, FBI, liars. Media, liars. Except Putin, T Rump tallked2 him, he said he didnít meddle. T Rump believes him. Over. Wow. We r a stupid nation.

      The climate change predicament is over. T Rump tweeted that temps in DC r trending upward.

      So Russia and Fox and The Heritage Foundation are already releasing fake news and fake memos2 distract from Dumb Ass and his little speech. Russia/Fox/Heritage Foundation work hard. @ discrediting solid research and scientific methods. Russia/Fox/Heritage Foundation work hard @ killing truth. Killing Justice. Killing rights, killing the poorÖ Is there any debate by a legitimate outlet? Fox is illegitimate. Franklin Graham ďCrackerĒ and his ilk are illegitimate. Lawyer speak and corporate double talk and conglomerate back stabbing. How bout the new infrastructure plan? A dead giveaway2 huge corporations, trillions of $ so they can fix bridges and highways. W8 4 it. And then we pay tolls. First we finance it with tax $. Then we pay tolls. T Rumps America.

      I better get off here.

January 29 2018

Sunny morning. Cold. Not like zero cold but cold. I must regroup 2day, assemble all my postponing and c people about trees. In the process ride hard. Iím bearing down. Riding harder and longer each day. Yesterday was a seventeen mile circuit, pushing it hard.

       Dogs chase along, some are chained but wag their tails glad of the commotion, others chained sprint2 the end and flip or strangle themselves straining2 get @ me. Some are cold wanting in, others getting old, no longer chasing me so enthusiastically. Some are gone. I need some mace4 others. I stop and gather a handful of rocks4 others. A couple I stop and pet.

       T  Rump talks2 Mueller. In the mens room. He also grabbed Mueller by the arm and warned him2 Watch it with ur reporting and questions.Ē Mueller showed reporters the bruises on his arm.

       The law and order, ďgr8 show by the way,Ē President is now openly defying the legitimacy of the FBI. ďIím going2 go ahead and send u armored personnel carriers and cluster bombs2 have red e4 use when my paid disrupters create violence from peaceful protest, but this investigation is a total HOAX.Ē Mueller sent out an alarm when he saw the ALL CAPS.

       The this morning T Rump hired a hand expert2 prove that his hands were much bigger than the bruise pattern, and Mueller was photographed eating a salad, cited as proof he was trying2 lose bulk and make his arm smaller. ďHeís usually a steroid freak,Ē T Rump tweeted, ďheís trying2 get the libs and fag vegans on his side now. But more people will vote4 me than him. This memo will prove they R OUT2 GET ME!Ē

       His state of the union address will showcase how he took a tattered, pathetic armed forces and made them a global enemy. In one year he rescued and polished our armed forces.

       The economy. After eight years of Obamaís depression and steady losing of jobs and downward trends, the data showed upward trends but he says that was fake, now the data, on the exact same trajectory, is real and T Rump takes all the credit. All of it.

       With domestic terrorism going nuts now, he will not utter that phrase. Instead it will b about Immigrants and the wall.

       Sacrificing meals on wheels so that the Secret Service could ride along in golf carts. Killing solar so coal can kill more miners. Stifling civil rights so he can use surplus military equipment2 scatter black4 video ops.

       Insulting and violating, bullying and intimidating. Whining, crying, complainingÖ I wonít b watching the State of the Union address, but u can bet I will read about young Kennedyís rebuttal. This will b the rebuttal2 end all rebuttals. This rebuttal was born4 this moment. The rebuttal will tell truth after T Rump fouls the room with oh, say, what sixty lies? Or maybe over a hundred. Heís got2 stay on track. T Rump. Professional liar.

    He will pat himself on the back4 his imaginary accomplishments. He will rub himself in total fabricated satisfaction. He will outright lie that the economy is better, when his numbers on the Gross Domestic Product and unemployment and the stock market are all trending less better after eight years of steady growth.  Fox will gloat and gleam, beaming that this is the moment that T Rump became president. This was his presidential watershed, the apex of  an historic, record breaking, all good legal and truthful presidency. Fox will say that this is what America needed after eight years of lies and deceit, wars and recession. Maybe the dems will parade Stormy Daniels n2 the room. She can sit by Franklin Graham.

       T Rump. HOAX.

       Time4 a cold ride. I have a sore throat but that wonít slow me down. Itís good wind therapy. Cold, howling wind therapy. Primal Scream.

And we roll. Whatever so Iím riding these ridges, tracing Cherokee trails. There is a plaque about an ancient trail on Mixtec drive in Cherokee Village. So Iím like that makes sense, it was a westerly foot trail @ the divide between Southfork, Strawberry, and Spring Rivers. From the highway and public camps of scot and Irish builders of a Spanish Financed road. It followed the backbone between Spring River and Martin Creek, now known as Wirth or CC road. American programs improved it decades later. It crossed Near the smaller bridge in Hardy, maybe Bee Creek in the area was a large Craft Bee. Cherokee were known2 have large events.  But the road took the ez route south our of Forty Islands, modern day Hardy, and off south on this highland platue. The town was named Stuart after a beloved agent known2 Cherokees as BushyHead.

      So here in Stuart a mule trail or walking path took the best route2 Viola, @ which point Cherokee were out of undisputed land. Anything west of south of Devils Backbone, or the watershed between Southfork and North Fork, meant war with Osages.

      Fittingly, Devilís Backbone begins in Sulphur Rock. In that area was the beginning of foot hills off the flat delta land east of Black River.

      Easy ridges and eventual ciffs separate White River from Strawberry River here. Cord, Charlotte, and Oil Trough. Oil Trough was named4 a bear oil operation that provided a spigot @ the water line4 traders2 fill containers or canoes or French Piroques(pee ro) with bear oil and take the solidified oil2 New Orleans. The Backbone meanders west and north 2ward Pfeiffer, Scottish community south of Cave City. Curving northwest between Melbourne and Violet Hill,  @ some point there is a smooth transition over2 watersheds of Northfork and South Fork River. Between Viola and Salem and on n2 Missouri Devils Backbone separate North Fork and South Fork, then slowly fusions n2 the separating line between North Fork and Eleven Point, then soon the backbone between North Fork and Current Rivers, and @ some point the Piney River and others itís been awhile since I traced it out. But the treaty line was set many decades. The Devils Backbone was not only the furthest west trespass Osage would accept from Cherokee in Arkansas, it was also the Western limit of Delaware and Shawnee encroachment in Missouri. University Archives.

      So4 one hundred and sixteen years Chorokee were here. They would b here now if not4 the big earthquake. Church bells rang in new England. This signaled many whites2 move west.

      Irishmen werenít as swamp savvy as Frenchmen. Maybe they waited in Kentucky until extreme drought made gigantic cape girardo a prairie. They would traverse on foot and with mules and cluster @ Clover Bend, moving n2 the Strawberry b4 rain came. Snug in flood proof highlands they quietly held farms. B4 1811 this was only as members of Cheroke nation. After it was a free for all, but strong clan survived n2 modern times holding glen and valley on Strawberry River. Maybe Ben Franklin had a printing press in the modern day Horseshoe Bend area, maybe they printed a Cherokee alphabet a decade b4 history says it happened2 Cherokee somewhere else.

      I can hear bag pipes in Cave City as a council of Cherokee accept Scotsmen as friends.

      I c pretty red haired maidens river dancing4 a great Cherokees @ Franklin.

      Frenchmen pushed poles from Otter Town2 FrenchTownÖ They knew traps and fursÖ

      Englishmen named Myatt and Lanton married Delaware women. Their farms skirted the thirty six thirty line and the Devils Backbone as Cherokee territory merged with Delaware. They were more adept @ keeping thier land as they merged with Americans after 1811.

      Once2 Viola on the high trail west u could drink and shout, dance2 fiddle music, use axes cutting wood and burn bright fires in day light, all things generally 4bidden in Cherokee territory.

      Stories of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Paris, old world wars and unquenching thirst4 freedom. The Cherokee web was strong, fire eternalÖ

      4 decades, even centuries Cherokee accepted European goods: steel traps, saws, guns.. Horses were already west of the Mississippi as Cherokee came.

      Kettles. Plows. Broad hoes, narrow hoes. A few of these and Cherokee niched out valleys here. The land is rocky, Cherokee quickly found out plowing was not like over on Saint Francis river, pure sandy loam there cut easily by sharp plow. Plows and hoes did  not stay sharp4 long here in what became Sharp County. Grinding wheels, pedal powered, and also pedal powered looms fueled Cherokee industry. Cherokee prosperity.

      Pottery. Cherokee were unequaled masters of the craft. Plus they had a secret cache of white clay on Saint Francis River they moved east regularly in fine intricate web.

      They traveled @ night across huge bodies of water, the entire Mississippi delta was often a flat body of water a thousand miles across. The area was referred2 as the ďoceanĒ 2 native Cherokee, and they knew that it eventually became blue salty ocean we call the Gulf of Mexico.

January 27, 2018

Rain. Sweet. Consistent. Nice. Deep rest.

2nite Itís the MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LALA(LAUREN GRAY). If I make it Imma shoot pool and make the scene. B somebody a minute.

       Life is quiet. Thatís a good thing. I canít do much mindless bs and chit chat. I realize as humans we need a little of that but Im ok w my own thoughts.

       T Rump is2. His deep thoughts are on display most mornings as he hits the crapper with fake news rants. Fox and Friends and Hannity were forced2 desert him momentarily when it was confirmed that he did indeed try2 fire Mueller but his staff wouldnít let him. Pathetic. Uno if Obama had wanted2 fire the FBI director his staff wouldnít have stopped him.

       Maybe if Obama had actively tried2 destroy health care T Rump and the repos would b all about Universal. Like they were until Hillary tried2 do it as First Lady in the nineties.

       I hope T Rump has2 testify on live tv like they forced Bill Clinton2 do. But they only had one angle and that was the blue dress with sperm caked on it. Every single question Mueller will ask T Rump is a gotcha. This fake president has tweeted and whined about most facets of the investigation, openly obstructed justice, openly threatened investigators, openly committed treason. Once they start asking him about it the dollar signs in his eyes will start spinning like a slot machine. He will fake a stroke, he will put alka seltzer in his mouth and fake a seizure. He will flop about on the floor like an epileptic toddler. Heís good @ faking disabilities. The draft dodging, the mocking of the disabled reporter.

       So itís ride hard 2day. Hit the wind. The rain has stopped. So enjoy the wet day, get n2 it. The creeks will have pools, the clear water influx will help beavers. There is a nice beaver pond right on the highway. Sometimes I wonder if the carbon and rubber dust harms the fish and game in the pool, the macroinvertabrae and fine gilled fishes. IN fact the strawberry darter fish is probably extinct. I think I c some sometimes but donít know4 sure. They are a beautiful little fish with rainbow coloring that are only found a within a few miles from here. If they are found @ all n e more. They have feathery gills that need clean river gravel2 survive, Strawberry River is increasingly a muddy river. Unregulated cattle farms are destroying the river, but instead of easily fixing the problem, cattle farmers demonize researchers and flood media with corporate shills, fake news, and lies.

       We may soon get rid of the pig farm close2 Buffalo River. But that will mean a dozen pig farms on Southfork. That will mean more extreme test cases on the next sensitive habitat. Or the Kocks and Tyson may find another way2 attack clean water. The dead zone. Thatís ur dark shadow government, ur nefarious forces behind the scenes. There is an out house in the lobby.

January 25, 2018

Sunny day. Nice. Piddling. Glad2 b here. Life is right fine. A hard ride there. Splitting some wood here. I feel a little like the gingerbread man 2day. Stuck in a mold. Yesterday was rough. But I will pop out of the mold anew and ginger lee begin my day. And I love Mary Ann.

       In a way itís unfortune8 that I am so opinion8ed. Most of my clients are conservatives, some of them must read the journal. And some of those probably get offended and donít call me back. The trees suffer bcos the others, either pretenders in the biz4 a minute, or long term scam artists creeping like the tide, eternally chumping. These fake tree services talk a smooth bait and switch. It is one thing2 remove trees cheaply and indiscriminately, another2 provide non standard pruning. It shows. Itís often obvious, rarely in a good way. Also proof of detrimental effects decades l8r r all around us. Almost every home or street tree is victim2 myth. This is fostered by racism.

       When we beat the japs by dropping the biggest bombs, incinerating millions, our way of doing things the American way which included defying the thousand year old rules of pruning developed by Japanese through diligent study and research by Japanese Arborists.

       With plenty of adrenalin junkies coming homed and new innovations in chain saws, the tree industry exploded, Army rangers swung from millions of urban trees across America.

       The Japanese have known of collars and proper pruning cuts a long time. But since we defeated them, we decided that bigger, harsher ďflushĒ cuts were better.

       Ever since our urban forest is a mess. Utilities contribute2 the confusion with horrible pruning that makes the tree more of a liability. Then the scammers bring utility methods over n2 residential. ANSI standard is supposed2 keep that down.

       Then u got black outs, brown outs, T Rump killed solar yesterday, U got museums or swanky places with crap pruning, u got all kinds of bank buildings and like that need proper reduction and pruning. Itís a lost art that never was.

       Iím picturing Memfis Ten. They need pruning, proper pruning all over the place. City planners and county judges donít want2 mention it, the budget doesnít cover it. It takes a few grand just2 get the crew and bucket trucks in and start hacking away with what they can reach. Not a standard cut2 b found.  They never so much as read the pamphlet. They have the biggest bill boards though.

       Itís here. There. Everywhere. One in ten so called tree services make the standard cut.

       But itís unwind 2day. Ease down and hold it in. keep it 2gether one more time. The river patiently awaits and Willows tremble straining. Flat sand holds sweet recline. I will b alone next time, Bonny has passed. Bonny and Geezer took quite a few trips. Both were well known @ Howards and The Camps. Thatís right pets arenít allowed, especially dogs. Slick Rock. The others on Spring River that shall remain nameless, all had altercations with Geezer. He could sneak in and then take over.

       One night THROTTLE was playing in Hardy @ Loberg Park. Geezer was leashed2 a plastic lawn chair. When Geezer bolted that lawn chair started bouncing along behind him it was almost dangerous.

       Well Iím nostalgic again. And I heard that leads2Ö other thingsÖ so I better get around and get something done.

    I do need2 go on record that i do not think draft dodgers are cowards. IT's rich spoiled draft dodgers that grow up2 b war mongers that are the soulless cowards.

January 24, 2018

And we roll. Life is.

      Early I was slowly ascending a huge red oak over a fine Cherokee Village home. Spikeless as always I moved up2 about sixty feet and rigged a large branch over the roof. It was tricky lowering such a big branch, then we got the stub off4 a clean proper finishing cut.

      Then it was the main event. An even larger red oak with a large branch even higher, about eighty feet up above the ground, sixty or seventy above the roof.

      Iím not going2 lie. I was not looking 4ward2 this tree. I stalled and rested up while my ground guy hustled. Once everything was a go up I went using every inch of ladder, pole, rope and skill, perseverance and will. Once again I delivered the goods spikeless. I was able2 use an adjacent branch, only because of the sheer height there was room. I took a large section of the crown out.

      Boom. Touchdown. After a couple hours in that

 tree all was well and we finished up. Peace.

      Repos actively pushing the shadow government theory. The secret committee2 destroy T Rump. But as with most accusations from a repo itís projecting their guilt on2 others. Iím sure there was a secret repo committee2 discredit Obama. Heritage Foundation anyone?

      ďUncleĒ Tom Cotton: it would b treasonous2 stall T Rumps nominees. Unholy hypocrisy anyone?

      Bank of America gouges their poorest customers.

      Federal charges 4people who leave water jugs in the desert4 illegals crossing. T Rump says dems are complicit in murder. Again, the projecting, as itís the repos who r murdering people by kicking them off health care and poisoning them.

      T Rump supporter attempts 2 shoot up CNN because they are ďfake news.Ē School shooter in Kentucky. Not even thoughts and prayers this time.

      I gotta end this. Jesus, if Obama had uttered even one of the over two thousand easily provable lies that T Rump spouts in a year, if he had played one tenth of the amount of golf, if he had payed a porn star, leaned on the FBI, money laundering, the list goes on and on, he would b vilified and investigated 2 high holy hell. Talk about moving the goal posts. Moving the end zone. The complete and total transparent hypocrisy of the right is mind numbing. They dangle the carrot in front of the poor and jerk it away in sick twisted games.

 Franklin Graham: T Rump is a good Christian man. This kills what credence he had. There is a clear water revival coming and Franklin Graham can suck it.

      So fox and the Russians will spin. Congress and the Russians and Fox will move the goal posts around2 the detriment of truth and justice and real Americans. Hannity in conjunction with Russians, Fox, the Russians, The Heritage Foundation, and Congress are @ war with people.

    T Rump says he will definitely testify under oath. He says he is eager2 testify under oath. Which translates2: he will not testify under oath under any circumstances. He says if Hillary will testify first he will2. Not a joke.

    Cant w8 2hear the series of hurdles criminal investigators must clear2 speak2 our president. It must b done in a golf cart @ Mar a lago. Full price rentals4 FBI and as always the secret service. Mueller must b in a pink tutu. There must b a 3ring circus that day. The next day must b in Antarctica, the next in deepest China. Mueller and the entire FBI team must b in pink tutus the entire time. All of Bill Clintons bimbos get2 serve drinks. Franklin Graham must perform an exorcism on Mueller. Chris Christy must preside wearing a diaper and huge lollipop. The worlds most prolific abortion doctors must sit nearby silently dressed in all black. ONly Fox gets the exclusive rights2 publication... And when all the tenets r met he will still balk and preen, tweet vane and profane fabrications, insults and weasel like the true treasonous draft dodging little bitch he is. "I've got it," he tweets, "I'll buy the Dodgers." T Rump. Soulless coward.

January 23, 2018

And we roll. Life is a roller coaster. Ur in the tree tops one minute and shooting the rapids the next.

       Hard run 2day. A succession of four red oak reductions, each individual situation unique, but mostly it was removing branches over wires and the house. Moron tap 2moro.      

       These trees had been trimmed within the last ten years or so. Someone made collar cuts which is good and the overall presentation of the job was ok, then I noticed some stubbing. Didnít c spike marks though. But Iím like look @ that proper cut right above the worst included bark and codominant stem youíll c. What Iím saying is take the whole stem away with a proper finishing cut. Some high level arborists will say cable and reduce but that just complicates and adds expense.  I have done cables, with a good success ratio, My cables are all around the area and Memphis.

`     F u go2 a hurricane hit area u c trees with a heart shape area, and another tree on the house which is actually a fallen codominant stem of the tree with the heart shape. That happens a lot. When I look @ a job Im on the lookout4 obvious hazard. Nonstandard tree services wont c that bcos they donít understand tree biology and if they did they would not use spikes4 pruning, wouldnít do so much gratuitous topping and stubbing, flush cutting and other chump or hack work.

       So itís ride after dark 2nite. Find a way. Find a night time run2 do often. Itís tough here. Not a bike friendly place. U gotta attack.

       I get a little offended by facebook friends who make fun of liberals. Iím like how bout this Conservatives believe life ends @ birth.

       And these secret memos by Charlie ďMansonĒ Krauthammer and looka likes or minions or other posers. Hillary and Obama shadow government still running things, calling the shots.

       We will c more of these shifting back2 Obama as he joins protests and mulls a couple more terms b4 he is sixty.

       The russion bots and fox are all in2 it. The bots make a story, fox runs with it, implying evil nefarious doings2 the other side, Fox and Russia are in bed. But they r so sick and twisted they canít get it up4 each other. They have hard ons4 bArack. If he runs again he will painted as a literal glowing demonic hell bot, an electric outlet of Sodom and Gomora, Satan personified, literal overlord of the underworld.

       Bring on revelations, the holy war will b upon us without T Rump. T Rump will guard us, keep us safe now that he has built the Military back up from catastrophic obama years. Now we can bomb isis like obama never would. Now we get2 keep our guns, not like when Obama tried2 get them. Now the economy can recover from the obama depression and the obama wars. T Rump is a good ol Jesus loving white man, bald and illiterate, tiny hands and plenty of Viagra @ all times.

       T Rump killed solar 2day. He destroyed the industry and caused the layoffs of dozens of thousands of people by enacting tariffs on imported solar panels. Wow. And solar was going2 hurt coal this year.

    Shutdown over. 4 two weeks. Then we will have another shutdown. but then we will have a last minute stop gap vote2 keep the government open another week. U can bet congress gets paid first. and foremost. furthermore and 4evermore.

So the repos and fox and Russia are still @ the sophisticated fake news scam. Heres vaguely how it works, it may ring a bell4 some. Some heinous little right wing vampire concocts a big ass lie about a Hillary or Barack, and writes a ďmemo.Ē

     Then itís a big secret memo that Dums donít want2 get out, wont let it get out. Using dark government Obama/Hillary evil they keep this big lie/memo from getting out2 the people.

     Russian generated bots, fake accounts on social media, 4ward fake news about the memo, with different wording, then hit one that goes viral and trends a minute.

     Fox News gets wind of it, actually they are in on it from the inception. They dedicate whole segments about the big lie of the day, always, always this fair and balanced station demonizes Hillary/Barack.

     Another wave of bots join Fox in ignoring T Rumpís obvious numerous criminal acts and operations, focusing an Hillary/Barackís big ďunmaskingĒ and spying. Discovering the wrong doing and proving it is way more bad2 Fox than straight up treason.

     From there it veers all over the place, The Russians. Fox. The heritage house talking points. Selective leaks. Congressional inquiry. The "memo" is never produced because it is written by a guy who got caught doing this exact same thing several times, obviously in conjunction with T Rump. But no matter how inconclusively we prove treason, obstruction, laundering, RICO, they will not go quietly. There will b a bloody coup, there will b screaming and heads will roll. Just like when asked if T Rump would accept the vote tally, he said, ďif he won.Ē He will throw the toddler tantrum from high holy hell  of all time when Mueller recommends prison. The bastard needs a fucking spanky. He needs 2b humiliated and completely discredited. Every. Word. He. Says. Is. A. Lie. But some liars are charismatic and everybody loves them. Those same people hate liars. Weird.

January 22 2018

Bright sunny day. Hard rain early this morning leaves everything a little soggy. I  canceled 2days job, prolly could b working but I needed more rest.  Brutal week in store.

       So imma ride 2day, range far. Do gr8 things. Breathe it in. Soak in it. Find a n new path. Meander. Wander.

       Fires smolder. Life is. I am an ember. ON an island. IN a river, In the woods. Fine clean sand bar perimeter. Willows hush @ my approach, tremble as I break them. The Gathering. Dead pile. The Ring. Fire Woman. Ghost dance. Sun King. The Rain. Brother Wolf.. . And Sister Moon.

       Cherokee planted Three Sisters. That was beans and peas I think, google it, with corn growing in the middle, lending support 4the others.

       Then u got Three Brothers community over by Mountain Home. Likely Cherokee. Maybe. Maybe their were three brothers after the Earthquake, likely Shawnee, it is near Tecumseh, Shawnees were known2 the area, in fact there is a Shawnee Town near there, likely from 1812 after the Earthquake.

       Some people in that area still have Spanish deeds. That means they were there in the seventeen hundreds. They were probably strong mixed blood Cherokee pioneers who crossed the Devils Backbone early or double agents, fake Osage who secretly held Spanish deed issued2 Cherokee. England and France had also issued North Arkansas2  Cherokee, but I donít know if the degree of planning and subdivision was as advanced as the Spanish Period. The French may have had detailed individual deeds but they were less about that than fluidly traversing geography and culture. The English never held real power here, Only out on the main Mississippi water way were they occasionally effective. First Cherokee here were much more French than English. English style Cherokee came here in the seventeen seventies and eighties. Spain put up flyers in Alabama in bold letters, ďCome2 Arkansas young Cherokee.Ē Except they didnít put the number 2 in modern computer slang as I do.

       So the immigration here2 modern day sharp and fulton counties was over one hundred years. And their were periods of reverse immigration where some Cherokee left North Arkansas and moved back east a while. But this area, even if  Cherokee Historians donít know it, was home2 Western Cherokee from sixteen ninety six til 1812. I know a few Cherokee over in Talequah know some of this, but I wonder how much they really care. They donít show up every year and canoe Spring River like they did when I was a kid. There is a pow wow but itís pretty commercial, no speakers or histories of the area.

       I wonder if I am the only one who knows that a canoe paddling n2 the sun makes the water spider symbol? I can b arrested4 viewing pictures of burial moccasins, but its how I have managed2 unlock some secrets. Plus I have an ESP like connection with the area, I have very vivid visions of wounded Cherokee limping through smoky battle ground, gathering @ a neighbors place down the road from me. Quickly planning next moves in war torn Stuart(modern day Highland).

       My next move2 breathe life n2 my novel of the Arkansas Cherokee is get n2 ancient gaelic or celt culture and adopt that2 The Horseshoe Bend Area. There would have been an Irish town there, or a trading post owned by Irish Cherokee, surrounded by Irish Cherokee farms and ranches.

       Same thing with the French. I need2 breathe life n2 Frenchtown also, center of the French Cherokee occupation, but Arkansas History is all about the French, how customs of Paris mingled with natives. There is very little about Irish intermingling.

       We know the Irish had potato famines and left en masse4 the New World. Itís pretty much a given that Irish people were in the mountains of Carolina mingling with Cherokee b4 Columbus arrived in 1492.

       There were undoubtedly Irish among Dangerous Mans expedition as he moved2 the Paragould Area in sixteen ninety six and quickly established claim of lands east of the dEvils backbone and south of the Thirty six thirty line using his new found solution2 centuries of dominance by superior osage bows: rifles.

       So a distinct history of Cherokee is here in plain sight but ninety percent of Cherokee Historys barely mention Arkansas, much less northeast Arkansas b4 1811, The Saint Francis Years are usually put @ 1790 but thatís way off. Cherokee controlled Saint Francis, southfork, and Strawberry River vallys for one hundrd and sixteen years.

       Hard ride in big wind. Glad Iím not climbing trees 2day.

Otter Creek begins in Highland @ the High School. Turkey Creek begins @ Dollar General across the highway. Here was a short path from French Otter Creek2 Irish Turkey Creek. From here the backbone holds Cherokee Village Air Port, the South Golf Course, and on out west where it joins the Devils Backbone somewhere south of Salem Arkansas.

       I need2 start a map. It is time consuming and tedious work, especially4 a non artistic type like me. I did the covers of two books though, and one is a map. The cover of LoJoker is a work of art I worked on some time. The cover of Water Spider is also a nice computer generated work of art. Links f ur lucky.

       So itís prepare4 jobs. Brutal week coming up.

       Panadox. I need2 get out and film waterfalls4 new backdrops. I have a camera Imma try soon.

       EROSION. I hit the acoustic or electric and jam my set. I talked2 JESSE ORR about jamming, he could totally shred on my stuff. He gave me a copy of his new project REVERB SUGAR. U can get it on ReverbNation.

       River Adventures. A new Black River run in virgin territory in the worx4 next month. We need2 do Clearwater Lake2 Arkansas, probably a hundred miles. We will prolly do about fifty @ a time. Darryl is back in the picture so load the eff up on Heinekin.

        Tree Care. Hammering away on proper pruning scheduled4 january. Jobs are rolling off every day, this coming week is set, beyond that is shaping up.

       Word. Still breathing life n2 my novel about the Arkansas Cherokee. As journal veterans know I postulate and develop story lines in this journal. Slowly I absorb new ideas n2 the story line. I have2 b careful doing this, because u can 4get u put it in already yada yada, u have2 reread material often. Writing is hard work. Well stream of consciousness  like this journal is not hard. Real writing, the nuts and bolts of coherent storylines and character development, takes drive and anal attention2 detail. Not always fun or glamorous. Short attention spans donít work writing a full length novel. So, if u have a short attention span u gotta work even harder. Itís mental. Often I prefer physical work.

   January 19, 2018

Hard ride. Long day drawing down. Early I was getting n2 a sprawling Ash Flat maple. Difficult reduction over three buildings. Major branches coming off, snagging upÖ Rigging... Roping... Up and down many times2 get it right. Big cleanup. Short but  brutal week. Now it is time2 have a cold one and check out band rehearsal. Kick back and watch my peeps work new songs out. I may learn something.

       Another good week on tap starting Monday. Rebel Tree Care. Needed. Rare. Ethical. Informed. ConsistentÖ

       I had just enough time4 a bike jam b4 dark. Hard run in the wind. I needed it, Itís been a minute, or maybe a week.

        I checked a few minutes of lame stream media, CNN devoted long minutes2 T Rump apologist tour: Scary mucus? T Rump is a comedic genius. he says with a cocky smile, T Rump is a New York loudmouth, he says funny things and sarcastic stuff the elites donít ďget.Ē Itís funny when he threatens nuclear war and strips hard earned civil rights.

Kelly Anne: "heís a counter puncher. A Muslim criticizes him, he conducts total ethnic cleansing. Rosy Odonnel speaks against him he fat shames her. The supreme court strikes down almost all of his decrees, He destroys their credibility. The EPA keeps him from building a strip mall in a sensitive area, he destroys the EPA.  A Sixth grader asks him a hard question he destroys public eductation. On and on this glorious man, this wonderful Christian man, this humble, quiet, unassuming working class man honors all of America.Ē

       Now all the headlines and crawlers are: ď T Rump working feverishly2 avert government shut down." I smell a T Rump takes credit4 saving us all from the liberals with his Art of the Deal spin scam coming soon2 a station near u...

       Repos are all about states rights. Except4 DACA. The Federal Government knows better what each state city and situation calls4, and that is always crushing the hopes and dreams of brown people. And weed. They pronounced Weed as deadly as heroin, so u know they know what theyíre doing. Special Jeffy ďMidnightĒ Sessions is on the case.

       I better get off here b4 I go off.

Hard rides in store every day from now on. Bear down tree care. Get er dun. Rivers await me.

January 18, 2018

And we roll. Crazy day in trees. Life is good. I was having a little trouble up there 2day. It was sixty feet up in a huge red oak over a fine two story home on Lake Thunderbird. Crazy. I had2 crawl way out over the roof. The branch was sturdy but I was freaking anyway, I was loathe2 use it2 lower the pieces but I was able2 get it rigged using another part of the tree, this was more work over all but definitely easier on the mind. Methodically I removed numerous branches, then large diameter pieces back2 a good junction. No spikes. Proper reduction. Quality workÖ

     Tough. Rough. But I touched down and itís on2 the next job. Life rocks.

     I tell the ground man, open up the gate. Then Iíve got a BRUCE DICKINSON song in my head4 the next hour. But thatís not a bad thing, he is one of the greatest singers in the world. Check out Accident of Birth.

     So itís bear down now that the weather is good. Try2 get the calendar back on track. Next week is busy again.

      T Rump gave some sort of speech 2day. Absolutely sure it was chock full of lies. I did hear him say something about ďhistoric achievementsĒ and other nonsensical blather. What an effing chump.

     White supremacist murderers are way up. Doubled last year. Coincidence?

     Scott Pruitt using voodoo logic in explaining his evil plan2 pollute.

     Special Jeffy Sessions using voodoo logic in his evil plan2 discriminate. And so it goes.

     Whisperings of Obama running again. He is needed. He must have a higher calling because who would subject themself2 the lies and abuse Fox will throw @ him just like they have done continually since he started making waves ten years ago. 2bad heís muslim terrorist, he could never beat good Christian T Rump. Facts are now irrelevant. Conservatives have their set of alternative facts, and then there is everybody else.

     I may go4 a bike jam 2nite. Rock the neighborhood a little.

January 17, 2018

And we roll. Finally another good day 2 get n2 the urban forest. Sure it was cold, three degrees when we started but the day warmed up2 a balmy eighteen.  A plunge in icy Lake Sequoyah washed off the sawdust, but I 4got my sun tan oil so couldnít soak up rays. Kidding of course, but I did get way up in several post oaks over the yard, the house, the sea wall. The boat. The arbor vidaes. In the mix was trimming a prized willow oak and removing volunteer cedar and cherry. L8 lunch @ Carols and we were up the hill2 another job, this one removing an elm all over a driveway. That went well and life is good.

       Daunting tasks ahead the next couple days as I try2 get caught up on the calendar.

       Fox News admits they had the T Rump/Porn Star story last year b4 the election. But they said they wanted2 corroborate sources and do good ethical journalism. So. They pounded Hillary with unethical, uncorroborated fake news relentlessly. Check the record. Itís all there.

       Fox and Brietbart announce that T Rumps support among black people has doubled. Ben Carson likes T Rump twice as much as b4. Or maybe it was a polling error that showed black support jumped2 2 percent from one percent.

       ďNegros love me,Ē he tweeted, ďwhen they are not killing in the streets and laying around collecting welfare.Ē

       Wisconsin voting repos out. Scott the Snot Walker and Paul "monkeys flyin" Ryan queasy as the backlash continues. Blame it on T Rump. Blame it on Governors sentencing many2 die by not accepting Medicaid expansion. Blame it on lies and deception. Or blame it on Hillary.

       ďitís a messaging problem,Ē they say, ďweíre not doing a good job telling millenials how much we care about the middle class and civil rights. But with this tax scam, our donors have2 put out more, so we will saturate all media with new messaging about how we love the lower class and liberals are demons. Twenty four seven, every channel like those movies where the super villain is on every channel. We must improve messaging so everyone can c how Christ like we are2 demonize refugees, mock the disabled and force them2 jump through hoops4 help. We must show through constant Media infomercials and fake expert articles how trickle down works, all terrorists are brown, and gigantic war and pollution are our friends. Itís the American Way. We are citizens. United.Ē

       Steve Bannon set2  squeal like a greased pig and beg4 lenience as he readies2 spill the beans in the hope of getting a country club prison.

       Sessions releases FBI files2 congress so they can figure a way2 discredit the

FBI when the FBI recommends imprisonment 4 T Rump.

       Sessions also nullifies disability rules. Why? Because he is a heinous hideous elf from hell. A satanic minion in service2 the dark lord. But liberals like gays and an Old Testament verse says gays are bad and we are a Christian nation, ruled by the bible. The Constitution? Meh. Not so much.

       Mitch the Bitch introduced a resolution2 assure that Kentucky residents thrown off Medicaid by myriad new clerical rules can never get help of any kind from the government or even apply. If caught eating @ Red Lobster, even if paid by someone else, they could b imprisoned. ďOne guy had a gold tooth,Ē the Bitch tweeted, ďand he was on unemployment. We must stop these moochers from profiting off Medical procedures and shooting up McDonalds.Ē He then introduced a new law giving Giant Coal Conglomerates billions of $.

       Scott Walker complained that his new mega corporation, absolved of any responsibility2 adhere2 any and all environmental regulations, would have2 pay a suffocating minimum wage and b subject2 OSHA requirements. ďRegulation is killing corporations. Corporations are out there doing Godís work, and Satanic liberal work place regulations and demonic living wages are literally killing our CEO lifestyle.Ē

       ďUncleĒ Tom Cotton: ďI first murdered thousands of poor peasants in Kuwait with ten Russian ak47's each with a thousand rounds. I pissed my pants @ first, then sucked it up and opened up on the Mecca Muslims on Pilgrimage. We pinned it on Bin Laden but my point is thatís how repos keep power. We kill the poor. I mean I never dreamed Iíd b in the running4 CIA director. Gosh, Iím just a good Christian good ol boy from Arkansas. We betrayed God by accepting Medicaid expansion. The dumb rubes donít even know itís ObamaCare. Private Option. Sounds like a guy I knew in boot camp.Ē

       Repo Kevin McCarthy: ďwe need2 pin something on Hillary. Anything. An eleventh Benghazi investigation could find an email or crude comment. Then we could impeach her.Ē

    Koreas getting along. they plan joint participation in the Olympics. T Rump tweeted, "Awww, the widdle Koreas pwaying 2gether. Boom goes the planet cos I got the biggest bomb around. Immature little juveniles."

    "Liberal media claims I'm out of shape. Those doctored photos are fake news. I have rock hard abs and buns of steel. U think I don't satisfy Melania with my huge missile? And those Miss Universes were ugly, not near hot enough4 me2 rape."

    "And these liberal hoaxes about me improperly selling a penthouse yesterday2 the president Kazakistan4 a cool trillion. Yes the roof was leaky, the faucets rusty, it's in the retainer all sales are final. READ THE FINE PRINT."

    Volcanoes in the Philippines. Detroit hit my meteor.

January 16, 2018

Choppers. This mid day. Scary. Probably looters lol. It dipped down2 zero again. Aint gonna lie. I stayed here in bed. Feeding fires. There is still a little ice in the trees, Looks like we may b clear 2moro. 2moro 2moro 2moro. Crazy.    

       My wood is getting low. I was going2 restock it with all this trimming I was planning on doing. If I get2 work 2moro I can catch up, if not itís work up wood. May do that 2day n e way. Gotta survive. I do have gas and electric heat2 supplement but Iím loathe2 use it.

       So buckle down, batten the hatches, warming trend on the way. So they say. Ride now we got a ride on the Siberian Express, I saw penguins flying by last night.

January 15, 2018

Snow. Consistent and sure. Should b coming down many hours. Cant work. So itís piddling. Boredome. And I donít get bored easily. Iím under the weather2, I think my nephew has a super power. And that is making me violently ill the day after I c him.

       So itís piddle and chill.

       T Rump paid off four women in the adult entertainment industry in the last year. Hmmm. Not a peep on the Sunday shows. I wonder if Bill Clinton had been caught doing that if repos would b so quiet. Or Obama had been caught even flirting with one. Hypocrisy much? Talk about moving the goal posts. Repos move the entire end zone. I guess weíre lucky they bother2 tell us where the game is2 b played. And it is a game2 them. Itís a matter of life and death4 many, but T Rump and his supporters find it big fun. Haha now die.

       MLK day. T Rump golfs on his club course, he holds the record4 most golf rounds2 briefings. Since it is MLK day he let the black janitor play a round. First black man or woman since Tiger Woods in 2008. Thatís a joke. Iím sure there have been a couple of blacks on his course in the last few years. Heís no racist. We know heís not because he has said that umpteen times in two days. Actions speak louder than words. Even, especially T Rumps words. He uses the best, I mean the worst, words. He was best in his class in words. He know big words. He knows long words, he knows many words, many difficult words, He drools words. He stutters words in private when a hooker is getting2 good a deal. He pukes words, foul, acrid words, poison, toxic words. He likes those best, getting poison words out of his mouth feels so good. So gratifying.

       Big flakes of snow. Lots of it4 us. May end up with a few inches.

       So itís piddle, prolly4 a couple more days till It gets where I can do work safely.

January 14 2018

Snow. I was set2 get in the trees this cold Sunday but there was slick dusting so I called it off. Now itís thick coming down, accumulating. Still only a half inch or so but our first real snow of the year. I know, Pennsylvania chuckles at our wonder.

       It may b a hundred degrees 2moro. Arkansas weather. The land of the Thunders where Otter lived.

       Fact. WE know Dams or cataracts had existed years ago because when we planned the modern dams and developments in the nineteen forties we noticed past development. This was Cherokee. There had been a large chain of small lakes and long ponds. Traveling through by boat u would need a mule tow and maybe a lift. Maybe Otter Lifter lifted canoes on Otter Creek. But as u moved through, there would b muddy trails beside each cataract, canoes would b loosed2 chute down2 lower levels quickly, just as an otter slides. Foot trails would take people down, lucky or wounded might cadge a mule or pony ride. Barter and common trade language, these people  not uninformed. Not Unwise. Not Savage. They were poised2 stay here in Sharp and Fulton County 4ever and would b here 2day through peaceful coalition but4 New Madrid Earthquakes of Eighteen Twelve. Cherokees, with Kin and Clan dashed asunder on Saint Francis, Mercyís Backbone moaned, and preached amid carnage, then gone, stragglers coming here2 Otter Town or Forty Islands. But all treaties were now invalid. Cherokee crossed the devils backbone 2ward Calico Rock in fall of 1812. They left many fields planted and tended as whites moved in.

       There are theories that Otter Lifter was actually Dragging Canoe. So maybe he was a laid back helper in Town, unafraid should Osage feint or rumble. He greeted and smiled, lifting children from canoe, lifting packages, lifting canoes.

       Iím sure standard practice when Cherokee arrived in Otter Town, somewhere around Town Center in Modern Day Cherokee Village, was2 unload the boat quickly, deal and sort cargo, then move the boat upslope and conceal it. This gives advantage. As time and visits allow, the boat would b moved upstream again, maybe dragged with mules, but these dams were not tall. Probably six feet tall @ the most I could def b wrong on that, but men could do that, especially at times of peace, so common sense says u would store canoes @ the upper levels. I mean u would have ur thirty two feet poplar Atlantic Ocean Style canoes that ruled the water ways and gave Cherokees Advantage. Maybe a few birch used4 local travel, but From here in Modern Day Highland Cherokee could easily make Pine Knot, Modern Day Paragould, in one night. From Pine Knot, or chalk bluff they would go deep n2 Kentucky the next night. Sometimes fleets carrying workers4 a special harvest, unique furs and products, white clay, red clay, salt or lead, warriors. Often when the deed accomplished or project completed the fleet would wait4 the sun2 touch water and move out of Kentucky directly n2 the Setting sun, traveling over night across the Mississippi water way2 Pine Knot on the northern part of Crow Lee Ridge, there in Safe Cherokee peaceful western Nation headquarters, again they would barter and bet, speculate and invest.

       No one was sure where Otter went2. Cherokee guarded the secret. Cherokee did not run their mouths. Cherokee held ethic. Cherokee held strong. Iím sure bans on alcohol, boasting, bon fires and violins were tested during and after the seventeen ninetyís as scots built a Spanish Road. For the most part the road builders stayed out of Otter Town but there were altercations.

       Then by 1808 it was getting crazy. Squads of Cherokee breeching Devils backbone, open war between Cherokee and osage. Large groups of Cherokee immigrating from different facets of all the eastern ďstatesĒ.

       But as had always been the case since the 1690s peace would find purchase@ times. So by 1811 TEcumeh, the great Shawnee, a Cherokee ally located just2 the north in2 Missouri and his message of  Native cooperation, native coalition, native survival had taken root and cease fire issued by Osage Creat Council. A gr8 realization of benefits of peaceful resolutions. Even though the Spanish had encouraged Cherokee n2 Arkansas2 weaken Osage claim, by the time America bought Arkansas back from the French in 1803, Cherokee had seen forked tongues, knew that whites were T Rump. Deleware had seen Paul Ryan and they were no longer amused and unaware of sheer scale of treachery. Fifty Daniel Boones were sent n2 Cherokee Country here. Fifty failed2 return. Twenty five lewisís and twenty five clarks.

       Cave City was inside the backbone as it curves southeast2 Suphur Rock where it dives down under the flat delta and disappears. Scots had quite a society here, bagpipes heard frequently.

       John Stuart, 4which Highland is named, was called BushyHead by Cherokee, and named Oonodota. Dota Creek is just south of Cave City, in the Scottish district of old Cherokee Territory.

       Further south was less Cherokee and more Scottish. The Batesville area and Pfieffer held stout scots who moved slowly up the white river. Further south were unaffiliated fringe, rogue Choctaw and Creek. Some Cherokee.

       But bands of Scots back east were ruthless and organized fighting4 Great Britain or the United States. Bushyhead tried2 keep peace with rowdy Irish and Scot Cherokees working on high trails and Military roads from Salem and Hardy2 Batesville and n2 MIssouri. But eruptions flared. European grudges. Blood Retribution. Cherokee Outlawed Blood Retribution a couple years b4 the earthquakes so naturally preachers and shaman called4 a return2 the old ways.

       But over2 western Arkansas they walked. The earthquake pushed Natives back exactly half a state, probably similar in Missouri. Then it didnít take long, about twenty years, 4 whites2 push them back another half state2 Oklahoma.

       Many went2 texas, then known as mexico, trying agaiun2 get out of the Hated United States, but soon Texas was part of the US, again Cherokee would b driven from their homes by whites three, even four times. Or more. They did voluntarily leave this area as free people, but with the core of the tribe killed and dispersed by the earthquake they had no backup, Whites were moving in on them even as they left. White Cherokees tried2 recruit kin and family2 homestead but these efforts generally failed as it became a deed distribution scam based in the east. Old claims of any kind were not honored. Only the magistrates official documents decided disputes. Duel and arson might seem2 work4 a while, but someone always came with a writ. From a bank.

       But Iím getting past my story. My story ends with the Earthquake. As did the old ways of Cherokee.


So I get in this dream world. I have realistic visions of Ghosts. Cherokee Ghosts. I trace the backbones, Iím toying with trying2 name them all.

Sioux tribe was featured in the Kevin Costner movie Dancing With Wolves. The last of the true Siouxs. Osage were Sioux, or kin2 the Sioux and Siouxish. This was Osage territory traditionally. 4 many years probably since the early sixteen hundreds after native Americans in North America recovered from the first big ravages of sickness brought by Columbus in fourteen ninety two then DeSoto a few years later. The fifteens were desolate and lonely as remnants of tribes reorganized. Cherokee and Powhatan used canoes of a certain make2 move among Atlantic Ocean islands, trading and maneuvering the Outer Banks. Osage probably came trom the east about then as did Sioux Nation proper and others. So Osage used Modern Day Cherokee Village area as seasonal  hunting and fishing grounds, They were largely unchallenged in their claim because Osage bows could shoot much further than other tribes bows.

      But in sixteen ninety six dangerous man tired of the English in South Carolina and basically traded land4 guns. He went west2 Arkansas. This is fact.

      Cherokee used those Ocean style canoes2 launch in Deep Kentucky and Tennesse, moving and portaging 2 big rivers and key junctions, Merging with Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio Rivers, then the Mississipp as flooded lowlands formed the largest freshwater cape on the planet. Cape Girardo named by French Mariners. 2 crow leeís ridge. Crow Lee is a figment of my imagination, I guess it was named Crowleyís Ridge4 a white guy in eighteen thirteen just after the Cherokees left.

`     Iím like, if the watershed  between Northfork River and Southfork  was called Devilís Backbone, what were other subcontinental divides called? Crowleys Ridge itself is a backbone, the subontinental divide between Saint Francis River and Cache River . But @ times modern day cache river might have started in Illinois. There is evidence that the Mississippi flowed on the black river path in the not so ancient past.  But often years on end the area was a level cape dissected by Crowleys Ridge. I think Francis was mercy maybe, so maybe I name Ancient Crowleyís Ridge Mercy Backbone. C how that works?

      The backbone, or subcontinental divide between Strawberry and Southfork separate Irish Cherokee from French Cherokee. So maybe it was the English Channel backbone, I doubt it. There also tiny backbones of creeks dividing valleys in crooked upredictable ways only discerned by intelligent, locals, elders in the Cherokee Tribe mapping and exploring east of Viola Arkansas4 a hundred years.

      Pottawattami drive is a pretty good area of back bone as it curves around just on the southfork river side of the the slope. Just above, the airport, Santa Fe edition trailer park, and South Golf Course straddle the absolute peaks as runoff heads2 Strawberry or Southfork. Liberty hill road is also a good judge of Backbone as water runs 2 Strawberry on the left and Spring on the right. Or vice versa.

      Highland High School rainfall runs 2ward southfork, but Dollar General flows2 Strawberry. This was Stuart, named4 a fascinating and passionate Scot Cherokee who tried great things on behalf of Cherokee as   Long time Superintendant of Indan Affairs in the Southern district.

      But these backbone were less important. They loosely separated Cherokee Clan and Farm Families, but the main one, the Devils bAckbone, separated Nations. West of Devils Backbone was Osage territory.

`     Cherokee Shaman could not stop chicken pox in Carolina. They were banished2 arkansas. They brought tradition and resolve.

      All throught the seventeen twenties, thirties, forties Cherokee intermingled with French in Arkansas or came here with them. Customs of Paris mixed with matrilineal clan claim. ON n2 the seventeen fifties and  sixties Cherokee and French wove secret web, eternal fires burning in Paragould Arkansas and in Otter Town(modern day Cherokee Village.)

      Then in quick succession numerous Cherokee allied with Britain came2 pine kNot, Paragould, and otter town.,  Arkansas, ďownedĒ now by Spain, and Missouri, occupied by coalition of Shawnee, Deleware, Mingo, Cherokee and others.. By the seventeen nineties their was bustling industry, fur factories, and christian churches here as a Spanish treaty  deeded towns and valleys, reservations and preserve. Researchers in Europe are reexamining documents  and correspondence beteen Spain and France with a keen eye2 Cherokee and Natives, new relevations are frequent.

      For instance, the Northern Louisiana territory Cherokee have longed claimed they came here as shaman in seventeen twenty one but the federal government denied them even though Jefferson mentioned them in a recorded letter one hundred or so years later. But France told spain when they transferred ďownershipĒ of the area in 1763 or so that the Saint Francis Cherokee had been there @ least forty years.Ē


January 13 2018

And we roll. Finally getting work done again. The day was clear and cold, just n2 double digits @ 11 degrees, maybe colder down on Lake Sequoyah. Up a large post oak spikeless as always, removing large branches over the house. There were delays, hang ups etc. My ground man had2 tie one off, then another, many men or women would have become flustered, but weíve been through the ringer many times and washed clean. Soon the beast was done. Then it was some pole saw work from the ground, a prized Norway maple transplanted from up north needed reduction away from the roof and wire. A prominent redbud needed a quicky. Donít we all.

       Lunch @ some point, across the Lake2 Carol's Lakeview. Real nice.

       In the mix were serious spikeless climbs of three medium sized hickories sandwiched between houses, and a squat white oak all over a deck and yard. There were proper pruning cuts all around, a drop crotch, roof clearance, view clearance, trainingÖ ANSI standard. Rare. Chumps cruised by many times. They really hit the lakes on Saturday, knocking on doors, looking4 dementia addled, lonely folks2 sell low quality sub standard  tree jobs. Beware. Most tree services are low life bait and switch tricksters. Trust only Rebel Tree Care. Not a joke.

       So Itís more, much more 2moro. Three big climbs of Post oaks near the house. An elm removal. Training and trimming a young transplanted willow oak. Prolly some miscellaneousÖ

        So I will miss much of the MIKE GRAY BAND 2nite. May drop by4 a minute. May hit the pub2.

       DYLAN KANE auditioning4 Americaís Got Talent in Nashville Tennessee. That kidís got it. Go DYLAN.

       So itís stoke the fires. Keep the fires. Become the fire. Big week on tap starting Monday.

       Kentucky making health care harder2 get, instituting inane rules and regulations @ the approval of T Rump. But this doesnít fit n2 the narrative that people of color are the moochers. Most recipients of aid in KY are white. Repo policy is not based on research though, only Fox and Friends innuendo and snarky insinuation. Whatever works.

              Bitch McConnel agreed with T Rump and the  repo guv, but went a step further. ďI would like2 c the poor beat down further. I want2 make sure the lower class never gets dental and vision care @ all. We canít afford it, especially after the congressional pay raises and private jets4 T Rumps cabinet, helicopter rides with hookers. I tossed a whiskey bottle out last night and hit the DNC headquarters lol.Ē

       Hawaii on lockdown as a false nuclear alarm sounds. T Rump didnít let that get him off the golf course on his one hundred and twentieth round since elected. He has cost taxpayers more in a year, much more than  the Obamas and Bidens did in eight. He tweeted from the golf course: ďI work so much harder than Obama. He was always on the Golf course. Iím fixing his failed economy and finishing his wars he started. People are saying Iím the best President ever. People are saying I am the most handsome, with the biggest hands, and the most stable genius2 ever occupy the oval office. I was first in my class @ Wharton, every class, all American athlete, Obama was a drop out, last in his class in some shit hole country in Africa. Sad. Iím such a winner.Ē

       Snow on the way. Adrenalin courses. It's all I know.

January 12, 2018

Cold and blustery. Freezing rain last night. So I postponed again. Looks like I could actually work right now this late morning, but random winds are howling, trees were coated in ice a little bit ago, Iím kinda wimping out here but we gonna go all weekend. Weather permitting lol.

       Imma do something this week b4 its all said and done. Monday was a long time ago. Im struggling2 stay sane. Riding is the only thing that keeps me level. I gear up and attack the planet.

       We keep finding out things about the tax scam. We already knew heinous "little" things no longer allowing teachers2 deduct erasers and #2 pencils, cops can no longer deduct boots and uniforms, but now they have hit bicyclists. Bicyclists used2 b able2 deduct twenty $ a month4 expenses to and from work but that was knocked out. Most experts think it reeks of a mild political pay back because almost all of those people are on the coasts and big cities who didnít vote4 T Rump. What a shit hole.

       Plus bikes hurt big oil. That point zero zero zero zero one caused the CEO of Mobil2 rethink financing that third island. That hurts the off shore economy.

       Repos silent on definitive proof of collusion. U gotta ask urself, even if  ur a die hard repo who only reads this blog2 gain ammunition against me, u gotta ask, do u think Hillary would get the silent treatment? Would Hillary get the nothingburger treatment from Fox? Seventeen intelligence agencies knew all  this stuff b4 the election. Repos are still up in arms about that one email that was no big deal. Hypocrisy much repos reading this? Hypocrisy @ all. I know. I know. Obama is a Muslim, Crooked Hillary lock  her up. Trickle down good bcos u make a couple hundred thou a year or want everyone2 think u do. U also want godless liberals2 know they will burn in hell.  T Rump is gr8 Christian! The feel good Christian. The hating bullying, money changing Christ Like Hypocrite Christian. The new school Christian. The grab Ďem by the pussy Christian. And Obama, a real Christian is a Muslim bcos Fox fake facts say so, now shut up and love ur country.

       Kneel b4 T Rump. But not the anthem u know the words2. Pledge allegience2 T Rump, with justice4 some.

       There is no police brutality. T Rump says there is not one instance of it in his neighborhood.

       Special Jeffy Sessions drug war is part of it. Minor pot priors cause many2 run. Drags lower income in2 the system they never escape. New York City just dropped cash bail, an illegal system most places use2 keep defendants broke.  Debtors prisons are illegal. But arrogant prosecutors and judges donít want2 hear that. They like the system, plus they have their investment portfolios tied up in private prisons. Repos are all about state rights when itís about religion and imposing it on others. But a victimless crime of inhaling one hit of weed? Felony. Federal oversight, over reach. Over lord.

       Big winds beating trees. I made the right choice 2day. Ride. Not climb. I have my attractive house keeper coming over4 a session. Iíll c2 her, get her going b4 jettingÖ Happy new yearÖ

       So Iíll b n trees this weekend. And weíll c how next week goes, things are stacking up  a little, and a few of them are daunting tasks. Thatís ok. Where there is A WILL there is a A Way.

January 11, 2018

Ditto. Still rainy and raining. Imma go on a ride though, in the mud. I got2 bear down with all this down time. Imma b needn my legs soon enough.

     So as the Collusion investigation is starting2 implicate all repos in the collusion. We can look back2 the nineties and the repos can thank themselves4 their woe instead of projecting it on2 those different.

     Scapegoating. But back when Fox and the repos were trying desperately2 get Clinton, frame him up, embarrass him, whatever, and but4 the hooker who saved the semen on her blue dress would have wasted the decade while Osama plotted.

     They never got anything on anybody close2 Clinton. But Senator Nick Wilson and I believe it was Jim Guy Tucker got nailed2 the wall and disgraced as they ripped off welfare.

     Maybe there was some sort of payment2 Clinton as part of Reagan/Bush Iran/Contra affair, Clinton and Now Governor Buchanan(ironically Bushís Drug Czar) allowed a gigantic flow of cocaine n2 Mena Airport most of the eighties. This while bargaining with terrorist and flooding guns n2 Central America2 upset the balance of democracy there. And. Assure. Plenty of Cocaine. Just say no.

     Anyway the investigations delved n2 Arkansas Real Estate deals and tried and tried2 ďgetĒ the Clintons, Iím sure Fox convicted them many times, but the real rip off was someone else.

     Itís clear T Rump colluded. That much is already established. But now they are finding out that repos in General are in on cover up, the money laundering, and myriad scheme of real estate deals with Russia and Deutchse bank.

     Doosh bank was the only bank in the world what would lend $2 T Rump after his miserable string of gigantic bankruptcies. He owes them hundreds of millions. In a side note the T Rump administration eased restrictions yesterday designed2 help consumers battle misleading tactics that doosh bank was found guilty off using to help them make huge $ by baiting and switching and stacking the deck against unsuspecting public. Iím sure itís just a coincidence.

     Puerto Rico in chaos. Police Chief resigns amid killings. T Rump tweeted, ďPRís are just ungr8ful4 my gr8ness. Just an irritating, overbearing, lazy demographic.Ē Not sure if thatís a joke?

     Now this, after two years of promising continually2 build a wall and make Mexico pay4 it, Now the administration, Kelly Ann Con specifically, says this: ďafter conferring with experts and realizing a wall is not practical with the rivers and mountains, plus asking congress 4 tax$ 2pay4 it while raping the poor words yada yadaÖ.Ē Who knew their was a big ocean around Puerto Rico?

     Im gearing up4 a mud ride. Imma beast. Rowwwr.  Could b wintry weather on the way. Nice.

     The creeks will b up a little. I doubt the water table is back up but itís a start. Soon creeks will babble2 me. Babble on brothers.

     Nice mud run. A Dozen miles on Mountain bike. Eagle Crest and beyondÖ

     U earn it in the mud. Every inch is a struggle. Life is a struggle. AndÖU do it in the mud every chance u get. Life is Woodstock. But the freeway backs up.

January 10, 2018

Rain. Or something like it. Yesterday was the same. Fog/rain making the trees dripping wet. We even went2 the job fully equipped and red e cos I thought it would burn off by mid morning like it often does but no go. Itís been steadily increasing moisture. So it may b another day off. Thatís fine with me, I treasure the extra rest. My helpers often need the $ though.

       T Rump in a dilemma. Mueller and the special council are ready2 interview him. Does he stick with his previous statements about how nobody colluded, statements that are  now proven false by testimony and pleas? Or does he change his story, thereby proving collusion and obstruction? Just b urself cheeto. U orange POS.

       T Rumps ďVoter FraudĒ commission, quietly dropping out as watchdogs call them out on their purging and binging, their proving the only Voter Fraud is repo suppression, now as they exit stage left they are destroying voter data just2 make sure survivors donít figure it out.

       BAnnon out @ Breibart. ďWe will continue2 publish incredible truthful and important subject matter without him. Now. About Comet Pizza and the Clintons toddler prostitution ringÖĒ

       Mud slides kill thirteen in California.

Maybe itís retribution4 not donating one months salary2 T Rumps spiritual advisor.

       Sherriff Joe ďOur PieĒ Yo running4 Senate. He will b all about building the wall and imprisoning vaguely Hispanic looking people. Sure, thatís unconstitutional, but itís just a piece of paper. Itís not like itís law. Except it is. He will make a splash and lose by one percent just like Roy ďnot gonna take this Equal Rights Crap anyĒ Moore.

       T Rump still Sabotaging us by nominating the worst possible candidates4 judges and posts. Most have been reprimanded or barred, banned, or censured4 conduct or actions unbecoming, inappropriate, or criminal. WE have seen in his other picks that they will continue criminal and questionable procedures when installed in office. Sessions. DeVos. Pruitt. Tillerson. Should I continue?

       North and South Korea talking. Working on common sense regional solutions4 complicated regional problems. T Rump tweets insults.

       This story is 2 weird2 b true. But it is. Special Jeffy Sessions has a task group attacking weed. Fake news about benefits and risks of legal weed, slanted with lies by billionaires so they can keep private prisons full, and a lot of other reasons. But here is the weird part. Itís led by a DuPont. DuPont was the major player in the thirties when billionaires originally banned the plant under false pretenses.

       New machinary4 processing Hemp was poised2 kill several industries owned by DuPont, a chemical conglomerate created by war profiteering. Plastics, dominated by Dupont, would b made with non polluting non toxic hemp. Hemp needs no polluting glue or bleach2 make paper, 2 huge industries by DuPont. Hemp paints and varnish are non toxic high quality, DuPont paints were and still are dangerously toxic. Hemp needs no fertilizer, insecticide, herbicideÖ All these toxic products were and are made by DuPont and close associates who would have suffered huge hits2 their conglomerates as small family farms prospered with hemp. One month b4 this midnight session of Congress, Popular Mechanics touted hemp on itís cover as the ďsavior of the family farm.Ē So a DuPont heading up this task group is, like all of the other T Rump appointees, a slap in the face.

       One more note, Harry Anslinger was a failed prohibitionist, nephew of Andrew Mellon, secretary of Commerce and the biggest banker in the world. He had ample reason2 demonize hemp, banks have made trillions foreclosing on family farms. Anslinger, 2gether with Randolph Hearst, who used timber2 make newspapers and didnít want2 change2 hemp because he owned thousands of acres of forest and held logging and trucking contracts, perfected yellow journalism. They splashed sensationalist headlines all across America, most false, of brown Mexicans smoking devil weed and raping white women. Or black musicians smoking devil weed and raping white women. Etc. But my point here is the name of Sessions new consultant is Benslinger. DuPont and Benslinger. DuPont and Anslinger. Eighty years of lies4 billionaires full circle.

       Big oil was in the room. They owned the room. Big oil would not b big oil without that push2 regulate and demonize hemp and pot. Hemp diesel is non toxic, doesnít create and release the poison cocktails that are killing us. Hitler almost destroyed us using hemp. Henry Ford was all about hemp. Until he had a little back door talk with GM and Texas Oil.

       People were known2 disappear back then. Creators of alternative energy technology like Tesla, magnets, wind and solar, green energies, of which hemp was one. The inventor of the decorticator, a device4 processing hemp that was beginning2 revolutionize the hemp industry similar2 the cotton gin2 the cotton industry, disappeared. All trace of the machine disappeared. All plans and blueprints of the machine disappeared. Until the nineteen eighties researchers found blue prints, plus the popular mechanics article could not b erased. Big oil and Big war and Big Pollution have stolen our farms, stolen our heritage, stolen our planet. And it continues 2day with T rump and Special Jeffy Sessions. Murder by numbers. Demonic possession. Monopoly money.

    Speaking of big oil Prick Perry is pissed cos he cant get big bucks2 prop coal up a few more years. Even the repo congress knows thats a loser.

    Open season4 oil drilling. Except in Florida. They don't want black beaches. Plus now it looks like and smells like a political trick2 make Prick Scott look like he battled T Rump and won. He's running4 senate soon and they want him2 win so they hand hin this little illegal pay off2 start the push.

   T Rumps Dutch Ambassador flailing uselessly trying2 dodge questions about his race baiting and fear mongering. He's really mad that the Dutch press expects answer2 questions.

    Study show New York Times covered Hillarys email way more than Russian collusion, even now they just won't get it straight. And they are the Liberal Media. Exactly. The so called Liberal Media is actually conservative. Conservatives own the media, so except4 Rachel Maddow all, I mean all the others are repo slanted and conservative fact free spin.

   Quiet night as rain falls or drips from trees. I am alone, an island. No bums allowed. Even pretty bums stay well back. Come correct or don't come.

January 8 2018

Nice day. Fairly big rain last night so I post poned a large pruning job til 2moro. Instead we got a dead leaning curving red oak over a fine Cherokee Village home. That1 hit on target then it was across the hollers over2 another home in Cherokee Village4 some random log cutting. Piddling day.

       Then it was a hard ride2 Eagle Crest and beyond. Boom. Quiet night but Iím restless. I may get out2 Red Mule lol.

        T Rumps first signature, his very first act as president was cutting the regulation on Big oil that they had2 report foreign income and investments.  T Rumps first move as the nominee was ease Russian sanctions, he got that removed from the Repo platform. He says he was saving lives. Because the oil lobbyists said that the regulations were ďkillingĒ them. Opening up the arctic and removing spill safeguard enacted after the Horizon explosion and leak. Rex Tillerson figures prominently in all this. He was the CEO of Exxon, but now as Secretary of State he is less powerful.

       T Rump officially thinks all his intelligence people are in on the ďhoaxĒ Russian investigation. But Lindsey Graham said yesterday he knows itís real. So, when is the apology coming?

       Farmers finding out the loud talk about helping ďreal folksĒ is bullshit. Only the top one percent of farmers are getting a break, just like everybody else.

       I could go on a real rant now, there is plenty of fuel. Bye4 now. Peace4 now.

January 5 2018

And we roll. Day off. Kickn it a little. Nice. Liking fb posts. I donít ďlikeĒ a lot of them. I used2 make outrageous statements on fb, acting like I thought I was sending a private message just4 laughs. And my background is obviously a Joke the first thing u c on my fb is FU I Felta Thigh. Some people donít care4 that but Iím like lol lmao.

      I liked Tappa Kegga Brew2, they were loud. Loud can b good. We need loud more than we know. Primal Scream.

      Then there were the rolla jointa bud dudes in tie dyes. The snorta lina Crack frat, the shoota veina dope sorority.

      So my dilemma is take all this Cherokee territory bits and pieces that I scatter2 this journal and apply it2 my story of the Cherokee here in Northeast Arkansas4 over one hundred years.

      In the process I will breathe life n2 my fictional village of old Cherokee and the outlying clans and posts or farms. The book may begin in Carolina, the second chapter begins in Kentucky or Tennessee as Cherokee move n2 the Setting Sun in stable atlantic ocean style canoes across massive Cape Girardo, hundreds of miles  @ times back then.

      Overnight these first western Cherokee came in sixteen ninety six armed with guns and a treaty paper given them by England establishing deed2 all lands west of the Mississippi south of the thirty sixe thirty meridian.

      @ crowleys ridge, a major Ďbackbone; or subcontinetal divide near Paragould Arkansas and north2 the state line was the first Chorokee Post in Arkansas.

      By seventeen twenty one Otter town, Modern day Cherokee village, was a hidden, thriving community of traditional Cherokee. Shamans banished because they could not stop small pox back east came2 Paragould on the Saint Francis River, Pine Knot.

      In the seventeen thirties there was secret web, French kitoowah Cherokee held secret society. Customs of Paris merged with matrilineal Cherokee clan structure.

      Osage rarely enforced claim of this territory, only a few times did they manage2 harass Cherokee  thirty miles east back2 the safety of the gr8 swamp of the Black River and Crow Lees ridge. Quickly Cherokee returned.

      Bribes paid kept the peace as Cherokee dealt with Spanish fur buyers who insisted Arkansas Fur was inferior and must b sold @ Arkansas Post, Not St Louis, st Genevieve, Cahokia, where prices were much better and Cherokee had better chances of not getting his throat cut.

      But using the thirty six thirty line Spanish captains demanded orderly obedience. Just as they had when the English banned hat making, Cherokee flouted laws and decrees. The few sloops and militia regulars enforcing Spanish, French, or English rule held no power here. Only Osage and Cherokee law held here. Dozens of Agents from those aforementioned countries and fifty from the US were murdered and hung from stakes @ forks in the rivers.

      Unless they knew someone. As Cherokee moved2 Saint Louis in dead of night across vast Cape Girardo, they needed cooperation from their friends the Delewares and Shawnees. Plus Deleware territory held lead mines. Trade in lead was  crucial then because the rule of the rifle was law.

      By the mid 1790s Highland Arkansas bustled with construction of a high Spanish Road. Bee Creek(Cherokee were known4 large active braiding and basket technology, on display in Bees or public competitions) bustled with commerce.

      The post here in Modern Day Highland  was named after a popular Indian Agent back east, Scot Cherokee Stuart, BushyHead2 Cherokee

The area boisterous with rowdy crews, possible also the first Baptist Church in the west. It is likely that bans on alcohol and slavery were tested then.

      Clans filtered, Frenchmen took Cherokee Wives, or in a few cases Cherokee Men took French wives.

      Irish in general held farms on the strawberry side of the tiny backbone here in highland formally or informally dividing French Cherokee on Southfork River from irish Cherokee occupying creek valleys draining n2 Strawberry river..

      4 instance Highland High School would have been a French farm but across the high trail dollar General would have been Irish.

      The tiny backbone traverses the Airport and the Golf course b4 heading west and merging with the Devils Backbone Southwest of Salem Arkansas.

      Scot Cherokee occupied Cave City. There might have been Hebrew or Catholic Cherokee on Curia and Dota creeks, still in Cherokee territory by treaty, and maybe Cooper creek south of IMboden held Jewish Cherokee as Cooper was an early Jewish name in Arkansas and early Cherokee. Cooper Creek is a long meandering creek between Spring and Strawberry Rivers south of IMboden.

      Then there is the English theme north2 the state line area. This jives with many English prisoners moving west with Deleware from Indiana instead of back2 Baltimore. Those English took fringe spaces between deleware(Lenni Lanape) territory in Missouri and Cherokee in ARknasas, and though grit and diplomacy survived with them all until eighteen eleven when it was all erased by an earthquake.

      But the Delaware, allies2 Cherokee and coalition championed by the gr8 Shawnee Tecumseh, had long ago ďstolen the sacred ArkĒ of the Cherokee. I have learned, as with the water spider  and otter ďmythsĒ there is usually truth2 b found in legends. Maybe the ďsacred ArkĒ stolen by the Delaware was a portion of Arkansas on lower eleven point river, south of the thirty six thirty line but in the eleven point river valley. Maybe this portion was cosmopolitan, a deal4 peace and trade. Shawnee might have had a similar deal4 Current River in Arkansas, but back then the flat swamp would have reached n2 missouri, so current river would have ended around the state line except in periods of extreme drought.

      Delaware and Cherokee would have traded in lead @ Ravenden Springs Arkansas.

      Cherokee were known4  fine porcelain. Many traveled2 England2 teach the English potters. In particular Cherokee were known4 a white clay pottery, the source of which was unknown. Expeditions were launched by Scotsmen merchants back east2 find the source of the white clay, but were unsuccessful. Cherokee Potters were part of the secret web, in fact the center of it, from Chalk Bluff @ the northern tip of Crow Lees ridge, on the Saint Francis River barely south of the thirty six thirty line. 2day the bluff supplies white clay4 cat litter. But in the day It must have been the source of white clay4 the world famous white porcelain produced by Cherokee Craftsmen.

      They would load the thirty two foot poplar atlantic ocean style canoe, balanced with white clay, furs, lead, salt or bear and mink oil in gourd or  clay vats, traveling @ night east across the gr8 cape2 Kentucky, there2 move up the Cumberland or Kentucky rivers. @ some point they would transfer the bundles 2 land bound kin, receiving guns or iron farm implements2 take back2 Arkansas.

      Again they would wait in Kentucky as brother sun set down on water. Then they would move out, moving straight n2 the sun, in april, 2 catch a piece4 fire. N2 the April sunset from Kentucky or the mouth of the Ohio points directly2 Black Rock and the mouth of Southfork and Spring River.

      Gold was discovered in Georgia in Cherokee Territory in the early eighteen hundreds and led2 the forcible expulsion of Cherokee and an unenforced ruling by the US Supreme Court that Cherokee should not b harassed. But that rule was never enforced, the only time in our nations history that this happened, and Cherokee were burned out one last time. The Trail Of Tears.

      But Cherokee here fifty years b4 the Trail of Tears had gold. They paid nuggets2 Spanish and Osage governors as bribes or secret tribute. But they were thrifty, u w

onít find gold in Cherokee graves and caves they concealed when evacuating the area in 1812. They still know where the caves r. I will never know.

January 4 2018

And we roll. Another cold1. But thatís the way we like it. A sprawling red oak stands on the shores of Lake Omaha. We raised it up4 a better view, taking major branches and lifting other major branches by taking downward branches back2 laterals. Proper pruning. ANIS standard.

       4 a warm up we removed a bunch of small cedars. In the mix was another oak with a low hanging nuisance branch. Then a sprawling Japanese Maple caught a pruning back from the driveway, also a few dead branches and stubs. I try2 wait 4 winter2 trim Japanese maples and red oaks. Moron tap soon.

       T Rumps defense falling apart as insiders leak more and more damaging intel. Marijuana sales booming, states are paying bills and balancing budgets and using surplus $4 social programs. Why is all this related? Because Special Jeffy Sessions not only opened up a new umpteenth investigation of Hillary and that one classified email that Trey "Shooter" Gowdy fake redacted, but now he is on the verge of a federal crackdown on Legal Pot in thirty something states. Can u say unbelievable repo pricks?

    Mueller delving n2 T Rumps real estate deals with Russia. Fox exploded with outrage. They can't just go fishing and poke around. It's not like MOnica and the blue dress surfacing in, wait4 it, real estate deals. The Clintons whitewater investigation somehow moved n2 sexual infidelity. If T Rump can get eighty billion4 a run down condo with leaky faucets we @ Fox say more power2 him. If it happens2 b Putins son in law buying it thats just business, something liberals no nothing about.

    T Rump now moves2 destroy safeguards on health insurance policies2 keep vampires from sucking the blood from the vulnerable with fine print and deceptive marketing. Tis the treason. He's a Russian operative sent2 destroy us.

       Hard ride 2day, the first of the year. Eagle Crest and beyond. Looking @ trees. I hope2 get back2 the grind and get miles on everyday. Stepping it up this year.

       So itís keep stoking fires, splitting wood. The new wood coming in from pruning is a welcome addition2 my stacks. Plus itís red oak, which is the best.

       I have a couple of large ashes, incidentally ash is also a prime quality firewood, 2 prune in Hardy 2moro but it may end up being post poned because Iím having trouble confirming. But itís been a rough week so I can def use some rest. The calendar is still full but a big rain is coming,they say one hundred percent chance, but also a warming trend. Who knows whatís happening next. There is a giant mega blizzard hitting east of here. Alaska is warmer than Florida right now.

       So batten the hatches and feed the flames. A warm heart will not melt the ice princess 2nite. Best look2 the dogs and let the birds flutter. Willow is searching, straining, reaching, madly dancing4 me. Sycamore sways slender, graceful, moaning, whispering2 meÖ Whatever peaceÖ

January 3 2018

And we roll. Rough and tough thatís the way we like it. N2 the red oaks now, just the way we planned it. This morning it was a daunting task, especially spikeless. I ascended eighty feet n2 the urban forest over a fine home on Spring River. This was extremely difficult, I used an ascender, long pole hooks, single rope technique and doubled rope technique. So the ascent was time consuming and rough, then the fun began. About seventy feet up, fifty feet or so above the roof was a huge branch or codominant stem over the house. The first cut took me on  a cowboy ride, what a rush as the tree rocked back and forth. My ground crew had quite a time getting that one down on and off the roofÖ After that things got easier as it was mostly logs lowering down. Job well done.

`    After lunch it was a similar task, rough and tough climb, large reduction, but this time there was no cowboy ride and that was good. Iím getting 2 old4 cowboy rides.

      So itís more of the same 2moro and beyond. Letís do this. My whole life has been about this moment. Uh oh. I said has been. This is hard on me.

      T Rump in a dick size argument with the North  Korean Dictator. ďMines bigger,Ē he screams on twitter, ďbut mine has more veins,Ē says Kim. Not really, Kim is the mature one in the conversation.

      ďI was trying4 one lie4 every year since Jesus Christ walked this earth as our savior,Ē says T Rump, ďbut sadly, I fell just short of 2o18 lies. Liberal fact checkers have me @ 2012, and conservative fact checker, I know, I didnít know conservatives checked facts either, they have me @ fifteen hundred or so, but remember, Obama wore a tan suit.Ē

      Looks like itís finally gonna warm up a little. That will prove global warming. If snow disproves climate change, then a warming trend should prove it again.

      I donít know that Iíve rode this year. I mean I can ride when itís thirty degrees, or even twenty, but five degrees ainít wise. A manís got2 know his limitations.

      So itís bear down. Get Ďer done over and over. Iím relentless. Iím like a Tasmanian Tiger. They say they were really wired.

January 2 2018

And we roll. Last night was a spectacular ful moon. Hope itís like that again. I gives everything a chromatic neon glow I dig.

       Cold hard run in trees 2day.  Rebel Tree Care Back in action. First up was a tall slender gum, up I went spikeless I climbed. And climbed. And climbed. Way up I reduced it over the house and deck, rigging, ropingÖ Other large pieces, a few snags and training cuts or suckers. Boom. Touchdown.

Then it was the main event. A big declining post oak needed dropped just right. I pulled my  four wheel drive almost n2 Crown Lake, using the dry strip around the perimeter2 muscle the tree down in the right spot.

       Up next was  a sprawling red oak, a rubbing   branch here, driveway clearance there, a dead snag, a nuisance in the shrubÖ

       Fine cold day in Horseshoe Bend. We waited til mid morning as temps rose2 double figures.

       Moron tap 2moro on Spring River. Keep in touch.

       So itís bear down. The witches titty is upon us. We must. Attend2 both fires. Feed them both. Stoke them. Shut them down. Peace on everybody. Peace2 my enemas.

They said Strawberry is frozen. I bet u could extreme ice skate on it.

T Rump parties down while Puerto Rico huddles. Foreigners are no concern. Yeah we know they are part of the United States, but still; Puerto Ricans? They just are foreigners. They just are.

       Abortion is murder. But war is a cake  brunch. We must. Stamp out. Something. We must. Hate. Something. We must divide4 we are fusion cells. Id rather b fission. Instead of dividing. Merge. Make love not war. Love all. Serve all.

January 1 2018

Cold. 2put it mildly. Weíre crawling back up2 single digits, I think it got below zero last night. Just glad Iím not working 2day. It. Is. Cold. Hope everbody out there is warm this first day of 2018.

       Canít blog long. I have2 feed fires, rick wood. Later I can get comfy and c what T Rumps chances of surviving the year are. I predict he will b impeached after the dums take power this year and are sworn in January 2019.

       So Iím trying2 reconstruct the first pioneers in this area of Northeast2 North Central Arkansas.

       Pre eighteen eleven Cherokees looked a lot like what we think white pioneers looked. The Daniel boone coon tail hats, iron kettles, skillets, barrel staves and saws. In fact a famous naturalist noted the similarity, the template of pioneer life could b seen in Cherokee Towns along the Arkansas River. Many of those Cherokee had left this area only a few years before.

       But Cherokee here wanted simple farms, land or river enough2 staple water and food. Some studied the Holy Bible, some chanted by babbling brooks, some sat atop high points and gazed.  All worked, setting firewood, moving rock projects. Mules, or @ times large horses, pulled turnip carts from deep clan holler2 trading centers. I figure each creek valley clan sent workers and warriors, part of warrior training was work details. Some Cherokee were free masons, they knew value of secret guild and social structures. Wounded warrior healed @ Ravenden, making bullets, stewing future Guerrila manuevers back2 Kentucky and Indiana.

       Viola held pioneer outpost. 2 settle beyond Viola was wrath of Lower Osage, or Higher Osage, or rogue bands of horse thief. Furs or other plunder must be guarded from thievery all times.

       But east of Viola, 2ward salem, Families of sturdy Irish and French Cherokee held diligent cabins and fur management, fish management areas.

       Restless Cherokee troublesome or problematic in these clans pressed boundaries. Gross violation of treaty might bring war across the Backbone. There were long periods of truce and peace between Osage and Cherokee.

       But when a banishment occurred, a love sick warrior, master horseman wanted in clan revenge, a gifted shooter seeking fortune, these Cherokee usually opted south, and then west up the Arkansas River. But when they moved west alone here they must conquer quite mountainous area b4 getting2 the Great Prairie.

       From Cherokee Village u would face major obstacle heading west until u got about2 the Oklahoma line, then rolling hills would take u2 the Gr8 Prairie. Many Cherokee adopted Comanche as that tribe grew more fearsome as a sophisticated nomadic horst culture thrived.

       Scots moved up White River complicating things. Soon it seemed that the ban on crossing Devilís Backbone was only4 Cherokee. Scottish Cherokees held caves, secretive agents of progress and filters4 Cherokee. Scot Cherokee studied mapping and road making in caves. In my story a midget scotsman drives shetland ponies, dragging boulders used in structure4 General cherokee use.

       The Irish among Cherokee would have had a post near HorseShoe Bend. They would have held council 4 all of Strawberry River and Itís tributaries. @ the High Road, now 412 corridor, headed str8 4 Viola, there might have been an Irish post on the south side of the pass, and a French post on the north. Agnos of God. They got along4 the sake of the tribe and importance of military discipline, but of course there was competition, arranged marriages, and speculation.

       Deep n2 French Kituwah Town most traditional Cherokee thrived on Upper Southfork developing secret guild and core tenants of government, language and alphabet, advance messenging systems including foot runners, pony riders, pigeons, smoke, mirrors, drumsÖ

       English Cherokee and Black Cherokee occupied fringes of the Backbone up until the thirty six thirty lateral, later the state line of MIsssouri and Arkansas, which was used as a dividing line4 one hundred years in treaties with the English, British, French, Spanish and United States.

       Deeper n2 the heart of Cherokee Territory, insulated from the wildnss and uncertainty of the backbone, Otter Town and Forty Islands,  SitiKa, and Ravenden operated quietly4 fifty to a hundred years.

       OK big week and big month in store. I have proper pruning2 do, much of it. But this will make the river so much sweeter. Keep ur eyes on the prize.

       2moro itís a tall gum over a fine home on Crown Lake. Also a red oak on the drive. Moron tap beyondÖ

December 31 2017

Quiet morning. Birds shuffling4 food I put out. Hahe I said I put out. This is hard on me.

     So itís like eight degrees out there, vicious, dangerous cold. Iím keeping two fires constant, looks like I need2 get out there and cut a few, split a few.

     I may have2 work with it this cold this coming week cos there isnít a lot of wiggle room. Itís gonna b brutal. Tis the season.

     So itís keep on fire and firewood. Iím watching Weston 2nite so I donít have the added stress of partying my balls off.

     Maintain. Itís been a year of uncertainty and doubt as T Rump runs amok like a drunken toddler. Toddlers kill more Americans than Muslims though, u wonít hear that on Fox.

     So repos prepare2 double down on reducing social security benefits. They are set2 make new laws attacking unions. That is a 2fold process, first they make ďright2 workĒ laws that say u can join the union but u donít have2 pay dues, now itís if u donít have most of ur members paying dues ur disbanded.

     The attacks on medicare and Medicaid, and the retirement age will come2 ďreduce the deficit,Ē which was just multiplied by the tax scam they passed.

     So 2018 could b the year we burn the repos down. Maybe T Rump will hurt the cause of greed and inequality after all. Maybe he will be impeached, Pence also, with dums in the majority after this year so Paul ďmonkees are flyinĒ Ryan wonít b president. I pray Elizabeth Warren gets it. Then T Rump can tweet about Pocahontas from exile, prison, or both. He can bemoan equality and justice4 all, spread ineffective lies everybody will know are spite and bile, just like most know about him now. His ďchildrenĒ will sue us4 lost golf cart rental income, claim horse elevators as deductions on inner city high rises, and use climate change as reasons2 build sea walls @ golf courses bums canít climb, They will buy up homeless shelters and build homeless proof walls around them. They will buy up soup kitchens and make them five star restaurants with bum proof walls all around them. They  will privatize WIC and charge big $4 benefits. They will set up and patent a complex set of hoops4 disabled applicants2 jump through. Ivanka will tout the gold plated version on Cspan.


December 30 2017

Overcast. Not2 cold. Nice.

       Iím thinking about the Viola concept. Iím sure if I ask around Viola some old timer will state with certainty Viola is named from United States post master general Viola Dawson who homesteaded the area in eighteen fourteen. She is fictional, I just made her up on the spot. But it sounded real and thatís what local legends depend upon. Sometimes u can just sense the hollow, chamber of commerce version.

       But, Viola is so named, I think, because, situated on the high trail like it is, and just outside of oldest Cherokee country, east of Devils backbone, it may have been a place of fiddle music and alcohol, both banned @ times in Old Cherokee territory. Viola is a violin or fiddle.

       Also, there were times when Cherokee were populous east of Devils backbone, and Osage were away chasing Buffalo further west each year. But the herds of buffalo in East Arkansas were quickly killed out when large slavers and farmers allowed domestic cattle2 strip the cane and other forage, but unlike the buffalo, who did the same thing and moved on, allowing vegetation2 recover, cattle and goats made sure the plants stayed dead. Giant swaths of cane brake in north east Arkansas disappeared when whites moved cattle operations in around 1813.

       But pre 1811, the year of the giant Earthquakes, @ times Cherokees must have pushed the envelope as Osages ebbed, beset with other wars of territory2 the north on the Missouri River. Increasingly they took2 a horse culture, Cherokees there near Viola might have stolen horses. Entire bands of horse thieves roamed @ will, every tribe had rogue horse thieves, some of these bands were known2 dress as Osages when Attacking Stuart(modern day Highand). Horses were near useless in Otter Town(modern day Cherokee Village), steep shelves and foot trails made horses flounder.

       So Viola would have been raucous. The wild west b4 the wild west was the wild west. Anything banned or restricted in Cherokee territory would b plentiful in Viola. Liquor and fiddle dancing, stained glass, slaves, day fires, ghost dancing, gun shots, drums, whores, duels, over fishing and over hunting, burning of land, trapping of beavers, clan revengeÖ Any of these were or might have been against Western Cherokee Law @ some point.

Cherokees moved on after the earthquakes, splitting in factions, one moved up the Arkansas River2 Dardanelle/Russellville area and on2 Mexico or Oklahoma. Comanche affected reckoning, horse culture grew. Slaves and whoresÖ Many Cherokee were absorbed n2 Comanche bands and nomadic horse culture.

 The group of Kituwah Cherokee that occupied Otter town were fairly safe from horse back invaders because of geography. In 1812 This people moved across the White River and onto the Buffalo River where they found similar horse thwarting ridges, these even more similar2 deep mountains in Tennessee than Otter Town. Cherokee would occupy Buffalo River from Eighteen Twelve til the Trail of Tears in Eighteen thirties.

Caddos and Quapaws had little reservations of good farmland in the Ouachita hills south of the Arkansas River, cooperative2 the end the tribes had their fertile reservation of smart farms taken from them so slave masters, mega corporations @ the time could make massive profit with the land by over charging settlers4 produce. Newspapers in Little Rock contributed2 resentment of Natives, the first yellow journalism, fake news, west of the Mississippi.


Hard ride in cold 2day. Lining up still yet more work. Life is cold. B That.     

December 30, 2017

Quiet cold night. Long day. First were errands while the day warmed up2 twenty degrees or so. Then it was dropping a huge dead red oak on Spring River. That one got perilously close2 a couple of nice new decks on itís crash down n2 native hillside. Saul Goode that ends well and this one worked out fine.

     Then it was across the river2 a big dead pecan on spring River. That1 hit right2 and it was a matter of a quick cut up and we moved up the hill2 Potato Garden. Nice rush of work this week, Full calendar ahead. Stay tuned4 the blow by blow lol.

     Then it was fast hard ride2 Eagle Crest and beyond. Fourteen or so hard miles through the deep heart of Cherokee Village. Otter creek in the old country.

     Then it was a family trip2 Jonesboro Arkansas, Annual Olive Garden fest. It was impromptu but super nice.

     So itís b a good boy, Iím babysitting New Yearís Eve. Westy is my besty.

     So itís try2 get plenty of miles in when I can cos itís going2 b near zero this weekend. Plus Imma b upping the hours on the job and that takes itís toll2.

     So itís ride. Split wood. Keep two fires burning. Willow is searching, sycamore singing, madly dancing, tossing, turningÖ    

December 28, 2017

Brutal morning in the urban forest. Temps were in single digits as we went2 work, well n2 the teens as I moved spikeless up a gigantic white oak way over a fine home on Spring River. It was dicey, we had 4gotten a wire needed dropped, so that complicated things. But all went well eventually and I touched down.

       After lunch it was a tall large hickory over the same house. This leans over the roof I took a little cowboy ride reducing the top, and it tangled all up in lower branches but the crucial cut was done so I methodically descended, by the way I ascended spikeless as always on pruning(ANSI Standard), and on the way down I moved through the tied off branches and diced them up, careful of the roof, deck, air conditioner and conoes. By the way I just renewed my insurance 4 another year, that makes this makes twenty six years in a row.

       Hardy is my hometown. I grew up there til the age of twelve. Spring River in the winter flows deep green and clear, stark rock and banks show feature with low water. Spring doesnít go down much fed as it is from Mammoth Spring, but Southfork is down with this drough hammering on. The 2 rivers join @ Hardy, Known2 the ancient Indians and Cherokee as Forty Islands.

       So Iím ending this year on a high note. Next year looks good2. I want2 get this calendar of work finished successfully then come late march and April start hitting rivers. I want2 ride four thousand miles next year, increasing this year by about five hundred.

       Im keeping fires stoked in this bitter cold. Lucy Lu doesnít stray far from her pad by the fire in the shop. Shes a grumpy bitch, prone2 wander, but counts on me2 keep the fire going and let in the shop.

       Roy Moore sued Alabama2 erase photo images of ballots. Then he sued because those photo ballots were erased. He lies and sues and arrogantly claims this, deceitfully claims that, opens his rape mouth2 declare and proclaim his rightful place as our ruler. But Repo Alabama still certified a dum as winner. Roy Moore officially loses. What a loser he and T Rump r. Dicks.

       Repos are pissed that Gerrymandering and voter suppression, not2 mention obvious lying and deceit are no longer winning. Look4 more law suits, more voter suppression, more gerrymandering and poll intimidation. Look4 blacks2 have their polling places shuffled last minute, ICE agents milling about Hispanic polls, and other despicable tactics repos use that I donít feel like researching. And thatís what they count on, us getting weary of all the misinformation, weary of sorting out the lies, weary of watch dogging and sentry duty. Break it down like this: if it is a repo speaking itís a vile lie.

       This just in. T Rumps mother would b horrified2 c what heís become. Typical ungrateful immigrant. His dad made his money on government housing contracts, cornering the market on racism and government graft. He was so well known as a racist slum lord Arlo Guthrie wrote a song about old Fred Trump. It was common knowledge he kept blacks out of his New York developments. U C these stupid Facebook mems that say ďT Rump was never called a racist until he ran against Hillary.Ē Bullshit. He was a famous, flagrant racist4 decades. But like so many other blatantly hypocritical stances by repos, itís Hillaryís fault.

    T Rump claims almost every day he has the most lefislative accomplishments of any president. In reality he has the fewest by far.

    Mueller finding out the Repo National Committee was in on the collusion w Russia. Tis the treason.

December 27, 2017

Cold. The proverbial witches titty. This morning it was about eleven degrees. It was up close2 20 by the time I got n2 a Bradford Pear crowding the street @ a fine Town Home in Cherokee Village. Then over next door a prized twistly black locust, we had waited six months4 the right time2 trim this. As always I made proper cuts, using ANSI standard4 pruning decisions. Rare.

       Pruning season is upon us. 2moro will b brutal @ a fine home on Spring River. Very cold. Very big trees. It promises2 b rough and tough. But thatís the way we like it.

       Iím back. I like it cold. May take my fishing pole 2moro and catch a walleye.

       Hard rides lately in the cold. Life is cold. Ever touch a hot girls ass when itís cold? Thatís hot. Nipply.

       I better get off here b4 I go off on Special Jeffy and the good fellas.

       The Kocks are sponsoring educational rebranding groups mocking women who buy organic. Itís part of a rebranding, alaí Big Tobacco, that pollution is good. No need2 stop polluting. Just get slicker messenging. Bad health from pollution, invest in a Roth IRA and cover ur own expenses. Donít bother reading the fine print, trust us, weíre Wells Fargo 4 Godís sake. It's T Rump University man, get a life and get the card, get the point?

        T Rump golfing three days now since he tweeted, ďtime2 get2 work.Ē He has golfed exactly one quarter of his presidency. And this after mocking Obama4 golfing a tenth as much.

       After he signed the tax scam, he walked n2 Mar A Lago and bragged2 dinner guests that he had ďjust made them a lot richer.Ē

       Like I said, I donít really feel like forcing a rant right now. Iíll make up4 it soon.

December 25, 2017

Quiet Christmas night. Stoking fires. Itís gonna get down close2 the teens again 2nite so Iím staying close2 home2 feed the fires.

     Seventeen mile bike run in the cold 2day. Eagle Crest and beyond.

     Itís about time2 get back2 work full time. I need2 clean a few saws and replace pole saw heads, chipper knives, etcÖ

      T Rump cuts water, air, health and safety regulations back2 the nineteen fifties. U remember that, or read about it, rivers burned, air was not transparent, workers routinely lost limbs, and terrible concoctions of chemical by products were released on2 bare ground or directly n2 rivers by multi conglomerates demonizing social security.

     The deficit and distribution of wealth, rallying cries of the right during Obamaís 4gotten, erased terms, are also 4gotten and erased now that the fringe far right holds absolute power.

     The tax scam is a blatant redistribution of wealth from the poor2 the rich. It explodes the deficit, which was a giant talking point4 Fox and repos when Obama was trying2 insure a few people and control medical costs and medical bankruptcies and medical bill related foreclosures and homelessness and preexisting conditions. Thatís over now, the deficit will b dealt with next year, and that means cutting more and more Medicaid, medicare, raising the retirement age and whittling away@ Social Security like Ronald Ray Gun did, borrowing from us workers and never paying it back like T Rump did with his five bankruptciesí and gigantic failed casinos that went belly up in one year. But there was T Rump U, that made him way more than the fifty million he had2 give back in the settlement. Heís smart. The system is rigged. 4 entitled offspring of mega rich parents.

     So itís recover from Christmas. Take a day. Work up wood. Melon. Collie.

December 24 2017

Quiet foggy dawn. Snow in the area. Feeling right. Life is fine. Last night was an awesome family Christmas. Children happy, Dirty Santa, BAD BRAD on the mic, LALA and Allie singing. Almost brought a tear2 my eye. Big eats, big fun. Doing it again 2nite.

       First I want2 romp2 Eagle Crest. And beyond.

       Family breakfast this morning.

       Back2 work this week. Winter pruning is upon us.


And the snow  comes down. Facebook was telling us all about it then wow. I saw it 4 myself. Already a decent white frosting.

       Moko. What is the history of that area?

ITís near the very limit of Old Cherokee territory, on the Southfork River near the Missouri state line north of Salem Arkansas. Moko is an African carnival tradition involving performers on stilts. I wonder if African performers on stilts lived there? Itís possible, there were many blacks in the Western Cherokee Nation. We may never know this one,

       There is an Asher road, and an Aspen road. Ashers were likely black maybe, Ash is black, plus Asher road in Little Rock is all black, Aspens are a white barked tree though. Moko is about as far upstream as even hard core boatmen would push, the water shed begins only a few miles further north a ways n2 Missouri, specifically west of West Plains. Cherokee territory ended @ the ridge dividing North Fork River from south Fork River, and also the modern day state line as this thirty six thirty parallel was used as a dividing line from early times. The modern day state line represented the northern boundary of Cherokee territory4 may decades. And the Devils backbone was the western limit. The backbone continues as the dividing line between White and Strawberry rivers also, thus Cherokee claimed all of the Strawberry River Valley.

December 23 2017

Rain. Finally a good soaker. It fell all night, now early morning itís moving out. We almost got some sleet or snow2. So thatís good. We got family Christmas 2nite. Hard run2 Eagle Crest 2day, maybe a wal mart run2 lol.

       Im studying Cherokee History looking4 clues2 their activities here in Arkansas prior2 1811. There was a ban on fiddle playing @ some point throughout the nation, Iím assuming the western nation in northern Arkansas also. One big clue is the western border of the western nation. The devilís backbone which runs north and south between north fork and south fork rivers. Just on the west side of that border is viola. Maybe just maybe it is so named because when travelers crossed the devils backbone there they felt compelled2 break out the fiddle.

       Another intriguing element is Moko. Moko is a full scale party of African origin. Likely practiced mostly by blacks or black Cherokees and black Delaware's. Moko is just east of the border, not far from Viola. Maybe they broke out a fiddle there2.

       Anyhoo Iím just now getting n2 the research, there is only one document about it on the net and I havenít found it again yet.

       So HOHOHO and all that. Iím a little lonely this year. Last year I had a beautiful articulate twenty four year old girlfriend2 accompany me through the holidays. But her job called her away. I try2 just b. But itís tough sometimes on a man. We not only get lonely we get horny. Women donít get horny.

       Im so glad I can legally say Merry Christmas now that T Rump is in. He is trying2 pardon the millions in jail4 uttering Merry Christmas in Obamaís term. And Starbucks. With the snow flake. If thatís not liberal what is?

       T Rump was going2 wait until after the first of the year2 sign the tax scam because of the cuts2 medicare and Medicaid, if he had waited they would not have taken effect until 2019, but he said he was watching CNN and they said he was backing out, so he called everyone 2gether and signed it. Now the cuts take effect almost immediately and that will add2 the backlash as the rubes realize what theyíve done, what they have elected, what repos stand4. Greed. Satanic greed. But Churches are on board cos they defined a fetus as a person. That means that technically a fetus is now equal2 a corporation. But with the cuts2 WIC(Women, Infants, and Children) they will have2 redefine it. Personhood stops @ birth.

       Videos flooding now, paid actors are gushing with praise4 T Rump. T Rump the holy savior, T Rump true American, restoring our American soul, snatching it back from the thieving black president that put us through hell with his recession and wars.

       Itís not the tax scam, say repos, itís the messaging. We werenít misleading enough, people think itís a bad deal, ninety percent of Americans are against it. So they are doubling down on lies and propaganda, and that doubling down will become a quadrupling down as corporation pay2 play. The vicious cycle of corporate government 4 sale is multiplied and  leveraged under T Rump. If itís good itís sabotaged, if itís bad itís elevated and protected. Repo 101. Ringmaster T Rump runs the circus, but there is blood all  over the clown car, the diving pool has clumps of feces and dead bodies. The Russian owners are hearing things they do not like. Outside the tent walls late @ night as T Rump fluffs the books and tweets he hears footsteps and lurking spies, he can not sleep well, down the street the poor are shouting. ďShut the shouting poor up, sweep them under the rug, pound them n2 the cobblestone so I donít spill my drink running over them with the pork barrels on my way2 the party. Iím guest of honor u know.Ē

       Heís not talking2 much about his plan2 take tips away from servers and give them2 owners. Fox wonít bring it up, it doesnít fit the spin.

       And rape. 4some reason this administration consistently beats back protections from rape. Quid pro quo. U bring up Roy Moore, we make it ez4 the Roy Moores.

       Prick Scott overturning gerrymandering reform.

       T Rump promised American Steel used in the pipelines would save the industry. Russian Steel used in the pipelines is causing massive layoffs in America. No American steel is being used, either in pipelines or Buildings with T Rumps name on them.

       Sessions retracts rules2 prevent abuse of the poor. U canít make this shit up.

       So again, now that Obama is gone, erased from history, I thank T Rump4 making it legal and safe2 once again say Merry  Christmas.

Rain. Unsettling almost. Im purposely changing routine2 soak figuratively in the steady rain. Itís not a hard downpour @ all, not even a real soaker; but something. All i ask is4 is a little. A lot is nice, but I gotta have a little.

      Christmas season. Thankful4 family,

      I may wake up Mr. Alvarez. EROSION DRIVES DEMONS AWAY. Beats the last ounce of self respect back so u can let loose a little. A set should empty u. u should leave it all on the stage. Like in sports, leaving it all on the field. RocknRoll is a bit like that.

      I play acoustic some. I love2 sit in the sun by the river or anywhere and pluck long hours. I have 2 nice acoustic basses I use frequently. I have played along with others on their originals quite nifty a few times but only when they tell me the chords in advance.

      But I really love just free form electric bass rocking like I do in erosion. There are lyrics and vocals but thatís not the focus. I want people2 feel like they were rocked. If nothing else, there was rock in the house. Thatís more rare than most generations realize.

      I do a boss distortion pedal4 half the songs or half of some songs. If no drummer I go w a delay pedal, 2gether the pedals give a unique garage style sound I dig. I bang the pickups really hard @ times4 mettalic echos and chimes. Quite a few heinekins in and may break out the slide or metal pick. Im also looking2 buy  or make a nice bow, like a cello or fiddle bow, 2 make strange noises and emote stirrings of longing. I need2 utube cello playing, google bows, find the one somewhere that says this one works gr8 4 metal heads and boom. I b the Jimmy page of  bass. I do ten seconds of dazed and confused now, with a bow I can up that2 a minute. Boom. Theres a request I can do and another couple minutes2 the set.

      I want panadox2 play in the background on indoor or night gigs. Mostly a water fall, maybe some home made boiling jelly, kaleidoscope or explosions. Explosions work good. If the song kicks ass the explosions give even more of a quickening sense. If the music is mediocre it still entertains ur eye and occupies our modern need2 stare @ a lit up square of sparkling media graphics. Or if not stare @ it, glance @ it reassuringly, let it bring ur attention2 the musician(s). Or just let it b there, another tv in a bar.

      Still the rain falls. Still not quite a soaker but trying. Plus the radar shows promise4 the next few hours.

      I feed the birds, itís getting cold right now also. In fact sleet and snow are prominent in Oklahoma heading this way.

      Itís almost dark here just after 4Ö

      Imma have a few. Rock out. B a very important person.






Willow Ford. I love this woman deeply. This picture never fails2 make me catch my breath in intense feelings. We may not be 2gether 4ever, but our time has been the happiest 5 years of my life. Uh oh. I said has been.   Seriously I stare@ this photo every night. I enlarge it way big2 get even more intense. Rhonda is the sweetest thing I have ever known.  I will always love her. Even now in 2018 I still pine4 her. Red Faced shame that I lost her. Lost love is a real bitch. But this pic may well be my defining moment, the absolute happiest time of my life. We'll c. With this pic my arms are always around her. I say her name, breathless. Rhonda. She is moved off2 the soulless big city when all that should have mattered was pleasing me. Only I know  secrets of Willow searching. Reaching. Blind. Straining, madly dancing, serene.. Slender limbs, soft shoulders, sweet caresses and shelter from storm. .Only I am an island.

    She was my lucky charm. Hiking with her I looked down and found a blood stone transparent ceremonial arrow head. Canoeing with her on Strawberry River I looked down eating lunch and found an arrowhead. She had a roof that don't leak. When the rain is falling down. She was like rolling a seven. Every time I roll the dice...Each week of five years with her was like a seven game world series.

Did You Know There Are Codes and Standards For Tree Service?

            With dismay I have noticed a continuing rash of spike climbing residential and municipal trees for pruning. This discredited method is unprofessional at best. Climbing spikes are to be used for removing trees only. Thousands of communities world wide have outlawed or discouraged this method of climbing, as it needlessly causes irreparable damage. Slick tree services use a bait and switch method to get the jobs, presenting themselves as ďmastersĒ or ďexpertsĒ, then performing non standard ďhackĒ work. Is your tree service posing as legitimate, qualified arborists? One way a client can be sure 2 get quality work is insist that compliance with ANSI A300 tree pruning standard be put in writing.

            Use the internet. Sites such as and can help you realize the huge difference in tree service. The standard is very important. So called tree men are moving the Cherokee Village/Hardy area backward with gratuitous malpractice. Only one man has consistently carried the standard of quality in the area (insured continually) since early 1989, and continues to do so today.


Alan Williams

Rebel Tree Care

 With dismay I read of the topped willow oaks. This malpractice is against ANSI standard. While not law yet, this standard is used in courts of law for deciding litigation. Joe maintenance man is nearly always ignorant of such standards, considering the tree a nuisance. It is not hard work for a gang of men to top off a tree. Hard work is an arborist climbing the tree without the aid of climbing spikes, diligently striving to make proper pruning cuts. Sadly a high percentage of professional tree services use discredited methods to make quick money, the industry is rife with myth and fast talk.

            How many times in sixteen years have I felt the same as Pete Rausch when beautiful trees are topped? Here in Hardy and Cherokee Village, as in many other places, this malpractice is rampant. A county judge should acquaint his or herself with these standards, codes, and guidelines when ordering public work done. Specifying in writing that all work is to be done to ANSI standard would eliminate many common problems and level the field for competing bids.

            These standards are important. Storm work shows internal weakness caused by improper pruning often years or decades past. From massive shade trees to tiny landscaping plants, ANSI standards are crucial to saving the urban forest.


Alan Williams

Rebel Tree Care

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