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Scam alert. The old fictional workmens comp waiver is back. These printed up forms do not exempt a tree service from workmen's comp laws. Period.

January 22 2020

And we roll. Sleet. Sporadic. It held off til we got a job done. Early I was moving up a gigantic red oak on Lake Thunderbird in Cherokee Village. The lake was calm; serene, nary a ripple on the glassy smooth surface.

So I moved up sixty feet or so, spikeless of course, ANSI standard 4bids the use of spikes on pruning, and I have adhered2 the tenets of that standard since four years b4 it was adopted in nineteen ninety three.

So it was reducing the tree, taking numerous branches, most very large, over two houses. Rough and tough in the urban forest.

In the mix was a double white pine. One of the co dominant stems had another co dominant stem which I removed. We cleaned up nice and headed2 China Garden. Good folks.

So it should b sleeting and raining all night and all day 2moro. I have already cancelled 2moros job so maybe we can get back @it by Friday.

Senate impeachment trial underway with typical step by step proof of open bribery and obstruction, then streams of lies. more obstruction and cover ups. Take ur pick.

I kind of want2 hit the river and fish. Or shoot them. LIfe is a rapid river. Downstream will b a quiet stretch. I am an island. ONly I know the secrets of sycamores weeping. Slender willows tossing, madly dancing, straining, trembling, searching blind, screaming silent, smooth, listening2 babbling unceasing, weighing sighs and murmuring undecided, soft shoulders anchor willows, hard un4giving rock anchors they grasp with every ounce of knuckle and knee. Still relentless river grinds on willow, pressure of seething current erodes and bends2 its will. The river always wins. Islands will disappear over night. Willows will fail some day. Madly dancing and singing in the wind they are supple and strong.

Anyway Rebel Tree Care is on the job, grinding out jobs each morning now. Equipped with liability insurance the twenty ninth year in a row now we perform difficult pruning and removals. It's never ez.

january 21 2020

And we roll this quiet cold night. What a cold rough and tough day yo. Early I was ascending a very large post oak on Lake Thunderbird in Cherokee Village. The climb was ez, branches sturdy and wide crotched, spaced well4 climbing. PLus there was just enough room over the roof2 swing them down so the rigging was ez2. Sure there were some close calls, tips brushing the gutter or wires, butts slamming back 2ward me, stubs hanging me up. But it was not bad.

We also removed numerous volunteers coming out of the adjacent vacant lot and trimming branches off the yard. Basic reclamation. Also a skinny red oak got some suckers off2 improve the view of the lake.

Moron tap 2moro. Then prolly rain and snow moving in but I've got a handle on all this work and a good start on February.

Moscow Bitch busy rigging the impeachment trial. Boy those career repos sure are talking different about impeachment rules now that it's a repo on trial. They were completely different when it was a dum. That was serious stuff, a president getting a bj. Open bribery and endangering national security2 help Russia? Meh, Moscow Bitch will probably call4 recess. He says Donald does better with plenty of recess. They put adderall in his bottle4 nappy time.

January 20 2020

And we roll this dark early evening. Warming things up 4 the evening. Fires were low when I got home this afternoon but I got them going again.

Life is. I been feeling better over all after some pain when I got back2 work. I was fine with a brutal week last week so I'm actually doing well. Not hitting on all cylinders, but my engine will roar again someday lol.

Early this morning it was about fifteen degrees, some said six but we were red e, with cover alls and lined gloves. I had tools organized and gas already so we made our way2 a fine house on Spring River. Actually very close2 Southfork also.

First up was a gnarly viny bitch of a hickory. This one hung in an adjacent white oak but we were able 2 snatch it out.

Then it was the adjacent white oak, one sided and curving 2ward the house. Then a dead red oak near the house, fence, gas tanks and new communication pedestal. All three beasts were heavy with vines and complicated matters. Greatly. Although my feet were on the ground the whole morning, it was a stressful and slow process2 get them down safely.

Then it was lunch @ Chow on the square. And back @ it. Down the road a nice Cherokee Village home on Southfork river had 2 dead persimmons by the house and gas tank. Boom those hit just right, and missed the redbud.

On2 another job on Southfork River, a dead chinkapin leaning and curving n2 a larger tree, with smaller trees about that needed2 b missed. It was nip and tuck, with my very strong helper pulling quite hard. But boom that one hit on target.

We had still another job2 do but the client was @ the doctors office and it was no hurry so we are saving that one4 another day.

Rebel Tree Care. We are eating up January and will b rolling strong n2 February God Willing.

I do rant about politics here but rarely enter the fray on Facebook. I guess this morning I was reading an article about how T Rump not only has spent more than Obama did in eight years on golf and golf carts, but he directly pockets that $ yada yada. I guess I accidentally hit the little Facebook icon and shared it2 Facebook. So @ lunch I'm scrolling and realize I started a little something. Not a brutal argument or anything like some Facebook battles but a nice thread anyway. I hope it's done with. I'm sure there will b some conservative troll, or liberal, that tries2 spark it back up yada yada...

Moron tap 2moro. stay tuned.

January 16 2020

And we roll again. Brutal morning way way up above a nice house on Spring River.

I moved up spikeless, with gr8 effort and difficulty. Got up eighty or ninety feet aloft, removing side trunks or branches above the roof. slow and meticulous, u have2 look ahead, plan ur route. 4 instance u can't just go all the way2 the top and start rigging and roping. As the branch lowers it will tangle on lowers. U have2 rig and rope a few on the way up usually. Then the others can come down smooth without having2 climb up and down, that wears u out. Or rather, it wears me out.

So these2 tuliptrees are set4 a few years now.

Moron tap 2moro, but little climbing, numerous jobs removing or dropping hazard or dead, etc.

Uno i'm on a slick trip, I'm always red e, 2kick ass... TESLA...

I believe first Cherokees came here in canoes made from this tree. The tuliptree, or tulip poplar. Shaman must have worked @ waterfalls, mists and smoke swirling amid tulips. Just in this last year I have put 2gether tidbits and memories of oral legend of the area.. In the early part of the sixteenth hundreds there was a boom in Canoe making on the EAst Coast by various confederated or competing native American tribes. The metal adze, a batch of which was likely confiscated when the colony of Roanoke failed in the fifteen nineties, changed a centuries old industry. All along the east coast canoe arts exploded. The metal adze replaced stone and shell carving and spurred competition. Even then, once a certain craftsman or "company," created the perfect product, that became the industry standard, and inevitably others had2 copy that.

    So @ some point on the Outer Banks strip somebody made the perfect canoe. Not only could this new standard Atlantic canoe race around the outer banks through hundreds of miles of Atlantic Ocean it could fly upstream on rivers, squeeze over sand or mud, carry plenty of people or cargo, and one man could drag it. Dragging the Canoe was a test of manhood.

    Powhatan presided over an extensive confederacy of Native American Tribes @ this time. He and his descendants ruled that area of Modern day Virginia, Carolina, Maryland, etc. They toyed with the English, allowing them2 settle an area, then choosing an  opportune time2 slaughter them. It is widely assumed he was responsible4 the disappearance of the Roanoke settlers. And their Adzes.

   Northern Cherokee held the southern borders of this tight federation. River travel was secure if those afloat held proper affiliation. The Ohio River and Western Virginia were the northern border of Cherokee territory. So as Cherokee adopted the Atlantic standard canoe4 movement on Rivers, they used federation security2 navigate and portage safely.

    By the sixteen eighties Some Cherokee and remnants of the fading Powhatan territory, beginning 2 feel pressure from European settlers, made exploratory movement n2 the Ohio River.

    Befriending frenchmen who had traveled the world over, boating every body of water on any continent, Cherokee learned that when the water was high, the big swamps full, Flat water stretched from Western Virginia all the way2 the Gulf of Mexico...

`    There were areas of dense cypress, willow or cane, but also many gigantic open pools of slack water. There were tides in this vast fresh water Ocean, as the French and Cherokee called it.

    Observing strict ethic and proven demeanor of war, Cherokee, Powhatan, Frenchmen, and others: Shawnee and Delaware, and probably Appamatox or others traveled @ night. The Delaware word4 the Green Briar, or north fork of the Konawha is Dark Path.

    So heading n2 the sun each afternoon Cherokee traveled one hundred miles more or less each night, There were fewer loops in the path of the Ohio river, water levels of the day, especially in the spring filled valleys and made travel more of straight lines from point2 point. Soon the coalition found the Mississippi River, hundreds of miles across there @ the junction and on in2 the Ozarks. Frenchmen name it Cape Girardeaux. At the time the largest fresh water cape on the planet.

    Osage claimed the Ozarks. Most of the Ozarks. But they neglected south fork and Spring River, leaving it abandoned most of the year so when they came2 harvest game they would b successful. Plus they were beset with war and changing culture. traditionally water travelers, now horse culture predominated, buffalo chasing and  slave culture also. They were stretched thin, based over Near spring field Missouri it was a long ride over here2 Forty Islands, much less Black Rock.

    So Cherokee and Powhatan moved quietly @ night, getting a feel for the Ozarks, making camps on the very edge of the Ozarks so they could flee over Open water if needed. and they needed.  Cherokee, expert bowmen, cunning hunters and warriors eventually came up against Osage rangers, who likely scouted2 the eastern Edge of Ozark escarpment where Cherokee held quiet camp near modern day what else? Powhatan and Pocahontas.

    But these initial incursions did not go well4 Cherokee. When they faced off with Osages they were defeated quickly. Osages used the Beax D'arc tree, or Osage orange4 there bows. These proved2 b the strongest on the planet. Where Cherokee could kill @ forty yards Osage could kill @ eighty.

    Attempts were made2 use cross bows. But   the instruments were temperamental and fragile, didn't work that great4 adverse war conditions. So by sixteen ninety, Cherokee evacuated the Ozarks and, leaving a few scouts @ posts on Saint Francis River and Crowleys Ridge, they went back2 Carolina. Or @ least closer2 the old country of Carolina, the high country of Kentucky.

    The return trip was likely via the Cumberland or Kentucky rivers, and mule trains likely from there.

    Still the English moved west from the coast n2 central Virginia and Carolina. Guns gave the English, and the Dutch more leverage. As Cherokees gave up land they got guns. with firearms and evicted, they again moved west with the fastest canoes in North America, and guns.

    This time, in sixteen ninety six not only did they slide in the back door of Osage domain, they implemented even stricter rules of trespass. By council and persuasion they tabood burning of fires in daylight, axes, roosters and hound dogs, unless muted, most drumming and singing, beating of metal... They did use saws, mules, I assume mules muted or muffled in some way cos mules can make some noise. Cherokee now had guns but did not use them unless it was life or death. Quietly this second batch of Western Cherokee laid claim that lasted one hundred and sixteen years. Other than brief temporary evacuations2 Saint Francis River Cherokee ran farms and villages here until mid eighteen twelve. 

January 15 2020

Fog out. Heavy dripping fog has stopped the Tree Care train4 the day. Conditions must b perfect 4 this job, and other jobs So I will piddle and run. Errands yada yada. Needed a break anyway.

Take a drive. Look@ trees. Talk about them.

I have2 make my annual pilgrimage 2 Cherokee Village City Hall and reup my business license. They will listen politely as I explain ANSI standard 2 them and how thousands of cities and communities nation wide have adopted the standard as ordnance. They will say they will look n2 it and they will never. From the top of government down they are afraid. They don't research or make waves, only follow prevailing winds like so many political entities. Plus I'm2 sure of myself, drive a non shiny truck, and have long hair.

I have also told them repeatedly2 join the National Arbor Day foundation as a municipality. They would have access2 pamphlets and materials2 help a community improve it's trees and correct many imperceptions, make informed decisions. Yada yada. The Cherokee Village Townhouses had a secretary that took this seriously a few years ago and we got2 work trying2 get them correct. Sadly she moved away and the area went back2 the old ways of hiring bs artists and non standard hack workers. WE had a priority system, an organized, computerized sectional descriptions, etc. Now? meh.

So we rock on. ONe tree @ a time.

January 14 2020

And we roll. Piddling long hours this evening. It does not stress or tire, placing items in rightful spaces.

This morning was a nice Rebel Tree Care job in Hardy. It was2 wet2 do the scheduled job of spikeless ascent of super tall tuliptrees. So we got down 2 earth, staying close2 the ground. I did go twenty feet up a maple2 reduce it away from the house, and had2 get on the house2 battle a redbud, and I used a long manual pole saw2 trim a bushy crabapple, ornamental oak, elm, hackberry, holly... Maybe more. Proper cuts. proper pruning all the way around. As always, Rebel Tree Care does quality work...

The client hasn't seen the holly yet. She may freak.

So I'm working the angles, I have a two wheel drive and a four wheel drive, and sometimes I put the chipper on the trailer. Other times we need the trailer empty yada yada. But it's Saul Goode most times. The important thing is quality. Although two trucks double the gas, the gas is not a major expense. Any job in Cherokee Village, Ash Flat, or Hardy is within five miles so it's not like I use alot.

T Rump 2day: "It doesn't matter what my motivations were risking war."

Also T Rump 2day, " I alone stand4 protecting preexisting protections. I'm trying2 get the courts 2 hold off on destroying them until after the election. Sure, it's my law suit they are deciding."

Guiliani associates bring new evidence. They say T Rump never wanted an investigation n2 Biden. Just the announcement of an investigation would have sufficed. Not a joke.

Kellyann Conway violates the Hatch Act4 the record setting twentieth time.


Kodi wearing my old letter jacket.

January 13 2020

And we roll. Rough and tough in the urban forest. Spring River rolled and roiled below, mocha brown and creme with laser white white water. Falls roared as I climbed spikeless up close2 eighty feet. I removed a huge white oak branch over the house. It was brutal and meticulous.

That was the second tree. The first was a post oak leaning, curving over the house. Those are particularly nerve racking because if u look down there is nothing but ground. Stone patio. The trunk u climbed is thirty feet back. Plus I had2 rig and remove some seriously weighty branches. But it was sturdy I could tell right away. But I still took some precautions the cowboys might not: smaller pieces, double tied, manual pole saw work...etc...

I use ascenders and ladders but no spikes so sometimes it takes a little while. The first was fifty or sixty above, the second seventy or eighty, 2moro is a couple tulip trees over the house where my tie in point will again b close2 eighty. And even closer2 the river so thats a plus. Except4 communication with the ground. With falls roaring it's tough2 holler back and forth. Luckily I have an experienced guy right now.

So T Rump, now racing 2ward the coveted sixteen thousand lie plateau told one of the biggest, most easily proven lie he has ever been guilty of. PLus it ties in with obsession with Obama.

Yesterday he tweeted that he was responsible4 PreExisting Conditions being protected.. This is flagrant and excessive use of falsehood. Wrong on so many levels, not the least of which is it takes credit4 what a real man, his predecessor, fought and scratched4, bloodied and bruised politically Obama held firm4 ppl w pre x. Period. T Rump sucks orange anus.

I mean I don't get all these repos who say they hate liars. But love them some T Rump. Hypocrisy on high.

Christians who support him. Prop him up. Cover him up. Kiss him good night. This strengthens Muslims because few of them support him. And that pisses off the bigoted right. The Holy Warriors. The use my tax$2 fund killing only Muslim babies.

Is T Rump a Christian? ONly God knows but I think man can b sure T Rump is no Muslim.

So enjoy ur eight drink holders. We still make the biggest cars on the planet and r chicks have the biggest boobs. We are exceptional and superior and T Rump proves that. White inferiority? How do u explain this assuming there r future generations?

TESLA must b rolling over in his shallow grave. BEETHOVEN2. All the magnetic and alternative power innovators that disappeared. The inventor of the hemp decorticator also disappeared. Bio Diesel was the way. Demonized with false science and advertising. We let Madison avenue decide how white our shirts should b. Which cigarette2 smoke, which brand identity, which loyalty2 what corporation.

The hemp decorticator if that is the right spelling or pronunciation, was doing4 hemp what the cotton gin(and slavery had done4 cotton.

Featured on the cover of Popular Mechanics, hemp and it's many products were showcased, the article explained that hemp was2 b the "savior of the family farm."

But2 do so would destroy the domination of chemical conglomerates such as but not limited2: Standard Oil, DuPont, and Hearst.

Hemp needed no fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide, fungicide or watering2 quickly mature n2 a lush crop. Hemp roots break up the soil4 the next years planting.

In addition2 cutting those four polluting chemicals that cotton needed2 grow fiber, hemp paper needed no bleach or glue as did wood pulp paper. This dismayed Hearst as he held vast timber holdings he planned2 supply paper4 his nation wide syndicate of newspapers. He was also heavily invested with DuPont  in bleach and glues, and the lack of regulation involved in disposing of dangerous by products and waste.

Gasoline companies didn't want hemp, with hemp diesel farmers could basically fuel their own tractors and trucks.

Banks didn't want farmers being successful, they couldn't scoop up family farms as they failed.

Down the line. Pharmaceutical companies didn't want it legal, people would medicate them selves and would not get hooked on their opiod blends of drug cocktails. The aggressive law enforcement apparatus wanted pot and hemp illegal. Without this new villian they could not justify the massive contracting of private and public prisons. A large percentage of judges, lawyers, bailiffs, jailers, police, secretaries, etc. would b unneeded.

With alcohol recently legalized and the law apparatus searching4 a villain, pot and hemp were made illegal in a midnight session of congress, with Hearst fueled sensational stories taking precedence over the one American Medical Association rep who pleaded not2 take this medicine away from humanity, the pleading of a small farmer2 stop this restrictive, choking of his livelihood. This was one month after the Popular Mechanics story in nineteen thirty seven. Boom.

Millions of people locked away or killed4 a bogus war on people. Pollution and unnatural chemicals heavy in our life, making illness and inequality.

We should make a natural guard. Instead of sending our National Guard2 Iraq in a bogus war4 oil supremacy, a holy war of Christians killing Muslims, we should send troops2 polluted rivers, they would scientifically test and examine our waters and use sensible law enforcement techniques2 isolate and identify polluters.

Arkansas Governor Hutchinson vows2 accept refugees in responce2 Texas banning them yesterday. Good on him. He's basically on his way out anyway so why not do the right thing. It's already hurting him politically as the rabid right is frothing @ the mouth. But he is almost done with a storied career. Prosecutor in Mena. He was so good @ Saying No2 Drugs he went national under Iran/Contra Bush. But they saved the blue dress2 get Clinton.

Ok i better stop so I can rest.

January 11 2020

And the river rolls. Fine rolling class three or four rapids. Viscous whips of quick wandering rip currents. Islands and trees straining, slowly showing more as floodlines recede.

So I've had my awesome power fix. Meditating. Standing long moments.

Now it is Ecovery. Recovery continues. I'm moving better, ready2 tackle trees. Plenty on tap.

I piddle, quick and efficient with cordless drill and drivers. Life is... Wet... Get er done.

January 10 2020

Vision. Rain. Heavy @ times. Yesterday2. Flash flood warnings etc. Thunder rolled by some time was it this morning?

I been in bed since we got done with WEdnesdays job. Arthritis and the like has attacked with a vengeance. I feel a little better each day and should b red e4 Monday. I better cos I have a packed calender4 the next month and beyond.

So I'm just keeping the fires going, that in itself has been a challenge. Uh oh. I said has been.

Koko is giving birth.

socialist president buying farmers off. He presented a whole new set of flaming hoops4 disability recipients2 jump through. God's chosen politician also, in the same bill that hands out socialist give aways2 farmers, cuts food stamps.

The gigantic tax cuts4 the extremely rich blew a hole in the deficit. Now the poor must sacrifice.

Now he is all about the intelligence. Intelligence said Iran was about2 strike. Intelligence said yada that and yada this in a rambling excuse changing by the hour. But just last night he was railing about how the intelligence community is on the take, they are treasonous, anti American liars out2 get him.

    T Rump and Barrs big investigation n2 HIllary Clinton, the fortieth or so hoax witch hunt ends with a quiet thud. Again, no finding of criminality by her, only that she was a good public servant. But that part is redacted.

January 8 2020

And we rock. Not. Quiet. Ecovery. Brutal morning in trees. Early I was headed up a tall post oak way over a Cherokee Village home. Rigging and roping, removing large branches over the house and wires, AC unit etc. In the mix was a sprawling elm and double box elder.

Then it was a gnarly hickory rife with old damage and rot. I went way up, relieving the top of one half the weight by dropping a large side of a fork n2 the yard. From there it was nip and tuck, wire clearance and yard clearance. Saul Goode.

January 7 2020

And we roll. Quiet night. Except4 the ringing in my ears.

Another big day of Rebel Tree Care. Early I was fifty feet up a curving, leaning post oak near a fine Cherokee Village home on Lake Sequoyah.

That one was quick, once I ascended spikeless up n2 the canopy the slicing and dicing began, no rigging needed. The clients watched huge branches flying down just outside their breakfast nook window. Finishing collar cuts and working my way down...

Over2 a double sycamore @ the water line. Again, up forty or fifty feet and relieving the tree of a heavy codominant stem. Splashing n2 the lake we would fish it out later. A Few more, some lower4 fishing clearance...

The other side was over obstacles: fishing pier, ornamental bench, canoe... We rigged these4 safety...

Quick trim of a post oak on the house, removing a crowding mulberry.... Moron tap 2moro...

January 6 2019

And we roll. Pruning season is on. The first of many brutal jobs on tap went down 2day. First up was a large post oak. Lake Sequoyah in Cherokee Village was quiet as we got2 work. First ascending spikeless as always up about fifty feet2 reduce it; taking several large branches 2ward the house, combing and trimming on down2 the ground...

Getting safely aloft and positioned was difficult.

Then it was couple of hickories, tall and thin. Shaggy bark tormented and troubled moving up, snagging on straps and lanyards yada yada...

Each of these required rigging and reduction operating up about fifty feet.

Lastly a huge sycamore lakeside. This time the tormenter was vines. Way up fifty, maybe sixty feet I took large limbs off, combing and wrestling vines. 2put it mildly I was stressed out by the time I touched down. Saul Goode now. MOron tap 2moro and all month.

Repos commit war crimes. Huge surprise. T Rump threatens 2 commit more war crimes. Exactly who r the terrorists?

Bolton offers2 testify. Moscow Bitch was caught on a hot mic: "o God no. He knows everything. I may have2 fake a heart attack in session."

Australia burning. The entire continent. T Rump tweeted that maybe they should have raked their forest like he said in his book.

They are getting a good rain in some parts of the country. New Zealand demands their guns back.

Pompeo pissed that our allies are not on board with annihilating Iran. They bent over backwards2 construct and implement a solid deal with Iran and T Rump tore it up, insulting and belittling each and every ally.

YEsterday Iran announced they will no longer abide by the deal, already enriching uranium again. North Korea is getting better missiles daily. Russia, China, and Iran are conducting war games. Holy war games.

Here is a random blog I found. I don't know if it's published or not.

It doesn't have a date but seems2 b recent.

He says San Diego wanted a wall. The repo mayor and everyone else is opposed2 it.

He claims dums want open borders. Even the most radical dums dont' want open borders.

Heres the best one. He claims he protects ppl with preexisting conditions. His so called plan would have destroyed those protections. He is actively undermining and sabotaging the Affordable Care Act. The only place those protections are found. Aka ObamaCare.

He says China is eating the tariffs. In fact the American Consumers are eating the tariffs.

There are many more examples of easily proven lies in last nights speech and every speech or tweet Cheeto Mussolini spouts. And then there are the exaggerations. If something is forty million he says eighty if that sounds better. Every figure or year he spouts is incrementally higher each time he tells the lie. Each time he tells a lie it grows, devours the souls of pathetic Fox/Russia viewers, uses their energy2 become monstrosities. And the monstrosity king of lies rolls on unabated and unchecked, unbalanced. He's a whiner and a fraud.

Moscow Bitch finally decides2 let a few bucks loose and start maybe looking n2 maybe some election security maybe.

Another lie T Rump told last night concerned Obama's appointment of judges and posts. No yeah that was Bitch McConnel, sworn enema of democracy. C T Rump wont nominate or vet candidates4 judgeships and posts, leaving hundreds of ambassadorships and heads of departments vacant.

He doesn't need them anyway, being the smartest person in history and all. He doesn't need the briefs. He digs boxers.

He claims human trafficking occurs in the desert. His own agencies tell him and us that only a small percentage enter America this way, most come through ports of entry and air ports.

He claims he ended Obama's war on energy and made us number one in oil and natural gas. In reality we became number one in those fields while Obama was president in 2012.

So now it's T Rump vs. Intelligence... Stay tuned...Auto workers stripped of health insurance.

So if Iran hit The Suadis that means they had2 fly twelve drones in formation directly over the US fleets of destroyers and mega nuclear war ships and Carriers. Without. Us. Noticing. That is problematic. I mean we have Iran completely surrounded. We have hundreds of thousands of guns pointed @ Iran. We have sophisticated radar monitoring all of Irans borders. And yet we r supposed2 believe T Rump that IRan originated the hit on the refinery by flying drones directly over us? We are supposed2 believe T Rump @ all?


December 27 2019

And we roll. I guess I only blog after work. Kind of getting back n2 it now. This morning was a prominent business in Highland, reclaiming the parking lot etc. Removing via saw and chipper: cedar, sumac, privet, cherry... Vines plagued us all the way around the buildings... In the mix was heavy pruning: red oak, post oak, cedar, privet, walnut, prolly several more...

So it was kind of a restart as we head n2 the winter calendar. I'm ahead on fire wood, my gear in good shape...

T Rump @ war with Christianity. How dare Christians not suck up2 him? After he got Franklim Graham out of that porn star black mail ugliness? They owe him. Liberal Christian gun owners are offended T Rump is winning the war against New Years. He said @ a rally in Des Moines that Obama made it illegal2 say Happy New Year and that he was signing an executive order2 take. New. Years. Back. Believe him.

He's on track2 hit fifteen thousand lies around New YEar. And that's just since he has been in office. Yes I said has been.

So i inventory. Back up. My highlight of this year was playing against a professional basketball team. But playing frisbee and basketball with my nephews and niece Christmas day was special2.

He is the largest threat2 world peace. REpos are already a terrorist organization without him. As Russia readies2 sell Iran planes and weapons, benefiting from the soy bean sales2 China. Ukraine battles Russia, who occupies their Crimean territory. That's why the aid was so crucial, As rich boy T Rump dangles it, stalling it, Russia benefits. Herr Comrade.

T Rump takes Putins word over seventeen intelligence agencies. Putins puppet indeed. Even now Moscow Bitch McConnell protects Russia by blocking election security bills, obstructing justice, an obstruction deep in the bowels of America.

When a black President was in they would bring the government2 a stand still over fiscal responsibility. But with T Rumps giant tax cuts 4 billionaires are us, the deficit is ballistic and not one repo cares about that anymore.

y wouldn't repos b against expansion of social security. They were against Social security2 begin with. 2this day they claim that social security is well, socialism.

Much of the presidency is honor system. HIs whole spoiled life T rump perks up upon mention of the honor system. He loves the honor system. NO accountability. Free stuff. Let the suckers do the honor, he will loot the system. He will stuff his pockets immediately upon entering the room. And rifle the remainder afterward.

REpos pardoning criminals. In Kentucky the outgoing disgraced repo guv pardoned hundreds of criminals, one a child rapist who the guv said of the pre teen victim, "her hymen was still in place." Not a joke.

T Rump pardons a SEAL4 war crimes, causing numerous career brass2 quit. Many other SEALs call the guy "evil."

With Moscow Bitch pledging2 work in coordination with the president; and take an oath2 do impartial justice, which is a contradiction and conflict b4 the senate trial even begins, President Pelosi is stalling, threatening2 add more articles, or @ least let senate dums find a way3 enforce impartiality. T Rump says it is very unfair. Everything is unfair2 this snowflake fake president. They didn't get2 present their case. Because they defied subpoenas. They have no case anyway. Not one repo has offered a defense other than we think Biden did it.

He wants2 prosecute Adam Schiff4 a sarcastic remark. He makes a dozen sarcastic remarks on twitter. Sarcasm has no place in relationships. Or governing.

He says it would b ez2 fix homelessness. He wont' clarify though, just like it was going2 b ez2 fix ISIS and ez2 fix the Deficit, ez2 defeat china in a trade war. He still thinks China is paying the tariffs, when anyone who works or buys in America know that is the American consumers r paying4 the tariffs.

His projection, his I know u are so so what am I? his I'm rubber ur glue  is out of control. He called Pelosi a spoiled rich draft dodger, claimed Obama told seventeen thousand lies during his tenure, and called Shiff an orange douche bag.

He is playing bad poker with our $. His string of bankruptcies and his methods of spending more than he makes in a shell game is not working4 us. It is only about politics and appearances. HIs political instincts out weigh science and study, common sense and proof. He works day and night2 falsely discredit opposing view points and others who work day and night2 research and prove. Repo 101.

We must take no note of his words. If he is speaking, he is lying. some have taken2 searching4 a truth, any truth, in what he says. This lying abomination, this Christian false prophet must b taken down. The repo party must burn down. Or just burn the constitution. There is no middle ground.


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