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Scam alert. The old fictional workmens comp waiver is back. These printed up forms do not exempt a tree service from workmen's comp laws. Period.

October 17 2019

And we roll. Nice day on Spring River. Early I was casing a dead sassafrass growing through a deck and sprawled all over a roof on a cool house.

Actually a double box elder was first up, actually all over the house also. without the aid of adjacent tall sassafrasses I would have been stressed. but the other tree helped immensley in rigging and safety.

Lastly was a declining sycamore. Recurring theme. It is short and stunted now but still alive and may live long. Stanger things have happened.

This place was like a Swiss Family Robinson type, with multiple decks2 the river and trees and ropes etc. Super cool.

I got some fishing in. Trout on stringer. LIfe is fine on the river.

2day we blew up a weapon and ammo warehouse in Syria. Our own.

October 16 2019

Quiet night here on Spring River. Good day here also. Early I was dropping a declining sycamore. Another. The clean up was not2 bad, chipping, lifting...Hauling, Unloading... Raking, blower detail...Unloading of chips. I made a bow tie shape by a camper.

Around lunch I shook free2 hit the trouts. Quicky I had a full stringer. Later on it was a nice bass. Sweet day.

Another Guiliani associate arrested on Federal $ laundering with foreign donations2 Superpacs, etc..

T Rump melting down. Lets hope he 4gets the launch codes. Or the Secret Service man up and slap him around.

Looks like he 4got that Turkey has fifty of our nukes. He is starting a way with them, beginning with sanctions, and they have our nukes. This. Can't. Go. Well.

October 15 2019

and we roll. Quiet dusk. Long day. Early we were rigging a rotten red oak by a Cherokee Village home. The beast was gnarly and riddled, hollow and weak... I pulled from two different directions and cut the beast down. I barely cut n2 the back when it started falling. successful first job.

The next job across the village was less stressful. WE dove n2 numerous shrubs: reducing and trimming yew, boxwood, thorny olive, crepe myrtle, japanese maple, dogwood, red oak, sky rocket? juniper, patina, holly. We also detailed a creekside trail, removing many small volunteers...

Moron tap the rest of the week. Stay tuned...

I have2 give T Rump cred. I didn't think he would make it six months without impeachment. He may make it 3 years. He will probably survive the senate, but there r cracks in the partisan firewall, mostly because of Syria.

His Syria move helped Russia, Turkey, ISIS, and Ivanka. He blamed his troubles on liberal media and godless heathens.

Barr blames non religious people4 a vast conspiracy against T Rump. No really. He also in one of his bullshit briefs or summaries said that T Rumpz deeply held religious beliefs were the reason he made a deal with Russia4 election interference. Bill Barr. Satanic underling.

Ivanka and Junior decried the unfairness of Hunter Biden using his family4 profit.

Rudy Guiliani says the impeachment is a clown show and circus. Then donned a top hat and flipped out.

I better go. Stay tuned...

October 14 2019

And we roll this long monday. By dawn we were crossing Fulton county headed2 Mountain HOme. A storm had battered three bushy maples. The first was over the street, the house, the driveway... Did I say it was bushy? So we did a combination of reduction and storm damage removal. KInd of the same4 the two in the back, two houses, air conditioner, fencing and shrubs in the way, we reduced that on, then one more, major reduction, this one had been topped so it was more riddled with pockets of rot or hollow, but we got it manageable, looks fairly good now. The long road home had no mishaps, and that's always a good thing...

And it's winter. Good old rain out this morning. Hard rain early. Cold now. It's time4 kindling with a friend.

Firewood warms up many times: cutting, loading hauling splitting, stacking, burning, ash disposal... U earn ur shelter discount the old school way. Or u can search memes all day 4 that perfect facebook post some one wlse wrote. A picture of a hot person saying the words u found gets a couple more likes. Hot is... Interesting...

T Rump travels2 Minnesota, screaming their elected rep is unamerican socialist whatever seems2 resonate in the sea of red hats. I'm surprised he made the show, Minneapolis insisted on getting paid up front, T Rump has a long list of stiffing cities4 security costs he is supposed2 share. In the immortal words of FRANK SINATRA when T Rump tried2 stiff him: Go f*** urself.

So it's piddle and ride a few days. Bear down mentally. Life is a grind. Then u get a bump. And u take it slowly. And do that bump and grind.

I will do a panadox presentation of WAter Spider soon. sTep through a slide show, explaining my free form version of the Cherokees here in Sharp and Fulton County from sixteen ninety six till 1812.

I also have a major viewing of Panadox coming up Saturday b4 Halloween. EROSION rehearsal 2nite,

October 10 2019

And we roll. Storms also rolling in. LIghtning. Thunder. Rain.

2day was a road trip over2 Strawberry ARkansas. Lawrence county. On strawberry River. First up was a bushy maple near wires. We reduced it, removing one stem of three.

Then it was up a huge willow oak, though his species is rare here, Strawberry is closer2 the flatlands, where they are prolific. Then another large oak, both were standard pruning, getting dead and lower, crossing, interfering, etc... In the mix was a dead pear.

2 finish us off was a not small dead elm. Rough and tough morning east of here.

Yesterday was a bushy hickory all over a Cherokee Village house. Tough removal. Also a burned loblolly pine and long dead blackjack.

Tuesday was two very large dead red oaks on Nine MIle Ridge. One I had2 climb up2 about fifty feet and relieve it of a large side branch so that it would squeeze by a live red oak and not damage it. But this put it very close2 a building. Perfect hit. Nice short week.

Next week looks 2 b fuller.

2moro is EROSION in house. Loud rehearsal. Maybe a Highland Rebel football game.

Hope2 catch THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY @ Copper Feather saturday nite.

T Rump responds2 Fox News reporting that most Americans want T Rump impeached and removed with the only true words he has ever spoken: "they suck."

Across the board repos stumbling and stuttering, refusing2 answer simple questions about using the presidency2 black mail foreign leaders4 political gain. They won't denounce it. They are all compromised. Two megadonors headed one way2 Zurich, really close buddies with Guiliani, imprisoned 2day lol.

More and more repos crawling out from under their rocks and stating the obvious: T Rump is an embarrassment, a bald faced liar, a strutting poser, a spoiled brat loser, naked emporer, arrogant jerk, a corrupt bastard...

Pence and Barr drowning. In the Sea. of Hypocrisy and lies. The ocean of corruption, the crimson tide of criminality.

Facebook doubles down on false memes slurring Obama. Turns out the guy in charge of Facebook works4 Russia/GOP. What a coincidence.

So T Rump cuts a deal with Turkey2 let them massacre the Kurds who helped us defeat ISIS. T Rump still isn't sure what a Kurd is, and can't find Yemen on a map.

Prick Perry subpeonad. Dums are hinting that handcuffs are in store4 ignoring summons.

Trey "Shooter" Gowdy back from his brilliant Benghazi embarrassment. Even though his investigation showed only that HIllary was short staffed from Repo sabotage, he now goes2 work trying2 save murderous dweeb T Rump.

Oh yeh, Darryl Issa "Moron" is back4 more Russian fear mongering and disinformation4 Fox/Putin.

I'm sure Eric "We" Cantor is prime4 some prime time. He probably has all kinds of new ideas4 killing the poor.

LIberal Christians rising up, speaking out against right wing hypocrisy and lies.

So I've been trimming trees since b4 MIchael and Scottys first championship. Thousands upon thousands of trees, each one done2 a strict standard.

I don't knock on doors or advertise. Always insured.

Oxtober 3 2019

Quiet night on Spring River. After three nights in a row on Spring River. Big adventures out there. I'll recap off the top of my head, then check notes but here goes:

I left Saddler Falls Monday morning, easing through Many Islands I put a couple good trout on the stringer. I took these off and cleaned them and put them in the freezer. Wind punished my progress rate, my hands complaining about the degree of pain. But I saw lots of wild life, huge softshell and snapping turtles. At one point I could c a kingfisher, a bald eagle, an osprey, a blue heron, and ducks all @ the same time. I'm tryna remember if their was a loon in the mix.

Worked my way 2 Hardy, The low water bridge is not a problem4 me. Stopped2 check on a tree job estimate, and Worked through the heat2 Weiand Island4 the night, hanging with my brother and friends nearby, then back2 the tent...

NExt day was an easier day, stopping2 visit friends or have coffee. That area is my old home. My Uncle Joe had a boat ramp there b4 the Arkansas Game and fish put one there in the seventies. We pulled a snapping turtle out of there that bit a boat paddle in half. Then dented the tube on a john boat. Gigantic creature.

ONe osprey flew across the sky like a meteor, all the way across the blue sky the white breasted osprey, and of the many ospreys I saw no two were the same color patterns, but this one hit the water hard and seemed unsure or dazed. Ducks waited patiently4 him2 leave.

Nice quikening as the River narrows through Ravenden. I camped downstream of Ravenden. A giant deer very near my tent woke me up, so I cast a lure out @ daybreak And ka badda boom a fifteen inch brown bass was on the stringer. Other bass were smallish. The state record Blue Gill almost jumped n2 my boat I kid u not.

This morning as i camped @ the juncture of Spring and Eleven Point I tried2 do it again, Again a fish immediately took my first cast. But this one had some gator in him, he swirled my ultralight equipment a second then snapped my line like a bull whip. Must've been a whopper.

Although the last two days were fairly ez, I had2 admit the slow sluggish few miles this morning2 Black Rock really wore me down as big heat once again ruled. Sweet trip almost the length of Spring.

Lots of cows in the river. I mean lots. I chase them out just4 fun. Hay field edges crumble much of the way. I saw the old cars used As erosion control by the railroad. I think it's the Valley Stone area.. ONe area is big roadsters u could c Al Capone hauling booze in. The other was a coupl decades later, maybe some edsels. Again I regret not taking pics, plus the side structures: old bridges, railroad tresles, etc. would make good photos.

Then it's T Rump inviting China2 help him out with this Biden thing, And 4 good measure he also asked North Korea2 execute Joe Biden in return4 a new T Rump Tower.

Hate book doubles down, all the repo right there with the Billion dollar cheeto. T Rump says there will b civil war if they attempt2 remove him from office. Maybe that is the era he is refferring2. Well, the era prior2 the civil war.

So it's piddle now. I'm having a party saturday night. Panadox showcasing my new waterfall video and also a giant bon fire.

Then I'm sure it's back2 work Monday. I will be red e2 strap those boots on.

All kinds of wildflowers on weeds along the river. Big green hedgeapples. A few butterflies and dragon flies but the more irritating kind didnt show up till the flatlands. Dapples and dollops of floating white or yellowish pollen foam. A Few leaves are falling, they form a skim and march along the currents like good soldiers. Crickets serenaded in shrill layered harmony as Freight trains switched, idled, or barreled through...Sunset nears. 11point gurgles and pops apprval land welcome. I c huge carp, some freak out when they see me or just jump.

     wont lie. this was grindage. this was no ez. There was wind.long dead stretches, tests of skill, tests of endurance, tests of patience...I finally used my Off! this year. ONly once did I use it b4. But the flies down in the flat lands were getting bad as I cooked fish by the fire. I always get Off!

Just a few miles2 Black Rock. The scenic river doubles here, then doubles again in mile or2. EROSION sounded good out there...

September 27 2019

And we roll. Early we were rolling up2 a fine home on Lake Thunderbird in Cherokee Village. A bushy hickory was all over the driveway, dropping hickory nuts that invariably rolled2 the carport. In Cherokee Village hickories can b a nuisance. Many elderly have trouble with the nuts. So there was no talking them out of this one. Boom. It's gone.

It was a pleasure2 work this cool morning. I got up in2 the tree slicing and dicing. Topping, flopping... The neighbors were impressed.

So now i've already unloaded the truck. I have firewood stocked up n2 next year. Well n2 next year.

Last night was DYLAN KANE @ Cherokee Village Octoberfest. Then the MIKE GRAY BAND rehearsal. It's fascinating watching them collaborate and develop proper structure of songs. LALA coaches, BOBBY works on it also coaching, MIKE and LEE may fumble a minute, but make up4 it with tight melodies and breaks. As a novice I am over whelmed @ the level of professionalism. They play with world famous ERIC GALES 2nite in Newport Arkansas Depot Days festival... Then 2moro@ The Cherry Festival in Cherry Valley Arkansas.

All Repos 2day: the whistle blower is hear say. The whistle blower was not in the room. What he thinks he heard could b wrong. I don't know. I haven't read the complaint. I didn't read the ACA replacement plan with scribbling in the margins and last minute changes but I voted4 it. Fox/Russia commanded it so.

September 24 2019

And we roll this restful night. Cool weather has me piddling. After a late start we got2 work @ a fine home on Spring River. It was nipping n tucking on a variety of hackberry, box elder, elm, locust, catalpa, cedar...

Getting red e4 some Panadox. I have a new video2 reveal. I may b hitting Eleven Point4 many days.

September 23 2019

And we roll. Rough and tough morning in trees. ONce again I was with an inexperienced crew. But this was all right, they got better as the morning went on. Plus they didn't get hurt. thats always a plus.

one guy was strapped. They were gun enthusiasts, I helped them clear an area4 a pistol range. We removed many oaks, sassafras, hickories and ash... Sassafras so fragrant is always a sweet moment.

We chipped it up and now I'm a member of the Cherokee Village Gun Club. I don't know if that makes me a card carrying member of the National Rifle Association.

So it's some easier jobs on Spring River, plus I want2 make some time4 fishing and unlaxing. I caught a trout with a cherry tomato yesterday lol.

Repos: Dums children should not b allowed2 do business. this is basically the hypercritical than thou approach2 the latest accusations about Joe "the plumber' Biden and his son versus T Rump.Org.

Like so many other fake Fox/Russia scandals the real teeth is in how the investigation shows dums2 b good public servants, Joe Biden helped clean up Ukraine, and repos are slimy reptiles: T Rump trading aid4 dirt. T Rump says 2day, who doesn't know what their son is doing? Perhaps u sir, as u have denied many times knowing Junior met Russians4 dirt on Hillary, i.e. interfering in our election. But since Congress failed2 act on Muellers advice, he feels he has free reighn2 repeat offend.

Chants of Hillary weren't enough. Now it's "Biden deserves the electric chair" Just as in all HIllary and dums fake scandals, The Biden Ukraine story has already been inestigated and Biden not only is innocent, but should b credited with helping clean up the country. T Rump is right about one thing. It's about corruption all right. His corruption.

The bloated corpse of the repo party now addled with dementia, instinctively attacking, accusing dums of repo crimes. It worked as recently as 2016.

Repos in their greed are shooting themselves in the foot. Demanding all these investigations n2 election fraud, FBI bias, or corruption by Dums invariably digs their hole deeper as more facts come out about repo election fraud, Repo FBI bias or repo corruption. T Rump says he might release the transcript. This caused the entire planet2 unite in uproarious laughter.

SEptember 21 2019

And we rock. Not really its dawn, the birds are singing. EArly last night was a different story. EROSION made a little noise. Ripping off most of a set. I shorten the songs a little sometimes in rehearsal2 keep my drummer engaged. But we also have2 do extended versions as we prepare4 a gig. We r not pros. I use athletic training experience, how a coach tries2 get the team2 peak as the playoffs begin. The playoffs is a scheduled gig. We step it up as the gig approaches. Or not. Sometimes we blow it off. We have choices. Options. So it's rest. 2day. Still recovering from the inexperienced crew. No i'm not worried about them reading this because they are rabid Obama haters and T Rump goonies. And bullshitters. Willing2 gamble on themselves pulling it off when they are grossly unqualified and inept. Kind of like T Rump himself.

I don't take myself 2seriously. Unless I'm on the job site. Lucky4 them this was their job. They just couldn't do it.

But thats all over now. Plus T Rump is embroiled, along with his countless other serious scandals, in a whistle blower complaint and subsequent demonization and cover up.

More foreign meddling in our elections. More coverups, Rudy is prepping us2 take the fall, get us2 believe, even with a recorded phone call, that he acted alone as a lone pariah, alone he acted alone. T Rump was concerned only with Ukrainian adoption laws, concerned with helping the children of Ukraine, Stopping abortion in Ukraine. So Americans who can't have children because of botched home abortions can adopt Ukrainian children...

So maybe this whistleblower is T Rumps Serpico.

T Rumps lawyers now say that no one can even look n2 it. I assume all of us r traitors now4 breaking the law by asking questions. That may not b a joke, Because with the Department of Justice and Bill Barr blocking the whistle blower there only move may b2 prosecute the whistle blower and the inspector general. Dont put it past T rump and Barr.

These guys commit high crimes and misdemeanors non stop. fifty or sixty a day 24 7. week after after year after year. But Obama wore that tan suit. It really clashed with his skin.

So T rump prolly thought withholding aid2 Ukraine would b ok because Putin would def b on board4 that. But he tried2 get a twofer, win them over with cash and get fake dirt on Biden. Just like hid did2 get here.

But hopefully its the alpha domino that triggers one of those world record domino displays, with the bursting flowers and collages of varying visual patterns as the dominos fall. some of those have high wire, obstacle courses, as will T Rumps impeachment and disgrace. Thousands of dominos are used in these displays. Google has them. Google tube it.


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