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June 15, 2018

And we roll. Another hot1 but we made it through. Life is. Now it is time2 hit Red River. The Spring is tempting, thousands of Rednecks are descending upon us as we speak. But I have a hot date elsewhere. Something real. Something warm and delicious. Stay tuned.

       Early we were in the steamy jungle on slopes above Spring River very near where a tornado appeared on radar yesterday. First up was a large dead post oak by a fine home. That1 landed in the jungle2 foster mushrooms and salamanders 4 decades. Then a tall skinny ash had partially uprooted and leaned into a bigger post oak. That was some tricky ladder placement and throw ball placement and topping and droppingÖ

       A delivery of mulch kept our feet on the ground but I had2 go up a large post oak and get dead from over the driveway. Also I was able2 snatch or proper cut other dead from adjacent trees. In the mix were four dead red oaks rigged and pulled n2 the jungle. Boom. Monster morning in the Urban Forest completed successfully.

       Then it was over2 another location in Hardy, a quick install of a huge wind chime in a massive white oakÖ Hard week wrapped up. Now is the timeÖ



June 14 2018

Storm slamming in. Tornado warning and itís headed this way. Actually I think it lifted away but there is heavy rain and wind and hail still trying2 get2 Highland. Hardy is getting slammed, Northern Cherokee Village. Stay tuned.

       This morningís job was postponed till cold weather. One massive old post oak had honey bees all over it, the other sported angry young hornets. Uh uh. Not 2 day stinger missiles.

June 13, 2018

And we roll. The bank sign in Hardy says ninety nine. But it runs a little hot. Long day. Early we were buying a load of mulch. Then we prepared a circle by a prized post oak out near the South Golf Course in Cherokee Village. We scalped it down with a weed eater, then layed some of the good fabric down, the mulch truck showed and everything looks awesome. We also trimmed an ash off the driveway and neighbors yard, two prized tuliptrees got training and trimming, and a neighbors redbud got a bunch of dead out. Nice Rebel Tree Care morning. Moron tap the next 2days. Then. U. Guessed it. It. Will. B. Time2. Hitta. River. Prolly upper Spring, but a complete and thorough Current River trip is eminent.

     So everybody is talking about the sink hole under the river that caused a whirlpool and killed some folks last Saturday. I want2 take a look @ that, not2 close of course. Whirlpools freak me out.

     So itís beat the heat. Crawl up in the AC. I still plan on doing a ride 2day but itís been a long hot afternoon of errands and details. But I gotta handle own it.

     T Rump taking our country2 bankruptcy with his tax plan. Thatís what he does. Itís all he knows. Repos red e2 scoop up cheap neighborhoods and jack up the rent. Itís what they do.

     His new idea is2 build a megaprison/nursery4 immigrant children. Joe ďour pieĒ Yo will b the master overseer, also leading seminars on cultural awareness and anti discrimination. ďNobody knows discrimination like Joe, as a convicted criminal he knows how2 work the courts and intimidate witness, slander judges, stone wall investigations, delay freedom of information and foster prejudice. I can tell u I only higher the best, and Joe is quite simply the worst, I mean best there is. Fine folks Joe.Ē

     Speaking of Freedom of Information, which is our law, Scott Pruitt, EPA head, is denying FOI requests with a novel approach. First he gets repo minions2 request Obama era records. All of them. Then he says he in complying chronologically, so in theory he will never have2 comply with the law. Then he buys a three hundred thousand dollar four wheeler4 official business @ Lake Tahoe.

     Im so sick of conservative commentators on tv and radio. Their starting premise is ďLiberals goal is2 control our every thought and action.Ē There is never a liberal counter point, never a, we just want2 slow down discrimination as the constitution says, or pro choice is not pro abortion, or other religions and lifestyles and skin color are supposedly equal.

     Now At$T buys CNN. They are notorious T Rump ass kissers. I wonder how soon the tone will change there. Every news break on every station says nothing about T Rump and crew crimes and indictments and convictions, but the serious tone is used when mentioning ďdishonest media,Ē and ďRogue agents,Ē or ďdemocrats obstructing.Ē That last one is hilarious, because eight years of Obama the media barely mentioned obstruction.

     Repos hinting that the Affordable Care Act not so bad. They hint that they like the Pre Existing Clause. Not enough2 enact legislation2 protect it,  but enough2 mumble mealy mouthed and forked tongue that hundreds of thousands, nay millions of Americans would suffer less and get better lives if the legislation was embraced. In Texas and Kansas and Oklahoma, people die every day because of this insane refusal2 heal not just the poor, but the rich also.

     Then u got states like Arkansas, that use funds made available by the Affordable Care Act, but act like its some Repo miracle, or name it some confusing title and actually have voters out there believe them. Pathetic.

     And  T Rumps work requirements are proving unconstitutional. Thinking no one works in poor neighborhoods is stupid. ďWhiningĒ Newt Gingrich still gets big lecture fees4 that quote. ďWe must make the disabled work. Eighty hours a month2 pay4 their health insurance, and thatís on top of one hundred sixty hours of minimum wage. And they have the nerve2 leave their children unsupervised.Ē

     Thousands of Physciatrists are worried about T Rumps, ďconstant, serial, helpless, unstoppable avalanche of lies.Ē

      T Rump in 2013: gr8 dealmakers do not openly celebrate a deal, especially one that shows weakness and is incomplete.Ē

     T Rump yesterday: ďI celebr8 this gr8 deal4 North Korea. We retreat from working with South Korea and they do nothing. I am awesome.Ē

     Actually I think we are right2 back off from aggressive war games. But not4 the reasons T Rump listed and 4got instantly. We need2 leave the South China Sea and quit trying2 police everybody. Our aggression is responsible4 much of the war on this planet. If he really wanted2 save $ he wouldnít b trying2 have a military parade. We have Iran surrounded by  our military bases, we harass and taunt them every day. And when we break down they tow us2 safety.

     So itís ride on. Life is an island. Currents sweep by, whirl pools develop, litter bobs by and then u.

     Funny story. 4  a few years now BAD BRAD will stop his DJ raft a moment @ the Can Manís beach just downstream from Riverside Camp, and have a moment of silence. Just a short moment of reverence4 the Hermit who cleaned up Spring River4 many years. We thought he was dead, so we did many short moments of silence. But. Heís not dead lol.

June 12, 2018

And we roll. Itís getting hot out there. Rough and tough morning in the Urban Forest of Cherokee Village. On the shores of Lake Sequoyah a red oak had a rotten base. We rigged it up and got red e4 the power company2 take a line down. That gave me just enough time2 top a declining sycamore over the lake. At risk was a boat dock, and actually a boat was in reach. We slapped the dock a little but didnít leave a mark.

       By now it was time4 the main event, the tree was tall and a fine garage was close2 danger. But everything went perfect, a few cedar branches got ripped up but we trimmed that. Then it was a swim, getting debri from the lake, more chipping and cut up, then another swim.   

T Rump doing photo ops with his and Fox/Russia's new hero Kim Jung. Gushing with excitement, he really gets off on meeting brutal dictators.

       They spouted slogans and signed a vague outline of talking points that means absolutely nothing. But Fox will gush about how  T Rump ďtruly became our president,Ē ďseized this moment in history2 stand as a God b4 us.Ē Or ďproved beyond a shadow of doubt that he is way better than Obama.Ē

       Repos gut the Consumer Protection Bureau. ďPocahontas and her cronies have treated Wells Fargo unfairly. They are killing deceptive marketing jobs. We must investigate  and frame Elisabeth Warren because Wells Fargo is a major repo donor. Plus she could totally beat T  Rump in an election so we need2 start slandering her.Ē

       Now T Rumpís sabotage of our health care laws in conjunction with Russia/Fox comes 2 an unholy pinnacle as he works2 strike the preexisting conditions clause, the last meaningful piece of  The Affordable Care Act.

       Put it in perspective. Country Club Kid borrows a few million from his father, who made his $ in government housing, using discrimination against blacks and the poor. Prolly Puerto Ricans2 so it's full circle.

       He could have invested that three mill, and would have a lot of $ now. Instead he went bankrupt six times, bailed out by the Government each time, and after ruining his credit goes2 Russia4 loans, and those loans begin failing he makes a bull shit tv show, then dupes forty seven percent of American voters using hatred and discrimination2 become a fake president. His son in law gets bailed out by the Russians who pay way over market value4 his real estate. Real Estate scams are his hall mark, or were. Now itís the future of the planet scams. He won a bowling tournament after dodging the draft with "bone spurs." But he manages2 kill and increase pain4 people with injury and disease. T Rump sux. Above all else get this: T. Rump. Sux.

As usual Mad is spot on.

June 11, 2018

Hot1. But I was in the shade much of the morning. Feet on the ground I trimmed or removed: cedar, pine, redbud, crepe myrtle, honeysuckle, winged elm, box elder, privet, mimosa, dogwood. Several more not sure what they were lol. I did some mulching also. Nice job on the shores of Woodland Hills Lake, Sherwood I think, the big one, the other  is Rainbow I thinkÖ

      Full week on tap. I have a variety of Urban Forestry2 perform each morning.  Imma bear down and knock out jobs until I run out. Then. Hit. Current. River. 5 days. Montauk Missouri2 Doniphan Missouri.

      After alienating our allies and schmoozing our enemies T Rump bolts the summit amid raging tweets and twitter meltdown diplomacy. Now he is on his way2 Singapore4 the big show down with North Korean Kim. They will party and parley, then, on the way back, T Rump will tweet and insult. He will demand that Korea quit intimidating US by pointing guns @ our Nuclear mega destroyers anchored just off their shore.

      ďWe will continue2 exercise the right of innocent passage,Ē he will announce, ďour super carrier fleets and atomic battleships patrol them on the hour, guns out, in innocent passage. Our air patrols breech their perimeter hourly, spying and intimidating, in innocent passage. We must make sure We are the only ones using Weapons of Mass Destruction. I can tell u this, Little Rocket Man has told me that he will denuclearize.  For one hour with Melania.Ē

      Sean Hannity admits2 Witness Tampering and

Obstruction. On air. Again. Heís a shoo in4 a pardon.

      Robert DeNiro: Do uno who the eff u talkin2?

      Pope Francis: Fossil Fuel use threatens Humanity. The right: the pope is evil. Pollution and depletion is the Merican Way as ordained by God and the white Baby Jesus and we will mass murder muslims2 prove it. The unborn have rights. Except4 Palestinians. Pink slime is meat.

      Fox/Russia busy undermining the FBI. Repos working tirelessly2 obstruct and sabotage.  Imagine if they put all that energy n2 cooperation and well meaning legislation.

      Time4 a hard bike ride.

Wee are in a constitutional crisis. T Rump refuses2 testify. He will refuse until political pressure and all his advisors say he must, then he won't. He will act like he is going2, then repeatedly balk. He will spout hellfire and fury via twitter. Fox/Russia will continue2 flout the rule of law. The words "over reach" will not b heard, but they will remind us that Obama once wore a tan suit.

Russia/NRA also working overtime2 divide and conquer. Supreme court allows voter purge. Repos thinking they have a chance after all.

Cherokee in Northeast Arkansas


Descendants of Pocahontas and other Powhatans and Cherokee Boatmen cross the Appalachian mountains2 headwaters of Cumberland and Kentucky Rivers, move across Gigantic swamp2 Ozarks of Arkansas. Along the way is Pine Knot or Paragould Arkansas.


Cherokee Dangerous Man trades land in Carolina4 guns. He heads 2 Osage country where superior bows had successfully defended huge territory4 hundreds of moons. Guns would even the score.


French maps show the dividing line as Thirty six thirty when  granting lands2 Cherokee.

From  Pine Knot On Saint Francis River Cherokee  camps stretch west  seventy miles  n2 the Ozark mountains.


English traders accept fine white clay from Arkansas Cherokee. Soon Arkansas Cherokees are in Europe as valued guests.


French Cherokee penetrate deep n2 the Ozarks, claim lands east of Devils Backbone.


Scots, Irish, French and English in Cherokee tribe establish farms, trade2 Arkansas of saws, kettles, and plowsÖ


Shawnees and Delaware cut deals with Osage council4 river valleys in Missouri. Grand coalition as Cherokees host Olympiadsí and Bees with tribes from all over North America sending representatives2 Forty Islands.


Cherokee establish strong villages In the Arkansas Ozarks: French Town, Otter Town, Sitika, Raven Den. Irish Cherokee hold all of Strawberry River.


Great sacred peace as Cherokee manage game and fish, forest and farm. Secret Web of Water Spider.


More British Cherokee come2 Arkansas. Spain grants Cherokee north Arkansas. The same thirty six thirty line divides Arkansas district from Missouri.


Rowdy Scot/Cherokees build north south Spanish Road. Stuart post is established.


Defeated Chickamauga and other  Cherokee come2 Devils Backbone. War erupts with Osage.


Industry and society @ full pitch, breeches of devils backbone causing periods of war with Osage. But periods of peace exist.


Cherokee vacate Devil's Backbone, cross White River and take up residence on Buffalo River.. Whites find crops ready2 harvest.

Chalk Bluff= northern most point of Crow Leeís Ridge. Fine white clay and purest porcelain is developed here.

Pine Knot, oldest enclave, folded n2 northern Crow Leeís Ridge in Modern Day Paragould.

Devilís Backbone. Sub continental divide separating White River and North Fork River from Strawberry River and Southfork/Spring River. It was also used as a western limit of Shawnees and Delawares on Eleven Point and Current Rivers. Devils backbone curves northwest from Sulphur Rock Arkansas and passes just east of Viola Arkansas from there meandering straight north.

Forty Islands: modern day Hardy Arkansas.

Otter Town: modern day Cherokee Village Arkansas.

Sitka, near modern day Sitka Arkansas.

RavenDen. Near Modern day Ravenden or Ravenden Springs.

Stuart: modern day Highland Arkansas. Named4 the beloved superintendent of Indian affairs4 the southern District of the United States, of which the area was not a part of, being claimed by Spain. BushyHead Stuart was a Scot Cherokee of social orders. He and his son were spirited Baptist Preachers, likely preaching @ Stuart in the seventeen hundreds.

       Chickamauga creek Cherokees in Alabama were last holdouts2 white rule. When they came2 Arkansas it was truly over back east. Dragging Canoe, feared Chickamaguan passed away four years before, in 1792

       The New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811 / 1812 disrupted all treaties and severed communication with Eastern Cherokees. The Epicenter was near Etowah, A Cherokee town on Saint Francis River. Some Saint Francis Cherokee stayed4 a while, but all Cherokees left the backbone save a few whiter tribe members with hopes of keeping farms. Most Saint Francis Cherokee took the Arkansas River2 Western Arkansas, or moved on2 Mexico. Only across the Rio Grande or in Canada would Cherokee b free of the hated United States

June 8, 2018

And we roll. Whew. This oldy is sweatn. Well not now, Iím fresh out of the shower. But early I was sixty feet up above a fine cabin on Spring River. This tall white oak needed some branches off over the roof and we did it. My ground man had2 b good 2day, and he was, off and on the roof several times, very confined space2 get these branches safely2 the ground, @ stake was racks of kayaks, sheds4 paddles and life jackets, fences, windows, fine landscape plantsÖ

     Another oak was similar. A huge codominant stem was a mess2 get down that one also went well. In the mix was a dead sassafras and dead Japanese mapleÖ Rough and tough hot morning on Spring River.

     Now. It. Is. Time2. Hit. Spring River.

T Rump sabotaging The Affordable Care Act again. Weakening America4 Russia. He is also screwing Puerto Rico, pulling FEMA rather than get a job done. Putin is pleased with him, ordering T Rump2 implement the Kansas plan4 the nations economy. Uno that plan, the one that broke Kansas by giving corporate welfare and breaks4 the top one percent. T Rump likes that, hell heís on record saying America going bankrupt would b good4 wealthy investors like himself. Repo 101. Orange POS.

     So itís fish. Float. Imma try2 hook up w DJ Supermoon 2moro, make the sceneÖ

     So this afternoon itís deep rest. I am thoroughly and unequivocally tired. With all the climbs and miles this week I hit a wall yesterday and itís still here this afternoon. So Iím in hibernation til early 2moro morning when I take off4 Spring River. Life is. And then u. Life is a river. Keep a dry boat and rock attitude. Pace out.

I dont know if I commented  on a chick turning over on top of the worst of Howards, her boy friend had his own problems but she was freaking in fear, choking drowning, but holding her cell phone above the water some how as a few guy helped her down stream. DON't know what eventually happened, I assume she held her cell phone for long minutes or hours until the guy found the boat and paddles and life jackets.

    The T Rump tarrifs killing solar jobs by the hundreds and thousands. A real job killer. T Rump jacking the rent on the poor through his Uncle Ben Carson toady. History will show, T Rump must think, that it was a black man who put so many out while the mega rich receive help. Even though pot is getting2 b legal in most states, prisons are filling up with immigrants. So thats a two fer Special Jeffy Sessions can profit from, rounding up immigrants, which plays well on Fox, and filling up prisons4 his buddies, billionairres who profit nicely from each and every prisoner detained each and every day. North Carolina GOP plots new ways2 suppress the black vote after their old plan was struck down by the Supreme Court. A very conservative court system.

June 7, 2018

Itís getting hot out there. This morning it was way out in the boonies behind Cherokee Village. A newly purchased home had a leaning, curving post oak over the house. I reduced it, taking a large heavy stem and several dead or stubbed branches. My helpers were super, they enjoyed serving under me. They love the tree, we left key branches near but not over the roof. Itís set4 many years now.

       So itís get red e2 ride. I have more estimates2 do, tricky trimming 2moro, and a full week on tap next week. This weekend I hope2 get a couple of river floats in.

        Speaking of floating, T Rump floating whacko vast conspiracy theories. He will say or do anything. He will not relinquish power if convicted. He will bring us all down, destroy the planet rather than apologize. Heís a deranged coke head, a soulless coward, a despicable jerk. And all the sellout spineless repos are standing behind him red e2 service his orange ass.

       Fox is on the case with snarky accusation that some low level staffer has the server. Heís Pakistani so it feeds the Dums r ISIS narrative. Radio stations report on the accusations of a biased special counsel, or compromised FBI with menacing tones, conveniently they donít mention the lies, documented lies about Russia connections and everything else. No one seems2 care about the lies. The sheer wall of lies, Proven, demonstrable lies by T Rump and everyone connected2 him. Itís still about Hillary and her server, her one email where she missed the tiny C. Maybe itís because repos own the media. All media. Papers, radio, television. Most internet outlets. Sky writers. Town Criers.

       Guilani: ďStormy Daniels has2 b lying, I mean she is a slut. All sluts lie.Ē

        T Rump: ďnah, I donít need2 prepare4 the North Korea summit, Itís all about attitude and I have the very best attitude. Plus Koreans are stupid, I can out smart little rocket man with my brains. Heíll bend over4 me, just donít play dead little rocket man, give me something. U want2 talk about servers. My servers have huge American titties and Kim will drool on himself cos they donít have attractive women there. American women are the most attractive and sexually aware on how2 please men and satisfy us quickly. Orientals are self obsessed and impatient, inefficient and status oriented. Believe me.Ē

June 6, 2018

D Day. I think. And we roll. Hot this afternoon, we got done just in time. Early I was in Hardy preparing a spikeless climb of a massive white oak over a fine older home. Maybe a historical home. I made sure and didnít damage it. I took a large section out of the top, common sense proper pruning and reduction. There were dead stubs from chump pruning years ago, plus leaving graceful lower branches complicated the rigging and lowering. But Iím used2 that, there are ways2 efficiently deal with it. The chips graced a fine lake front home in Woodland Hills.

     Knocking the jobs out. I have them lined up, strictly mornings, itís mid nineties now just after lunch. I will do a bike ride but nothing huge like the last 2days. Iím feeling it.

     Manafort heading2 prison. Y T Rump doesnít pardon him like everybody else I donít know. I do know this is the politest white house in history. Everybody says ďpardon me,Ē all the time.

     Volcano in Guatemala kills seventy. Many in Hawaii are inconvenienced. Thousands dead in Puerto Rico from the hurricane last summer. T Rump says its only a few hundred. God 4bid he gets the biggest death toll because he is incompetent.

     The president hasnít done anything wrong. We know this because Sarah Huckster Sanders said so. Nine times in fifteen minutes. Iím sure it was in the Heritage Foundation talking points this morning.

     I wanted2 do a bike ride2 Strawberry River Friday, fish and lunch then ride back which would make4 a monster day but looks like I need2 work. But the first day off I get there I go.

     Maybe I can fish Friday while working because the job is right on Spring River. Life is a river. And then u fish.

    Hard ride down the hatch in big heat. I took a little ez, it's been a brutal week.

June 5, 2018

Julian Font. But I wanted Ricky. Or bubbles. Tired. Large day. Early we were on the shores of Lake Thunderbird proper pruning. Way up in skinny but bushy hickories I reduced. One was over wires and the roof, needing tricky rigging and patience. The other was just far enough away from the house4 me2 flop large pieces and drop lots of branches as I combed and trimmed. A mulberry got cut back from the the yard, a white oak got the lower dead, a bushy dogwood crowding the street, drive, and parking looks gr8 now. Redbuds seem2 b declining this year, I got dead out of three. A crepe myrtle was crowding the wires, I took some long stems off @ ground level and a couple of codominant stems back2 a crotch. A clump of vines was leaning on a stair rail, we chopped that back2. Nice Rebel Tree Care morning.

`   then it was a hard ride2 Eagle Crest. Ice cream social.

   In the mix were estimates, I doubt I get the job, one was4 trimming a huge tuliptree in a confined area. One was a dead red oak leaning over a house. Both were fair bids but seem high, the people both wanted2 deal me down somehow but it ainít happening. This ainít pawn stars.

   I shoot square and do quality work. I donít compete against chumps. Uninsured chumps. Prison chumps. Bait and Switch specialists only in the business temporarily, or long term bait and switch artists. They will do anything2 a tree except make a standard cut.

   But I digress. If u get every single bid, and I just about do, ur prolly2 cheap. I donít knock on doors. I donít advertise. But sometimes the word of mouth is that Iím cheap. Like say I do some pruning of healthy trees4 a real reasonable rate. Well they tell their friend with a dead tree about2 fall on a house and everybody expects the cheap rate again. Uh Uh.

   When ur the only one that does standard work its kind of lonely lol. I have no peers, just a bunch of chumps and wanna bees who bs their way through it. There is no substitute4 ANSI standard. U either make the cut or u donít.

   So Iím ripping off miles every day, Iím heat tempered again after all that time on the river it took a little conditioning2 get back n2 it but Iím back.

   T Rump wondering what happened2 the Hillary investigation. He doesnít clarify which one. Smoke and mirrors. Look over there. Nothing2 c here. The fix is in. They meddle, they collude. Not me. Believe me.

   He says if he had known Sessions would recuse he would have fired him and got someone in who. Would. Obstruct justice.

   ďI run the most transparent administration in the history of the world. Except4 all the departments.

   My staff of Miss universe contestants is a harem, I mean very flexible, we have face time and we get2 the bottom of things.

   Judge rules T Rump can b deposed. So much4 law and order.

   T Rump assembles fake eagles fans2 show he doesnít need no stinking disrespectful eagles. He lip synced the words badly and put his hand on his belly. ďHow dare those rich black men bad mouth America like I do campaigning?

   Iím thinking since the nfl made this big rule about making the players stand, what if they just cover their faces with their hands like some mUslim athletes have done in the past. Will repos then say that they have2 put their hands over their hearts, then what if they hold a black power fist2 their hearts will fox and the right b okay w that? They cannot kneel4 the anthem but they must kneel4 T Rump.

   Lebron announces that whoever wins the NBA championship they wonít b visiting the T Rump white house. t Rump tweeted minutes later that no matter who won they were not invited.

    There can b no studying gun violence. @ all. There will b no research n2 how many Puerto Ricans were killed by the Hurricane. We can not study crowd size, hand size, or check facts. T rump is making rules against such things.

   David Kock walks away. ďafter shaping the opinions of the free world with fake news for a half century, amassing so much$ that my gr8 gr8 gr8 gr8 chandchildren and all of their childen will make one thousand times more than their workers every second 4life Iím like, let my workers obstruct and bribe, Imma take off a while. Maybe tour Puerto rico, may b buy it, evict everybody, make room4 a ranch with no trees, make the island an exclusive golf resort, whites only and import coal4 power, I mean there is no sun or wind there.

   Minority lawyers going broke suing T Rump. Mexican mall lawyers in matching polyester suits detailed the lack of Medicaid expansion in Texas and how it is killing the poor and preexisting.  T Rump earmarked the Medicaid $4 the wall, Then congress passed a law2 make abortion illegal. A Team of bumbling Jewish paralegals failed2 mention that Roe Vs. Wade held precedent here. Video technicians faking the Planned Parenthood video now teach @  T rump U. 4 thirty thousand u can learn the ins and outs of sabotaging a law because of sincerely held religious beliefs, stonewalling congressional investigations, destroying older operating systems of people enrolling in medicare on their home computers, bribery 101, Know ur senator, know his needs, his family, his weakness, then there is classic misdirections, science denial and spin. Tobacco still doesnít cause cancer, u can not prove it, coal does not pollute, u will never live long enough2 prove it, and large animal farms donít pollute, because u canít find a scientist interested in ending their careers by testifying against big Cattle and Chicken feces and Urine Run off(BCCF&URO).

June 4 2018

And we roll. Nice and cool this morning on Spring River as we got back2 work. A gnarly hackberry all over a fine river house is gone now. In the mix was a walnut blocking the view of the falls, a declining dogwood got the dead outÖ Nice Rebel Tree Care morning. Did I say it was cool? Nice.

       Plenty moron tap4 the week and next.

       This weekend was a quiet day on Upper Spring. I hung @ Howards and watched all the river challenged people upside down. BAD BRAD showed up and spun some tunes. My beautiful nieces and friends about me as I got sun and rapid surfed.

       Rapid surfing is a sport I invented. Or maybe CRAIG DUNBAR invented, not sure. Thousands have done it, and not named it, but u basically sit, stand, or lay in  a waterfall and position urself2 get maximum friction without loosing ur perch. It can b difficult, it can be relaxing, it can adrenalize and destabilize.  We used2 do it4 hours, and when u finally exit the water itís hard2 keep ur balance, even if u havenít been drinkingÖ

       Lebron down two games2 zip. But the one time he did beat  the warriors in the finals he was down three zip. And won four in a row. Got Cleveland that championship. It was right up there with the Cubs winning the series. Steph Curry hits nine threes.

       So itís go4 an extended bike ride 2day. Iím thinking about seeing if I can go2 Strawberry River and back. Challenge.

       I must push it. I have an edge, I must hone it. I have a blunt instrument I must punish someone with. I donít come with instructions. I am Singular and prolific.

       Need2 check c wot those whacky bastards are up2. I want 2float w them. They publish a song list, their blog details the dynamics of group floating, with personality and passion they do it right. I almost popped in on them a couple of years ago when they came over here and did the Current but I ended up on Eleven Point headed2 James Ranch4 a music show. Something like that. Check the Archives. I donít.

       Ninety percent of what I write and publish I never view again. Sometimes as I transfer a section2 the archives I read the first or last entries. Itís a hoot of course. I 4get about it. I Stream it, let it flow, flood it @ times, strain2 get it right rarely, search4 quickish metaphors, dance around the subject of rule.

       I do remember having the dream that Current River was a disco floor as I lay on an island. I was camped in a disco with a waterfall floor. Well that dream came2 me Saturday on Spring River in the late afternoon, my eyes partially open squared with the sun, the running sparkling band of vision as the river compressed and accelerated, the pleasant weightlessness I experienced as the visual rhythm hypnotized me, I could feel an unbearable lightness, like I could detach and float away @ n e time. Inner Sha upon me I kept my eyes only partially open2 shade everything but the band of water. The roar is loud and far reaching @ Saddler, as u move about u hear different roars from adjacent areas, or move above and hear many combinedÖ

       But these guys are cool shtuff. I want2 take my bass and pick with them on some sand bar somewhere. Show them my 3keg system, maybe bring some amarettoÖ

       So Iím bursting withÖ InspirationÖand perspirationÖ Imma push the envelope a little 2day, go2 Strawberry River and backÖ U donít believe I can do it do u? Believe it brother, or sister, cos where there is A Will there is a way.  Pace out.

Gigantic ride.


June 1, 2018

And we roll. Heavy and hot on Spring River. Two sycamores were declining. We got most of the dead out, there was much. Flat out topping, not a pretty job. I left some stubs and a little dead but maybe they do better now. Mulch would help.

       It was getting warm but a neighbor wanted some since we were there. That doesnít always work4 me but this time it did. I got up a giant white oak over the river and house, reducing, rigging, proper pruning. In the mix were a couple of persimmons over the river and on the roof.

       It was getting hotter still by this time, but I went up a big sycamore and reduced it away from the house. Rebel Tree Care. Insured.

       The pollen gave me fits of coughing and sneezing. No chipping 2day, we made burn piles. That was kind of quiet and nice. Good morning.

       Now it is hit the wind on a bike jam. Eagle Crest and beyond. Life is. And then u.

       Last night was a tornado warning and bouts of hail but we missed anything harsh.

       2moro is DJ Supermoon floating Spring River. I donít want2 lose my tan. I am getting more looks from attractive ladies than usual, I donít want that2 end. My tan disappears in a few days and Iím back2 the land of mortals.

       So get er dun yall. Then hit the river yo cos itís Saul Goode. Even the river gets the blues yaíll. Even the sky is blue.

       Whacko right repo talking heads exploding because whoever insulted Ivanka, accurately portraying her as a C*nt doesnít get the harsh treatment that Roseanne got. One called a spade a spade, or rather a privilidged white woman a spade, I mean, doh, anyhow the other one insulted an entire religion and race. Big difference. But2 hypocrite conservatives itís proof that itís the libtards(why not ridicule the handicapped, the leader of ur party does, and lies that he didnít, but, video tape exists) who are really the hypocrites. Hypocrites.

       This Jim Bo Hannon prick, the radio host, heís all ďHillary used email,Ē always commenting conservative and arguing conservative until a guest says something like ďof course the special counsel is reaching n2 other areas. The sheer amount of lies and guilty pleas2 do w Russia. Itís the wall of lies.Ē Dead silence.

       T Rump is not smart enough2 debate the meaning of ďis.Ē But Iím sure there are plenty of blue dresses out there. The $ this guy has spent4 sex would feed all of Africa indefinitely.

       HE has so many white water scandals itís myriad and vast. But while the right tried2 mire Hillary in White Water, t Rump is drowning in brown water. And yellow water. Or is it piss?

May 31, 2018

And we rule. Life is as it darkens. Clouds r moving in, but it always burns off. WE done4 the day now though so let it rain. Another rough and tough morning in the Urban forest. More bushy or crowding trees, many variety. Some removal. Nice cleanup.

     We took time out and hunted golf ball, found a half dozen in a couple minutes. I heard they help chickens start laying.

     2moro is a job on upper Spring River. Two declining sycamores need top/trimmed. Trout waters are adjacent so we may  b taking long breaks.

     T Rump way ahead in lies. And Golf time. HE tweets up a storm while on the twitter shitter, does most of his governing from the throne. But not4 long maybe, a judge ruled he cant block ppl from twitter since he uses it as a platform4 his decrees. He will get tired of responding2 detractors.

     Reporters being slaughtered in Mexico and Russia. T Rump is hoping that catches on. Sure he is sworn2 honor the constitution, but repo 101 is sabotage and obstruct. Billionaire$ against social security.

     T Rump pardons reality show stars. And a conspiracy theorist(right wing of course), also scooter libby, who outed a cia agent4 daring2 suggest we went2 war under false pretenses, and of course donít 4get sherrif Joe ďOur PieĒ Yo. Convicted racist and criminal.

     Over cast. Time4 a bike jam.

May 30, 2018

And we blog. Crazy Monday this Wednesday. N2 the urban forest I ascended, spikeless as always on pruning. Large reductions of tall and or bushy trees all over a fine home on the South Golf Course in Cherokee Village.  Plenty of rigging and roping.

     There was some stubs and rot left or caused by chumps. That area has been hammered by door knockers the last few decades, toppers and stubbers and spikers and flush cutters and all manner of vile and inebriated hypocrite promising professional service and delivering substandard hack work. The bait and switch. Is there any debate? Let me rephrase that. There is no debate.

     So itís mount up and ride. Hit the wind this hot day. 2 Eagle Crest and beyond. My ducks are in a row and Iím shooting them down one by one. I will romp and stomp until time2 hit a river.


     Hard ride down the hatch. Iím a little reserved in this heat, very aware of my limitations which are few.

     I was dismayed @ the huge increase in litter on Spring River. Young idiots, a whole new millennial generation that treats Spring River like a trash can. Sure the Game Wardens checked a lot of people4 glass so thatís an improvement in forty years but itís just irritating all the rental bastards upside down with a skim of trash. Donít like it.

     T Rump calls himself pro life. 4 unborn Americans only. All other forms of ďlifeĒ are under attack. Except rich WASPs.

     Rosanne gets canceled4 showing her true colors, insulting a major religion and race. I guess shes so chummy w T Rump she thought she was bullet proof. Get this, she blames Ambien.

     Virginia votes2 expand Medicaid. Instantly their economy screeched2 a halt. All jobs in the state were lost. And abortion loving liberals roamed the streets with flaming seven horned heads of the beast. Not really. But now a few people can get well. Repos fought it all the way with the dirtiest tricks possible, just like they did and are sabotaging the Affordable Care Act. Murderous bastards sabotaging our country.

     So life is fine. I am an island. And thatís ok. Whatever. Tired.

May 29, 2018

Thought I better  check in. Where do I  begin? The river miles have stacked up. Iím tan and  blonde. But beat up. Dead tired even after a hard nights rest in my own bed. Iím red e2 u guessed it strap the boots on and get back n2 trees. Iíve got one day of extra rest b4 it kicks in, every day is booked 4 some time now.

       So after I got off Strawberry River it was a gigantic dj float with Supermoon. Rocking crowd, it was similar2 Strawberry in expertise4 a canoer, I had2 move quick to avoid thongs, I mean throngs of rafts. I stayed near the speakers, not talking much, again similar Strawberry river.

       Then BAD BRAD was rocking the mike @ Howards n2 the evening as the crazies paraded through.

       Uno last year I thought canoes and kayaks were out, there werenít many, but they are back this year and the river suffered. Not only are they back, but the people who float them are worse than ever. I didnít c any major injuries but it was one after another upside down, sometimes dozens @ a time, accompanying flotsam and bobbing  jetsam.

       So this went on all weekend, I went out late night2 maybe sing Karoake4 the first time but @ this point I couldnít talk, much less sing, Iím just now recovering my silky smooth sexy voice.

       Then yesterday was another brutally hot float2 Hardy, I lined up more tree jobs and touched base with many.

       My girls had a grill going so I threw my trouts down and vegged. They do it right.

       I watched LeBron win the seventh game with Howard, Ray and BRAD. Now I hear the Warriors pulled it out. Chris Paul got hurt and doomed the Rockets.

       I gather T Rump is tweeting solemn condolences on Memorial day. O w8, no he is bragging on himself and accusing our top heads of law enforcement of a vast conspiracy against him.

       No word about the four dead Americans in Niger. From months ago. Four dead Americans are only important if they can somehow b used2 slander Hillary.

       I could go on. And on. Gotta go.

May 25, 2018

And we roll. Strawberry skies 4ever. What a run. Prolly fifty river miles in three days. I put in @ HorseShoe Bend and got out Near Poughkeepsie 2day. It rained on me quite a bit 2day, and I 4got my sponge but MIKE and Debby got me new ones4 my Birthday. Donít tell anyone. So my birthday present is six canoe trips in a row. Six days of extraordinary resource waterways.

     I watched a family of otters cavorting some time b4 the daddy stood up high and tried2 get the others2 calm down and had2 bite one and drag him. One mama duck was 2 theatrical with the wounded act they put on2 distract u from the ducklings so I veered over2 c the little munchkins swimming nervously in a little root cave.

     I had2 gargle quietly as white tailed deer crossed the river near my camp. Ah, strawberry uíve found ur long lost lover.

     The bony bitch can break a man when down, make a man when given ample water, take a man when floodedÖ

     Young rope swingers and their girls greeted @ Put out. As my boat touched gravel I heard MIKES diesel. I always think of Point Break, where Rosy brings Keanus girl and releases her in the desert and Swayze jumps in the jeep. Or survivorman, he always runs2 the truck or helicopter. Thatís how I feel sometimes after a week on the river. Need2 make calls, No I donít. Things will wait. More notes and a pic2 come.



Thunder n lightning on Strawberry. Swallows swarm as I take a break under Franklin bridge. Its dry but loud. Big bald eagle greeted me. Deer and beer. Still tense. Inner sha eludes me4 now, give me a couple more hoursÖ

     Starting @ Horseshoe u get some reminders of how bony she is. How she bends, shallow and angular. The occasional rock and bump. Only through superior skill did I make the trek w ease. Granted under a highway bridge is not optimum. But there is a certain rhythm 2 it as the day draws down, the hustle ebbs, rain, now only sprinkles, continue.

     So itís a brutal run in the sun2 Evening shade 2moro. I hope Burt Reynolds has charcoal.

     Beautiful sunny day. There was thunder. There is thunder now. Still sunny thoughÖ

     Rain came as I put my supper on the fire. So itís still there uncooked. Itís been a nice run. Otters playing, crows on high alert, herons, kingfishers, eaglesÖ Loons gulping minnows.

     My Strawberry is bony. She gives u a bump when least expected. She is loving and caring if I caress her just right. She opens up nicely, bends 2 please, soft shoulders.

     Like a red headed Ozark step cousin she pleases me.

     So I stayed dry again barely. 2day looks2 b sunny and hot as the fog burns off. Iím catching blue gills every other cast but nothing with size. Off2 a sweet run2 Hulett crossing. 2moro is the insanity of upper spring.

     Strawberry is so ez. So pleasantly shallow. She wraps around a man. U lose ur compass. Ur phone is off but Strawberry is on it. She welcomes eagerly, displayed she draws u in.

     She can b complicated. Choosing channels, she has no remote or pause. She purposely stretches2 tease u, the reward is sweetÖ


May 22, 2018

And we roll. Life is. And then u. Early I was ascending a large post oak between two houses. Spikeless a always, I made my way up free climbing with a double lanyard. Taking off branches over the roof. Several. Rigging, ropingÖ Finishing each branch with a  collar cut. ANSI standard. Rare.

     Then it was several errands, zig sagging all in a rough line from Lake Thunderbird IN Cherokee Village2 Lake Vagabond in Ozark Acres. After a small job clearing a roof, again taking the extra care2 finish each cut @ a collar as any real professional should do.

     Again with the zig sagging, all over the countryside, checking on more potential jobs. And soon I was taking a loop2 Strawberry River. I lay down in hard current, reclining, rapid surfing, deep cleanseÖ

     So now its get on a river. Get wild. I turn fortyish soon and I need2 b on a river. Strawberry4 3days would b ideal. I will know the secret of sycamores searching.

May 20, 2018

And we roll. So does thunder. Sprinkles of rain hit the windshield as we moved down the road from Cherokee Village2  Highland.

       We removed a declining ash in an immaculate front yard. Or the back, sometimes on lake homes they call the lakeside yard the front and the street sidet the back.

       Then it was two tall oaks, branches supposedly blocking satellite reception. Who knows if it helped, I did what the guy said, keeping within standard, the trees look gr8 and will be healthy4 decades2 come. Nice hot Rebel Tree Care job on Sunday afternoon.

       So T Rump bails out a Chinese cell phone company2 save Chinese jobs. And. That company. Sinks a half billion n2 a T Rump project. This gross, obvious violation of the constitution and ethics would have itís own twenty four seven cable news channel and instant impeachment if it were done by Obama or Clinton. Fox would dedicate months of  coverage, dozens of fake experts, hours of snarky implication, and the crawler, donít 4get the crawler, always crawling, always implicating dums with vague hypocrisy words crawling by underneath, always dividing, conqueringÖ Fox News. Evil.

       All lives matter. Except Palestinians.

       T Rump demands an investigation into whether he was spyed on. Or peed on. He ignores that many of his staff were registered Russian agents, most of his people, maybe all, are proven liars about their Russian contacts. And contracts.

ďI have prepared a cross2 hang them from, and bon fire2 burn them. We must hunt the witches and burn them. Instead of my real crimes, we must focus on Liberals and their imaginary crimes. This is the real world. Athletes donít go2 jail. I was a world class bowler, fighting through intense bone spur pain2 win the country club championship while Loser John McCain was lying around a convict. Now heís about2 die a loser and look @ me. The ultimate winner. History will show that I was the most honest and productive president or ruler of any kind in the history of the world. A healer, 4get Jesus, Iím T Rump and I have2 make immigrants and the poor suffer so people will strive2 b like me. In Gods Holy name I pray4 military dominance in the South China Sea. One more thing. Pink slime. Itís meat. It Just is. Do I have go ALL CAPS. Now buy a Chinese cell phone and donít 4get Ivankas new line of glitter panties. Iíve seen her in them, she parades around4 me every night, and believe me, those panties look fine. I know fine, Ivanka in her new panty line is the bomb. Ka boing. Luv me some Ivanka. Now Iím not trying2 divide the Dum party but Iím hearing that blacks hate Jews.Ē

       Fox ran a six hour special examining all the ways that blacks hate jews. They also highlighted claims that Liberals were coming4 ur guns, convicted welfare queens(all black and Hispanic), and gay abortion.

       Thunder hanging around. Distant now.

May 19, 2018

And we roll. Hard morning. Tryn2 cleanup after the power company ďhelpedĒ us out by creating a huge mass of dangerous brush and logs, spring loaded traps and deadfalls. Itís okay now. But it was rough and tough on Saturday morning. 2moro is moron this. Then Monday. And. Then. I. May. Take. Some time off.

       These chumps keep texting me under slightly different names and addresses, usually in Ash Flat so Iím probably going2 talk2 the cops there. Itís some kind of scam connected2 Clover, which must be some kind of messaging and payment scam. U can tell they are not Americans they say things like ďI will like2 know if u do tree and removal,Ē I play along but itís always the same, but I donít know the end game yet. Probably want my bank account numbers.

       So Iím beat. I need deep rest and veg. But I may take off on the bike. I donít know4 sure @ this juncture.

       After some bbq with the Orosz clan Iím still beat. No ride 2day. Rest. I may shake it out 2nite. Shoot pool. Make the scene.

       Sunday job on Lake Thunderbird 2moro. Other jobs mon and tues. Then a little river trip of some sort.

By the way I want2 put this point2 rest 4ever. Never do I want2 hear the phrase, ďcold weather will kill the ticks.Ē This year started off with negative 5 degrees. This is the worst year4 ticks I can remember. So please never utter that phrase again.

       2nite itís the MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LALA(LAUREN GRAY).

       T Rump worried about lost jobs. In China. The lost job of American soy bean harvesters are out of work because agent orange had2 run his mouth on a coke binge. What an immature, self centered man. A soulless coward.

       One address on 5th avenue may b crucial2 to the end of the world as Christians in Qatar drop 5 billion $4 a shack in New York2 bail Kushner out of a looming disaster just like Donny in the nineties after his massive casino that he cheated native Americans and taxpayers 2 get built went bankrupt in less than a year. The Russians were the only ones fool enough2 lend him money. I mean having a pretentious hit tv show was ego fluff and all but really didnít pay that well. That address on 5th avenue? 666.

       Recreational Marijuana and Universal Health Care on the rise. Repos are realizing they canít oppose both and stay solvent. Record numbers of women running. Repos losing steam. They are bogging themselves down in cheating bureaucracy. Faking planned parenthood videos, manipulating elections, stymieing laws, sabotaging social programs, governing like a ruthless corporation in a dog fight4 share holders. Zealously finding innovative ways2 pollute. Squeezing n2 every ass crack on the planet provoking war. Demonizing and destroying the careers of good men of science. Repos are on the right side of the tracks but on the wrong side of history. Time will tell. Unless T Rump snorts2 much and takes a Hustler pin up2 show her the button.

    Melania in the hospital way2 long. She seems2 b really ill.  T Rump threw an improv miss Universe contest @ Maralago, then a hastily organized Penthouse calendar shoot.

       I better cool the jets. Love all Yaíll.

       Strange winds outside.

May 18, 2018

And we roll. Big time. Brutal day. Early I was rigging a leaning red oak in Ozark Acres. It had2 b notched and pulled just right, and it was. We missed the house by a foot and a prized northern magnolia by a foot. So it was cleaning that up and rigging a tall walnut right by the house and it barely missed the porch, the shed, the wiresÖ

       Then another tall walnut over the house, we double rigged that and pulled it n2 the woods. Meticulous cutting and pulling got it down clean. Finally a bushy cedar all over the house needed a trim. Nice Rebel Tree Care day.

       And it wasnít over. I made my way back2 highland stopping4 errands and estimates, then another job came up, a prized white poplar was blocking the view of traffic. In the mix were cedars, post oaks, cherry, ash, privetÖ Safer now.

       So Iím working this weekend both days, Iím bearing down, tryna go n2 June strong. Memorial Weekend strong. Itís sposed2 rain next week, so I want2 get a head start. But T Rump cut that program.

So I hope2 get a MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY show in 2moro night. Plus there is a barbque benefit4 John Orosz. Chief. This is @ the Highland Fire Station from 4 til 7.

`     Life spirals. Changes. Assitude and pompistance get u far. $ work. But looks are most effective.

       Fair and Balanced Fox Fake News pushing the deep state narrative hard. The moles and the spying they say, were perpetrated by Obama and Hillary, T Rump did nothing wrong, and if it were Hillary facing indictment and impeachment, they would b railing against the vast conspiracy, defending our president Clinton with far reaching logic and snarky smarter than u drivel patter and crawlers with dire warnings about witch hunts. Deleting data and obvious graft and criminal empire would b ignored in a Clinton administration according2 the fair and balanced motto, but only a few morons believe Fox News anymore. State media. Repo TV.

        The rubes are being fleeced. T Rumps ill advised trade war just put the hurt on Arkansas and all farmers. Trouble is, when T Rump threatened tariffs, it was a hollow spur of the moment boast just like all his policy. It would never have been implemented. But China is serious, they instantly cut us off and now they buy soy beans from Russia. It's all part of the Kansas/Oklahoma failed "experiment." Make the states go broke then slash social programs. Private Schools and Private prisons cost way more and CEO's get a large cut of the taxpayer pie.

        T Rump goes2 bat4 a Chinese company that happened2 donate 500 million$, not a typo, 2 T Rump. He rails about saving Chinese jobs. Ino right? How heinous is this despicable hypocrite willing2 b?

    Jared Kushner unloads a condo with a leaky roof2 a Saudi Prince4 a cool 5 billion. He had2 throw in an hour with Melania naked plus free parking and secure access2 the White HOuse, but he got. The Deal. done.

        Rudy Guiliani: presidents can obstruct justice.

    Manaforts son in law cuts a deal. Thats 23 indictments and several guilty pleas. But there was the blue dress with that hard crust of semen on it. Letting a sexy young woman have consensual sex is way worse than conspiring with a foreign government and cutting essential programs so trillionaires can get that seventeenth house. Hey they donated some soup2 the homeless. Passed out baloney sandwiches.

        T Rump petitions congress2 open a new department: unaccounting.    

May 17, 2018

Rain. Sweet rain. Big lightning last night. Postponement.

       T Rump up all night blaming Obama4 something. And calling immigrants animals. Itís a two fer2 rile up the base, invoke the two evils: Obama and immigrants.

       The proof of no collusion is the meeting where they met with Russian agents4 dirt on Hillary but the dirt wasnít very good. Something about a tape of her cutting the throat of a Russian minister of defense, but it was grainy and except4 her signature drop of the knife and a tired guttural "oy vey", she was not recognizable. So since they got screwed there was no collusion. Makes no sense. Thatís why they r scapegoating and demonizing. Repo 101.


       Hard ride 2day all over Highland and Cherokee Village. Eagle Crest and beyond. Way beyond.  I chill hard when I get done.

       Tryna maintain. Tryna hold it 2gether. I will knock out jobs one @ a time, I will make time4 Jacks Fork.

        I need a new tent. I want a small one, super light, that I can carry in canoe or on a bike. But its got2 b long, Iím very tall. Women need2 b small.  Tent makers need2 pay me2 test their equipment. I could rock research and development, testing and recommendation. In return I would receive, if not pay, then certainly the best outdoor equipment in the world. Sponsors. Like Congress.

       North Face will b a fave. Patagonia. Heinekin. NRS. Featherlight. Ugly Stick. I have a new Ugly Stick. Shakespeare. Blue ProÖ I should list all the companies I represent fully packed on a river.

       Wool. I could critique wool sock brands, my high rating could make a company, my disapproval break them. Look in the Archives, I had delusions of grandeur back in 04 when I started this journal. In the first few months or @ some point, not sure, I critiqued my meals thinking I would become known as an influential blogger or whatever and b comped my food or beer or something. Not happening yet. But my sponsor is out there. I hope she has big tits.

       Never made the strip bar in Mfis. Rudy had2 work. I navigate tossing waters.

       Rain again. Maybe a jam. EROSION. Electric.

Nice set. Good therapy even if I donít turn way up. I havenít even been using gadgets l8ly, just pure bass. Pure power. Sons of Pure Rock Two.


May 16 2018

May ratchets down. The spiral tightens. Life careens. The spin.

      Yesterday was a brutal day in Strawberry Arkansas. Early we were attacking a gnarly apple. We removed  that in preparing the area4 a wedding. Another apple needed fine pruning, itís beautiful now. A large sprawling elm will shade the vows, I meticulously combed natural dead wood from it. Several persimmons all over an old shed needed a little, vines tormented as we trimmed.

      Loblolly pines needed trimmed or removed. We did both. Also a sprawling persimmon needed a lift and a little cleanup around wires and drives. Maybe some others2.

      It was hot but a neighbor wanted a sprawling box elder removed. So we skipped lunch and got2 sweatn. I got n2 it and topped it out, slicing dicing, we worked the chipper out and soon we were on the way back home.

      Then it was Jonesboro High School graduation. My beautiful niece was summa cum laude. Thatís smart.

      So itís recuper8 2day. Ride and line up work as the calendar tightens. Visit Eagle Crest. And beyond. 2moro is another brutal day as record heat grips. With all this riding Im doing every single day Iím heading n2 the heat strong and durable. Flexible and blonde. Singular and prolific.

    T Rump junior foggy on the details.

May 10, 2018

So we know Cherokees controlled some rivers. By common word of mouth here they held almost2 Viola, all lands flowing n2 the Strawberry and SouthFork or Spring, Martin Creek except the portions above the thirty six thirty line, which was already the projected border back When France owned Arkansas in the early seventeen hundreds. And especially when Spain claimed dominion later in the seventeen hundreds. So north of the line were some Cherokee, just as there were some Delaware and Shawnee south of the line in the fluid coalition of tribes. Cherokee very early on claimed all of the Saint Francis River and itís tributaries, which is a large region north of the line. They even went way up north and slaughtered some miners4 operating on their watershed. I 4get if they were lead or salt miners, Frenchmen way up there.

     Some people donít know this but the Castor and Whitewater rivers in Missouri used2 flow n2 the Saint Francis and Little Saint Francis River rivers until whites deflected those rivers2 the Mississippi last century. New Madrid is not far north of there the area. The epicenter of the violent New Madrid Earthquakes was actually south of New Madrid. The area was the center of Cherokee Web. Conduit between Kentucky and the great west, massive open water swamps or steaming prairie. It could b either4 years or months.

     Speaking of earthquakes Hawaii is hot. Several homes destroyed, gasses hissing out, lava chunks flying up near houses. Iím sure the lava incinerates anything it oozes upon. Havent seen video footage yet.

     There was probably lava in the New Madrid Quakes of 1811 and 12. I read about tar blasts,  bubbles, chunks, black petroleum tar, dragon fires. It was said2 have pushed all the trees down in a reverse or upstream fashion, making river travel incredibly more dangerous.

     It supposedly washed out the north south Spanish road north of Hardy. But the Cherokee were busy preparing2 leave the area by imploding and disguising cave entrances, they could have easily caused a fake rockslide2 destroy the road.

     Iím thinking we know they hid the caves here. They still know where those caves are.

They probably did it when forced2 leave the Buffalo river twenty four years later during the trail of tears period. Donít get worked up, Cherokee were not known2 leave riches behind, more likely a wampum belt or sacred arc.

     Some say many caves across vast distance are connected underground. Some say the illiminati have purchased the caves and knowledge in conjunction with certain Cherokee.

     That may jive with the underground railroad in Hardy. A man made cave goes straight up n2 the Old Biggers House. They were known emancipation people I think. U would travel the newly cut rail road, there would b blasting, rock work, crews of blacksÖ Here twelve miles from the  Missouri line u would abandon the future rail path or river travel2 itís largest waterfall, enter the cave, get rest and nourishment from the fine white people, then the next night u would walk2 Missouri. Noble cause. And it was right here in Hardy and no one knows.

     And not all of that developed after the Cherokee left. Keetoowah Cherokee, most spiritual and traditional,  oldest western Cherokee, heavily French, were known2 fight4 emancipation of blacks.  Many Cherokee came here fleeing slavery in Carolina.

     So the slavery issue was huge. The Cherokee were divided in their own civil war as they arrived in Oklahoma, then divided again in the American Civil War.

     Some Cherokee had stayed behind on the Saint Francis River, there @ the state line was oldest western Cherokee point. Chalk Bluff. In the battle Cherokees used their intimate knowledge of the countryside and Saint Francis River2 defeat I believe the Rebels. Not sure.

     I like the Salado concept. As I was flying recently I noticed on the emergency door the word exit, then apparently the Spanish word4 exit, salado.

     So Iím like there is a Salado creek south of Batesville. Iím like it would b an exit, 2 the west.

     Cherokee Locked down Strawberry and Southfork rivers, there was very little traveling through. On White River were varying degrees of lawlessness, but inside Devils Backbone were principled people. Cherokee people.

     So2 exit the east u must cross the great swamp, then head up a creek or river n2 the Ozarks. Most moved up the aRkansas River, a public waterway often free of harassment.

     But maybe u are examining routes and u cantí move through Old Settler Cherokeee country, cant or wont move north on the white due2 various factors. U might choose the next creek down from the white4 ur exit west. Salado Creek. There is a public rest area there now. But it would not have been far once u beached ur boat2 fine prairie, big mountains, sweet waters and plentiful game.

     South is the Little Red River Valley, gigantic and steep with halos in clouds and equal arms of river4 Irish Choctaws, French Quapaw, German Creeks or others.  I would have2 scan a map to get ideas. My specialty is Cherokee here in Cherokee Village from 1696 til 1812, any other culture or time period Iím clueless.


     Hard ride down the hatch. Again heavy pollen, spit of rain.

Israel and Iran escalate the Syrian civil war in response2 treaty pull out.  T Rump secretly invests in war buck stocks. Then brags about it on twitter. Probably. ďUncleĒ Tom Cotton glows in the light of a Ouija board, fingertips guiding the indicator2 W. Then A. Then R. then $. Ivanka show cases a line of desert cammo thongs on QVC. She also sells Kevlar crotchless panties and assless kevlar chaps along with drums of armor piercing bullets and pallets of Chinese grenades. They slap the T Rump name on with a cheap stamp4 a huge markup. Franklin Graham hawked them during his sermon, ď4 the Lord God of Israel sayeth 2 me last night, thou and thou flock shall purchase Scent of Cash by Ivanka and the new ankle strap disco heels in glitter or mauve.Ē

     Overcast. Temps just right. I donít need a heater or air conditioner yet. I just want2 get on a river. gEt wild. Iím thinking about doing an overnight on Warm Fork in Missouri. It joins the Spring River in Mammoth Spring. I could go on a Friday, then camp somewhere along the state line on a sand bar, then ease n2 Spring River and hit Dam3 just as a DJ is launching. Camp in the Saddler Falls area that night. Canoe2 south of Hardy2 Kurts or Slades. And just2 keep it going float2 Willford that Monday. HEres hoping.

May 9, 2018

Already the ninth. Wow. What a roller coaster. Yesterday was a hard ride. Many miles in hot sun. Down2 Spring River, super vibe.

      Then it was LAUREN GRAY w MIKE GRAY IN Horseshoe Bend Arkansas. Crown Point resort. Two nights in a row now, they luv them some LALA over there. She is a fine craftsmen of her art. Or should I say,  craftsperson. MIKE is right on w guitar and some vocals. It's not a large room, LALA abandons the mic so she can really bellow without hurting someone. I want2 shoot this video where she is singing2 a bunch of people with glasses on, or even by a glass wall or mirror then when she hits a note pause a minute and give everyone glasses with shattered lenses, then move a fake shattered mirror in front of the other then resume filming. It would b hilarious, ive seen it on a couple movies.

      Deep vegging. Home vibe. I ride, I look @ trees. I rock. I am.

      T Rump pulls the United States out of the Iran Deal, against the advice of everyone except Tom Cotton. Everything that he says the deal does, pulling out of the deal does. Even Fox, after years of lies and mischaracterization say donít do it cheeto.

      Repos continue their thorough sabotage of the Affordable Care Act and America by passing laws allowing sham ďassociationsĒ 2 offer crap health insurance policies, against the law. Lets just sum it up right here. Repos r against the law.

    Hard hot ride down the hatch. Eagle Crest and beyond. In this instance it was the South Golf Course in Cherokee Village. Lining up trimming jobs4 June and b4 or beyond. Life is. Iím tan and lean going n2 summer. Iím a hard man. I am an island. I must. There4 b.

       The Stormy Daniels fallout has T Rump and minions scurrying. They are finding hush $, much of it, all illegally funneled, Russian $, much of it, all illegally funneled, and payola, like the five hundred million $ paid by AT$T4 favors and ďaccessĒ.

   brutal son. Hot winds. Heavy pollen. u cant c it, but r blinded by it. Speaking of blind, Scott Pruitt' s number two, pun intended, is a coal industry lobbyist. The dirtiest of the dirty. so even if we get Pruett out, we have an even more blatant, if that's possible, scumbag running the EPA. 4 those who don't know, EPA mean Environmental Protection Agency. It's the CIPA, or coal industry protection Agency, or GPPR, Gigantic Pollution Protection Racket. Well, under T Rump it is in all but name. But this EPA number argued 4 dirty water and air, dirty tricks...

    Nursing HOmes preparing2 evict thirty thousand residents because of cuts in Medicare, fervently fought4 and won by repos. Heinous repo bastards. They get their one hundred houses and no waiting with unruly children. Dental. As long as others dont'. Let me re phrase that, they get theirs. Everybody on the upper echelon of the great pyramid of the sun is happy as long as slaves and drones, serfs and droids follow the cookie cut script, Green postage stamp lawns, a neighbor less cool than u2 have a beer with, two point five kids, one point two pets... genocide in Rwanda is fine as long as our new SUX has six drink holders. Thats where we stand. we draw the line @ six drink holders, four drink holders is just sad. As Americans, we deserve this, we celebrate this. Disabled Rwandans must jump through hoops4 years2 come here after we bomb them on false pretenses, false intelligence, false communications.  then call them the terrorists.   Unless the disabled are athletes, and special olympics doesnt' count, we will leave them in a boat hull off Cuba. We want our six drink holders.

John McCain dying. he requested Obama2 speak @ his funeral. And said specifically he didn't want T Rump there. That goes4 me2. I'm also with NBA coach Greg Popvich. T Rump is a soulless coward.

 May 8, 2018

Bright sunny day. Time4 an Ozark mountain bike ride. I must exert. Pressure is building. Life must resume. I have some trees look @, I have rivers2 float. I must do gr8 things 2day. I regret that have but one life2 give2 the Ozarks.

     T Rump is prolly busy right now, watching Fox and Fake Friends while pretending2 listen2 his daily briefing. Heís a smart guy. Well, a wise guy. A good fella. Maybe he will have2 grow a beard and move2 Hardy after he flips on Putin.

     He was overheard asking his lawyer, ďWho is RICO?Ē Btw that is what they charge racketeering and organized crime figures with.

     Remember when he first called Russia? Chatting about war and cookies? He put his hand over the receiver and asked an aide, ďwhats START?Ē Btw thatís the nuclear proliferation treaty. Kind of important. Youíd think a president would know about that.

     He acted like the Russian meddling was a surprise the dums thought up months n2 his presidency, ďthe first Iíve heard of it.Ē He said. Maybe he should have kept his coke sniffing mouth shut during the debates. When Hillary tried2 tell us about it, both he and Fox News Wallace shouted her down. Watershed moment.

     Fox finally runs down a list of his lies. U wonít hear that again. Or any mention of it. It will b the ďbiased liberalsĒ who mention Fox News brief blast of honesty.

     Solutions: hemp. Bicycles. Soy beans. Riparian Zones. Sex workers. Natural Guard. Moron this 2moro.

Shock news this morning. Another good river man passes. Rest in Peace Jonathon HIcks.



May 7, 201

And we roll. N2 town. Long run. 2day was two bike trips around state parks. First I stood where Hernando De Soto stood in Parkin. They say he was just looking4 a Parkin Spot. I saw the mound where Casqui had his chiefs house there on the banks of the Saint Francis River, not far from where the Tyronza River joins. I started the morning on the Mississippi River, crossed or was near Saint Francis, Líanguille, Cache, White, Tyronza, White again, and StrawberryÖ

      I crossed the Mississippi about eight times, using the hell out of bike trails and paths around Memphis and West Memphis. I put on some serious miles, making the scene on Beale four nights in a row, reacquainting myself with the old ways. Iím tan and fit, red e4 some cold water. I need2 strap the boots on, get back2 work next week.

      I will ride hard, 2 Eagle Crest and beyond, each day is a brutal challenge. But I wear brut deodorant, I can handle it.

      I saw SAMMY HAGARS bar. I saw  BB KINGS club. Blues City people still love me and welcome me and that makes me feel good. I get emotional. Bonny is gone so I get lonely.

      Oliver North continues selling guns. After dealing with terrorists most of the eighties now he will head the NRA and help sell more weapons2 b used2 kill Americans.

      Melania issues another rip off of Obamas policy and speeches, ironically this one about cyber bullying, and double ironically, @ about the same time her husband is cyber bullying, tweeting lies like any desperate criminal.

      Rudy G: ďsure, he funneled payments2 lots of porn stars but I know nothing about that.Ē

      New Yorks Dum AG resigning after bimbo eruptions. Probably not connected 2 his law suit against big petro4 misleading us 4 decades about pollution and climate change.

      T Rump transportation head funneling business2 her father in law. ďT Rump said it was fine, itís how we do it, weíre making American Gr8 again, one wealthy family @ a time.Ē

May 3, 2018

And we roll. Or rather, the mighty Mississippi does. Boats ply the big muddy, journeys are afoot, or rather, afloat...

      Early this morning were Ozark thunderstorms. I even heard some hail. But on the way it cleared up, blackbirds on cat tails, hawks vigilant over ditches. One footed crow, I shouted get a job @ IHOP u bum. Black, Cache, and Saint Francis Rivers, also the Tyronza river swirled with power and grace below busy bridges.

      I romped all over West Memphis 2day, first off was a long run on the levee, but I came upon open water b4 I could get over 2 Tennessee. So I romped north of 55, south of 55, then over2 Wal mart. Im hanging with kids, letting them ride my bike or use my fishing pole. Life is fine on the mIssissippi. I played blues long minutes. Welcome, Mississippi River, 2


      I want2 check out SAMMY HAGARS. I want2 do the Wolf River and the Mississippi. Stay tuned.

      Bad Week4 T rump and those pesky indisputable lies. First he contradicted himself about paying off Porn Star Stormy Daniels. Out and out reversal. And he sounded so sure b4.

      Then he claimed Obama was in charge when the hostages were detained then most of them were under his watch.

      Then we find out T Rump actually wrote the glowing health report about being the fittest president, with bone spurs, ever. And the largest hands, donít 4get that. Most people knew it as a lie but now we know 4sure. And thatís the 3 lies proven in a few days. And thatís just3 that I point out, there are many other proven lies each day, every thing that T Rump has ever said almost is an easily provable lie. Hey that works when ur bull shitting some investor. Because they donít have a team of fact checkers. T Rump supporters are signaling that lies are good. Lies are okay. Lies are the way and the light, and the truth. Lies, despicable repo lies under pin and under mine the hollow repo platform. Uno the one that T Rump changed immediately when he had the chance, 2 ease Russian Sanctions. And. Then. Lied. About. That.

      Email. Free college. Affordable Health care. Evil liberal schemes. Evolution. Science. This vast conspiracy against lies will produce truth. Sarcasm is the new diplomacy. Orange is the new black market streets flowing with bloody angels fast descending(DIO), Hey if ur circle stays unbroken, then ur a lucky man, cos it never ever ever has4 me. In the palace of the virgin lies the chalice of the soul, and itís likely u might find the answer thereÖ

      I gotta go. I need rest. Conquering the Mympho is rough and tough.

      West Memphis needs tree work. Giant cottonwoods long dead over shotgun shacks. Thick willow oaks crowd finer homes. Better they stay bushy and crowded than improperly pruned. Iíve done a few dozen or more here, mostly back in the nineties.

      So behold the rising light. The beast of the east has broken the chains. The land of milk and honey is ours2 devour. We will lay waste,

We will enslave, we are the masters.

      Whatever. Iím out.

May 1, 2018

May Day. Stormy May Day. Money Maid. Black Ice. Just kidding wonderful, beautiful day. Early we were in the boonies back side of Cherokee  Village, Rigging a red oak4 removal. The tree was growing tight n2 a slot cut long ago in the eave of the home. I had2 saw some bark and cambium2 get it out of the eave, the power company showed and poof, the deed was done. We did chip it and cut it up, fed second breakfast by lovely clients. Beautiful morning.  Now it is ride hard, bear down, accelerate, learning, knowing, growing, strong, singular and prolific.

    The calendar is steady, jobs this month and next. Rivers waiting4 me2 float them. Music festivals setting up4 me2 attend. The world is @ my feet, the sun shines out of my ass.

    Mueller wants2 ask T Rump simple, str84ward questions. T Rump will not answer them of course, it would prove2 even the most rabid anti truth repo supporter he is guilty as hell in every conceivable way.

    ICE director quits, citing orders2 lie. Many orders2 lie.

    EPA deputies resign in cloud, nay, funnel cloud of controversy, lies, and forgery as repos pummel Scotty ďI didnít do itĒ Pruett.

    I need2 hit the wind. If I work up a rant right now I may b here a while. Stay Tuned.

April 29, 2018

And we roll. What a run. Sunshine abounds. Where do I start? Yesterday was a nice DJ float on Spring River. Not a lot of folks but DJ SUPERMOON was in mid summer form, celebrating the self proclaimed first day of summer. Afterward was a real deal crawfish boil with all the fixins. Nice. Thanks2 Rich and Leslie4 the hospitality.

     This morning @ day light found me on the road2 Mammoth Spring on my bike. Brutal cold, especially down in the valleys. Picked up my truck then it was home2 do a tree job on this beautiful Sunday. A prominent business had a rotten hickory in their parking circle. Boom.

     So itís still early and Iíve had a full day.

     T Rump attacking Mueller.ĒHeís just not an attractive man. He dresses weird, itís distracting. 4these reasons he should drop this sham, hoax, illegal, unethical investigation. There is no Blue Dress with semen crust on it. There is no tape of prostitutes peeing. On each other anyway, and none of it, u can visibly tell, none of it gets on me. In one I wear a pancho, hey my suits cost twenty grand apiece, just my tie could feed a family of six for ten years, now get2 work requiring work4 disability congress. Canít stand? If u want a check u better get2 mopping. Even if itís from a wheelchair, no moochers allowed. But donít show out, itís embarrassing 4me 2 have u seen by the beautiful people. I make fun of handicaps like any good Christian.

     If congress fails2 fund my wall I will shut the government down until Mexico cheerfully pays4 it. Then we must get2 work on a wall along the Canadian border so that Americans canít get there. Canít have affordable health care, If I let u have that, whatís the point of being me?

     We  must cut social security more, make larger tax cuts4 the top minimum wage job creators. I mean itís working, look at the numbers I said were false. My first year compared2 Obama show it clearly, and I inherited a wrecked economy while Obama stepped n2 a gr8 situation given2 him on a silver platter by Bush. Obama wasted no time starting two disastrous wars. Speaking of war, Korea is up2 no good with this fake truce. Weíll c if a few rockets donít expose this sham. We alone keep the peace in the South China Sea. By my grace a trillion orientals live. By my hand a trillion may die 2moro. Iím looking @the button now. Iíve had a bad morning. Melania doesnít fall4 the old, If u donít let me do u I may snap and bomb Korea. North. South. Whichever. And donít think Turkey gets a pardon. Yemen is stupid. Plus Chad is justÖ irritating. A couple of well placed Hydrogen bombs should get their attention. The ratings will b yuuuge.Ē

    Trey "Shooter" Gowdy: "sure I crafted the repo talking point "investigation" of Russian  collusion and we found nothing because we refused2 call witnesses, but I am immediately distancing myself from the report vindicating T Rump cos it's BS. He did it. That's obvious. But it's important that we not lose sight of HIllaries email investigation, which is still open, what she did, what with misplacing those three emails with the tiny C, makes here evil incarnate. We must hang that witch from the cross. T Rump's repeated violation of all known ethics and three thousand lies in his first year are minor compared2 Hillary using a blackberry2 do her job on the run. When I gunned down three dozen Ukrainian prostitutes2 keep them quiet about peeing on  T Rump I though life would b ez from then on, but the evil liberals keep pestering me about truth and accountability. It sux."

    Lebron steps up with a buzzer beater then forty five nine seven and two. He heads2 the conference semis with his team stepping up. He broke Scotty Pippens record of playoff steals. I missed the three on three tournament here in Highland. The river called. After I caught up with the party I tied a rooster tail on and quickly had four trouts on the stringer. One was a fine pink meated two pounder I will eat those 2moro.

April 24 2018

Hard ride winds slowly down. Heavy. Loadn. Did I say it was a hard ride?

       Early we were on back highways headed over2 Strawberry. A Fine rural home is hosting a wedding. A sprawling box elder thick with vines gave us fits all day.

       Then it was lunch in Lynn.

       I went up a tall loblolly pine, spikeless as always I ascended fifty feet, combing and reducing over wires, Another across the yard all over wires, sheds, storm shelters and gas tanks. Job well done Rebel Tree Care.

      EPA Head Scott Pruitt writes confusing new ďtransparencyĒ bill in secret. The EPA now stocked with ex tobacco lobbyists writing evil rules denying pollution, denying sickness. Repo 101.

       Cowardly deny. Falsely accuse. Use smoke, mirrors, fake intellectual property owners posted no trespassing. Thousands dead from breathing particles or drinking mercurial cocktails of phosphorus and sulphur etc?, Look we must first assure that Muslims cannot burn our flag.

       ďSmallĒ Cattle farms seem denser than usual over 2ward Strawberry. Very little Best Management Practices or riparian zones2 counter vile pollution entering our groundwater.

       I need2 get around. Maybe a rant 2moro. Welcome back earthlings. 2Rebelriver.netÖ

April 23, 2018

Wow. What a run. Crazy. U try2 steal a kiss from mother nature and she leaves u raw. OR not. Cray Cray. Countdown2 a tattoo. Maybe a lap dance2 its been awhile since I drove my bulging crotch n2 a stripper.

     What a run, we partied 420 with Cypress Hill. LAUREN wowed them @ vestal village(a coachella connected event). MIXMASTER MIKE sat in 2. LAUREN did killer sets sandwiched between THE KITTENS, or is it KITTEN?    And SAZI.  Others I will name later.

     Cali was the shizzle, free food and drinks, other stuff was available2. I revered Joshua trees, exalted the Pacific. Saw the Rockies4 the first time, Denver has an awesome little river and waterfalls downtown. High in the mountains.

     In fact Denver Airport just sent me my laptop so I can post this. They strapped on the rubber gloves, several experts had their way with me, but didnít violate me 2 bad. And the lost and found department, amd others, top shelf. Denver rocks. Colorado layovers, it was eight hours there and sixteen or so with cancellations but soon we were approaching the titanic skyline of Little Rock.

     Iíve had some tree jobs since, and moron tap. I have a float on Wolf River soon, lookn 42ward2 that.

     Iím booking tree jobs4 June.

`EROSION has been quiet. Whoops. I said has been. This is hard on me. Tis the season.

     T Rump attacking law enforcement on twitter. Intimidating witnesses. Stalling Russian sanctions. ďhey,Ē T Rump accidentally tweeted, ďRussians play4 keeps. Look closely @ my left pinky cos itís a prosthetic, the real one is on Putinís mantle. Still has my Wharton ring on.Ē

     Ben Carson says we should completely repeal the Civil Rights Act of nineteen sixty four. ďHey Iím black,Ē he screamed 2 the press, ďMotha F***ers Iím all heart!Ē

     Scott Pruitt attacked4 all kinds of ethical issues. Except that as head of the Environmental Protection Administration he seems2 b trying2. Destroy. The. Environment. Itís Satan, he says; liberal and gay, that wants unreasonably clear water and air. With the keystone Transamerica pipeline completed we add dozens of jobs. And also security jobs, the Keystone Cops will keep those Native Americans from trespassing.

     Prick Perry preaching. ďGod commands us2 use fossil fuels4 transportation and heating. We must increase fracking instead of solar and wind. Science is a liberal scheme. We must run petroleum pipelines over every single aquiver everywhere, potentially polluting all waters equally.

     T Rump is a handsome man. I envy his life and honesty, his selfless Christian values. He has increased medical bankruptcies4 Americans, doubled down on bullying and intimidation. We better force liberals2 prove these wild claims of asthma near power plants and cancer downstream from chemical plants and black tar in poor neighborhoods. Pink slime is meat. Liberals would have us rinsing chicken trucks after each delivery, that regulation would burden CEOís.Ē

     What else happened lately? Lebron lit it up4 48. DJ Supermoon did a float Saturday. I missed it. Iíve been on tear riding the bike. Ripping off miles with vengeance. Dodging rains, busting out in mist and haze. Creeks are fat, not babbling, but plump and shiny, backed up from tiny leaf and logjams2 form tiny long ponds. Otter Creek is a favorite. Tiny flat valleys @ higher elevations once used by Cherokees as lakes. The sub continental divide between Strawberry and Southfork and Spring Rivers meanders through Highland and Cherokee Village. A bike rider skirts this ridge, staying on high ground, avoiding steep uphill climbs.

     THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY continues2 make sweet music. I dance with beautiful women and won a few games of pool, this time against good competition.

     Sean Hannity, POS, doesnít mention his conflicts and complete lack of ethics. Working4 Fox he  snarks and barks while  T Rump watches and reacts, taking they keynote like a good player.

April 10, 2018

And we roll. Eleven Point rolls wnite. Remember Saturday? The white our conditions, the two inches of sleet, the driving snow? We went canoing.

       We were planning on knocking out a section of the Black way up in Missouri but we got there and it was flooded out, cold and scary looking so we backtracked and hit Eleven Point instead.

       Nature bustled about us, bald eagles, golden colored hawks, lots of kingfishers, blue herons, young crows faltered in the wind, one crow attacked two hawks. Eagles carried captured prey or allowed close up looks.

       Tiny little song birds like little blue sparrows with yellow markings play bankside the entire way from Cane Bluff2 Mytle Missouri, the state line.

       Lots of otters, a few beavers, white tailed deer froze in wonder@ our approach. The huge floods of last year ravaged both sides, root wads and fallen trees along the rivers edge continual.

       Itís all national forest, u donít c houses @ all till near the end r a few. No anal homeowners weed eating vegetation or mowing, fighting natureÖ Ignoring best management practices. Not time4 a rant. I donít even know the latest on T Rump, I heard something of seizing of records.

       LALA is set2 play the exclusive Coachella music festival in California. Exciting. Her and her daddy MIKE r playing a gig in Horseshoe Bend now.

       Redbud run. Redbud flowers gave hillsides a lavender hue. Green tinged as forest trees begin2 leaf out. White tall sycamores stand ghostly, veining, lacing the background with stately white irregular columns and spreading canopy. Pines crown jagged mountain tops or hold groves amide hardwood. The occasional black locust salted hillsides with shite petals.

       Chill winds cut n2 us, I wore my wet suit, occasional snow or sleet pattered. Mating eagles. Greer was murky. Much like the Spring in Mammoth as we has a late lunch there.

       Mating eagles, mating ottersÖ Love is in the air. Young killdeer. Big tracks of coyotes or bobcats on pristine sand. Ducks of all colors.  Snow and sleet again. We endured cold.

       Eagle carrying possum. Leaf tornado. Skeleton Key. Thousands of caves I call Grimacing Skull, Lennyís Crown, Squiggyís eyebrow and other endless nicknames I will chronicle better some day but Iím tired and rushed.

       Fishing was poor. Darrel caught a rainbow trout of a couple pounds and I caught a Kentucky Bass of about a pound. But we took plenty of crackers. sTay tuned.

April 6, 2018

Bookman Old Style. Big winds howl outside. Sposed2 sleet. Imma hit the river lol. Big doings afoot. Life accelerates. And then U.

     Lining up work4 later in the week and June. River trip imminent. Rock concerts aw8.

     So take a few and caio.

April 5, 2018

Batang. Font. I wonder where that was. Font styles kind of get my mind working. Tahoma is an obvious fave with Native  American motif. I like Baskerville Old Face. Enough about fonts. No really I have a kind of love hate relationship with certain fonts. Like when I scanned hard copies of old manuscripts. The resulting story is riddled with errors caused by the translator. 2the naked human eye the page is flawless. But2 the translator itís gibberish and it prints out barely similar2 the original.

     I know the answer: cursive font. Reminds me of the eighties.

     This generation rode the wave from way back2 way up. California is where the deranged had2 stall.

     Hunter Thompson once stood on a mountain looking west and he was like, ďu can c where the wave broke,Ē or something, Itís profoumd I do know. It struck a chord. Itís a good thing Hunter is not alive2 c the rise of T Rump. The fourth dimensional humor vortex would mix savagely with these events, it might knock the earth of itís axis and begin the death wobble.   

     2day was a good day. I did a grunt brush chipping job by my lonesome this morning then romped on the bike paying several bills, catching up on loose ends flapping.

     So now itís hit the Black soon. B one with a river. Wild man. River man. Not of this world. Cross the portal. Inner Sha. Window2 the soul eater. One eyed watcher. Albatross follows the aftermath. Two by fours, ujoints, and gambling girls. Come the Cyclops.

     I want2 catch fish. And play bass. That means get a Missouri fishing license, and I have2 decide whether2 get a three day or year. I plan2 hit some Missouri Rivers this year so yeah, the full year license. I donít think the black has trout but likely some real good bass, catfish, walleyes. I have2 remember butter and lemon, I have aluminum foil.

     Im reading how they drained the swamps in Ohio, no T Rump pun intended, although maybe thatís what he really means, but itís really polluting with ninety five percent of the original swamp gone, one guy says we can clean the water up some with ten percent restoration of the swamp and itís like thatís impossible. People worked so hard2 kill the swamp, itís so ingrained in them, that giving ten percent back2 the swamp4 the greater good is impossible.

     Itís the same with cattle farms. If they could let ten percent of their hay fields go natural, the buffer zone would do much2 clean out rivers and creeks. Buuut no. Attack the scientists as godless liberals. Attack protesters as un-American. Distract and deceive. Conform. Eat beef and drive a large car across ur huge green lawn becaue alcohol is ok but pot is evil. We bombed Japan. We r. Superior. We. R. exceptional. We r the master race. A nation of kings and queens, princess and pawns. WE dish it out. But we canít take it.

April 4 2018

Early morning. April 4. Shot rings out. In the Memphis sky. Free @ lastÖ

       Ok thatís a quote from a U2 song about Doctor Kingís assassination.

       Letís blog blog, blog about it. I got a woman donít blog about it. Says she doesnít need it, she can do without it. If I try2 push it. She says shove it baby if u try maybe u will like it. Blog Blog. Blog about it. TESLA.

       Long day approaching sunset. Early we were dropping red oaks. Rigging, roping, chipping etc. Then the power company showed. It was time4 the main event. A large sprawling hollow red oak very near a house and wires. Everything went down like it was sposed2. Life is good.

       Then it was a hard ride2 Eagle Crest and beyond. All over. Cherokee places. Black River awaits.

       Big Coal tells Prick Perry2 give them money. Just because.

       Fox and Sinlair: we must restore journalistic integrity.

       SO ITíS RIVERS and music, sunshine on my shoulder, maybe some suds n play my bass. Veg out. Down deep. Seriously one Heineken and Iím led man. And gingerbread man. Ginger man. Mary Anne is nice, but Ginger is real.

       Time swings pendulum ponderous, return descent upside down decapitation. I have survived, thus I am. Never a  beetle or stone unturned nary a curdle of discontent from beggars. U will conform, lice boy, conform or b cast out. Rush2 judgement, snap decisions choke moves career suicide by design. Drag us down2, ur game is lame we need2 abort.

 Gotta end this. Must stop.

       Scott Walker feverishly working2 destroy democracy4 crony profit. Grooming himself4 the nomination after t Rump skips bail.

       Mueller looking @ the funneling of $ n2  T Rumps organization by Russian megadonors. Of particular interest is a run down condo with bad gutters that T Rump sold2 Putins son in law4 three hundred forty million in small bills.

       Crisis Actors on Fox decried the ďvast conspiracy,Ē against T Rump, claiming that Hillary and Obama were pulling the strings from the basement of Comet Pizza, the kiddy porn ring was real, and bill was busy with middle School hookers and exctasy.

       Abortions, demonic possessions, and interracial same sex divorces performed in the waiting room. But the repos killing their people with pollution and chiseling away of health care spin fake news2 their people.

       Because of Russian fake news about Hillary 4warded daily by my ultra conservative aunt I blocked her and didnít know my uncle died. T rump and the Russian/Fox repos, poisoning families, dividing folks, driving wedge issues constantly with Sinclair and clear channel, fossil fuels divide us, Big beef divides us, all the industries taking more than they give. Hypocrite conservatives can dish it out. They just canít take it.

April 3, 2018

Thunder rolls. All across the sky. Radar shows storm cells  moving in. It was a long doubtful day as we stalled expecting rain. Big winds pounded the point as we pruned small trees and shrubs on Lake Thunderbird. Arbor videa, Japanese holly, crepe myrtles, boxwoods. I was able2 reach up with my pole and snag a couple of dead branches from a fine huge red oak. Nice job with cherished client and journal veteran.

       Now lighting and ripping thunder. Big winds, big percussion. Spats of rain hit hard than nothing, now rain spits and spats, windsÖ. Thunder. Nice.

       Hard sheeting rain now. Blinding white wall of rain. Cold slanted, driving rain. Skinny cedar trees toss, We need this, some say they r tired of it but Iím like Iím tired of u. I must hear creeks babble, I must listen as murmuring and sighing determine consensus.

       Now rain slowsÖ Stops. Continues some. Thunder moves on, rolling now in skies north. Big drops fall from trees now. Iím sure itís steamy out there now. Off goes thunder2 RAvenden and Pocahontas, Paragould or CorningÖ

       So, a good Rebel Tree Care job 2day. Plenty 2moro. We r taking down a bunch of red oaks. Meeting the power company, chipping and cutting upÖ. All day. Stay tuned.

       Now it is quiet. Life resumes. Renews.

       Scott Pruitt busy spending huge $, paying top price 4everything. Except his personal living quarters. Fifty bucks a night4 a premium condo. Wow did he get lucky. ďHey the Kocks gave me condos all around the world, so I thought paying anything @ all was a little steep. As a stalwart Christian I fight4 the religious freedom2 pollute so accepting bribes I mean perks is the American way of doing big business.Ē

       Oklahoma teachers on strike4 livable wage and conditions. Also Kentucky. 2 states that touch Arkansas. Repo policies in both those states, much like Kansas Louisiana and others have looted budgets2 insure huge corporations get their bonuses, essential services have2 b cut. Itís as part of the larger push2 privatize everything. Strip budgets2 bare bones, then step in with billionaire cronies and privatize education while discriminating illegally. Betsy DeVos as head of Education looks the other way ont Discrimination and bullying of gays or immigrants  the disabled or disadvantaged. She also and her family will profit tremendously with privatization. She makes more in one minute than a teacher in Oklahoma makes in a year. Knows nothing about education, does T Rumps education secretary, knows only that her family and circle will rake in plunder when they privatize education. Pirate effn booty. And that no mention will b made of evolution. Slavery was immigration, and science is evil, and or a liberal conspiracy. A vast one.

March 31 2018

Beautiful day. E covery. Yesterday was a brutal run. I donít know if I recorded it in this journal or not. If fact most of this journal or fourteen years has never been read by  me since posting. I hope there is nothing bad back there. Lol I think.

     Its somebodies birthday I think. Either Terry Jamieson or Robert and Richard Wiles. Old buddies and team mates. Stories.

     What a glorious day. I should b floating. Patience grasshopper. I need2 piddle a couple more hours then ride. I may head deep n2 Cherokee Village, I may miss THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring Coachella performer LAUREN GRAY so I can hang with Westy. Heís my besty.

     Word. I may have finally breathed enough life n2 Water Spider, my novel about the Arkansas Cherokee. I have recently added a chapter and inserted small character and plot developments. Itís hard. U lose track. Even with modern computer files instead of hard copy pages. U have2 bear down seemingly endlessly. The ending was the first thing written so thatís not a problem. I have2 put it2 rest now4 a while, maybe dive n2 Ruby Yacht, or Mammoth. Lol f u feel me. Hey I felt a thigh.

      I saw a facebook meme where men donít reach maturity till forty three and Iím like cool. I have three more years of immaturity. Hey this is hard on me.

      T Rumps trade war wreaking havoc. ďHey we won the war on Christmas and we will win this war if we have2 destroy the planet2 do it.Ē

     Scott Pruitt, ďLiberals are attacking God. So we must pollute. So what if thousands of blacks develop brain cancer we saved three jobs and all the CEOís r getting full bonuses.Ē

    T Rump was studying facebook data he bought with tax payer $ and got worked up over Stormy Daniels out trending him and hit Def Con 5, the red button, luckily4 North Korea a General stepped n2 the room and and deescalated the situation.

March 30, 2018

March on. Sunshine 2day and rough and tough pruning. Early we were on the flooded banks of Spring River. Light trimming of numerous maple, elm, sycamore, oak, etcÖ A Few climbs, in fact @ one point I was wading2 get2 a sycamore2 climb it. Nice Rebel Tree Care Job.

      Then it was across Spring River2 another job near Hardy. A tall elm over a fine luxury rv and shed. This one was meticulous and tough, riggin and roping, spikeless climbing way up, complications, large dead branches. A Fine white oak got some dead out2. Fine day in trees.

      Spring River was barreling by. Debri bobbing, moving along in dirty trails. Big brown flat water.

      T Rump angry there is no $2 fix schools. In. His. Budget.

      Enron files a law suit saying that they canít b sued. It was tossed. They can b sued. They were pissed. ďu canít sue gun manufacturers so u shouldnít b able2 sue gasoline manufacturers. Weíll go broke.Ē

      A few years ago Paul Ryan sold off his shares of banking stock a few minutes after his briefing In congress that a banking crisis was imminent. ďCoincidence,Ē he says.

      ďIn conjunction with increasing the numbers of uninsured, we are raising pollution so that more people get sick. Specifically, but not limited2, is our raising of emission standards and fuel efficiency requirements. Plus the phosphorus standard, raising the amount of mercury and phosphorus corporations can pump n2 rivers will help the economy. Gotta go, Iíll take ur questions in a couple months.Ē

      Hemp is making a comeback. I actually hear the word mentioned in mass media lately. There is a bipartisan bill, and those are rare now, 2 make it legal like it was for tens of thousands of years. There are people talking about the conspiracy that criminalized it, and the thousands of earth friendly reasons2 use the plant. Prayers this happens. Iím sure the religious right would agree.

      Birds are singing. Frogs kick it up soon 2nite. Blooms are falling like snow and others are out. Redbuds are showy now, black locust. Dogwoods are getting red e. Peach are still nice, northern magnolia blooms fadingÖ

      So I have a feet on the ground job next week, I have a couple of river trips coming up, music festivals. One festival may b in California. Stay tuned.

March 27, 2018

Rain out. We worked through it4 a while but couldnít move on2 another job.

       Early I was up tall wet oaks. It was safe enough, a little tough and worrisome yada yadaÖ Rain was spitting and spatting, I almost packed up several times. Then it was random light pruning: elm, pine, several redbud and dogwoods, tuliptree, 2 maplesÖ

       Nice Rebel Tree Care job but I couldnít go on so now I have2 w8 till this rain is gone and it might be several days. Flooding is 4cast, several inches of rain. Good! Let creeks sing2 me. Let them babble and snicker and sigh, popping, whisperingÖ

       Speaking of Stormy, T Rump having troubles. His squeaky clean ďpresidencyĒ is finally marred by a scandal. LOL.

       Iíve been hitting the bike with a vengeance. 2day will b a mud run if I get back out. I check out THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY on Saturday nights, 2nite they play over in HorseShoe Bend.

       Iím preparing 4a river trip soon. I think we r doing Crooked Creek. Itís a wilderness stream, gr8 fishing.

       Word. Iím working hard on, whoops I said hard on, Water Spider, my novel about the First Western Cherokee who lived here in my home towns of Highland, Cherokee Village, and HardyÖ Iím breathing life n2 it more and more as new notions and visions come2 me and I subtly adapt them 2 the story. Iím getting there. Then I will put it2 rest a whileÖ

       EROSION. Not a lot going on with my music. Iím talking2 serious guitar players and talking2 club owners about gigs. Panadox will accompany me with large video whenever I play. Even rehearsals in my shop.

       So itís bear down... N JoyÖ

 I also trimmed a prized Osage Orange, Beaux D' Ark2 the french.

March 21 2018

Beautiful day. Hard ride2 Eagle Crest and beyond. Early this morning I was ascending a dead elm @ a fine vacation cabin on Spring River. It was a quicky, I topped it and flopped it, quick cut up but no clean up. Now it is time2 jam. Get wild. Get quick.  Get loud and loose. Make noise.

        Other stuff in the works. I need2 b free

        Repos jacking up health care costs. Sabatoging the law of the land. Russia/Fox calling the shots with Cheeto Mussolini mouthing words, lies streaming out of his ass.

        Hard won gains in income inequality and quality of life now being beaten down by the evil GOP and the chief ringmaster of the circus. With the help of a few sold out dums they rolled back consumer protections, ridiculing the chief architect and proponent of these protections as ďPocahontas.Ē

        The new secretary of state is anti islam2 the tune of major wars and the lowest common denominator: hate.

        We cant win @ the ballot box, Russia still its hooks in the system, we donít even know how much yet, the scam voter fraud investigations led by Kansas scumbag Koback is already proven fake news, still implying with no proof that four million illegals in buses all voted4 Hillary, funny, thatís how much she won the popular vote by. Russia, though, voted4 T Rump.

        Kushner in Saudi Arabiaís pocket. And Israel. Stranger things.

March 20, 2018

Rain out. I donít mind lol. Its laundry and walmart time. Love me some walmart. I need detergent, condoms, etc.

       Prolly pick up some bar lube, lettuce, shoe strings. Chain cleanerÖ

       Maybe some movies. No big whoop.

Itís windy and cold out there, spitting rain, good day2 stay inside, but I will prolly romp a bike run, donít want2 miss many days now. Finely tuned. Stay tuned.

March 19, 2018

And we roll. Life is quiet. I try2 b thankful.  I know what I donít want.

     Hard rides lately. Thirty miles or so This weekend on a mountain bike. But I might as well come clean right now. U know that four thousand miles in the last year? That was with an e bike. An electric assist cargo bike. I haul ass on it . donít let anybody tell u its cheating cos it can b brutal also, itís heavy. I can carry a chick or kid on it, I warm up @ my own pace and conserve battery power as I choose. Rad Power Bikes.I still hammer the mountain bike, usually if its raining or whenever, but many of my miles r with the electric. It's a similar workout.

Back2 work 2moro, removing a dead elm on Spring River and another job I havenít seen yet. So get er dun cos the river is roaring.

     T Rump. Murder drug dealers. He is suing the porn star4 violating a non disclosure agreement. But he never met her.

     Oklahoma broke. But they got prayer in schools.  Just not teachers, books, food, and buildings. Unless u go private. 4 few grand extra a year ur kid can live it up in country club schools. No dough? U better hope ur kid can play sports.

     Then u got Kansas, Brownback and Koback have Kansas walking funny. They donít use lubrication in Kansas. Plus they use private email4 government business. The Kocks r from there, but they sure as hell donít live there. They just list it as their residence so they get the giant kickbacks while the public sector collapses.

     Arkansas Medicinal weed stalled. Law suits now, can take years as evil bureaucrats shuffle religious objections and clerical crimes. Just like Illinois, who voted it in years ago but canít seem2 actually make it happen thanks2 sham government.

     Special Jeffy Sessions thinks going after pot is the answer2 the opiate epidemic. Thatís just bat chit mon.

     T Rump hires a lawyer he saw on teevee spouting about the vast conspracy2 get T Rump. He is all n2 it, how the FBI and Obama and Hillary and yada yada have been setting T Rump up all this time.

     Even Trey ďShooterĒ Gowdy is doubting T Rump now, tweeting that he looks guilty with his actions or something. He was zero for six in investigating Hillary so he has a good feel4 the graphics and probabilities.

     Incredible sunset colors outside. Intense tangerine with mauve and crŤme streaks, purple billows still pale skies above.

     Thick red barberry flowers, showy yellow forsythia, white spirea, pears heavy with white blooms, peach with pale pink blossomsÖ


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