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October 19 2021

And we roll... Whew.

Tough morning in Hardy/Highland removing a sprawling, and I mean sprawling elm... Kind of a shame2 take it down. The shade ratio was perfect. But I can only do or say certain things, an arborist is bound by whims of homeowners. In the mix was pool clearance and house clearance... White oaks, hickories, etc all over a tree house, pruning reduction... Now I have a fat load of chips.

Late last night we got in from southern Missouri after pulling the plug on a long Eleven Point journey. WE took out @ Riverton instead of hwy 142, several factors made us run late. Wind. All day. The first day and next morning, from Cane Bluff2 Greer was shallow, not horrible, but very slow. One team of ppl were rafting it in an adventure raft and an adventure it was as they trudged and pulled much of the trip. They did pause2 hear me play my bass a minute. They had a hot athletic chick and she leapt in the water2 pull often. Fairly cheerful. I wonder if they were sponsored or paid because anybody I ever took that had2 pull that much would b bitching alot. Saul Goode though.

KIngfishers entertained immediately. Chortling and splashing, trick flying... Over the course of three days we saw deer crossing many times, eagles, pairs or singles, otters singles and families. I caught little punkinseeds and bass, tiny actually. I did hook a nice trout around Greer. I use a single hook now.

I had a young warrior w me, an old friend, actually a young friend. He was a monster on firewood, loving a big fire, and it was chilly @ night so that was huge. Journal veterans might remember last summers Buffalo trip, he is the guy that killed the cotton mouth with a throwing hatchet. We 8 that.

During the days I put suntan oil on and lounged in hot sun floating peaceful and serene many hours. Jared lagged behind or way ahead.

We found a nice sand bar early and enjoyed that afternoon, but that and the other factors had us behind schedule but it worked out good. Riverton is a nice park.

Deep nature. It was all National Forest. Lenny's teeth were Squiggly. Caves and bluffs beckoning strangely.

Jared took Shafeera, his put bull and she was cool, watching deer crossing or barking out @ coyotes shrieking, singsonging and howling like they do.

I wrapped trouts and we brought plenty of food. Both of us nearly lost it on Mary Decker Falls, a two point rapid impressive in it's sweep and feature. It's technically the only fall on the river in Missouri, but there are plenty of rapids on this continuous flow stream. And in Arkansas there is a two point five drop of a couple of feet, man made. Kilo Vista. Love me some Eleven Point, all of Eleven Point. My sister lived on that river many years, we had lots of trips and memories.

So it was good2 c the truck coming across the bridge. Good2 get inside, good2 get back2 ARkansas, good2 have a hot shower, good2 strap the boots on, good2 get n2 a tree and good2 finish a job. Saul Goode.

Moron tap 2moro and beyond.

T Rump testifies in a deposition. He will b busy doing this now that he is no longer president. Unless u go2 his rallies, then yes he is still, uh, the, uh, secret president. The real president. He will always b the president4 the red hat crowd.

My president is Joe Biden. I respect the man. I think his way of speaking respectfully and thoughtful is way better than loudmouth Cheeto Mussolini insulting and screaming lies.

Congress about2 charge he and Bannon w contempt. Charging T Rump w contempt or obstruction is actually obvious. Who needs a trial? its obvious. Like the Jan 6 committee, who needs an investigation? it's all there. Public record. Except4 the feverish phone calls. T Rump faces a barrage of civil and criminal complaints, he will take space force one soon intimidating witnesses and obstructin justice from orbit.

Peter Dooche Bag will ask snarky questions, implying some conspiracy or tipping his hat2 Face book commenters and Fox/Russia talking points. As always he will b shot down completely, made2 look like a fool as Jen Psaki compares Biden2 his predecessor or reflects the big mirror back @ Mr. Douche Bag. Knowing no shame, he will b back every day with another snarky bull shit tunnel vision implication/question shot down in flames, back again. ACDC should sign over the rights 2 Shot Down in Flames so someone could do a super cut of his daily dumb ass questions.

The death of Colin Powell gave T Rump another opportunity2 make it about him. He insulted the man, who is black, a trend w Heir Twittler, consecutive sentences, then finally said rest in peace as an afterthought.

The right, having won the war on Christmas, the war on Dr. Suess, The war against tan suits, and other wars, now sets its war attack machine on bisexual Superman. "The Bible states flatly and unequivocally, "said Franklin Graham, "superman is straight. And also pool boys. Thus the woman must be enslaved2 her master the husband. Rapists must pay the father of their victim fifty shekels of silver and hold her in slavery4 life. Multiple wives and sex slaves are the key2 heaven. Non virgins will b stoned, virgins are spoils of war. Having a period is a sin. But pool boys doing ur wife while u watch is fine. There is nothing in the Bible that explicitly 4bids watching a pool boy do ur wife so I'm good."

Eric T Rump enraged that Biden goes home2 good old Delaware on weekends. "my dad was in the oval office every weekend working deals2 fire ethics watchdogs or hobble dum led states. He never played Golf like Obama, he was 2busy working feverishly2 overthrow dumocracy and destroy this nation."

Repos trying2 claim vaccine mandates r ruining Merica. Sabotaging the pandemic recovery @ every turn. They are so full of it. Prime time lies. *ucker Carlson leads the pathetic pack of liars, claiming Southwest airlines is shutting down because the "Biden shots reasons yada" when the mandate hasn't even started yet4 another couple months, even Southwests ppl patiently explain the mandate has no impact @ all. Only in *ucker CArlsons lame ass orbit is this a thing. But boy alot of rubes eat him up. Looking like he is on the toilet, his confused fake ass questions and implications night after night sabotaging our recovery, our survival, our quality of life. Scoffers go2 hell. Dums have policy. Repos have scapegoating and lies, fake nationalism, fake Christianity, fake morality, fake concern, fake outs and misdirection, fake hand offs and flea flickers(but no Statue of Liberty and it's annoying invitation2 immigrants) , parasites and hypocrites...

So it's plan another piece of the sun. There is talk of a Current River trip. Some of us would start @ Montauk, cruise the upper Current four days2 Van Buren, staking out a sand bar4 others 2 join coming upstream on jet boats. Epic.

I better stop this rant. C U 2moro.

October 14 2021

And we roll. Tired. Long day. But it's Saul Goode. EArly I was on the horn with the power company tryna figure out when they could drop some wires plus rain was nearby. They were delayed but i had a large job next door so we kept a look out4 them as we removed a medium walnut, and bushy double hackberry... Obstacles included covered parking, shed, and fine shrubs... All went well, we would chip brush2 clear the area, drop more yada yada. A holly got a trim and so did a beat up redbud. Gr8 community of clients on Spring River. Old memories.

I grew up there. The creek there still sports my fave crawdad hole i explored as a five year old. My secret special place...

The power company showed right as we nearly finished and it was on. I went up a dead post oak between two houses and began dropping large branches, barely missing houses and a garbage bin. I did have2 rig a few and avoided beating up a midsize elm. @ some point the noon whistle blew and we kept on working so we could call4 a reconnect and get the power back on. Then it was some awesome Beach Club Barbeque and a couple more hours of detailing the cleanup. Sweet. Now it is piddle and prepare. The Buffalo trip is off due2 low water but now a group trip on Eleven Point is imminent. I'm taking my bass so I can jam w DYLAN KANE.

A judge drops the final challenge2 the election. A vague attempt2 invalidate Fulton County Georgia. Cancel them and overturn democracy. Another judge is issuing severe sentencing 4 the rioters, more time than prosecutors ask4. They are whining and crying just like T Rump. I mean cmon it's not like they are black.

T Rump says repos wont vote in the next elections because of the fraud(that he is perpetrating.) I'm like ok. finally we can expand medicaid, expand civil rights, balance the budget.

b4 the pandemic there was one billionairre, I'm paraphrasing a meme I don't remember well, then during the pandemic the number became ten billionaires and ten ppl who 2gether make a trillion$. Dums want2 tax them but they can't bcos of repos and two dums. That close2 fairness and job creation with infrastructure and a child tax credit. I could go on but did I say I was tired?

So a brutal week closes out early. LIfe is fine. I'm headed2 the river and my girl will report4 duty 2moro. I don't' think she can handle three days of Eleven Point but we have plans4 BLACKBERRY SMOKE in Little Rock next weekend. C U there.

October 13 2021

And we roll. NIce day. A little rain early but we powered on. First up was a special yew. I gave some bonzai style 2ward the porch and driveway, also reducing the height. I use hand pruners, loppers, chainsaw... In the mix was raising some oaks and hickories of lower banches...

Across Hardy2 another job. A sprawling mulberry needed gone, a thick holly... Moron tap later...

Yesterday was a full morning of trimming tuliptree, hackberry, redbud, cedar... Removing many crepe myrtle, privet or Russian olive, cedar, redbud...

Then a second job. The power company left a mess in a clients yard. I cleaned it up...

ON2 another job. A fine hickory on lake Cherokee needed a loving touch. I went up spikeless as always, rigging branches over wires and the house and deck. soon the deed was done and cleaned up.

Then it was a swim in upper Spring River. Cold and swift I battled a two point five rapid some time, cutting water swimming furiously, treading water drifting, kicking, punching forward, backstroking...

T Rump says he wants everyone involved2 come in and tell all. But everyone involved says T Rump told them2 defy the subpoena.

lets c. if they are all sentenced2 a couple of years in federal prison like Susan McDougal, a clinton associate, we could b looking @ what a couple thousand years total. Time like we have never seen. RICO anyone?

T Rump, star of the biggest loser, screams red faced about losing. He will burn this country down if he can't have it. He reminds me of the little boy in the Andy Griffith Show, the rich kid running his mouth, Opie becomes enamored. But somebody stole the rich kids bike. Hell hath no fury like a rich kid who loses his shiny new bike. This kid would c everyone in prison and Mayberry burned down. There was some moral2 the story I 4get, but there is no moral w T Rump. He just sux, deep down, the worst person in history. He would have us all in prison and burn the country down if he can't have his shiny new bike. POS.

He searches "honor system" events, offering his presence4 control of the cash. He loves2 loot veterans and childrens charities. Thats why he can't operate a charity anymore. He is a criminal. The worst kind of criminal.

The conspiracies are getting a little incoherent. *ucker Carlson et al. Since nothing sticks, nothing pans out, the right must b vague and imply all sorts of nefarious yada yada things reasons dark deep.

The rights one leg is hollow. They are pirates, one eyed also and one handed they hook corporations on the welfare tit. Corporate welfare is fine. But not a child tax credit. Especially4 gays.

Repo govs in tx and fla believe in freedom. Except4 the freedom2 insist on masks or vaccines4 ppl entering or working ur business.

Persecution complex in over drive as *ucker Carlson and the like insist the gigantic leftist conspiracy is targeting free thinkers. In their claims that is the right. Right. Proof of any voter fraud? Any proof @ all? Indicted Texas L Gov offers a million$ 4 proof of election fraud. Shown video of T Rumps words contrasted with judges tossing his shit out about a hundred times, his lawyers disbarred, his own ppl threatening2 quit him as he feverishly clings2 power. Even Bill Barr told him there was nothing. So where is our MIllion$. T Rump is a fraud. A perp, a prick, racist, sexist, hypocritist(my word), narcissist and others cists on our asses.

He clings2 the clown boat as it flounders mid stream. He stands on the heads of others who drown supporting him. he walks on their heads stomping down, pushing off, gasping4 air, demanding a life ring and helicopter while women and children perish. He perches precariously on floating bloated corpses of Muslims, strangling gays, amused @ Black and yellow ppl unable2 swim. He commands an army of sharks, circling the area he shouts with a loudspeaker, directing drowning groups2 build a wall so he can stand higher and praise himself. Soon he is the only one left alive. He curses dums with the loudspeaker until the batteries run out, then curses the loudspeaker. He floats adrift, aimless, becalmed, hoping4 a socialist rescue boat.

T Rump DC hotel, missing a few neon letters on the marquis is hemorrhaging $. He's already lost billions and expects2 sell it4 a few billion. Two hundred million could have gotten it last month but now Saudi speculators are offering a billion on the off chance T Rump wins again. But since he is selling out it doesn't look like he will run because he cleans up when he is president he pockets loads of $, profiting on many foreigners he directs there and bills them discount rates of three thousand dollars a night4 leaky stained carpet and crack pipes in the vents. Darn it he just has trouble saying emoluments.

Russians were wanting it offering a Billion. Then 2 billion. But got mad @ a hooker provided by T Rump, murdered her, and left in a huff. They rescinded their offer quickly and hacked the gas pipeline in retaliation, not realizing they were sabotaging Biden. The Saudis then counter offered on a sprawling paint peeling condo complex near a Hooters in Boca. The bid comes out2 about six million a unit. "Thats chump change," a red faced T Rump screamed, "I wipe my ass with six mill. I WANT MY BIKE."

i googled the episode of The Andy Griffith Show. In it the rich kid is bragging about not having2 work4 his allowance, teaching Opie tricks2 get his way, tantrums etc. The kid is riding the sidewalk and nearly runs over Barney with his shiny new bike. Barney warns him sternly not2 ride on the sidewalk. So the kid takes off down the sidewalk again. So Andy and Barney confiscate the bike and the kid, lets call him little Donny J, brings his brow beat daddy2 the jail and confront Andy. The kid screams and pounds the desk. Andy says they may have2 put the dad in jail. The kid screams "I want my bike!" Then everyone realizes the kid would have his dad in jail2 get his bike back. The dad walks the kid out back2 an old fashioned wood shed. 2bad T Rump never had2 go2 the wood shed. We might have expanded social security and clean energy by now. He set civil rights back decades with religious discrimination, racism, sexual inequality and erosion of ethic, lack of humility, etc effn cetera. He cost us much of our retirement. All4 a tantrum trying2 get his new bike back.

October 9 2021

Tough week. Even with a couple of rainouts. First up monday was a curving leaning red oak removal. @ stake was a fine shed. In the mix were two more dead red oaks.

Then over2 another location, a large red oak had been topped. It was dead. It was shakier than it should have been so I was loathe2 rig it so I took a few liberties with the landscape. It worked out but I damaged a yard light and a couple of box topped crappy crepe myrtles yada yada... I made it right and moved on...

NExt day was doing crepe myrtles as they should b done. Pruning, reducing them properly, training them off buildings and parking... In the mix were hollies and others...

Yesterday was a huge white oak way out in the boons near Wirth. I got up n2 it spikeless as always, taking branches off above a fine shed, wires and gas tanks and the house.

In the mix was a fine loblolly pine I was loathe2 remove but did it anyway. I felt like a dirty whore but it was ez$.

And so it stands. I stand. eventually. I deserve rest. Those two rainouts are long gone. I stand. I move 4ward. I stand rooted, an island of contented bumbling, rumbling ruby yacht amid shrouds of secrecy and extra sugar jello.

Bullied student shoots his attackers.

Blanket defiance of any and all subpoenas by T Rump and any and all associated w him...

One former Clinton aide refused2 comply w a subpoena concerning laptop emails and the right exploded. The vast conspiracy attack machine revved2 full speed immediately, saturating most channels with twenty four hour documents and crawlers, shadowy interviewers etc, with the words lap top and emails trended six billion point two a new record.

T Rump threatens Haiti. "I may send a hurricane down there if they don't clean up their AIDS problem. I mean u got ppl w AIDS walking here2 America from Haiti, it's unspeakable how crappy their golf courses r'

So I'm sposed2 float 2 day but filln laze E. Need2 piddle. But first I must stand.

"Crime of the Century!" Screams T Rump. Yes. It is.

October 2 2021

Rain. Slow and sweet. Fresh. Natures rinse. Repeat.

The right in a lather because Biden wants2 tax the rich. Their base. Some on the right are rich. Others want2 appear rich. AOC sure looked hot with her tax the rich dress. Melania responded with a revealing Eat the Poor silk wrap. She really dont care do u?

Fraud of the century. Rudy reveals his lawsuits after the election were based on facebook memes. And sarcastic comments.

Pat Robertson retires. With the Apostle of Hate gone the airwaves may lighten up. A half dozen radical right talk radio guys r dead. They railed that covid was a hoax. And. Then. Died. Of. Covid.

T Rump begs2 get back on Twitter. But he insists Twitter must sign a non disclosure agreement. Plus he won't sign their terms of service this time, cos last time that caused his twitter ban, and his facebook ban. He told Moscow Bitch2 pass a law making terms of service agreements felony offenses. Also Codes of Ethics will b abolished in a T Rump white house, similar2 his policy during his term but more formal.

BRITNY SPEARS poses nude on instagram. That little blonde got a phat ass.

Anyway this morning was clearance 4 a plumber. Removing cedar, persimmon, elm, hickory, oak, cherry... prolly others... We trimmed a few cedars in order2 save them, and also convinced the plumber2 take the line between two dogwoods instead of removing them...

The chips graced a fine home out on the ridge...

So now it is chill.

Rain again. It's been messy. But it's slow soaking, not soiling the river, maybe maximum return2 water table if it saturates. I noticed under forest logs and such it's still very dry so we need some soaking. Always need a soaking. In Cider.

Steady now. Consistent...

Gaetz Gate grows he mugs4 Cspan firing illogical gotcha quotes and senseless bumper sticker mottos, jingle slogans, vague dark Biden is senile asides@ Generals. He could obviously beat them in a game of slap jack.

REpos suddenly care about drone strikes and civilian deaths. And the debt ceiling yada yada. "Uncle" Tom Cotton foolish politisizing, partisan assumption. False presumers and fake assumers racial profiling modern nazi u better b nice or we stuff u in the sewer.

I've had my adventures with cops and security on Beale STreet, Lots of stories but one time I was standing just outside Silky's and this cop on a horse is nearby. The horse keeps staring @ me, then I am karate kid stance eye2 eye with the horse and the horse rears and kicks @ me, the officer stays on barely, but he is flustered and the horse is back in my face so I just freeze as other cops ring around me not smiling. I stayed frozen, did not move a muscle quite a long time as the horse snorted @ me a few more times and slowly backed away as I remained there frozen. A few cops hung w me a little while and that was it4 the night.

Next night. Same time, same place. Same cops, same horse, same reaction. Again the horse reared and caused a scene. Again I was blamed4 my strange kung fu stances. Again i did not move. Finally somebody was getting kicked out of Silky's and fought with a few of them. They carried him upside down and shoved his head in the sewer @ my feet. One cop was whispering in my ear. "U c that? If u had moved a muscle last night or 2nite that was going2 happen2 u." I lead a charmed life.

One time I was walking out of Blues City Cafe with about an inch of a big ass beer left in a white styrofoam cup.

The street was deserted outside but this cop inside a loud, i mean train horn loudspeaker cube thing. I was exiting the street when he yelled, full train horn loud. "cannot exit Beale w alcohol yada yada." I looked around, like, "their aint nobody else here, u talking2 me?" "Yes I'm talking2 u, said the rediculously loud train horn voice. I peered n2 tiny cracks in the machine2 c if their was someone in it, train horn voice commanded me2 back off. I finally saw his eyeball by peering in2 a lens. Then I stood in front of him and requested he take the volume down a pinch. @ some point things escalated and 2 thugs, I mean cops, blind sided me and proceeded raping me. If not4 a good word from the Blues City Manager I might b crippled or imprisoned 2day.

Cops have also protected me in vulnerable situations and in general they deescalate as they should. I'm not raggin on cops Cops are ppl2. Now undercover narcs, they are more reptile than mammal.

FAcebook sends me videos of cops across America routinely violating constitutional rights on video. Scoffing about rights and amendments and exersizing freedoms, routinely escalating situations when a citizen knows their rights the cops get testy. These first and fourth amendment auditors are needed2 create awareness and trust. the failed drug war, where defendant and cop alike lie thier ass off and the lawyers win, this war on ppl deepens the distrust and misuse.

The ambitious infrastructure bill, with plenty of jobs and common sense initiative is held hostage by a Dum that wants more $ 4 his coal mines.

repos hate it bcos infrastructure is communism. T Rump didn't even attempt infrastructure, he can't even say infrastructure, the debt cieling2 him was acoustic tiles and popcorn spray foam.

*ucker CArlson echoes white supremacist great replacement theory. U remember that was part of the screed written by the guy that shot seven hundred ppl in Vegas. And the guy that killed a church full of blacks the guy that killed sixty ppl in a gay nightclub, the guy that offed seventy mexicans, the guy that... they love them some right wing demonization. They act on it. What was it six hundred cops wounded on Jan 6? or was it two hundred? Non violent tourists lol.

    Big thunder...

October 1 2021

And we roll. After yesterdays rain out we needed2 get back @ it, working through several rain events all morning. Early we dropped volunteer cedar, cherry, pear and privet and hackberry @ a prominent Ash Flat location. In the mix was raising oak, cottonwood and a sprawling elm.

Then cutting stumps2 finish a larger job. Rain pelted, one look@ me brought2 mind the show Dirty Jobs. Covered in wet grime and sawdust I must love it.

Then a priority job, A codominant stem had ripped loose from an Ash Flat post over a downtown home. The rigging was precarious a moment but soon the deed was done. Again rain spat, strange fogs, mists and sprinkles all day and night lately. Moron tap 2moro. Since we had a rainout we decided2 work Saturday.

Still tryn2 get caught up. I been tired lately but it's all good. I'm digging the fall air and consistent work. I hit the river still, plus I got a Buffalo Trip coming up.

EROSION in house. Acoustic. But my drummer is needing some therapy. Last I hearD we may open4 BODAGUS.

September 28 2021

And we roll...Another day in Paradise. NIce needed swim in Spring River. The colder upper reach... On top of a two point five rapid so yeah. I like it on top.

    Bearing down. Sea of mediocrity will not drown me. Ocean of apathy will not disorient me. Black Forest trail will not confuse me. I stride purposeful, no need4 second breakfast or dinner w smucks. Lunches are free2 kittens. Puppy love 4ever more, Letter Bomb Fall with spider on the Camel Toe. Landmine Spring. Did. Not. Expect. This. Shit. @. All. 2 go through this again...   QUICKSAND.

    So this morning it was lay waste2 several sprawling bradford pears. Save the planet. Cut bradford pears down.

    YEsterday was a variety of trimming oaks, yew, myrtle, dogwood, azalea, barberry, mulberry, cherry, holly. Holly has a prick. And so does barberry... I do a little Japanese style I call it. A little proper pruning, never, or rarely just square shrubbing4 me.

    I get tired of recommending mulch. It's universally ignored. And that's nation wide. Maybe I will charge ppl $2 tell them they need mulch. Boom. Through the roof then prolly.

    So I recuper8. Deep rest after every swim... numerous bike rides lately around Highland and Cherokee Village...

    Remodeling as it cools. Mid afternoon is still nineties though so its still a little, almost dangerous...

    But it sure makes that swim sweeter.

    T Rump loses Arizona again. This was the fourth recount/audit, and T Rump followers in teh Arizona senate are calling4 still yet more another audit.

    even though he lost T Rump told a crowd in some southern State last night that the forensic audit proves he won easily and that their was tremendous fraud, fraud like we have never seen. Which is right so that doesn't go on his lie total. There is trememdous fraud. He is committing tremendous election fraud. He is a fraud, a loser, a soulless coward. A soulless coward like you've never seen.  

September 24 2021

And we roll. Kickn it a minit.

Early we were on the steep shore of Lake Omaha. Dense fog concealed the water as I reduced a sprawling declining redbud. Then it was deadwooding another redbud and a dogwood. A little green here and there. Quick trimming a cedar, reaching 4 visible dead on several large oaks. A little roof clearance of a bushy dogwood. Moving 2ward the front? Back? On the lake there is some debate about which is front and back. As we moved 2ward the street, another red bud needed some dead out, a bushy magnolia a tuck or 2 off the roof and driveway. Other quick trims of blackjack and post oak, bradford pear, golden rain tree, more redbud... Nice Rebel Tree Care morning...

Now it is unlax. ChillVeg @ the cribbage and I'm trying2 shoot a few free throws. Thats one thing I do or did well. over eighty percent in games. It feels good2 shoot free throws, Bend ur knees smoothly and fling a rain bow skyward. That satisfying swish. I had or have rituals b4 the shot, then I have differing free throws I use in HORSE. My favorite is the canadian free throw, where u dont take time4 rituals and shoot in like one or 2 seconds. Plus when I'm on I scoot back and elevate on the free throw. sometimes I will shoot eighty or ninety percent doing that. Elevation is key.

Let me tell u about a guy I used2 play every day. Remember when Scotty Pippen dunked on Patrick Ewing and stood over him and Ewing hit him in the dick? Watch the clip, and they say Myers 2 Pippen, and when Pippen is stepping over Eving a Bull in the frame is Pete Myers, Michael Jordans replacement during Michaels stint in Baseball. I used2 play Pete Myers every day when he played @ the University of Arkansas Little Rock. They beat Notre Dame that year in the ncaa tournament. Running with the Trojans was fun, the only other white guy was a Nutt. Dennis?

The baseball Trojans were mostly white. Spring River hosted them a few times.

But Pete was the truth. I doubt if i ever actually beat him, but we battled and developed moves and studied defense, then he guarded Jordan in practice a few years, earning a starting spot with the bulls in the nineties.

I also played with Scotty Pippens brother Jimmy. He ran a hellacious game in North LIttle Rock.

But ino ancient history indeed. im not really bragging, I played three college games, many others were stalwarts on their college teams4 years. But I did enjoy playing street ball, free from constraints of referees and walking of foul calls. Free from having2 look2 pass first, free from having2 play defense. Plus I was the only white guy usually out of fifty players, that put pressure on my matchup and he usually choked, both unable2 stop me and unable2 score.

Sometimes I would show up2 play softball with a new team and the usual shortstop would choke. Five errors in a row on easy plays. They would wander off the field as I trotted out, and usually it just so happened that I would make a cool play immediately, and from that point the team would jell and begin competing better. I rarely made errors. And though I never saved a state championship with a diving catch in School, did save the city champion ship on a grounder up the middle I stretched out and stabbed it. Our mediocre second baseman caught my flip and rocked it2 first for a double play2 win the City Championship. Fred Morehead was pitcher then, our only black guy, he gave us soul.

So I'm rambling, kind of bragging I guess. Used2 love playing ball. It was so much more fun after school, but it was the discipline in school sports that made mens rec league so much fun. Until I blew my knee out in my thirties. I played first base a while, a few highlights. I would like2 play old guys ball but not until I retire from tree work.

So it's a full slate this weekend. THE RYAN LEE BAND plays the Bigfoot festival in Mena arkansas 2moro night.

Az fraudit results in. Biden won by more than thought. T Rumps praise of the AZ repos disappeared. No mention on Fix news, but Texas and Florida are on board 2 waste similar millions of $ on their own fraudits, probably in response 2 Biden paying teachers who enforce the vaccine mandate against repo governors edicts.

I hope they check Kentucky, there was something really fishy about Moscow Bitch's "win" there. And even if all the fraudits come up with exactly the same results of the vote and numerous recounts, repo voters will still assume the safest most accurate and secure election in our history was actually completely wrong, along with all the recounts and forensics, only in the states T Rump lost, solely because T Rump said it was all stolen. his stuff is all stolen. Any valor he had when he was six and first got jilted in a trade4 a large portion of Rhode Island that his father sponsored and ridiculed him4 botching. It was then he realized he needed2 specialize in attending "honor system" events, where plenty of treasure checks fluttered and charities expected hosts and public figures2 b honest and actually pay the donations2 the charity.

T Rump charity can no longer operate, they were quickly and easily convicted of stealing from veterans and sick children2 pay4 extra scones @ the inaugural ball after the pathetic turnout. T Rumps first days in office were totally focused, absorbed on team brainstorming and graphic manipulation2 false facebook memes prove his crowd was bigger than Obamas.

And suddenly he had2 okay a war strike just a day or two in2 his "presidency". He bragged that the execution was flawless and the milatary was efficient and strong. Then, seeming2 realize thats not what he was saying just three days b4, about Obama's military had no bullets, etc... He sheepishly tried2 take credit4 the hit, implying he had completely overhauled the military the day b4.

one of his first phone calls was from Russia. Just a routine get aquainted call. A few seconds later he put his hand over the receiver and asked a nearby aide, "What is START?"

START is the nuclear treaty between Russia and the United State. U. Would. Think. A. President. Of. The. United. States. Would. Know. This.

Anyway the Clinton Foundation survived decades of sabotage and partisan witch hunt, a vast conspiracy of frame ups and cover ups ongoing 2day. T Rump.Org folded like a cheap suit after a few weeks of investigation. Ordered never2 operate as a charity again.

T Rumps lawyers trying2 over throw our constitution and democracy? Disbarred. AFter losing eighty some odd cases concerning voter theft many courts had enough of their antics and recommended disbarrment. 2 Fix News it's deep state censorship and cancel culture. Cant w8 till T Rump tweets bout this. Oh w8 he got kicked off Twitter4 LYING HIS ASS OFF. Seriously he can't find his ass. He lied it off.

But Texas guv Abbot (and Costello) got a call from guy described above and decided2 drop many million of crucial budget$ on an audit of the state, or @ least the counties with lots of blacks. The cities that went4 Biden. It will b hilarious when they find that Biden actually won the state lol.

The more audits they do, it usually ends up either exactly like originally tallied or a few more votes4 Biden. In Wisconsin they spent three million2 count the votes again and Biden got an additional one hundred thirty two votes2 add2 his legitimate, absolutely correct win.

So as Repos devolve n2 perpetual recount world, telling us that voters don't trust government 2 count the vote, they put up barriers, hurdles2 voting. No paid leave holiday. No early or mail in voting. No giving voters waiting in line food or water or portable urinals. The working poor are greatly disadvantaged by design. It's a full time job4 repos. They are super busy installing hyper partisan electors who are chomping @ the bit2 give T Rump the win next time. Voters b damned. But heres the catch. The working poor pay more in income taxes than T Rump, who made a deal after several disastrous bancruptcies he didn't have2 pay income tax.

He blew daddy's $ big time. Billions with a B. BILLIONS. all upper case. He lost more $ than any human being ever in the history of mankind. He is the most pathetic loser, poser businessman in the history of commerce. and he is trying2 bring that over2 our government, damaging our credit rating, cutting in2 the working poors retirements while tilting the tax bracket so that the very richest get ninety percent of the benefit of his crowning achievement, his only achievement, the massive piece of crime against humanity, the T Rump tax plan. But on Health care it was(actual quote) "who knew health care was so complicated?" Obama did u f***ing moron.

September 23 2021

And we roll. After a cool morning it seems hot again.

We got over2

Horseshoe Bend on Crown Lake, trimming a sycamore grove by a pool4 a view. In the mix were a few white oaks. Rough and tough morning on a steep slope. Saul Goode now. One more day of this and it's a few days off. On a vista or view trim u always end up getting stragglers, suckers, dead, other branches are revealed as u trim the primary ones. Proper pruning can b difficult. I did climb a stout white oak so i could make a few proper cuts, the others were from the ground. U don't c many ppl who can use a manual pole saw, not even tree trimmers.


T Rump sues his niece4 keeping old records in the basement. She says Eric is the dumbest T Rump. Rex Tillerson says T Rump is a "fucking moron." Linseed Graham says T Rump is like a third grader. A greedy, evil third grader. A poser who saved The Apprentice by morphing it n2 destruction of the constitution and creed of our country.

There is an interesting video that compares Bidens words and interaction with other countries@ the UN with T Rump @ the UN. It's weirder than we remember.

And just try2 read the list of easily proven lies. In the four year time frame only his list of easily proven lies tops out @ I 4get, less than forty thousand I think. Read it. Find it yourself. its available. Don't make me figure out the link4 u.

Blue Jays sending out feelers. Shots will ring out in the Memphis sky.

Last night somebody shot up a Kroger near memphis. I don't know if it was a random thing or a group shoot out. WE do know the shooter is dead. We think. Could b fake news. Depends if they are black or muslim. And if the victims are white.

Whe whole media world is searching4 some blonde. One black media figure said sarcastically, White Woman Missing. Meaning I guess, from the headlines cos i didn't click on it, that hundreds and thousands of black women go missing every day and no one gives a damn. Casey Anthony was pretty.

It goes2 the whole inequality thing. The whittling away of health care coverage, retirement and sabotage of medicare exansion, demonization of immigrants who pay more taxes, each individual, than Bankrupt T Rump. Suing his niece is an admission of guilt.

The right has no problem with corporate welfare. Ronald Ray Gun said it trickles down. and By God when John Wayne, I mean Ronald Raygun said something it stuck. Except4 that bargaining with terrorists, illegally selling arms2 terrorists, and illegally funding shadow wars financed partially with the incredible wealth that came with introducing Crack2 America... Just say no.

No minimum wage. But no limits @ all2 campaign contributions, no conditions on free subsidies, cushy advertising subsidies, fossil fuel subsidies and transportation write offs, luxury expense accounts2 wine and dine bureaucracies, keptocracies but God 4bid the guy mopping get health care. Hey grab some of that Lobster b4 the help gets a tip.

Unregulated construction rampant here. Many people come here because of the lack of regulation. Failed or stalled speculators who fell afoul of a wetlands or stream bank or riparian zone in California came here2 build utopia and kill our endangered species. Clay mud ravines ten or twenty deep formerly roads in some failed division, now barely traversable by all terrain vehicle. Mounds of raw red clay in creeks create dead zones of unnatural clay dams and washes. Though heartier indicators of water health such as crawfish survive, many species perish, in some cases 4ever. In some cases animal species found only here in ARkansas or nearby Missouri are 4ever gone.

Spring River used2 host many variety of externally gilled fish, feathery gills and muliticolors. These are gone. There used2 b amphibeans and large variey of mussels. These are gone also.

Strawberry River used2 host a variety of fish found only on Strawberry and some tributary creeks such as Big Creek. The Strawberry DArter was listed as possibly extinct twenty years ago but is probably gone now. Beautiful fish it was.

Eels seem populous on Strawberry. A few years ago u could scoop them up during some sort of breeding orgy or migration.

So ready4 Buffalo in a few weeks yo.

Buffalo is impaired also. The hog farm did impact it in a visible way. And the river is not back2 pristine and may never b. But it is still a fine river and national forest on both sides.

I don't know if Ive ever revealed here my story of the black helicopters on Buffalo River. And no this is not some paranoid rant about hemp. This was a week or two after nine eleven. We rolled n2 a deserted camp on Buffalo River @ midnight and proceeded2 comb gravel bars4 dead wood, I even tossed my boat in2 get across the river and get dead wood4 the fire. We kept hearing helicopters but couldn't see them. They would seem2 disappear over the steep bluffs a minute and come right back. And soon the calvary came down the hill: Game Wardens, park Rangers, local cops? I had a loaded turkey gun the night b4 deer season a bong on the dash of the van(it was still the nineties4 me). They had been tracing us on infrared from the helicopter. So after a long interrogation and interview of me and my girl and our friends we got a recreational ticket and no other charges. Whew.

This trip is special, cause u got the warm slow water of Buffalo in a dry fall but the ending @ white river rocks. The water gets ice cold and swift, the trout hit immediately and if u planned right u kill a few hours out on the island with the truck in view. Gives the whole trip an exlamation point!

September 22 2021

And we roll this relatively cool Thursday afternoon. I guess it's been awhile. I'm tryna step back from this. Yada yada trimmed a redbud yada yada T Rump sux.


I've done numerous bike rides. Ebike if it's clear, mountain bike if a strong chance of rain. I save gas, stay in shape, quietly move4 errands and estimates...

Buffalo River on tap next month. Another epic I'm sure...

Offhand It's been a huge lightning splintered red oak on the Myatt. Also a dead sycamore...

A large elm reduction on Upper Spring river. Also a quick trim of a large hickory and large sassafrass...

A large dead post oak on a fine pond in Cherokee Village. A dead bradford pear in Highland..

A rough morning on Lake Omaha trimming dead from large oaks and hickory, also random pruning or removal of redbud, crepe myrtle, wisteria tree, others? Then well n2 mid day we had a broken hybrid poplar hung in a huge post oak all over a house yada yada.

Raising many large trees on a long strip of Lake Thunderbird involving multiple homeowners. Really opened up a view. Complete cleanup...

We had a tree trimmer fatality recently in Cherokee Village. A man was pulled by a rope 2 a violent end. Sad. He leaves behind a beautiful fiancee and seven month old daughter.

So I march on like a soldier. I am an island. Marching on like a soldier.

Buffalo awaits. I continue2 swim in Upper Spring most days. i have continued2 float my boat often.

Both trucks are running. Not tip top but ok. plus as it cools I will b running away2 the river less. Buckle down. Finish projects. Bear down and finish.

Rebel Word. With the help of a  beautiful history major I am planning on finishing an interpretive slide show about Cherokees here from 1696 til 1812,

Im adding2 Ruby Yacht. Funneling feelings of angst or frustration n2 outpourings of spontaneous fiction. Some say poorly written and planned others say stream of consciousness. Who can say4 sure. Very Few!

So get er dun.

2day was a large red oak near a fine home in Cherokee Village. Once the power company dropped the line it was on.

Yesterday was similar, only it was raining. In a hard rain @ day light I set a rope and rigged a severely declining Hidden Valley red oak... Again, the power company showed and the deed was done...

So yeah, moron tap.

July 30 2021

September 9 2021

Septober. The 8up month. In the nineties I usually canoed the entire month every day. In Hardy its just as ez2 go upstream as it is down stream. No shuttle needed. Few locals understand this. Everyone everywhere is spoiled. PPl from countries where they don't have peaceful transfer of power r amazed @ how spoiled we are. Except4 voting. With the working poor knee capped and fewer of them unable2 vote, repos will get a higher percentage. Then u got gerry Mander, and miss information. Lies and pollution inc.

But hey like "whining" Newt Gangrene said, and most repos still imply, "no one works in poor neighborhoods."

Texas declares Abortion illegal. And. 2day Mexico declares Abortion is legal and constitutional. Solves the problem.

I really need a swim. Didn't take the plunge, but Lake Thunderbird sure looked inviting 2day. After an exhausting morning of Rebel Tree Care my helper wanted2 jump in but 4got her swim suit. And we didn't want2 get arrested.

I reduced a medium elm over the house, raised and reclaimed yard space, Lake views, etc.

and b4 it was done we got across the street and took out some savaged junipers and trimmed one.

Brutal morning.

Like I said I need a swim @ Saddler but don't think I'm going2 make it.

Starting2 think i could get away4 a multi day canoe trip cross my fingers

Thomasville is probable shallow. And Jacks Fork. My latest thinking is start @ Saddler Falls and go2 Black Rock. Camp @ Griffins Park. Hit the pub?

Next night camp @ Haweiand Island, hang w my brother and his awesome wife and cool kids if u can even call them kids now, high schoolers. I can feel a game of HORSE coming on, they hate it when the old guy beats them lol.

Did u hear about Skip? Barbies athletic friend? Well every time u watch a video online and u hit skip2 skip commercials, skip gets a penny. This is driving Barbie insane, she is spun on coke and adderall, pissed off @ the world again, crashed her pink helicopter in Spring River.

She is so jealous that Skip is the rich one now. Barbie has been, uh oh, I said has been and barbie in conjunction, anyway Barby has known many fortunes and blown them all. Decades ago she was surgeon, accumulating a large amount of cash until a botox scam left her penniless. She was a scientist, also played a scientist on tv, her piercing eyes studying a test tube centering her perfect titties(@ the time), both gigs were lucrative, both went bad. Moron that later.

Anyway my nieces and I follow the exploits of Barby and her friends. Just a little back ground, her marriage2 Ken was a sham. a PR stunt as Ken was gay and BArby also @ that time.

Her flamboyant bouts of Jealousy and addiction are chronicled with glee between my nieces and I.

So it's fix the chipper. fix the washer. Fixing is not my strong point. I tend2 make things worse.

So summer is not over yet. Labor month begins.

And we roll. Long weekend. Rough day yesterday. I put in @ the State LIne behind Mammoth Spring state park and floated an hour or 2, collecting a stringer of trout.

On warm fork families played, hawks hunted ducks amid kingfishers and herons. Greeted with the cold waterfall of Spring River I moved n2 nice cold currents and kicked back fishing.

The trip got gradually slower until the grind started. Spring River Lake begins and the current stops, and usually the wind kicks in so the adventure part of the day, the challenge began, even pushing through flourescant mosses.

At Dam 3 i made the portage around, slid the boat down2 hit the tubes and ease out. It seemed quiet and deserted @ first. Soon I caught up w my peeps and other peeps. Peacefully winding among many floating parties, stopping2 visit w locals, I made my way2 Howards where BAD BRAD was spinning tunes.

I swam and cavorted many hours, Darby and I played frisbee, and pretty much everyone else. I had2 come home and feed cats. It is difficult2 leave the river. I'm not red e2 strap the boots on just yet. EROSION in house 2nite. My Little Rock Girls want2 do high falls 2day? Choices.

I have some cool jobs lined up on Lake Chanute and Lake Thunderbird soon. Uno maybe a swim in both those lakes is in store.

September 2 2021

And we roll. Another hot one. Washing Machine a going. MIKE GRAY paid me the ultimate compliment on my bass playing one time. He said it sounded like the washing machine was off the track.

RYAN LEE BAND in house last night. I let them use my stuff, I even run Panadox and stage lighting4 them. They have a gig @ the Bigfoot Festival. Cool band. I did a little EROSION 4 them, more EROSION on tap soon. I also have done EROSION @ my class reunion, and roundabout here and there. Nothing major. Still waiting4 the pandemic2 ease off way more b4 I try2 do something live.

I have been busy in trees. Offhand a large locust in highland, a medium locust in Highland, a huge dead sassafras... If these highlights repeat themselves I apologize, I don't often reread my journal after publication. Obviously.

Over in Salem we got n2 a dense mulberry over the house and wires, a bushy maple all over the front yard, and two quick trims of larger oaks.

Then later that hot day it was a huge red oak literally on a house @ a precarious angle. I got the bucket guy4 that, there is a good one around now, for decades bucket guys around here were chumps and traitors, posers and thieves...

A large elm over the Spring River in Mammoth Spring. Also a quick trim of a large white oak... A large post oak all over a fine Thayer Missouri home. Also a squat bushy mulberry.

There was a dead hollow ash over Spring River in Hardy, a dead walnut in Hardy, and a giant climb of a huge white oak2 remove giant dead... Spikeless as always on trimming...

A bushy sycamore removal on Lake Chanute on Lake Navajo. Also dead mimosa, trimming river birch, more sycamore, hackberry, red bud...

Yesterday was dead curving, leaning oak over a fine garage...

Many cool float trips down Spring River lately. I stand alot like I'm paddle boarding... Last week I had two chicks and a large dog in canoe...

I swim every day I can, Life is cool in the river...

I shocked the PUb with some Karoake, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, ALICE IN CHAINS, MONTROSE, OZZY and LITA(w LISA), CREED, and prolly others. We rocked till wee hours and continued playing vinyl albums till near day light @ Kurt's. It was a reunion, we stopped partying long enough2 scream State Champs often.

Other stuff.

Suicide bomber kills hundreds of Afghans and many Americans. Instantly calls4 Bidens impeachment rang in unison across the repo boards. Instantly 4gotten was T Rumps bad deal, his orchestration of the scenario, his sabotage of immigration system, his hobbling of subsequent administration of vital duties, and of course his violent attempt2 destroy democracy that continues 2day and grows. He called the capital police man that shot the person climbing in a broken window a murderer. He snips and snipes @ every little thing Biden does or says with false witness. Just yesterday he went on Fox and repeated that Biden checked his watch over and over during the memorial service4 the marines, but that was quickly debunked, just like everything he says, when real video showed Biden never checked his watch until the proceeding were completely over. but Fix News viewers don't know that, they only know what T Rump said over and over, and that is that Biden kept checking his watch. Even though thats just another lie it will always b true2 Fix viewers. When another marine dies, the first thing out of any conservatives mouth will be " I wonder how many times Biden will check his watch @ this memorial. Last time it was a dozen, I saw the fake as hell, obviously doctored fake news video and 4warded it2 all my friends."

January 6 commission subpoenas phone records. Repos threaten phone companies in retaliation in obvious dereliction of oath.

One thousand assaults on Police on jan 6. Just tourists say repos.

Roe v Wade overturned in Texas.

Hurricane Ida hits Louisiana as a strong Category 4. They have a mess, power will b out some time. Plus hospitals are full of unvaccinated patients dying from Covid.

Tripling down of hypocrisy. It will get worse until T Rump is in prison. The wind blowing his toupee off in the exercise yard. Desperate snow flakes hinging on his every word as he talks2 Sean Hannity from the empty mess hall.

His employees are testifying b4 the grand jury. They are rumored2 b flipping. and not houses.

T Rumps anti clean water rule stopped. Almost ridiculed by the judge as woefully unprepared and unconstitutional. Duh.


August 13 2021

And we roll. Another hot one. Not really though it dropped below ninety 2day and should stay @ this relatively cool temps all next week. We work early in mornings and take off quick. Yesterday was in the river so thats not bad. A huge old white oak uprooted and split, precariously tangled above Spring River, mulberry and grape vine got a little beat up but it's all good now. May take some high water2 move it on down but that will happen some day.

    Last night was a weird little storm, mostly along the state line just a few miles north.

    I was swimming well after dark and luminous clouds moved strangely, lightning pulsed well north...

    Dragon Flies accompany me swimming in rapids each day or watching the flashing, swirling siver ribbon of river as a two point five rapid, of late a little docile as levels drop, though Spring River never drops much, it ranks very high in consistency.

    When I was nineteen I played on a softball team in Little Rock. The pitcher was MIke Crowell, manager of Ozark Outdoor Supply, and thus we had frequent conversations. He did The Magic 105 canoe report on Fridays and reported on all the levels of popular streams in Arkansas like the Buffalo, mulberry, cossatot, etc. but he rarely mention the Spring. Although it was and is popular with Memphis not alot of Little Rock floaters made the trek unless there was a drought on and the others were not floatable. I asked Mike why  he didn't mention the Spring and he replied, its always floatable, everyone knows that. Sure enough he added2 his next radio show "as always, Spring River is ample water and good levels," I was so proud2 have affected something said on Magic 105.

    I spoke on Magic 105 one morning when the city was encased in ice and snow. I had just finished my  ARkansas Gazette Route in Hillcrest and was unlacing my boots. Outlaw Tommy Smith and I chatted sarcastically4 quite some time on the air.

Finally I sang OLd sang lie or whatever the New Years Song is @ midnight. in 1984 between VAN HALEN songs from the album 1984. We all sung it.

    I knew Craig Oneal from over @ KKYK also. Years later we reconnected. Craig has a Hardy  connection.

    I used2 listen2 Beaker STreet. PPl from South America know Little Rock from the famous radio show Beaker STreet.

    The King Biscuit Flour HOur, or similar radio show out of Helena Arkansas, affected young musician in Europe such as ERIC CLAPTON, LED ZEPPELIN, THE BEATLES, THE ROLLING STONES, etc. Old School delta blues beamed outa Arkansas...

    Anyway  yesterday was a severly declining  cherry removal on the NOrth Golf Course in Cherokee Village. In the mix was a dead hickory. Then over2 Spring River4 storm damage...

    With all these revelations and testimony showing how T Rump attempted2 overthrow democracy using the Justice Department I remember how Fox News used2 characterize a chance meeting between Bill Clinton and Janet REno, ON the Tarmac. Just a brief interlude. Fox/Russia fixated on that, claiming those few minutes were a huge conflict of interest. But with hard proof, reliable testimony and numerous witnesses collaborating that T Rump worked feverishly2 frame up and flesh out pathetic voter fraud claims. Curious, I went2 Fix, I mean Fox News Entertainment, and the blockbuster news, the proof of attempted fascist coup2 destroy democracy, was not even mentioned anywhere on Fox. Strange. IT's like Fox and their supporters are Giant Fucking Hypocrites.

    So it's float upper Spring 2moro, it's Darby's Bday float. DArby will b in charge...


August 9 2021

And we roll. Thought I better check in. It's been awhile. Since I wasn't a Dickhead.

So I'm taking some time off after 2moro morning. May hit a multi day canoe trip. Mammoth2 Black Rock. That will rock. It's been a brutal run.

Offhand it was a heaving box elder removal in Hardy, A large red oak removal in Highland. A curving leaning heaving Cherokee Village post oak. Storm damage cleanup in Hardy, a dead purple peach in Cherokee Village. Several dead dead oaks on Lake Omaha, elm reduction over a fine Cherokee Village home. Another large red oak removal in Highland. A large post oak trim in Highland also numerous trims of cherry, walnut, hackberry....

Half of a large red oak on an Ash Flat home. Quick trim of a large Cherokee Village post oak, clearing an over grown ground satellite right of way in Evening Shade... removing a large dead post oak in Williford, or maybe Ravenden, way out in the boons, removing a pine in tight quarters west of Ash Flat, trimming storm damage from a Salem pecan and random pruning of pecan, bradford pear and maple(s)...We also hada  storm damaged oak2 remove west of Ash Flat but while in the pine I noticed several different colors of wasp prominent... That one is4 later in fall...

So yeah plenty done in big heat. And every day I'm swimming, treading water and battling rapids... Deep chill.

Numerous bike rides in big heat. Just enough, don't need a stroke.

So the variant is raging. No Blue Collar Jam. They barely pulled the Olympics off.

Florida and Texas, the two most aggressive anti mask science states are now swamped and crippled, over run with covid again. Arkansas and Missouri are raging also. Almost all of the patients are unvaccinated.

The latest repo secret email talking point blames the explostion of the virus on Biden and immigrants.

Arizona Fraudit completed. Silence. There is no spin. Just as they were told flatly months ago: THE ELECTRONIC TABULATION MATCHES THE PAPER BALLOT COUNT PERFECTLY. THE ONLY VOTER FRAUD IS T RUMP AND THE FRAUDULENT REPO PARTY.

*ucker Carlson praising a dictator. Telling. He is a fascist plain and simple, and I am anti fascist. Repos will sabotage and double down, killing their own unvaccinated, killing Americans with lies and misinformation, death merchants or political murder. Murderous whores4 monstrous pollution and war.

Every day new revelations of T Rumps manipulation and fraud. Yet he is still the leader of the party. Liz Cheney, the only repo making any sense is being ostracized and black balled4 telling truth. Just because her daddy was a monstrous war monger doesn't mean she isnt right about T Rump.

I've had my girl out on the river the last 2 weekends, we gathered a nice little freezer bag of trout and blue gill last Saturday then hit BAD BRADS and Allie's. Darby was in charge.

Lots more been going on. Cant think right now. Dragon flies console me. Hundreds in flight mesmerize me. Individuals accompany me paddling.

I start @ the State Line and put out@ Saddler Falls here near Howards. 2far outside the box4 most.

I have trucks running good, gear maintained ok. Cats fed and watered, space2 move about. I am wealthy and wise, healthy surprise, I can pitch a bitch, I never snitch, I'm smokin' Calli and flipping out, in the hole goes the rainbow hook.

I use single hook lures as opposed2 treble. It's more sporting, easier2 catch and release, but still gets it done in trout waters...

I catch crawfish often, but let them go most times.

Florida Repo Guv Deathsantis says only unvaccinated tourists are welcome, and those active with corona will b given the royal treatment @ concerts and parties, crowded restaurants etc.

Not2 b outdone, Repo Governor Abbot, or is it Costello? says his state will give corona2 any and all who wish2 b infected free of charge. They also sprayed a migrant caravan with corona, blaming Biden in the press b4 the sprayer plane loaded with corona spray even took off. Check the flight logs.

Fix 'News" censors T Rump. Canceled part of his "speech."

It was the part about voter fraud. Fix, I mean Fox has been warned b4 about spreading lies about Dominion etc. They never mention that paper ballot counts consistently, across the board, city by city, state by state, line up near perfect with the electronic tally. They talk about T Rump getting a record number of votes, but don't talk about Biden getting eight million more votes in the safest, fairest election the world has ever known.

So it's a dead tree on Lake Omaha, then a dead sycamore over Spring River so we finish the morning in the water. And. Then. Just maybe. a four day trip from Saddler Falls2 Black Rock. If so it will b sweet. The sun will b hot and the water cold. I will swim hundreds of times in this heat. I will lay in the water, play in the water... The river heals, the water feels, well, deeply satisfying, swiftly pleasing me... I lay back and dream of long jump hooks that float 4ever up and disappear n2 the sun...

And we roll. Though I better check in. Rest assured I've been active.

    A quick check will reveal I have been active. Several swims 2day...

    Offhand I had a dead post over a fine home on Southfork River in Cherokee Village.

    A dead purple peach on the NOrth Golf Course in Cherokee Village. Storm damage on Spring and Southfork rivers.\

     A curving, parially uprooted white oak near southfork River in Cheorkee Village.

    Numerous large dead oaks on Lake Omaha...

    Quick trimming dead from a large Cherokee Village post oak... A large highland red oak over a fine large home...

    Each day is numerous swims. I get healthier and dont have2 use the ac much. a 2fer.

    T Tump found2 have directly told his Department of Just Us2 manufacture a scandal, make an announcement of voter fraud, kind of like The Ukraine shake down, he only wanted the public announcement of a scandal. Thats all it took2 derail HIllary. That and the word laptop.

    Fox ran a three hour special in depth of Obamas tan suit gate, the sloppy salute, the selfy stick and other manufactured scandals only they cared about.

    As the new variant rages especially here in ARkansas near Missouri, Repo sabotage doubles down, as the jan 6 inquiry shows wounded police officers testifying, repos scream that it was Pelosi's fault. Scream that it was Hunter Bidens fault. SCream that we would even imply it maybe might b T Rumps fault.

`while conservatives need the three r's they get the 3G;s, Gohmert, Greene, Gaetz. Et all. I like the whistle blower thing. Those three got drowned out by whistles. Like thousands of life guards are surrounding them, shrilly screaming foul4 good reason. Treason. Sabotage. But it ties in with T Rump and his firing of whistle blowers. MaNy whistle blowers. U don't c Fox mentioning that. It's only a huge deal if a dum pres does anything that even whiffs of some sort of scandal. LIke. well. Firing numerous whistle blowers4 doing their sworn duty.

    EROSION snapped off a brisk set recently. Feels right. I was planning another Blue Collar Jam but with Pandemic raging again again I post pone till it's safe.

    DUSTY HILL passes. An integral part of the gr8 ZZ TOP.  I saw him five times.

Florida in full crisis mode with skyrocketing variant numbers. And this variant is virile, spreads easier than chicken pox and packs a wallop. But2 Florida Governor Desantissize it's a liberal plot disigned2 derail his wonderful rise2 out T Rump T Rump4 attention. Abbot and Costello in TExas also killing off constituents in dereliction of duty. Treasonous political calculations in conjunction with Russia and Fox, bullet points and slogans sent by top secret email. 2day Marco "polo" Rubio throws himself on a sword, 2moro it's Linseed Grahams turn. Who will draw the lottery of death and disinformation the day after?

    Mccarthy? McConnel? Cruz? The T Rump Children must do their part. Each morning they open the email2 find the days slogan they must repeat with others over and over.

    The riot was Pelosis fault.

    Focus on Hunter Biden.

    Socialist agenda. Liberal over reach. Yada yada. ADmit nothing. Blame. Scapegoat. Sabotage, delay misinform, obstuct, tamper, taint...

    While Covid eats up Florida, Deathsanta is in Utah preaching presidential against Dr. FAuci and all science or Medical stuff.

July 8 2021           

July 13 2021

and we roll. Tired. River winding like a disco floor. I did a swim but not hard. This morning was rough dropping two red oaks or actually a double red oak I treated as two separate trees4 felling purposes. @ stake was a fine home, and fine outbuilding. Both hit on target. Moron tap soon but 2moro it's over2 Hardy4 a bushy box elder thats a little tilted... STay tuned.

    Texas Dums flee the state2 keep from enacting draconian voter suppression laws. All in the name of T Rumps biggest lie. Governor GReg ABbot and Costello threaten them w arrest yada yada, then challenged all fifty one state reps "2 a duel w pistols.

    eatn trouts. LIvin right. I swim therefore I am. An island. LEt no one cast asunder the bus fair and balanced tires spinning, grinning, big time beginning, I'm laughin, Like a dolphin, standing on my tail, toss the fish tacos belfast and leningrade, BAlkans, Walken, three strikes4 maurice, denigration migration flows, diaspora salado departee...  


JUly 12 2021

And we roll. Fresh off a swim in a cold two point five rapid. exhilaration. Life is...

Early I was on a roof over Southfork River. A gigantic sycamore lost a branch and punctured the roof. In the process I trimmed a large bur oak off the roof and some smaller elms, lifting them up2 give the shingles many feet of  clearance...

    OVer2 another job. A giant white oak had smaller branches growing stiffly n2 an a frame roof further upstream on Southfork. Technical rigging but smaller stuff...

    Then a bike ride2 pill box, cool day ending with a cold swim. PLus on cooler days I get carpentry done. I'm remodeling my shop and two boats. Not my strong point, plus lumber is astronomical right now so I do a little @ a time, plus I'm starting2 rip my own slabs and posts etc...

    China chases off our destroyer. We are not in violation of treaty because our nuclear destroyer equipped with atomic weapons and thousands of guns and bombs and missiles is simply in the process of innocent passage.

    Des Moines water is polluted so bad they can't even purify it. Unregulated farm and ranches are poisoning most water, mostly because it's a little cheaper and less headaches2 have no pollution controls at all.

    The west will b out of water soon. Fires rage, big ones. Temps r way hot. Mass fish and aquatic death on the Pacific Northwest.

    Manatees dying faster this year. May never recover. Eric T Rump bragged about shooting "sixty" manatee on a drunken binge. Junior grinned goofy with his giant mounted rifle and a dead black rino. "The last RINO in name only," he giggled.

    Why do I keep ridiculing T Rump and his "children"? IDK maybe it's hilarious. Then u got Ivanka crying, tears streaming down her pretty face she stammers "d'd'daddy. re re re instate me2?"

    I ridiculed T Rump many years b4 2016. His unhealthy racism, classism, sexism, and many other deadly isms. Journal Veterans may recall I portrayed him as an afficiando of tear gas. This would prove prophetic as he ordered tear gas and pepper spray2 disperse peaceful rioters so T Rump could stroll peacefully2 a church and pose awkwardly with a bible. @ one point he held it upside down with a goofy grin that revealed just4 a moment his perfect set of curved fangs. He claimed it was photoshopped, murdered the teenage cell phone user who took the picture, then photoshopped a regular set of teeth onto himself smiling which became a huge controversy in and of itself as he hadn't been seen smiling in some time with his white Karen snow flake bitching. The only time they could get footage of him smiling is when he and JEffrey Eprstein r discussing the MIss Teen USA contestants, and what all they do.


And we roll. HOt1. But I had my swim in the rapids. I don't use my hands. That's hard without fins. CRAIG DUNBAR was one the best swimmers in the US coast guard. He gave me a few pointers. I could out swim him but he had recently had shoulder surgery and swam in a circle. It was hilarious.

    We got through a brutal morning on Lake Thunderbird removing two white oaks over a house. There was blood, or rather transmission fluid, sweat, soaking tons of flop sweat, but no tears tree trimmers don't cry.

    Lets c yesterday was a tall post oak over Cherokee Village home, and a nearby severely declining red oak(recurring theme).

    IDK when I last checked in, there were twelve bushy bradford pears in Ash Flat. Another brutal hot morning and early afternoon Shiver.

    And I get2 the river. I exalt entering the sacred portal. I float, tread water, swim like a dog, like a frog man. I do the breast stroke but leave my sexual technique out of it. Riding Horse.

    The olympic committee finding ways2 disqualify world class blacks. Hairstlyes, hats, performance enhancing drug Marijuana... Cancel culture.

    Rudy Guilianis bar license suspended in New York and DC4 commiting election fraud.

    We find out things each day: tear gas on peaceful protestors so T Rump could hold a Bible upside down by a church, Kashoggi cover up, ORdering Justice2 frame SAturday night live, all the rumors hard core liberals knew about years ago r true. And so many more. The list of lies keeps growing as fact checkers finally get answers, they can go back and independently verify the back log of lies waiting2 b demonstrated false. It was what thirty thousand easily proven lies when he left office, and even though they are not counting his lies after office, as they verify and tenaciously double check, his list of lies during office is leaping exponentially.

    And remember if Biden told even one of those thirty; forty thousand  easily proven lies, he would b vilified and shamed by the fake ass right.

    *ucker Carlson, "on the very week that Biden took office thirty six thousand ppl world wide died. Doesnt' anyone think it is strange that thirty six thousand ppl world wide would suddenly drop dead right after Biden takes office. Pink slime is meat. It. JUst. Is.

    MOscow Bitch McConnel, yes Kentucky now has six billion4 infrastructure and stimulus but u can bet that is a dumocrat blue state giveaway. Their programs are popular, repos have no choice but2 try2 grind the wheels of government2 a halt, destroy the economy and blame in on the libs.

    Ok I'm starting2 c

Arizona senate will recount the recount, the fourth or fifth, sixth? T Rump says donate now2 save fascism.

June 30 2021

And we roll. Getting hot out there. But we all done now. 4 several days. I plan on disappearing on Spring River. Grow a beard. C kingfishers and nipples.

    Im addicted. My daily plunge is cathartic. U should try it. A lake is one thing, spiritual and  serene, but cold Rivers and turbitity, rapids and current, its a gr8 addiction. I think it's helping me kick diabetes.

    Plus I'm also riding a bike2 the river, heat and all. Thats after a tough morning on Lake Omaha, trimming numerous redbud, oaks etc... Removing mimosa. I got up n2 a Blackjack near the house, relieving it of dead wood and suckers. Saul Goode. We looped through Ash Flat and looked @ a possible job but it was a dead end. I have plenty of work4 after the holiday.

    Have a good one. Remember he who goes forth with a fifth on the fourth doesn;t go forth on the fifth.

Andand we roll. Hotly. Nots bad actually. I been on the River alot. Swimming. Floating. Fishing. Working. Yesterday I canoed2 work, gingerly taking my stuff across2 a dead white oak needing topped. I lost a yellow pole in the river so I had2 go to change clothes and go back, found the pole in the water, then floated back picking up a nice trout and bass4 the freezer.

Life rocks along, several days of barefeet on Spring River have my diabetes and arthritis agitated, but i rested plenty. pushed it just right. I think swimming each day is helping get an edge. let me rephrase that, I know swimming every day in a two point five rapid is giving me an edge.

So Saturday I got up n2 a tall catalpa also on the river bank. A tiny drop croth2 reduce the height4 sattelite clearance. A lttle tricky @ times.

Independence month continues... STay tuned cos I got something4 u....

June 29 2021

And we roll. Hotly. It's creeping up. We got started on a prominent cemetery deadwooding a series of sugar maples. By late afternoon we were trudging, moving slow, taking breaks... The chips graced a farm as I was examined by weird looking goats and turkeys...

Moron tap 2moro...

Rudy Guiliani gets his law license suspended4 lying about election fraud. He and T Rump are the election fraud(s).

*ucker Carlson: Biden is spying on me.

He was sued and in court he and Fox claimed that no rational person would take him seriously, that is was all spoof and entertainment with no truth value. Nuff said.

Gotta get2 the river.

June 28 2021

And we roll. HOt again. We got a couple of jobs done in Cherokee Village, a little trimming, a little climbing... Moron tap the rest of the week...

BArr telling all lol. T Rump says he is repo in name only. Which shouldn't have anything2 do w it. wtf?

T Rump Org has until monday2 respond2 charges of being the worst fake charity in history. REally. They were ordered2 disband and never2 act as a charity again years ago, just months n2 the investigation. But Hillary something something investigated twenty years not even a whiff of rip offs.

new repo election laws removing important dums. Of course they are.

Some prick on the religious right says election fraud should b punished by the death penalty as it is the highest form of treason yada yada. I don't think he even sees the irony here, calling4 his blond prick saviour2 b executed. T Rump is the only one proven 2 b defrauding the safest and securest election ever. Period. Stop. shove it.

So i've been swimming alot. Saved a woman kind of, she freaked on the falls and got swept away croaking 4 help so I layed out did a belly buster on shallow falls and corralled her as we swept over the next set of falls. I pushed and dragged her2 the bank, left her2 scramble after her children dry in kayaks. I assume all is well.

Candi and Kristen floated. BAD BRAD, Allie, Darby, Colby and Cody...

The river roars4 me right now.

Biden calls air strikes in Iraq on Iran. The right pretends he and Obama were terrorist sympathizers, but. Full Stop. They dropped more tnt than anyone in history. Not that thats a good thing, it just shows more repo hypocrisy.

Repos defunding police by rejecting Bidens spending proposal. Biden supports police. REpos oppose anything Biden. Thus repos oppose police. Plus u got the 200 cops wounded in the capital riot, the four dead cops from the capital riot, and repos: deny it happened, say it was antifa, say it was just a peaceful protest, won't investigate it at all.

Wound's look in2 Russian hacking, but blame biden4 gas prices going up because of Russian hacking.

Soon there will b a hurricane spiking gas prices, repos will post proof that socialism is strangling us by comparing pics of low gas prices inherited by T Rump with higher gas prices manipulated by Russia and repos. Repos will falsify and blame, with Florida and Texas leading the charge against the Federal Government, then scramble2 receive free $ when their new surfside chicken were stucco mcmansions are obliterated by a seventy mile an hour tropical breeze. Power grids will freeze up. In July.

So we roll, did I say it was time4 a swim?

    Friday was a hot day on Crown Lake in Horseshoe Bend. getting numerous dead oaks down and cleaned up. Tough day. Even w my new littlest helper.

    Life grinds on as we flirt w triple digits and when I c triple digits a chill runs through me.

June 25 2021

And we roll. getting hot out there but its been cool lately. This morning we met the power company on Lake Navajo and dropped a tall dead red oak, missing a bushy lilac and maples just barely. Then it was topping a large curving red oak near a house, but far enough away that I could bomb the top pieces without rigging and that was good. Nice morning in Cherokee Village.

Tryna stay ahead of the game as life spirals. Not a death spiral lol, a spiral of life.

T Rump and his bs china tariffs put alot of ppl out of business. Like him. In response he says he was the "chosen one."

4 Jews2 vote dum is disloyal. Windmills cause cancer. Look @ the oranges of the Russian hoax. Greta is angry I beat her4 Times Person of the year just look @ the wall portrait I had photoshopped. We r huge and Denmark is small and very uh, vulnerable. So little Denmark, b4 we stop protecting u, how much4 Greenland? Omar is a scary sounding name and she should never have been in this country. Run4 ur lives Alabama, a CATEGORY 5 HURRICANE IS BEARING DOWN ON U!

June 22 2021

And we roll. Hotly. Well its not horrible hot. EArly we were over Spring River in a sassafras grove all over a Swiss Family Robinson house. Two were growing through the roof and deck, we cut those out down below the roof. It was tricky rigging and slippery footing, but plenty of adjacent trees2 use4 safety and ease.

The chips are extra fragrant, I love sassy frass.

There wont b many groves of anything on Spring River soon as unregulated construction and worst management practices are rampant.

It's time4 a bike ride down the road2 my mechanic. He is retiring after a solid helpful career. He and my father were best of friends. Mechanics liked my dad. He sold Auto Parts. He and my brother were very talented. PPl would come in agitated about a broke something or other but usually left with a smile on their face.

Fox News calls Bidens extension of Child tax credits "insidious and evil." Not a joke.

No mention of the Capital Riot that wounded 200 police officers. Some were killed, thier skulls crushed with flag poles etc, in this nonviolent protest.

T Rumps latest rally rated off the charts, not pants on fire, or very misleading, but extremely delusional.

His war on Saturday Night lIve ended with failure. But he won the war on Christmas. We can now say Merry Christmas without being locked up. He won the war on Easter by single handedly defeating the virus with genius and clever innuendo. Although some ppl misunderstood him and injected bleach. They didn't expect a president in his position2 b sarcastic.

Water wars. Freeze. Earthquakes. Meteors. Tar volcanos. Tidal waves, some are technically tsunamis but I doubt the victims care as they scurry2 high ground. Pestilence and Famine. Other plagues and deadly sins...

2day I will not swim. I am staying in Highland getting things done. I will miss the cold calculations of rapid surfing and turbid swimming. Sure I'm five miles from three separate extraordinary resource waterways, but they are so far away right now.

Little Strawberry and her soft shoulders. Southfork so lonely and wandering... Spring cold and powerful. Each pleases me in their own way...

Now I must ride this hot afternoon. Find the shade and exert. Cleanse through sweat, i prefer2 keep my blood and tears.

    Texas repo guv, not content with cruelty2 humans in the form of power monopolies, voter disenfranchisement, and denial of medicaid expansion, and a host of other draconian repo policies now vetos a bill2 stop animal cruelty. "my bestest friend owns a three hundred thousand acre ranch. he owns hundreds of thousands of cattle, he is worth sixty billion$. The language of this bill casts him in a bad light in the way he treats animals. It would cost him thousands of $2 slaughter cattle in a more humane way. In Texas we kill cows slowly, with ball peen hammers. WE bleed them out and add gallons of blood 2 pink slime, which according2 the supreme court IS MEAT. So get over it. Biden stole the election."

    Cancun Cruz: this bill is intended2 give illegal aliens the vote. Truth: the bill repeatedly and pointedly denies illegals the vote. Lyn Seed Graham. I reckon I don't like the federal government meddling in state elections. Truth. The constitution mandates federal oversight of elections. Either or their running buddies say that it bans voter ID which is ridiculous.

    T Rump, kicked off Twitter, still managed2 get an all caps press release out, whining, lying, etc... about the oh so unfair election and he will be reinstated soon... Nothing about the 200 capital police wounded and several dead. not even lower case. Sad.

June 21 2021

And we roll... RAin out lol. SWeet and mighty rain out. GAve me a chance2 organize and shelter certain items. Nice consistent fairly heavy rain.

    We did get a job done. A  bushy Cherokee Village Hickory, a large ash over the driveway... The former a major reduction of a codominant stem w included bark. (was thus likely 2 split some day.

    A tree trimmer can cruise a storm aftermath and look4 heart shaped symbols on an exposed tree. Further inspection will find a large top piece, often exactly half a tree on a house or yard, fence, pool, etc. Knock knock.

    I   dont knock on doors, even neighbors of good clients. It wastes more time than not. I don't advertise4 the same reasons. 4 one thing, if u advertise, u get all kinds of rural whackos that just want2 jerk u around and scoff @ ur price. Then U get deluged by any and all advertisers that clog ur call log, voice mail, etc, aggressive sales ppl yada yada. This will jinx me but I havent heard from Google lately, they used2 bother me non stop about me giving them $2 make sure ppl who searched found me yada bs yada. No auto warranty ppl either. I did reup on the do not call list and get fewer of this type stuff. But I still have2 wade through and weed out, decipher and delete many of these numbers so I can isolate and identify real potential clients or contacts. Sux that I and many others have2 allot the time and mental energy2 sort things out but over all I would say that phones and calendars and texting all contained everywhere u go is a very good thing. Cloud backups. Good Thing. The government knowing where u go. Not so bad. I can deal w. it. Maybe duct tape my phone2 the bottom a tanker truck. Get a couple of burners and liquidate ur cyber identity then move2, well, Hardy ARkansas. Grow a beard.

    Offhand Iv'e done a huge Ash Flat post oak and some crepe myrtles. And then another huge Ash Flat post oak down the street. Both needed tricky rigging, both cleaned up nice... A few other jobs mixed in, can't remember... I'm neglecting this journal, it's a love/dislike thing. I"m spiraling tightly, series of circumstances conspiring, combining... HElpers and personal problems... Fire. Flood. HEat. STorm. Pets. Automobile breakdowns... JUst a few factors shaping hour by hour decisions. STroke(not me), diabetes. Stress. Doubt. Anxiety. Fetish. Red faced humiliation, simmering anger, multiple personalities sarcastic and demeaning2 each other. A few other seven deadly sins or whatever the list is called. But over all im ok. @ least I don't have others dependant upon me.

    Meteors. Wind. Sunspots. Moonies. Jehovahs witness grand jury college. Indicted co conspirators congregate2 murder Jim Crow, Dred Scott alive and well drilled deeper seeps of Vice Presidential seals, dead manatee walking...

    So I'm thinking the Oconee joined a westerly migration of Powhatan, Cherokee, and others possible traditional Creeks and wayward Choctaw, Appamatox(a clue as2 their wearabouts on the river these Native bands used: the Konawha in Modern Day West Virginia, site of an important Civil War event.)

    The Oconee area is west of Pocahontas Arkansas.

    The Cherokee Creek story is the saddest of all. If Cherokee and Creek could have consolidated instead of war they would have been mighty but fairly thats true with all tribes.

    MUskogees and Uchi probably joined Oconee. Oconee likely held and understood gold and it's value and here is why I say this.

    The Oconee River starts in the mountains of Northern Georgia and flows 2 the Atlantic Ocean. Gold was discovered not far from those headwaters later on prompting the Trail of Tears, but a century before, nearly two centuries b4 the trail of tears the Oconee were introduced2 Spanish captains seeking gold as bearers of what u seek. or something like that but like the Powahatan, also dealing with Europeans north in Virginia, Remnants and traditional shaman and settlers moved in fast canoes down Ohio River in the sixteen eighties. They established Pocahontas, Powhatan, and Oconee, also Etowah on the SAint FRancis River. Etowah also has roots in North Georgia. Sitka was destroyed in the American Revolution, it is an old town on the divide between Spring, KNown2 Cherokee as South Fork, and STrawberry, the IRish District.

    At FRanklin Bens Creek meets STrawberry River. I'm thinking Ben FRanklin was there. I'm thinkng a printing press was used there. Franklin was a printer, he was also adored in France, and this area was New France, a short trip from English colonies made @ night in fast canoes loaded with printing blocks or pieces, loaded with hemp4 paper. Franklin was active as a younger man. which put him moving secretly here2 ARkansas in the seventeen thirties, a time of relative peace, with most problems occurring on the Mississippi waterway between Chickasaw and frenchmen. Until the seven years war, also known as the fRench Indian war, French ARkansas was mostly peaceful. Cherokee had not raised war with Osage often yet, the Spanish years would pressurized the region. The Spanish in Alabama put paper advertisements on posts in Alabama towns urging young Cherokee2 go2 ARkansas. There were also construction projects, and gun contracts between Spain and Cherokee in Alabama and ARkansas simultaneously.

    In FRench times basically 1650 til 1755 there was sharing and  cooperation in this region. Large Potlatches, or Bees of industry, fairs and olympiads were here in Hardy, then known as Forty Islands.

    And then the war and Spanish Occupation, which was limited, the Spanish had no real power here, But sponsored a road they somehow got Cherokee Elder council2 allow. This road eventually led2 a resurgence of trade and tourism here, also causing some problems with Elder council concerning taboos on noise, liquor, slavery, fires, dancing2 fiddle music, prostitution, fouling of waters, banging metal, plotting against council, firing guns, keeping rooster and hounds, donkeys or being an ass...

       Spring River is roaring4 me...

Snakehead fish. Batesville ARkansas White River.

June 10 2021

And we roll. Wow. Just a roller coaster. Spring River is definitely roaring4 me. I can feel it. Plunge and cleanse. Inner Sha.

Idk when I last checked in. It's been a brutal week. I remember Climbing a large red oak in a light rain, relieving it of large dead and small dead. The last couple of days ive been in a crazy hickory, bushy and tall, a double whammy. Life spirals. I really don't get that much rest on weekends, Spring River has been hard on me. Heh heh. I said has been.

So I c this guy bowfishing in Batesville and it's a large healthy snake head fish. That pretty much means that. Snakeheads. R. In. Spring River. No more skinny dipping.

Im tryna get a biologist friend2 comment on it. Scary stuff.

Biden rolls back Trump obstruction of the Clean Water Initiative. There will b some soul selling and money changing in order2 hammer out an unholy bargain2 over ride corporate influence in favor just solid common sense.

C all the Global Warming debate is all a smoke screen, a distraction, a misdirection away from more tangible pollution. UNregulated Giant Agriculture. Unregulated animal farms. Unregulated construction. Mandatory worst management practices4 construction, agriculture, and especially logging. Bulldozer operaters or planners are 4bidden2 even read a pamphlet concerning Management Practices and whether certain ones are good or bad. In the state of Arkansas we shove the shit in the water. We burn it slash it if we own it or even if we don;t..,

I mean there is one place here near highland that wiped out a forested slope by the highway, building burms2 catch storm water, and in just a few months they are thick with tons of mud. But then the same guy destroys a forest and creek with some of the worst Management PRactices u will c.

Oregon ranchers upset about a lake spillway being shut down, drying up their cow creek. They are threatening2 shoot ppl over losing profit. Once again, maybe they should have considered this in advance.

Like Nevada, they finally are telling some corporations2 cut back on turf and do smart scaping. Wow. I guess the hippies had apoint..

Cactus gardens could save the planet. Kelp. Hemp. Mulch. Granola. McMansions kept @ fifty eight degrees while deserted all day, giant trucks full of doomed animals that will drink gallons of water and pollute the rest. Literally suck as dry like a siphon, then get shipped all over the world with contracts, fronts and busy work all around. \

repos will battle any attempt2 clean water. They will demonize those who have no motives.

I need2 google Oprah Winfrey and the TExas Food Disparagement Law. Apparently she said burgers were gross and texas cattlemen, not very liberal cattle men, sued her4 disparaging a Texas food in Texas. Even now eighteen years after this blog was founded in response2 a Dum Governor of Arkansas making strange moves in behest of a giant Ariculture guy with a really bad environmental record. When he was Attorney General Oklahoma sued ARknasas4 sending them deeply polluted river water via massive dumps of Chicken Shit. So this former dum guv. Sued. Oklahoma. 4 suing us. Years later the Supreme court commented that it was very unusual4 an Attorney General2 sue another state4 suing them and that it really reeked of cronyism, which it was, but it bought that dum Attorney General the guv office. Back Then the Supreme Court disposed of this needless, crass intervention and ruled the case could proceed. A few years later the Judge stayed the case, without a decision. It remains no decision 2day...

Arkansas cop initiates a car flip as woman searches 4 a safe place2 pull over.

Repos demonize black lives matter while downplaying the capital riot where 200 officers were injured and four killed.

Arizona continues the fraudit. Some ballots were shipped 2 Idaho or some place 2 b examined, so there is no potential4 fraud there.

Stormy Daniels eager2 testify.

Species are disappearing, especially from the water. Thousands of Manatee dead from FArm waste.

Just in a few decades many species are dying out here in the Ozarks, whose water is degrading and endangered. some species were found only here, now they are gone. I think there are still a variety of darter, but only one? all the other beautiful darter fish are extinct from point source pollution such as unregulate bulldozers and logging. I remember them. They had beautiful feathery gills. Those feathery gills can't take much silt. sure they were fine4 a couple million years, but last century was rought on them.

Some are choked by high phosphorous content, which causes unnatural blooms. We did stop most gravel operations in rivers, that was changing the temperature and killing species.

Think of it like this. Salamanders and darters are the canaries in the coal mine. And they are dead.

This just in. Last may the judge of the Oklahoma water pollution case showed his face after ten years and blind sided everyone with the proclamation that a decision is on the horizon yada yada, but nothing since.

T Rumps EPA head, a life long dirty trickster sabotoging the agency he was selected2 head, had his fingerprints all over the stalling and non decisions. Scott Screwit Pruitt.

He repeatedly sued the fed over matters like health care and immigration and environmental regulations, but when asked about the chicken litter case he was all uno I don't believe in regulation through litigation. That was the bumper sticker slogan that told everyone he was a sell out2 giant ag.

4 a few years there was lip service about poulty companies working 2gether2 reduce chicken litter, thus the resulting phosphorous, but with Scott Screwit Pruitt @ the helm of the national EPA, phosphorous levels have skyrocketed again. Maybe when our rivers catch fire we still wont care until it interferes with duck hunting and bass fishing. Dayum Joe Bob, Ida shot my limit if it werent 4 all this smoke... Hey theres a bass already cooked.

Keystone Pileline dead. The job loss is tremedous. Thousands of oil indurstry lobbyists are now looking4 work. The security force, known as the KEystone Cops, who beat peaceful native american protester now move on2 firehosing gay pride parades and intimidating voters.

A few more lies added2 T Rumps total last week as it was disclosed his little walk down2 a church4 a photo op holding a Bible upside down was indeed a gas attack on peaceful protestors. T Rump only lied in public about this a few times so it doesn't add many2 his total, which is probably pushing forty thousand by now. And if, if we count his lackeys lies well it just gets... Strange.

Turns out it's not dead. It is oprating. It suffered a set back and abandoned the project, but quietly it pumps tar sands oil n2 us. Just a small amount of that stuff, which is enevitably going2 leak, can poison a huge reservoir of water. Madness.

REpos will say that Biden cancelling the pipeline expansion is what caused gas prices2 go up. But it was Russia. But that doesn't play well with repos because they allow Russia cyber meddling, T Rump took Putins word they didn't do it. Honor system Vlad babee, look me in the eye, did u do it? There, he said no so it's over. It's a hoax."

Tuesday was also a busy afternoon trimming crepe myrtle, pear, oak, redbud and many moron lake Sherwood in Hardy...

It was ninety five 2day. After a brutal morning in a hickory I went4 a bike ride, plunging down n2 Cherokee Village from Highland and back. Gotta beat the heat.

June 6 2021

And we roll. Hard rain this L8 nite. May b a little sloppy 2moro. I have a difficult removal on Lake Sequoyah in store. Plus a tough week lined up. Plus last week was exhausting right up till very late friday. Topping hickory4 removal. Topping post oaks4 removal. Using spikes2 climb. Only on removals.

I reduced a prominent bradford pear in Hardy. I trimmed a declining japanese maple on Lake Sherwood in Hardy.

Topping a hollow leaning red oak in Hardy.

Plus I've been on the river, floating twice last weekend and swimming almost every day in a turbulent waterfall area.

EROSION working. jamming. loudness.

Im combing maps of Arkansas, lately I'm studying the Oconee tribe from Georgia, I think they may have come here on Eleven Point River in ARkansas very early 1700s.

` Life spirals. Az fraudit continues. Repos get2 so called dum Manchin, now they have leverage2 make voting harder and more inconvenient based on a dangerous lie that the election was stolen. yada effn yada.

Hard rain. Better go4 now.


  MIA  was a delightful addition2 my canoe Memorial weekend. She hails from New Orleans and loves2 dance. We danced alot and showed off a turtle while floating.

May 26 2021

     And I rock. Falls outside roaring, riffing. Tired.

     So it was raining this morning. But we got2 work in the afternoon. A rotten red oak needed gone. Boom. I got n2 it and relieved it of much of it's crown and scaffold, we left on top4 a low impact in the woods yada yada.

May 21 2021

And we roll. Another cray cray day day. Yesterday was a funeral RAvenden. Special needs child.

    2day was a dead red oak by a fine Hardy/Highland home. It was ez, leaning exactly right. It went super quick. Then it was removing, pruning and or topping(drop crotching) pear and cherry and oak 4 a quick view and boom quickly 2 another job, a large ash over a historical home on Lake Kiwanie. Big dead, climbing, positioning, rigging, everything gave me fits but soon it was all done. A quick trim of an adjacent post oak was no piece of  cake.

     I had grabbed some firewood2 take home but was informed Beach Club Barbq was about2 be needing some. So I take care of my peeps.

    Now it’s decide whether2 work this weekend or not.

 Hard ride this afternoon.

Cleaning flood damage… Tight spiral2 Memorial weekend…

    I will probably canoe from Thayer Friday. Camp in Mammoth. Canoe2 Saddler Falls Saturday. I hope2 get some trouts in the cooler. And basses.

    It will b madness this year. I can feel it.

    Kingfishers will splash disapproval, Eagle glare with intensity @ vulgar people in rafts and teenage girls dancing naked. I am an island among carnage, a temple of serenity amid chaos. I am the Dude, the Guy, Manny from Jackass, the big Lebowski… Years ago it was Nic Cage or NICKELBACK…

    U can deny it. U can accept it. U can’t fight it, u can only embrace it. Inner sha is upon u. Vertigo claims u. We float in embryonic fluid serene, snoozing through life matters, sleepwalking while we burn. All lives matter. Except Palestinians… Israel provides abortions2 Gaza. Via hellfire rockets. I’m sure it’s Bidens Fault in Fox narrative. Plus he is trying2 sell Israel a  bunch of lethal mid range weapons; Berny and AOC raised objection2 war mongering, instantly Fox/Russia began trending socialist traitor type key words. Kush handed off 2him after bringing world peace. T Rump settled the region by his abrupt sell out, or pull out of troops from Syria. Just so he could remain in the running4 a T Rump hotel in Turkey. If T Rump was going2 pull out of anything it should have been Erics mother.

    T Rump never like Kurds. He detested fairy tales, spiders and whey and what not, plus a Slovenian maid who took his virginity@ eleven smelled of Kurds.

    Asked how he knew the pullout didn’t benefit Russia, he replied. “Honor system.”

    T Rump loves the honor system. Ever since he was little, the words honor system evoke greedy little snickers he could barely conceal. He had special pockets made. He had an alternate hidden account from birth. He blew through billions of his daddy’s $ and settled and pled so many times.  But enough of that has been loser as New York prepares indictments and T Rump offers2 flip on everybody immediately, in public, on twitter, well not on twitter, they banned him4 repeatedly blatantly lying, so that’s refreshing.

    Biden scales back his stimulus proposal, offering some draconian, cruel cuts2 appease repos. It wont work, no matter what he does they oppose him with innuendo and lies, out right falsehood, misdirection's and straw men. There are cracks, more and more are willing2 investigate 1/6. But Liz Cheney got booted4 the truth. Blowing the whistle. Repos don’t like it when the whistle gets blown. Those laws were 4 a dum president.

    Arizona in a sham recount. Complete and utter bull shit “audit”. With repos fracturing n2 camps, we find out 2day that this “audit,” by a hyper partisan, inexperienced company is making the ballot system in Arizona compromised and unusable next election. That’s the plan. Disable voting completely. Melt voting down. Make ppl wait a week2 vote. Make it a felony2 allow them bathroom breaks or food. Melt the cities down. In red districts their will b a twenty minute wait, with scones and prosciutto croissants. In blue districts aggressive police dogs straining @ the leash, racial profile fueled shakedowns, and tall white cops peering over shoulders @ cell phones or documents.

    Ok time2 chill…

    So I'm crawling through Old Cherokee country here in North Central ARkansas, I c names like a set of German names directly west of Pocahontas. Those were probably the first settlers in the land rush here in eighteen thirteen after Cherokee, Delaware, Shawnee and others left the region all @ the same time, Crossing Devils backbone en masse and claiming new area in western ARknasas and MIssouri. Pocahontas was and is heavily German, a gateway2 the west firmly in Cherokee/Deleware/Shawnee control. Delewares from Pennsylvania had dealt with Germans b4, also Dutch and Netherlands, Quaker and other religous sects. But just as Irish and Scot merged from an early time with Cherokee, Dutch and German and English renegades or refugees married or served the nation, usually winning a seat @ council eventually.

    And there were self sufficient German Colonies in ARknasas elsewhere. These were anti slavery, and probably shared other taboos with Cherokee such as alcohol, guns, disrupting council, etc.

    Just as there were French protestants and CAtholics, Hugeonaughts? etc, Irish presbyterians, catholics, protestants, etc, there were also German religous divisions.

    There was a Delwaare town in Arkansas near what is now named Kennet Missouri. The Deleware and Dutch were very intertwined in Pennsylvania, and as it happens an early(early in official versions of this history," but fairly late in the true period of Cherokee occupation here inside the backbone2 Saint Francis River) chief on Saint Francis River in ARknasas was Tah Chee or Dutch. Black Dutch was also a demeaning classification4 mixed blood and colored natives and slaves. For awhile "black dutch" was a cover all term4 most darker hues or person. Mulatto, Maroon, Mustee, Black Dutch, AFrican, Indian... And deep in kentucky were albino cultures and even a purple albino hue still found. I don't know what my point here is, when I figure it out I will let uno.

    just south of GErman spike of settlement is a series of Baker names. Baker hollow, Baker branch, Baker Cemetary, etc... research will reveal more Bakers. Then u have the Baker rolls of old Cherokee during the trail of tears years later.

    So u have a Germanic spike directly west from Pocahontas, all the way2 Wirth, also a Germanic name meaning inn keeper, this puts Germans here in the Seventeen eighties as the Spanish financed north south road headed north and south from the state line. Several year it might have taken the Scots, experienced road builders that had given England fits in a recent war also involving Spain, and Spain had been so impressed they hired them. Sturdy blacks did much of the labor here, so much so that Cherokee suspected the Scots and Spanish were guilty of violating the slavery taboo, but when the normally quiet black men spoke they were found2 b literate in many languages and very convincing they indeed were paid workers.

May 18 2021

And we roll. Not really lol. Rain out. Luv me a good rainout.  I bought a boat! A fixer upper4 sure, but someday maybe a funky lake boat. Or deeper water rivers?

      Mississippi River resumes barge traffic but I 40 still shut down4 quite a while, a crack in a bridge.

       A murder of crows squawking about. One now two blue jays tweeting, now the dog gets vocal, Koko the Pit defiant.

      I don't shoot crows. Occasionally I will pop a blue jay if west nile is active.

      REpos in Arizona quit working with.... wait4 it..... repos and their fake "audit" by a blatantly far right voter fraud conspiracy company. They call out T Rumps lies in real time, the lie caucus fractures...

      Facebook haters slowly crawling back out2 show ass. More sick lies compounded by sick lies. Sick slick repo lies. At least they also do misdirection.

      Projection is my favorite. It's so poignant and ironic and idiotic when T Rump screams about the fraud of the century that he himself is commiting, or Ted Cruz whining about the constitution, or Moscow Bitch waxing poetic of Bipartisan cooperation. Yeah projection is gr8 theater.

      Crisis Actors like Sean Hannity and *ucker Carlson pose many hours in make up, preening4 righteos indignation and offended snowflake creases of eyebrows or offhanded snides of disapproval always of coloreds.

      So some friends went on Myatt, but it was really cold last weekend so They may have been cold. Water levels should stay up though as summer nears.

      I want2 do Warm Fork many times soon.

      So much happening. Colby's Wedding. Death. STrokes. Attacks. Fascism. Floods. Storms... Uprooting. Breakage... Domestic incidents. Incidents abroad.

      Dead presidents. FAllen kings, QUEENS OF STONE AGE, mighty Hydras unholy and prolific, reveleations of secret service, public FACES or projection. Void. Invalid. Canceled. CULTURE CLUB and rotisseritie turkey feathers flocking down, spiral beach and rocky island willows reaching blind, weeping, searching, kneeling2 trust, straining, slender limbs madly dancing....Trembling in flood of memories, swollen the dam bursts, tears well, slowly over flow.

      I have been working. A cracked Ash Flat maple comes 2 mind. Uprooted Ozark Acres red oaks.

      A large Ash Flat Post oak, Several redbub, holly, dogwood, sumac, patina… on Lake Omaha…I don’t know when I last che cked in yet, but uprooted white oak in a declining blackjack, hackberry crowding a driveway, privet and cedar removal… Probably more I just can’t member right now.

May 5 2021

And we roll. Tree frogs serenade. Cool night. LOng day. Big winds have alot left alot of uprooted trees and broken dangling limbs. It's a little maddening, only my experience keeps me sane. U got constant requests4 service and communication, u have regular customers or high priority situations. LIke 2day carefully dicing a red oak jammed in another.

    In hardy it was a very tall red oak, part of it had ripped off and tangled in a walnut above a nice vacation home. The original plan had been2 climb the red oak, spikeless as always up2 about ninety feet, reach over2 the walnut and get the broken red oak limb secured yada yada but on the Pre climb inspection we realized the red oak was hollow and rotten so we took it down and good thing. Then the walnut, leaning far over two houses was next, so I was able2 avoid a potentially dangerous climb and kept myfeet on the ground. 4 a while. Down the block2 a huge red oak that had shed quite a few branches and damaged the house below. Quite a few others dangled precariously. I moved aloft spikeless2 about sixty feet and meticulously got everything rigged and down. Cray Cray day. MOron tap 2moro. Good chance of rain by noon. I can only hope.

    I'm getting saluted by   The Empathy Paradigm! It's a motivational Facebook group. Just a bunch of good guys. It's cool. I don't get saluted much.

    So I'm working on Rebel Word. Studying word origins. Moko. An african festival of stilts. Likely a community of escaped slaves enjoying freedom within The Cherokee Nation. Salem ARkansas was founded 2 control race riots many years later. Fryatt. a community just east of Moko along the ARkansas MIssouri line and inside the Devils backbone, a distinct and at times disputed boundary between Osage and Cherokee, means freed men. Fryatt means freed slaves. That hit me hard. And Wirth. Wirth ARkansas just south of the line. Wirth literall means innkeeper. The north south Spanish trail, before it got2 Hardy or Forty Islands in the early seventeen nineties, first came n2 Cherokee country near Wirth. Cherokee Council had okayed the road building only under strict taboo. As Rowdy Scots hewed the trail they likely introduced them selves with a rowdy bag pipe jam @ Wirth. Which led2 a taboo being placed on BAg Pipes. And with a strict alcohol taboo, Scots were either dry of alcohol or turned the volume way down so as2 keep the nation from enforcing the ban. Observers noted that Blacks did much of the work, their was an investigation 2 c if these black men were truly paid workers. well spoken and straight 4ward black workers convinced Council they were indeed paid and free men. Likely some stayed on with Cherokee in the late 1790s when the road passed out of the backbone @ Pfeiffer, and Scots created the town, allowing many taboo items, but keeping basic laws about murder and rape etc/

 Over in Viola, also established in response2 restrictive taboos, even murder and rape were not taboo. Just outside of the backbone on the western turn pike Viola was the gateway2 death4 many wayward Cherokee. Outside of the backbone they had no backup, no reprisal, no escape... ONly the most talented gun fighters could move west.


May 4 2021

And we roll. This quiet night. Cat play. Spring peepers. Ringing ears.

    LOng day. A straight line wind swung through last night. Early I was rearanging scheduled work4 higher priority emergency work.

    A large double oak was wedged n2 another oak across a fine driveway of a fine Highland home. That one gave us fits culminating with a climb over snarled impacted branches. That one still leaning, but the fine landscape is basically unscathed, a few rose of sharons, maybe a beat up hosta...

    then it was a hickory on a Cherokee Village home. Moron tap...



April 30 2021

and we roll, And so does the river. Falls roar just outide. Trains crank and moan, shift and shimmy...

    so this morning was a steep rocky hillside in Cherokee Village. clearing4 a new home. With a certain touch...

    Lots of cedar and oak, a little persimmon, some hickory and elm, maybe a service berry... No redbuds or dogwoods.

    I've been riding hard. Hardy2 Cherokee and then back then hardy and back2 highland in one day. Riding from Cherokee Village in a flooding storm. Riding from Highland2 Saddler Falls...

    Which brings2 mind the distant events of yesterday. I was a wakened here in the camper by a strange knocking on the walls of my camper. I quickly realized firewood chunks and drift wood  were hitting me with strange rythm. Sure enough one look revealed I was in an ocean, terrible falls forty feet away, quickly yards roads driveways inundated as I struggled2 start my truck it was2 late. In thirty minutes2 an hour the water rose three feet then more. It stopped off just shy of sixteen feet, a major flood. Abandoning my truck and camper I was barely able2 wade2 high ground. I watched with anguish as water in the road way rose2 close2 six feet and moving strong. Luckily my truck and camper were on a tiny knoll, and though it got in the cab and motor, and also brought mud n2 the camper floor, i dodged a bullet. And thats not all. It was still dead dark and i was fidgeting with anguish as my high water marks kept disappearing, I grabbed one of Howards canoes and found an old paddle, moving across2 maybe rescue a few things from the camper. then I saw a light and heard calls4 help.

    Moving down the former road way toward the light, I banged through a new vehicle submerged almost completely, with head lights still on beneath the murk.

    Two young men stood on a car hood, unable2  get free as currents on both sides threatened2 take the car away. I slammed in, spinning and precarious, wedged against a small cabin we hollered back and forth. We could tell attempting a canoe rescue would b extremely risky, so I told them2 stick tight and I would return in ten minutes. I learned a lady had called 911 4them, so I made another loop because they were no longer on the car and I feared the worst. But they were back in, huddled, soaking. My checks cheered them, they thought the river was receding, I told them 911 was called.

    I went2 help 911, taking a guy with a rope in my canoe, but they were speeding off in a rescue boat.

    The next day we shared heartfelt hugs. whew.

    So it's been cleaning mud. I had the truck hauled2 my guy. I opened up the camper and started vacuuming mud. It's a bitch moving around, so much slick mud every step. I'm getting dried out, pulling trash heaps and lost kayaks etc. Hanging my wet stuff out2 dry. Plus my other truck is in the shop4 routine stuff, so I'm riding2 work 2moro and we may go Sunday. Plus all next week... Then. It. Will. B. Time. 4. A. River!

    2moro is a reunion of the MIKE GRAY BAND. it's a family affair and crawfish boil. LALA will sing so pretty. BAD BRAD takes2 the skins again! Prolly his electronic drums but thats cool.

    There will b other special guest stars also I'm hearing gr8 things.

    I may take my new native drum.

April 21 2021

Bright morning. Deep rest. Yesterday was brutal. We didn't work4 very long. As we were rigging a dead red oak an irritating wind kicked up out of the north, which was the exact wrong angle. As the consistent gale increased we pulled the ropes and gear and agreed2 do it again some other day. As the day wore on sleet and rain, cold wind and dark clouds hit. Freeze warning here in late April.

I have projects going. Milling lumber. Weedeating. Doing large rides. 2cold2 canoe lol. Not really but it will b more pleasant warmer.

Green leaves are just about out. another week and the forest, and the urban forest, will b lush and shady.

EROSION in house every night. I play all my basses. I hold them and caress them. They love getting played.

Ok it's getting weird already. Gotta go.

April 16 2021

And we roll. Not. Rain all night till just now as daylight establishes. Birds chipping and chirping, calling, whooping, yipping, chipping, chortling, wowza whistling, etc...

      Nice2 b home. Wasn't gone long but we ran over2 Memphis4 a nice Rebel Tree Care job. I spent the day in midtown performing a variety of tasks: tricky dead in a massive red oak, thinning hollys growing over and n2 a fence. CAreful raising and clearing of dogwoods. There were quick trims of redbud, elm, prized southern magnolia, prolly others. My kind of job. We checked on some more jobs and bolted back2 Hardy b4 the city sucked us in as does. So, nice2 b back.

      With off season fully upon me I have rivers2 paddle. I have miles of bike riding2 do starting2 day by heading out2 Saddler Falls from Highland. The hard part is peddling back 2moro.

      Peddling and paddling. not a bad life.   

April 12 2021

and we roll. Hot afternoon finally cooling down. I got my posse busy building an apartment in my shop. I lined them out then went over2 Cherokee Village2 do a tree job on Lake Thunderbird. A declining maple, fairly large, needed some topping and rigging and then we had2 build a buffer so it didn't hit the driveway2 hard yada yada. All is well. We got it all done plus some other stuff, quick trim of a pine on wires, random chipping...

So it's head2 Mfis. do one job. I could maybe do more but these days not sure. Been there.

I want2 spend a day frisbee golfing and tooling around on a bike etc, like the old days. Prolly not a mfis n may this year but I still like the RV park in West Memphis, it's on the bike trail and goes over2 Tennessee if the water is not2 high. Or they have a green way trail now through Memphis completely. Pretty much dissects the city running east and west making it an ez ride from Cordova2 WEst Memphis now so thats cool.

So I'm about2 finish the first draft of my hand written map of old Cherokee country in ARkansas from 1696 2 1812. This first draft is all pencil. Soon I will snap a final pic of the penciling and start adding color. Green arrows4 cypress tree, round greenery with brown stems for oak. I will show u. B patient.

Maybe blue water bodies. White or black lettering. Words like Chickasaw in the bottom right, the Memphis area in modern day Tennessee. The word Tennessee is actually a corruption of a name of a Cherokee town back east. The word Cherokee is actually a corruption also, White men decided that was what Cherokees were2 b called so they could catalogue, divide, and conquer them. Over in the upper right corner is a curving right bank of the mississippi river in Kentucky, then a district of Virginia. Most of the map is water. All those flatlands in ARkansas and Missouri, there was no boot heel unitl well over one hundred years later, so Arknasas touched Kentucky then. All those flatlands were water. A giant body of water. Cypress swamp and open water. It even had a tide. Cherokee called it the ocean.

Right now I'm still researching the word Agnos. Agnos sits on modern day hiway 412 astraddle Wild Horse Creek, that runs north2 Southfork river near Frenchtown, and Bens Creek running2 Franklin in the Irish district. There @ Agnos post, travelers moved along on mules, using the toll path, a turnpike of sorts, and locals emerged from wilderness and farm2 trade. But not socialize. The concept of Agnos is neutrality. Not mentioning religion or arguing philosophy. This was important as French protestants and French Catholics and Irish Protestants and Irish Catholics, Hugeonaghts, revolutionaries, any and all were found scattered n2 clans and families inside the backbone. Inside the backbone was key2 survival. Allegiance2 Cherokee council and adherence2 taboo was crucial. One taboo was discussing religion or politics @ AGnos.

The concept has been around thousands of years. Cherokee here, heavily influenced by France who "owned" Arkansas then, adapted many customs of Paris.

Same with the Keetoowah society. We whites found about the secret society say 1850. Keetoowahs advocated abolishing slavery. Slavery was taboo here in first western Cherokee territory. The Keetoowah society developed here in North Arkansas over a hundred years b4 we found out about them.

DAngerous Man, traveling the northern border of Cherokee country in Virginia and the Konawha(which means Canoe) River, an area in which Keetoowah, the priestly class, guarded. They interacted with Frenchmen, impressed them with well engineered canoes, and also developed connections with remnants of Powhatan, a dying confederacy @ the time. Shawnees and Delaware also joined the secret French keetoowah web, traveling @ nght2 the Ozarks of Arkansas and Missouri. Crow Lee's ridge on the Saint Francis River bay became a hub4 Cherokee.

Cherokees and Frenchmen used pigeons2 relay messages from Arkansas2 Kentucky and Carolina. But English allied Chickasaw trained hawks2 hunt them. Messages written in an ever evolving code printed on scrolls affixed2 their legs could give Chickasaw crucial edge should they capture or kill a messenger pigeon. If they could decipher the code. Again one hundred years b4 Cherokee were credited with inventing an alphabet and quickly becoming fluid in the language, Cherokee were already refining a more secretive language of sybol writings here in ARkansas.

Sequoyah is credited with inventing it, maybe here in ARkansas but he would probably tell u there were years of experimentation and trial and error by bird messengers that lead2 the final product. Earthquakes delayed implementation of a standardized language...

Then printing presses became a factor. Printed pages could galvanize or solidify movements and councils. Ben Franklin, a printer in Philadelphia likely influenced Cherokee as they got printing presses. The first known was Sequoyahs back in Tennessee later in the 1820s. I'm thinking maybe on Bens Creek in Franklin Cherokee had a press prior2 1812.

So Franklin and Agnos are on the map. Hardy was then known as Forty Islands. On the map. Modern day Cherokee Village was likely known as Otter Town. Modern Day Highland was known as Stuart after a famous Scot Cherokee. Ravenden was likely a wounded warrior retreat. Moko likely a community of ex slaves, their location near the Missouri line was by design.

viola is outside of the backbone, likely founded in response2 strict Cherokee taboo on fiddle music. In Viola u could get a prostitute, duel with pistols, shout, drink whiskey in public, and violate any and all taboos. Viola meant death4 all but the most talented or lucky.

On the southern turn pike, outside the backbone like Viola, Pfeiffer was born of many of the same freedoms. While building the road4 the Spanish in the 1780s and 90s, Scotsmen ran afoul of many a taboo such as but not limited2: alcohol, bag pipes, wandering, and slavery. They wiggled out of any penalty4 slavery by convincing council, with support of some very well spoken black workers, that all workers were indeed compensated. By the late seventeen nineties they had crossed the backbone, hence freeing themselves of bothersome taboos, founding Pfieffer(Piper, as in bag pipes.) Thier fraternal scots roared with game, blasted pipes heard4 miles, drank tankards of ale. But they worked closely with Cherokee and Cherokee scots just inside the backbone, and were always free2 wear kilts, which hated England had banned. The alcohol thing hit them hard, the rowdy bunch loved blowing off steam with tankard @ night. But as they entered Cherokee Territory from Missouri east of Mammoth Spring, confrontations convinced them the alcohol prohibition was2 b enforced. they began blowing the bag pipes loudly, argued that there was no taboo on wind instruments, and promplty got a taboo slapped on them concerning the playing of bag pipes. Rumor is they were allowed2 violate the ban every now and then.

    As the road crossed Southfork river in Forty Islands just downstream of the smaller bridge in Hardy, Hardy, or Forty Islands was a little bit of a boom town. Approximately 1790, immigration2 ARkansas by all classes Cherokee was growing exponentially. Bees, or craft fairs were large here on Bee Creek, Olympiads tested nations on skill and daring. Even though Cherokee poured n2 Arkanasas, @ times Osages accepted them and befriended them, sponsored exceptional young Cherokee2 go on Buffalo hunts with Osage parties.

    so Cheorkee council was stressed2 keep war time measures in place: night travel, restricted fires, silence.  The Scots brought the road up2 Highland and violated the wandering taboo, hunting or exploring further off the trail than agreed. And by 1800 the Spanish abandoned Arkansas, selling the area back2 France. Cherokee Council laughed @ the suggestion that France would control them. And when Napoleon became King of Italy Cherokee council roared with laughter.

When Cherokee left this area in summer of 1812 most walked2 Buffalo River Valley2 take up new residence. But a faction, likely heavily Scottish influenced, stayed in the Pfeiffer/Batesville area, controlling trade4 a few more years b4 the flood of white immigrants took over.

Cherokee buckled down. Though given a gigantic tract of land, most of Northwest ARkansas in 1818, they faced severe discrimination. The Arkansas Gazette demonized them and the Quapaw and Caddo as savages etc, even while Presidents praised them as civilized, etc. so printing presses hurt the Cherokee2.

I want2 get u a picture of a painting that hangs in a Paris Museum done by a Quapaw of that time period, actually earlier than Spanish colonial control from central Arkansas.

so again after setting the template, showing whites how2 become pioneers, using plows and kettles better than the inventors, Cherokee showed whites how2 clear and settle land. When they left here, they left tended crops in cleared fields knowing the whites would b greeted by bountiful harvest. Not burning the fields was a statement of peace by Cherokee. An olive branch, reminiscent of the first time a bird was used as messenger.

Osage and Cherokee would go on2 have brutal wars in northwest Arkansas and Oklahoma, possibly Missouri and Kansas also. After the trail of tears civil and inter tribal wars further tore Cherokees. The American Civil War also caused deadly conflict among Cherokee clan and family. And likely the Mexican wars affected many of the same Cherokee who moved2 Texas. some, having moved2 ARkansas2 escape the lies and hypocrisy of the United States, Moved again2 TExas or Mexico, then were subjected again2 the lies, inequity and hypocrisy of the United States. But Oklahoma is a red state, I figure many Cherokee have drank the kool aid by now.

April 9 2021

And we roll. 2day was and is wilder. I mean, thats the name of my kitten also, but thats Irrelevant? I think?

Sorry long day. Early we were @ a fine cattle farm with a sprawling house and barns above a beautiful creek. A variety of tree tasks unfolded: Dropping a dead leaning red oak which is also the cornerpost of a fence and gate. Red wasps showed later. A mid sized dead elm got hung in adjacent trees so that was a bitch4 a little while. Cedars and others needed weeping or other branches raised. I stayed on standard and made all proper pruning. Not a gr8 time2 prune, but it was minor in comparison.

Dropping a partially uprooted red oak. A better view4 the father of my deceased best friend. Plus he pays. The man lost his other son twenty or so years back, then lost his wife and other son in rapid succession. Cool cat though. They were ballers, I mean he plays pitch so he can't b bad lol.

Pitch is a cool card game. Ten point partner pitch is gr8 4 4 ppl. Pool hall pitch also, like they played on main street Hardy when I was a child.

My mom and dad were democrats. Dad always said DEmocrats will rip u off4 millions of $." Just when the person he was talking2 thought they had him pegged as good Nixon conservative he would continue his story: "but republicans, they will rip u off4 billions.

Mom went anti dum when the witch hunters found the blue dress with Clintons semen stain. They couldn't get him on anything else but all we heard the last half of the nineties was Clinton got a blow job. Nothing constructive @ all. They "got" Clinton, they just didn't bother2 "get" Osama Bin Louder. I don't if I would have made it through all that if not4 CREED.

`Now they will get Kamala or Joe, catch them @ something, anything, while Putin and China plot.

China may interrupt our innocent passage of their entire shore line. Our innocent passage with Nuclear strike groups and Atomic war ships, and carrier groups are just that; INNOCENT PASSAGE. And no thats not a band. Our snow flake military commanders r offended that China would protest our innocent passage.

We pull china over4 no reason. We demand Chinas ID with no cause. We smirk when China asserts their rights. We raise our voice and pull guns if challenged in any way. We would gladly kneel on Chinas neck4 ten minutes, even if China wasn't breathing for five minutes.

``We are not just the worlds police, we are bully cops, brutal and secretive cover up keystone  cops with body cams off, we are smirking strutting on the take.

So maybe I over reacted, maybe, about the restrictive gender laws. Seems just like forty seven other states while passing voter suppression tactics, repos are also advancing Queer bills... They are up2 something, the governor vetos it, it's over reach, that gets over ride yada yada.

So Moscow Bitch Mcconnell suddenly doesn't like corporations that play politics as many boycotts etc in response2 voter suppression in Georgia.

And that's what the fuck it is. In response2 zero fraud they are effectively increasing the wait time from eight hours 2 twelve, with no bringing food4 ppl in line.

So2 cover up4 this bald faced suppression born again from a bald faced lie about fraud, the fraud actually being the lies about fraud, repos throw a bone2 churches, ostracizing, if thats right word, isolating bullying LBGQT and others. And if it offends them it's an attack on God. If it is an obvious violation of their Human and Constitutional rights and they stand up2 it, they are attacking God. They are attacking ur Religious Liberty2 b superior, ur Religious freedom2 discriminate is under attack by Queer others wanting equal rights and shit.

The cancel culture is determined2 cancel dum voters by any and all means2 the bitter end. They will obstruct and dispute every single straight 4ward solution Biden tries, just like with Obama, its just a given repos do not participate in any constructive process, only Demonize and Slander. Thats it. Thats on their door. In gold.

Rain again. I barely had time2 go pick my truck up @ Village Center. I got home and checked the radar and crazy red storms were getting really near. But a one way trip downslope2 Village Center from HIghland is ninety percent down hill and I hauled ass on the bike. Huge dark clouds flanked me strange black and gray with inner lightning and strange shafts of sunlight and or thick blue lasers and churning charcoal clouds. I raced along Hiawatha @ top speed, winds and thunder, giant grey bank of sheeting rain approached as I shot down arrow head, a long steep hill all the way down2 Town Center. I got my bike tarped off as first giant rain drops dotted the parking lot and soon the deluge was upon us. Didnt last long. Roads had a lot of twigs and stuff but that blew over now a soft rain increases...

I may take off 4 Memfis and do a few jobs.

April 6 2021

    And we roll. Spring peeper serenade. Early dark 2day. 4me. Long Rebel Tree Care day 2day. Threat of rain 2moro so we wanted2 get off the yard. A fine Cherokee Village home formerly had two bushy cedars in the side yard. Now they r gone. Sort of lol. Heres the story. Not only did we take the cedars down, chip and haul the branches, haul the firewood, rake and detail cleanup etc., we logged the trunks, ripping them in half2 handle them better, got them on the trailer with great difficulty, then got paid and was easing out on2 the main road when the unthinkable happened. The logs slid off the back of the trailer. Lol, I almost cried lol. But I think I got it now. Imma borrow a better trailer from my brother and CHAD promised2 show w the tractor. Traffic could b a problem as it close2 both a golf course and a river. PPl are rushing2 make tee times and put out.

    So Arkansas repo senate over rides our Governors veto of the Anti Trans bill. I guess this is karma4 supporting T Rump. We must bully. We must make odd children want2 commit suicide. Our own repo guv said straight up it was over reach, and other stuff. Google it.

    Colorado get the All Star game. Ha ha Georgia. Do u think ur voter suppression laws honored Hank Aaron?

    Fox was lock step each and every talking point in unison. False as usual, they were like “Colorados voter laws are exactly like Georgia yada yada freaking yada and that’s just another huge lie by Fox and/or T rump and/or Russia. Lie produced in their fever dreams star the hottest crisis actors on the planet. I mean they are believable. If u didn’t know what despicable lunatic morons repos are, it would b funny. They are no doubt talented. T Rump is very chic @ parties. Hannity's smirk is major league. *ucker Carlsons dumbfounded amazement and contempt4 all things whiffing of liberal is a really good imitation of some dumb bigoted ignorant bumpkin.

    That doesn’t mean that Rachel Maddow doesn’t annoy me. Her gleeful exposes of polluters and liars smacks just a little of non solutional patter. Luckily her subject matter is solid and real, needed and crucial...

    Rush Spoiled Limberger is gone now so there is a gigantic gap in consertative lies and pushers. It’s the wild west as the net will take it everywhere. But it’s really very simple. Joe Biden just won a free and fair election with more votes than any presidential candidate has ever won. A cool eighty million. Sure most if not almost all of the ppl that voted4 Biden was really a vote against T Rump. A vote against in your bald face lies. And a vote against lies is a good vote.

    So yeah it was a tough day. But I feel gr8. Thank God preexisting conditions are covered. Thank u T Rump, like u said u r the only one who will protect me. That imposter Obama had nothing2 do w protecting  ppl w preex. That was all u Cheeto. Just like u said. Yeah, It’d uh, it’d b a shame should u go off2, uh, prison.

    So in retaliation4 getting out the vote, right after a free and fair, fraud free elections Georgians pass voter suppression laws. And Arkansas attacks children they don’t understand. A father tried2 speak but the repo guy on the mic sounded like Satan. “Ur time is up.”

    Voter suppression bills are close2 passing in numerous states. It’s systemic. Hopefully the All Star game and more like that will convince them 2 b human. Nothing gets a repos attention like losing $.

    This just when all the repos were quietly watching football again after vowing never2 again because of the constitutional rights of kneelers.

    Kneeling on a black man is fine4 the right. But kneeling in response2 the kneeling on the neck is un-American. The pretzel logic of cancel culture conservitards. Snowflakes. Projection, hypocrisy, aggression, misdirection, obstruction, scapegoating… There are six glaring traits of repos, I’m sure there are a bigger list called something like the Dozen deadly repo sins, or the McConnel nine, Boner’s Twelve.

    Matt GAetz gets his own first sentence in a paragraph. This clown, the loudest T Rump cheerleader has the squarest and largest head on the planet. Smoking animal tranquilizer in a small room with him must b terrifying.

    Josh Hee Hawley, Uncle Tom Cotton, Bland Fall, they wait their turn 4 Sunday morning whack a mole w any and all repos aspiring.

    Sometimes I think they  must b under death threats2 their families or something. How else could Bland Fall (Rand Paul) still b acting as if Joe Biden is illegitimate. Do they have his daughters hanging from fish hooks in some basement? Do they have his son duck taped on web cam? How can he b such a grand royal douche otherwise?

    So it’s sposed2 rain 2moro. Hope I get those logs up first.

    CHAD  is a hell of a drummer. We did a gig or2. Been a minute.

April 5 2021

And we roll. Slow and Steady. The Old man and the Tree. The old man is down the tree. Box elderly.

    Plugging along. Not bad4 the off season. Cutn up stuff and random light pruning. Hot and sunny 2day. Dare I say L8 summer is already here?

    Kike Huckster piles on racism of Asians. Sarah Huckster Slanders will spin some vile concoction of self righteous false partisan conviction. Huckster Sanders is in the loop, she knows the latest bullet points and catch phrases2 repeat ad nauseum, Buzzwords and dog whistles2 scapegoat and obstruct like repos do. They are all about the deficit now. Didn’t concern them, still doesn’t, that the deficit exploded under T Rump with his ridiculous tax cuts4 the richest and corporations.

    They couldn’t put 2gether an infrastructure plan, that takes homework, there is no time4 Dr Suess snow flakes.

    Florida Governor DeSantis selling vaccines2 wealthy donors. He is fully sabotaging any virus mitigation efforts as Florida spikes now with variants. Wow. Big surprise.

    Major League Baseball yanks the All Star game from Atlanta in response2 harsh voter suppression laws recently enacted by  repos in tandem with giant lies by repos about nonexistent voter fraud. Imma start calling it voter Frued. Show ur id.

    Bigger jobs my keep me off a river4 a another week or2. But u never know, I could squeeze a trip in here and there. Stay tuned.

    Birds and bees. All sorts of noises. Buzzing and chirping chipping, click click clicking, dog whistles.

    DeSantis, like T Rump, fires whistle blowers who do their jobs as their job description describes. Only partisan hacks need apply. Biden is still trying2 root out these hard boiled saboteurs, swamp creatures oozing about the White House. Hiding in the cabinet…

    I’m getting more bike rides in. Tryna crawl back n2 shape. Beat diabetes. Beat arthritis.

        EROSION in house recently. Super loud. Guest guitarist HURRICANE MARTIN providing cool psychedelic guitar sounds on my stuff.

    Rebel Tree Care. Rocking along in this off season. Lining up June and also knocking out spring time jobs.

    Forsythia flowers almost off now. Barberry almost off. Spirea awesome white clusters. Pear petals flying like snow. Crabapple big and showy. Redbuds still peak bloom as dogwoods stretch out and bloom, some almost fully bloomed, just still slightly yellowish, others still closed but give them a day or2.

    Panadox prominent behind EROSION. Lately I play point break2. The visual of the extreme sports and cinematography is intense. Plus I’ve been visiting certain waterfalls during certain afternoons, getting some good clips2 play soon.

    Word. I’m delving n2 scholarly works, deep diving n2 old texts that detail inner workings of Cherokee with French and English colonial governments.     @ some point Eastern Cherokee fought the French just north of French allied Areas here in Arkansas. I think Arkansas Cherokee stayed neutral on that one, Ive never heard an inkling that I remember of French allied Cherokees in Arkansas fighting English allied Cherokees from back east but it cant b ruled out. There were so many variables, The English and Chickasaw, Creeks, French, Shawnee, Cherokee, Osage, Spanish. Huge slave ports in Mississippi coupled with liquor destroyed the Natchez, Chickasaw and French skirmished, Cherokee and Osage. There was no boot heel of Missouri then, the corner of Arkansas was very near modern day New Madrid, in Cherokee times New Madrid was somewhere else, no one can be sure after earthquakes and floods erased the town several times. But then Arkansas touched the corner of Kentucky, a district of Virginia. Illinois was very near over big water or prairie… I will have a map completed very soon and will share it here as I place it n2 the Project Water Spider…   

 This interpretive map is free lance. In primitive style it will show Crow Lees Ridge. It will show old Cherokee territory limits: The Devils Backbone, better understood as the watershed ridge between North Fork River and Southfork River. I will mark crucial posts and lines of boundary. Although the backbone is irregular, zigging and sagging, curving southeast, the northern boundary of Old Arkansas Cherokee territory was the modern day state line. Thirty six thirty was used as northern boundary of Cherokee territory by successive and parrallel governments of England, France, Spain, France again and the United States. I wish I could talk2 someone, probably in Oklahoma, who shares interest in the history of this region. Some Cherokees tour the area, they know where caves are that they imploded b4 leaving in 1812. I have contacted numerous anthropologists4 Keetoowah and Cherokee but they are2 busy, a hurried glance @ a snap shot is all they want. They will lament the loss of burial grounds but their lack of interest contributes. I mean no wonder the Nashville Wal Mart destroyed so much sacred ground. No one really cares. 2bad, once these sacred arranged boulders are bull dozed, the culture is lost. The “Lost” Cherokee were right here. The primitive water spider symbol is on the tongue of their burial moccasins. And also on a standing stone.

    Arkansas Governor mercifully vetos the trans bullying bill. And he has on occasion tried2 break it2 Arkansas we have Obama Care. Yes its Public Option, yada yada, the only state which has it yada yada, but bottom line, the federal government is supplying funds2 insure ppl. A few holdouts, I think Texas and Florida, still won’t accept this expansion of medicare. Let them die say repos. Kill them with covid. It sure as hell ain’t kindness.

    And we roll…


April 1 2021

Beautiful cool sunny day. Crabapple blooms, lots of redbud, Dogwood about2 burtst forth. My crabapple is spectacular with white blooms and pink blushing buds. This morning I trimmed a japanese cherry lush with blooms, just a little dead, it seemed as if snowing when the wind blew. Lake Chanute sparkled below. First up was a quick trim from the ground of a large post oak, a few lower branches, several small dead, etc. Then it was removing a couple of blackjacks leaning and curving n2 a service wire. Also a trim of a tall post oak with heavy branches over the house and wire then a young ash near the wire needed a tuck. ANSI Standard..... Complete cleanup. Another fine Rebel Tree CAre morning. Life is good.

So I try2 plan my afternoons. I don't have a secretary right now. I mean u got my Chainsaw shop in Mammoth is rumored retiring in good stead soon as they lose their long time mater fixer who uses common sense and shares passion with me of the Warm Fork and Myatt. I will b transitin if thats a word, over2 Power Sports in AF. Thats Ash Flat what did u think it meant?

When in Mammoth @ the right time I want2 shoot a video of the falls, now that I have a clear case and lanyard so if a bird lands on my head or something I won't b drop the phone n2 the water if startled yada yada. Same problem in Batesville. Batesville has this lock and dam on White River with incredible white water turbulence I play on giant screen behind my band or any time. And a favorite is Mammoth Dam it sparkles just right in an explosion of visual. So I need2 do that later in the afternoon, or At least b4 twelve, I will zero in on the perfect hour. Same problem in reverse @ Batesville, the waterfall faces east, so the visual is more intense in the morning. And that is usually better. Sometimes subdued or even opaque is better4 reasons.

So while I'm elaborating on stuff I want2 xpand on my new one word philosophy. Stand.

Whats that? U need2 go2 the store? Stand. U need2 get out of bed? Stand. U need2 watch tv? Stand. U need2 attend a gathering? Stand.

Stand like a tree. Stand Like a Stork. Stand Like a Cat. Stand Like riding a horse.

Stand and breathe. Stand and communicate. Stand and walk. Stand and become. Stand and go. Stand and understand. Stand by water. Stand on sand. Stand long. Stand far. Stand until u stop a car lol. Whoops that sounded like Dr. Suess. I hope the Biden Corporations don't murder me.

And this is a lap top. Mention of a laptop got T Rump elected. Anthony Weiners. The FBI made this big announcement a few days b4 the election and HIllaries poll numbers sank. A lot. There was nothing 2it of course, just another false repo flag.

Germany flying the confederate flag now. Well far right ppl in Germany. Closet Nazis and not so closet Nazis...

But Hunter Bidens lap top was lost. They Fed Exed it2 *ucker Carlson but he lost it yada yada I 4get their crazy as hell story and I bet they did2.

But the whole mentioning Hunter Biden and a laptop still gets the attention of several million ppl2 send a buck. Whole networks are battling Fox by saying these lies over and over ad nauseum, creating a world in their little studio where everyone knows the election was stolen. It's understood Hillary eats babies.

Soon Hannity will have a tape of prominent dums discussing pros and cons of sautéing or deep broiling babies.

Sarah Huckster Slanders prominent on Fox tripling down on lie filled assumptions and repo talking points. No matter there is still no proof of election fraud. 4 the rest of our lives, conservatives will assume everyone knows the election was stolen and all elected dums are illegitimate. When voter suppression laws in forty seven states enacted on this big law take effect, we will have2 bring our own food and water and stand in line4 a week. Roving porta potties owned by repos will sport subtle repo ads. And still ppl will out vote them, enough will defalt2 dums, realizing the national humiliation of T Rump Repos. And by then they will also b voted out of state legislatures and these bald face suppression tactics will end.

Ok gotta go.

March 31 2021

Train rolling through Hardy honks. I can hear it, actually a few miles east of Hardy. The sound rolls up Pierce Creek valley2 Highland.

Sleet out. No kidding, moderate soft bouncy sleet coming down. Cool.

I had already called 2day off as we ease n2 the off season, now lining up jobs4 June.

*ucker Carlson. "since the libs stole the election, we have2 nominate a fascist." I thought that what they did w T Rump.

Turns out the loudest, most piggish, lying POS congressman, who was complicit in numerous sexual abuse encounters while a wrestling coach, now is fighting sex trafficking charges. Matt Gaetz, who coincidentally has a gigantic head has befriended Devin Nunes Cow2 fight this deep state extortion/frame up/ witch hunt/ whatever the repo bumper sticker talking point is 2day.

So it's run errands. Do things. Pay bills. I was going2 ride but it's sleeting.

Choices. Options. LIfe has them. And then u. Hit. a. River. this cold sleety day will magically warm and sunshine will dominate starting in April. Which. Is. 2moro.

    Sleet on a fern. Soon dogwoods will float flowers on these Ozark slopes. Right now REdbud is showy, pear are snowing white blossoms, peach, purple peach and cherry plum, black locust, like pear, is now shedding white blooms. Northern Magnolias are still showing, some DEEP PURPLE, others variegated. Some are saucer magnolia, etc. I could google it and pretend I'm an expert in classification and diagnosis etc.

    Big wind. yes dogwoods are about2 burst. Banks of redbud all around.

March 30 2021

March on. Rain this noon hour. WE did get a good job done on Lake Thunderbird. Two dead oaks are down, one cleaned up, another partially. I was fifty feet up when the rain started, it made4 a messy, hurried halt. But the crucial, critical stuff is done, a couple hours another time will finish it up properly.

Life rolls on. It's coolish again but April is coming. I'm digging down2 the last job I have scheduled. Soon I will b freed up many days4 a multi day trip down a river.

Suez canal cleared after a gigantic mega ship got stuck.

Repos war on voting in high gear. Voters should not feel attacked though, repos are also assaulting Trans kids. Repos figure they don't get bullied enough. They may not actually, they are probably really tough from fighting bullies. Bullies r Future repos.

Covid spiking again. Texas and Florida hosting superspreader events. Governors announce no masks and no social distancing, and then leave everyone back home and local mayors2 pick up the pieces.

Tom Cotton outraged that prisoners recieve stimulus checks. Under Biden. Under T Rump it was fine.

Anything is fine if ur a repo. T Rump and party obviously and clearly put party loyalty above all ethics, truth, and job performance. This is not debatable. It is obvious. Ethics and written codes of conduct and ethic mean nothing2 repo politicians or voters. Ask a whistleblower. Hang MIke Pence. Thirty thousand lies. STraight up, non arguable lies. Bold faced, calculated, obviously and easily, decisively proven lies. Lies that quickly turn the head and walk away. Lies that strike a chord, that stick around, that help a pathetic orange False Profit dick wad lead from exile. Just call in2 Fox4 a welcome echo chamber and receptive audience4 ur lies. Lies and "witch hunt" comments will trend as multiple investigations, now without all that executive privilege noise close in.

HOgs make the Elite eight but not the final four.

March 29 2021

and we roll. Well the river is. A two point five rapid churns a few feet away from me this sunny day.

earlier I was way up above the river, A tall elm had broken and was hanging over the out building, Also a declining branch also over the roof, then a dead side trunk and dead curving branch above the roof on other trees. Crazy morning on Spring River.

Now it's chill. Maintain. Enjoy. Exalt. LIfe is. And then U R N island.

March 27 2021

And we roll. On the river. Gigantic trip down Myatt now in the bucket. I started well up in Missouri, north of hiway 142 near Lanton ARkansas. And went the distance. All the way2 Spring River. Then took a left and made it upstream2 SAddler FAlls. Yeah. Insane. The upstream part was extremely difficult with he water up, but the trip down Myatt was epic. Constant flow. Constant down hill white water action.

I found a real nice sand bar between hiways 9 and 289. Wild life and flora was sweet, redbuds and black locust, the occasional cabin with northern magnolia. This stream has many cedar on the banks, which is a little rare it seems. Tiny cliffs crowded corners scattered smatterings of crags grew until the largest was about one hundred feet. In missori it was mostly cattle. Overpopulated fields full of cattle and calves provided entertainment with their splashy panic or amazed watching. Numerous white tailed deer romped hills or swam in front of me. Series of ducks and geese heckled when chased, giant turtles wary. KIngfishers seemed glad2 c me. Huge choruses of insects and frogs day and night. I caught a few bass and blue gill, but mostly just moved downstream. Again the move upstream was extremely brutal and tested me sorely. But thats what Rebel River adventures is all about amiright? Nam Sayin?

So I have one more day2 rest and strap the boots back on. If I can get a few days work done I may b hitting the Southfork, from Missouri soon.

But4 now I have two dead oaks on Lake Thunderbird, damaged and dead box elders and elms on Spring River. Numerous ornamentals on southfork River...

Over one hundred cops wounded and three dead. T Rump says his ppl hugged and kissed cops. Head scratcher that T Rump.

March 28 2021


And we roll. Not lol. Ecovery. Big blustery winds this cool day. Glad I'm not out on a river right now.

Now that I have Myatt off my bucket list I'm mulling, preliminary selection period. I'm leaning hard 2ward southfork from Missouri. May depend on the rain yada yada. Saddler Falls2 Griffin Park is always an option. Strawberry is there4 me 2. Her soft shoulders and tan lines of sand beach, her welcome rush, her certainty and conviction. She is every inch a Strawberry Blonde lol.

Eleven Point is close by. A one hour drive2 Thomasville Missouri. That stretch2 Cane Bluff could often have blockage or beaver dams, portages yada yada. In winter. this could b problematic.

I wore a wet suit on Myatt a couple hours just2 say I did. And refresh my experience with wet suits. My main thinking was I would like2 get a sponsorship thing where I test equipment4 manufacturers of canoes and water proof gear etc. But I may b2 old4 that. Seems it would involve crashing said equipment and testing it2 the extreme. I try not2 extreme. Unless I want2. I try2 control which extreme, which envelopes I push...

Myatt was a sweet run. I chased fat ducks, passed by literally thousands of cattle, hundreds if not thousands of calves. Bound2 have been a violation of phosphorous and other noxious chemicals rinsing n2 rivers but leave slimy partisan politics and repo fever swamp sabotage efforts out of this particular story.

As if2 greet me, a kingfisher chortled and splashed immediately about me. Large woodpeckers also called and rang pecking on dead trees. Maples wept, searching the water4 lost love. Willows strained, trembling, occasional slap fights as branches tangles caught slapping showy white torque in constant rythm.

EAch waterfall has a different language. Popping and tittering like humans gathering, some jug band jubilee, lost waves of memory across the hollers, late night radio shows, or native drums. Sometimes it is the car radio of some swimmer u didnt expect.

Heavy equipment working here and there, active, well organized farms. When u get about2 289 or Saddle Road u start hearing the train on Spring River. Spring river seemed like the Mississippi when I finally got there. I paused @ the juncture of the two and quickly caught a few keeper bass and blue gill, then started off with decent attitude. it got worse.

I was headed upstream and the Spring was honking. It took Awhile2 get2 a waterfall, I have2 jump out of the boat and pull it up the waterfall yada yada and after I did this a few times I started adding up how many times I would have2 do that2 get2 my camper and it was dozen more times with strenuous paddling workout between...Sometimes it was pushing off the bottom4 long periods... Luckily I had the gas in the tank but it was close. right up2 crossing Saddler Falls2 take out. Believe me it was tempting2 get out on deserted campgrounds and lead my boat along leisurely but with my luck they would come marching down demanding I pay and ordering me away in shame. The shame of owning ten purple canoes lol.

So fat fox squirrels leapt about banks. Full on cacophony of dozens of bird and insect sounds @ times.

Myatt @ this water level is a perfect challenge. Skill is used and there are some situations, but in general the stream is small and not2 bruising or breaking. In general. its continuous flow, there are few places where the current is not twinkling serious down hill stretches and waterfalls.

Another benefit2 winter canoeing is the bare cliffs and rock structures above. some u could dive from. Probably a belly buster lol.

One guy one time asked me where the caves were. I said go canoeing in the winter, u will c plenty. I doubt if he did.

So the cliffs get bigger and craggier buttressing some fine white water runs. Giant turtles displace large amounts of water scrambling from sun warmed logs and tiny beaches.

This run was epic. Such a close neighbor, sweet supple Myatt has been neglected all these years but I will make up4 that. Uh. Oh. I said has been.

So maybe Missouri2 Slick Rock. Or Heart2 Basehart. I like the idea of Saddler FAlls2 Griffin Park. Or Franklin2 Hulett. Prolly three days taking my time. Perfect.

Three days of the good life. Her soft shoulders, her changing moods, supple straining, searching, seething energy tan lines of sandy beaches. Strawberry is every inch a blonde. Cold and seductive, cool and lush, yielding eager, nimble dancing down2 the flat lands.


March 24 2021

And we roll. Lovely afternoon. Sunny. Warm. This morning was a cleanup job in Cherokee Village, then a tricky white pine removal @ a prominent business in Ash Flat.

HAZARD ALERT. Chumps getting whack in Ash Flat. Non standard pruning. long proven dangerous and wrong methods and getting more and more visible. Another rush of hack work plagues the area. How many times over the years do I c ppl fall4 it? sometimes my liberal leanings probably hurt me. A Small percentage of clients are science and reality deniers.

Rebel Tree Care. The Real Deal. Est. 1992. Insured continually.

This is Myatt Time.

March 23 2021

Peeper serenade. Plus tree frogs I think or leopard frogs? Hundreds. Plus crickets? Plus I heard hundreds of honey bees on my pear tree. The last few years it's been single digits so this is good news.

I celebrated Earth Day by taking a knee, planting three almond trees in a fine Cherokee Village landscape. I mulched them with older chips, then decorated with fresh cedar chips.

Yesterday was four cedars on Lake Sequoyah. I went way up on three of them, right n2 the top, reducing the density by taking off branches growing 2ward the house, general combing over the yard and fence, trimming the entire tree... One tree was a quick trim of street branches. We even had time2 blow and burn leaves.

Now. I don't want2 jinx this. But. If all goes well. I could b. Hitting a river4 many days as soon as two days from now. I'm pretty sure the Myatt is on tap this time. It is time. 4 the Myatt. It's Myatt time. This is Myatt time. If I could pull off a bike ride start that would rock also.

So im tryna start a fire I let it go out lol. Saul Goode. Life is...


March 19 2021

And we roll. Jake brake in the distance this sunny blustery day. Pear blossoms showing, forsythia in bloom. Others. Northern Magnolia is really special with it's purple and timing. The one in Hardy is flush with bloom right now.

This morning was a rotten double red oak by an Ash Flat shop building and dog run. Both hit on target and meticulous cleanup began on often steep terrain. I'm understating the situation, the tree was large and isolated, certain steepness and precautions, rigging and roping just right...

We left them some nice chips2 slow runoff. Big Creek twinkles nearby. I told PILLAGE I canoed through there. U won't hear that often. Ash Flat2 Peeples Bluff.

I bet Myatt is perfect float level. It is time. I must float the Myatt. I mean technically Ive floated on the Myatt hundreds of times. But only the extreme lower section as it merges with Spring River. I need2 do the upper Myatt. Start in Missouri.

I have a lanyard4 my phone. I can now shoot waterfall video without risking dropping the phone. As I accululate clips of differing water falls and add them2 the running collection. I want2 have a half dozen hours @ least of waterfalls. Panadox is basically water falls now, but I will show pastel jellies and car bombs. I have some killer kaleidoscope I made. Panadox is cool.

I'm staring at a bike thinking I need2 ride but motors and business out there on Friday disinsentives me if thats a word. In cities it's easier, u always have a side street, but in rural Ozarks u have major roads but who am I kidding? I can easily limp over2 Cherokee Village where there are numerous nice rides with very little traffic even on Friday afternoon. I just caught myself being negative. So I guess i better sign off and get proactive.

March 18 2021

And we roll this blustery chill day. I don't think we're in spring time anymore TOTO.

It was spitting rain this morning but we started a job and got it done. A tall skinny dead red oak by a prominent business in Highland.

Then the main event, a dead cracked hollow double red oak over the street. Luckily it was low traffic. Heavy traffic a few feet away but the side street we were on was ok, we only inconvenienced a couple of ppl lol.

Hope 2 get some good sunshine and dry things out now, maybe get a a few jobs done. @ this point its kind of a count down2 getting freed up4 a river trip. I'm sure I do many floats in March. Check the archives. I didn't. I remember floating Eleven Point and Buffalo on the last day of winter. And I remember some super cold trips on lower Black.

But soon March will march no more. April will welcome with flowers and babbling creeks and nature appreciation. Pears are peeking out, soon they will bloom. Like 2moro. It's cold 2day but 2moro is sposed2 b sunny.

Hot fire. One fire. I am an island. On fire. A Burning viking ship, slowly settling, smoldering sexuality amok with arthritis kinks and diabetes hunger pains. Gains? I guess...

Big wind. I wouldn't want2 b doing some shaky ass oak right now.

Plus the other day I was on a long ride, trying2 gauge my power consumption, energy level, etc, rounded a corner and boom a constant thirty mile hour headwind from the east. it took alot out of me2 move 4ward and that was a level area, then I was faced with the typical Ozark steep hill. @ least the hills here are not as big as over on the White or Buffalo Rivers. Three times as long and steeper.

So it's bear down. Maintenance. Finish this run strong. Lay the tools down in working order b4 taking off. Finish the last few jobs. Focus.

2moro will b twinkling with pear and forsythia. This is it. The threshold. Our whole lives have been about this moment.

"It's the blood leaving ur body Roach. Ur going n2 Shock."

"C U in Hell Johnny!"

EROSION in house. We r about2 enter the studio and do an album. I will make a DVD or post it online, the videos will b random, put roughly2 the music. Panadox will b prominent. Uno how video producers r. "What part of move a tiny bit do u not get?" I'm tryna figure if I should use my English accent in interviews or go with my natural southern country Ozark voice. i could do my brazilian soccer announcer voice, or confused Viet Namese Ham operator. I have many of these, plus a killer Bobby Deniro. Plus my drummer has his own drum tech. So this will b a cluster. Probably never get done. And I'm starting 2 wonder when live gigs will b back.

They are monitoring cases closely. The cold had it plummeting. But it plateaud last week, right about the time repo governors lifted all restrictions in time4 Spring Break. So the plateau could head back up, hopefully down more as more ppl get vaccinated, but it's nip and tuck right this minute. We will know more soon. Or we could just stop testing. That would take the number of new positive results way down2 zero. Then there would b no Covid here. Then I could do a Blue Collar Jam.

March 17 2021

And we roll. And so does the river. It would b a sweet ride right now. More rain again.

i bought a native style drum. U, or I sit on it and play 2 drums. Might go good on hipper days and bring Mr. Player. The acoustic bass I bought from DEWAN got burned in the fire but I've had a pro redo it so that wll b fun. I rotate basses every other day or so doing my set w a different one. Sir Paul is kind of a blue grassy look and sound, a little banjoish. Loki is the medieval god of mischief and my bass named that looks the part. I've done gigs with Loki, Loki is a right fine bass. Jackson is a fun little short bass2 rip through my set in. Of course all my songs were written with Mr. Alvarez, my original non acoustic bass. Plus i use an old Delay pedal and a boss bass distortion pedal2 get numerous vibes. Merging the vibes n2 a coherent song is the hard part.

Plus doing songs that are usually done on electric on acoustic is unexpectedly difficult.

ONe time @ Cruiser's I kept hollering @ TONY SPINNER. "Red House!" I kept hollering @ TONY SPINNER. Finally he was like, Al, I'll do it but thats a song that is much better on electric. And he was right of course, TONY'S acoustic Red HOuse was fine, damn good actually, but not the soul gripping rendition he does electric.

More and more rain but it should end this afternoon. More chances but I will do jobs hit and miss, creeks will babble and pop, gurgle and swoon, sworn2 me only as I listen. I listen2 water, I enter trance and my mind is like this matrix where I understand the intricate code of babble and tap, hushed rush, or lush straining trailing tendrils swishing, swirling, trickle and tiny rapid murmuring. Giant roar and sigh of large water, swift, brave, deep dark path arbor covered, sunny eagles turn2 reign fire, awe passing, total statuesque...

RAin drops tapping the surface, hard spinning swirls push and spiral noisy, new falls develop as the river rises, new deep rush and friction points ripping loud and purpose driven.

So it's rain out. Unload. Make the journey2 the other side. Shelter in place.

Tornado warnings2 the south. And not just any tornado warnings. everything about this tornado warning was scary. They said conditions are right4 the stronger type tornado that stays connected2 the ground and gets very big. They said these types of tornados can b destructive yada yada plus they are coming in@ night so u can't c them yada yada. Maybe it's Mississippis problem by now.

Mississippi has another problem now. Their REpo governor Tain't. He is dead set against using federal funds nicknamed after a negro. This pissy little redneck wanker thinks it's a gr8 idea2 deny all these billions2 expand his medicaid. His voters don't need expanded medicaid. Or they don't want anyone2 know they need expanded medicaid.

Marjory Troller Green calls Guam a foreign country. "When I get elected2 a seat on the armed services committee I will order a strike on Guam." Six hours later she implied she was kidding.

T Rump finally does the right thing. He released a statement saying it was ok2 get vaccinated. He may have saved the planet. Thanks so much o orange one.

Train a coming.

I may end up getting a ride in2 day. Looks like it stops raining soon. I will burst forth down and beyond.

March 16 2021

And we roll. Beautiful day. Breezy and warm... I went up numerous oaks this morning, clearing above a driveway. Proper pruning cuts all around. ANSI standard. Complete cleanup.

Then it was a bike jam deep n2 Cherokee Village. And back up2 Highland. And Dollar General. Life is. And...

EROSION in house last night. Loud sound check, sweet.

I pruned a mulberry last weekend. Tis the season2 wrap up pruning jobs. Line up June. A week of tough removals lined up but i will b post poning trim jobs. I have a little date with Eleven Point soon. Or warm fork and beyond. Or Myatt. Or Southfork. All of these trips start in Missouri and end in Arkansas. Thomasville Mo2 Dalton Ar 5 days. Koshkonong or Thayer Mo2 Hardy in 3days. Lanton Mo2 Hardy Ar 5 days. I can do each of those trips in one less day than it says. More time2 stop and smell the roses.

So I'm thinking about getting a Missouri fishing license yada yada. If I do that I can c doing a week or2 on the Gasconade. This pipe dream is rambling. Big storms coming 2nite.

March 10 2021

And we roll. Blustery day. Brisk. Boo yah yah bet ur ass lol. Early I was high above Spring River heading up a sprawling elm over a fine home. We reduced it, tricky rigging and lowering of a large bushy branch. Then another crossing rubbing reaching double branch gave me fits. Soon that was done, then it was a few sugar and soft maples hitting some lower and general pruning4 line of sight. The second biggest waterfall on Spring River, a rocky nasty bitch if u take the wrong turn. Don't listen2 some of my old buddies that would enthusiastically guide u directly n2 the teeth of death4 laughs.

On2 another job next door. A tall maple had downsloping branches. 2get the view from the neighbors porch I lightened up the tree I was in @ about sixty feet up, then reached over2 adjacent walnuts, maples and oaks 2 clear the window. The big fat white curtain of pulsing neon glitters and twitters, roaring in romping winds. The river is quick right now, the island channel moves fast, smooth flowing mirror surface unblemished. Under water below the tapping of rolling gravel will b the only sound. Maybe a train, or a chainsaw, crows? Not that I was underwater 2day. That would have been chilly.

There are lots of native artifacts in the area. Under a certain layer of modern soil. I know where many chipped bird points were found. Other stuff2.

Stone arrowheads are probably not cherokee here. Cherokee here in Noth ARkansas used scrap metal barrel staves2 fashion arrow heads. Sure their were likely still a few flaking specialists, and grinding wheels, pedal powered, changed the way Arkansas Cherokee edged their weapons.

It's possible a whole low pasture or wooded area was a lake in ancient, or the Cherokee occupied 1700s, and with geese flocks so dense the day darkened, and all species of duck also, maybe ur standard hay field here in the Ozarks was once a lake, and over many years, or even millenia, natives shot tiny arrow heads @ birds on the water, eventually losing so many flaked bird points they lay uniform, scattered, eventually thick, on the bottom covered in muck and ground many centuries until bulldozers cut ground4 a home or shop, driveway etc. There is some harsh non best management bulldozing going on all around, but some of these places should yield something after the next good rain. There is just2 much harsh non Best management Practice work in ecologically threatened or endangered. In order2 destroy an endangered species u should have2 read a pamphlet first.

T Rump wants2 kill the RINOS. Meta4ically. The Don Junior posed with a dead giraffe and rifle. "Nailed this beast from a harrier jet while partying. Don't worry libtards there are still dozens left. Mmm. Tiger Penis soup."

So it's getting time4 a river. I almost got in there 2day but oosh it would have been shivers.

So hunker down hatch the battens and all that. C u on the other side. Soon.

Passenger Pigeons used 2 totally block bright days n2 night. For three days in a row. Thats alot of birds. They say parakeets used 2 block the sun with dense flocks. Carolina parakeet. Pigeon and parakeet were extinct soon. Woodpeckers and many others died out with the massive exploitation and deforestation. all farm fields used2 b habitat. Imma say that again. ALL farm firelds. Used2 b bird and animal habitat. Our cypress and other trees are gone2 other countries4 massive corporate profit. Butchering and enslaving natives and black Africans built massive corporate empires. We drained our lifeblood2 the dead zone, we cough dust and grime settles upon us. Chemicals and consumer trend destroy us. Large disinformation and suppression campaigns now embolden hate. Groups shining lights on thier shining paths. These people would have slavery again.

I read an interesting take on the Confederacy 2day. The whole thing was a cheap con. The one percent convincing the other guys that war and slavery were divine purposes of God yada yada. Echos of 2day2 b sure.

WEll I'm waxing poetic mostly cos there r chill vicious winds out there and I kind of dread a ride so I may take a drive instead. yesterday was a remimder of a ride against the wind. Not fun. Took my energy level down. Saul good though. Little adventures. Little challenges. Life moments lol.

Looks like rain and wind 2moro so we may stay away a day. Pace.

March 9 2021

March on. Fresh breezes. March winds. LEts hope we get some showers in April. YEah. March on. Feeling good.

I spent the morning fifty feet aloft in several large oaks reducing above a fine driveway. Climbing and cutting methodical and safe as possible we chip the brush and process firewood.

Now it is lunch time and Imma head out on the bike4 the afternoon. Don't know where I will end up. I know only that I must ride. It's still windy out there so that pumps the adrenalin even more. Imma tear off a piece of Cherokee Village, find a good restaurant in Highland or Hardy, plus I need2 hit Ash Flat so I have choices. That I must make. The wind is becoming a major factor so I may hit Cherokee, less traffic, more side roads. Cherokee is an acquired taste4 bicycle riders. It's tough. I used2 ride Cherokee as a twelve year old from Hardy. I was an active child now that I think about it. I lived in Hardy and rode a ten speed n2 Cherokee and around Lake Thunderbird. Then I got a motorcycle and ranged further afar. ONe time a trooper caught me on a motorcycle in Cherokee and wrote me up, @ one point threatening2 write me a dozen tickets. I would work @ the Grocery Store all day on weekends, party or dance all night in Salem, then the wee hours might find me on a cheerleaders roof. But I was slogging those groceries in my all brown tie clothes by 7:59.

I was a vicious prick. I vandalized4 a few years. I was mean2 women, tortured animals and littered. I began drinking more beer. I was vain and nonsensically prejudiced, constantly venting2 friends as we laughed it off, many of them had similar angst. But this was last year. I'm good now.

So Im tryna bear down and find a stopping point. Soon winter pruning will b drawn down and stopped. I will then line up June. And just maybe I get a nice long river trip in. What river and yada yada don't matter. Just do it. Hey that could b my slogan.

In School my slogan was When thEre is A Will there is a way. Jamieson said that about me, mostly concerning baseball I think. But he meant it as the highest compliment. We found ways2 win. The guy was the greatest athlete/competitor I ever knew. He made a play on a flare tip once that is hard2 comprehend. He chased it down. A tipped ball headed2 the back stop. Jamieson wheeled around and dove2 the backstop and got his glove between the backstop and and foul ball, momentum stood him on his head, I can't remember if he still had his catchers mask on, but he balanced a moment on his head, showing the umpire the ball4 the out.

That was in a championship game we lost. I led in assists. I led in assists in basketball2. Some ppl said I was the best shortstop around, but the shortstop immediately b4 me was All State, and the shortstop immediately after me was all State. I was not all state.

So March on. LIke a soldier. The shape of things2 come. AUDIOSLAVE...

March 8 2021

And we rock on. Spring peeper serenade. Cats torture a centipede. Signs of spring. I'm bearing down getting tree jobs done so I can free up on a river and get lost.

Another hard dive n2 Cherokee Village this afternoon. Imma try2 hit one of the quad cities every day yo.

Yesterday was a plunge down Turkey Pen2 Ott Creek. Then Spring River. And back. But I'm good on those roads, my bikes can find their way back from most anything if they can get2 Turkey Pen.

This morning was a large Post oak all over a fine guest house. Spring River down below whipped by an island, shiny shimmering screen escalated and accelerated, mesmerizing, dizzying and disorienting if u will only embrace it.

Anyway we reduced the tree, taking large branches above the roof and plenty of dead. A little chipper maintenance and boom. I caught the gas tank with my trailer so thats costing me a little. I don't know if I shared this or not but I damaged a chain link fence pretty good the other day but it's all good now. We fixed it purdy.

So ride from Highland2 Saddler Falls. Canoe from Saddler Falls2 Griffin Park, Canoe from Griffin Park2 HaWeiand Island. Ride2 Highland. The 360 slam.

Im trying2 figure out if it's feasable2 ride a bike from Myrtle Missouri2 Mammoth Spring, or Hardy. Can't c getting 2 Highland after all that though...

I do try2 avoid narrow highways with no shoulders etc. I guess my next step is2 camp from a bike. Shouldn't b2 bad. Carry a tent. Air mattress. Use ur backpack4 a pillow. If it's an Ebike u may b in trouble unless u can charge it. Thats a whole nuther thing. Although maybe some solar charging can help.

Coyotes serenade now. Peepers stop2 listen, then as the coyotes dissipate, the peepers pick it back up.

Serenity. Serenity now. Serenity4 ever. And if not Serenity than Jasmine.

Feels like eighty in the afternoons but nights are chilly still needing a fire. soon will b April, time off and I may get my taxes paid on time which makes those long floats even sweeter.

And the peepers peep. hot fire. Snore.

March 5 2021

Quiet night. Cats in and warm. RESted and well. Yesterday was a couple of huge post oaks near Ash Flat. I went up sixty or seventy feet, taking long branches from above the roof. It was a tough spikeless climb, but once in postition it went well. Another large post oak went quick. Moron tap next week.

March 2 2o21

March on. Quiet night. Cats out of the trees but outside. It's more peaceful with cats outside. Except during the running of the pit bulls.

So it goes. Hard bike ride n2 Cherokee Village and back2 Highland. Tryna crawl back n2 shape.

EArly this morning I was ascending a huge white oak over a garage on a slope above Spring River in Hardy. Spikeless as always.

I reduced the tree, tricky rigging and ground work removing a large double branch and a few odds and ends over the building. Then it was on2 the main event.

A large storm damaged post oak curved and leaned 2 ward the house and antique shed. The beast had split, one codominant stem lay in the woods, the other ragged and thin way above. I hemmed and hawed moving up the tree, loathe2 rig anything in case there was hidden compromise in the tree. So it was one big topping, or corrective drop crotching cut. As feared, the flop caused damage2 a chain link fence I must now fix. Not2 bad though. Nice morning.

Yesterday is was a rotten cracked red oak removal on Lake Cherokee. This was a little nip and tuck, a little rougher than wanted, but it got done nicely and the client well pleased. After a stop @ Carols Lakeview it was on2 another job on the same street, different lake(Sequoyah). We reduced a bradford pear, combed and reduced numerous crepe myrtle, nip and tucking numerous cedar. reduced a cypress, maybe others?.. elm and cherry...

Im trying2 bear down and get as much winter pruning done as I can and in the process free up time in April2 hit a river or two. March on. March of the Cheetos. March of the Cheetos was a film I made. Kevin Baggs consulted and we did a stop action Little MTV type movie where an army of Cheetos is agitated and a head Cheeto looks 2 b speaking 2 them as they get more agitated and start moving as an army across a table, then a giant monster which looks suspiciously like a hand in an athletic sock eats them. Some try2 escape but seems like the sock man got them all, but that footage is long lost so we may never know how that turned out.

I am still converting old video tape2 usb. I find gems. I try2 share but still not red e2 start sending clips online. Soon. This has2 b done.

So Im riding. I may ride2 SAddler FAlls 2moro from Highland. Then back the next day. Maybe.

Tuning up4 a bike/float. I want them2 b routine. Every few days. HIt upper Myatt in MIssouri. Hit upper Warm Fork in Missouri. Hit upper Eleven Point in Missouri. In each scenario I ride a bike2 the put in and canoe into Arkansas over multiple days and nights. The life.

Word. I'm reading histories of Virginia and Carolina, trying2 get the feel of exactly when first Cherokees may have allied with English or left the area and allied with French. The Powhatans strength was dying out, remnants of several tribes went west 2gether in ATlantic Ocean canoes on the Konawha River in Western Virginia. About 1680s Cherokee and Powhatan did scouting trips here2 North ARkansas, finding Osage bows way2 powerful2 combat. They left skeleton crews here and on Crowleys; Ridge and about ten years later brought guns. Cherokee and a melting pot of native, African, and euro occupied the region with but few temporary evacuations for one hundred and sixteen years.

The evacuations slowed once big swamp was attained around Strawberry and Powhatan Arkansas. Or sooner, scatterings of refugees met up and maybe decided how best2 harvest fish from Cherokee made lakes they had drained during evacuation. aided by surging water as dam keepers raised gates, boats full of Cherokee flew down Turkey Creek from Modern Day Dollar General.

Some elders would hide by foot trails on the steeper slopes of Otter Creek, ambushing an Osage or horse. Many of these people were wounded. They would make their way2 Mike McCormicks house. Osage would likely feast on easily caught fish in the drained pools, usually they were gone soon, could report a rout of Cherokee upon return2 Greater Osage nation over in Southwest Missouri. Often times it was unorganized rogue bands or horse thieves falsely flying Osage flags. They sometimes were killed or scattered, mostly mayhem and disruption with little deadly action or mass evacuation. other times Osage proper would cluster outside the backbone north of Viola Arkansas, @ some point filing along a visible mountain top revealing their numbers or warriors in a sillouhette2 warn Cherokee of impending invasion. Or defensive move as some would say Cherokees were the invaders. That is debatable. If Cherokee saw the silhouettes and knew this was the real deal they moved with practiced efficiency in canoes, by horseback, and on foot2 the swamp @ BlackRiver. Then on2 Saint Francis River and Etowah Arkansas. Half would keep low profile in endless cane and cypress just off Ozark shelf, moving quickly back2 Otter Creek, better understood as modern day Cherokee Village Arkansas.

Irish Cherokee settled Modern Day Horseshoe Bend. Upstream of Cherokee Village was French Town. The divide between the two is Agnos. Agnos means nuetral or non denominational, astraddle the divide between French and Irish Cherokee AGnos was likely an effective policy. The concept was taking hold in France @ the time, around the seventeen thirties. I mean many ppl among Cherokee survived war and atrocity and inquisition. A policy of Agnos was crucial2 Harmony among these Cheroke inside the backbone.

Maybe Agnos or Agnostic is the way. How else can modern day conservatives and liberal get along. They are so far apart, coming from opposite ends of the spectrum, maybe a nation or world wide policy of Agnos is needed. Keep ur vote secret, remember that?

Wataugua was a flash point in Anglo Cherokee relations, white settlers encroached on treatied land. Cherokee Raven warriors massacred whites. Near Ravenden Arkansas is Watauga Springs.

Turns out Wataugua is Cherokee Word derived from a greek word. Wat(water)Agua(or aqua, water). The spring2 this day is consistent and pure. It is a word that seems2 support the idea that Cherokee are a lost tribe of Israel. Just south is cooper creek a long meandering creek valley between Spring and Strawberry River. Cooper is a jewish name. Maybe they made coops. for chickens. With fine wire and pliers, 2 items imported eagerly. Chickens. The bird clan held or processed Turkeys. and crucially pigeons. pigeons were messenger birds for Arkansas Cherokee. tiny scrolls affixed2 a homing pigeons leg conveyed news and correspondence with an everchanging system of symbols. This went on4 many decades b4 Sequoya, Or george Geese, likely another member of the bird clan. I should know what clan Sequoyah was but don't.

Catching eagles was the bird clans higher calling, but catching pigeons was test of boy hood. Children proved mettle by scouting wild pigeons then climbing2 their dens @ night2 capture them unharmed.

Travel back and forth2 kentucky brought birds homed here and there back and forth.

The web moved @ night on high water. Cherokee took a fine white clay back 2 deep on the Cumberland River. English implements brought back.

Wars in the prelude2 the American Revolution brought many refugee Cherokee2 ARkansas. When the Spanish assumed "ownership" of Arkansas, they encouraged Cherokee2 immigrate west2 Arkansas, deeded land and designed towns.

Little changed from French2 Spanish "rule," Spain decreed Cherokee must trade @ Arkansas Post since they were south of the thirty six thirty line, 2 avoid vile ARkansas Post Cherokee orchestrated secret trades and Smugglings with Delaware in Missouri, or traded with English in Chickasaw Tennessee, also with free roaming merchants from anywhere in the world who cruised the mississippi River and it's connected capes and gigantic pools.

Cherokee and French warred with Chickasaw, but just as with Osage, Cherokee and others often peacefully coexisted and cooperated here in Arkansas. Agnos.

State repos in forty three states introduce two hundred and fifty three bills2 make voting more difficult. They are doubling down on suppressing the vote in response2 T Rumps voter fraud.

FBI testifies no ANIFA involvement in the Capital Riots. This will not set well with the Hawley/Cruz crowd.

Space hurricane identified above the north pole. Space junk and meteors lately. And here Biden goes and defunds Space Force lol. T Rump really liked Space Force it was his baby. He even had a secret hand shake.

Turns out T Rump and Melantia got the covid vaccine while he was still in office. I mean. Wow. I bet if u trace back exactly what he said2 the public within hours or minutes of receiving the vaccination it would probably b mocking the vaccine and those who receive it.

He was downplaying the virus in public but told Bob Woodward about a year ago that is was serious stuff yada yada 2 make himself seem more important.

State reopening fully because the cold weather caused a small drop in cases. Experts are warning again that we are jumping the gun, we have learned nothing. Repos are superspreading, herd mentality, no immunity2 over confident hypocrites.

Variants growing in California, in Florida, and in New York. These will superspread. Repos mock mask wearing still. One local couple said they didn't have2 wear a a mask even when mandated because of freedom of religion. The religion they quoted was non muslim.

conservative CPAC brought out the golden calf, I mean statue of T Rump in flip flops. They are pretending he won. He is pretending2 run again so he can fleece them again by riling them up about evil dums and voter fraud he commits. The organizer was booed heartily when she meekly suggested the crowd wear masks.

Ok I guess I'm done. Good night.

February 25 2021

Strange afternoon. Surreal. No reason. Just weird. Maybe like when a dog barks in Peru @ the exact same moment a Philadelphia Housewife drops her spoon. Theres a hole nuther ass trail plane. U meta physical woman.

I silly. This morning was a couple of large Cherokee Village oaks and miscellaneous: hickory, elm, oak? That part was just some choice branches2 frame up a view of Lake Cherokee.

Then it was up2 Lake Sequoyah4 another job, just chipping some shrubberies4 a friend.

Im tryna bumble on through, until yesterday weather and ground conditions were such factors. Im tryna make sure and get as much winter pruning as possible in b4 2L8 in March.

Moron Tap 2moro...

Gotta burn some wood. Happy cats. ..

I would ride but I hear lots of motors out there. It's still light here @ 6 but darkness shall b upon us soon...

February 23 2021

And we roll. Sweet day. Warm and friendly. Early we were wading through slush2 reduce a double red oak over a fine Highland home. That one went quick with little rigging. Then it was another red oak, a quick trim off the pumphouse and fence... So we wrapped up the job and went2 help a buddy move. Tree guys are usually stronger types with trucks.

Imma try2 get as many red oak jobs done and large oak jobs done soon while its still winter.

I plug along each day. Knocking out trims when I can. Spikeless climbing familiarizes u with the tree. It's intimate. Some call me the tree whisperer. Partially in jest lol.

One lady writing in the ARkansas Democrat Gazette said I "lovingly" took her giant dead red oak down.

I try2 bring passion n2 whatever I do. I try2 b myself. Unfotunately being myself is not always appropriate lol. Better go.

February 22 2021

And we roll. Back in the game. It was sloppy2 say the least. But the trees are dry enough, I went up three larger oaks. These reductions away from a nice HIghland home. Off the pool and fence, some aesthetic pruning also. MOron tap 2moro.

Then it was helping a buddy move. Actually relaxing.

Difficult ground work with all the slush. Basically nine inches of slush. PRolly worse 2moro.

I saw this headline about a government official in Florida who is openly defying the Reprehensible reptilian Repo governor by not flying flags @ half mast4 Rush Limbaugh. She holds deeply her conviction that the half staff thing should only b4 true patriots. Not Partisan hacks.

He got his medal of freedom.

This just in. T RUmps taxes are as we speak being made available2 the NY DA. They have mafia guys on it. DAs who have successfully prosecuted mob bosses.

Looking 4ward2 knocking out jobs now.

EROSION is about2 record. So I better get my breathing and nasal right. I can c y singers do cocaine. It clears those clogs, gives ur voice power. Not. That. I. Should know lol.

What I do is dip my fingers in liquid like coke users used2 do but I do it in salt water. That clears u out better. Takes me from stoned hick2 metal god in a few seconds.

I'm planning river adventures. Poring over a map of Missouri. That makes me feel good. Envisioning. Just like sports in school, coaches told us2 meditate, envision ur tasks in the coming game. So I envision river trips. I like long runs. It's like we were saying 2day, that week that it got cold? Yeah that week is just frozen in time as we spiral on.

Feels like spring. Should b warmer4 a while. Nice. I will slog through jobs and just persist with quality tree work. Rare.

So Imma little wound up. The adrenalin returns. It is eternal with this one. I am singular and prolific.

I am an island. I must b sturdy on the reef. Watch out4 coconuts.

Ok im rambling incoherent now. But I do think the defiance of the Florida governors half staff order is interesting. I know where I stand on the issue.

Imma try2 get u a link2 my latest Panadox project, a birthday salute in front of a cool waterfall effect.

Rebel Word. Im delving n2 the claim by Pulaski County Missouri that a Dangerous Man Smith came there. Im like the county seat is definitely in an important native american, specifically Osage area @ the junction of Big Piney and Gasconade Rivers. Eastward about twenty miles is the Devils Backbone, or rather the watershed divide line between Big Piney and Current Rivers. The backbone meanders due south, separating big Piney from Eleven Point, Norfork from Spring, and Strawberry from White. So if the area itself, the eastern area of Pulaski County Missouri would have been the furthest west Cherokee went many years. On their web site they say Dangerous Man Smith brought 500 Cherokee Families from back east @ a very early time. These were considered the lost cherokees, some said they resided in the Rocky Mountain, based on the crossing of a Prairie. But Northeast ARkansas and Southwest missouri was a prairie during dought times, Crossing from Kentucky or western Virginia would have difficult enough b4 gaining traction on Crow Lees Ridge then the Hard Rock Ozarks. DAngerous Man Smith might have staked a string of farms all along the backbone. Soon Cherokee families along the backbone in Missouri became Lenape and Shawnee. I use Lenape instead of Delaware, Delaware is a white European name, it's not right the Lenape tribe be 4ever titled after their probable :ruler: who forced them originally from Delaware River and pushed them over2 Pennsylvania where they again fell victim2 William Penn and bad treaties. The Walking Purchase. A treaty was devised probably by William Penn, that Dutch and other settlers would not settle past a line established by a man walking from sun up2 sun down i think it was. Well that man walked alot further than Lenape wanted. Way further. Whether their was an illegal change in walkers was never proven. But this was just another broken or bad treaty that displaced many Lenape and they moved from Shawnee Towns along the Ohio across the big bay2 the Ozarks of Missouri, between alied Shawnee and Cherokee, Delaware had sanction of both Osage and French and Spanish captains. Favored Saint Genevieve was in the Shawnee and Delaware districts.

Daily grain barges moved from Saint Genevieve downstream2 new Orleans. Truce times all was well, other times Chickasaw raided and warred with frenchmen, Slave raiders grew bolder as markets grew in nearby Mississippi.

Back2 Dangerous Man Smith. He came here in 1696 by seventeen twenty one he was bringing large groups of immigrants. STrung along Devils BAckbone, well n2 Missouri, even Massacring Miners well north n2 Missouri on the Saint Francis, gradually or maybe suddenly Cherokee in Missouri either migrated south of the line or absorbed as Officially Shawnee and Lenape. Clan affiliations often were intertribal. Intertribal council was done here, Cherokee, Shawnee and Delaware kept trusted council many years here, and the three tribes and outliers moved in tandem across the backbone after the earthquakes of 1812 left them vulnerable.

White among the tribes tried2 maintain some farms. But cold government land offices were rife with bribes both back in Kentucky and the fledgling Little Rock capital. Maps were wrong, Daniel Boone had erred mapmaking and pissed the wrong people off. He lived among the Cherokee by necessity likely. He was captured by Shawnee, escaped them etc. IDK google it. I do know Daniel Boone could throw and axe @ a tree and split it wide open. Or was that Davy Crocket.

IT's back. The old Attack on God. Remember that one back when Facebook was new. Obama attacking God was the first false Russian generated type meme I remember. I actually clicked on it2 get2 the bottom of it and it was basically, since obama directed federal agencies2 treat gays equal, he was attacking God.

BACK Then u gOt the "obama is helping the terrorists." I'm like, by dropping record amounts of TNT onto their homes?

Now it's Marjory Taylor Greene, the dangerous ones always have three names. She just 2day said support4 gays is an Attack on God.

It's really amazing that a man tells thirty thousand five hundred some odd lies, easily proven lies, and still gets the HypoChristian votes. The man reeks of sulphur. his every waking moment is in stark defiance of any sort of Christian value or ethic. The dull bronze glow of evil around him is bright still. But they released his taxes 2day. maybe his halo will fracture and flicker, dim witted and disappear.

February 20 2021

Warm. Wow. Above freezing. Wylder is Irritating. Mama bullies him. He bullies Little Girl. Both females are smarter. Little Girl leads him around. tricks him and taunts him from above or fighting. He is blocky and confident but a real whiner. Yes Im reduced2 writing about the exploits of the litter box.

Looks like we can get back 2work soon. Kinda looking 4ward2 that. I have some maintenance I need2 do.

Looking 4ward2 riding bikes again. Gradually working 2ward an extreme challenge. Like riding2 Thomasville Missouri from Saddler Falls. Thats going2 b a trip.

Last year I was a few hours from riding from Saddler Falls2 west of Mammoth Spring and taking the Myatt from Missouri2 Saddler Falls. heavy rain and flooding stopped that one.

Locals will say how can u get2 Saddler Falls? Thats miles upstream from the junction of the Myatt and Spring. I'm like just do it.

I do make mistakes. But's it's usually me and my dog, Bonny, Geezer, or Terry the terrier in the nineties. What a trooper that dog was. My point is I try not2 make the bigger mistakes with others in my care or company. When a beautiful woman is stretched out in a lawn recliner in front of ur canoe its bad smashing n2 a locust bank. U hope the med kit didn't get punctured. Ripped wet suits are a fashion statement. Wilderness canoeing can b dangerous. Many of my exploits since 2004 are chronicled here but the nineties are like the missiing chapter. 2004 was crucial. A crazy surprise wind storm hit memphis, I wandered up the hill @ a prominent Spring River campground2 use the phone2 check my messages and i had a dozen or so messages from memphis, regular clients that needed tree work right away. Then by the end of day a few dozen. That night we drove in and not a street lights or light of any kind anywhere in town until a gas station on German Town Parkway was lit up. Me and my one hundred pound girl friend stayed @ a clients house in Cordova and began tackling tree jobs 2gether4 a few weeks until she went home and larger men started taking her place. It was hot, that first night it was sticky and humid and we layed down in the nice guest room about one oclock, the power suddenly kicked on. Other places in town were out of power 4 weeks. We got lucky.

I got lucky I had a trooper girlfriend who could pull her weight and please me@ night. She learned the ropes.

Anyway the reason I'm on this subject is I bought a laptop around then, she was teaching me about modern computers because I had taken a hiatus from computers4 a decade. But I also bought the ten purple canoes and a van and wanted2 teach groups of ppl how2 canoe without littering.

In the ninties I did it with red canoes. Hit UPper Spring on a saturday. Camp @ a popular campground, canoe2 Hardy the next day. But u had vehicle support4 food and beer, tents, etc...

Yes there are some trips I will never voluntarily do again. Extreme upper Strawberry not far from Salem ARkansas. James Ranch 2 Imboden. Read that again. U start @ a sweet place on Eleven Point River and sail down2 the junction of Spring and Eleven Point, then take a right and head upstream many miles2 Imboden Arkansas. Northfork River I didn't care4 a bouncer. Sections of Strawberry in drought. Sections of Southfork in drought. Sections of Buffalo in drought. There were a few lakes that were not fun.

But thats why I do the insane runs solo. I also push the speed, move over slow stretches fast so I will have a true reading on how long it takes. It's really nicer the second time u do the run, u can relax and do side excursions. Side excursions are cool. U can move up creeks and c amazing little bridge abutments or breeding grounds4 turtles or tadpoles, bird sanctuaries etc... It's always nice2 find a place2 walk around when u been paddling all day.

I paddle standing up alot. That changes the mechanics and helps my back and circulation. Plus on upper spring u are in party heat, u are up above cruising through. One time on Eleven Point these athletic guys came through on paddle boards, catching me and passing me as they cruised downriver. They were shooting a commercial or documentary with go pro cameras.

So I guess this little thaw has me hankering4 some water. I hope2 Ride a bike from Saddler Falls2 Thomasville in April, canoe2 Myrtle, ride back2 Saddler Falls. Probably start with Warm Fork. Ride a mountain bike or Ebike from Saddler Falls2 Thayer. There is a park by a grocery store. Canoe2 a public park in downtown Mammoth Spring. Catch a limit of trout. move on2 SAddler Falls the next day with another limit of trout. Each day is unique and fairly leisurely, easy2 shuttle. Close2 home.

Riding2 Thomasville is a two day ordeal looks like. So ride 2days from Saddler Falls2 Thomas ville. Canoe three days2 Myrtle Missouri. Ride back 2 Saddler Falls from Myrtle, likely a two day trip...

There is also Ride2 HorseShoe Bend and get on Strawberry three days Hulett Road, ride back2 Highland.

And of course their needs2 b a ride2 Myatt near the Missouri line west of Mammoth Spring, canoe back2 Saddler, Then ride2 lanton further west on the Missouri line, canoe four days2 Hardy. So I got this.

Lost Content.

Repos passing laws2 complicate and slow the voting process especially in dum leaning areas.

One state tries this and one state tries that as per Fox/Russia talking points. Right now it;s Florida and Communist Georgia clamping down on nonexistant voter fraud. Increasingly it is evident the only voter fraud2 b found is T Rump on video tape. But thats where the repos are right now, pretending2 scurry and find voter fraud, meanwhile setting up hoops voters must first demonstrate the ability2 jump through. And since the Post Office is a union job, bye bye, and good luck2 ur family whistle blower. It'd uh, b a real shame, should someting, Uno God 4bid ur entire family gets wiped out because u followed pesky, uh, that's dose liberals call it? Job Description. What kinda nonsense is that? What the Fuck are ethics? What kind of liberal BS is that? I would hate that ur lovely wife Joan and ur 2kids get brutally murdered if u vote2 impeach. God4 Bid.

So it's get back2 work and get er did. Life is warming. Maybe Spring is awakening. Creeks will b singing with snow melt, gurgling and popping with energy, percolating with positivity and hope. Or maybe the groundhog will c its shadow and bolt. Soon the March will b on. Black Locust will peek out with pale flowers.

February 18 2021

And we roll. Birds active. Ice sheets sliding off the roof. It's not really thawing yet, just on a heated building. Which is where ppl walk in and out. Which is hazardous.

Dogs play. The cats wont go outside with the pit bulls romping high speed and mock fighting. Makes them nervous. They are fine with just koko but when Gnash joins the mix it gets the cats paranoid.

Just can't work in this unless I had2. I have plenty of pruning jobs red e2 go.

There was more snow yesterday. I even heard a spat of sleet this morning. It's hard2 get2 the grocery store and Murphy Oil4 kerosene. And thats with four wheel drive and almost level.

So it's sunny and warmer. Crows and blue jays corner the white scape. Numerous other kinds of birds u don't c until they get cold and hungry which reminds me Imma walk over and feed them while it's still early.

Panadox and EROSION on tap4 Saturday night. Making video, plus I may have some super special guests stay tuned.

Cat up a tree. This time its mine so no pay.

I got her down. It was a little iffy in the snow but i used safety stuff. Now 2 locate Mama Cat.

Yes its incredibly exciting iced down. I feed the fire. I blog or surf. I feed the fire. I feed cats. I feed myself. 2nite it's rotel and wheat crackers, maybe some shredded a ham added. I dunno. game time decision.

I have2 bump a Panadox project up. Do it 2nite instead.

And then 2moro burst forth with errands and resume normalcy as roads will soon b cleared and a warming trend begins. But 2nite its sposed2 b back down in single digits so it's bear down and beat the cold another night. Normal lows are less of a problem, and next week is sposed2 b above normal.

Ppl dead in Texas as officials lie their asses off blaming wind turbines, falsely attacking renewable green energy.. Ted Cruz is catching flack4 jetting off2 Cancun in the midst of suffering and two emergencies. I mean it's kind of a gotcha thing he went2 escort his daughters yada yada and that would b a good answer if Cruz wasn't such an insufferable lying douche bag.

Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys and former ARkansas Razorback is raking in $ with the energy crunch in Texas. Plus he got his start by raping Arkansas, buying property on the cheap from a buddy who happened2 b president of ARkla Gas and reselling it2 ARkla Gas4 huge profit. This was back in the eighties. I went2 Cowboy Stadium and showed them my ARkla Gas bill reciept, demanding entry 2 the stadium but no go. I did get2 meet a guard4 the cowboys, a security guard.

So cold 2nite and warm tamale. I'm red e4 some warmth. I try2 b a very warm person. I try2 think warm thoughts.

February 17 2021

And we roll. More snow. Not quite as cold though @ least we r in the teens.

So Texas officials are all over it. With this pandemic and ice storm, millions without power and freezing TExas Repos move2 force Mark Cuban2 play the National Anthem b4 Dallas Maverick Professional Basketball games.

C that is one I could live with. Don't agree with, but I wouldn't bitch if the National Anthem was mandatory. Trouble is that won't appease repos, they will find another way2 demonize us. That's me. And U. The fact that repos want2 force us2 play the Anthem is enough4 me2 oppose it.

They have shown that simply doing ur job will get u murdered. Simply following ur job description makes u a traitor. T Rump solidified that. There is no hiding it now. Aint' no stopping now.

So fresh off the gigantic lie of voter fraud, TExas repos hit the airwaves with marching orders. Blame it all on Wind Energy. And they did. The last few days have been a non stop parade of false blame. Scapegoating. All the things repos do so well.

Only its another lie. A couple of wind turbines iced up. Wind is still supplying its share of the power in the grid, something like fifteen percent. It's natural gas and nuclear and all the others malfunctioning because of the cold. fossil fuels are2 blame. In more ways than one.

Uno I could have gotten on board with dismantling the Post office. But repos want it so bad I no longer want2. Plus I realize how important it was voting in a pandemic. it's just another union repos hate. Unions stand against repos. 4 that reason and others I stand w unions...

Governor of Florida, a repo, says the covid variant is a blue state problem. Echos of Cheetolini?

T Rumps huge building in downtown New Jersey imploded 2day. This on the heels of destroying his casinos. I guess his buildings arent very good or they would reuse them in some way.

Maybe Texas will force the Mavericks2 recite the pledge of Allegience. And if someone peacefully protests by taking a knee or covering their face and eyes then Fox News will have new villians. Special Parents Against Music(SPAM) will target them and destroy their careers.

Not only will repos not support just a look @ police killings and coverups, they will bring in tanks @ cut rate prices, marvelous new hemp bullets and noxious tear gas and Agent Orange. But lets 4get about T Rump a few years until he starts making more noise in the Primaries in a year and a half.

Poor Melania, she thought when he was out of office she could leave him but now he needs her2 run again. And even if he loses, he will still take office by force. Fake Christains will b on board w it.

T Rump and Moscow Bitch sniping. Not on twitter, King Twittler was banned. 4 good reason.

Parler is back up, I'm guessing they wont have that pesky terms of service agreement anymore.

Prick Perry, smiling @ a huge maskless party, watched the tally board as profits2 his private energy company in Texas soared nine thousand percent. "Thats how u make $"  He knelt like ELVIS in front of the screen showing the profits roll or Fox News.

February 16 2021

And we roll. Not. Snowed in. I have nine inches, couple of feet on bigger drifts. I ventured out on level highway last night and it was not good. Dangerous. I'm lucky Highland is very level 4 the Ozarks. A few miles in any direction will be difficult even more so. I kind of have a phobia about Cherokee Village. Looking dowslope from my four wheel drive tree truck or perched high above in the UPS truck. Nothing but steep white or platinum ice slopes and open water.

Anywhere near the river scares me thinking about falling in lol.

Sarah Huckster Slanders running fer Guvner. Just yesterday Governor Hutchison worked intelligently with Biden so that means he is a traitor and she will use that against him in the primary. Slanders will b all over that damning fact. He worked with Biden instead of murdering him when he had the chance.

Ted Cruz begged on his knees4 plenty of disaster$ 4 wealthy cronies, then went on television railing that Socialism would ruin America.

Speaking of socialism those snow plows are busy in the south.

Biden is trying2 tie disaster aid in with pandemic aid and also maybe shave off a small percentage of inequality, which I will get n2 later. He is doing many smart things, T Rump was all about getting that gigantic tax cut4 trillionaires so he could brag @ the club. Repos passed it without even reading it. I doubt it was even finalized when they passed it. now its all about the deficit.

Biden is getting things done by ignoring repos. They will play endless games, they ask4 ridiculous ear marks then when they get them, they balk anyway, then jack the woriking poor more. Like "Whining" Newt Gingrich said. "Poor ppl don't work."

Repos will sabotage and obstruct. Its a given. Just ignoring them will work, it is already working.

I ignore repos in real life. When a best friend or trusted loved one is a Qanon afficiando we don't talk politics. They invariably think Obama was the worst president and T Rump the best. I'm2 far away from that2 put much effort n2 compromise. U cannot win an argument, it invariable ascends2 insults or chaos. So we don't talk politics. its that simple.

But u won't have the thirty thousand lies now. U won't read a Biden tweet that says "poor widdle wed Texas wants my $. First open the borders. Completely. No restrictions or check points of any kind. Then well C about the Soup kitchen in San antonio. Free. Late term abortions on Demand!

ITs weird, there are no gun confiscation measures in this particular bill. OR ANY OTHER BILL. hMM. Ur really letting the left down Joe.

I like that not only are renewable and green not being ignored and sabotaged, they are embraced as a way out. A way2 rebuild. Create jobs. Unemployed coal miners need replacement work. Oil industry workers will soon b shipping hemp oil. Not a joke. The sensibility of Hemp textiles, poised2 lead the industry in eco freindly manufacturing back in the nineteen thirtys b4 a cabal of pollution and war based industries conspired 2 destroy them. Reefer Madness.

Nothing about that on Qanon I bet. The conspiracy channel has nothing about mankinds biggest conspiracy. Let that sink in.

I just say let that sink in because of all these memes on Facebook. Good looking person who makes someone pause because they are good looking is like: Obama never showed his birth certificate. Let that sink in. Like there is something2 sink in that all us phony smart ppl never realized b4. Thank U whacko right4 pointing out so many jewels of wisdom.

So I'm pent up. Yes. I used my spiked viking boots all day yesterday, then switched2 regular boots and slipped2 hit my forehead on a plate iron truck bumber. Blood was all over one side of my face, and frozen b4 I realized. Dazed and confused lol. I keep my phone w me in case I need 2 call 911 or somebody.

I split wood2 make what i got last longer. I will b making a kerosene and laundry wal mart run 2day I hope cos it's sposed2 snow a bunch more 2moro.

I posted a cool memory on Facebook 2day. It was from two years ago when I played my heart out in the Hutson Center against the Harlem Wizards. It was awesome. I mean my film clip is ok but the experience was special.

The sun is shining but its only prolly five degrees, It might have gotten2 negative digits last night. it was 2 on the bank sign when I went out. But we should have a warming trend soon, maybe above freezing by the weekend. The trees are pretty clear. TEchnicaly I could work but we gonna wait til next week. Peace.

February 15 2021

The witches titty. White out. Black Lives Matter. Mocha rules. I'm sure Cup A Luv is closed, probably buried in snow out there on hiway 412. I don't hear much going on. The occasional spinning tire or snow plow or cattleman punching holes in ponds or cruising in granny low2 feed.

I'm struggling2 stay warm. My remodeling is not done and it's a little drafty out here in my new apartment. I'm using kerosene a little, also wood heat of course, and little electric space heaters.

My huge orange boots rock. They have snow spikes so I can move about sure footed. That's huge. They are also chainsaw safe and waterproof...

I'm feeding all kinds of birds and probably squirrels. I may go out2 my woods and shoot my judge. That's a very large pistol. I wouldn't shoot a judge like a federal judge. I mean I would shoot a judge with federal shells, the pistol not the human being because I'm a great uncle.

Sledding would b great 2day. I don't do that anymore but had some great times. Thunderbird Dam. Reservoir Road in Little Rock. Others.

Now fierce chill squalls. Driving north winds howling, horizontal snow, white banks of mixed sleet and whimsy smallish flakes. Generally a white twinkly curtain of steady fall.

Breaking: Biden signs a series of hard hitting executive orders: All American citizens must forfiet their guns by next Tuesday, all hiring2 b stopped immediately, and repos can no longer use the words democracy, constitution, oath, ethic or truth.

Still the curtain comes down. I have nine inches. This is hard on me.

February 14 2021

Crappy VD lol. Hanging w the kittens. crazy cold. It snowed all day, and split wood and get red e4 loading up the stove umpteen times. I also went2 a friends house and made sure she had plenty of firewood.

but by that time it was finally here and soon it was heavy white, sleet and freezing rain quickly turning2 snow...

So it's sposed2 b about seven degrees 2nite, then about one degree 2moro. I know ppl up north don't blink an eye @ that but damn. This is Arkansas. This is the south. And we vote like it. Except Georgia lol.

some of the others were close but not ARkansas. We r solidly Pro T Rump. Lies and all. WE don't want2 b liberal. We love our guns in church and don't kill babies unless they are Muslim. We hate socialism cos Russia. We hate immigrants cos meth. We don't have Obamacare. We have a public option. Which. Is. Obamacare, or more correctly The Affordable Care Act. A few states have still refused it, killing their own ppl quickly and slowly. Even though T rump announced with certainty many many times the law was dead it lives on and he is gone. 4now lol.

He avoided accountability again as he has his whole life. LIndsey Graham says he is the future of the repo party. did u read T Rumps announcement not on twitter lol. I 4get the words now but as I read it I was struck by the pure projection. Sentence by sentence he accused and demonized, but each sentence, all of them, more closely described himself and his actions. I will try2 copy and paste it 4u if I remember yada yada. "one party is given a free pass2 denigrate the rule of law, defame law enforcement, cheer mobs, excuse rioters, transform justice into a tool of political vengeance and persecute, black list, cancel and suppress all ppl and viewpoints with which, I, I mean they disagree.." Projection much. Every word of that quote is pure hypocrisy and projection. The rest is bull shit2. Blatant bald faced bull shit fraud just like Cheeto Mussolini himself.

Melania is reportedly distant and cold2 him lol.

So we r supposed 2 get alot of snow, possibly over a foot, likely a half foot. Chill winds blow now. Sometimes gusts rattle the trees and drop frozen particles like a new sleet storm is here but it's not. Like when u think it's snowing again but it's just wind blown snow picked up and moved. Or u think u got three feet of snow but it's just a wind dune or something.

REpos solemnly swore2 do impartial justice. Both impeachments. Then in both impeachments they worked in tandem with T Rump as his team of merry murderers. Feel Good manslaughter.

REpos threaten2 impeach Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton. Why and 4 what they won't specify, just a vague threat2 retaliate by impeaching someone. It's fitting Georgia is so involved, they are the impeach state.



February 10 2021

And we roll. Coldly. Freezing rain pelts the roof. I listed all the elements attacking us lately and 4got a few: freezing fog, drizzle, freezing drizzle. These and others and all hit us this morning. We went2 work and rigged a giant red oak spar4 dropping. Footing was ok, rain was starting 2 freeze and accumulate, heavy sleet bouncing off my hardhat. We dropped the trunk and spent a couple hours cutting and raking. Ambulance were flying by as we worked, Spring River lay stretched out b4 us, several white curtains of waterfall visible.

By the time i limped the truck home it was getting bad. Now it continues, heavy freezing rain. Ice storm warning... Stay tuned...

Michigan repo head: the capital riots were a hoax. Staged by ppll like, r u ready4 it, George Soros...

On que heavy rain.

As they prosecute and try protestors they find a common thread, all were rabid T Rump cult members, most were broke. Even the ones that took private jets or planes2 DC. outside agitators.

They all all say T Rump caused it and they denounce him now. Looking4 leniency, T Rump called them heinous criminals either b4 or after he said he loves them, plus he can't issue any more pardons.

Cheeto Mussolini has lived his entire life lying without consequences or any check or balance. Maybe now he will b held accountable.

He will die or fake his death b4 this year is out.

Time2 breakout extreme weather gear. I bought some new boots with golf cleats4 emergency or inclement weather. Plus giant overalls with orange chainsaw chaps sewed on. My sister is a talented seamstress. With this gear I'm like a chainsaw warrior or android. Viking boots. Bright orange.

Named after T Rump, Viking Orange. Then there is Eric the Red, Purple Kush, and Junior Mint, Melania Violet and Ivanka multicolored puke.

I hate brown. In High School I worked @ Warrens IGA, the local grocery store of the day, and i had2 wear a tie every night. I had brown ties. Brown shirts. Brown pants. Brown shoes. It was distracting.

Then I worked4 UPS many years: brown hat, brown shirt, brown jacket, brown pants and brown shoes.

Then I enrolled in Brown University. joking lol. Upon graduating I got drafted by the Cleveland Browns. Not a joke. Google it, placekickers drafted in eighty nine. Kidding again.

I do love my warm brown wooly lined jacket Willow Ford bought me4 Christmas years ago. It warms me.

Now other sheets of rain or sleet. Semi major ice storm predicted. It looks as if the worst may miss us2 the south, but not by much.

With much of the media world focused on historical importance and revelations of the impeachment, Fox ran a six hour infomercial comparing cat litter. Crawling 24/7 allegations of fraud by Hunter Biden, bemoaning the loss of six pipeline jobs and demanding Biden show them six new solar jobs, Fox rode along with Eric T Rump as he shot the last Black Rhino from a helicopter. Tiger penis brunch had plenty of hookers.

*ucker Carlson angry about FBI targeting of violent racist white nationals. "U think u can come after me? I got a silver lining bitches. I pack my Ak4 ur ass, bring it." He claimed that Dums lowering the cut off4 pandemic relief2 200,000$ was, "a declaration of civil war."

Bland Paul had a problem with Biden singling out extremists and racists. "How is this uniting? He all but said my name."

House impeachment managers on the repo side threatened2 sue or derail proceedings if dums didn't stop refferring2 "ex president T Rump," and instead said "president Donald J T Rump," every time.

More smatterings of precip, frozen or freezing quickly.

Remember, a travel advisory is not advising u2 travel. But if u must travel, say u need a safe place2 drink, please, please use only roads that r closed.

February 8 2021

And we roll. Kickn it now. Very light sleet and rain off and on. We got three jobs done though, first up was a Cracked red oak high above Big Creek. Old Box R. Crazy memories from the area I didn't share with the homeowner. Some are locked away unless I crack right now. A shot and beaten cow comes2 mind. A hurtling Chevy Suburban hitting the creek @ high speed. Probably many more memories of the wilderness area. I also 4got 2 tell him I have canoed through there. I'm prolly the only person ever2 canoe from ORR road west of Ash Flat2 Strawberry River. Sweet Willow Ford rode along, sometimes a battle with trees and hazards, other times riding like the Queen of Denial. WE stripped off @ little sand bar upstream of Center. Check the archives, around 2010?

So I have a full calendar now and the weather will b hit and miss, likely a mixture of cold, rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, slush, ice, hail, or is hail sleet? We should get it all off and on I just hope we can work between times. This particular job I wear spikes so I may be able2 safely do a few things. Game time decisions.

Repos blame Pelosi4 Capital Riot. No really.

Some of the reasons and words coming from leading repos is simply pathetic. It's embarrassing that these reptiles represent America.

so I'm going2 give u a link2 the lies. Different web sites have a breakdown of T Rumps thirty thousand five hundred some odd llies. Like by subject, date, setting, twitter, etc. There will b links2 any that are disputed, these links will show any debate and show receipts and video tape. Some lies couldn't b proven until a time period yadayada, 4 instance T Rump claimed "a perfect health care plan is completed and will b revealed in two weeks," about one hundred times. The fact checkers know in their hearts its a fucking lie. But they have2 wait the two weeks each time then go back and mark more lies down while still verifying new ones, dozens 2 hundreds each day. Post election T Rump tripled down, not just on lies but dangerous lies. Loud ass treason. But it just counts as one lie. Those thirty thousand some odd lies, all easily proven by non partisan fact checkers, are the elephant in the room.

Then u have intelligence reports, classified till many years later, logs and public domain: exactly what time was Pence evacuated? What time was the National Guard deployed? T Rump issued a secret stand down order that killed ppl. Other ppl r getting in trouble. The right says its a witch hunt, a roundup of T Rump supporters now that the dums are all powerful. Since twitter bans obvious lies now, the right is all, they are tryng2 erase us.

It's fitting. When Biden condemns racists, Repos get offended. Being a violent racist with snowflake feelies is just wrong.

Two fires. Life is warm and normal, just like the laundry. But laundry folds. Laundry hangs. So I guess that metaphor is week. Spelling correct? u decide.

Panadox occasionally. OO7 on giant screen. OR maybe Point Break again. I want2 show Metropolis2 some kids. It's a silent classic, super visual.

Planning a canoe trip in a month or so, within two months hopefully. Warm Fork. Eleven Point. Actually Imma say Thayer2 Black Rock. Spend the day floating Warm Fork in Missouri. Camp @ Mammoth Spring downtown. Next day get a fine restaurant breakfast while watching ur tent, fish4 trophy trout and walleye all day2 Saddler Falls. Camp and cook and hot shower in a nice camper. Next day fill the cooler with trout and bass and make way2 Griffin Park, upstream from the juncture of Spring and Southfork rivers. Camp @ Griffin Park, cook plenty of fish with Scott Russ and Virgil. Probably hit the pub till L8 nite. Next day make way2 Hawiend Island. Camp and hang w Brother and family. Next day get on down stream 2ward RAvenden, a nice sandbar will b found. I like just past RAvenden actually, after the river passes under the 412 bridge and turns right. If its the right time2 camp thats a cool stretch. Nice waterfalls and rock structure. Good fishing, good runs 2 Imboden. Deep nature, bird island sanctuaries... Check the archives... Then Eleven Point comes honking in full steam, Spring River is moving much slower. Spring River ends there, Spring River tepidly, reluctantly, joins eleven point and pushes on2 Black Rock and Beyond.

EROSION. Ive been creating. Making strong riffs on bass, searching4 something that matches my lyrics. I'm playing with a thing I call Opposition Road, I'ts like Brick Yard Road but heavy like a Black Label Society. But the riff is my surf riff that I play when a drummer does wipeout. Opposition Road is about Ozark shadows and roots. Not surfing. So thats a little problem that gets fixed.

Speaking of getting fixed I have three cats now. Mama, Little Girl, and Wylder are kinda cool I guess... they r getting along w Koko and thats huge.

I'm actively trying2 improve my Word skillz. I mean my novel about Cherokees is very sterile and white, stirring up little Deeper meaning or clan and tribal common knowledge. Ten years ago I knew nothing about Cherokee except that there was a trail of tears. Now I claim2 have written a novel about them. I think Water Spider is important, just not as an emotion inspiring tale. My style is dry, I guess I'm a dry person. Sometimes i wish I were more wet. I gotta b me though. This pandemic is killing me. Not only do I suddenly have diabetes and all these cravings but hugging is taboo. I don't get my hugs I need my hugs. Facebook needs a hug button.

February 7 2021

And we roll this Sunday. The witches titty approacheth. Looks like single digits coming next week...

So marjorie Taylor Greene. i mean, what can u say? Does this mean that Northwest Georgia believes Dums are lizards? This probably all started when Gold was discovered in Northwest Georgia. In Cherokee territory, legal binding cherokee territory. The Supreme Court ruled that Cherokees could not b harassed and burned out by white Georgians. But the supreme court could not enforce this ruling. The president said good luck enforcing that. It's the only time that we did not enforce a Supreme Court ruling. And. Cherokee were harassed and burned out of North Georgia, leading 2 the Trail of Tears. Gold was the spark.

I used2 think those Cherokee came here, but probably not other than a few on alternative routs2 Oklahoma. The rolls from Georgia and Alabama had many connections in ARkansas, but not necessarily those here in Modern Day Cherokee Village. My belief is the original core came from Virginia in 1696. Then the Keetoowah priestly class twenty five years later in seventeen twenty one.

U can bet that if Marjorie Taylor Greene were a congressperson from Northwest Georgian back then she would have lead the pitchfork gangs and bon fires. She would hold a paper flyer in her hands waving2 the angry mob, pointing2 the headline which would read something like giant savage Cherokee rapes tiny blonde girl. Cherokee had applied all the proper ways4 equality, they accepted boundaries, helped construct sensible treaties, they gave and gave and were told they would never b forced2 move again. Some went2 ARkansas early, but again were told2 vacate decades later. Cherokee, always on the wrong side of the white mans line.

When they signed a major treaty with the new United States drawing the limit of territory @ the peak of the mountains, Whites were already in violation when the treaty was signed. Holston and WAtauga settlers may not have known about the treaty. I wonder.

When Nancy Ward, a Beloved Cherokee Woman warned the wataugauns of impending Cherokee attack, she may have been vilified and sent2 Arkansas. Banishment2 ARkansas was the solution4 many conflicts.

It was Andrew Jackson that befriended the Cherokee2 win wars but deserted them @ crunch time. Some Cherokee refuse2 use 20$ bills 2 this day. Thats why I was glad2 hear about the new Harriet Tubman 20. Now Cherokees can use 20$ bills again.

So temps will b dropping sharply. It's time2 batten the hatches and get2 splitting wood. LIfe is a bump and grind.

February 3 2021

And we roll this fine clear warm afternoon. Getting alot done @ home 2day. I have more firewood than I thought! Tryna stay warm is a struggle. Uno really they should make a reality show of it. The cutting, loading, hauling, unloading, splitting, stacking, transferring, burning, ash disposal and maintenance. The extreme conditions and climate control.

But it's all worth it4 that extreme heat. that dry furnace heat that warms u way up.

Plus I'm putting cedar chips down where Koko lays. And i have a giant cedar pole that I just pulled off the truck. Imma use that as a parking shed support.

Yesterday was a nice Rebel Tree Care job in Cherokee Village. Up a tall slender Cedar with a bushy side trunk over the guest house. Also @ stake was the gas tank and main house...

Over2 the other corner another cedar was overgrown and vine plagued. Both trees I had2 cut a path upward as I slowly ascended spikeless. I use a double lanyard, plus my hand saw alot2 clear a path upward of stiff dead branches and vines etc...Rigging was difficult as I took branches from near the top and they tangled with others then u had the vines yada yada. I sound calm now but the neighborhood heard me yesterday not so calm. Good ground help got it done.

Then it was sprawling smallish ash all over the roof and wires, deck and bay windows.

Newmax cuts My Pillow guy off as he screams about election fraud. Newsmax now guilty of treason and I think OAN had2 admit their was no fraud also. So they are treasonous2. then u got Senators allowing an impeachment trial. Treason. Everyone is guilty of treason now. Except T Rump.

Apparently T rump will now b sworn back in March 3. Marjory Taylor Greene swore on it, @ that point Marshall lawyers will round up liberals and put them in a big quisinart. Their bodily fluids will take the corrosion off old lead pipes in Flint Michigan.

Fox is all about attacking John Kerry. Umpteen stories about how he uses a jet when he claims2 b an environmentalist. 2day. it's weird.

Repo projection is on full display every time they open their mealy mouths. My fave L8ly is "Biden is letting IRan get a nuke." They don't mention that T Rump freed them of any obligation not2 make a nuke by leaving the Iran Accord. Thats really obvious twisting of the situation by Lindsey Graham and others. Rat*ucker CArlson is the worst. He is the snarkiest hypocrite around. I'm sure a few others on Fox give him a run 4 his$.

So enforcing the constitution and representing all Americans is an attack on God and Liberty and Guns and always will b2 the right core, fake news, real fake news, or fake news, and really fake news b damned. U don't have time2 show the receipts when u have a dumpster fire on u and some orange prick is spraying gasoline on it. T Rump is some stupid, the guy in Smoke on the Water who burned the place down with a flare gun. Smoke on the water, fire in the sky. And he wont let anyone put the fire out unless they first praise him then denounce his opponents.

The impeachment is needed2 draw attention2 T Rumps misdeeds, and misdeeeds is putting it mildly. Heinous acts of barbarous treason is little better. bring plenty of witnesses, repo witnesses will unfailingly indict repos. Josh Hawley will likely show a gun @ some point2 delay the vote. Ted Cruz will attempt2 read War and Peace, passing out @ thirty six hours causing another delay. But they need umpteem repos2 admit what everyone around the world knows and convict Cheeto Mussolini.

Scotland threatening2 investigate how he financed the TurdBury resort. They told him he was not welcome there. He sent a msg back that all Scots were2 pay tribute2 him through Ivanka(hand bag purchases will suffice), and that kilts or bagpipes are 4bidden within twenty miles of TurdBury.

So I'm researching old Cherokee, trying2 figure out exactly when Cherokee came here2 Modern Day Cherokee Village. Exactly how, from where and exactly why.

I figure the first cherokee2 come here lived in Virginia. the standard ocean canoe made it's way across the Appalachians in about the 1670s. Up the Roanoke River, where blue eyed Saponis rumored 2 have absorbed the failed colony of roanoke. @ the headwaters of the Roanoke or a tributary they would portage2 the Konawha River and thus2 the Ohio.

In that area were some of the first displaced Cherokees in Mid virginia, on Big Otter river, adn Little Otter River. It is likely this tribe came here first with secret missions2 explore the area, then in sixteen ninety six came2 occupy this area4 one hundred and twelve years, naming two creeks that flowed with life blood of Old Settlers Cherokees, Big Otter Creek beginning here in Highland and romping down slope2 Southfork river, and Little Otter Creek also.

As the English established lines of latitude it was found that headwater of Tennesse started a few miles up in Virginia. This little piece of area is similar Southfork in MIssouri. Some treaties and agreements were watersheds, others straight lines, and when the thirty six thirty line sliced through a watershed, diplomacy and secrecy were needed2 lay proper claim. Just as Cherokee were given North Arkansas by Carolinians, Shawnee were likely given Southern Missouri by Virginia. Neither had much power here, France had stronger claim but still very little power here in the Ozarks as Osage ruled, then Cherokee, Shawnee and Delaware ruled from Devils Backbone eastward, much of the Eastern Ozarks shelf and vast swamp and prairie. There was no Missouri Bootheel then, Arkansas Stretched2 Modern Day Portageville Missouri, across the Mississippi were districts of Virginia and Carolina called Kentucky and Tennessee.

in sixteen seventy six Nathan Bacon led a rebellion and the slaughter of Native Americans in that area of Virginia. Some Cherokee were likely displaced, and some of those were likely willing2 accompany a young Dangerous Man on missions2 the Ozarks Throughout the sixteen eighties. Using the fastest canoes in North America, recently developed on the Roanoke and Outer BAnks, traveling @ night, treading federations and coalitions2 gain big water of Ohio then moving quickly across large flat water2 Arkansas.

Equipped with English and French maps, Cherokee knew where English and French had deeded them land or territory. They found that Osages claimed the area and also that Cherokee bows were no match4 Osage bows.

So leaving a few secret posts here and there, establishing a western headquarters near Modern Day Paragould, Cherokee went back east2 plan another try, this time with guns. When they came here in sixteen ninety six with Dangerous Man and many families, they carried rifles and were no longer @ disadvantage.

But they continued2 use bow and arrows, by now with metal broadheads crafted from trash metal barrel staves, the better4 silence. 4 many years Cherokee in ARkansas observed military discipline and harsh rules of conduct. Quiet farms with little smoke. Taboos included day time fires, visible nighttime fires, gun shots unless in self defense, roosters and hound dogs unless muted. Liquor and slavery were top taboos.

Shawnees and Delaware were accepted by Osage, Cherokee not always. Their were times of truce and war, and it gradually filtered out that as long as Cherokee, Shawnees and Delaware stayed east of Devil Backbone, the watershed line between white and strawberry rivers, North Fork and southFork, Piney and Eleven Point, Piney and Current etc in a curving pattern all the way over2 near modern day Cape Girardo Missouri

So Cherokee on the Tennessee River, or Cherokee River on some maps held strong claim many years, but not Cherokee in Virginia. These Cherokees were compelled2 Leave. Many went2 Arkansas.

Powhatans and Saponis, Mingo, Deleware and Shawnee developed a federation as they moved downstream. 4some it was the last favors, Powhatans and descendants of Pocahontas would never return. They used any clout they still had2 negotiate large rapids safely or narrows, places vulenerable2 ambush. Once the Deep Water area of Modern Day west Virginia was gained on Konawha river Cherokee ruled. The Green Briar river joined here. Dark Path2 Delaware.

They traveled @ night with unbeatable canoes capable of circumventing the outer banks islands including the eastern side or rough surf and big wind. They carried rifles. They held knowledge and ethic...

January 31 2021

Blustery night. Big winds @ times. Last week was a wash, much of it, MOnday was white out conditions, several inches of grainy snow... Good4 snow balls but not gr8 4spikeless climbing of trees. So that was a couple days off, then it rained all day wed, then n2 Thurs still wet and muddy. Finally Friday I got n2 a red oak over a fine Highland home, a prominent business, and wires... Also a hackberry, reduced off wires and driveway... Miscellaneous quick trimming of numerous oaks, and some removal of volunteers on the drive, skinny leaning hackberries and cherrys... Another fine Rebel Tree Care morning...

`` Hit and miss next week, I have good jobs on hold...

The river looks fine, April is approaching... Maybe a warm March... Thats a long time away, I'm looking @ my pile of firewood tryna2 figure if ive got enough2 last till warm weather. Right now I can make it2 March but sometimes march is a cold blow.

Life is.

I'm trying another blonde house cleaner 2moro... Could this b the one?

So Im still tryna ride more. Kill this diabetes. I think I've got it in reverse. But it makes me a little crazy cutting out everything. I'm like this wooden statue. I move slowly, speak slowly... I am careful2 stand and ginger in my movements. One fire. One log @ a time...

I play some music. Im drawing a map of Old Cherokee Country in Arkansas 1696 til 1812.

Im converting old video4 large screen shows. I'm fleshing out projects4 REbel Word....

I stay quiet watching Facebook friends attack liberals and Biden. I want2 scream out THIRTY THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED SEVENTY SEVEN LIES. Maybe I will put it on a t shirt or bumper sticker.

Repos complaining that Biden is attacking them by deriding white supremacists.

The thing about these thirty thousand five hundred seventy seven lies is u can read them. U can group them, chronological, subject, person, etc... U can c why it's a lie, etc. Some lies were marked as lies the moment they were uttered. Others had2 wait and b proven later, which with T Rump it was easy, just exhausting. I Mean, twitter is 4ever. video tape is a real thing. Tape recorders. Short hand. And always remember, if Biden tells even one lie he will b vilified and demonized... T Rump: thirty thousand five hundred seventy seven easily proven obvious obnoxious rich brat lies. No problem. Biden one misunderstood quote taken out of context. Burn the world down. Fox can dissect it and scroll it twenty four seven since they are still fair and balanced. Both sides. One side lies. cover a lie. Find a lie2 cover on the other side. Thirty thousand five hundred seventy seven lies. One lie. Both sides.

Projection of repos on full display every day. Everything they say is an indictment of themselves.

Rat*ucker Carlson: Liberals are making out like w r the evil ones. Ive always said they r the evil ones.

uno i don't have time4 showing all the hypocritical projection of repos but I will try2 work up a collage soon. Peace.

January 23 2021

And we roll. Black Ice. Loud. Never2 old2 rock. One fire. I'm spinning inside. In a good way? I hope?

EArly this saturday morning we were high above Cherokee Village. In Cherokee but above it. Likely one of the highest points. Aqua Drive.

This was a clearing job. An overgrown lot thick with cedar. We removed all kinds of saplings: elm, hackberry, oaks... In the process removing crowded cedar or pruning them back and up yada yada... Nice cold morning...

T Rump ended his term right @ thirty thousand five hundred some odd easily proven lies. That is a large sum. Yuge. And that only counts from his inauguration till departure. It doesn't take n2 account the decades of serial lying. or the campaign. or the amount of lies since his departure. of course he was banned from twittler so that cut his sheer amout of lies down just a smidge.

Real ppl on the right are all spreading their depression with scary new memes and isolated incidents "proving" nothing. They grumble with deep unsettled gripes of stolen elections and, get this, hypocrisy.

Oh yeh the old favorite: dums caused the pandemic2 get T Rump is back. 4 support this theory usually says something about Bill Gates wanting2 thin humanity out, or George Soros was in China the year b4, Clintons eat babies yada yada...

The only proof in any of this is the thirty thousand easily proven lies, make that thirty thousand five hundred easily proven lies told by T Rump is the only voter fraud here. The gigantic hypocrisy. The sham moral dilemma. Any and every gripe and grunt from the right can b immediately and convincingly debunked and overshadowed by easily proven facts about T Rump and the fake repo Senate. Not2 mention the pathetic, shameless repo house.

I may do some Panadox 2nite. Giant screen showing of Point Break. Loud surround sound. yeah. That sounds just right.


January 22 2021

And we roll. Quietly. It sounds busy out there. Thumping stereos mean school is out. Faster drivers4 a little while.

I drove fast in high school. I had a quick little sixty nine mustang. I was dangerous, but never wrecked. I did put Joel Kings little truck in a creek and caught a curb on a power slide.

I passed umpteen cars on a two lane hiway, passed the county sheriff and the now mayor of Hardy on a curve in the rain doing about one hundred yada yada.

But when I moved2 Little Rock I found out I wasn't that fast, I slowed down and have driven slower ever since.

This morning was a Chinkapin all over a house. Up high above Spring River and a nice waterfall I meticulously reduced the tree, taking a very long branch barely over the roof. This proximity2 the roof complicates things sometimes, extra care and precision is needed. Yada Yada. We got it done with no damage and all cleaned up.

So we roll everyday. Looks like rain next week so maybe that will slow us down. I could use the extra rest.

Everybody is filing complaints and initiating investigations. One bitch filed articles of impeachment on Biden. Because T Rumps impeachment. Snipping and sniping, the radical right sour grapes, bitching and moaning in gigantic hypocrisy. The Don Jr tweeting his hatred and outrage @ being treated so unfairly. Lynseed Graham, "we have the dums in a box, they cannot unify the country while impeaching T Rump." But he is wrong. He is trying2 save himself, but investigation and trial will reveal so much more and make repos take sides. I mean it's a given they are going2 obstruct and sabotage every thing, just like Obama's term. So why bother with the trifling fools? Just do ur damn job. Right.

But repos will do what they do in absence of real policy: Deny, distract, sabotage, demean and demonize...

Ted Cruz on Biden rejoining the Paris agreement: "he proves he cares more about citizens of Paris than Pittsburgh." Which is strange because Cruz filed a frivolous law suit2 dis allow voters in Pittsburgh. That prick should b bullied.

What will it take? T Rump was proven and obviously on the take4 Russia. Maybe Ted Cruz and his father really did kill Kennedy. Maybe all repos are all foreign agents, with Moscow Bitch and Cruz control.

Anyway it's Rebel Tree Care 2moro in Cherokee Village. I will rest until then. It's been a brutal week. Each morning a separate and equal challenge. Life is nothing more.

Listening2 CREED... Remembering Rock Creek...

Life... Was... Good... lol.

January 21 2021

Quiet nite. Except4 the freight train. The river sighs and seethes eternal.

High above another part of the river I worked all morning getting part of a triple trunked elm down. Obstacles included the guest house, antique wash tub, viewing deck, plank walking deck, screens... Also removing part of another trunk. Luckily a tall hickory adjacent provided a high rigging point... Moron tap 2moro...And beyond...

What a view of the second largest falls on Spring River. Probably classified as a level 2 but @ times probably 2.5 or more because of boulders and potential4 mayhem...

Pierce Creek. A major Cherokee area, southside of Spring River. There is a cache of fine bird points, flaked stone arrowheads here. Cherokees here used metal arrowheads though, made from barrel bands thrown away by whites. Pierce Creek also has a major Cherokee Burial ground noone knows or cares about.

Noise was taboo here, so bow and arrow were used4 daily hunting and simple protection. But guns were present, especially early on as Osage bows and arrows were much more powerful than Cherokee.

The Beau D'Arc tree is molecularly dense and strong. we know them as Osage Orange or hedge apple. They are thorny and stout, make great boundary fences is certain situations.

Origins of the word ARkansas is bandied about but break it down. In this silent land2 survive Cherokee or others must b quiet. Arc, or bow, and Saw. Saws are quieter than axes. Sawyers could b work undetected, but axes ring out on frosty mornings, attracting sentry or scout. In order2 survive in ARkansaw, bring an Ark and Saw.

Historians will dispute this. These same historians have no idea Cherokee were even here b4 1800. Cherokee historians and Arkansas historians alike often ignore that Cherokees were here in ARkansas4 150 years until the Trail of Tears, far longer than some areas back east.

So it's bear down and get er done. I'm working this weekend2 stay on top of the calender. The weather is fine and clear but things could change...

HOping2 keep this crazy train rolling n2 Spring then get a stretch of sunny weather4 an Eleven POint run. Thomasville2 Myrtle. Fifty miles in three or four days. Decompress lol.

Life is... And then u..

January 20 2021

And we roll. Beautiful morning on Lake Omaha in Cherokee Village. Life is good. We watched a young beautiful bald eagle hunting a duck, but the duck kept ducking, and the eagle didn't seem2 experienced or maybe he didn't want2 get wet. No word if he ever caught it.

Early we were reducing a thorny pear very near the house.

Then it was a up a bushy post oak, removing large branches over the roof and parking. The power company had left a mass of stubs on one side, I removed a couple but it's not wise2 remove them all sometimes.

Over2 a tall red oak, same thing, removing reaching branches near the roof, plus I picked it clean of plenty of dead wood. Chumps had butchered it ten years ago and directly caused much of the dead wood. Always insist on ANSI standard.

Finally a nip and tuck of a cedar near the eaves, a nice cleanup and we were off2 Pillbox Cafe.

Biden is now my president. He promises2 b president for all Americans, not just dums. T Rump was guilty @ all times of taxation without representation. Mike Pompeo blasted multi culturalism. "This is not who we are," he explained, "this is 1958, get with it."

Hundreds of arrests now in the Capital Riot. It's pretty ez, most of them bragged about it on social media, posting pictures and grinning. The leader of the proud boys was arrested 2day, a video shows Mr Biggs grinning2 a camera, then sheepishly pulling his mask on. Repos believe masks should b worn... While committing felonies.

T Rumps farewell speech was anything but. He was dejected with the crowd size, there wasn't one. But he ordered a complete investigation of the true crowd size. With everyone fired, Melania hustled2 write down his commands. She can't write in English so the interpreter will b killed soon. They jetted off2 live @ MarALago, where there r not supposed2 b permanent residences. T Rump figures if there is a law he can flout, that's it.

As Air Force one zoomed away, crying conspiracy figures watched, waiting4 the jet2 turn around and come back2 order martial law and destroy democracy. Just out of sight T Rump kicked a box of vaccine doses out n2 the ocean.

Federal Agencies breathed a little easier, confident the current president will not fire them4 following the constitution, adhering2 job descriptions, and following codes of ethic and conduct...

So cleaning Cheeto Mussolinis messes will take time. He has shit stained every corner of the white house. The place the Obamas kept clean and orderly he destroyed, closets filled with dirty clothes and household trash, vomit stains in the oval office, used condoms in a pile, used needles scattered about, animal feces everywhere, which is strange because they don't have pets. Some policies are already reversed these first hours of Biden's presidency, others will take weeks, months, years2 undo. 2bad Biden can't just hit the edit button and undo.

So it's keep on burning through jobs. Tis the season.

January 19 2021

And we roll. On the river. Roiling swirls of greens or blues, setting sun reflecting low. Water falls and water coils, swirl, w8 I already used the word swirls so using swirls again would b redundant. I think that is correct.

Tired. Early we were east of Ash Flat, reducing a triple maple2 one. Then way up a tuliptree. Reducing the double crown2 one. Tis the season.

We still had enough life2 hit another job in Ash Flat, many maples needed trimmed away from wires and the eves.

Lunch @ Pill Box Cafe almost every day I hit the drive through. Excellent stuff.

Biden supposed2 b sworn in. T Rump could still declare martial law 2nite and maybe get it post poned a day or two by threatening2 bomb or kidnap.

Josh Hawley all in on being the new obstructionist in the bowels of America. This prick led the attack on the capital, and now he is clogging congress until he gets answers on the border wall. Sit down. Shut Up. U and Tommy Cotton and Ted Cruz and Moscow Bitch will do ur sabotage, thats what repos do. Hawley gets that all important talking point each morning, the Heritage Club, privileged access. As they jettison T Rump it's the wild west.

They will scramble like coyotes4 scraps. They will glide with winds2 carrion. They will do reality shows with Franklin Graham and Rudy Guiliani. The T Rump show will make their huge lies and claims 2 a reliable audience of deplorables. Im sure some are fine folks but many r out and out asshole psycho racist bastards.

He will peek out of make up occasionally and smile2 a documentary camera, He will appear in tightly choreographed studio speeches and creatively edited montages both encouraging false equivalents and disparaging opponents or even not supportive enough conservatives. Hang Mike Pence.

And we spiral. Did u know Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system. I heard a guy on some podcast say this and thought that don't sound right, that pompous english asshole just made a glaring mistake. But I googled it and sure enough, Venus is our hottest planet even though Mercury is closer2 the sun and it seems like it would b hotter. Who am even kidding? The solar system is a myth.

January 18 2021

And we roll. Quiet night. Crickets w8 this is January that's my ears. It's not2 bad. It was really bad in the nineties. Plus I had a series of broken ear drums, two @ the same time actually from different events.

Moron that some other time. Or now, I dove4 a line drive from shortstop behind second base trouble was so was my second baseman, a state champion linebacker with a hard head. I actually caught the ball, he tossed it2 our pitcher. Next thing I knew Ken Rodenback the umpire was telling me2 go2 the hospital yada yada I was bleeding out the ear and didn't know what month it was on my birthday.

Then a couple of weeks later I was doing a flip off hardy beach slab and mid flip thought, w8, I have a broken ear drum, and landed square on my other ear. The compression broke the seams of the ear drum. I could still c across the flat expanse of water when the circuit went deaf. So that was an iffy time in tree work2, I was afraid I might lose my equilibrium. Limb walking and Ariel transfers and what not I used2 do more of.

This morning was some of that. A large post oak all over a highland home. We took several large branches. Another, this a single spar of a triple post oak. We used adjacent elms2 remove the entire spar and a large elm branch.

Moron tap 2moro.

National Guard etc heavily deployed @ all capitals as the inauguration nears. But some of the alt right hate parades are sparsely attended lately. The million maga march 2day had a flat ass zero attendance. some of the Capitals had one or two ppl, others had a dozen assholes with megaphones and nonsensical diatribes @ times Mansonish other times like DANNY BONADUCE.

Charlie Sheen walked in assless chaps and a red maga hat, toothless grin as he carried a Swastika flag and assault rifle, helped along with sexy blondes with gigantic titties.

Pardons are selling like hot cakes as T Rumps time nears the end. They say some pretty powerful ppl r fishing2 get out of prison, I bet T Rump is selling them4 a few million$ a pop @ least. I bet five, ten million.

He didn't tell the secret service he quadrupled the golf cart rental fees in the fine print, fired the inspector generals who pointed it out, and replaced them with fierce T Rump loyalists. They know2 routinely ignore all ethic or job descriptions @ risk of termination. 2 the enemies list. Hang MIke Pence was trending 4 awhile.

One insanely anti Obama/Dum T Rump lover on Face book brought up FAst and Furious, a supposed scandal, one of the first of many Fox/Russia mini scandals amounting2 nothing on investigation, in fact shining light on repo malfeasance, thus ending of the probe. ONly one problem with this particular conspiracy theory, yeah no FAst and Furious was started by Bush. But its a buzzword like Bengazi that all know it all repo bozo nuts know as a dog whistle 4 building a house of cards on lies. A house of cards built on a foundation of lies will burn. T Rump will have the greatest champagne pyramid ever b4 he pleads the fifth. I mean chapter 11. I think. The man is bankrupt. I pay more federal income taxes than him. it's not fake news. they have the receipts. Video tape exists, all thirty thousand lies are real.

They need2 cut off any briefings or intelligence he receives immediately. And make sure he never gets any again. Agent ORange is obsolete. Like the weapons repos traded4 hostages and financed a secret war while introducing crack2 America.

Oliver North grinned and said the weapons we gave them were obsolete. Several Americans killed with them forty years later. The NRA goes bankrupt in NEw York2 avoid prosecution4 using charitable donations yada yada I'm sure they deserve worse. They are moving2 TExas2 likely reform under a slightly different 4mat, something say, defiant: National Assault Rifle Association(NARA), White Nationalist Rifle Men(WNRM), Special Parents Against Music(SPAM), Evil Bigots with Bull Horns(EBBH).

Rivers are looking good. Creeks are green, maybe not fat, but not dry... Our water table was flushed a little and recharged a little last spring. I wish that would happen more often. I want2 do some more Warm Fork Adventures. Warm Fork rocks.

January 15 2021

And we roll. Hard rain and snow pelting down sideways. Big winds beat me in a tall red oak earlier. B4 that one I was in a gigantic red oak taking branches from above a fine Ash Flat home.

We got that cleaned up and my helper got some firewood. Plus money lol. Nobody much works4 firewood anymore.

Beautiful breathtaking weather happening now. Sweet. I'm done4 a few days anyway, let it rain and snow and it is. Mostly snow awhile, then increasing rain, then mostly snow...

I guess with Parler shut down the plotters and insurrectionists, the anti democracy, anti constitution crowd is reassuring each other and daring each other and revealing each other as morons.

Just remember. Liberals carry also. We just don't brag about it.

I may have noticed a trend among conservatives that I personally know. They are much like T Rump in that they ridicule others. Perceived quirks and contempt is the go to answer when confronted with facts.

FAct. The origins of the Mueller report come from all the lies found concerning Russia and the fact that all of T Rumps people who applied4 security clearances lied about Russia. But this ObamaGate. Conservatives take all the facts and condense them down2 a bumper sticker. A right wing bumper sticker. All of T Rumps people found lying about Russia on security clearance applications? ObamaGate.

So it's stretch out and relax a couple of days. Soak n2 some Panadox. It's getting tedious as I convert old video. Yada yada. But results will b glorious.

Inauguration coming up soon. T Rump impeached again. No matter the viewership4 Bidens swearing in, T Rump will claim on Parler he had millions more. Undocumented immigrants watching the virtual swearing in will rig the numbers. It's all part of the dark web, the vast conspiracy.

T Rumps approval plummets n2 the cold twenties lol lmao.

January 14 2021

and we roll. Another fine morning. Life is. This morning was a large red oak over an Ash Flat home. Removing large branches over the roof. Then an even larger post oak, bigger branches over the roof. Plus all over the wires. @ stake was the house, wires, air conditioner, kayaks...

Moron tap 2moro. This has been hard on me. Uh oh I said hard on.

Repo congress woman plans2 file Impeachment charges on Biden his first day in office I doubt if she is sure, if u search her social media u will probably find that she supported impeachment of Obama with no grounds or proof, not even an allegation. Just impeach dums. She is a Qanon, conspiracy provoker, believes all of T Rumps lies about voter fraud, and that Biden eats babies4 brunch.

Gusts of wind, warmish afternoon. Deep rest. WEllness. I must relax. I must. Relax. Trust. Believe. Love and hope. I. Must...

January 13 2021

And we roll. Another day in the dream. EArly we were in Ash Flat, I went up a medium walnut over a fine home, taking larger branches over the roof, then a huge post oak, large branches over the roof. Rougha and tough both.

They took a toll on me. But I'm chillin now. Moron Tap 2moro...

Panadox projects working. Im so close2 getting vhs on flash drive. Many of my old home movies will b editable and i can snip five second clips4 Face book.

I watch my conservative friends battle with liberal friends. I rarely comment.

Impeachment happening now. yada yada, McConnell acts as if he is on board4 it2, but Moscow Bitch will use the occasion2 pretend the only problem was T Rump and everything goes back2 status Quo...

I was wrong that T Rump would flee2 an Indonesian Island and rule by tweet, twitter blacked him out. Three hundred thousand dead was one thing but a Twitter suspension just makes him bat bat batty.

So we roll. Headed2 River. I work on Panadox there getting old video red e4 the big screen. Plus I am working on a map, a hand drawn charcoal pencil drawing, of old Cherokee country in Arkansas 1696 til 1812.

Delaware and Shawnees kept common intertribal council with Cherokees. They occupied territory mostly north of the thirty six thrity line, though area around Pocahontas Arkansas was likely an equal blend of Delaware and Cherokee. There were Delaware towns and villages south of the line, just as there were many Cherokee north of the line, but4 treaty definitions thirty six thirty seperated Cherokee Arkansas from Delaware Missouri. There were some Shawnee south of the Line, but more after 1812.

Osages welcomed Delaware 2 Eleven Point River. Delaware back east brought English captives who came west of free will, declining release in Virginia2 adopt Delaware ways. Many English farmed and traded along the thirty six thirty line, better understood as the modern day and ancient (1660s) division line between Missouri and Arkansas.

January 12 2021

And we roll. Watchn Koko, Wylder, and Lil Girl. My children. Don't know where Mama is, but the bitch is fixed.

Tired. Been splitting wood. It is savage.

Early this frosty morning I was heading2 Ash Flat. Serious frost, thick, flaky frost. Frost wonderland, millions of frost crystals making everything white and shiny platinum, but brother sun was bright, I knew by the time I got rigged up2 climb everything would b clear and it was. I went up over fifty feet spikeless2 remove a long heavy red oak branch over a home. A soft bushy white pine complicated things as we didn't want2 mess it up, as it was we took a couple of branches that needed taken anyway. Back2 a collar 4 a finishing cut, ANSI standard, then descending down through the mess cutting pieces free2 fall beside the house.

Then on the house, another couple of red oak branches from another tree. But it was adjacent2 the first and we used the rigging lines still in place to take ends of large branches. then up that tree2 finish with pruning cuts. crazy morning, in the mix was another white pine and another red oak, clearing wires and driveway...

We left the chips, this guy uses recycles and reuses and repurposes etc.

T Rump told2 stay out of TExas as he plans a gloat fest of lies by the border wall. The protestors are no longer heinous, he has changed back2 defiant. He rigged the capital riots just right, his cronies in the Army and National Guard and Capital Police just what u would expect with everything T Rump blesses with his totally unique beautiful blend of incompetence and treason. the best blend of incompetence and treason.

Now the right is all, corporations hate the right, Biden and corporations hate America, Socialist corporations hate lying hypocrites so what r we2 do? *ucker Carlson says credit scores are lowering4 the whacko right. He says it's because corporations and the left are targeting the rights credit scores, but doesn't mention the pandemic and recession.

    Parler got kicked off Amazon. And. the data protection of Amazon. so as Parler sat idle in limbo hackers took the info of Parlerers. So now not only is their drivers license info open knowledge, their conversations about say, coordinated insurrections and domestic terrorism is also easily read. so go Parler yay.

They break down the exact seconds that T Rump cajoled the crowd2 go to the capital, and be strong. they prove Glenn Beck style with false narrative timelines Ie: T Rump didn't say do it until two twenty when at two nineteen the barricades were already breeched so T Rump is unaccountable. Had nothing 2 do with it. The timeline on this chalkboard dominating the screen4 hours proves that T Rump had absolutely nothing2 do with the Capital Protest.

He will b impeached again and of course the right is saying this divides the nation yada freaking yada.

Moron tap.

January 11 2021

Quiet afternoon. v8 w thick tires decelerates a half mile away. Larger trucks discernible as always on 412. 412 runs across the top sixth of ARkansas, the northern most area from Kentucky across the Missouri boot heel i beleve, all the way over2 Rogers or Fayetteville... Nice road4 the most part. 4 or 5 lane most of the way. Not2 many pot holes.

Early this morning we were high on a bluff above Southfork River. A fine red oak was crowding a southern magnolia. we nipped and tucked both. ANSI standard. A redbud got some2. Then it was across the yard2 a triple cedar all over wires. This was a difficult job but looks gr8 now!

Then it was over2 Lake Thunderbird, two red oaks awaiting some raising...

Moron tap all month...

Face book getting restless. Conservatives continuing2 rationalize supporting the murderous coup attempt by T Rump. One friend, the most beautiful women i have ever met, copy and pasted a meme about manhunt4 BLM instead of the Capital Rioters, and then goes off on Hypocrisy? Wow. Toots. Wow.

Many are following the official talking points issued2 repos first. Anything but making eye contact.

Parler is booted4 supporting insurrection and kidnapping, murder... But now its a "dark" web thing yada yada lol.

T Rump is kicked off Twitter permanently4 his little insurrection party. T party. The party of Christ. Feel good discrimination. The smirk of ultimate hypocrisy. Two dead DC cops. Plus it was a superspreader, not just the invaders, but bald faced repo leaders huddling in fear with masked dums.

Projection party asswipes patiently explain how FAcebook and the others are censoring the right. Not the lies. Warning labels didn't stop lude music. Quite the contrary. The warning sticker is a badge of honor.

Cigarettes are hotter than ever. Having proven cigs don't cause cancer, gasoline does not pollute the air, and cows don't pollute the water, major spin doctors and donors will obstruct, objectify ur objections, they will ban lifting stays of writs of execution orders. They will stall not lifting the writ of the stay lifting the writ of the stay not executing the stay or the writ by injunction and other words.

MEanwhile T Rump sprays gas around the dumpster fire. HE pisses gas. He's like swayze in the REagean mask in Point Break, having fun burning the gas station. Maybe the next POint Breakk will have a T Rump mask. I can't; believe I still havent seen the newer Point Break.

Dums are going2 act quickly2 end this immediate clear and present danger... In a few days... Maybe after second breakfast... I even hear now it may be months from now.

I mean it's a given no repo will vote2 confirm any or all nominations. PEriod. Moscow Bitch and the boize say no. Uhuh Nada. Don't even discuss or vote4 anything except nonexistent voter fraud or dum frame up.

So the HOuse just now voted2 invoke the twenty fifth amendment but Pence has2 buy in and so far no go. Repos blocked the measure, so the hOuse went immediately2 send articles of impeachment2 the Senate. Where it will languish until the new senate is sworn in with the new president.

T Rump and his sevenhundred fifty $ income tax bill, thats seven hundred and fifty dollars, that less than the poorest immigrant, legal or not, just because he ran a casino and everything else n2 the ground. fast. Really quick. They sold the rights2 push the detonate button on the T Rump Taj Mahal a few months ago. It was constructed in like ninety one and T Rump files bankkkruptcy what a year and half later? How is that even possible. Credible sources have shown that T Rump wasted or lost more $ in his life than any human being in modern history.

I would like2 ask him what was the quid pro quo when Obama fought and held his ground2 protect those with preexisting conditions.

I guess I better sign off and stoke the fires. Feed these cats.

Much love2 the Pocahontas United Pentecostal Church.

January 9 2021

And we roll. Quiet night. Stinky mama cat. The kittens r outside. LIfe is fine by the high line.

Early this morning I was pruning red oaks on Spring River in Hardy. In the mix was a dogwood. Nice Rebel Tree Care job.

@ home I set up a stage area with lights and dance floor so when my drummer comes over it's a cool setting. Stage lights compliments of MIKE GRAY @ Southern Gray Records. Plus I do Panadox backdrops, my home made videos and quirky collages. It gets some musicians out of their comfort zone with the unknown visuals changing behind them. That can b a good thing. Others thrive on elements large screen videos can achieve.

River Adventures. I do the occasional mountain bike ride from HIghland2 Saddler Falls. Now Saddler Falls2 Hardy or Highland is much tougher it seems. Whatever gets it done.

Fat week of tree care coming up.

T Rump says the protestors he urged2 commit treason are heinous. He had some other strong words. The best strong words. But he is banned from Tweeter and his thumbs are restless as he twiddles them.

Facebookers write flowery long morose reasonings why they are conservative, basically the formula is this: bring up every disproven talking point about dums, gloss over the forty thousand easily proven lies T rump has uttered as president, and scold him a little2 show u don't approve of his inciting a riot2 kill a police officer. But the Mueller Report showed what a monster he was and we enabled him. Every addict has enablers. Plural.

A poll will prove each capital rioter had @ some point complained about Pro Sports players kneeling during the National Anthem.

Kneeling in Peaceful protest ur a "Son of a Bitch," as T Rump put it, but "We love u," capital rioters and "u r special."

So the hypocrisy ratchets up. Right wing reasoning and STFU moments. Fox and others r blaming Antifa, says they infiltrated and perpetrated and Biden Eats BAbies.

Now it's stock oup on groceries, T Rump is readying2 declare martial law. One right winger says he read online that they found Pelosis and Shumers lap tops and this "new evidence" calls 4 martial law takeover yada yada. The race2 impeach is on. But congress in their rush2 save the world of this menace won't meet until after brunch.

The rights official story will devolve. Wasn't it Antifa who did the capital riot under a false flag? Or no? And Antifa is the real threat here? Right? It's Godless Liberals. Somehow. Some where. it's Godless liberals doing this harm. We should tax them, tobacco lobbyists muse, without representing them. Yeah! Find me eleven thousand votes. Hell make it twelve thousand. No eleven million. No damage the machines. Stab them with a long serrated knife then give a homeless black guy a long serrated knife. We must tax people without representing them, how else will repos.guv survive. Donate. We must force Twitter2 allow T Rump his preferred platform2 foment insurrection.

Biden awoke from a nap and checked CNN a minute, then when confronted with choices in a breifing he said he would run it by Hunter later.

vice president elect Harris chaired an antil capitalist seminar, communist techniques of dictators and con artists.

Putin loved the capitalist takeover. I mean the capital riot. he laughed with glee. Wait. So did T Rump multiple sources confirm.

Geese gaggle honking above. I think they stay near right now. I dont know where, ponds arent large enough here often, streaking coyotes can leap from the bank2 catch them I imagine. Some larger ponds nearer people. lakes...

@ any time I can hear many birds. Horses mules cows, donkeys dogs, coyotes often start up b4 dark and all hours thereafter till day light. We don't have big rangy red wolves so much as over on the Eleven Point River. We do have smallish black bears, and mountain lions bobcats, etc. Some of these predators will flourish with the wild pigs increasing.

Thats the best argument against gun control. High capacity rapid fire assualt rifles are not needed in most situations. But pig hunting is one application where this type weapon is preferred.

Some guys use knives. Not a joke. the really effective pig hunters, who use dogs2 disable the pig, use knives2 kill the pig as the dogs hold it down.

I think bow and arrrow kills of pigs should b mandatory4 certain privileges and interests. Certain occupations. Bow and arrow pig kills should feed the hungry.

    our leftovers could feed animals if it werent 4 the toxic plastic pieces that kill animals. If this plastic was made with hemp it would not harm the animals. Hemp plastic is biodegradable also. Plus hemp products dont need a fraction of the chemicals and chemical transportation costs. Boom. we just solved about a half dozen major humanitarian issues. On2 the next solution. Just. Think. Solutional...

So I guess the right wing focus groups and Kremlin research show that radical rural rightists, the 3Rs, (I just coined that phrase right this second in free flow) have a problem with computers. Specifically lap tops. And emails. Hunters lap top with damning evidence that Hunter Carlson "lost." Hillaries emails, they never really got over that. Now Pelosi and Shumers lap tops, stolen from the capital two days ago will form the basis4 martial law. Sounds about right.

    Btw Hillary was bound by federal protocol2 erase her emails.

The average illegal alien, the average poverty level worker pays more federal income taxes than T RUmp, who only pays 750$ a year because of his bankrupcies. But they are not represented. REmember one of the biggies when we kicked England2 the curb. Taxation without representation. Thats why I always thought the Tea Party were such giant hypocrites. They will tax gays, take their $. But they wont represent them. Taxation without representation has run amok as repos choke jsut enough of the popular vote. People arent voting4 dums. They are voting against repos. Eighty million ppl didn't vote4 Biden. They voted against T Rump.

Crows call, signals near and far. No Blue Jay noises when crows are near. I miss the croak of the Great Blue HEron, they are rare in Highland, occasionally raiding a farm pond or creek.

Imitating the croak of Gr8 Blue Heron is fun. My nephew Garret does it well. Darryl is ok. But when ive had just the right amount of beer, around the time my Robert De Niro imitation is clicking, I do an incredible Blue Heron.

January 8 2021

And we roll. Life is. All around u. Go MOuntain Biking lol.

Again I was way upslope of STrawberry River Ascending a large post oak very near a fine HorseShoe Bend home. I took large branches off above the roof, same with a red oak and another post oak. Reductions. Tis the season.

Tis also the Treason. T Rump now apologetic4 him, although still lying his ass off about voter fraud, he said he is now focused on an orderly transition from his presidency2 Ivankas. "We will b transfering the balance of Gold in Fort Knox2 the lock closet @ MaraLago, payable2 Trump.Org, or transferable in National Park real estate, or leaky condos in Puerto Rico.

Rudy sent the new senator from Georgia a msg encouraging him2 over throw our democracy. Or. @ least. Rudy thought it was Tommy Tuberville of Alabama. It was a reporter apparently. He called the wrong number.

Josh Hawley of MIssouri helped instigate the red neck invasion of our capital where five people died and many are facing prison. Hee Hawley lost a book deal and caught calls 4 his resignation by his mentor Danforth, (a repo likely with plenty of blood his hands), among many others of different parties so I think just desserts may b about2 b served.

Dums have all three branches of goverment, however slim margin. Be assured they will sell out, they will cave, they will bribe and waffle, and thats not great but @ least it ain;t the repos. Repos are best left snipping and sniping @ the margins while Dums clumsily help real people a little.

There are no gun 4feitures or 4bidding Christmas and God just yet. Biden did delay a plan4 the economy by asking his team2 "kill jobs." He was widely quoted by Fox when he was caught on hot mic, "We have2 stifle job creation, find a way u morons. And I want more abortions, I want box cars of dead babies, hey buy me some stock in fetal tissue, and any of those dead babies type o negative bring it2 me late @ night."

So moron tap 2moro. Tis the season.

January 6 2021

And we roll. One fire. Life is. I am a very warm person. Actually not just yet but soon. Saul Goode.

Early we were rigging a large red oak by a house high on a hill south of Hardy. right on the old Spanish Road built by Scots, Blacks and Cherokee in the seventeen eighties and nineties.

U can actually c Salem from there, or maybe Firetower hill near Salem. and someone said close2 MOuntain home. Must have been a crucial spot4 Cherokee Sentries2 watch and make smoke signals or mirrors. Legend has it that as the Scotsmen hewed the road there was a standing order or taboo that they not deviate from the trail4 any purpose4 more than a set amount4 any reason. But Scotsmen did around Pontiac Drive. Perhaps hunting, exploring... There was also a cave there likely guarded(it was imploded and concealed in 1812 as Cherokee prepared2 leave the area. So that caused a warning or sanction of some sort from Stern Cherokee Council2 Rowdy Scotsmen. Blacks were less cocky in public, though rumored2 b slave labor, strictly Taboo here in the backbone and CrowLee's Ridge, they convinced council they were paid laborers so the Scots escaped sanction on that episode.

When they heard bag pipes wafting across Forty Islands creek stern Cherokee Elder Council created a new taboo, no bagpipes...

All these rules did not set well with the Scots. They were of a rowdy royal fraternity, they loved their pipes and loved ale, But again Cherokee Elder Council intervened, Alcohol was strictly taboo here in Cherokee Arkansas. Further south here in Highland Scotsmen created Stuart, named after BushyHead, Englands Superintendent of Indian Affairs4 the southern district as Arkansas was included. Here on high land straddling French Southfork and Irish Strawberry rivers, multiple cultures merged, out near the Cherokee Village airport a turn pike road, actually a mule trail, not traversable with horse and wagon, split the road and headed west, similar the Stop light in Ash Flat. Cherokee were amazed2 find a fully operable air port and functioning street lights in this formerly wild area. Just checking2 c if ur paying attention.

So the Scots powered on, problems arose as they moved through Irish countryside, but Sacred Peace, or good intentions of Elder Council usually managed2 construct treaties and deals2 keep the peace. Though some Scots and Irish sworn enemies, others were best of friend and close family.

Slowly as the Spanish Era came2 a close in the late seventeen nineties, Cherokee and Scot continued2 merge, many living in Cave City Arkansas, then, as the rowdy bunch danced across the Devils Backbone and out of Elder Cherokee Council authority, they set up a tavern with an acoustic ceiling4 bagpipes. Ale flowed freely, and this triggered violations of many other Cherokee taboos. At Pfieffer(Piper), u could drink, have whores, whoop loudly, shoot guns, beat meta, stain glass, burn bright fires, many things not allowed just back over the backbone. But this created a wild west where murder, rape and gang ruled, law of the pistol meant short lived residence. Tougher bands of Scots plied large Ozark Swamps near modern day Locust Grove on the south side of White River. Over west of Ash Flat the road generally followed modern day 412. treading the backbone between French southfork and Irish Strawberry, there was likely a truce in ideologies as French and Irish Cherokee merged @ Agnos. Agnos means neutral, or non religious and non political in certain areas. It's a French word, likely Agnos was named around seventeen thirty as this area was under French claim and the Agnostic movement was blooming in France.

Viola was also likely founded in the FRench era, fifty years b4 Pfeiffer4 many of the same reasons. Fiddle, or violin music and dancing thereof was banned by Elder Council, taboo if u will, and Viola placed as Pfeiffer just outside the backbone, put another way both towns are in the White river drainage as opposed2 everything inside the backbone flowing2 Black River.

Though their were likely fewer Scots in Viola, it was similar in that anything taboo inside the backbone was available and encouraged. Want2 burn a cedar tree? Take multiple wives? Drink and kill, rape and cheat? Whip a slave? Viola rarely had the same operator4 long, unless a wise Cherokee returned humbly2 the backbone he was likely doomed. Rogue bands of horse thieves took cunning and toughness, but weather, miscalculation and rival tribes or slave catchers usually found all but the luckiest. With relief some found the backbone, greeted with a written post and often a host confirming taboos through different types of language: sign, French, English, Cherokee... Likely the common trade language of Mobile reached here2 merge with Osage words and some Spanish.

Once inside the backbone travelers could move along trails 2 a tepee village near the Cherokee Village Airport. En route they respected taboos, practiced Agnos, and came correct. Fiddles and pipes stayed buried in packs if carried. Fires and noise strictly regulated...

T Rump attacking Civil Rights on the way out. Making it harder4 those on the fringe2 survive.

T Rumpers storming the capital 2day trying2 disrupt the electoral college. They insist the Electoral College b replaced immediately with T Rump University. They are trying2 get n2 the capitol and burn the constitution.

I think Georgia dums won so the Senate will b split 50 50 with Vice PResident Harris the deciding vote. Thank God. Thank God quick because it will b a federal crime2 Thank God soon. LOL. F*** Trump.


January 5 2021

Quiet afternoon. Distant machinery. Trucks on 412. Acorns banging metal roof. Rush hour, small town rush hour but rush hour beginning soon.

Early this morning we were welcoming a young retiree2 the area from California by pruning trees4 semi truck clearance. Mostly oaks, collar cuts all. ANSI.

Then it was up the hill, far away I could c hills or forested plateaus of Salem AR. We rigged a tall red oak4 removal, near a fine home, ornamental night light, and smooth unbroken concrete driveway.

Then it was reducing two thirds of another red oak, side trunks 2ward the house.

Moron tap 2moro.

Georgia voting 2day. Two senators will decide the balance of power. T Rump's rallies are so full of obvious lies the fact checkers are over worked or bored. That's right its boring. T Rump and his lies are boring. T Rump lies so much his outrageous, loud grandiose lies are boring.

He called Georgia AG Raffensberger, a repo, and formerly a T Rump sycophant, and tried2 strong arm him n2 saying T Rump got 11000 more votes than he really did. A perfect call. The Georgia AG said nothing about it until T Rump began tweeting about it, then2 save himself, released the audio of the call. Perfect call.

Predictably Fox tried2 gotcha him, acting as if he harmed America by bringing the truth out. Fox despises truth with all their being, they smirk and snark, slant and distort. The feel good fake news.

So the election results in Georgia will b interesting. Plus the upcoming Electoral College ceremony where Pence has2 kiss Bidens ring. T Rump is having a party in Scotland so his Turnberry Resort wont go bankrupt. Pence is jetting around the world afterward, keeping his options open...

Iran has issued a Fatwah, or death sentence2 T Rump.

White Supremacists converging on DC. Hotels closing so they won't have the violence. White Conservatives will burn the world down unless democracy is overthrown. T rump has already burned the constitution, proving its basically a useless piece of toilet paper with repos in charge. Melania sprinkled the ashes of the constitution on the Potomac. Checks and balances my ass.

Good riddance Cheeto Mussolini.

January 4 2021

And we roll this bright sunny morning. Early we were high on a hill above Strawberry River. Foggy silver ribbon showed down slope as I moved spikeless up2 about fifty feet2 reduce a large post oak. Then another. @ risk were fences and nice shed building...

MOron tap all month...

T Rump caught on tape trying2 destroy democracy. Obvious ham handed mafia boss bullshit. so impeachable but why bother?

As I do sometimes on blockbuster stories like this I went2 Fox News2 get a laugh @ their take and sure enough. They are pissed. Not about the call2 threaten Georgia Attorney General and get him2 change the vote count, Fox is pissed about the recording of the call. The leak. Lol. I wonder if they would take the same stance if it was Biden? No they would take the leak and make a 24/7 spectacle. Thirty thousand lies by a sitting president. No problem if he is repo. but one lie by a dum? Burn the world down.

@ last count T Rump loser of some seventy law suits in a row. No one has ever lost as many law suits as him. If u count up all his private and public law suits he is a huge cheater and loser. yuge. Biggest in history.

Like his daddy's $. No one in history has ever lost as much $ as T Rump. Billions of his daddy's $.

Everything he touches goes bankrupt: T Rump steaks, T Rump vodka, T Rump water, T Rump casino(s), T Rump university... Thats just off the top of my head, I'm sure there is much longer list out there.

Ted Cruz and the heavy boiz making noize. Boy they really want2 completely and utterly destroy the constitution and democracy. They hold deeply help conviction and religious beliefs that they must lie and cheat in a massive way. Murderous whores.

@ least the Affordable Care Act, which T Rump tried2 tear down, including preexisting conditions protections, which he claimed repos would somehow protect cough cough bullshit. His way of taking unearned credit4 the quality hard work of our previous president.

it seems our forefathers thought that a few things about our democracy would b protected by checks and balances and the honor system. But ever since T Rump was a child he smirks inside, calculating with lazy evil plans every time he hears the phrase "honor system."

Repos on Facebook continue their Russian propaganda. It's almost nonsensical projection as they claim their will b no Church, no Christmas, no guns, no bibles, cannibalism, eating babies, lizard people, child pedophiles based in the basement of a pizza restaurant with no basement. etc. @ this point we have2 assume it is the repos who will ban guns, starting with Muslims, It is the repos who will ban Christmas4 the poor, the repos who eat babies and burn bibles, repos who enable child prostitution(uno T Rump was Jeffrey Epstiens codefendant in the rape of a thirteen year old girl, but Jeffrey can tell no tales), repos who are lizard people. Have u looked @ Moscow Bitch McConnel lately? And then u have Louie Gomert "Pyle,": "if this election isn't overturned we will have the end of democracy." Projection much? tipping ur hand Pyle?

So I'm back. A little wired up, helper late again, but he had a bad car accident so everything is ok not. Then a strike4 more dangerous working conditions. Now a new helper yada yada it never ends. One thing is constant. Rebel Tree Care. Quality work. recently insure4 the twenty ninth year in a row. Continually. ANSI standard. Continually.

Spring River has been up and pulsing lately from heavy rain, but not brown, green and pretty. Uh oh. I said has been.

So get er dun. keep on keeping on. Push it. Drain it. dont' complain it. Biden taunts T Rump as a whiner. T Rump instantly whined on tweeter that he was being unfairly accused of being a whiner, and that he as a rich white man has had a bad, unfair deal in life, and that no one likes him.

December 31 2020

And we roll. The last day of a strange year. Covid @ record highs (again.)

It's been a roller coaster this year. Very little off season4 me what with the real estate boom here, plus the many ppl who fled the city2 stay @ their vacation homes here.

One of my highlights was the TESLA concert fat tuesday. I had a hot date and hung w BAD MARRIAGE and FOUNDRY in the VIP section @ GRaceland. Beer and bathroom close by with no lines. I never even went2 my seat. Did I mention this was Fat Tuesday, ground zero4 the virus? T Rump knew it was deadly but downplayed it2 us. This is not in dispute.

CNN is not fake news. They bring the receipts. They show their work. They stick with it. Now OANN and Newsmax, Fox... They don't show shit. They throw it against the wall and move quickly on.

I did get a wilderness canoe trip in last spring. Seems like I did the Warm Fork in Missouri many times. I had an attractive canoe partner catch a nice trout. Little things.

I'm winging this, not checking the archives. T Rump was impeached. Then Moscow Bitch refused2 have witnesses or testimony @ the "trial."

So it goes. Repos are actively subverting democracy. Most repos openly support stamping democracy out.

New York Attorneys gearing up4 citizen T Rump. When Cheero heard the news he screamed @ workers finishing up the multi million $ refurbishins Melania ordered, to "Tear it the F Down. EFFn NOW!" and he didn't say f or effn.

I had plenty of partying this year, mostly on Spring River as bars and music shows were rare. I felt the love of several fine women this year, eight2 b exact lol. but whose counting?

I found out I have diabetes. So in the last month I have cut out sugar, potatos, pasta and beer... Yeah. It's been weird and tough. but I power on like a soldier. The state of things 2 come. AUDIOSLAVE.

I just added a new partial chapter2 WAter Spider. Breathing more life in2 my short novel of the little known First WEstern Cherokee.

I have some Panadox going on. Giant Screen behind EROSION last night. Converting old video 2 flash drive. Cuts of a younger me and scenes of many friends now gone. Mom. Dad. CRAIG. KALE. Ron Lamborgini. Zane. Orr. Zac Cooper. Jeremy Rone. Probably others. Emotional...

I dig social distancing though. I really enjoy myself better able2 focus and not distracted by petty human bs.

Sirens now here in Highland.

I have remodeled my shop. I have a giant dance floor now! I will get some pics as soon as I finish painting...

This diabetes thing has kick started my bike riding. I'm back2 putting miles on in these Ozark hills.

Tuesday was a tough Rebel Tree Care job. Four large oaks near or over houses. Major reductions. All done to a strict standard. ANSI. All day job because rain was headed in. Moron the way.

We have Medical Marijuana in Arkansas and I qualify. Maybe next year I will try it.

So it's bear down and get pruning. I have a good start on January, and that usually snow balls n2 February. And beyond...

I recently renewed my insurance for the twenty ninth year continous. So there is that.

Covid continues2 spike. T Rump botches the rollout of the vaccine. Partly from incompetence and partly in revenge. Vengeance is mine says O HOly Cheeto Mussolini Agent ORange, "all mine."

I had  beautiful trip2 Florida with family. Last week was a sprawling chinkapin oak all over two houses on Lake Cherokee.

    Chinkapin. Sounds racist. Like Juniper. Get it? Jew Nipper.

I was going2 have a virtual Blue Collar Jam but even that is falling through. Everyone is getting Covid. So hunker down or get far out. Peace Love and Happiness4 this coming year. Love Alan...


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