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September 20 2018

And we rock. Hot 2day, pushing triple digits lately. Early I was on a roof in hardy. From there I ascended up a curving leaning bushy hickory. It was a little shaky from topping performed by someone long ago. Not me. So I methodically rigged and roped everything down2 the roof or ground while my helper hustled carefully on the steep incline. Plenty of skill involved. Soon enough it was down2 the curving spar, a few sections of that off the top and we were able2 rig the rest using a massive white oak. Close calls all the way around but it went well. We left the chips @ a neighbors. A plunge in Spring river with the dog knocked the saw dust and improved my disposition mightily.

       T Rumps code broken. If he says “many People,” he means Fox News. If he says “some people,” he means fox news. If he says “everyone,” he means Fox news. If he says “believe me” he is lying. If he says “ok”, he just told a lie.

       So I’m riding like a banshee each day.

       T rump mentions transparency in a speech. He wants his opponents2 b transparent. No word on his refusal 2 testify or release his taxes.

       Good news on campaign contributions. Donors must now identify themselves. With picture id.

September 18, 2018

And we roll. Back2 work in trees. Early we rolled n2 a fine Ash Flat home. We backed the chipper n2 position and slowly prepared4 the morning. First up was installing ropes in a tall pine2 use4 rigging other trees.

            A tall top heavy walnut had a ridiculous lean so moved up slowly, tied in2 the pine just in case. But it was strong, not a lot of play, and got just high enough2 make a large reduction cut. Out over a shed the top dangled and made it ‘s way down as my ground man fed it rope and guided it down. I got a few dead suckers and snags on the way back down.

      Using the same pine tree we took a curving walnut over another shed. Close call no damage.

      Up next was a beautiful elm arching over another shed. We reduced it, taking several bushy branches over the shed, picking out a few snags from the other side. Then it was random pruning, some tough and some quick: A red oak had dangling storm damage over the house. I was able2 rig it and get it, then some more showy dead and near dead stub. Another red oak had showy dead over the yard we were able 2get from the ground. 2 sugar maples needed a little dead, a few stubs off, another huge red oak I was able2 reach a dead branch with my twenty foot pole saw. Much of the other stuff was with the twenty footer. It takes a man2 use that. A bushy crabapple was crowding the driveway, so was a redbud clump… Saul Goode now.

      Moron tap later in the week.

      Gotta go. No T Rump critique 2day. Oh theres plenty2 comment on. But. I gotta go.

I’m baaack. Hard bike romp in hot sun. So a brutal day comes 2 end. Kickn it in the AC. Redbox. May have an attractive young lady visit 2nite. U never no.

       T Rump, in blatant obstruction of Justice, orders all kinds of right wing conspiracy fodder revealed. National security b damned in this particular case. He hopes2 prove a vast conspiracy, but as in Benghazi and other futile, taxpayer wasting investigations, it will b quietly dropped when it does nothing but prove competence and diligence by a public servant.

      They may prove that Comey buys kosher pickles for his secretly Jewish wife. Or Mueller hates kelbassa sausage and therefore all polish people. Any of these will b seized upon by right wing talking heads and misrepresented AD NAUSEUM.\

      They will not mention the long string of indictments and convictions and flipping and flopping. They will not mention that this investigation is costing us nothing because they have already seized Manaforts and others cash flow and financed the investigation many times over.

      Benghazi however, and all the other dozens of “inestigations” by Kavenagh and Starr , rabid repos et al. Zilch. It cost us dearly2 hunt witches and not find any. But with this one we’ve found many and the head witch is lobbing bombs trying2 keep his orange skin.

      T RumpleStiltskin escalates his Trade War. He personally will not b defeated by China. “This will help the banks,” he tweeted, “they can scoop of farms4 a few bucks and grow legal weed.”

      T Rump pissed2 holy high hell no one believes his conspiracy theory that the dums made up the three thousand killed by last years hurricanes in Puerto Rico. If he watched any station but Fox he would have known this was coming. But he trusts Fox/Russia so when the truth pops up he is blindsided.

      Repos making no secret they will gut Social Security and Medicare “entitlements,” by raising the retirement age, imposing work requirements and other draconian measures. They have2 do this, they admit, 2 pay4 the massive tax breaks4 millionaires that is sending our deficit off the rails.

      “Yes, the deficit is skyrocketing,” repos won’t say, “that is all the more reason we need a space force that won’t pay4 itself. We can find the deficit when it hits outer space.”

      South Dakota set2 legalize weed. But first they must expose the repo misdirection. Repos claim the initiative would cost double what it will cost because they want2 also establish a bogus education department that would cost many millions. They want2 do this. It’s not on the ballot or included in any referendum. They just want2 trick people. Typical repo dirty tricks.

      Arkansas voted legal weed in. Two years ago. And. They. Say. They might get a little something going on it maybe next year. Dirty repo bastards.

      Kavenaugh character witness punts after revelations that he once signed a year book, “some women should b beaten daily.”

       T Rump, ‘World leaders wouldn’t even talk2 Obama. Completely ignored him.” Huge lie over and over. One of his favorite lies. Maybe he saw a retrospection of himself @ several summits. Remember, when a repo accuses anyone they themselves are guilty of that offense. It proves true time and again.

      Kavenaugh crafted the ejaculation and erection questions4 Bill Clinton in a viciously hypocritical hyper partisan move. Just a few years b4 that he and a buddy over powered a pretty sophomore. WE should hammer him with similar questions: sir did u ejaculate in your pants? Were u and ur buddy fond of giving each other wedgies? Did u finger a cheerleader and did she ejaculate? Why is ur ass orange? Whats that orange stuff all over ur face? Do u believe masturbation is murder?”

      The right wing attack machine is full tilt on the accuser. “We have a photo,” Ted Cruz will slyly work the room, "of u in a party dress, hair all done up, make up on. Obviously begging4 a man2 violently impregnate u.” Sessions: “we have on good credence information that u once smoked marijuana with a buck neegra. Ur shrill giggling was heard. I’ts known that u were a teaser. A whore who acted hot2 trot but never let boys penetrate u. An irritating slut known2 have shared a lesbian kiss the night she teased and shoved Brett Kavenaugh until he accidentally touched her perfect titties while attempting2 rape her with help of another boy. I mean he did not do that. We know that u gave three and a half hand jobs2 ur quarterback boy friend, but when Brett Kavanaugh requested a blow job no sir. I quote from ur best friends year book. u wrote, and i quote, “ I’m a little princess. I only lay4 stud neegros”.

      OK it’s getting dark. I need2 get around.

September 15, 2018

Wow. Hot and dry. Looks like a float trip of some sort. Maybe. Or a bike ride. Ozark adventures near by.

       My latest endeavor is free hand drawing of maps meant2 show Old Cherokee Country in Arkansas. So I can add them2 the online story Water Spider. So I guess my carpenter pencil shading will b part of Word.

       Last night was EROSION. Crisp and clean we thrashed out my original set with monster energy. That gives me and idea. We will call monster energy and c if they would sponsor a band or a stage. That’s a joke, im pretty sure they do a lot of that.

       I will post the maps here in the journal soon.  They r crude, maybe as a real Cherokee would have done. My skills are severely limited in this endeavor, I’m trying2 b patient and keep things simple. Mostly what we must understand is that the area east of the Ozark foothills was water. Open water and Cypress swamp. A thousand miles. Except4 Crow Lee’s Ridge, It was a long island, no one disputes it was Cherokee @ a very early time. Stuff shirt official would put them there by the seventeen nineties, Others know it was at latest seventeen twenty one, Some say sixteen ninety six.

       In Seventeen Sixties when French captains were transferring ownership2 spanish authorities, they  remarked that That the ChoroQees had been in the South west Missouri area4 “@ least forty years.”

       We are finding things out as archives in Europe are preserved and put on line little things that deepen our understanding of American History through European perspective.

       Quapaws painters were displayed in Europe, are on display in Europe. Cherokee knew secrets of Porcelin pottery, taught Europe how2 make porcelain. Arkansas moved white clay2 Carolina until they finally jacked up the prices and fell out of fashion.

       But they didn’t let pesky little things like the hat act, and the wool act affect them. Search and Seizure were not the French way in Arkansas. Territory was defined by watersheds, creek or river valleys. Systems of claims by French and English deeds of dividing lines dissecting watersheds complicated matters, Osage allowances of Ozarks hills east of the Devil’s backbone.

       Cherokee claimed the Saint Francis River in Arkansas. @ times they raided the upper Saint Francis, massacred some French miners way up there on the Little Saint Francis.

       Frenchmen fit well with fluid Cherokee. They did not claim dominion like English. Of the earth and of the water, French and Cherokee became Keetoowah.

       I’m no expert but Keetoowah I think are the keepers of the ancient fire. They have a secret society, And it probably developed right here in Modern day Cherokee Village and further upstream @ French Town.

       We learned of the Keetoowah Society a few years b4 the Civil War in say 1845. They were abolitionist or anti slavery and influential in several battles of war and politics as the old thirty six thirty dividing line became the line in the sand on slavery.

       So northwest of French Town, very close2 the thirty six thirty line and also very close2 the devils backbone, in actuality pressed n2 the very corner of official Cherokee Territory, is Moko.

       Moko is an African word. Festival of stilts. This was probably a Black/Cherokee area among English Cherokee and French Cherokee. Now it’s a sharp turn in the highway but then there were likely Cherokee made dams and cataracts isolating fishing pools. Cherokee were also known2 domesticate beavers2 aid in dam building but that close2 the backbone it was likely difficult2 control poaching. Some Cherokee would b preparing2 move further west, many of these treks would b fatal.

       Not all. There were times of peace with Osage, they allowed the occasional strong Cherokee2 ride along on Buffalo hunts, they traded knowledge and wisdom from way back. They managed2 avoid many diseases, in fact it was rumored they allowed Delaware and Shawnees on Eleven Point and Current Rivers2 buffer or filter white diseases coming from posts and travelers along the Mississippi waterway.  They had soundly defeated the first Spanish in their area and that was bow and arrow against the gun. The Osage surprised everybody with how far their Beaux D’ Arc bows could shoot. The thorny tree also served the Osage as natural fencing. But fires usually swept an area every few years. Ancient Osage banned indiscriminate fires or fires4 clearing land or hunting. Though Delaware and Shawnees abided in Missouri, and oral legend says Cherokee kept fire and smoke2 a minimum. Secrecy @ a premium, Secret web held strength.

       After the Earthquakes in 1812 I don’t if Keetoowahs went with the main body of Ozark Cherokee,   crossing white river and settling deep on Buffalo River. Others may have crossed North Fork, but not White, and lived among Shawnees and Delawares, also prompted2 migrate west by the Earthquakes, around Mountain Home. Three Brothers. Tecumseh Missouri is near there, Tecumseh himself was still prominent then. It was as if the Earthquake triggered Retribution by the great spirit2 smite Cherokee. The epicenter was Etowah, western Cherokee town, probably the first Cherokee Settlement in Arkansas. The earthquakes went on4 months, maybe many moved2 Ozark rocks immediately.

       Andrew Jackson somehow got Cherokee back east2 attack traditional Creeks. Jackson would repay Cherokees with the Trail of Tears.

       Many  Cherokee in Etowah or Crow Lee’s Ridge , Saint franci River moved southwest2 the Arkansas River, settling in the Russellvilee area or both sides of the river. No doubt remnant Quapaw and or Caddo blended with Cherokees @ this point.  Choctaws and  Creeks also.

       Maybe gifted horsemen earned passage as Comanche. As Cherokee by this time warred continually with Osage. Old truces and boundaries were nullified by the Earthquake evacuation. Fort Smith Arkansas was established to keep peace between Osage and Cherokee.

       So precarious peace gripped Arkansas. A printing press in Little Rock penned insulting fake news about “Savages.” But the United States had no power here. They sent fifty Lewis and Clarks up in here. None returned. U did not violate or trespass without proper sanction. U had2 know the secret hand shake so2 speak.

       I mean, who knows how it would have went down had not the Earthquakes hit. Cherokee in the eighteen hundreds were flooding n2 Northern Arkansas. Pressure 4 farm land, fur, fish and game increased. The Devils Backbone breeched often by 1808, frequent war with Osage erupted.

       There must have been times when the Osage allowed Cherokee the Buffalo River Valley. And Crooked Creek. War Eagle Creek, King’s River… Cherokee took these Rivers, occupied them some twenty more years fairly peaceful. The whole trail of tears epic, with the Cherokee civil war, then the American Civil War is a fascinating story, but I tend2 abandon the story after the Cherokee moved from Southfork River and moved over2 Buffalo River in 1812.

       So just2 b clear. Cherokee were here in Sharp and Fulton county in North Arkansas from 1696 til 1812. Not even Arkansas historians know this. Not even Cherokee historians know this. Some Cherokee know this, but I have yet2 encounter them. Probably the historian4 the Keetoowah tribe, who have a presence in Talequah Oklahoma. I wonder.

       I do know some  Cherokees from Talequah Oklahoma do visit here every few years . I’ve heard they tour  Cherokee Village in cars, marking locations of caves and secret locations, passing the knowledge on2 younger generations.

       Burial grounds, canoe docks, locks and dams. Tepee rings, place names… There is proof all around us.

September 14, 2018

Nice morning. Haven’t use the AC in a while. Deep rest. Deep wellness. Life is.

     So T Rump, who says his response2 Hurricanes hitting Puerto Rico was the “best job that’s ever been done.” Or “unsung success.” Claims the death toll was “2 or 3 people.” In reality it was almost 3 thousand people. He claims now that Democrats made that up.

     This cop in Dallas that shot a black man after entering his apartment mistakenly, supposedly, has been charged with manslaughter. But the cops are laying out her defense already. There was marijuana in his apartment. Yes the standard reason many black people deserve killing is that they smoke pot. But kneeling during the anthem is the problem.

     Hurricane slamming North Carolina. It’s “only” category one right now, but hurricane it is and causing mayhem.

     Conservative country music fans up in arms that WILLY NELSON supports Beto, Ted Cruz’s opponent. Three dick weeds rioted, burning eight track tapes of Honey Suckle Rose and pledging never2 smoke Skunk number one again.

     Eric T Rump basically calls Bob Woodward a jew with his “three shekels,” comment. That’s bad I’m gathering.

So T Rump transferred 200 million, not a typo, 2 Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE). Much of that was from FEMA, but many other departments kicked in. Everbody must share in fear and intimidation, discrimination and injustice4 the poorest and most desperate on the planet. They don’t vote. And neither do Puerto Ricans.

     I’m wondering, would congress have signed off on two hundred billion in transfers, if it was Obama. You gotta ask yourself punk America, do u feel lucky?

     We r all @ the bankrupt T Rump casino, walking ghosts searching4 our souls. We still litter as zombies, we don’t recycle either but some zombies will push shopping carts with bits of metals and glass bottles. U can get rich in one zombie hobo afternoon as highly rated documentaries can probably show.

     Pot Zombies will invade Denver. The migrant path2 warmer climes will b home2 many. Perpetual hikers can stretch $. Each post has an ATM. Zombies will reach n2 their tattered hip pockets as they approach the machine.

     Post apocalypse T Rump will b the orange zombie preaching2 masses of red hats on zombies. Melania will b that hot zombie, the one that gets the frat zombies excited.

     Getting hot again. We need about a month of rain. Creeks though refreshed slightly do not babble. I need the creeks2 babble on.

September 13, 2018

And we roll. Cray cray day yo. First up was a gnarly huge dead post oak in Ozark Acres. Hazard abounded, It was an adrenalin junkies dream though, fun in hot sun, pacing myself2 allow my ground man time2 partially clear things and tie things on, pull ropes  etc. Slicing and Dicing… Not a lot of rigging and roping but some.

      Then it was an incredible canoe trip on Spring River. Solitude, just few floaters out there as we moved upstream2 Griffin Park from Hardy Beach. My attractive partner sat close2 me. She talked and smiled, Queen of denial as I squired her. We tooled around Hardy, up n2 Forty Islands Creek, exploring High Falls, kicking it on South Fork2, good old Hardy Arkansas Canoe trip.

      Did I mention I had an attractive partner who sat close and talked? That was really nice, I’ve lacked that lately. Well, except4 those two college girls last week I’m usually solo lately. So having an attractive canoe date who sat close and talked was really nice.

      Imma try2 break free4 a Current Trip soon yada yada. Journal Veterans have heard that one b4. But occasionally I deliver. Six days of Current River is just what I need. Put in @ Montauk and get2 Doniphan six days later. Imma check but I think that’s like sixteen miles a day.

      I just checked Doniphan is one hundred twenty four miles from Montauk. That’s either six days @ about twenty miles a day, which is entirely doable on Current, But more enjoyable would b seven days @ a few less miles. Especially because u got Emminence @ the half way point, u can stock up on beer and ice, or whatever else. I think they have a steak house somewhere on Current2. But the whole trip would b national forest which rocks. No disapproving stares from breakfast nooks. No  sweaty people mowing loudly quickly with no harmony4 nature. No four wheelers with loud stereos. No sputtering weed eaters grinding n2 vital bank side vegetation. Gasoline powered speed boats show after eminence, increasing as u move south toward the state line.

      So I’m kind of gearing up4 that. I kind of want2 take a new puppy with me. Bond.

      So the hurricane is cat2 and strafing the coast, probably causing massive beach erosion and I think the rain is still 4cast2 b catastrophic. Coastal communities in I think South Carolina are getting hit with over one hundred mile per hour winds right now.

       George Washington, our first president, was a good man. T Rump, probably our last president, is not. The lies he peddles usually spell out subliminally why he is guilty and where the proof lies. He doesn’t know he doing it, he’s just a confused old man still a spoiled toddler. The Farce is real with this one. The Jedi of unaccountability. The pinnacle of spoiled narcissist, sexist racist pig. He who would b God. The Assumer. The Poser with tiny thumbs. “We’ll make a space force,” he says, “with our own space stations and rockets, we’ll put NASA out of business. Believe me, u won’t hear from NASA again. I’m shipping them2 Canada. Hey, we make them build the wall. Double down on the tariffs and discrimination, what’s a deficit?

      So I’ve been mountain biking hard. Eighteen miles yesterday, twelve or so every day. I’m on a mission. Did I mention I had an attractive canoe date who sat close and talked?

September 11, 2018

The blackness of nine eleven. The images. The jet @ full speed, the smoking towers. The hole in the Pentagram, I mean Pentagon. With no plane. I’m not a nine eleven conspiracy freak but some of their theories do make me wonder. I mean I can c both jets that hit the towers were full of fuel. And that fuel shooting down a hundred stories could melt or soften the steel girders. Not my area.

       My area is this theory, I’ve not heard it, except maybe Michael Moore FArenheit 9/11. Maybe. I need2 watch that again. Anyway eight months b4 nine eleven we watched with the world as Al Gore and George Bush remained tied, with key voting cases still in the supreme court four months after the election. Finally Bush was certified as the winner and prepared 2take the reins from Clinton. @ that point his old buddy Osama decided2 hit us. It was war with a Bush, everyone knew that over there. His father was hated4 atrocities we know nothing of. His grandfather was sole distributor of Chinese heroin.  He was universally loathed in the mid east royal circles and in the common class also. Frat boy wanna be, American excess on disgusting display. Governors of Florida and Texas, the two playboy terrorists would now call the shots again.

       That’s when Osama sent his pilots2 infiltrate and destroy as much of us as they could. Maybe George and Jeb made fun of his small penis @ summer camp. Maybe they ridiculed his marksmanship or lack of sufficient fire power, or his cassette tapes of mullet metal.

       So4 eight years Bush served as Cheney’s vice president. My point is, I don’t think Osama pulls the trigger on the plan if Gore had ended up the winner. Dum presidents have empathy4 other cultures and values, I think Osama would have backed off if Americans hadn’t put the war brat in charge.

       Now the Russians are like, we’ve seen the US president soaked in urine, grinning like a Cossack, he and his daughter owe us 100 Billion $ and the swine FBI is hounding the paper trail so by by Syria. T Rump caught on hidden camera watching Hannity during his briefing, then did a double take, “what the F*ck is a Kurd?”

        Four dead marines in Niger bcos of T Rumps bungled travel ban. Yemeni school children obliterated. Stabbing in Brazil.

       Early this morning I was strapping on the spikes and heading up a Cherokee Village post oak. This was one of those fun jobs, I was all over the place slicing and dicing, rigging and roping. I got it down2 a telephone pole and we pulled that over just right. In the mix was a crepe myrtle and the house.

       WE couldn’t get away from the neighbors, they wanted some trimming and clearing and chipping and chips, so we stayed and finished the morning reclaiming a steep landscape. Also a holly got some clearance off the house. We removed elm, hackberry, cedar, oak and redbud. There were plenty of redbud, plus I left some in perfect locations.

       The chips graced the new dog park @ Griffin Park. Fat morning4 Rebel Tree Care. Stay tuned.

September 10, 2018

And we roll. Times are a changing. It’s cooling down. Nice.

     This morning was a nice feet on the ground job in Cherokee Village. Proper pruning a variety of trees: several redbud, several northern magnolia, several holly, a couple of junipers, cedar…

     Now I have a load of chips.

     Moron tap the rest of the week.

     Repos attacking Obama’s record with lies as they do. Still trying, successfully in some circles, 2 paint him as failed president that T Rump saved. They pretend there was no economic growth until T Rump took office. They pretend Obama inherited a fine economy like T Rump. They pretend Obama started our wars. Anything2 distract from the long list of felonies T Rump’s inner circle has been convicted of already.

     His stubby little twitter thumbs spout daily nonsense, daily lies. Every single thing this president says or does is dishonest and vain. From doctoring the inauguration photos2 this morning claiming that this is the first time the GDP has been higher than the unemployment rate. Which is totally true except4 the other sixty times it has happened in sixty years. But2 the repo base, the Christian right, it’s officially true because orange Moses tweeted it.

     The socialist boogey man is the new buzzword we will hear over and over ad nauseum. Without facts2 support it, repos are saying over and over that dums are socialist and will destroy medicare. This is strange because repos are trying their best2 destroy medicare so that they can privatize it, loot it, and let the government clean it up when it fails during the next crash like it surely would have had Bush got his big wish of privatization. Socialist snow plows are warming up.

     This was actually the same argument against medicare when it was created. Repos wailed and gnashed their teeth that this radical plan2 help people would kill the economy yada freaking yada. Repos. Full of it again and again.

     They want only the filthy rich2 b healthy. They do not want 2 have2 sit next unruly black children in a doctors waiting room. They do not want ex pimps with gold teeth2 b seen by their doctor. It’s just… tacky.

     Slave patrol on. Millions of conservative snow flakes up in arms about the kneeling4 national anthem. Only a few did it yesterday on the first day of the season. Eagerly racists hope they kneel so they can rant. We must demonize and destroy those who exercise their constitutional right2 protest racism. And that is what it’s about. Institutional racism in police. The FBI warned us it was and is the biggest danger, white terrorists are infiltrated throughout law enforcement, white supremacists are caught on film every day, and every day exonerated in a cover up. Rodney King anyone?

     I think this latest killing in Dallas will result in manslaughter charges. A white policewoman accidentally entered the wrong apartment. And. Shot a black man. In his apartment. Crazy. I mean, she must have been drunk. Just unfortunate.

     Hurricane Gordon gave us an inch or so of rain here in Highland area. Never enough. Never enough just2 hold u. Never enough just2 please u. Never enough, so baby bye bye. Gr8 song by LA GUNS.

     White House press briefings down2 a trickle. “This is my show,” said Sarah Sanders touching up her make up in front of a mirror, “I’m out there in the trenches with the enemy battling4 God. God directs me2 lie my fat ass off every time I open my pig mouth.”

     She suggested they “cleave journalists in twain,” with copper scythes.

     Fox mad that Obama mentioned that Benghazi was a political stunt. “Four dead Americans would dispute that more hearings than nine eleven that found nothing were political.”

     Omarossa releases tapes of T Rump’s circle laughing and joking about four dead marines in Niger.

     Stormy Daniels. Winning.

Three thousand coat hangers sent2 Susan Collins of Maine. Some kind of abortion statement, maybe, and I’m winging it here, there will b lots of illegal abortions once Brett Kavenaugh is in charge. Perjury will b commonplace and acceptable. Life stops@ birth, and masturbation is murder.

     Teachers making less than twenty years ago. CEO’s make more $ in one morning then Teachers do in a year. By destroying the Affordable Care Act and passing the tax cuts, repos are insuring that wealth inequality increases.

     One third of T Rumps time as president has been @ his own properties, @ standard retail rates. The amount of $ spent on Golf Cart rentals could fund universal health care in Rhode Island. That may b a joke. Not sure. Clean the water in Flint maybe?

     T Rump refuses2 answer questions about obstruction. Even in writing. If I’m Mueller I’m like okay we’ll go with treason. Answer the question. I haven’t excused the witness. Look @ me u little bitch. U fucking weasel answer the questions. We know the anwers, but we want2 hear u say it. Speak boy, no treats until u admit what you have done.

     Considering the only time he has ever backed off was when he contritely changed “I don’t know why it would b Russia,” that hacked our election, 2 “that was supposed2 read I don’t know y it wouldn’t b Russia.” So he blames lack of movement2 protect our election integrity against Russia on autocheck.

     Mostly because the Russian bots are just as active as before with still very little realization of the fake memes and fake likes, fake news, fake outrage, fake superiority. Many still attack Obummer and Killary as our nations downfall while  T Rump tees off.

     And uno what, he said over and over he wouldn’t b playing golf. He said over  and over he wouldn’t have time2 play golf, he would be2 busy working.

     It’s apparent he works hard2 slander opponents and seek hollow vengeance, preoccupied with character assassination and lies. Books and memos coming2 light are showing this2 b the case. Instead of working2 help this country, every morning T Rump is deep n2 spreading pathetic conspiracy theories, demonizing, hollow self promotion and dangerous grandstanding.

     He takes his leads from Fox News, they imply and he runs with it, obstructing Justice and polluting his office each tweet.

          T Rump promoting corporate flexibility. But flexibility was stricken as a consideration when applying for disability. As never b4 now under this orange monster, the disabled must demonstrate their ability2 jump through hoops.

     So we find out Kavanagh, willing author of the cigar and ejaculation questions designed2 embarrass Bill Clinton, also authored the Idea that the Clintons killed Vince Foster. Yeah, this guy is neutral. Un biased. Right.

     He is pro torture, so repos love him since Muslims are terrorists and tell us secrets when tortured. Wait. No they don’t. of all the torture we do rarely are any important details found out. Maybe if we didn’t torture and bomb, and invade and murder innocents, we wouldn’t need2 torture and bomb, invade and murder innocents. And wind energy might help us not do that, recycling, sharing… Hemp. Alternative fuels and methods. All of these things would most likely allow us2 extricate ourselves from these heinous wars and others on the Horizon as Mueller closes in.

     Hurricane Florence bears down on the Carolinas a strong category 4. Maybe higher by landfall Thursday.

     Water shut offs in Detroit. They want blacks2 pay extra4 the lead.  

     NRA increasingly implicated in Russian election meddling and money laundering.

     T Rump brags that he could bring “ruination”2 Canada.

     Kocks create still yet another Dark State conspiracy lobbyist corporation2 funnel still yet millions more untraceable cash n2 far right repos attack campaigns. History will not judge those fake ass hypocrites, those soulless cowards well.

     Slacker finds himself right behind T Rump @ a raucous “lock her up” rally. He seems perplexed, not clapping and smiling, quickly, he is replaced by bouncy women, who, as soon as they get their place begin their laugh/applause parade act. Paid actors. Not crisis actors that’s a different section @ Fox, this is the T Rump glee club of paid professional happy actors. The Crisis actors, another group of paid professional actors @ fox cry. They are bereaved @ some imagined slight, snow flakes with egg shell egos. But it’s good money, or plenty of malt liquor.

     The guy was interrogated by the Secret Service then ejected and told not2 return. All4 a frown of confusion. I know this sounds like a fascist country, and indeed it was not in America. It was in Montana.

September 5, 2018

And we roll. Got back2 work this morning even though it is still labor week. A neglected Cherokee Village pin oak needed lots of love. More like blood sweat and tears. I am the only man around worthy of the the job. Also others needed slight lifts off the gutter, but comprehensive pruning of the featured oak was most of the job. Very little live branches, just enough2 clear the driveway and road slightly, plus some old stubs were still alive barely. Malpractice remains rampant in the industry.

       I’m lining up next week already, Tropical depression is headed2 Arkansas so hopefully we will get some substantial rain.

       Nike chooses Colin Kapernick as it’s spokesman. Stupidly I wore a nike shirt on my bike ride 2day, lucky I wasn’t shot.

       Contentious hearing for the Supreme Court nominee. Repos say the records they placed in a stack behind the congressional dumpster an hour b4 the hearing began is plenty of info and plenty of time.

       Ted Cruz getting desperate. He groveled4 T Rump2 endorse him. T Rump called him Lyin Ted4 most of the campaign. T Rump insulted his wifes looks and implied his father shot JFK. Now they are banding 2gether 2 kill the poor4 big petroleum. Not a joke lol.

       T Rump stressed out about Bob “Watergate” Woodward’s new book. It paints T Rump in a truthful light. And. It is unflattering. Also T Rump says protestors are embarrassing America.

Kavenaugh pleads the fifth on whether he will uphold pre existing conditions. He thinks presidents are above the law, but the sick are beneath him.

       Marco “Polo” Rubio and Alex “Sandy Hook is a hoax” Jones in a shoving match.

       T Rump: we should change libel laws so truthful books like Bob Woodwards can’t b published.

       T Rump: we should make an unconstitutional law banning protest.

       Saturday was a fun float on Spring River. I pinballed from DJ2 DJ, then Howard’s was classic. I wore my tie dye kilt and made the rounds. I even did Karoake4 the first time ever. I tore up some WHITESNAKE, two songs, and then some ALICE IN CHAINS with a little hotty singing backup. Gr8 night with BAD BRAD, ALLIE, COLBY, MACKENZY… Kerry Wayne had a big smile2.

       So it’s bear down on the bike. I’m mountain biking hard in big sun but I can handle it. Maybe a bike ride2 the river soon? A multi day canoe run down the white? I would love a woman with me, maybe I will get on an adventure dating site but they always want sex.

       Crazy Town, Blatantly Shady, Unhinged, Constitutional Crisis…

       T Rump says he has pics of Mueller and Comey kissing. That makes the investigation illegal. Plus there was no collusion, ever anywhere, yada lie yada lie blah lie blah lie blah.

       I watched some TV yesterday and I usually don’t. I was shocked2 c  T Rump moving his mouth voicing lies. His hair, his orange complexion. The lies. It’s sick. He is a sick bastard.

       So bring it on Gordon, spin out of Mississippi and get us good. A few inches of rain does a county good.

       I’m learning Spanish and French. Mostly by looking up words4 South Fork, Black, White, etc. and searching4 clues as to Cherokee doings here and how Spanish and French “rule” affected them.

       Like Black River is Rio Negro, or Metis Riviere maybe.

       So Rebel Word is on. Rebel Tree Care, Rebel River Adventures, Rebel Word…All that is covered. Panadox is active as I watch giant screen movies in my small house. EROSION in house Friday4 a full band jam. Life is. And then u.

       I went2 the hall of fame ceremony and accepted an award. Well, I didn’t except an award lol. I touched base with a few legends, Scott Street, all American quarterback and hellacious rebounder, good Christian man. Johnny Carter, the collective voice and conscious of Highland Sports, and Sandy Golden Murphy, tall and poised, beautiful state champion, also mother of another state champion. JE Murphy, Robert Wiles, Kurt Weiand… Legendary coaches Katrosh and Haney. I got their a little late so I missed a lot. Saul Goode. Pace.  


August 29, 2018

And we roll. Hard hot job 2day.  A ridiculously tall skinny dead pine had2 b pulled just right. A dead cedar was all over wires. Plus a lot of cleanup from yesterday. The morning was brutal, big heat plagued us. Until. We were finishing up literally the last minute, a cool breeze swept through and dark blue clouds  were grouping, rain began2 spat, thunder… But now much later still no real rain. Yesterday I did a plunge in Lake Thunderbird, this time I skipped it but was just as wet. Charlie Horse has attacked me this afternoon, scary.

      T Rump spouting fake news about Hillary again. Emails yada yada. The FBI quickly showed him a liar, surprise.

       T Rump claiming if Dums win the midterm they will attack the right with “violence.” This can mean only one thing. The right will attack with violence. Win or lose.

      Tony “Evil Hypocrite,” Perkins quickly took2 talk shows2 echo that point, but was tossed off a CNN show when his inane gibberish got nauseating. He is hurting Christianity with his hatred and hypocrisy. And so is Franklin “G Munny” Graham.

      Florida closer2 electing their first black governor. What a change that would b. Their current governor Prick Scott is the whitest guy ever. From his white chrome dome2 his drug testing equipment,  Prick Effn Scott is wrong. Already the T Rump repo style is rampant in Florida as a repo warned Foridians not2 “Monkey it up,” by electing the black guy.

      Scott Walker and Ted Cruz using up huge out of state SuperPac funds2 spread false accusations, known as fake news since the day after T Rump won. A blitzkrieg of attack ads will saturate Wisconsin and Texas, as well as all other states.

      Citizen United and other rulings make it ez4 secret corporate interests influence elections. Plus Russia is running unabated, unfettered or hindered by T Rumps administration, they continue using bots and fake websites, creating memes that run on Facebook2 feed on hatred and hypocrisy. Remember “Obama attacks Christianity.” That headline was 4warded by many people.  Not many actually read about it. All he did was sign an order attempting2 assure that companies that receive federal funds could not sexually discriminate as defined by the Supreme Court.

      Repos chip away @ civil rights, down right oppose them4 non white, non Christian, or non rich. Betsy DeVos, filthy rich Trump crony running the Education department is attempting2 get those federal funds4 private schools, and yet allow discrimination in the name of religious liberty. That makes her a whore.

      Repos often talk of the founding fathers and their Christian intent. This is debatable, what is not debatable is that congress is supposed2 b checks and balances on the executive branch. Not so 2day. Congress is running cover4 T Rumps evil tricks, providing cover as he maims and mangles our constitution, our country. He is shafting us with no lubrication as they watch from shadows. We are forced2 the walk of Slut shame as we stumble, confused, 2 a taxi.

      I need some river. Ice Mr. Charlie Horse down.

    Dums introduce a bill2 ban Christmas.

August 28, 2018

And we roll. Brutal morning in the Urban Forest. Early we were on the shores of Lake Thunderbird. A variety of tasks tested us. First up was broken off pine spar over a delicate rock wall, the driveway, wires, and the road. We got it down safely but it rolled and crushed part of the wall. So I hope I make $ on this job. I got the rock guy looking @ it. Shtuff happens. It’s been awhile since I damaged anything, it’s been a lucky run actually, this was my fault I did a couple of things less than perfect. Deal with it. Also on tap was gnarly large dead red oak. Lot’s of tricky rigging, rough and tough over the house and wires and driveway... Also a way tall skinny cracked pine almost got a wooden privacy fence. Moron tap 2moro. Another skinny pine, this one dead over wires. A dead cedar. Dead dogwood. Clear some privet. Plenty of brush chipping and rake up, detail…

     In the mix were vicious yellow jackets. I got stung several times, painful all morning, swelling and loss of feeling in my fingers and nipples.

     T Rump mad because Google supposedly slants everything liberal. They don’t, but he wants them2, then he and Fox can sabotage left leaning, or truthful, websites, just like they did with the health care market place. I will never 4get snarky Fox news running that stalled browser all week. It's like they knew it was sabotaged. Like they conspired with the Heritage Foundation2 attack America with state of the art viruses they and Russia developed. They reveled in the difficulties regular folks had shopping4 health care. T Rump/Fox/Russia/Heritage Foundation: attacking Americans..T Rump thinks google is unfair darn it. No word on the Russian hacking. Russia bots flooded Facebook with sensationalist click bait demonizing Hillary. I've seen very few liberal memes ever. But until I blocked some people it was constant InfoWars. Alex Jones kept promising that big HIllary damaging announcement, probably right about the time of the T Rump Tower meeting with Russia, because T Rump also was promising dirt on Hillary. Then that movie about Benghazi, or maybe b4 that, in it I'm sure Hillary gives the stand down order. Boy the whacko right was sure that movie would b bigger the Passion of the Christ.

     We can only pray the dums take back what is ours. Stymied @ every turn, dums who suffered relentless fake scandals and exhaustive, speculative suspicious questions can not do that2 repos, It's not fair. REquests 4 records are stymied. Obstruction. Of justice. Obstruction of ethics. We are constipated with repo obstruction. We need a movement.

     This mornings tweetstorm is based on a fake fox news story claiming liberal bias on the internet. Total Fabrication as Fox does. If they accuse, they are the culprits. They suffocate truth, then claim the dums are suffocating truth. They “rebrand”, changing the names of policies2 take credit4 them. Don’t like the Affordable Care Act. Call it, say, American Freedom of Health Care unless u r gay. Don’t like trade agreements because u have run them down4 years and it would b embarrassing2 admit u r wrong because now that u c the truth u realize it was 4 the best? Just change the title of the agreement, instead of NAFTA, a dirty word2 fake fox news and that ilk, Just make up new initials, say, T Rumps new name agreement(TRNNA) that is exactly the same as b4. But the rally, oy vey, the parade4 the Gr8 TRNNA that the Gr8 T Rump masterfully negotiated. The best.

      T Rump banned from many weddings and funerals. His cold words about John McCain were hollow and dead like T Rumps soul.  He is, in the eloquent words of Greg Popovich, classy, spiritual and respected PRo basketball coach of the San Antonio Spurs: a "soulless coward."

     McCain was a gr8 American hero. POW. He was not perfect, 4 one thing he was repo and that’s blood on his hands. He was neck deep in Iran/Contra and the savings and loan scandal. He was a class act losing2 Obama. And he saved the Affordable Care Act with his last minute switch. He did the only thing a decent human being could do, he saved thousands of lives with that one vote. Maybe millions.

     He was scheduled by the CIA2 die after eight years so he wouldn’t b held accountable4 the mayhem he would have caused by implementing repo policies had he won. It worked with Reagan. Ronny Ray Gun was so addled with dementia by his eighth year he couldn’t even remember bargaining with terrorists and fostering dirty secret wars financed by Crack cocaine. Bush did the dirty work, Ronny and mommy just let them borrow the keys.

     But Fox peddles lies and it has an effect. Not only does Joe the Plumber believe them hook line and sinker, but Congressmen, and even Supreme Court justices use false information from Fox2 shape their opinions. There is a long list of errant lies mimicked in dissents or majority rulings that make no sense unless u backtrack and realize what Fox has done. Scoffers go2 hell. Facts are not alternate facts. Reality shows are not reality. I know. I was in one.

     Repos desperately trying2 cover up4 cutting security @ Benghazi by falsely framing Hillary are now cutting security @ embassies again. Four dead Americans is a small price4 buying every CEO a new yacht. Piss on u. It will trickle down.

     The gigantic tax cut is crippling our budget and skyrocketing the deficit. Crickets from the right.

`    They are making no secret that Social Security and Medicare are on the chopping block. Every single one of these heinous repos ran on the mantra: “no cuts2 medicare and social security.” So instead of cuts, they are “restructuring,” with the same effect as cuts. Or simply raise the retirement age so people die about the time they are eligible. But only the people who need it. And their jobs.

     Notice the monstrous gerrymandering maps resemble creatures? I think they follow streams because rich people live there and they tend2 vote repo, then cut poor districts, who tend2 vote dum, in half2 neuter their vote. Then simply close most of the voting centers4 blacks. And purge the rolls so changed addresses and other poor people  and student factors make it frustrating and near impossible2 vote. These factors, 2gether with a constant smirky barrage of fake Fox News and slanderous attack ads on all Sinclair owned media, which is much of it, give repos a ten point edge.

     Then when in power like now, they blame aliens and liberals and open up new “voter integrity” and “gerrymandering task force,” etc. designed2 undermine integrity and strengthen gerrymandering efforts, find out ways cheat more.

     Kind of like the EPA and Education and every cabinet department, put sworn enemies of those departments in place and rig it, make it easier2 cheat. Because cheating is cool with repos. The only thing important is winning. Beating libs. Party b4 country. The hell with the planet. Destroy all. And rub it in. What's the point of being filthy rich if u can’t rub it in? But b sure2 paste all those anti bullying stickers on grade schools. Ivanka designed them and sells them, even gets a cut of the distribution and protection. She makes serious bank on those bundles of Anti Bullying stickers. That is probably a joke.

     One prominent journalist proposes instead of fact checking T Rump, truth check him. Assume everything, every word is a lie, which he is getting very close2, and then just bring up any truths that made it out of pathetic, irritating orange bung hole/mouth.

     Betsy DeVos: instead of using funds4 books and supplies let’s make teachers buy them from their own salaries and use federal funds 2 buy guns2 stock up in every school. Plus we’re getting a gr8 price on armored personnel carriers and tanks4 shows of force @ Kindergartens.

     So let Cheeto Mussolini stew about media giving more time2 the Mueller investigation and ignoring Comet Pizza.

    US flag upside down above the White HOuse.

    Manafort trial delayed because he may be cooperating. The unindicted co conspirator in chief will b lashing out @ blacks or Mexicans soon. Or probably Koreans though, if Manafort flips watch out Southeast Asia. Stock up on gas masks and T Rump water.

    I mean the day Cohen flipped and named T Rump an unindicted co conspirator suddenly we caught an illegal and framed him4 murder. Build the DAmn wall NOW! memes exploded. Now it is Korea who will explode2 distract us from Manaforts flipping.

    Or maybe  T Rump decides2 act on some whacko far right hunch that we need2 take over Venezuala's oil. Valeros will b T Rump gas. While we fill up they can play the tape of him bragging about grabbing a married womans pussy and striking out. and assaulting other women Or him humiliating Miss Australia on stage as she wins, bragging about her putting out backstage a few minutes ago. They can show a photo of  T Rump adjusting Miss California's sash, poking and groping her breast while she grimaces. Howard Stern is a prudish square compared2 T.

    I mean who bribes and cheats so much2 get a casino, then pleads bankruptcy within a year? Amid boarded up deserted rooms heroin dealers pay local cops2 stay away from the palace penthouse. That's where the high dollar hoes r. Just like always. New Jersey. What a shit hole. T Rump and Chris Cristie got fat off New Jersey. But Russia was willing2 gamble on a stooge like T Rump. FAt loans. Plenty of whores. Money laundering in real estate is ez. Fifty trillion4 a beat up condo in Cayman? Sure. Just pay cash and we will distribute it around slums all over the world. A cool billion4 a cheap sky scraper in Miami? Will u take a million in coke? An air strip in ARkansas bargain basement @ fifty million. Plane loads of cocaine priceless. A Russian pop singer wants a deck over the bay, but the roof leaks and the floor is uneven, it appraised4 thirty million how bout forty? Regulation is killing us. We r the job creators. T Rump has thirty corporations with six employees total. Most job creators are empty, untraceable offices in Bermuda. But they don't hire gays. They sponsor church missions, no Methodists of course, and check the anti choice box but not the quality of life4 all people box. Life ends @ birth.

    Native Americas gather in Washington. They want2 c T Rumps tongue. They believe it is forked. They also want2 assure themselves he has only one face. It is not pale, they will say, but orange like the blood moon. This does not bode well.

            Howard Baswell's photo. Typical Saturday.

August 23, 2018

And we roll. Down the road. Late and early bike rides as I line up Rebel Tree Care jobs4 next week. Im piling miles on, bearing down. Now that the big heat is relaxing I’m able2 push it harder.

     In a good place. I am an island but I am in a good place.

     I must piddle. I must jam. I don’t think I have a full band rehearsal Friday cos I’m thinking about camping @ Howards and getting a head start on a float Saturday. I have a tree job there Friday so I may just take my canoe and fishing pole. Howards will b a little easier2 fish with the water down a little. Currents are scattered and weaker, not the vicious early summer flow. I need me some trouts. I may take my acoustic and do a campfire set. I want2 take the bike and do a romp @ some point. Actually Panadox would b cool. I may do a trial run on that, I’ve been threatening2 4years, a gigantic screen waterfall would rock @ night.

     Word. Blog blog, blog about it. I gotta woman won’t blog about it. Says she doesn’t need it, she can do it without it. If I try2 push it she says shove it. Baby if u try it maybe u will like it. TESLA.

     In response2 being named as an unindicted co conspirator yesterday, T  Rump lied about Obama, stoked hatred of immigrants by using the death of a college girl2 politisize his hatred of brown people, and then encouraged apartheid in South Africa, seeking the destruction of family farms there and here.

     This false conspiracy fake news he is promoting paints white people as the victim once again. Just like here, with War on Christmas, Attacks on Christianity etc. Free stuff is not enough4 these crisis actors. They must discriminate blatantly, they must establish superiority through inferior works. They must become rich so they can demonize those who fail2 become rich. Just as Jesus would do.

     T Rump says the stock market would crash and everyone will b poorer if he is impeached. Or if he is not impeached. I hope they get him on Treason because Pence and all the others get convicted2.

     His campaign manager, Deputy campaign manager, National Security Advisor, Foreign policy advisor and lawyer have all pled guilty.

      T Rump says cooperating witnesses should b illegal. Uno who wants cooperating witnesses2 b killed? Mob bosses. People @ the top of the crime family pyramid who are sent2 prison if witnesses cooperate.

     I wonder what he says about bearing false witness? Probably that he never does it, but Obama and Hillary do that only.

     Hawaiians relocated because of volcano now face monster hurricane Lane. Puerto Ricans, still without power and water from last summers double hurricane whammy lounged about on the beach and collected cash FEMA payments while scamming the system. I kid Puerto Rico, T Rump showed up with paper towels that one time so they should b good.

     Texas Lt. Governor: Democrats and media are accomplices in Mollie Tibbetts death.” NO word on the conspiracy2 commit treason charge coming down the pike4 the leader of his party.

     Mollie Tibbets disappeared two weeks ago. They likely found this illegal alien guy a few hours after Cohen pled guilty.

     How many other women were killed by whites in that two weeks? One percent of murders are aliens except in Roswell New Mexico.

     England asks Bolton if T Rump is a security risk. Flustered Bolton bolted. T Rump is uniting the world against T Rump.

     Betsy DeVos, trillionairre secretary of Education that wants2 enrich all her friends by destroying public education in favor of private schools, still angry her forty million$ yacht registered in Cayman was defaced, is now using funds intended4 education of low income students2 buy guns. “This will educate low income students. Educate them that if u steal u get a cap in ur ass. Teachers must stand their ground. Anyone who opposes arming kindergartners is a Russian sympathizer and Libtard. We must bring people 2gether.”

     That reminds me. I own guns. I like2 shoot them. I must shoot them. Must. Shoot guns.

     Time4 another ride. I did twenty miles yesterday, soon I will have twenty 2day.

     Piddling more with cool weather. Ricking fire wood up months in advance. Life is cool.


August 21, 2018

And we roll. Rainyish day. Spitting and sprinkling as we finished up. Early we were on the banks of Spring River removing a declining cherry, dead elm, dead dogwood, and severely declining black locust. Much of it had2 b rigged down2 avoid wires, gas tank, shed, dogwood, and the house. Luckily a huge red oak was nearby and we used it4 rigging. Life is good @ Rebel Tree Care.

     So work is slowing down. Sporadic. I don’t mind. I’ve been on the river a little, Saturday was Howard’s. Had a blast watching Katie Sunshine hoola hoop and rocking out, swimming and rapid surfing. Frisbee. Then BAD BRAD showed up, no daughters this weekend so we got n2 some Pussy Control. Nice time on Upper Spring. The wet beaver 3k.

     Manfort jury deliberating. Cohen talking about a plea deal. Many former friends and advisors of T Rump taking plea deals in this rigged witch hunt.

     T Rump claims he doesn’t like wind power  because it kills birds. He likes coal, it kills people.

     So this Kavenaugh POS up4 the Supreme Court is the one that engineered the personal questions4 Bill Clinton about who squirted what where and when. But now he’s all Presidents are above the law. He means repo presidents of course.

     T Rump: Rat Cohen and evil angry dums and their rigged witch hunt. I will fire them and revoke their security clearance and all social security then give them a wedgy and stuff them in a trash can.”

     Melania the same day: “cyber bullying is wrong. And mean. We must not allow this practice in America. WE must stand up2 bullying. Whoops gotta go service the old orange guy. “

     With a big coal lobbyist running the EPA, they are trying2 rephrase the EPA’s estimate of thousands of premature baby deaths annually. They say that @ long as the baby deaths are not abortion, everything is cool.

     Elizabeth Warren detailed a comprehensive set of ethics and business reforms such as stop the revolving door between big business and government. Stop self dealing by elected officials. End lobbying as we know it. End corporate capture of rule making. Restore faith that ordinary people get a fair shake in our courts. Hire independent corruption police.

T Rump fired back with a one word response on twitter: “Pocahontas.”

Manafort found guilty, eight counts.  Cohen guilty. Eight counts. Cohen says he did it when orderered2 "by a candidate." T Rump is squirming. Fox News ran an expose' of HIllaries Email Timeline, speculated some time on exactly when she gave the (fictional) stand down order,, and interviewed pretty young preteen girls about their time as a sex slave4 Bill. Then a six hour special on a surfing squirrel.

    Seriously leads with the Bachelor, yada yada, then a misleading headline, partial verdict in Manafort trial, jury cannot decide yada yada they imply that the jury is unsure yada yada, then right next2 it: Democrats Sentenced in house IT scandal. If it was the campaign manager and Pit Bull lawyer of Hillaries do u think they would b more prominent? Fox News is not News. It is Glossy misrepresentation2 fool fools. It is spin. It is propaganda4 the Repo National Committee. Hypocrisy is no way2 govern.

Watch now4 the attack ads as they build. Repos have no policy but kill health care and give the absolute richest more $ and whittle or hack the poor, force them2 pay more, make their lives harder economically and socially, embarrass and demonize the poor. Ridicule and wound the poor. Celebrate money and power, greedily get all u can while stepping on others. Climb the ladder with an effn machete. Run the government like that, predator capitalism. The disabled are ez2 kill. Murder those down wind. Down Stream. Down HIll. Relax sewer regulations, this socialism is ruining jobs. Joe the Plumber should not have2 get that back flow preventer, or even have a license, thats regulation. Septic waste should b in the streets if u havent formed a neighborhood government. 

    Cohen "The Boybarian" pleads out. They say he's gonna do time, but will T Rump pardon him2 get him2 recant. Then we will have a constitutional crisis when  T Rump goes martial law. He will send the National Guard2 Afghanistan first, then kick up a vicious war with Argentina. He may take off in a Space Station with fifty Miss Universe contestants and have a malfunction causing long term travel2 the moon or some shit.

    His underground city sprung a leak. THat was gonna b his get away but J Kush told his coke friends about it and they are all like Brad Pitt in the twelve monkey movie and it messed it up4 true Trumps. So the space force will b the way2 go. Pence will help see him off, we can watch T Rumps video blog every morning, Fox will ponder his greatness, and the fifty beauty queens will make fifty reality shows.

    If they investigate T Rump4 real estate deals a fraction as much as they did bill and HIllary he will b in prison in a month. Well, the appeal will stretch out twelve years. Money laundering is one charge I think. so who he was laundering $4 becomes an issue. Plus funneling the payoffs2 sluts through the Political Action Committee. Specifically @ T RUmps order. Boy those coal miners will b fired up @ 2nites rally.

    Michelle Bachman on Christian Goth  Tee vee shows in response2 the guilty pleas she incited Christians2 blame and investigate Obama and Hillary4 spying on T Rump. She is an evil little whore. She needs2 dance the gay in. She should free her mind, her ass may follow. Dirty Dirty whore Michelle Bachman "Turner Over n drive."

August 16, 2018

And we roll. Nice humid morning in the urban jungle. First up was  reclamation=Services. Removing giant clumps of privet.  A few hackberries and a redbud. I don’t usually take the redbuds, but this one was almost lying down in the yard and another real nice one was right there so bye bye redbud.

       Then it was over2 Lake Thunderbird, another reclamation, driveway clearance, removing privet, persimmon, and more redbuds. There are plenty of others and these were all over the road and driveway… Nice steamy morning. Rebel Tree Care.

       It stormed hard last night. Hard rain4 a little while. Maybe even a legit soaker. Hard thunder. Huge thunder near by. Bolt Upright.

        T Rump admits2 Obstruction in new interview. He admits he pulled security clearances4 career guys because they are participating in the rigged witch hunt. Even though they got him elected by casting false doubt on Hillary four days b4 the election, and kept T Rumps involvement with Russia under wraps. O it’s rigged all right. Against the working poor.

       Arkansas attorney general Leslie Rutledge under fire4 lying about her time @ the Department of Human Services. Shes repo so I’m sure she sabotaged the affordable care act or anti discrimination rules. and then went2 work4 Mike Huckster. Shes repo. That’s all u need2 know.

       Ben “Cartwright” Carson and T Rump bringing segregation back in public housing. Because. Obama opposed segregation. Obama was against murder2 so repos are murdering as many working poor as possible.

       Elizabeth wArren plans2 make corporations accountable 2 more than just shareholders. And. Just like that. She becomes public enema #1.

       Immigration chief strikes “nation of immigrants,” from mission statement.

       Epa and others, almost all others in this administration doing the same. It’s a repo trend, scott walker did it with his education dept, Scott Pruitt changed key sentences, flipped the script on the Epa mission statement from “protect” the environment, 2 “destroy” the environment.

       Prick scott stumping4 a rail service in florida. He. Is. Heavily. Invested in. “it worked with drug testing, man I make effing bank with that scam, and we caught over a dozen people with marijuana in their system getting disability. Saved the state several hundred $. Plus I dismantled the state EPA2 save a boat load of $, the regulations were killing us. Also 2day I’m declaring a state of emergency because of the red tide that is killing our wildlife and tourism industry. Liberals claim  It’s from unregulated agriculture, but they are using fake science. It’s god’s retribution4 gay abortion. I’m a bald bastard, servant of evil. In Gods holy name I pray.”

       PuSSY GRABBER minion FRANKLIN GRAHAM COMPARES Chelsea Clintons pro choice stand2 hitler marching jews 2 the holocaust. No word on the fact that hitler studied our treatment of Native Americans and patterned his acts similar2 what we did2 them.

       I’m sure franky is fine with native genocide, ethnic cleansing and bombing innocent civilians in the name of mega petroleum profits and ceo bonuses. He should b drug screened b4 receiving government handouts and tax free status.

       Black first grader expelled from private Christian school on first day4 wearing dreadlocks. So much4 religious freedom. Ever hear of Rastafarianism? It will serve the church/school right if he shows up smoking a joint next time under police protection.

       Repos under indictment or accused of rape deciding2 run4 office. It’s a trend. Pedophiles particularly are filing as repos4 various office. But al franken touched a co workers boob as a prank sixteen years ago and gets booted. Hypocrisy @ all?


    Georgia woman exposes Russian hackers inside the voting machines. And. In special Jeffy sessions Justice department. Gets five years in prison. Not a joke.

August 15, 2018

And we roll. Rough and tough morning in trees. First up was a dead blackjack. Rough chipping, plenty of raking…

      Then it was a large post oak crowding the house, A bushy blackjack all over the house, and three other post oaks crowding the house. In the mix were wasps, both black and red… Proper pruning all round. Nice Rebel Tree Care morning…

      Hard rides each day… River trips in the making. Panadox each night. EROSION in house often now, my band is young and lean. KILE and JAVIER rock my set. Word-I’ve been touching up and breathing life n2 Water Spider, my novel about the Cherokees here in Fulton and Sharp county from 1696 til 1812, Life is rich and full. Life is… And then u…

      T Rump warring with ex staffers. The best people. Omarossa, Brennan… many other best people.

      Department working in unison2 obstruct and hide… Justice and EPA. Treasury  and commerce helping launder $ and hide it from the Special Counsel. Election integrity head suppressing votes, Gerry Mander is the new election head.

      Education  head helping discriminate. Across the board and round the horn the best people are racist, cheating repo assholes.

      Sarah Huckster uses blatantly false figures2 prop T Rump up, then issues a non apology hedging the numbers yet again in her apology. Lies on top of lies, on top of lies, under lies.

      “Obama lied all the time, every word out of his mouth. T Rump has brought more dignity and respect2 minorities than that black poser ever did. T Rump shows us every day that white people are in no way superior or even equal.”

      I have2 mention what Sacha Baron Cohen did2 Sheriff Joe “Our Pie Yo,” He got the racist felon2 admit he would give T Rump head. Or was it let T Rump give him head?

      Pennsylvania looking4 a new logo. One that strikes fear n2 the hearts of opponents. They have narrowed it down2 either the predators or priests. Maybe combine the two and make it predator priests. Joe Paterno was just the tip of the iceberg.

      Fourteen year old on the ballot4 Governor in New Hampshire.

      T Rump called him an immature bully, threatening2 give him a wedgie. And nick named him skid mark



Nice day. Chilln.

Okay I’ve kind of traced the entirety of Devils Backbone. I was looking @ the history of Cape Gerardo, trying2 find something about the sheer enormity of the body of water back in the sixteen and seventeen  hundreds.  One thousand miles.  French mariners knew it2 b the largest fresh water cape in the world.  Half of Arkansas and Mississippi and Louisiana, backing flat water way up2 Saint Louis or Indianapolis,  Dallas. Until we drained the swamps this vast freshwater wet land swamp was home2 Cherokees. But that’s not the story now. Also @ the cape Gerardo area begins a ridge of land stretching roughly west that is known as the Devils Backbone. It is the sub continental divide between many rivers. It separates the saint Francis water shed from the Merrimac. The black from the piney I believe,  the current from the piney maybe or gasconade, the eleven point Spring and southfork from the North Fork, the White from Strawberry,  The Devils Backbone ends, or begins, @ Sulphur Rock Arkansas. It’s weird, the ridge takes a big circle back2 the cape. The eastern Ozark escarpment.

     Osage ceded the area east of Devils Backbone2 a coalition of migrant Shawnee, Deleware, and  @ times, Cherokee.

     But Cherokee also held deeds issued by English, French, and Spanish authorities. As the thirty six thirty latitude became common boundary separating Missouri from Arkansas, a gray area of land south of the line, but east of devils backbone, with all waters flowing 2 the Black River. In this area a Cherokee Village was established @ Modern Day Cherokee Village Arkansas.

     Cherokees left this area on foot after the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811 and 1812. Deeded most of Northwest Arkansas by the United States,  forced from those homes during the Trail of Tears in the 1830s.

     Some Cherokee tried2 survive on Saint Francis River amid the turmoil after the earthquakes. Many of those Cherokees filtered Southwest2 the Little rock area, and Up the Arkansas River, settling on both sides of the River along with Choctaw, Quapaw, Creek and Caddo…

     The center of ruin, the epicenter of the great earthquake was not New Madrid. That was the only white town, that was the name we gave it. But the epicenter was miles south, closer2 Etowah, @  a major junction of rivers on Saint Francis, also a major Cherokee town. There is probably cause2 believe that thousands of Cherokee were killed immediately during these gigantic quakes. Maybe many evacuated2 highest Crow Lees Ridge above Bono, maybe they made it2 the Ozark Mountains @ Black Rock or Powhatan. But all was destroyed between the Ozarks and Kentucky.

     Cherokee had no backup now. Web of communication and military engagement or evacuation ripped asunder. Leaving crops 2 b harvested by white squatters months later, Cherokee left on foot and crossed the Devils Backbone near Calico Rock Arkansas and moved onto the Buffalo River, claiming that entire watershed 4 25 years.

     But Cherokee were here in Sharp and Fulton county4 over one hundred years.  According2 English Records in Carolina and local Hardy Arkansas history, nineteen niney six is when Dangerous Man came here. Cherokees acquired guns in Carolina, and some, led by Dangerous Man, came2 the Saint Francis, then fearless armed with guns2 combat mighty Osage bows, laid claim2 Southfork River here.  Much of it is called Spring River now, but2 Cherokees here they considered the Southfork  as starting near the thirty six thity line north of Salem Arkansas, then hitting the gr8 swamp or black river @ Black Rock Imboden, Ravenden Spring, or Williford, depending on swamp levels of the moment.

     Cherokees considered the vast swamp the “ocean.” The thousand mile Cape teemed with manatee and narwhal, even seals and salmon and trout spawning in Ozark streams from salt water. There was a tide, small but absolutely a high and low tide. Much of the area stretching2 New Orleans was cypress forest. Year round swamp. Big pools of Open Water stood Many places along the Mississippi, Lake Ponchatrain probably, big areas of open water and connected capes slowly holding the Mississippi gradually rising, imperceptible the elevation of water above sea level went from Zero @ the mouth of the Mississippi2 one hundred or two hundred feet higher hundreds or a thousand miles north in Illinois. Huge area of open water where the Arkansas River joins the big swamp, also the White and Saint Francis join in the area. Vast swamp of east Arkansas, Vast prairie now.

     Where the Black, Current, Eleven Point and Spring or Southfork all join was known as Cherokee Bay. It is sill listed as Cherokee Bay around Corning Arkansas.

     Directly East on the state line in Saint Francis. There was the northerly headquarters of ancient Arkansas Cherokee. I believe it is the source of famous white clay that enriched some Cherokee. If not enriched, enabled survival and trade.

     Great stories are told of some Welshman searching 4 the mythical source of white clay the Cherokees used so well. So well they were asked2 travel2 England and share secrets of the art. Many Cherokees went abroad as Carolina treated ambassadorial. But the stories don’t finish well. If they claim2 have found the source of white clay it sounds hollow, I doubt those stories hold water.

     Kind of like the grave of Nancy Ward.  “Rose” was buried near Liberty Hill. That’s all they know. They assumed long ago that it was Liberty hill near Grainger Tennessee, some white chamber of commerce decided that an old stone  was her grave and that stone was stolen and another marker was made by white people2 honor the fiction based on false premise. Maybe, just maybe, she is buried here in Highland Arkansas, near Liberty Hill Arkansas, near Rose City which became an entertainment district on Spring or Southfork River.

     There are several reasons 4 this hypothesis. Although Nancy Ward was a beloved woman of the Principal people back east, she tread a fine line between the English and her own people. “Chiefs” and “Carpenter” created treaties and factions disputed, war among whites and flags and affronts accepted or not. @ one point Nancy was known2 have warned whites about an imminent attack by Cherokees. This earned her much turmoil and some called her a turn coat. She was likely banished or prudently moved2 Arkansas2 elude blood retribution. Others were known2 have had refuge in Arkansas. DoubleHead sold Kentucky2 a few whites. Under Death penalty in Tennessee and Alabama he prudently moved2  Crow Lee’s Ridge on Saint Francis and continued2 profit.

     Wedgewood was determined2 find the source of exquisite white clay. He thought it was from Carolina, but he was unaware of a secret trade web that stretched deep n2 the Cumberland and Kentucky rivers Arkansas, night travel in2 the mountains near Carolina.

     The English thought the mine was near Franklin or Chattanooga Tennessee but it was really brought across the mountain on pack mules after being brought by canoe up the Duck River or  Buffalo(tn) rivers. They thought it was close2 Chattanooga, but were shocked @ the expense, seems Cherokee must have known the value of this white clay. The English bought fifteen tons and never needed any again. I put2 U a couple hundred pounds of clay in the bottom of an ocean canoe is easy4 Cherokees2 move. @ night they would move across the great water body Cape Gerardo eastward2 Kentucky, Around the horn of the Ohio,  n2 the Tennessee river in broad day light next day if deemed safer. More likely rest up a hidden creek4 the day, moving on2 key camps or portages the next few nights, clay was a good item2 transport, thieves not interested in it, grand secret guarded with sober, crucial knowledge.  Keetoowah held great secret knowledge. Power in silence. Cherokee historians and Arkansas historians know nothing about Cherokees in Arkansas. For one   hundred and fifteen years traditional Cherokee kept sacred fire burning here in Sharp and Fulton county.

     Refusenik. We must b T Rump refuseniks. Refusenik is a Russian Word. Fitting.

     Guiliani, “Yes T Rump colluded no he didn’t I didn’t say that I misspoke out of context, I’ve said b4 u say that, the media won’t report the facts, they distort the facts, u r an enemy of the people4 reporting facts and ur evil follow up questions. My clients are Russian puppets ordered2 destroy America, dismantle it department by department, aided and abetted by the Heritage Foundation and Fox. 

     T Rumps little reality show challenge is killing, disenfranchising,  dividing… There is a new petition2 replace Betsy DeVos, corrupt Education department give head, with Lebron James, who is using his $2 create a perpetual school with encentives4 finishing, college scholarships, etc. That would prolly work. Lebron would do the right thing. DeVos, with her yacht registered in Cayman, is okay with discrimination and abstinence only as long as her cronies in Mega Churches get extra breaks4 phony religious beliefs. No$ 4 textbooks, also we r segregated but here, read about Noah’s Ark.

     In Oklahoma repos passed out textbooks and praised open air class rooms. Because they have no roof from a tornado six years ago. Trickle down from Kansas not flowing as they try Trickle Down4 six years now. Going broke They have2 suck up federal funds Legal Weed states don’t need,  So not only r repos murdering their own states by refusing Medicaid expansion, they are siphoning federal relief $ from dum states, accepting, abusing welfare on massive scale.  It’s ez2 not notice this trend if u get ur news from Facebook or Fox.

     Russia is in our voting systems. They affected the tally, I’m sure of it, a percent there, voter suppression here, Gerrymandering there, fake scandal here, actual altering vote counts there,  draft dodger smears war hero here,  entitled prick convinces rubes he’s on their side there. My dad was right. He was a prominent dum in the day, not over bearing or a zealout, and he admitted straight up that Dums would rip us off. “4 millions of $” He would explain, then add, “But republicans, they rip us off4 Billions.” If he were alive 2day, he might add “trillions”2 that adage.

     So now it’s Universal Health Care will cost thirty two trillion. This seems2 b bumper sticker by the right that no way in hell can we afford it. Since it’s by the right it’s a given that the dynamic scoring in play maximizes cost and minimizes benefit, that’s repo 101.

     If it’s war and aggression it’s a blank check but if it’s health care championed by the black guy it’s evil.

     Rand Paul enjoying the Hookers in Russia. He’s thinking about getting peed on.

Nice week of Quality Tree Work in store. Pruning white oak, post oak, blakjack off a nice Cherokee Village home. Removing dead blackjack. Removing privet and elm, trimming sycamore. A redbud is coming out. Another needs trimmed.


This is Colby from about fifteen years ago. The story behind this pic: camping on spring River I was determined2 get a pic of Colby but she decided she didn't want a pic taken of her, she has changed since, well it was tough but I got a shot of her.

August 9, 2018

And we roll. Odds and ends 2day. Cutting a stump. Shooting a gun. Crazy times in Highland. What2 do the next few days? I have friends coming up from Little Rock, I have a full band jam, EROSION loud n proud.

       Hard rides in store as I bear down, getting in shape, carving n2 this old body.

       Time2 chill, get lunch, check the net, c who wants2 b friends. Will it B Tattyana from new best friend naked pics here? Maybe Sarovo with big tits wants2 chat. Or Jane from Canada wants me2 watch her undress. Chicks love me, I get this all the time.

       A little rain l8ly, substantial last night, cant really tell now, except fires are going everywhere, and a few parking lots have some runoff but it was never a true soaker. Lots of rumbling and grumbling but no saturation.

       Devin Nunes caught on tape bragging that his memo is really 2 protect the president, not serve justice. Obstruct it. Kevin McCarthy anyone? Remember that POS bragging on Fox that the Benghazi investigation did it’s job by knocking Hillary down a few poll numbers. I don’t think these guys are happy with unspeakable evil. They have2 brag about it.

       T Rump included. Medicaid expansion working, two new sets of numbers indicate. T Rump will claim the numbers are doctored, that its fake news. Like the jobs reports he derided when Obama was in. Now he crows about the same numbers, bragging, taking credit4 the black guys good work.

       U can bet he will double down on the lies and rallies. If repos lose the house and senate he will b castrated and publicly flogged.

       Ridiculous right wing lies will saturate the air waves and cable. Russia/Fox/NRA will reach new heights of unbelievable lies demonizing innocent victims and covering4 heinous murders.  Crisis actors will claim Christians are under attack, they will not so secretly support harassment, defamation, disinformation, and treason. They will claim falsely once again the Godless libs are after ur guns. They will claim falsely once again Muslims are murdering us. They will claim universal health care will cost thirty two trillion$ without considering the benefits @ all. Healthy people. Job creators and individuals save$.

       They will claim regulations are killing jobs. Another false claim once again. Here we go again.  Fox Fake News.

       They will claim that Dums colluded with Russians. They will claim that Dums resemble Nazi Germany. They will claim that Dums are elitist and obstructionist.

       Special Jeffy Sessions tells a hate group: “U r not a Hate group.”

    Hate leader Mike Pence2 head up T Rumps imaginary space force. This will ensure gays are not allowed in space. But who will design the fancy gold sparkle uniforms?

August 8 2018

And we roll. Life is fine. Early we were rigging oaks near a fine shop in HIghland. REmovals. NO cleanup. May go back and do pruning. We did end up with some pigs4 bacon. Wild pigs are rampant here, imma try2 make some bacon or sausage out of them.
So a brutal week ends on tuesday. I have a few things in play but nothing pressing. So, I may head2 the river 2moro, float down2 my brothers. Wet Wednesday whoop whoop. I need2 fish and get sun, start bearing down on my summer. I have neglected summer4 the sake of quality tree work. NOw is the time2 begin summer. Enjoy Summer. Summer is my favorite girl. Although Neely was hot2.
Popcorn storms again on radar. Everyday, but somehow we get passed over. I got sprinkled on riding yesterday but it never cut loose. Maybe 2day is the day.
Missouri soundly defeats repo anti union bill.
Seems T Rump gave the Veterans Administration2 three loudmouths @ the Mar A Lago bar. It was a bet. A hilarious bar bet with millions of veterans lives @ stake. The three guys say they can pull it off as long as The Affordable Care Act continues2 take care of preexisting conditions. "Yeah," said T Rump, "I initiated that back when Obama was trying2 get rid of it. I'm working feverishly2 get us out of these wars he started. Every morning my first thought is how2 bring world peace. I'm doing America a favor by being president. So America, u owe me one."
Concern about T Rumps trade war growing in small town Arkansas. and beyond.
Slime ball Ted Cruz campaigning with opponent who called his wife ugly. 4 T Rump. Who said his father shot JFK. Because he is from Cuba. A communist country. I wonder if Ted's birth certificate is written in Russian. Maybe we need a years long investigation2 c if he is a communist agent destroying American health care and dividing us2 conquer us. How many texans have died because of their refusal2 accept medicaid expansion because it was initiated by a black man? Ted is an accomplice2 those murders. He is guilty of treason, collusion, and other stuff. Mitch Mcconnel took offense2 TEd being ranked so high on the scale of Evil. "I2 have killed many Americans by fighting fair health care laws. Don't punish me because my state has less people2 kill. I collude. I'm treasonous. Geez. In God's Holy name I pray."
T Rump tweeted @ 4 am: "when I bought my first disco and started working with the Giaovanis4 distribution of cocaine we had2 deal with Jeb Bush, the whole east coast did, especially when crack came out. That whole Iran Contra witch hunt was so fake and unimportant. Now Clinton lying about the Blow Job, that investigation saved this country. HOarding the blue dress away without dry cleaning it was my idea. Jeb said rub Monica out and blame it on Stephanopolous, I said no, just ruin her, I find that more satisfying. Trust me Iran/Contra and Collusion Gate r and were LIBTARD RIGGED WITCH HUNTS! Unfair!"
But  wow, this new theory that the comet pizza basement was just the tip of the ice berg. Apparently her and Bill are quite the worldwide pedophiles.

 HIllary was already the most competent and faithful public servant in the history of our government. And the most hated, the  victim of hatred stemming from  fake news4 twenty, nay thirty and forty years, the swift boating of John Kerry by the draft dodger was a blip on the radar. A smart woman, who knew much about CIA drug activity, occupied the white house eight years, and did a stellar job as senator and secretary of state while being demonized by forty percent of the population.
This demonization may b all about health care. Hillary was building momentum4 univeral health care twenty six years ago. Imagine the people in our lives that r gone that might still b here if medicaid had been expanded back in the nineties. And all the dead in Texas, Kansas, KEntucky, or other repo states who refuse2 heal.
Time2 ride.


August 7 2018
And we roll. Hard run in the sun. But a larger job is finished, good coin, solid PR. Speaking of T Rump just kidding.
We got2 more huge pines down and chipped, sectioned up and flushed the stumps. But they were the biggest ones and there is no more shade, plus temps are back up near triple digits, plus my helper was sick and slow. Puking on the job is unprofessional. He's not a drinker, he says it was food from the Sharp County Fair.
Back n2 smaller jobs 2moro. Welcome respite from these relentless removals. Deforestation is not my thing but occasionally I get n2 some.
T Rump says there was collusion. But he didn't know about it. He just tweeted stuff about it hours b4 and minutes after.
Manafort confesses on the stand.
EPA moves2 allow asbestos in construction. Packages now being hauled in from Russia have T Rumps face on them. NOt a joke.
Pence in 1998: "Lying, adulterous presidents should be removed from office."
Eighty year old grandmother jailed because her medical marijuana card was expired by a week.
Texas tiring of TEd Cruz. "As one of only six vampires in the gr8 state of Texas I resent this rise of liberalism in Texas. Communist Nazi atheist liberals are evil. we must come 2gether as a people."
J Kush found2 b squelching stories critical of right wingers. Sinclair broadcasting anyone?
 Alex Jones finally banned from Utube and other social media sites. His damage is done. In fact the whole pizza gate thing is snowballing. Rabid right wingers are claiming Hillary is running a world wide pedophilia ring. Not just the basement of Comet Pizza anymore. They r big time now.
Maybe Mother Russia will stop her.
California burning. T Rump says its bcos of their environmental rules, he says plug the rivers and cut the forests. He would help them out, he tweeted, "if stoner Jerry Brown would kiss my ring on twitter."
STorm brewing.
Hawaii getting slammed by Hurricane Hector. Maybe that will put that volcano out.
Ninety percent of Puerto Rico still without power a year later. T Rump says he has enough problems helping Americans.
Israel enjoying universal Health Care. It costs about what we give them.
No big secret. If Repos win, the Affordable Care Act is history. And so is health care4 fifty million Americans, including veterans. T Rump has a license2 kill. Murderous repos are part of the vast conspiracy.
I'm with Noam Chomsky. What repos are doing cant b called Evil. It's much worse. We don't have a word2 describe what they are doing2 Americans.

August 2 2018
And we roll. Another rough and tough day in the Urban Forest. a variety of removals, all were pine, but I had2 ascend and do topping. Put the spikes on, slicing dicing, rigging roping.... All went well, no mishaps. Fat morning dealing with pine. 2moro is more of the same finishing up this job. I'ts taking it's toll. That plus the bike rides have wore me out, this afternoon I skipped the ride and just chilled. Needed rest. Saul goode.
T Rump sued4 sabotaging the ACA. It says right there in the constitution he is sposed2 faithfully enforce and execute the law of the land. Tweets and actions prove he is doing the opposite. Blatantly. So that should stick. Boy is he going2 get mad @ the judge lol.
Meghan McCain says opposing the ACA and Universal Health Care makes her seem "compassionless." Ur damn right it does u entitled bitch.
Shocker: work requirements are designed2 maximize failure of medicaid, not help people get well.
Projection 101: Junior compares dums2 Nazis. Call them what u r. "I'm no Russian puppet, ur the puppet anyone?"
Very little is said about how T Rump went2 congress and claimed the justice department told him immigrants were responsible4 most violence against Americans. Never happened. Unless Special Jeffy Sessions blurted it out over drinks as T Rump stared @ his pretty mouth.
Beating children no longer illegal. Religious Liberty allows severe beatings if the parent, or anyone else, shows sincerely held beliefs.
I'm sure Sharia Law will b free from harassment or obstruction.
Speaking of Obstruction, America has an orange obstruction. REpos committed obstruction of law and spirit, violating our very souls4 8years. This century.
New EPA chief works4 the coal industry. T Rump blocked a report that shows clearly the effects of certain chemicals. New EPA chief works4 those chemical makers. He has been battling4 ez pollution standards. If it pollutes or poisons, this man has fought dirty underhanded battles4 it's makers and distributors. 2day all emission standards are nullified. T Rump said people will drive more, or less.

August 1 2018

And we roll. Another brutal day removing tall loblolly. It got a little warm by the time we knocked off around noon. Nice lunch @ China Garden with all my girls. Chinese girls love me. I wish American Girls did.
I got a quick power nap cos I'm running on low fuel and low sleep. I jammed a hard bike ride2 Eagle Crest and beyond. I rock. I am an island. But I've never been2 Rock Island. True Story. Whatev.
T Rump tripling down on the sheer magnitude of lies. The sheer volume. He's not obstructing justice. He's simply fighting back. Fighting extremely dirty. His election integrity task force found no Russian Meddling(even though seventeen agencies did), only busses of illegals voting4 HIllary. He says it was four million illegals in busses, coincidentally that was the number of votes he was beaten by. He was the popular vote loser by almost four million.
They know the Russians hacked voting systems in a dozen key states. They are not sure if they actually changed vote tallies. They just don't know.
This morning T Rump obstructed justice by telling Special Jeffy "Midnight" Sessions2 order an end2 the investigation. Or, "rigged witch hunt," as he put it.
Yesterday Sessions announced a "religious freedom" task force. Boy I bet Muslims and Satanists are breathing easier now that their freedom of Religion will b protected. Plus big fat bullies can't get in trouble4 beating up gays if they carry a Bible and tell the officers they have sincere belief. Cool. We r2 broke4 medicaid expansion, but can establish a gigantic government apparatus2 police people who aren't okay with blatant discrimination. People who defend their rights will b put on a watch list4 attacking Christianity. U must keep a smile while u r dehumanized in the name of the Sacred Holy Bible. Old testament of course. 2much Jesus would look bad4 churchy hypocrites. Jesus was all about pollution and war, he loved2 change money @ the table like T Rump. He lied all the time like T Rump. He would totally separate babies from their parents if they so much as knocked on Bethlehem's door. If u don't get it yet repo politicians r evil bastards.
Repos shoot down $4 election integrity. They stifled Obama, kept him from looking n2 it. They established an election integrity unit that concluded only that Four million illegal aliens were bussed in and all of them voted4 Hillary.
T Rump: u need photo ID2 buy groceries.
Repos still whining about the Fake Fox War on Christmas.
War Machine ramping up as Mueller closes in.
Racist repo complains his life is ruined after his stalking and beating black homosexuals is caught on video.
I could go on and on. Idiocy and hypocrisy on the right is on full display.
T Rump in 2013: a shut down shows lack of leadership, it means the president is weak. T Rump yesterday. "I have no problem with a shut down if my wall isn't funded.
T Rump three hundred and fifty times: No Collusion. T Rump now: Collusion is not a crime.
T Rump yesterday makes it ez4 a Russian Asbestos company2 sell asbestos. Basically it's T Rump asbestos with his face on the package and everything. Plus he's mulling the mountain top removal act, which would blast remaining mountains looking4 coal. Plus the debris would b pushed n2 rivers. "It's good4 fish" he tweeted, "ever hear the saying two heads r better than one?"
Tis the Treason. Merry Christmas.
No one is talking about how T Rump tweeted something about his reasons4 firing Comey and it proved he was lying days b4 when he said something completely different but his Lawyer made an announcement that it was really him that had tweeted and that it was definitely not T Rump but now I"m like that sounds like something they will pull very soon now when Mueller corners him by examining tweets. They already know he bragged on Twitter the day b4 the Russia meeting in T Rump Tower that something big about Hillary was coming. Just like Pizzagate though, and every other Fake Fox "Gate" they don't hold up with even slight scrutiny. FAce book news was the worst, generated, we know now, by Russian Bots, these whacko theories click bait, none of which held the slightest truth again, even those investigated4 years, in some cases decades, and they can't get the Dums on anything. Not Benghazi, not White Water, Turns out the Uranium and Iran are both solid deals, But whatever repos accuse Dums of doing, what the right accuses the left of doing, they are doing. Hillary never ran a child porn ring in the basement of Comet Pizza. But T Rump was giving cocaine2 thirteen year old hookers.
Six months n2 his Taj Mahal gig, and also six months from bankruptcy, T Rumps father Fred came in with his entourage and dropped a briefcase full of many millions in cash, ostensibly if that's the right word, 2 buy chips2 gamble with, but no chips were obtained, Fred left, and T Rump had pocket change4 the weekend.  Don't get me started about Fred.
Hillary was trying2 get Universal Health Care then, earning a vast conspiracy of the nations finest highly paid spin masters. The guys who stalled big tobaccos demise4 decades. Science Deniers from big Agriculture and Big Petroleum, Alternative Fact Circumenters, Sordid Underliers.
Being shot in a War fighting4 America is a pre existing condition. Unless u r gay, Muslim, etc. Since fifty eight thousand American lives lost in Viet Nam is the standard number4 outrage, we now cluster and carpet bomb other countries via drone. We hit hospitals on purpose. Tricky Dick Cheney will fix them up another one4 big fees.
Fred made his $ on government contracts. He was a KKK member and used harsh, obvious discrimination building his real estate empire with government contracts. By the time T Rump was five years old he understood how2 deflect black couples away, he knew there was another price list4 blacks. He understood how a gay or black could b demonized, marginalized. He had friends in high places, cadet bone spurs won a bowling trophy the day he was skipped over the draft. And bowling is a rough sport.
Fred, and Donald by the way, was known as such a lousy racist cheat many people knew about it. Arlo Guthrie or somebody wrote a song about the injustice of his real estate empire and systematic racism. He would b proud. Screw losing money with a casino. HIs son is bankrupting America. Morally and financially. Scoffers goto hell.

    So with T Rump Vodka, T Rump steaks, T Rump water, and  T Rump asbestos we now have T Rump chemo. PRick Scott of Florida showed him how2 profit off health regulation. Only Scott owns drug testing equipment. He makes a Yacht load of money off drug testing. That he mandates. No word on drug testing recipients of corporate and farm welfare; Churches also should b drug tested if Medicaid recipients r.

    T Rump kills around fifty thousand people by nixing a partial medicaid expansion because it's part of the Affordable Care Act.

    CNN says Sean Hannity "injecting poison n2 Americans Blood Stream>" Finally some truth. Fair and Balanced Truth. Eff Hannity and the snarky lies he tells. I don't like liars.

July 31 2018

And we roll. Big morning removing loblolly pine. Part of a week long job of removing many4 a prominent church. We r dropping them, chipping the branches, and sectioning the logs4 someone else.
One @ a time, methodical and safe. I may have2 climb some, top one or two... Each one has obstacles: wires, fences, buildings... Nice Rebel Tree Care morning. I don't often do this type of deforestation but life rolls on.
So it's maintain and persevere. I am an island.
Looking 4ward2 an EROSION jam later in the week. Also an attractive young lady is looking4 a Rebel River Adventure.
Hard rides in store each afternoon.
T Rump: collusion is not a crime. Hillary did it. Lock her up4 the crime of collusion. News flash. Collusion with Russians 2 distort democracy is TREASON. That's right. ALL CAPS.
T Rump and the Kocks in a twitter war. "Everyone knows I'm the real billionaire. Those guys are flipping condos and colluding with Russians2 launder $ through fake real estate deals. They got pissed on by Russian Hookers. They lie every word out of their mouths."
He bragged that he "made them richer," he also bragged2 guests @ Mar a Lago, he "made them richer." Now, he is hell bent on reducing the capital gains tax, which will also benefit only the rich, and make them richer. Heinous repo hypocrisy on high.

    FBI 2day. Collusion is a crime.
Birds singing.

July 29, 2018

Tahoma Bold. Rain.

     Rudy Guiliani doesn’t rest on the Sabbath. He gets2 work laying out nonsensical strategy and defense. He says T Rumps twitter feed is his defense. No word from him about multiple counts of obstruction of Justice committed on twitter. Twit.

     Rain teases. Soft, steady, slacking off…

     I’m emotional. I blubbered like a baby watching Cold Mountain 2day. Awesome movie.

     Yesterday was a sweet upstream challenge. We headed up and got2 Little Mississippi. Joined in the DJ party and was soon floating back merrily as Rich rocked the mic. BAD BRAD and Allie were kayaking, then BRAD  spun tunes @ Howards while the day wore on. My drummer kept up with me all day long. Not ez. I had leg cramps from swimming so hard. Sweet day on Upper Spring.

     Then it was THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY. Incredible night of music and laughter.

     Friday was a large white oak @ a fine Highland home. This week is Pine removals. Plenty of it. Most of the week actually.

     Also Friday was an Epic jam. EROSION was loud and in charge. JAVIER LOPEZ  graced us with lightning quick lead and soulful metal sounds on lead guitar. NICO is a pro bass player, he puts me2 shame in some ways, but he galloped behind me on my originals and it was wondrous. KILE lit up light a Christmas tree with all the fresh talent2 play with. He banged skins with enthusiasm and raw talent. As front man and band leader I struggled @ times2 b heard but it makes me stronger as a player. Sweet Friday night in the shop. Moron tap next Friday.

     Plus I hope2 float more, bear down and get tan again. With school starting u get a little different  vibe, I have paced myself and now need2 finish strong.

     Guilaini last month: “Cohen is trustworthy and exemplary, a good patriot.” Guiliani 2day: “Cohen is a pathological liar, deceiving and lying4 years.”

     Back2 the wall, T Rump threatens a shut down over the wall. This will force his base2 choose him or sanity. This is against his cheap promises of Making Mexico pay4 the wall. He says that they will, but we will have2 pay a little more4 cocaine.

     Medical Marijuana users in Arkansas will have2 wait a couple more years2 get legal weed if ever. After the mumbo jumbo law suits now they say that only after all the cards are issued will they issue permits2 begin cultivation and dispensing. Maybe by that time so called Christians can kill it somehow and also health care4 the poor. Just like Jesus would do. Hypocrites. Franklin Graham suck it by the way u evil bastard.

     Facebook doubling down on demonizing Hillary. It’s all they have now that the world sees what an obvious 24/7 liar T Rump is.

     No word on drug testing the farmers getting welfare.

     The rain stuck around a little while while, soft but consistent. It’s gone now, leaving heavy humidity. A little relief from the drought, but not enough. Never enough. The story of my life. Right here in black and white. U should c it in color. More pics maybe.

     LALA headed back out2 California! She will b working on recording projects, singing up a storm I bet.

     California burning. Redding nearly burned up. Five hundred buildings in one town are gone. Record heat all around the globe.

     T Rump squashed green renewable power and opens everything he can4 drilling. Also they dropped that pesky accountability statute. In other words, BP gets all their $ back4 the Gulf disaster, and no oil companies will b held liable4 environmental damage. Even if they ignore regulations. No this is not Mad Magazine. It’s  T Rump, a parody of mankind, an unfunny dark humor experiment the planet may never dig out of. One mans vanity, a way2 keep Melania under his thumb. A back room casino bet gone bankrupt. A KKK ritual hazing as we are forced2 join. The NRA and KGB make us walk the plank. Fox announcers and Russian translators whisper as we parade by blindfolded. They are interrupted momentarily as large carts of pork barrels clatter on streets made with skulls of the poor. Skinny protestors are run down as drivers are late4 the Whites only/Straight only banquet in the mansion on the hill.

     Russian soldiers guarding the remains of R Rumps sidewalk star.

July 27 2018

And we roll. Brutal end2 a brutal week. Kidding. Although the large highland white oak was not ez spikeless, I got it done right this cool morning. Although I haven’t worked much this week, I’m bearing down on biking, ripping off miles each hot afternoon.

       I’m ahead of the game, clean and sober, groceries stacked away, laundry done, tools and equipment good, plenty of ammo…

              EROSION in house lately and 2nite.

       T Rump running scared. He’s a proven liar, especially lately, with the pay off tapes and much more surfacing from subpeonas4 his ex lawyer Cohen “the Boybarian.”

       His trade war put the hurt on farmers. So. He. Is. Giving them$. The definition of socialism. They don’t have2 pay it back. But food stamps are evil.

       Not a peep from repos about “we’re broke,” or “over reach,” or “job killers.” Strange. But they are trying2 impeach the FBI. 4 Mother Russia. Tis the treason. 

       Now we’re finding that not only did they meddle in the election, and not only did they breech state election systems. They changed votes2 repo. Because the Russians want the repos in. And what Vladimer Pooty wants, Pooty gets. Or ur dead.

       Prick Perry under fire4 using the Department of Energy2 deride the Affordable Care Act. Which. Is. Not. Part of the Department of Energy.

       Scott Pruitt fired in disgrace4 a multitude of ethics and moral breeches. T Rump called him an “exemplary,” civil servant. His replacement, a coal lobbyist who denies the existence of black lung disease, is even worse if that’s possible.

       In response2 horrible press and sense of doom,  T Rump tweeted in ALL CAPS as self prophesy of war with Iran. Hints of a holy war he will start the day b4 he is impeached.

       What with the military parade, the wall, and buying off the farmers, repos gutting medicaid2 cries of we're broke, stop the moochers, get a job etc. Here’s an idea I saw on Facebook. If the farmers take the welfare they must take a drug test and work eighty hours a week @ half the minimum wage, just as repos are trying2 do2 medicaid recipients. It’s on hold4 now thatks2 a court ruling but the heinous, murderous repos over @ the Heritage foundation, the right wing talking point factory and engine of evil are openly plotting the death and dismemberment of the working poor. Not a joke.

        T Rump denies he had any advance knowledge of the T Rump tower meeting with Russians. That can mean only one thing. He had advance knowledge of the T Rump tower meeting with Russians.

       Betsy DeVos’ forty million $ yacht damaged. She blamed the failing School Systems4 making public school2 cheap and the lowering of interest rates4 college loans, “coddling” students, and the lack of death penalty4 truancy.

       Mike Pompeo “nights,” our secretary of state, supports T Rumps foreign policy. Even though he cant say what it is.

       Sun bathers flocking2 the North Pole4 nudist parties and swimsuit photos. Rush Limbaugh “cheese” wore a huge parka and oven mitts, sweating profusely and gobbling pills while swilling vodka, he clubbed a baby seal and shot a beluga whale from a yacht floating easily on the northern point of the  Siberian Sea. “This water is cold,” he pronounced, “just as cold as I’ve ever known. And look, he pointed2 a white bear on a tiny sliver of tilted ice in a vast blue ocean, “there is a polar bear. Don’t u c? This proves Al Gore is a whacko socialist.” He then repeated that statement over a dozen times, which proves its’ validity.

       T Rumps star on the walk of fame vandalized with a  pick axe. The latest star is dedicated2 the guy with the pick axe.

       CNN reporter asks about Putin and Cohen. And gets banned. So much 4 the constitution and the views of the original framers. Sarah Huckster said questions about words and topics mumbo jumbo: “inappropriate.”

       T Rump: the “Gr8 negotiator” pays on average one hundred forty thousand per sexual encounter. Most of the sluts he has sex with could be had4 ten grand. He will do Viagra ads from prison. Or vacation @ a non extraditable island with a Hustler centerfold from 83 and USFL cheerleader. He will tweet away until passing away in a pee soaked recliner. Whose pee pundits will debate4 decades.

       Whacko conservitard late night right wing bottom rung bottom feeder talk shows defending Devin Nunes fabrication of a “memo,” totally debunked and proven false. They read and read official sounding transcripts until u r asleep, then, “their u have it.” As if they just proved the Russia Investigation is a witch hunt, T Rump is totally innocent and never lies, and Devin Nunes is a dark warrior4 truth. Lol. Remember, if Obama or Hillary were caught in one, just one, of the four thousand and counting lies T Rump has spouted since taking office, they would b crucified and burned @ the stake b4 even a hearing. And if that hearing found no fault, that hearing would b investigated ad Nauseum. I like that phrase As nauseum if I’m spelling and using it right. It describes the futile repo dirty bastard tricks and the doubling and tripling down on fake news, and quasi legal bribery, demonization and deception. Prayer breakfast with Pooty. TRillionaires against social security. I better get off here. Peace.

       Nice ride. Lately its been cool breezes off Otter Creek, 2day three huge bucks with huge velvet racks. I almost collide with deer daily. I race turkeys.

July 20, 2018

And we roll. Sunshine this morning. There was some thunder, as every day, but as every day it rumbles and grumbles and passes us by. Strong rains have hit the area, just not highland much. We need it. We want some of it.

     So work is slowing down. It’s about high time4 a long float. Current River is calling my name.

     Tragic accident on Table Rock Lake. Seventeen tourists killed when an amphibious “duck” boat goes under.

     Judge Jeanine “pirro” kicked off the view4 an insane rant blaming Obama4 T Rumps treason. That’s wearing real thin. In desperation T Rump fans are desperately bringing up Benghazi and uranium, Iran, and free stuff.

     UR hypocrisy is showing. The tan suit seems minor now.

     Fox/Russia desperately thinking of things2 tell repos2 think.

     Get this, and as far as I can tell it’s not fake news. Mueller uncovered many links2 the NRA and Russia. And. In. 24. Hours. Congress. Had made a new law protecting the NRA from prosecution or disclosure. I assume T Rump signed it. He was in the shitter and they interrupted a tweet. if it garners blow back he will say his huge hands kept him from reading it first.

     Dums moving 2ward medicare4 all when they take power back in a couple of months.

     Boy that will piss off churches. Alternative lifestyles and strange colored people should b left unhealthy and unprotected. Health care is a privilege in America and that’s the way it should b. God did not intend wealthy southerners2 sit along side unruly black children in Doctor’s waiting rooms. We must. Must. Demonize. Universal Health Care. 4no good reason other than that blind pledge ten years ago2 vehemently oppose everything Obama did. Vehemently obstruct any and all Obama favored rules of engagement. Speak ad nauseum of Job Creation and Job Killers, free stuff and fairness, then show the planet u have no plan @ all. Treasonous Repos. Greedy, selfish, plastic repos. Toy dolls, puppets of Russia. While we bathe in golden showers Mother Russia is filming. Uno video tape catches Audio2. Just ask the pussy grabber in chief.

July 19, 2018

And we roll. Slowly lol. Yesterday was brutal. Early we were rigging and roping a variety of urban forestry tasks. I trimmed a sycamore and a maple over the river2 give the homeowner a spectacular view of water falls, that’s plural. We also pruned a huge white oak4 a better view of some falls on the downstream side. Absolutely wonderful place. We also dropped a large dead red oak n2 the road and a dead hickory. Miscellaneous pruning, also mulching. Nice.

     Then it was  a crazy afternoon with nieces. Bored games and trampoline. Then pontoon rides, fishing, four wheeler rides… Late last night Thayer was whacko flooded so we thought maybe a flood was coming and tied off the docks and boats better. Nice family time. Now it is Eagle Crest and beyond.

     Troubles mounting4 T Rump.

     Here’s my take. We don’t want Pence if we manage2 shake  T Rump off our leg. But if someone is convicted or impeached4 Treason, their whole team gets sentenced2. Treason is punishable by death. So if dums take back congress they can impeach them, but they are anti death penalty so it’ll b enough4 the swamp 2 resign. Profit from their crimes and write memoirs. Lie on Fox4 many years. Pence will b the goto guy2 attack Obama4 the next eight years as the future four term president brings back true statesmanship and class, authentic Christian values, and honest leadership2 the oval office.

     I have a hunch Obama will make a big come back and save once again right our ship back away from discrimination and obstruction2 the clearer skies of tolerance.

     It’s somehow okay2 discriminate still 2day in the twenty first century. I don’t understand the intricacies of abortion but it’s pretty clear prejudice and discrimination is illegal.

     It is, or was also against policy4 anyone receiving federal funds. But churches, not content2 b tax free, attack LBTQ, but not money changers. I don’t want my tax $ used4 abortion, they say smugly, well I don’t want mine killing Muslims.

July 17 2018

And we roll. Cray cray day yo.  Pushn it. But since I ride most every day I can handle it.

       Early we started sectioning a sprawling Bradford pear. Laying out long heavy limbs arranged in a sea shell shape4 chipping.

       In the mix were heavy trims of three other bradfords, a cable4 a splitting Bradford, also some black mulch delivered, we spread it around a bradford2 trick people. It looks like we are trying2 help the Bradford but in reality we are doing it2 benefit an adjacent red oak.

       So we were dragging finishing up in triple digits about noon. But I recovered with the help of my sweet sisters ice cold  cucumber punch. Garden grown.

       So then I’m off2 Eagle Crest and beyond. Try2 cool out and rest a while. Saul Goode. 2moro’s job is right on the river.

       Tis the Treason.

       I think I’ll take my canoe 2moro. Do  a little upstream challenge. Very little. Fish. I may catch a gar or something, although it is very good bass and walleye hole. I was going2 chop a gar up with a machete, they are best deep fried with the bones in so they take up a lot of room in the cooker.

       I still want2 ride the Ebike2 Strawberry River and back. I have ridden2 the river, but got a ride back. From my home in Highland I can get2 Hulett, fish and drink beer all day, then ride home with fish iced down. I may get off the bike and push it up the steepest hill just2 make sure I have maximum reserve later.

       I’ve lost my tan but am getting in incredible shape. A buddy my age was running ultra marathons but he developed some sort of injury. He should really try an E Bike, they help with rehab. Trust me. That I can tell u.

`     I’m not swimming near enough. Nobody swims. It’s like not cool, everybody just wants2 b lazy and wasted. Swimming gets me wasted. If u can swim @ Howards u can swim fast anywhere else.             

       I figure pack lunch and dinner cos it’s gonna be a long day


July 16, 2018

And we roll. Technical difficulties solved 4now. I last touched  base in b4 Texas, plenty of happenings since.

     I’ve done many tree jobs, many river trips, many  bike romps.

     Red River was fine. Awesome vast level sand bar welcoming Frisbee and frolic. But I damaged my truck leaving the river, a couple hundred miles up in2 Oklahoma it got bad.

     Offhand it’s been a hell of a run. Two beautiful chickapin reductions @ a home on Sprng River. Walnut removal, redbud pruning…

     A redoak removal over a day care. Serious reduction of another, falling a huge long dead red oak.

     Dead wooding several red oaks on Lake Sequoyah. One was full of fat healthy  young  bats. A chinquapin reduction over the house, random pruning cedar, etc…

Large dead red oak removal in Cherokee Village…\

     A couple of Colorado Blue Spruces look great now. A large hackberry is gone…

     A declining box elder over a house on Spring River. Whacko job. Declining catalpa looks gre8 now… Dead snags…

     A Dead side of a huge sycamore removed….

     Wind chimes installed.

     T Rump continues2 spout lies. Constant, irreversible lies. He’s meeting with Putin 2day in Finland. Just the 2. No notes, or aides present. If he comes out with a black eye boy will he hit the ALL CAPS on twitter.

     Scumbag Scott Pruitt is gone, replaced by an even worse coal lobbyist. Pruitt probably won’t b prosecuted4 all his misconduct, what with T Rumps cut back on white collar criminal prosecutors and staffs and how busy they are chasing  T Rump’s endless paper trail.

     New Supreme court nomination believes presidents are above the law, cannot be indicted or prosecuted. T Rump says he didn’t know that b4 he nominated him. Yeah. Right.

     So I’ve done some floating on Spring River, pinballing from one DJ 2 another. Enjoying the wild parties and music. They filled the sink hole in and made a  chute, altering the river quite a bit, so now there is not enough water, everyone is getting beached on the rocks by the hundreds. Oy vey.

     I’ve also hit a pontoon ride with family, four wheeling fun….

     I been Jamming EROSION. MY drummer LITTLE ELVIS  is back and fired up. We been rocking the shop with inspiration and noise. THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY are working it 4real. Kicking ass on Saturday nights. They also do a gig over in Horse Shoe Bend on Tuesday nights.

     I’m handling the heat well. I ride hard in the afternoons in triple digit heat. As consequence I can handle triple digit heat. Whereas seeing triple digits on the bank sign used2 give mc chills.

     Treasonous Repos had a direct back channel2 the Kremlim. Fox/Russia working overtime2 sew doubt  about the National Rifle Associations many Russian contributors.

     Fox Sexual Harasser hired by T Rump. T Rump gives Fox two interviews about his groveling2 Putin. Still denying the intelligence findings of seventeen American agencies, he says Putin: “says he didn’t do it. This relationship if fabulous, I am honored and wetting myself with excitement2 meet with this great war monger. We will have much higher ratings than Mueller. He is about2 get cancelled. Believe me, this witch hunt is fake news. Me n Pooty got us a cluster Fuck2 attend, better bring a pancho unless u dig golden showers. O. Stop Abortion.”

     The Arkansas Razor backs were one out from being national champions. And. Then. Dropped. A. Popup.

     Darryl Issa:  FBI framing T rump. Other repos: “we meddle in Russia more than they meddle with us,” or “we need2 b done with this witch hunt,. “ The heritage foundion sends out the weeks talking points on Saturday night, the talking heads lob softballs, and repos start tosing shit @ the wall2 distracts, conceal, obstruct, delay, discredit that thing that is most bothersome. Repos attack the truth as un-American, attack justice as evil, attack fairness as hypocrisy. Blame “them” 4 what u do. The fix is in.

     Rand Paul, two days after twelve indictments, calls 4 an end2 the investigation, calls it the mandatory witch hunt, and is in fact headed2 Russia4 hookers and blow. He says he will “figure all this out, find common ground. I will b bringing twelve hook, I mean adopting twelve young ladies4 college scholarships. They will live in my Kentucky Home, Fully equipped with the worlds most cutting edge computers. They will b forming an election watch committee with full access2 all voting records and citizen records. They will need free health care and food stamps cos they are unpaid interns and dirt poor. Imma try2 get them Medicare if the governor hasnt killed it completely.”

     Hillary takes a victory lap as  T Rump  proves what a puppet he is4 Pooty.

     John McCain and a good cross section of repos saying things like, “coward. Treasonous asshole. Russian puppet. Sell out. Hate Pumpkin. Conservitard.

     “U guys are all pissed,” T Rump  bragged on Fox Fake news, “ cos Pooty over powered poor helpless Crime A. What a about Crime  B, and Crime C. This I can tell u. Collusion is no Crime.

     As all this evidence stacks up and indictments come down my question is this: What. About. Hillaries. Email. Server. Why coulcn’t our good friends the Russians hack her emails? What does she know that we don’t know. Does she even know that we know she knows we don’t know? Trust me. Fox News will get2 the bottom of this. Were putting Trey “Shooter” Gowdy and Darryl Issa “Moron,” in charge of the FBI2 make sure there is no partisan implications or altering of documents2 frame me. This Witch Hunt needs2 end quickly, like 2moro or I”ll tell Special jEffy Sessions2 arrest the FBI. I’ll take the warrant down myself. Put on the Kevlar. Wear a badge. I busted dealers in Soho4 six years on the street so I know how2 handle this gangster FBI. Pooty said he would help if we needed the KGB involved.”

     Now numerous repos r posing all patriotic,  calls4 impeachment growing. But where were they yesterday? And last year. This trade war and bowing down2 Putin may b his undoing. We can only hope and pray he dies in prison.

     I stopped in Talequah, talked2 a few Cherokee. They weren’t aware that the university of Missouri found correspondence in a basement in France that showed Cherokees2 b west of the Mississippi in seventeen twenty one. ARkansas historians don't know this. Cherokee historians don't know this. Historians of Cherokees in Arkansas don't know this.

     I have traced the Devils backbone. It starts way over in Southeast Missouri, separating the Merrimac from the white water rivers, The white water flowed n2 the Saint Francis in Cherokee Days. The backbone separates Saint Francis from the Merrimac, the black from a northerly flowing river, the current from the big piney flowing north, the Eleven point from the North fork , the south fork and Strawberry from the White… fittingly, Devils backbone ends near Sulphur rock Arkansas.

     The Cherokee knew Cape Girardo was indeed a cape, as in a fresh water body connected2 the ocean, their friends the French knew it2 b the largest in the world. Historians, even historians specializing in Arkansas, or the Mississippi, miss this point. Cape Gerardo was cypress forest and flat water4 a thousand miles. From New Orleans2 Cape Girardeax and on up the Ohio, the great swamp was vast. There was a tide. Not as large as salty ocean but a high tide and low tide nonetheless. Cherokee canoed here2 Spring River @ night across that massive cape.

           Maybe I should have talked with the Kitoowah in Talequah.. Keetoowahs began here in Cherokee Village and Frenchtown. The keepers of the fire. Secret Society. Anti slavery. Other stuff.

     So it’s bear down. Knock out tree jobs b4 noon and hit the ac a few minutes b4 bike romping2 Eagle Crest and beyond. Life is. And then U.



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