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SEptember 15 2020

And. We. Roll. Sweet cool morning on Lake Thunderbird. EArly I was moving up a tall dead red oak. I used spikes, went way up about fifty feet2 relieve the top of large branches. It took some skill, in play were retaining walls, masonry drainage ditches, water mains and electrical boxes, nice ornamental yard lamp...

Soon enough the beast was slain and gone...

Yesterday was a large dead pine in a fine yard on Lake Thunderbird, also a dead hickory over the house...

Last week was a dead hickory by a fine home on Lake Thunderbird. Also a dangerously storm cracked post oak...

A huge Ash Flat tuliptree between two buildings looks great now.... Major reduction and house clearance last weel...

T Rump cleansing government of nonpartisan watch dogs, inspector Generals. It is anti american2 do ur job.

Hurricane Sally sitting off shore. Seven other potential hurricanes out there also...

Record setting heat and fires on the west coast. It's breaking records set... Last year. Which broke the records set the year b4. And so on. T Rump says rake the forests, he says California is shameful the way they neglect their forests, he says he would have Mexicans picking up debri day night until the forest was a golf course.

WEll over 20,000 lies told by T Rump since taking office. And that is only on public record. Remember, if Biden told even one of those 20,000 easily proven non partisan lies, Fox/Russia and the repo right would burn the world down. The snow flakes would b all butt hurt and up in arms4 civil war.

T Rump yet2 b even slightly critical of Russia. Even with the bounty story. Postmaster DeJoy paused his wrecking of the post office in time4 the election. Now we find that his company is receiving ongoing subsidies2 the tune of seventy million$.

    The right is pissed off about protests. Even peaceful ones. They like when white supremacists and T Rumps secret army cause riots cos they can blame the darkies. And they don't like athletes taking a knee either. The white owners should fire the sons of bitches. Then we could watch white guys play. That would b, uh, entertaining... A Black league would quickly take over.

T Rump increasingly described as a homicidal felon, murderous whore(mine), evil hypocrite. He is not considered a hypocrite in repo circles, just a normal repo. Only the right can lie. Only dums are demonized4 lies. Emails. Cleansing of inspector generals, quid quo pro... etc.... by the way Hillary erased her emails because thats government protocol, mandated procedures4 security purposes.

    Now the chants are lock him up. Meaning Obama. Because T Rump claims falsely Barack and Joe spied on him. Could it have been because every single on of his cabinet members had multiple contacts with Russia and lied about on their security clearance applications. "Who knew about security clearance applications?" T Rump grumbled.

    By the way his easy and quick perfect health care plan was supposed2 b ready way back in 2017, then in July, then a couple of weeks ago. I think it's safe2 say they have no replacement plan and never will. Their plan is2 take credit4 preexisting condition protections when they are actively sabotaging them. Obama and Biden worked their asses off2 get ppl those protections, and T Rump, absurdly, routinely, heinously accuses them of tearing the protections down while he himself sponsors a law suit seeking the total destruction of the Affordable Care Act in its entirety. By the way the Affordable Care Act is the only place preexisting condition protections are found.

Ok imma stop now. Just checking in. Peace.

September 9 2020

And we roll. Brutal morning in a pecan over a fine home on Spring River. In the mix was dogwood, a redbud, and a large sycamore. My kind of job.

Yesterday not so much. A lightning struck post oak in Salem gave me fits. Also trimming two crepe myrtles off the drive and cleaning up a small spruce...

Sunday was a large maple all over an Ash Flat home, also a crabapple, post oak, patina...

Tropical Storm Laura hit this area fairly hard; from the east, which in an anomoly as most of our big wind comes from the west.

Saturday was finishing up a storm damage job on Lake Thunderbird. Three days of a split post oak, ripped up hickories and post oaks, leaning hickories...

Last tuesday was a Memphis tuliptree...

A week of Destin Florida sits nice in my mind. Big surf from Laura. Frisbee and sand...

A huge risky loblolly pine removal in Myrtle Missouri...

Removing walnut and rotten chinkaping over the North Golf Course, trimming several....

Improving the view of three adjacent homes on Lake Thunderbird...

Cleaning up a lot on Lake Sequoyah...

Removing bradford pear high above Spring River... Also maple and oak in the eaves, trimming many...

Improving a view on Lower Spring...

I'm 4getting a few, It's been a heck of ride4 Rebel Tree Care.

T Rump on tape admitting he covered up the the seriousness of the virus. He acknowledged2 Bob Woodward how bad corona was three weeks b4 calling it a hoax.

Barr moves2 act as T Rumps personal attorney in one of his Rape cases.

Reliable testimony of T Rump ridiculing dead soldiers, ridiculing religous leaders, ridiculing POWs. POS.

Saw old buddies as we inducted Coach Joe Sample n2 the Hall of Fame. Cool Shtuff. I spoke on the mic, told a football story about the only missed tackle and how it ended my storied football career.

More happening. I will try2 update more now, I have been having technical difficulties. STay tuned.

July 27 2020

July 28 2020

And we roll. Quiet night. Crickets. My most faithful fan.

BAck2 work. A painful, torturous monday on tuesday. A Cherokee Village hickory is partially uprooted hickory threatens a fine Gazebo.

We reinforced, it, tying it off2 the base of a sturdy cedar. Then I went up n2 it, releiving it of heavy branches up top.

Then we tied it off again2 the cedar with a one inch bull rope. Not certified methods mind u, just hillbilly engineering with what we had.

Work is increasing again. LIfe spirals. LIke the football we took on Buffalo. Also two frisbees. Those Pocahontas boys can toss frisbee well. They could even kick hacky sack if we had had the energy or inclination. Few folks kick hack sack these days, And the ones that do usually violate simple rules of the game. Don't get me started.

Barr proven2 b a hypocritical liar 2day in hearings. He was getting a little pissy I hear. POS. He is also proven2 order troops in against Americans in a totally racist T Rump agenda. the facts and testimony cant' b argued.

Representative Lewis laid2 rest. ONe of the best men2 ever hold office. A true, indisputable champion of pursuit of justice and fairness, equality and peace. He hated T Rump.

Saturation ads attacking Obamacare. With. No. Replacement Plan. AFter ten years. But don't worry, a week and a half or so T Rump claimed that a "gr8 fantastic health care plan would b unveiled within two weeks. so that means sometime in the next three days he will announce a "perfect", health care plan. He also said he would b tackling infrastructure and immigration within that two weeks so watch out4 those major comprehensive plans, all fantastic and perfect2 also b unvieled by Friday.

Quiet night. Trains switching tracks, idling...

Back from a brutal run on Buffalo River. Rush2 White River. Incredible.

Imma try2 remember all the good stuff. Scenery, gigantic cliff faces with bald rock and cedar, oak scrub, scattered caves and trickling creeks. Creeks were seldom actually as it is fairly dry. I took it upon myself2 use an aluminum canoe and did suffer some but not2 bad.

Put in @ Rush was the usual. Outfitters on Buffalo are arrogant, purposely making others wait in the heat while they sit waiting hours with all thier empty trailers in the way. Ittitating how they block access. Its happened almost every time I have ever been2 Buffalo. Not gonna dwell on it.

My group was hip and experienced. We stood up in the boats much, everyone fished, we drank beer and ate good. A Fellow arborist from New Orleans cooked us up some bass. I caught smallish large mouth, small mouth, rock bass, green sunfish and blue gill...

Deer nearly tame watched us from riverside. EAgles perched above or flew through. KIngfishers flashed and chortled, buzzards banked near high cliffs or hopped on sand bars.

Ah, the sand bars. wow. We played frisbee and football, frolicing and rolling barefoot. I didn't even use by blow up mattresses, digging n2 deep luxurious sand each night.

Yes it was brutal. Big heat and big wind pushed us2 the limit. The merry group strung out in grim trudging misery4 many hours Saturday but the cathartic effect made the experience deeper, raw, and intense...

So we moved on, only eight miles a day average, but those miles were rough. And me in an aluminum canoe labored on some shoals, pulling like a strong man competition where they squat and pull those heavy tires, but each and every swim was another peaceful inert relaxation I'm rambling senseless now.

Suffice it2 say that moving from the warm waters of the buffalo2 the ice cold White was a religous experience. Extreme... I caught a trout.

@ one point a poisonous cotton mouth attacked my canoe. Jared Johnson hit it with a throwing hatchet. Matt from New Orleans finished it off with a paddle stroke. We barbequed it up and it was good.

So much more2 the story. I cant bring u the raw details and intensity here.

Now life goes on. Ecover a few days then it will b time2 strap the boots on and get back n2 the Urban Forest.

So swimming in three special waterways in three hours was nice. Upper Spring washed off the other2. Sweet.

I believe the river is impaired. Strange mosses and invasive plants seem2 b coating the formerly prisitine bottom. water purity is @ the very bottom of the priority scale4 Americans. Proof positive is Repo voters as that party is routinely vicous in gutting environmental regulations.

T Rump sending his secret repo police2 stoke fear and violence in American cities who voted4 clean water.

Border wall flattened, allowing Americans2 flee n2 Mexico.

Schools set2 reopen amidst the resurging pandemic. What could possibly go wrong?

With no national strategy states ping pong the virus as they try2 open2 early @ T Rumps urging. He continues2 dismantle and and destroy our democracy in so many ways.

4gotten in his tax cut giveaways of trillions2 the one percent payed 4 by the middle class.

So many would b scandals 4gotten in the whirlwind. Hillaries emails seem so stupid now. T Rump golfs it up.

    Last week was rough: Trimming a large sycamore and a dogwood on a hot Cherokee Village morning... Clearing a lot4 a drain field...removing a dead Ozark Acres white oak and a trimming a large white pine... With injuries plaguing me I was completetly and utterly worn out and ready4 the... Brutal Buffalo...


July20 2020

And we roll. Hot. Understatelment. Early this morning I was trimming a large Cherokee Village sycamore. Southfork River nearby,

Friday was a giant Cherokee Village post oak, reduction over a fine home.

Thursday was a large Cherokee Village red oak. Reduction away from a prized southern magnolia. Not a gr8 time2 prune red oaks, i take precautions. ANSI standard.

So it's 2more days of tree work And. Then. It. will. b. time2 hit Buffalo and White rivers many days in a row! Stoked.

T Rump promises he will sign a complete and total health care package in 2 weeks. That was Friday so it should b ten days now. LOL.

He also promised a complette over haul of immigration, infrastructure, etc, "in 2weeks."

Even Fox called him out2 his face4 blatant lying. Trouble is he watches Fox, they lie in conjuntction with Mother Russia, who generates mems and onspiracy embraced by Merica, then T Rump and the others start believing their own bs. They have no plan. Period.

He stokes violence with warrantless searches and unreasonable seizures by his dragoons. Setting the stage2 contest the election in blue states. I hope they have boats cos it's gonna b a blue tsunami.

it better b cos they plan on suppressing the vote. Completetly if possible.

July 14 2020

And we roll. Quiet dusk. It's quite hot in the afternoons, flirting w triple digits. Journal veterans know that I get chills when I see triple digits.

I'm wet and cold from a swim here on upper Spring but i don't need an air conditioner.

I'm pacing myself each morning as temps climb. This morning was a partially uprooted hickory over Lake Thunderbird. WE used an adjacent oak2 swing everything2 dry land.  @ stake was a nice sea wall.

it's tax time so I crunch numbers @ night yada yada. I've been busy every week day. A tall walnut over a house high on a bluff above southfork river comes2 mind. PLus numerous cedar removals... A dead pine in the middle of several campers on Spring River. Topping or removing many cedars and an oak o a bluff high above Southfork River in Cherokee Village...

T Rump deploys the national guard2 hospitals. 2 prove their are no cases of corona. Plenty of bud though. No pun intended I think.

So I rest and hydr8. Slamming gatorade all day and night. I enjoy the company of the occasional young lady, they often drink beer4 me.

I plan conquests of gravel roads on bikes, or rivers by canoe. Soon White River and Buffalo will host a bachelor party, Darryl and a few barrels of Heinekin I imagine.

Betsy DeVos sputters incompetence and display utter stupidity. But she is a mega donor and that is everything.

Ivanka T Rump: the unemployed should just try something else. Asked how they could get2 job interviews with no gas $ or where they should sleep if homeless she retorted quickly: "just hop in the limo and tell the driver where u need2 go. If ur homeless go2 a fine five star hotel and order room service. Geez. Duh."

*ucker Carlson takes a sudden vacation as his head speechwriter is exposed4 violent racist rants. He tones it down a little when he writes 4 *ucker, gets snarky and clever with racism and crass, false superiority and hypocrisy.

T Rump pardons Stone. Exactly, explicitly what our founding fathers designed our government2 prevent. They just didn't c Moscow Bitch and his boize.

T Rump promotes a conspiracy theory by game show host Chuck Woolery. Basically everyone is lying but T Rump. Not2 b out done, Pat Sajak tweeted a theory that Biden created the virus in a lab in Miami while on cigarette break from performing late term abortions.

Last month millions lost health care. As T Rump sabotages the Affordable Care ACt, millions more set2 lose coverage, four times as many. The most in history T Rump gleefully tweeted. In response, Repos are set2 give huge tax breaks2 millionaires, the fourth such move since since the sparsely attended inauguration.

In another fourth, Barr stops yet another Attorney General from looking, even glancing @ T Rump.

T Rump: I dont' golf. Obama golfed all the time. I'm 2busy working2 play golf. Sure, I send out doubles2 fool CNN. But Obama golfed because he is a lazy black.

Repo congressmen caught in voter fraud. Surprise.

T Rump lost it 2day in a presser. His lies streamed so fast non partisan fact checkers are still tallying them. Im pretty sure this puts him @ like twenty two thousand lies as president. And remember, had Hillary or Obama told even one of those twenty two thousand easily proven lies conservatives would explode with self righteous indignation, hypocritical hatred and white rage. Fox would crawl the one lie twenty four seven, right wing pundits would one after another give their take with plenty of air time. Newspaper editorials would rail with pseudo intellectual bs,

'liberal" media would b compelled2 present "both sides," arguing the one disputable lie by a dum while ignoring the twenty or thirty thousand easily proven lies by the repo. Not an exaggeration. Not a joke.

T Rump has no plan4 the deepening depression and resurgent pandemic, doesn't even mention it 2day in his press conference, only false accusations and senseless rants, diatribes2 satanic hypocrisy as he wastes our time trying2 divide and destroy as Putin bids.

He continues2 confuse new cases of Corona with testing. As. If. The testing itself is making new cases? Not sure where he is going with this. He desperately spins and tosses feces @ the wall2 find something, anything2 stick. But his spin is wobbling as support wanes. His supporters are abandoning him a few more percentage points every week, down2 the hard cores who will support him even if he is caught on camera shooting a black peaceful protester in the head on fifth avenue. Right on the new Black Lives Matter mural in front of T Rump tower.

Black Lives Matter. Period. No need4 more words. No qualifiers, no equations or twisting or false equivalencies. Black. Lives. Matter. Just yes or no. One word.

Washington Redskins2 change their name. 2 National Anthems2 b played b4 football games, which sux because one was 2much. Watch a White player kneel during the "black" anthem and T Rump will tweet his support, keeping his racist base. Racists, rich whites, and evangelicals will 4ever b allegiant2 Cheeto Mussolini, facts, science, morality, accountability and feasibility b damned as long as they think they are right and their dark web says they "owned" the libs. Mother Russia will reward them with fifty virgin hookers.

T Rump dismantling the CDC in the midst of the pandemic2 manipulate the data favorably 2ward him. which will turn out2 b impossible.

Special Jeffy Sessions loses the repo primary lol.

Kushner, Mcconnel, T Rump all got bail outs. Big $ bail outs. Free stuff.

Farmers getting lots of free stuff as T Rump bribes them2 v. No mention of the tariffs and the harm2 our economy. Russia sells China soy beans now. Boy Putin smirked like a smug chimp announcing that one.

This has2 end. See u in the trees and on the river.

July 8 2020

Hot again. Not quite as bad as yesterday. EArly we were rigging a declining red oak by a garage. IN the mix as the morning wore on there was pruning post oak off the garage, Blackjack by the garage, cedar by parking random oak or scrub from the woods...

A large cedar needed a nip and tuck, a redbud crowding the garage, removing nandina, a super nice weeping crabapple was overgrown, another crabapple needed a tuck... Fine brutal morning in the rural forest.

A chipmunk went way up in the dwarf weeping crabapple, presumably2 find ripe fruit.    cool little guy.

Moron tap 2moro...

July 7 2020

Cool night. occasional fireworks, harley or train. Cooll breezes off Upper Spring.

2day was a hot one finishing up around lunch. First up was a dead blackjack. Tough chipping. Also elm removal around a shed, redbud and others. Trimming red bud, dogwood, many northern magnolia, many holly... Cedar... Classic Rebel Tree Care morning...

Multiple swims this afternoon. A little fishing.... A little wading...

July 6 2020

And we roll like the river this quiet night. HOt day. EArly we were trimming redbud and dogwood, oaks off the roof, trimming and removing elms, mulberry, vines, azaleas, holly...

Then it was over2 Lake Cherokee, removing oak, trimming oaks, hickory4 view and sun. HOt finish. But it's all good now. Brief rain burst.

Moron tap 2moro and beyond as we eat up jobs and the chipper spits it out. If and when I get a few weekdays off i will hit a river many days.

LIfe is a river. I am an island.

And we roll yo. Pre viagrafest party. Multiple swims. One beer. Chills me down. I don't need AC. I just take a swim. Ppl r doing 5 oclock floats which is super cool and needs2 catch on. PLus the DJ is putting in near dark. Crazy times coming plus thunder.

june 30 2020

and we roll. Brutal day in trees. Nice REbel Tree Care job. All pruning, large trees over the house... Major reductions...

And we roll. Quiet night. Some might say it's not. Early big weekend. yada ada. I have2 cut up a red oak 2mro lol.

Get my chain. I odn't know when I last checked in but their have been storms. Now I remember it was this morning so I could'nt have blogged it yet.

A cracked up rooted red oak very ear a fine cherokee village home. That one cleared the house and dogwood about a foot. I was lucky. I have picks.

we droppedd that then continued2 the scheduled job, reducing a double post oak all over a rural Cherokee Village home. Another giant post oak was deemed 2slick. WE will do that one day soon.

That storm was intense. Around lunch we removed a bradford pear south of Ash Flat. Then it was back2 afternoon cleanup. I have good help lately.

I also planning road trips2 memphis tennessee and Destin Florida.

aif i run out or work I will hit Tom SawIyer or is it Mark Twain. I will ride there maybe. Don't tempt me. i could totqlly ride2 Thomasville from my camper ina couple of days. I have just. Never. Said. It. The awakening lol. I have big plans4 panadox. I am zeroing in on ultimate waterfall videos. EROSION. I will have a gig soon, probably by hosting my own festival. My drummer is antsy2 jam, i play my acoustic and others electrics often. LOKI is restless. SIR PAUL gets2 test chords and small amps. MR ALVAREZ is still my fave, wrote most of the songs. My JB PLAYER was made in Seoul South Korea, so u know i got soul. MR ROGUE got burned. But I do want2 get the music store guy in Thayer Behind Macdonalds2 fix the burned frets.

i Am tired. Lol. Sweet AC.

So we find that T Rump was briefed repeatedly on the Russian bounties4 Americans. But only three marines were killed. There has2 b4, and a bunch of unproven conspiracies4 voters2 get mad. @ HIlalry. Proven testimony by proven military and government officials will b denounced as heresy and treason. Many are calling T rumps inaction on this treason. Nothing will change the rights mind. They responded2 the news of this treason with a questionable meme from the lying federalist about how Dums are saying celebrating independence day is racist yada yada. Boy r they up in arms over this fake rumor. Not about T Rump supporting Russia and putin even while knowing about the bounty. Maybe there is a mutiny about the bounty soon.

June 29 2020

And we roll. Life is. Break down on a Monday. We were red e2 tackle some large post oaks over a Cherokee Village home but no go. Post Pone. My fixer is coming.

Another wacky day on Spring River. DJ wars. I started @ the State Line again, that way u get a little peace and quiet and room2 fish, a little challenge in b4 u join the insanity. I prefer loud music instead of foul mouth drunks. The thing is I dislike the quiet small talk also. Inane discussions of drink holders, dog groomers, widgets and wedgies. I am singular and prolific. Big gravity tugs me.

So it's go2 the Strawberry more now. Southfork. Lower Spring. Big sand bars await adoption. I will caress her soft shoulders and lay own her. I don't reckon Mama will mind me a layin' own Sweet Strawberry.

T Rump ignores intell that Russia is paying bounties4 Americans. He praises Russia. I'm sure T Rump fans will praise him4 this. But if Biden did it civil war. Double standard much? Gross, stunning hypocrisy much? I think he and Pence are denying it but that just means he did it. He was doodling a new logo4 T Rump TV when they told him. And when they outlined options and responses he was talking2 Hannity about suing a doctor who said his hands were not large. Meaning his penis is small. He also ignored the intel that Russia is paying bounties4 dead Americans by firing his hair dresser in an angry fit and ordering Barr2 attack peaceful protestors with tanks.

I caught a nice trout in Down Town Mammoth Spring. Cleaned him up and packed him in the yeti then the freezer.

Don't judge me4 buying a yeti. I have saved the cost of the cooler by not buying ice often. Plus I usually have enough ice4 keeping trout cold after two or three days. The Great White Yeti is a basic staple of river life.

On warm fork I caught a smallish pumpkinseed blue gill. Unremarkable on it's face, but a huge bass kept hitting him trying2 steal the lure, a couple of times, then I threw the blue gill back out but no go lol.

Fun times @ Howard's with kids and others. BAD BRAD spinning tunes. I swim hard through rapids, upstream and down. And these rapids are rapid.

Since I last checked in I've done many nice jobs. Random pruning of juniper, elm, dogwood, white oak, red oak, several others and removals in Ozark Acres.

Removing half a double hickory on the south golf course4 sattelitte reception. Also pruning a maple and another hickory...

A cracked mulberry all over wires on Spring River in Hardy. A very tall dead red oak top and drop. trimming red bud, cedar, white oak off the roof, removing burned saplings...

A large job on nine mile ridge pruning large post oaks off the roof, random snags of blackjack and other oaks, removing a post oak all over the roof, a dead blackjack by wires, a large dead red oak by the garage, wire clearance...

Removing elm4 sattelite clearance on Spring River...

Dropping declining red oak by a fine home in Highland. @ stake was the house and driveway. Saul goode...

So I'm staying busy, plenty moron tap. this is hard on me.

June 18 2020

And we roll. Quiet night. Even the falls are roaring less. Creeks are still fat but dirt roads are dusty. Couple of tree jobs and a bike ride 2day, preparing4 a float Saturday. I may do an upstream challenge.

U do what u can. Yesterday was a massive Cherokee Village post oak. All over a house. I poured my heart and soul, blood sweat and tears n2 reducing the strong beast. Perfect shade ratio, We took a quarter of the foliage from over the house. Job well done. Then it was a blackjack all over a smaller building. In the mix was another post oak off the roof, a locust off the roof, elm removals, privet pruning, a beautiful pine caught me unawares and tore some skin in an accidental improper cut. But all the other cuts were good. Finally way up in a Blackjack over the driveway... Brutal day...

Last night was fun and games with my Central Arkansas friends.

This morning was a massive red oak, removing a dead branch over a deck @ a fine Cherokee Village home.

Then out2 the South Golf Course, removing half a codominant hickory4 sattelite clearance... Also reducing a maple near the house and a hickory over the fence.

Not satisfied2 recieve foregn help in our elections, now T Rump is meddling in elections abroad. With poles showing him losing badly2 Biden, T Rump spins2 get his guy elected in Poland. Seems an aide told him he better "check the Polls."

2000 current and ex ATtorneys General sign off on Barrs abuse of power and partisan police work. Black Lives Matter.

FAcebook takes down T Rump ad4 promoting "organized hate."

With Twitter censoring him with warning labels, King Twittler(T Rump) scribbled an executive order that he was going2 something, something yada yada, all of which amounts2 nothing except that T Rump himself will b victim again.

So in 2days T Rump plans2 a pack a twenty thousand seat indoor arena with rabid fans and paid black actors in Tulsa Ok, a city and state in the midst of a pandemic spike. What could possibly go wrong?

Without his daily rallies, I mean pandemic responce reality shows, T Rump is aching2 scream and stream altered consciousness with a sound system VAN HALEN would envy.

There was talk of waivers so he couldn't b sued by relatives of those killed by the rally. He says thats fake news so it's probably real. They did put an ad in the paper4 enthusiastic black actors but the pay is only two(2) forty ounce malt liquors in cans only.

hangings of Black ppl on the rise, three in three days. And just days ago repos stopped a bill2 make lynching a hate crime.

I C these Russian bot generated memes like the list that claims dums will take ur guns, love abortion, hate God, favor open borders, etc, when in reality not one dum has sponsored any sort of bill promoting abortion, seizing guns, open borders, characteristically down the line. Fox and most commenters on Fox take all of thesee mischaracterizations and false rumors as gospel. Regular Fox viewere know what they mean. They made a movie where HIllary did indeed give the stand down order. They made a, totally fabricated movie spliced 2gether2 present a totally false operation @ Planned Parenthood. The directors did time4 the evil zeal in which they framed Planned Parenthood, presenting them as a baby part merchant. So the right trolls and rolls. They will raise thier voice.

So I'm wondering how Cherokees in Northern ARkansas reacted2 Bourbons, Cajuns, and Creoles, exactly what went down.

We know Cajuns did merge with Cherokee on Saint Francis River, I know their was an arm of that here in Sharp and Fulton County. French Keetoowah formed, I believe Keetoowahs, the priestly class, most traditional of Cherokees, and their secret organization was formed here 100 years before we discovered it around civil war times, 1850 or so. The Nighthawk Society.

I'm intrigued with Walking Stick Road near Salem Arkansas. Here the River turned north. West a few miles or less was/is Devils Backbone, just east of Viola. A traveler @ this point might transit from river travel2 land. Take up a walking stick.

Viola was probably named after fiddle music, taboo in Cherokee county @ times, and outside the backbone would have been a way station and pub with all things forbidden inside the backbone.

Same with Pfeiffer, Just barely out of the back bone directly south. Named4 pipes, which Scotmen building the north south turn pike played in defiance of taboos, and turn pike it was called, a toll road west from the modern day south Golf Course in Cherokee Village and south from the modern day bowling alley.

The first part of the road came from near the State Line as Spanish commisioners cut deals with Deleware and Cherokee, who shared common council each moon or more. Shawnees were an important link in common council. When the earthquakes convinced common council2 evacuate west, all three tribes agreed2 violate the old treaty and move across Devils Backbone in defiance of Osage council.

But twenty and thirty years b4 that the road came down2 Forty Islands, modern day Hardy Arkansas, and crossed Spring River, called Southfork by Cherokee, and moved up2 Highland, then called Stuart after a famous Scot/Cherokee.

Great crowds mustered here in the seventeen eighties and nineties, Cherokee hosted grand "bees" or festivals of craft works. In conjuction with Olympiads and contests of skill, even traditional native ball game exhibitions. There were braiding bees, skinning bees, weaving bees, many others I can't fathom there on Bee Creek very near the old Spanish Road. Olympiads were held in the field under the big bridge by Macdonalds. Apparently there has always been an open field there. Although when I was a child much of the upstream portion was still dense cane.

Massive cane breaks disappeared over night. When the Cherokees left IN eighteen twelve they left fields planted and ready2 harvest. Whites came in immediately, bringing in herds of cattle. Those cows, unlike roving bands of buffalo who grazed an area then moved on, stayed in an area and ate the cane completely. Stripping it down, cattle and cattle culture had an immediate and long term negative impact on this land and planet that continues 2day.

We have free speech in this country. Unless we critisize beef in Texas. We have the right2 vote, if we have the time2 sort out the fake lies and lie fakes and denials of lie fake or admission of fake lying and the time2 vote because repos slashed the election fund and are monkey wrenching with thier no bid crony pals.

But there was Solyndra. Obama had lunch with a solar guy that went bankrupt. And T Rump knows a little about bankrupt. U think its against the constitution4 the justice department2 lose its partiallity and abandon checks and balances4 partisan hackery, well Bill Clinton met with so and so on the tarmac. The tarmac is where it went down. The tarmac.

June 16 2020

And we roll. Another long day in the urban forest. Early we were cutting stumps and detailing then quickly over2 another job i had started yesterday, cleaning up what I trimmed, then trimming more4 a better look @ the North Golf Course. Many cedars, elders, hackberry, chinkapin oak, walnut, redbud...Eighteenth green I believe. Then it was an afternoon job, clearing a lot4 a better view of Lake Thunderbird.

I'm doing some hot afternoons lately, it's the only way2 keep up with my schedule.

Since I last journaled I've removed blackjack and sassafras, cherry... houses and fences and heirloom plants @ stake. I trimmed a massive poison ivy covered post oak over a Hidden Valley home. Also a pretty tuliptree. That afternoon was a variety of trimming... Let's c: cedar, oak, mimosa, dogwood, japanese maple(dead only), numerous nameless shrubs, purple peach... several more...

I went over2 Horseshoe Bend and dropped a dead red oak...

I trimmed a huge white oak, a huge post oak, and a hickory on lake Sequoyah...

Then it was culling and thinning a lot, taking leaning trees by houses, missing dogwoods etc...

So I've been busy... Also 2day was a fourth job in Highland trimming pine, crabapple, dogwood, mulberry, removing privet...

T Rump's conservative Supreme Court deals multiple blows2 the conservancy. LBTQ or whatevers are protected from discrimination. When Obama championed that cause, he was demonized by Russia/Fox/Facebook as attacking God.

T Rump and "Six" Pence both proclaiming that the Coronavirus in only increasing because testing is revealing it. Not a joke.

T Rump not long ago, "John Bolton is the best people." Now he threatens him with criminal liability4 speaking the truth in his book or publicly.

Roger Stone prosecutor set2 testify about T Rump's meddling. Which. Is. A. Serious. Crime. But Bill Clinton ran n2 Reno on the tarmac and had a chat. And remember, Bill Clinton got a blow job.

Ag Gag laws struck down by McConnells Supreme Court. Google that. Any blow2 gigantic animal/pollution farms helps ppl.

Georgia elections a mess. Seems their governor, a repo, spent his years as Attorney General sabotaging elections, and now continues2 suppress the poor and minority vote in obvious and drastic ways. He and T Rumps favorite firm are firmly in charge of the tally.

FDA bans T Rumps Malaria/Covid/bleach blonde treatment.

Texas police fact check F-- I mean Tucker Carlson. And it did not go well4 the lying, gas lighting fake news/ Russia mouth piece.

SharpieGate exposed. Ethics were violated2 validate T Rumps warning that Alabama was going2 get hit by a Hurricane, which was never in the cards.

Use of masks was downplayed by T Rump et al because there was a shortage. We sent them2 China.

T Rumps latest pentagon pick turns out2 b a racist, Obama hating conspiracy theorist. He said Obama was a terrorist. Which is weird because Obama dropped more TNT on terrorists than all presidents combined.

"Six" Pence says Covid would go away if we all stopped watching the news. Liberal news I presume.

Whistleblowers set2 testify. T Rump and Barr will turn up the heat on ppl who do their jobs and adhere2 codes of ethic and the constitution. track record.

T Rumps big home run2 win the big game when he was in school. Yeah. No that was a lie. Not sure what the count is, well over twenty thousand easily proven non partisan fact checked lies, only since he took office. And remember, if Hillary or Obama had told even one of those easily proven lies they would b demonized by Fox/Russia 24/7/365.

Ever wonder why I say Fox/Russia? Because almost all of their stories originate with whacko conspiracy theories hours after Wiki Leaks, with an army of Russian bots2 give a story viral traction, tosses the story @ the wall2 c if it sticks. U can bet Heritage Foundation and King Twitter are in the loop, prodding and poking along, flogging and choking dead horses, dragging good ppl through the mud and wringing last drops of sanity and profanity, Hannity chases the stars with smug demeanor, accusations and innuendo entertaining his far right audience. Fox sux.

T Rump2 sue CNN over factual poles. They must use junk science, the suit says. Fins and Swedes must be equally represented.

T Rump working overtime2 discriminate against LBGT's. Constitution b damned. He has never had dirt under his fingernails though. he usually gives up the fight quickly.

The white house said it would b fully transparent about where the emergency virus funds went. Except4 a trillion $. They wont tell us where that went. Just a trill. T Rump spends that @ lunch, as long as it's somebody elses $. Maybe they don't want us2 know that 43,000 millionairres got a million each. ON top of the tax giveaways. Free stuff.

Let's revisit this odd theory. T Rump says repeatedly, "if we stop testing, we would have very few cases, if any." No words. Also no words 4 this: "these people are creating a covid vaccine, just as they created an AIDS vaccine." Doesn't exist. Moron.

T Rump in June 2016: I will fight4 for the LBGT community. Exactly 4 years later, "we must discriminate illegally against LBGT."

T Rump goes2 Dallas4 a forum on race and policing. And. Excludes black Police Chief, black District Attorney, black Prosecutor.... There was however a Mexican with a mop.

T Rump says we can cure racism and end hunger, and have world peace, "Quickly," and "easily."

I could go on and on. U get the point. Or not. Just remember. A hell of a lot more ppl voted4 HIllary than the Don. And thats with Russia battling against her and 4 T Rump. But I guess all repos believe Mueller is a traitor and his investigation was a hoax. They must. Hypocrisy on high. Laws r4 Dums 2 b busted4. Laws don't apply2 repos.

Moron tap 2moro.

Twenty nine years insured continually.

June 8 2020

And we roll. Rain. STeady and sure as Tropical Depression C word gets here2 Northern ARkansas. We watched it doing a job in Jonesboro this morning, then again on a job in Bono, and it finally caught us on a job in Walnut Ridge. I've been busy just got out of the blog habit which is wrong, especially when it comes2 adding2 Rebel Word.

Plenty of River Adventures. I have had some beautiful women in my canoe, I have saved other beautiful women from capsized kayaks or out of control floaties. Don't remember when I last posted, T Rump has inspected his bunker twice, there are now miles of razer wire wrapped crudely about the white house grounds in an odd patchwork of mirror swastikas and shining paths of golden chalice.

The NFL now says kneeling is ok. Just don't burn the stadium down.

T Rump tweeted about it a record seventy three times on Sunday.

The riots are a flashpoint started by the viral video of George Floyd being murdered by a cop. Police in tanks and riot gear, the national guard, overfunded para military shock troops. "That's fake news," screamed T Rump,

'we did not use tear gas so I could walk2 a church and hold a Bible upside down." 2 prove his words he brought Barr up and pulled his strings like a talented marionette: As Attorney General and sworn2 b impartial yada yada, "This was fake news. We did not use Tear Gas on peaceful protestors. There were things being thrown, across town, so yeah, we shot them2 hell with rubber bullets and pepper balls, which, a simple reading of the Geneva convention finds no mention of organic pepper balls on innocent bystanders. They kill few people, sure the bystanders lose eyes every conflict, and trust me u don't want an angel dusted angry protestor that loses an eye2 a pepper ball. My point is: no tear gas was used. Fake news."

Panadox going strong. I'm getting quite a catalog of racing laser white waterfalls. I need about four hours that never repeats. I will show u soon.

Rebel Tree Care. I am kicking ass on jobs, knocking a couple out every day. Through breakdowns of trucks and chippers, frequent wet conditions, domestic problems, not mine lol,

River ADventures. I usually start @ the state line and canoe warm fork around Mammoth Spring State Park and Mammoth Spring proper. U ,or rather I get a nature adventure in and join the rowdy party @ DAm3.

EROSION. My band is tight. We were hosting a Blue Collar Jam in April but that was derailed by the virus. My clients in Bono have the virus in their family. young girl and her mother. Probably contracted @ a funeral, detected @ cheerleader practice. God speed people.

EROSION was set2 tour Japan, sponsored by Corona Beer as late as March.

Word. still breathing life n2 WAter Spider, still painting a picture of the Cherokee here east of Devil's Backbone south of the state line.

The Spanish used the same line in the seventeen hundreds. They decreed furs south of that line inferior. They decreed Cherokee must trade exclusively @ ARkansas Post a vile violent patch of mud, as opposed2 Sweet Saint Genevieve in MIssouri. some Cherokee had run afoul of decrees back in Carolina, decrees of the KIng of England often punished natives, sometimes indirectly. So Cherokee had little use4 decrees Whether in Carolina or ARkansas.

The English used the same line when they "gave" all of north Arkansas 2 Cherokee in trade4 lands in CArolina.

The English also kept a fort maintained some time in Arkansas over near Memphis. They were allied with Chickasaw so there was precarious truce on Saint Francis.

English settlers and POWs and escaped POWs and assimilated POWs scattered them selves about the line. This thirty six thirty line, still the modern day state line, except4 the stupid bootheel of MIssouri, which didn't exist then.

As English among Delawares and Cherokee assimilated and worked farms, they slowly bonded as Masons and other secret societies. the English worked that bond from Delaware Missouri and Cherokee ARkansas.

French in Modern Day Cherokee Village formed the Keetoowah society, an anti slavery trADITionalist secret sociey not discovered by whites until the American Civil War era a century later.

Royal Scots and their fraternity strained, then strengthened the fabric of traditional Cherokee with rowdy pipes and ale: Irish deep on Strawberry River likely had well guarded secrets.

Irish Cherokee likely fostered written words and printing presses. Ben Franklin was a typesetter. Ben's Creek in Franklin likely has origins in this theory. Cherokee were using a syllabus and press just a few years later after they evacuated this area in 1812'\

While most Cherokee here walked across the Devil's BAckbone and on2 Buffalo River. Some Scot/Cherokee stayed close by in Batesville a few more years.

Look @ a map of the area and picture the western migration from the MIssissippi water way. Most could not move through Cherokee and Delaware or Shawnee territory, only select and validated tourists and bear hunters. White River did not offer a route west as it moved north n2 hostile Osage territory.

The Little Red River was not safe, mountainous and difficult. The Arkansas River was rife with danger and ambush, although Quapaw and Caddo accommodated whites 2 a fault, the Arkansas was not a safe route.

But the Spanish needed an exit west. Exit in Spanish is Salado. Salado creek is just south of Batesville and southside, the next and maybe only river valley between the White and Little Red. Maybe the name Salado means it was used as an exit west. Water travel in2 the interior of the Ozarks, then walking or mule trails leading2 highlands or major paths. Salado. Exit.

Hard rain. Depression. Tired. did i say we did three jobs?

So T Rumps private secret unidentified army traced2 a prison in Texas.

Lots of attorneys demanding Barr resign. Lots of military brass demanding T Rump resign. I wonder what Fox would have said if Obama had bone spurs. 4real. What if Hillary had been found laundering $ from a veteran fund2 pay off porn stars? I mean isn't there just a little hypocrisy and a double standard4 the right? I mean a huge Effing double standard and staggering hypocrisy.

May 26 2020

Falls roar. Nice. I'm kind of getting sort of a perpetual flow. Permaderenalin. I just coined a phrase. Perma Dren. First was insta smile now perma grin I mean Perma Dren. PErmanent adrenalin.

Or maybe semi permanent.

I have done many jobs and pieces of jobs over the last span between journal entries. I have trimmed, chipped, raked, climbing and cutting all that stuff.

I have lived the river life the last few days. The stuff of legend. Saturday was a nice float trip from Missouri. that's right we started north of Mammoth Spring State Park and spent the morning in a sweet little adventure. I had me a pretty Mississippi girl with me and the warm fork was way up. In fact we soon had2 abandon ship and squeeze through some strainers and beaver cuts. There was some adventure in play, the Warm Fork was muddy, but when we swung around the horn n2 Mammoth my girl caught a nice three pound rain bow trout. Then I landed one soon after. We exalted in the sight of the water fall @ dam number 1. Then the clear water faded and we caught no more.

We headed down2 Cold Spring and Spring River Lake, better understood as Spring River above Dam3.

As I cleaned our fish and iced them down I started pulling the stringer out of the water, I had left the trouts heads on the stringer, but the stringer was snagged... On... a... Large Snapping turtle. The beast has swallowed one trout head and I pulled him out in2 the parking lot but he coughed it up and returned2 the lake.

Around dam3 we dragged and boat a few feet b4 roping it down2 the fishing area and shooting the tunnels.

People were loud and letting off steam. throngs and thongs. Titties and beer. Constant barrage parade of mayhem. Good number of scared zombies scrambling, confused. Pollution slicks where heavy partiers didn't use their trash bags.

Rafts don't in general make such messes, this is one reason I have grown2 accept and approve of them.

BAD BRAD Mastered Ceremonies @ Howards two days. I swam and canoed til late in the day, shuttling friends across the river in treacherous current. The river is seriously ripping lately.

I did scout some put ins4 the Myatt. Missouri2 Saddler Falls, which would involve heavy wilderness and an upstream finish. Brutal. not R and R.

I've been getting rained out 4 work alot, and June is sifting and fluid, all these rainouts and some people can wait, trees havent had much son this year some tree will benefit from an extra period of sun shine b4 pruning.

Plus one truck is down, it shot transmission fluid everywhere. The chipper is down, starter out... Should b back in action in a couple days, so each day is a rainout or a reschedule yada yada.

T Rump hits the golf course.

If he was black everyone would b mad @ him4 golfing so much. @ least the black guy paid. @ T Rump properties we pay. It is now mandatory we all attend T Rump University and each take a turn on the Apprentice. Only it's a pyramid. They say this will break more people than Rock Descent.

Ah, Rock Descent. U can't really find it on the net, but back in the seventies Wide World of Sports had a couple segments that weren't thought through well. I mean they had moutain climbing, then rock climbing, and those did ok, slow paced high wire action that made4 good Television. But somewhere someone said, what about getting down the mountain also, .make that a gold medal if u can desecend the rock faster than all others. So Rock descent was born.

In the first week of Rock Descent a few tied off or made cursory safety procedures but ignore many, and some ignored all, madly scrambling or even leaping down a mountain2 the tune of multiple broken bones among mostly all of the contestants. But the winner was delerious with joy accepting the medal with all his broken bones. The next week was virtually the same, most all contestants maiming themselves, and the sport was quietly dropped, returning2 mountain climbing or Rock Ascent.

This reminds me of another phenomenon the internet can not verify. QUEENSRYCHE wore KISS style makeup on the QUIET RIOT tour in the eighties.The internet... is. strangley... absent... here... It's like QUEENSRYCHE scrubbed the net and got rid of all proof they wore KISS style makeup on that QUIET RIOT tour. I got kicked out of that concert in Little Rock. 4 dancing with a girl on my shoulders.

AXE was cool. They told the cops2 Eff off. They had a song what was it? Gonna b a knock down drag out Rockn Roll party in the streets. Great song. an anthem4 those days.

QUIET RIOT were flying high with Cum on Feel The Noize and Bang Ur Head. They were pushing the caddilac song or something. The cops kept everyong sitting all night till they finally played cum feel the noize and MEtal health and finally the cops were over run.Four of them made me take the girl from my shoulders and escorted us out.

I liked QUEENSRYCHES early stuff b4 they got all artsy. Queen of the Ryche was a speed metal anthem I dug. Gr8 concert in Robinson Auditorium lol.

I did some EROSION this weekend. Hard acoustic4 the SAddler Falls crowd. ONe dude brought a banjo and we hammered out some Jam Grass quite a while with a decent revolving crowd.

So Rebel Tree Care, Rebel River Adventures, Erosion, and Word all active. Panadox has a brief rest but soon will grace an EROSION rehearsal and a river party.

Im adding a chapter2 Water Spider. In the process breathing more life n2 my blissfully uninformed history of Cherokee here in Northeast ARkansas in the seventeen hundreds. All of the seventeen hundreds.

RAin now. A little wind. The falls roar. Birds are chirping this dusk as white water pulses, swelling, swirling...

MAY 16 2020

foggy. relaxing 2day. Even though yesterday was a rainout i did cut up some l0gs4 my guy getting them.

Yesterday was crazy. The rain was supposed2 break up b4 it got here, so I still thought we would work til almost 8. Then storms hit and we didn't yada yada. Busy week on tap next week as we try2 shuffle scheduled jobs with afternoon catch up.

We were sposed2 do a couple of float trips but the rivers are raging. It wouldn't take long lol. Stopping would b the hardest part. I figure u could sail along from Mammoth2 Hardy in a couple of hours.

EROSION in house last night. Damn we were crisp and crunchy. Sweet night.

T Rump purging whistle blowers and vocal dissenters. Filling the swamp with yes men, toadies and hyper partisan whack jobs. Deconstructing America, treasonous espionage4 Russia cheer led by Russia/Fox.

Russian hackers know us. They know what we want2 believe, that half of us crave hate. They bait us4 clicks, suck us in2 a false equivalentA, our favorite double standards are manipulated. But repos are projectionists. If any of these conspiracies are actually investigated now, instead of "sometime next week," we invariably find dums diligently carrying out their sworn duty, and repos sabotaging that duty. Sabotaging America. And calling libs and dems unamerican.

Christian liberals increasing now. As the hollow whacko right demonizes liberals as "Godless," "atheist," socialist", or whatever list they want us2 appear on, they expose their nose ring4 T Rump2 lead them about, flinging poo on the wall2 c what sticks.

They need that blue dress. That tan suit. If only only Biden would cackle oddly, or snicker slightly sinister, repos can burn the world down @ their leisure.

Obama quiet. He will deliver the Truth soon. He is 2 classy2 rage tweet vain and profane third grade insults and bully pulpits n2 line.

And we roll...


May 13 2020

Wednesday the thirteenth. Best not work on Wednesday the thirteenth. Just kidding. The rain stopped around day break and it was on. We let it dry out a little but by mid morning we were slamming very tall pines2 earth. Actually we took some time2 build buffers, old tires, logs, brush accumulated, even a steel grate2 protect the concrete driveway.

Several went down, several more the next2 days. The chips will grace fine homes on Spring River...

So Im booked up4 a month or so, referring jobs2 a bucket guy if they are dangerous4 me doing it the old fashioned way. I mean I could rent a lift like we did last summer, that can work but this guy is pretty good and I'm busy so share the wealth yada yada.

T Rump and Barr going after ObamaGate lol, in the coming weeks lol. They will quietly drop this witch hunt, this hoax, when they realize their is no way2 wash off the lies and obstruction outlined in the Mueller report. The deep state snake is eating itself.

I canceled an EROSION jam set4 2nite. I gotta get rid of chips and c ppl about trees. But we will b loud and proud Friday night. and maybe have a guest guitarist knock on wood.

I been fishing, catching a few here and there. Floats scheduled4 this weekend.

May 11 2020

Yeah baby. Brittanic Bold. Rain. Looks like an all nighter. And all day 2moro. I was going2 start a large job 2moro removing a bunch of tall pines on Lake Thunderbird but looks like alot of rain this week so game time decisions.

We did get a cool job done on Spring River this morning b4 the rain hit. Early I was headed up a walnut over a house, removing a couple of large branches over the roof. Yes it's a little early4 pruning but some insurance agent thought it was best yada yada. Insurance agents should really read a pamphlet b4 forcing unwise decisions on2 well meaning home owners.

So we got around the house, trimming maples and a hackberry, up a huge chinkapin2 get one branch. Clearing the service wire of maple, cedar and privet as it traversed the jungle, and finally dropping a large box elder prone2 split. Early afternoon was chipping and cutting up and boom. Back2 Highland.

Plus I lined up more work, with this rainout I don't have much wiggle room, about a month is booked up tight.

May 8 2020

Rain out. much needed rest. I was taking the day off anyway, was going2 do the Myatt from MIssouri2 Spring River over the course of 2days, combined with a bike ride. But it rained all night and n2 the morning so I shelved the plans. Mild flooding, strange stream I''ve never done. Yada yada so I'll just rest.

Yesterday was a tricky job. Dangerous. ONe was a rotten large red oak. I had2 chain it2 gether @ the base and it still tried2 barber chair and get me, ripping a tiny root out quickly2 grab @ me. crazy.

Then it was an uprooted red oak, leaning over the house, tangled n2 another yada yada. Finally the stressing and pacing was done and the beasts lay quiet. It's a few days off and a fat week coming up.

Barr drops the charges on Flynn. Who has already plead guilty twice2 lying2 the FBI about Russian involvement.

Now the far right says China dropped the virus on the US2 help Biden. NOthing about the new report that shows the US intel and T Rump knew about the dangerous virus in November. This is a real smoking gun, not another whacko conspiracy desperate2 blame a dum.

So it's fish this cold overcast day. B.

More rain. Wind.

Some leaves r still busting slowly out. Walnuts and HOney Locusts here @ the river still seem bare @ first glance. But they are getting there. The cold nights and overcast days are hampering some plants. Soon everything will b lush.

May 6 2020

And we roll. Train rolls through as falls roar. Bright moon peeking through broken clouds...

Let's c. Tuesday was removing holly, random trimming variegated privet and patina... Removing volunteers... Getting storm damage in a tall red oak...

That was in Cherokee Village. Later in the day it was dropping a dead Mammoth Spring cherry and clearing elm and hickory4 a home site...

2day was a large hickory on Lake Cherokee, @ stake were houses and gas tanks. Near misses on both lol. Saul Goode.

May 4 2020

Quatro de Mayo. Rough and tough morning on Lake Thunderbird in Cherokee Village. Early we were rigging and roping tall hickories and oaks. Nine of them. Obstacles abounded: driveway, wires, ornamental well house, yuccas, the house, air conditioner, neighbors walls, etc... We missed everything and got it all done as rain began, it was pouring pretty good as we wrapped up. Customers well pleased. Another quality Rebel Tree Care job.

Moron tap all week and beyond.

Saturday was a sweet float trip down upper Spring. I jumped in a raft with friends. Darby was there!

I been catching a few trouts and bass, I'm knocking jobs out. Life is.

May 1 2020

And we roll. The falls roar and fine music lofts about near and far. Hard day in the dump lol.

Yesterday was a crazy morning rigging and removing declining cherry and dead elm and oak. Transpanting raccoon.

The day b4 was a couple of nice dogwoods, trimming and reducing...

Everything is a go4 a float trip 2moro. I may ride in a raft. Or I may canoe. Choices.

Life is fine. The river is. and then U. Gotta go... Did I say life is fine? Even in quarantine. Notice how Quran is invoked. This proves the A rabs are behind this2 get T Rump.

War hawks and deep state shadow bloggers keep trying2 blame Obama4 this. But just 2day I think it was the CIA debunked any of that. T Rump acts like he doesn't believe them. He will discredit and destroy the CIA2 make it look like Obama did the virus.

He keeps saying insane stuff about their being no bullets or medicine or anything @ all in the cubboard when he took over. But remember the first Crisis he had, some kind of air strike. He bragged and bragged about how well the strike team performed and well oiled the armed services were, then in mid sentence realized that was contradictory2 the narrative because he had only been president4 a few days and even he sensed that taking credit4 having turned the military completely around and rebuilt in five days was a little much even4 him so he changed his sentence from how good our military performed2 how well they performed considering where they were last week and where they were when he took over, broke and without ammo but T Rump changed all that in four days. Right. Gotcha T Rump. U will never quit running ur mouth we get it douche bag.

He wont admit that he couldn't have gotten FAulty tests because the virus didn't exist three years ago when Obama was stocking the Pandemic response unit that T Rump disbanded.

he is baby Huey, tottering about, smashing what took years and decades, centuries2 build. He chews on a giant tire, he soils his giant white diaper, he cries4 daddy with gigantic orange pacifier mouth.

April 28 2020

And we roll. Birds r singing. Long day.

Early we were rigging a declining sycamore on Spring River near Hardy. That one hit on target and we helped them out with the cleanup4 awhile then it was across the river2 the boonies out behind Highland. A declining red oak was shading a garden. A Dead red oak very near the house and Man Cave/She shed. And also a dead hollow gnarly old post oak in the mud. Nice Rebel Tree Care morning. Tis the removal season.

So now it's sposed2 rain all night so we called 2moro off. Nice. Deep rest.

fOX all about blue states needing help. They neglect2 mention that red states are the biggest users of government assistance, and many blue states contribute more2 the federal government than they take out. But Fox is spoon feeding us misrepresentations and lies. Fox/Russian on the job.

And they will use those unfounded, unproven lies as proven, accepted premise4 all the follow up reports. Even if a segment is about something completely different. 4instance: President T Rump is trying his best2 unite our country but the moocher blue states continue2 bleed us dry with their socialist agenda. Or: We know blue states are bankrupt as they beg President T Rump4 help, and Chicago is Obama's home town and that's why they have so much murder and corruption but Prick Scott and Florida are upstanding shining beacons of virtue and ethic. Moscow Bitchs home state uses no Federal Funds @ all. In fact Moscow Bitch's home state leads the nation in syphoning federal funds and returning very little. And guess what? It's mostly whites. Fox will spin that one n2 orbit b4 admitting the truth.

T Rump cancels his daily campaign rallies. He tried2 bully the press4 asking tough questions but after his world widely ridiculed suggestion of injecting bleach, the subsequent scramble2 explain what he meant, then the subsequent tweet that it was sarcasm, which destroyed his defenders arguments, he has now canceled the rest.

He went from none4 three years2 two hours a day, now he is back2 none but without rallies2 feed his ego, and no more daily rallies of self congratulation and deflection of blame, scape goating and lying twitter rage may not fill his void. He must. Rage. Against. something. False. He must idolize himself and scream@ truth. He accused the press of acting like a rich spoiled third grader and admonished them2 "comb that dead ferret on ur head."

He says its unamerican2 undermine a president. Confronted with thousands of his own tweets undermining Obama he now says that the reporter confronting him with thousands of tweets undermining the president is unamerican.

When informed of the grim threshhold of sixty thousand Americans dead from Corona, he seemed distracted, staring intently @ a chart. "Look," he said, "I passed Regis Philbin in television hours. Plus my ratings are back2 Apprentice levels."

Turns out he was warned early and often of the pandemic, but didn't take it seriously or didn't even hear the advisors. it was in the written briefs dozens of times but he doesn't read. Those.

Repos selling off stock may have sparked the stock market crash. These same people, in on high level intelligence briefings, were selling off stocks even as they assured the public there was no danger. Plus they bought disinfectant and masks. Kushner sold most of our masks2 china early on. U can bet Ivanka got a few free patents, she's kicking ass in China about now. Big bucks rolling in. But Hunter Biden got that job.

With t Rumps over reach of ordering meat workers back2 work and the dictator like order, Fox focused4 six hours on Joe Bidens touching of a womans shoulder. They showed the video over and over, with the crawler below dropping democrat and molestation words very close. They advertised a new show Saturday nite that explores liberal bias in news. But. Not. Conservative. Bias.

Liberal Christians claiming the higher moral ground now. T Rump has destroyed conventional Christianity, the far right has zero credibility now. Haters equating dums with atheism, socialism...Fetus killers and gun confiscators are now exposed as partisan quacks and hypocrite hacks.

Rain begins. Thunder rumbling...

April 27 2020

And we rest. Rain this late night. Steady as the falls roar. Long day. Early we were rigging a Rural oak. The beast was slain and gone real quick. Over2 Cherokee Village, a sassafras on the North golf course was dead. Now it is gone. it was tragic, a group of three sassafrasses next2 a unique architecture home. Only2 r left. And they are stressing and declining some. But there is hope. We may try some fertilization and mulch.

Still another job, this another road trip2 Many Islands area. A medium hickory was in the way of a home expansion. @ stake were japanese maples, a small gingko, fine flowers and hostas... We hit a native gum but barely damaged it. Saul goode... Moron tap 2moro.

Steady rain.

Ive had decent fish on the stringer. two bass weighing prolly six pounds. Larger trout. They are filling the freezer nicely.

So it's bear down. Get it done.

April 22 2020

Rain. Hard rain. Consistent. Thunder lightning all that. I got a lot done though, lining up coming weeks, moving on i  got my van2 another place, c if they can fix itÖ I have2 admit Iím kind of glad Iím not on a river 2day. Itís cold and keeps on pelting rain. It hailed hard the other day. 2 kayakers came by afterward and they looked a little defeated. One guy was wearing a helmet so that probably helped deflect the hail. It tried2 tear up the banana plants but they are hardy.

 Cant work in this. And Iím ok w that. Cant hang w ppl and shoot the shit? Iím ok.

 T Rump hotel asking the T Rump administration2 lower itís rent. Pelosi says we need the truth. Pence and others couldn Ďt keep from busting out laughing. McConnell waved his hand like a sissy, laughing hysterically about Pelosi getting the truth from T Rump.

 T Rump spends hours a day having a campaign rally @ our expense, then says: ďitís not about me.Ē Once again if a repo complains about it, then repos are doing it. T Rump says dums are politicizing the process, rest assured he is politicizing the process.

 His heinous agenda is now unnoticed and unchecked in any way.  Betsy ďRossĒ DeVos is hobbling public schools. Polluters are running rampant. T Rump threatens2 shoot down Iranís Gun Boats. Big man. Daddyís $ taught him how2 threaten. He can threaten. Boy he can threaten. Itís the follow up and follow through he canít do. Even the boast itself is being soundly ridiculed. U don't shoot a boat down.

T Rump has words of kindness4 ill Kim UnYoung. But not4 a dead American if he ever questioned him any way.

Notice he doesnít sell choroxyclorinine or whatever it was anymore. Seems that is killing people. He quietly sold the stock yesterday. He was hoping4 a bundle on that.

April 21 2020

And we roll. Quiet night. Now lol. EROSION in house earlier. WE touched upon each song in our set and just jammed. It's not like we have a gig. I was thinking about a concert a month or2 ago but this Virus shut everyone down. We had just inked a deal2 tour Japan, but get this, the sponsor was Corona beer. That fell through one hour after the press conference.

This morning was 2 large post oaks, removals. At stake was a storage shed, a tool shed, a hay shed, fencing and gates.

Mission accomplished, now with big rain moving in we r taking a few days off.

Imma bear down, get new music equipment red e. Tweak gear4 the Myatt trip. Try2 organize, batten the hatches, ride this quarantine out. I spend alot of time on the river.

I'm a hugger. so this is tough on me. My business is brisk so that keeps my energies focused.

T Rump complaining about the mess he inherited. He doesn't complain about the Billions he inherited from his father. And squandered. He doesn't mention that he lost more $ than anyone on the planet. He doesn't mention disbanding and defunding the Pandemic Response team.

It's kind of like Benghazi. When the Tea Party got in they defunded any and everything2 damage Obama. Including embassy security. And2 cover up their stupid moves they attacked with fake news.

It's ez2 trace repo misconduct. Just look n2 their accusations. U will invariably find that repos r the true perps. Case in point: Barr moves2 free up Russians involved in the Mueller report. Deep state peristroika anyone?

So hit the river and trees.

April 20 2020

Four twenty four twenty. Say that three times real slow and mellow lol. 2day was adrenalin. Early I was on the shores of Lake Thunderbird in Cherokee Village. Four tall loblolly pines needed dropped just right. Early I was rigging them in heavy fog. Then my helper showed, then the power company and others. They all hit reasonably well, there was minimum damage2 adjacent trees. I did have2 climb an oak and get a little damage. Saul Goode. Moron tap 2moro.

It's hot now. Time2 head2 the river.

April 19 2020

And we roll. Quiet night. Deep rest. I been @ the river4 a few days, not all of them restful.

Focused on 2moros job. Falling four very tall pines with numerous obstacles.

Thursday was a large post oak over a Horseshoe Bend roof. That booger was a little more than I wanted, they often are, but I sucked it up and got it done. In the mix was a very large dead red oak. In play was the house, the deck, fencing, walls, satellite dish.....

So Im planning another river adventure while it's still early in the year and smaller rivers and creeks are up. Myatt.

I can't believe Ive never done Myatt except4 the extreme lower end. I want 2 start well up in Missouri, take several days2 float2 Spring River. And here is the hook, the outside the box thought. When I get2 Spring River. Turn left, north, or upstream and move2 Saddler Falls. I've done that particular move many times, this time will be sweet.

That trip needs2 b done. It's 2close2 not know it. Stay tuned.

April 14 2020

And we roll. Quietly. Deep rest. 2day was a large tree. A very large post oak uprooted in Ash Flat. A seventy mile an hour straight line wind got it. Also an adjacent red oak. We cut it up and chipped it. Brutal. Saws breaking, dulling... But everyone is safe. The homeowner brought family and tractors2 get the wood. Lots of wood.

So it's a day off 2moro, then more of the same Thurs. It's not storm damage but larger trees. Over on Strawberry River. Hey that brings up a possibility. Three day trip Horseshoe Bend2 Hulett anyone. Any chicks out there with balls?

Social distancing seems2 b working. I was already doing it lol. But I am saving $ eating @ home. In some areas home confinement is helping the environment. Like people in India can c their mountains4 the first time in living memory. The water is clear in Venice Italy, dolphins are visiting4 the first time in awhile.

But on Spring Rivers water shed loggers are stripping forests. The detrimental effects are obvious and immediate, long term and deadly.

T Rump and the repos jump @ bailing out giant corporations, such as the provision that if u owe the banks they get ur stimulus check. Stimulus. Heh heh.

Corona killing the homeless. Russia finally getting beset with the virus. But they are doubling down on sowing discord here. Masterful manipulation of the right with fake memes and fake memos, evil buzzwords like socialism and, and, socialism.

They watch as we bumble our response, tripping over state and federal rules, with donors and toadies dominating our government, they zero in on our glaring weakness as T Rump lurches from infomercial2 screaming about the birth certificate. He said the governors are just apprentices vying4 attention and funds. He is the master king of all he says, the constitutions says he says. Anybody questioning it is unamerican and a terrible person. A nasty women, lazy black, or acquaintance raping Mexican. Oh yeh the projected death toll.

New York added another three thousand five hundred2 their death toll, these were "probable," CoronaVirus cases.

T Rump using the White HOuse2 make campaign videos. They spend hours, hundreds of hours, watching hundreds of videos and splicing them 2gether in disinformative collages assigning blame, scapegoating, gloating, bloated carcass of false excess and bankrupt vampire word salad. Vampires and salad don't go 2gether. So when they get engaged, then rage @ non hypocritical ppl with attitude and the constitution.

Good thing Obama never claimed "absolute authority" like T Rump did 2day. The world would b ashes. The right wing superiority complex would implode the continent. Fox/Russia would become a crawler of trolls and obvious liars, indignant sachems, fools of vanity, bullys and comedic mockers, super smart psuedo intellects with no Golden Rule.

Liberal Christians can now openly claim the higher moral ground. T Rump has destroyed conventional Christianity, levered all credence of the appearance of prosperity Gospel. ONly Liberal Christians, who more perfectly fit the concept of Christ like, can claim2 b anything like Jesus. T Rump sure as EFF can't. T Rump worshippers are ugly mutations of Christ, his defenders more akin2 the dark arts, the deep state morons, Russian dweebs and dorks.

Part of T Rumps daily campaign rally is this new timeline his writers wrote illegally @ our expense. Regardless, they did this timeline, and it supposedly shows how perfect the phone call, I mean his Pandemic response was, but there is one small thing they don't even dispute. An entire month is blank. Skipped. Basically between halting the flights from China and a week ago he did nothing or all the wrong things.

WRestling approved as "Essential," in Florida. Maybe, just maybe, because the promoters are huge repos. Liberal wrestlers can't wrestle.

Wisconsin forced2 brave storms, hail, and pandemic2 vote. and they turned out in droves2 elect a dum ticket.

T Rump will attempt2 use the pandemic2 stall and thwart the election. He will proclaim himself Naked Emporer4 life and crown Melania until her period then Ivanka will squeegee the leather seat and take the throne, proclamating and decrying, establishing patents in any country she offers access2 daddy, or gives her a million$4 a dinner date, with extra favors...

There is video of eleven Saudi Princes cheering her on as she pees on a mural of Obama. The reflection in the glass gives her location away: T Rump Days Inn Terra Haute Indiana.

T Rump has "absolute Authority." But he "doesn't' take responsibility @ all."

April 9 2020

wow. What a run. Koskkonong2 Saddler. East of Kosh actually. The upstream side of the Warm Fork Conservation Area. Wilderness float.

Looks like it would have been floatable even above there. In my younger days or if I was a kayaker, these trips are better suited4 those short pro kayaks and minimal gear. Kind of like upper Eleven Point above Thomasville, it's really wild, rarely much water but right now would b quite the adventure. I had2 abandon ship and drag around jams just the right number of times.

    Also similar2 Eleven Point is the transformation @ springs. Not as dramatic as Greer Springs impact on Eleven Point, Warm Fork has its own section of spring fed areas changing the ecosystem...

I was in a seventeen foot old Town canoe and plenty of gear. the only thing I was missing was a recliner with a ninety five pound big tit hotty lol.

I do need a dog. I didn't realize poodles were water dogs so I may look n2 that. I hate poodles but may look n2 it.

There were birds: buzzards, blue herons... in clumps(there was a mecca of Buzzards, maybe hundreds in a couple of trees right next2 maybe hundreds of Great Blues with dozens of nests and nesting activities, Kingfishers (especially entertaining), molting eagles, scarlet tanagers?, Swallows were building mud nests under many bridges. I chased ducks, many varieties, and geese. I camped on an island very near a gigantic eagle nest with an eagle standing guard.

As I moved n2 city limits there were stranger varieties of duck or pea fowl, nesting robins and gangs of semi domesticated blue jays.

Huge turtles sunned, most times they hit the water b4 I could even glimpse them, but other times I c them take off or occasionally surprise them so well they freeze and u get this really good look @ them. Snakes seemed @ first2 attack me aggressively, then I realize they are just people2, trying2 get across the river.

The river was quick, a little bit of a challenge. I got a walleye right off.

Just like here @ my camper I can hear the trains off and on all day and night. Train horns honking, switching... high pitched torturous screams and slamming rhythmic cascades of heavy metal groove.

I plucked my bass several times, once on an island. I had a fire ready2 spark up but may have been on private property yada yada, or so they say an island yada yada, it's disputable but I prefer not2 tempt anyone so I wait til near dark2 spark the fire as their was a farm house a mile off out in the field, noone could c my tent thought. reasons yada yada.

Butterflies cluster on a Great Blue Heron shit stain.

Redbud line the river banks in full bloom. Occasional dogwoods catch the eye. Forest floor fairly carpeted with purple and lavender or creme flowers. Plenty of them. Tiny forested bluffs still visible with few leaves on right now. Horizontal crevasses and cliff faces with tiny caves.

Ample water, but fish are elusive. Other than the smallish walleye I kept a shiner. And get this. I cooked that shiner, a big third of a pound, with lemon and butter and it was delish. I did catch a few small mouth bass but all were under a foot so I let them go. Also a few blue gill I let go.

Gigantic full moon. It was so bright outside my tent then super dense fog made it darker @ dawn then midnight.

My sister got a txt through says hail 2moro. She was right. Moron that later.

Sirens all day north of Thayer. Don't know the crazzines out there as this world spins and shuts down.

So finally I come n2 Thayer, a grocery store available not far away but I didn't stop. Friendly kids fishing. HObo sign:

Then I'm coming n2 ARkansas, right @ the line is a cool little crossing I let the boat through with a rope. I could have shot it prolly but it was dicey. Getting sideways would have totalled my boat instantly. The old guys fishing there were catching green sunfish and bass, said there were trout. Sure enough I soon had a nice Warm Fork trout on the stringer.

Around the horn2 Spring River I took a break and shot some Panadox @ the waterfall. And soon enough I had a fat stringer of trout and blue gill.

Traversing the dam area was big sun, pure enjoyment. Big winds did kick up on Spring River Lake and make it a little labor. I hung with new friends @ Cold Springs cleaning fish and plucking bass. I had a party lol.

Then2 top it off my long lost Cousin Clint and his family were @ Bayou. They came over and had a trout feast with me @ my camper. Awesome time. Some of the best.

So now it is bear down in the real world. Finish projects. clean. prepare. Smash norms. Annhil8 real life and get on the river. Im not working till monday so there is a life time till then.

    Finishing up storms did indeed hit. I beat the rain back by seconds. Slamming the two point five rapis sequence as huge rain drops hit all around me. Torrents just south, hail all around the counties, and another tornado hits Jonesboro area.

    Uno it's strange that MADONNA never won an Oscar. She did take home three Tony's one night though.

April 6 2020

And we roll. The river rolls just outside. A class2point 5 rapid is feet away from my camper. 2moro I will b on Warm Fork. 2 days @ least.

Aggressive on the shut down. They said West Plains is pretty strict. But we will b in rural areas. And if they r strict we will sneak over2 Lanton and do South Fork. That would probably b a way better float and I plan2 do it soon. but Warm Fork is uncharted territory. It will b war @ times fighting through strainers and who knows what. But Im in a fighting mood so bring it lol.

If I take my time and fish plenty i will b out there much of the week. I will feast on small blue gills if that is fate. I can clean them and cook them quick, or accumulate plenty4 a leisurely meal that night. Not sure about the licensing situation in Missouri. ARkansas suspended Fishing license enforcement.

I mean life is spiraling. My first raft ride. The death of my Mother. The TESLA concert. My house burns and Corona in rapid succesion. But the river makes it all better.

The party scene on Spring River may b subdued this year after what happened @ Mardi Gras. Plus beads played a big part of spreading the virus. So beads will b taboo this year I bet. Maybe I will break taboo.

2day was a brutal Monday. Early we were rigging a large loblolly pine4 removal. Nearby was a fine River Side home. we avoided 2 much damage2 adjacent trees, ripping a walnut branch and drawing blood from a maple.

Over2 Highland, a red oak riddled with rot and decay needed dropped n2 a ravine4 Erosion control. In the mix was a dead cherry, dead red oaks, and major reductions of very small white oaks.

In the mix we helped a vet get his flag going.

Back out2 the river2 chip and landcape. A River runs through it.

So I have more work, but sometimes u just have make time2 smell the honeysuckle.

Dogwoods popping. Some are yellowish as they begin flowering, others already showing spectacular subtle white banks.

White water dances out my window in the full moon. I should b tryna catch a walleye right now but I am exhausted. AFternoon jobs really take their toll. My body digs morning tree work, and is willing2 work afternoons, but usually regret it. I've had worse pain in periods of my life. I'm still a four on pain so I'm hoping it's a few more years b4 I get up n2 the higher numbers.

So i will take notes and hopefully snap a few pics. 4 sure with LALA and Weston as they drop me off in the morning. Pumped.

Freigh train squeels and screams, rumbles and thumble, vibratto and echo. I will b track side much of the day wednesday. There will b trains switching in Thayer, perfect place4 hobos. There is hobo code there. I didn't c the exact on in the hobo dictionary, but I will try2 get a pic and c what u think.

If the fish arent biting I may b eager2 round the horn n2 Spring River @ Mammoth Spring State Park.

Sposed2 b plenty warm both days. I hope I wilderness camp the first night because the second night may b @ goose neck in Mammoth. But from there I'm only a couple of hours from the camper so I may hammer on till dark.

I'm yammering now. T Rump attacks reporters when they ask tough questions. He insists they must play softball. They can only lob questions @ him, not hard ones. The bone spurs may act up. The spoiled unalienable sense of entitlement and superiority.

April 4 2020

Early morning. April 4. Shot rings out in the Memphis sky...

U2 wrote that about the assassination of Martin Luther King. Alot of people don't realize that T Rump was there with a thirty ought six. Marching with the Klan. Coincidence? Just kidding I'm sure T Rump was nowhere near Memphis that day. Or Dallas a few years b4. That was Bush.

So this morning was a wacky dead box elder all over a fine river house. I got up n2 it and pieced it out, luckily we were able2 use an adjacent sycamore4 rigging... The beast fell n2 the river as we diced it up and floated away.

So it's Saul goode. Life continues. I'm quarantined on the river. And next week it's probably a moving quarantine down a river. It's finally going2 happen.

Soft rain here on the river.

Water Spider knew mules. One summer word came from prairies out west that rain had not fallen in some time. Goose Lake began2 dry up that summer. Rivers shrank and meandered, big water waned, level prairies sprouted green. Cherokee took2 horses. Mules moved packs down muddy trail from Crow Lee's Ridge2 the Ozark mountains. @. Ferries @pocahontas, Black Rock and Powhatan brought daily immigrants. Most Cherokees, some paler skinned, proven in tribe and clan, but a few were fresh from Europe. A few fresh from Ireland or France. English and Scot also. But these few were humble, staked by agreement with Cherokee Council or papers of acknowledgement2 join kindred in Cherokee clan2  bring  value and service. Many Cherokee knew type set words and translated2 council and clan. Irish among Cherokee worked as typesetters and writers in Philadelphia. Some Cherokee only wrote words on parchment. They concocted or traded4 ink, made quill pens from feathers, and accepted barter2 transcribe letters from Arkansas clans 2 Carolina family. These moved with daily or weekly white clay shipments by canoe or mule2 Kentucky and further upstream2 Carolina.

That journey took a week @ best, some of it through neutral or common territory rife with strife or dangerous Chickasaw and Iroquios. If urgent writers scaled letters and symbols down2 a tiny parchment on a scroll affixed2 a pigeons leg. This bird would alert the old clans in hours, making headwaters of the Duck and Buffalo Rivers quickly.

Only wisest shaman of Bird Clan shared symbol writings. These secrets were utmost, because should a messenger bird b shot from the sky, captured by an eagle, or slammed by storm, scrolls and communications could fall n2 enemy hands.

Usually symbol writings kept simple tally of barterings and accountings, orders 4 supplies or news of births and deaths. Sometimes there were pressing needs: steel traps, fire arms, horses4 speed, horses4 packing, horses4 tribute... Often a Cherokee living in Arkansas was needed2 revisit the old country2 perform blood vengeance... Should a Chickasaw find a scroll that described any situation they could exploit it gain advantage in war should they decipher the symbol language so the symbol language was fluid, often changing or evolving as symbols and coded alphabets were developed and tested.

Drought slowed certain shipments. With no huge bays4 Ocean Canoes2 carry trade items, trade slowed, migrants poured n2 ARkansas, growing plush crops overnight. Kentucky was likely similar in drought, but maybe @ times less stable or safe than Northeast Arkansas. Some Cherokee only knew peace on Saint Francis.

Shawnee in Illinois and Indiana were allies of Cherokee in general. They2 believed in and wanted peace. they would migrate 2 ARkansas from Missouri2 aid in seasonal planting and harvest, Cherokee would move north @ times2 help Shawnees and Delawares.

But the drier it got the more Chickasaws were effective harassing shipping. barges and boats had less free water2 avoid blockades. But during drought the French could put cannon hidden on banks and intimidate or annoy Chickasaw. Plus the English bumbled about, they had a trading post down near WEst Memphis during drought. With zero power in the area they "gave," Cherokee north Arkansas, and likely "gave" central and south arkansas2 Quapaw and Caddo.

Back then there was no boot heel of Missouri. Arkansas was right across the river from Kentucky, and the Northeast corner touched Illinois on some maps. Much of many years this was open water. But during drought it sprang alive with farms. Surplus goods flowed2 Saint Genevieve Missouri where fair trade and solid deals were found.

English colonists and French nobles, well2 do and adventurous contracted Cherokees during drought2 allow Bear hunting on the Saint Francis. Buffalo hunts also as seasonal herds thundered through soft sandy loamy flat land.

There were elk and jaguar in old Arkansas. There were manatee and trout. There were flocks of birds that darkened sun lit days often. Geese gorged themselves on wild hempseed by the millions. Parakeets in dense clouds. Pigeons flocks of unbelievable proportions. Many others. Ivory Billed woodpeckers, thought extinct but supposedly still in the center of old Cherokee country on Cache River near Crowleys Ridge. Though I doubt the Ivory bills formed dense flocks, they proliferated in the endless cypress swamps of old Arkansas. They may have been considered the Thunderbird 4 Cherokee. A Totem or effigy animal.

Bears not only provided income from tourists, but also the oil4 trade. Cherokee and Frenchmen developed a system of draining bear oil down a trough2 fill canoes sitting in water. The oil would solidify and balance the big ocean canoes perfectly, slowly they changed over2 the french style pirogue (pee row). They would leave the Charlotte Arkansas area @ night, bypass dreaded ARkansas Post @ night, and make way down2 decent trades in New Orleans. But that was a long and dangerous journey, slavers and raiders watching4 opportunity. Cherokee could hold their own with rifles in the boats, pigeons alerting tribe members of journeys, but slavers got craftier every season, and the gigantic slave camps in Mississippi attracted slavers2 the area. So Saint Genevieve was the way4 most Cherokee. Safer. HOnest $.

But then the Spanish "took over," in name only. They decided that Cherokee must trade @ vile Arkansas Post. 2keep the peace, Cherokee made nominal trade4 inferior goods, barely staving raiders by coordinating journeys2 Arkansas Post by pigeon. 4 instance when a contingent of Cherokee left Charlotte Arkansas by boat they sent a pigeon over2 Modern Day Forest City, alerting Cherokees there. Those Cherokee @ the southern end of Crow Lee's Ridge would gather trade and security teams and angle 2ward the Arkansas Post in big canoes, or, during drought, fast horses. The two contingents thus had advantage of team work and surprise. Cunning and innovative Cherokee survived. Old School, Old Settler Cherokee did what it took.

During drought Saint Genevieve was a long mule ride. Though relatively safe through Shawnee and Delaware territories, with trade along the way, Cherokee who insisted on boats 4 trade, and there was plenty2 persuade, smoothness and ease of travel etc., they moved south. All rivers headed south: The Black, and by extension tributaries of the Black: southfork, strawberry, Eleven point, current..., the Saint Francis, the Cache, the White, all headed2 the Arkansas Post area so when drought occurred routes changed. Cherokee likely knew traders in self sufficient slave free colonies of Germans, or Italians in Arkansas. These people would trade in turnips and cabbage, Ruffians @ ARkansas Post had no interest in such bourgeois mendacity. They sought gold. easy pelts and skins. Caviar, of which ARkansas sturgeon was the best. But caviar was seasonal and rich merchants were hit and miss with Chickasaw out there. Then other times Chickasaw allowed travel, treaty and agreements were fluid. Plus treaties were constantly broken, mostly by whites, sponsored by corporate slavers and cattle ranchers, and cotton growers. Irrational hatred of Indians fanned by corporate media. Yellow journalism. Fox News of the 1730s.

April 4 2020

Early morning. April 4. Shot rings out in the Memphis sky...

U2 wrote that about the assassination of Martin Luther King. Alot of people don't realize that T Rump was there with a thirty ought six. Marching with the Klan. Coincidence? Just kidding I'm sure T Rump was nowhere near Memphis that day. Or Dallas a few years b4. That was Bush.

So this morning was a wacky dead box elder all over a fine river house. I got up n2 it and pieced it out, luckily we were able2 use an adjacent sycamore4 rigging... The beast fell n2 the river as we diced it up and floated away.

So it's Saul goode. Life continues. I'm quarantined on the river. And next week it's probably a moving quarantine down a river. It's finally going2 happen.

Soft rain here on the river.

                                    The view from my camper.

April 3 2020

Rain. Light, consistent. It's cool 2day was a no pressure job on the river. Difficult mind u, but right on the river.

So It's 2moro.

Wow the tornado ripped through Jonesboro. Scary watching the footage. True miracle nobody was killed.

Most tornadoes plow through deserted areas. This one was all about dense residential. From formation2 lift off.

Kind of like the one that hit here ten years ago. It was an anomaly. Nine of the other top ten in terms of miles traveled were all flat lands. The one that hit Highland ten years ago not only traveled on land in the top five, but also scoured steep Ozark hills and mountains but stayed connect 2 the earth until just after destroying Highland. It is in a class by itself. Traveling hundreds of miles connected2 the earth had been done or measured a few times, but never on mountains and hills. All the others were on flat land. Not sure why this important I just feel strongly.

Another point. Another tornado hit and lifted up in the exact same spot almost thirty years before. Coincidence? I think not.

A dog barks in Peru. @ the exact same moment a Philadelphia house wife drops her spoon.

So I need2 fish. I need2 jam. I need2 pluck my bass and catch a bass.


April 1 2020

The river roars. Babbling strong approval.

Earl this morning I was moving up a huge leaning red oak. And the thing about this leaning red oak. It leaned the wrong way. Over a house. Plus the upper branches were thick and heavy. I paced and brooded on methods of attack: three ropes. A big one on the four wheel drive way down the hill, and two others with come alongs. Things went well, the beast lies silent now. 2moro is cut and chip the beast.

Then Friday it's a dead box elder all over a fine river home. Then. It. Will. B. time. 2. Hit. Warm. Fork. Boom.

Non essential jobs are postponed a couple of weeks. Time2 hit some nature. Free range quarantine.

and we roll. Rain.But its L8.

We already called 2moro off. So I'm kickn it on the river. Jamming. Prepping. Quarantining.

A few days ago T Rump said Easter would b fine, Jesus birthday would b celebrated yada yada but 2day hes like Keeping it under 200 000 deaths will prove what a total success I am and should totally b reelected.

2day was a brutal day. MOnday. Nothing bad happened but there were some close calls and tension. First up was a gnarly Post oak in Hardy all over a building. In the mix was a semi portable log mill, nice old retaining walls...

So we have all this quarantining. Masks and rubber gloves. Its like an S n M convention. Nipple clamps will somehow b used2 maybe, electrical charge the virus2 kill it.

I been fishing. I got a bite. but i also snagged. Ready4 some Warm Fork. '

SO im knocking out jobs and planning conquests of rivers. I'm building an apartment in my shop, enjoying my camper. running down leads4 jobs I try2 pin things down, these are tough times upon us and more approaching. 4 every gr8 depression there is the evolution of Rock and Roll. Slave chants and insense. Hound dogs on ur trail. Like the BULLET BOYS said, I got Hell on My Heels.

So I been using spikes lately. Im not doing a lot of pruning, right now is not optimum, the calender is filling4 June actually. And actually Next winter is filling up.`

March 28 2020

And we... R. Brutal saturday. Early I was moving up a gnarly post oak on Lake Thunderbird. WE removed it, topping and lopping, rigging and roping...

We took the wood down the street2 a fine lady. The chips will grace a prized live oak... After they compost a bit...

Yesterday was extreme. Brutal. A Hardy post oak curved way out over a home. I had2 get out there and top it out, and rig it, which is scary. Luckily I was able2 use an adjacent post oak4 2 safely take some weight off, then I was more confident in the later operations. Turns out it was solid. I could have shock loaded way more weight but better safe than sorry.

Then after lunch it was a giant declining red oak across the river and across town. Another brutal take down in the heat. The last couple of days have been over eighty.

So it's keep plugging as the economy tanks. I have some large trees2 do next week, got2 keep this crazy train rolling when I can. Other industries are hard hit. Restaurants barely open, coffe shops and bars shuttered. Highways are empty in general, except4 yesterday as friday traffic picked up, Memphis folks are pouring in2 Spring River country2 quarantine and detail their vacation homes.

Birds sing, insects active. Redbud flowers thick around the edges, Black locust, northern magnolias still on... soon dogwoods will bust out...

Tom Turkeys standing in a flock on a gravel road. Buzzards busy with road killed deer. Crows busy, Spring peepers peeping...

A Buddy caught an eleven pound walleye. Thats a beast. The fish was2.

Non standard logging polluting Spring River as usual. Arrogant loggers disrupting an ecosystem in a valley, especially near an extraordinary resource waterway4 hundreds of thousands of $ should have2 read a pamphlet.

T Rump demanding television stations quit airing a Biden ad they say is full of lies. Trouble is it's all direct video tape quotes from T Rumps orange mouth. He's spitting mad, totally pissed lol.

Rain. Storms moving in.

And we roll this quiet night. Crickets chirp. Lots of buzzing insects lately. 2day it was well over eighty degrees. And winter was just last week. Flowers are everywhere. Black Locust decorates hillsides with clusters of white flowers. Memphis tulips. Pears are fading, white circles on lawn or field. Many peaches are vibrant with flower now.

So it's been drying out a little after so much time off4 rain. yesterday was a brutal morning reclaiming a driveway over grown with privet, redbud, mulberry, rose, cedar... Many more... The chips grace a fine lake front home in Hardy.

This morning was a cracked ash. The bastard was all over a building, and with the crack I was loathe2 get out 2 far and shock load something. Early operations proved it was heavy and awkward. So I took a chance and missed the building by inches. Life on the tree.

Across the river2 another job, this a tall post oak @ first glance seemed2 b storm damage. But a chump tree service had fallen a large red oak n2 it, ripping up one side... Same old story. One guy thrives on that. This chump purposely hits other trees 2 get more work. Anyone around here can tell u that.

Moron tap 2moro and beyond.

Coronavirus still on the climb. Arkansas only has a hundred or so cases state wide, and none here in Sharp County knock on wood.



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