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April 10, 2019

Hard rides lately as I take time off. The only climbing of trees right now is2 get cats.

      As I ride the parade of blooms is cool. While the pears, black locust peach and barberries are dropping off, apple and crabapple are showing, redbuds in heavy bloom, northern magnolia, spirea showy, cherry plum pretty… Dogwoods about2 burst, white oak leaves bright scarlet as they emerge… Japanese cherry beautiful…

      Gearing up4 Blue Collar Pow Wow. Here is my incomplete list of artists: EROSION. LAUREN GRAY w special guest MIKE GRAY. BROKEN RISE, JOEL SMITH. SHAGGY. BLACK RIVER PEARL, ICKARUS GIN, DYLAN KANE.

      Panadox will provide visuals4 the tail end of the show, from nine pm til 10.

      So Im riding super hard, ripping off huge miles each hot sunny day now.  I sleep well, tired, spent… I live2 ride.

      EROSION in house 2nite. Lookn 4ward2 making some noise.

      Im packed up and red e2 hit a river many days. As soon as my van is out of the shop I’m gone2 Spring River a few days. Or somewhere. Don’t want2 get2 far away from home till after Blue Collar.

      But then it’s National Forest time. Buffalo or Current hopefully.

      Rebel Tree Care. I’m booking June. I have a decent start on June scheduled. Wise.

      So rock on and dig it. Life is And. Then U.

Still yet more Cherokee musings:

       Myatt River. Bennetts River. 2 river valleys along the MIssouri ARkansas state line. Myatt and Bennett were likely neighbors, Bennett waters leading off2 North Fork River and White. Myatt drains n2 Black River via Spring River. Native Cherokee considered the Southfork2 flow on2 Black Rock and join the Eleven Point, Black and Current Rivers. In other words Spring River below the junction of Spring And Southfork was called South Fork by Cherokee. Bennet probably knew the Osage white hairs, probably held black slaves, and sometimes white slaves, in lean times might trade a few Cherokee slaves2 the roaming Caddo, Bennet might have played loud music on full moons or maybe his black smith hammered metal early day light. Roosters were not muted in Bennetts valley

    Inside the backbone Myatt was quiet. He dampened hidden fire well b4 day light. He held quiet gathering in bushy brush arbors. Myatts family quiet, abiding by taboos instituted by Cherokee council of persuasion and consensus.  And if u lost @ council u did not continue, u did not insist on and on that ur point of view b the official point of view of Cherokee Council.

    Bennet and Myatt traded salt and skins or any frontier what not. They both received wool from Irish growers on Strawberry River. Frenchmen already held contracts4 trade. Myatt and Bennet ceased trade during war times, the backbone strife with skirmish as Myatts and Bennets feuded.

    But during times of peace, of which there were many, exceptional Cherokee took horses west, riding as guest of Osage buffalo parties. some Cherokee returned 2Otter Creek and Saint Francis with favorable stories of Osages. Over the one hundred and sixteen years they lived here in Modern Day Cherokee Village there were numerous wars and truce, evacuations and evasions. Tactical escape maneuvers, peace paths and war paths. Clan revenge and blood libel. Escalations and burying of hatchets.

       @ some point many English captives went west with Ohio Delaware when given a choice 2 return2 White Society they went west with Delaware’s. As Delaware as an identity and ancient ethic, as Delaware encountered Osage council, Osage accepted them, allowed them Eleven Point River Watershed in Missouri bordered on the west by the Devils Backbone.

       @ some point English men eased quietly through cracks in territories. Plus Delaware and Cherokees allies here, both crucial elements of coalition.

       As Spanish captains pretended2 enforce a division line, which is the modern state line savvy Englishmen farmed both sides, trapped and hunted both sides. When  the Backbone was breeched by Cherokee they forfeited Southfork Watershed north of thirty six thirty.@peace they merged with English Delaware. But they would hold the Arkansas Territory south of the line and east of Devils Backbone4 over one hundred years. Englishmen moved on2 upper south fork north of the line.

       Frenchmen had no need4 Politics and ambassadors. They were settled, farming Southfork long b4 the English appeared. These Cherokee invented Keetoowah. Guarded secrets of federation fostered and filtered by sister towns Pocahontas and Powhatan. These people, the native coalition knew how2 keep secrets. Plus they had Masons and Templars among them, knowledge and custom, expertise and ingenuity.

       French Cherokee were the first2 establish towns and camps that, except4 temporary desertions or war time evacuations as horse back Osage came2 defend their sovereign hunting grounds, were occupied by Cherokee4 one hundred and sixteen years.

       And though French culture got here first, the Irish and Cherokee connection in Carolina went back centuries. Before Columbus. Irish Cherokee were among the first2 come2 Arkansas, likely claiming all of Strawberry River in about 1700.

       I say 1700 because Dangerous Man was likely staking claim2 southfork by 1697 after coming here with guns2 counter mighty osage bows, Atlantic ocean style canoes2 counter Horses, and robust network of trade and defense2 counter rogue invasion.

       But common word was that Osages did not want2 shed Cherokee Blood. They would cluster in bands of Many hundred and move slowly on horses2 bald hillsides where they would silhouette them selves on a skyline, showing their numbers and giving Cherokee plenty of time2 flee east2 swampland and across2 Crow Lee’s Ridge and Saint Francis River(s).

       But b4 many of the Osages returned home2 modern day Branson and Springfield areas, Cherokee moved back here2 Otter Town or modern day Cherokee Village. Messenger pigeons carried talking symbols as a Cherokee Alphabet developed.

       Sometimes a friendly council was achieved with wise white hairs of the greater Osage. If a truce confirmed,  Cherokee Councils in Modern Day Cherokee Village and modern day Paragould might lift certain taboos, such as open fires, gun shots, harvesting beaver…

       My gut tells me John Coopers mansion or Fountain Place was the location of peace time councils. High above Otter Creek, modern day Lake Thunderbird, and Raccoon Springs and South fork River, meeting place of a treaty of five civilized tribes.

       Scot Cherokee also had deep influence here. The north South Spanish Road here was built by a team of hard living Scots, Stuart, Modern day highland, is named after a scot Cherokee. Cave City and Pfeiffer were sister cities, Cave City like Myatt as opposed2 Bennet, quiet and reserved as Cherokee ethic and clan law, Pfieffer like  Bennet outside Devils Backbone, Bag pipes and beating of metal celebrated. The  Amber glow of beer and ale lit halls filled with pipe music and kilt dancing.

       @ the Western Devils Backbone was a similar town: viola. Just west of the Backbone u could get a shot of whiskey and shoot ur gun n2 the sky near a bonfire with whores.

       Viola and Pfieffer were basically the only entry and exit points4 the mule trails that eventually became hiways 412 and 167. @ times these trails became turn pikes or toll roads, trading posts collected tribute. The northern border were friendly Delaware where secretive lead trade discouraged visitors, and eastward was more Cherokee territory all the way2 the Mississippi River, on the other side of which Chickasaw ruled.

       Pocahontas and Powhatan, on high rock just off the gigantic swamp were filters and conduits as river travelers eased through or not. Pocahontas was south of the line, but on the Eleven Point Watershed. Many Shawnee, Powhatan, Delaware, Mingo and Cherokee, Choctaw, Chippewa, Quapaw… These people filtered n2 the wilderness and farms via marriage and clan affiliation, becoming Cherokee not by blood but by circumstance. There were Africans black as deepest jungle in the Cherokee Tribe here. There were albinos with bushy red hair.  There were many half breeds: melungeon, maroon, melanistic. Many Cherokee pock marked and disfigured from disease.

       Turbans were in fashion many years by Cherokee here and back east. Sometimes I wonder if that was an anti Christian statement or a Muslim thing. They probably just got a good deal on a roll of purple cloth.

       There were religious meetings here. Arkansas Cherokee used brush arbors as an art. They disguised them expertly and held spirituals. They anointed former slaves here as slavery was taboo.

       But aforementioned Stuart, namesake of the Scottish influenced post here in Highland on the north south Spanish Road, he was a Baptist preacher. He and his son and maybe grandson were famous Scot Cherokee Baptist preachers. Bushyhead. Oo na dota.

       Dota creek is near Pfieffer. Nearby is Curia Creek, which I think Curia has a religious element like maybe catholic. Which would match up nicely as the year they banned Catholics somewhere was the same year a major immigration2 Arkansas occurred. Don’t have the particulars. Tired.

       Even Moko, a town very near the intersection of devils backbone and thirty six thirty line, has religious connotations: Africans and Haitians or black Cajuns have a festival of stilts, Moko Jumbi. Jumbi is a corruption of the word Zombie. It’s a festival of the dead on stilts. I bet the bands are killer.

       Moko was likely a community of escaped slaves. Even in the seventeen hundreds there was talk of thirty six thirty becoming the dividing line between free and slave.

       On the same year that Dangerous Man, who some say was named Smith and brought six hundred Cherokee settlers2 an area north of here in Missouri in 1721, first came here, many would say in 1696 because that is when he signed the first or second land cession with England and went west with guns all the news was of the Salem Witch Trials. Maybe Salem Arkansas was named after Salem Massachusetts in sixteen ninety six. Using the Powhatan confederation and network of guarded portage trails was crucial4 these very first Cherokee in Arkansas and Missouri. Equipped with guns and superior canoes they came here by water @ night.

       Outside the backbone was dangerous. Only the quickest gun fighters and devious horse thieves survived, and those not4 long. The official Arkansas Trading post was worse, evil characters stalking and plotting @ all times. Cherokee leaving the Newark Arkansas area with furs or bear and mink oil would send a pigeon2 modern day Forest city area so that other Cherokee with guns and fast canoes would meet them @ Arkansas Post. With backup and show of coalition Cherokee tolerated some trade with disgusting Arkansas Post. Spanish captains had mandated they trade there, these ineffectual “governors” did not know that Cherokee traded finer goods and skins @ favored Saint Genevieve Missouri in violation of Spanish Decree, either through dark night travel or Delaware middlemen.

Deep rest.


March 29, 2019

March on. Another rough and tough Rebel Tree Care day in the books. First up was a large shaky red oak. Rotten and leaning 2ward a fine Cherokee Village home we rigged it just so and boom it hit on target. Then it was cut it up, chip some of it, and coil numerous ropes and hang equipment as we traversed2 the front of the house removing numerous volunteer cherry, elm, hackberry, mimosa…. Trimming juniper… then the main course, a large pine was over the house and the neighbors parking and shiny new fence.

      Not just any tree service would do what we did2 this pine. It was difficult and took skill. I climbed the tree spikeless2 around eighty feet up, relieving the top of  large branches, working methodically down taking old storm damage and numerous stubs left by chumps. Tree Services should b required2 read a pamphlet.

      So life is good. Brutal week closes. Another brutal week on tap starting Monday. June is booking rapidly also.

      IT’s trying2 rain and that’s fine. We worked through sprinkles and spats all day.

      I’m filling a list of ppl that want chips. Chips are smart. It’s recycling and renewable @ it’s core. Mulch can save the planet. So mulch.

      T Rump and the repos r dealt another blow2 their attempts 2 sabotage the Affordable Care Act. Uno, the law. The Supreme court, yesterday struck down the draconian work requirements and now the ASSociation bs T Rump and the repos scribbled in the margins as the vote was taken. The court did not mince words, absurd was actually one word they did not mince. it was obviously a lame ass attempt2 get around the law and needs2 go away. So do repos.

      T Rump: “I know a lot about wind power. If the wind doesn’t blow, u can’t watch tv.” That. Is. False. Just like every word out of his mouth. Approaching ten thousand lies since his inauguration. Easily proven lies. And remember if Hillary told even one of those ten thousand easily proven lies, repos via Fox/Russia would burn the world down. Hypocrisy much?

    BAsically it's fine4 T Rump2 plead bankrupt, not pay taxes, under value and over estimate in a deliberate shell game bilking you and I4 billions, but people receiving health care assistance while also eating sea food is the problem.

      Rain now.

Look4 THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY Saturday night @ Copper Feather in Cherokee Village.   

      We have seven bands down4 Blue Collar Pow Wow in Hardy April 20. Stay tuned.

March 28, 2019

March on. And we roll. Another one bites the dust. Tired. Long run. Disco Strangler. EAGLES.

    Don’t know where I checked in last. The attempted cat rescue. The gigantic Cabot sycamore. The huge Cabot pine. The Cabot walnut, another Cabot sycamore.

    The Sherwood cherry, Sherwood Japanese maples, one a removal, one a trim. Removal of holly and others.

    The two Little Rock Bradford Pears… Those were yesterday.

    2day was a Cherokee Village Post Oak over a fine home. Also removing many yew. Moron tap 2moro.

    Mueller report in. We don’t know what it says, But T Rumps newly appointed Attorney General perused it and says Saule Goode. Repos taking victory laps, sleight of hand as they attack the last shreds of The Affordable Care Act. One of those last shreds is Preexisting Conditions.

    In an orchestrated move, Betsy DeVos cuts Special Olympics and gives executives a large raise. Then, timed2 maximize news coverage T Rump “overrides” her and saves the Special Olympics. Fox will swoon him, Fox will run a six hour infomercial showing T Rump with autistic kids. He will get a hiccup in the polls, although America did allow a Muslim Woman2 b sworn in.

    How can we win the Holy War with Muslims in our government. We must. Make Sure. White. Supremacist. Christians. Rule unaccountable.

    Hypocrisy and Sarcasm as standard, War and Pollution, Collusions and greed4 ever and yon, Der Furher of Mother Russia manipulates us. No doubt Repos and Russians colluded2 cripple the Health Market Place.

    Repos and Russians colluded2 flood Facebook with Fake News via Russian Bots and Repo voters.   

    Repos and Russians. Kind of like Bush and Saudi Arabia. The favoritism and blatant superiority. Trillionaires were Bushs base also, they and congress sent no sons or daughters, each county, every community must sacrifise2 the many headed beast.

    I need me some river. In another week or so it will start materializing. Actually setting afloat, I want2 do the Little Red, but with all the high water it wont b ez2 find camp spots, even in a wildlife refuge.

    The Southfork is back down around ample water again. If it stays up I will b doing me some Missouri2 Hardy soon.

    I also want2 do the lower Strawberry but Black River is pretty high and could complicate things. Then I got Little Maumelle soon I bet.

    Upper Spring is really nice on the off season or non Saturday early or late in the year.

    The Gasconade twists and turns awaiting me, and old reliable Current and Eleven Point always excite me.

    T Rump administration erases limits on Mercury and other toxic metals in water. @ this very instant in time, asinine repos @ the behest of Farm Bureau, aka shills4 water pollution, are attempting a law that will gut what little regulation we have. Instead of DEQ, or Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, repos want some fancily named new department that they will control and undermine any remaining regulations on Water sheds and concentrated Animal Factories.

    2day the Supreme Court ruled against work requirements4 Medicare, Kentucky and Arkansas have recently lost many thousands of people who were unable2 work the eighty hours a month because they worked already, didn’t’ have the internet, etc. The Supreme Court found that2 b the goal of T Rumps work requirement, kick people off Medicare, which was against the stated goal of Medicare, which is2 help ppl. Duh Repos. U heinous murderous bastards.

    Run the government like a business. Like Bitch Romney was going2 do. Bankrupt the Government. Just like ur business.

    Romney, with T Rump the two remaining vampirical underlings of demonic hierarchy stays irrelevant, but I think he’s a senator now. He moved back 2 Utah and married his seven pretty cousins.

    The hacking continues. I’m pretty sure they remove Rachel Maddow from the algorithms of Face Book and searches. They cripple her show by deadending  certain links, like a regional brown out, just4 a little while, then roving on2 darken liberal feeds world wide.

    They hacked Obama Care. Sabatoged it. Cyber Attack. Slander Attack…

    They hacked the election, T Rump attacked fake news only after he won. He used it with Russia, and Fox/Russia’s help. It’s pretty obvious he colluded. Maybe collusion with a foreign government2 cripple Americans is not a crime. But it is treason. The repo party itself is pure treason. Tis the treason. Repos r hacks. 

Quasi Christian crack head false profits.

    Governor Hutchinson vows2 defy the Supreme Court and reinstate work requirements4 public assistance recipients. He vowed2 make all disability applicants2 jump through hoops.

    I’m digging this Adam Shiff dude. He tearing Fox/Russia a new one with his spirited charges against T Rump, but I cant get through on the link. Hackers. Repo Right hackers. God’s Hackers. But remember the Planned Parenthood video makers went2 jail. The tape was fake. Completely.

    As they try2 completely and totally screw The Affordable Care Act n2 oblivion, T Rump and the Senate still have no plan. McConnel scribbled a few notes on a cocktail napkin after banging a cocktail waitress, he drunk dialed Eric Cantor4 inspiration. Meanwhile T Rump asked Ivanka about health care, she fumed that “this black girl on ObamaCare had a boob job.”



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