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scam alert. Vacant Lake Thunderbird home recently had it's trees butcheredby an irresponsible neighbor hiring chumps in bucket trucks. Beware. No joke

October 19 2017

And we roll. Crazy run. Early this morning we were between the lakes. Several trees blocking another security lamp. First up was a tall hickory needed skinned up a ways. Then a leaning, curving post oak had2 be relieved of a large percentage of foliage, but I was able2 stay in standard4 the most part. In play was a security fence, but other than a couple of chunks I was able2 lop and drop it without roping. Then it was a bushy cedar all over the fence and some random cherry and hackberryÖ It was getting warm on the cleanup. We used the chips2 start on a landscaping job on Lake Cherokee.

     Serious piddling on tap4 2moro. Now itís time4 a serious ride.

     Berny Sanders obliterates Ted Cruz in a debate last night. Trickle down vs. truth. Life vs. Death. U wonít hear Fox framing it like that, but itís that black and white. War vs Peace.

     T Rump deflecting from his petty comments and insensitive bs by blaming Hillary4 the uranium deal she had very little 2do with. Ten agencies and various other countries thoroughly vetted the deal, T Rump desperately looking2 feed the Hillary Hatred Syndrome that got him elected.

     Special Jeffy Sessions sputtering and confused, trying desperately 2 excuse his proven lies and contradictions. The racist, sexist Alabama dip shit, our Attorney General at Large, is unconstitutional2 his very core.

     Twitler @ it again. Cheeto Mussolini. Orange journalism. ĎCant help PR or Cali, mention Nigger, whoops I mean Niger, 2busy reading comments and retweeting.Ē

     ďThe death panels r here. We must give tax breaks2 trillionaires. They will spend the $ on bread and milk. Help those industries.Ē

     So itís ride. Should b a jam 2nite.

October 18, 2017

Another hot1. But the nights are cool. Last night I was in Little Rock. Put me in a haze. Sweet Sweet Connie. Doing her act. She hogged the whole show and thatís a natural fact. Just kidding, although I do know Sweet Connie, there were no shenanigans of that sort in Little rock last night, @ least not by me.

       I bought arborist goodies, dropped arborist boots off @ Cobblestone 2 get reconditioned, and attended a lecture/power point about the early days of Paragould Arkansas law and lawless. My grandfather was murdered there in the gr8 depression investigating the theft of sixty eight cents and a pocket comb. I got back around one this morning.

Early I was trimming away on Lake Cherokee. Miscellaneous and security light clearance: Hickory, elm, oak, hollies, mulberry, probably othersÖthen we cleaned it up, and it was time2 plant ten cypress trees. Also mulch I brought from home. Plus  I had humus and top soilÖ NiceÖ

       T Rump attacks the wife of a slain Marine. Calls her a liar. Says her husband knew what he signed up4. T Rump and that evil Bitch Sarah Huckster change their story and tune more often than their underwear and itís getting smelly down there.

       Sessions squirming and ambiguous, dodging and weaving, claiming executive privilege, sneering in superiority, amazed that liberals can ask him questions in public.

       Hatebook on the Harvey Weinstein wagon, comparing him2 Bill Clinton and Bill cosby yada yada. Bill Cosby is black, Obamaís friend, so that proves liberals are godless fiends. No mention of the Grab em by the pussy tape.

       Fox beating the drum4 war constantly. They say that T Rumps authority is why ISIS is on the ropes. They imply; one snarky quasi expert ďjournalistĒ after another: withdrawing from the middle east will create the quagmire, not the war itself. Obama weak, t Rump strong. Obama atheist muslim, t Rump good Christian American. Kill the Kurds.

       Uncle Tom Cotton mentioned4 CIA director. Boy will Iran and the world be destroyed in a Holy War if that POS gets in. He needs a woman. Not his wife. He needs a hooker. That bastard is backed up. He sux. But so does T Rump and the rest of the repos. Six Pence. Flyiní Ryan. Bitch Mac. All the others championed by Fox and Limbaugh, Brietbart and the NRA. No compromise with these traitorous whores. Wipe them out. Donít even talk about it. Just burn the party down. The planet survival depends on it.

       Time4 a ride. Jam the streets. Fly in the wind. Life is. And then U.

       Arkansas repos announce huge health insurance premium hikes, and T Rumps sabotage is not even a done deal yet. He will 4get it, or change his mind, but the instability is forcing the law2 implode. The ultimate obstruction of justice. Lock him up. I hope he dies in prison.

       The contempt the right holds4 liberals and the fifty four percent is nothing compared2 my deep hatred4 repo elected officials. @ least my feelings are based on fact and policy, not easily disproven conspiracies and click bait. Snow flakes melt ez.

October 15 2017

Quiet morning. Clean and universal. Life is. We toll along, setting up and tearing down, up the alley or down in the woods, city dwellers in the cliffs, notes2 the teacher, from the doctor, pepper in the wounds, salty dogs, solid dolls, surgery; recovery, smoking and fire, split or split wood?

       Whatever, I am way ahead of winter now.

       I want2 go2 Little Rock, watch a lecture about Paragould Arkansas and crime. My grandfather was a deputy in Paragould, killed in the line of duty investigating the theft of sixty eight cents and a pocket comb. Park Franklin ďCowboyĒ Williams, gunned down by a hitchhiker a week b4 Christmas in 1934.

       While in Little Rock I could get some Arborist goodies, c old friends, get some boot repairs, and do some bike ridingÖ

       I love the town. I lived there much of the eighties and the memories r good.

       2day itís a bike blast. Bear down and ride. Keep the edge.


       Hard ride. Pushn it. Iím keepn bikes in repair, my guns r clean, camp gear packing, Home entertainment areas completeÖ

       I will build 2moro. Construct. And. Then. Deconstruct lolÖ

       Bomb blast kills 200 in Somaliaís capital. More importantly Ben Affleck was spotted in a club.

       I wonder how the NFL anthem protest went? I heard fewer San Francisco Forty Niners kneeled now that it is against the rules. I figure there will b some sort of fist in the air, or maybe arms crossed in an X. Malcom is watching.




October 14, 2017

Hot fall day.  Pushing ninety this afternoon and I rode hard2 Eagle crest and beyond. Heavy sweat. I hope this is the last day2 use my air conditioner. Iím red e4 some cold weather, fire up the wood heat and chill.

      Moron in chief killing us. Murderer in chief. The aging Ken doll with tiny hands and stubby thumbs.

      Fox and repos are accomplices. Obstruction. Sabatoge. Murder. And thatís only the stuff we know about.    

      Itís ok2 collude with Russia2 sabotage our electoral system. Iím going2 guess if Hillary did it might get a rise outa the snow flakes.

      T Rump donned a huge cowboy hat and double shiny six shooters. ďIíve got2 clean this country up after what Obama did2 us. Iím authorizing a huge shipment of  weapons and explosives2 Ferguson Missouri. A plane load of money2, big stacks, pallets of cash and weapons of mass destruction. I donít care that Obamas Justice Department found gross racism in Ferguson, class favoritism etc, and Obamaís FBI found that the biggest threat of terrorism is neo Nazis and white supremacists, of course Obamas administration would find that there was systemic racism everywhere. The Obama administration sure helped their black buddies2 free pot and health care, how bout this, we pay poor black people4 going2 the doctor. Dignified old whites will have2 sit beside unruly black children in waiting rooms across this gr8 land. Is that what we are angry about? We must discredit and erase every. Single. Thing. Obama ever did. There will b no mention of this black skid mark on history, no mention of evolution or pollution. WE. Must. destroy all. Checks and Balances, so that supreme unfettered evil will reign all powerful. With the help of the religious right and God himself I pray4 the horrible deaths of the poor.

      I challenge Kim of North Korea2 a duel. Not Putin cos he would totally kill me but If I choose the weapon, the Colt six shooter, I think I can take him. And no ninja stars, those Orientals cheat like that. I mean I can throw ninja stars well, I was world champion six years in a row in the seventies, but this bastard will probably choose nuclear weapons.Ē

October 13 2017

And we roll this quiet Friday night. Long day. Not so early I was trimming privet, also a little oak and cherry, some cedar and hack berry2.

       Maintaining and getting firewood up. Cleaning stuff out, rearranging, planning, etc. My trucks are running, trailers and bikes, boats, televisions, guns and bows, Music equipment is solid.

       Last night was EROSION in house. WARREN PEACE. Iím getting red e4 a gig @ Copper Feather Halloween night. Imma enjoy that one. I may play solo, may have a guitarists, may have a drummer. Who knows? I donít do u?

       Imma do a video2. Thatís imminent. I will call it a Panadox production but itís another company.

       T Rump moves2 murder millions. In violation of the law he penned an executive order2 allow substandard health insurance policies2 b sold. That and his refusal 2day2 pay subsidies will now destroy American Health care just as he has promised2 his eager Obama haters.

       He is trying2 destroy the freedom of the press. Sessions just 2day moved2 discriminate against gays in the name of religious liberty.

       Emolluments. The constitution directly 4bids a president from profiting exactly like T Rump profits from his office.

       California hit hard by fires. But. They voted overwhelmingly4 Hillary. So. Tough4 them getting help from this administration. They openly defy Muslim bans and Immigration crackdowns in the name of reasonable humanity. So. No soup4 them.

       This violates his oath of office. But that wonít matter2 his supporters. He violates everything and no one gives a damn. But By God Obama, or Hillary do one little thing insignificant thing and itís Holy Hell Hypocrisy on High.

       But I know one thing. Obama is a good man. An intelligent, passionate public servant. T Rump is an unholy abomination, evil moron fascist.

       He has waged war without congressional approval. He profits from foreign governments. He attacked the first amendment. He has abused his pardon powers. He obstructs justice. He fights civil rights, an obvious racist. He is sexist and elitist, petty and driven by revenge and greed, a dreadful douche bagÖ

       Instead of correcting police abuse he sends them military equipment. He will sell off our national parks and use the money4 golden showers. Heinous fraud. Par4 the repo course. The senate nominated him4 best president ever.

       Urging the AG2 investigate Hillary. Impeachable.

       So itís ride. 2moro. Rest this evening. Enjoy. B.

Won't b going out this evening, Friday the thirteenth.

October 12, 2017

And we roll. Nice cool morning in the Urban Forest.  Early we were tackling a fallen red oak. The beast had split in a storm and narrowly missed 2 separate houses in Cherokee Village. WE made the place presentable, in the mix was trimming a dogwood and white oak off the house. Life is fine.

     Very early I was biking through fog, temps very close2 the thirties. So this mid day Iíve already had a good workout, moron tap this afternoon.

     Repo lies @ work2 destroy the middle class. ObamaCare. T rumps bizzy liddle thumbs tweeting lies. Marsha Blackburn still peddling the lie that Planned Parenthood auctions off baby pieces when the video fabricators have been convicted of fraud.  Frauds against Abortion r ok I guess. Lies about birth control2. There is a repo holy war2 stop both Abortion and birth control. Gay abortion is next.

     T Rump says FEMA has had enough of Puerto Rico. If they donít like T rump they get no more help. ďI was going2 float them a personal loan but they are working in cahoots with dums2 make it look like they are hurting. FAKE NEWS. Thay r lazy but what do u expect from a Puerto Rican.Ē

     Carter Page pleads the fifth.

     T Rump: I want our missiles really shiny. I saw satellite video of North Korea they really put the elbow grease on their rockets, shining them up really nice.Ē

     Informed that this is a form of deflecting laser beams he smirked, ďwhatever.Ē

     T Rump selects Harvey Weinstein as liason4 women in the work place. Bill Cosby was unavailable. ďNobody knows harassment and how2 combat sexual harrassment better than Harvey. Except4 me.Ē

     T Rump openly flouting his oath of office. He is not preserving, protecting or defending the constitution. Most recently with his attack on the free press.

October 10 2017

Windy night. It was quite windy 2day off and on. No tree climbing 2day it would have been shall we say, exhilarating. I did do a monster ride, that went well, I make my legs like lead so that they will bring lightning. Whatever.

       It finally feels like fall just 2nite. Iím tweaked and battened, phat and crazy. I missed open Mic w DYLAN KANE 2nite. I kind of like that scene up @ the Pub. Lots of my peeps and old friends own it. Iím trying2 decide whether2 do Copper Feather as planned or go over2 the Pocahontas Moose Halloween night and rock with them. CHRIS LYNCH is having an all night rock party. EROSION would fit right in.

       It may depend on the band. DYLAN and VIPER may have input and over rule me. Iím under whelmed. Plus I own the drums.

       Iím red e2 hit a river 2moro afternoon. I just want2 head upstream on Strawberry and come back2 the truck2 camp. Maybe head downstream2 Big Creek. Either way u got some upstream, some downstream and a whole lot of good flat water and soft sand bars. Sweet Strawberry is yearning4 me. Her soft shoulders need my caress, she strains and wanders searching4 me, babbling, subdued she leaps in joy @ my approach.

       Acorns dropping. Leaves starting2 drop but itís dead ones and certain species. Most large shade trees have not started turning or dropping. Iím so red e4 some cool weather. Itís like pushing ninety every afternoon lately and thatís just wrong.

         T Rump insults Corkerís height.

       As we flew over Korea 2day in a show of aggression, there is talk that we may have2 physically restrain T Rump2 keep him from the red button. His tiny fingers and fat thumbs will pause from tweeting and quickly jab the launch button in a fit of rage over a tweet. Maybe they will quietly paint the button another color2 confuse him and instead of nuking north Korea he locks down the rose Garden.

       The NFL announces that players must stand4 the anthem. Players do not have constitutional rights when they play. Maybe if the game is in England they do. I hope big stars decide2 kneel. And I doubt if the NBA tries2 regulate the constitution, Lebron and Steph wonít stand 4 that(pun intended). They will exercise their right2 peacefully protest.

       I mean whatís next? Do u have2 take ur hat off? Can u dance? Do have2 hold ur hand over ur heart? What if u stand and hold a fist high? If itís a black thing it wonít b allowed.

       Clean Power Rule axed by Scot Pruitt. Pruitt quietly bought stock in asthma inhalers.

        T Rump bragged about the Gross Domestic Product. He claims itís never been that good, but a follower pointed out that it happened in 2009, 10, 11, 13, 14, and 15 under Obama.

       Sarah Huckster says u have2 know what the president means. ďIf he makes air quotes,Ē she said with a straight face, ďhe means business. If itís ALL CAPS. Heís dead serious. All these lies u people think u catch him in. HEíS BEING SARCASTIC. U morons need2 catch a clue. The man has a gigantic IQ. Higher than any reporters. And higher than any normal person or North American Vampire. As one of the last true Vampires left in this hemisphere, suffice it2 say that if he puts I WILL SUCK UR BLOOD DRY, in all caps, u best not go out after dark. U can put that in quotes, that I can tell u.Ē

       Puerto Rico thirsty and hungry. FEMA says out of the blue, itís not our job2 get food and water2 them. We deal in corporate rebuilding, killing off poor slums so we can build expensive resorts. Itís a big ocean. Lotís of water. But donít send them here. We donít accept refugees from other countries.

       I would like2 ask T Rump a two part question along the lines of ďis it true u bought stock in asthma inhalers the day Scott Pruitt axed the Clean Power Plan? And have u ever heard of hemp?Ē

October 9, 2017

And we roll. Sweet day off. I rode seventeen hard miles. Nice run2 Eagle Crest and beyond. Iím getting my legs under me. What 2do? Iíve got a few days off looks like, Iím sifting river ideas, I kind of want2 go2 Buffalo point on White River and canoe upstream up the Buffalo. Or just get in Spring and goto Black rock. Itís shallow everywhere, but Spring stays up.

      Or I could just do a couple of day trips from the truck. Easier in some ways. Or I could just ride harder everyday and keep lining work up. Iím booking up January right now, well on my way2 Booking February. That rocks.

      Freedom. Choice. Life. Birth. Blood. Doom. The Battering Ram. Life is a loaded gun, and love is a bullet that sometimes kills. ZAKK WYLDEÖ

October 8 2017

And we roll. Hard ride out of Cherokee this quiet morning. Itís all up hill n then ur over the hill. This has been hard on me. Or maybe itís this has been has a a hard on. Harry Beaver is extinct. Mildred Swimming Beaver does the ghost dance now.

          Itís like I can channel the ghosts of Cherokee around me here in Cherokee Village/Stuart. Sitka. Itís weird cos Sit-ka was the oldest settlement in North American over there in Modern day North Carolina. Cherokees did not build it, they occupied it in prolly the fourteen or fifteen hundreds. I have never read a specific study, in fact it may b lost2 us now, but. In Sitka Arkansas there are strange ruins. Circular, ancient, non white dwellings. There are some straight line borders or walls, but cisterns, pools, a certain oval or arcing qualities that might b similar some sites in Old Sit-ka. The British burned Ols Sit-ka2 the ground while Cherokee were fighting a war4 Britian. This was in the seventeen sixties or seventies. Many of those Cherokee came here2 Spring/Southfork river.

         Itís a on a subcontinenal divide. Water flows either2 strawberry River or Spring, similar my home town of Stuart, Named after BushyHead Stuart, superintendent of the southern district of the United States, of which we were not a part, @ that time under Spanish rule in claim only.

          Cherokee ruled from Salem Arkansas eastward2 the Mississippi river. They allowed free unhindered passage of travelers on the Main waterway, allowed some rich whites2 hunt bears on the Lower Saint Francis River. Forest City was a Cherokee Town, possibly called Turkey Town or Crow Town. Just @ the end of Crow lees Ridge. I figure their were a lot of Quapaw and French or Spanish @ Forest City, possibly a few Choctaw, probably not many Chickasaw as the nearby Chickasaw usually warred with the Cherokee and French. Chickasaw did not acquire territory, they wanted2 defend and keep what they had around Memphis area. They would not.

          So their were prolly Creeks or Muskogee, Choctaws, maybe Caddo, mixed in with Cherokees and Quapaws; probably horses and mules on boats.

          The north end of the territory is where the ridge ends @ the Saint Francis River, the modern day state line between Arkansas and Missouri, and this thirty six thirty boundary was used by the Spanish from an early time. This north end would feature full blooded Cherokee, some French and Spanish, and Shawnee, Delaware, maybe Mingo. Even some English DAniel boone types.

          Over in the Ozarks, here in Otter Town, Modern Day Cherokee Village, French Cherokee inched up southfork River, Irish Cherokee farmed Strawbery River, Scot Cherokees held caves in Cave City, and English Cherokee worked farms in the Gray Area around Mammoth Spring Arkansas and Thayer Missouri. English Delaware worked farms with Osage permission in Southern Missouri, Pure Delaware held Greer Springs upper Eleven Point, then Irish and French Shawnee, traditional Shawnee on Jackís Fork and Current Rivers, Mingo held an area also if modern Day Mingo Swamp is any indication.

          I do know that certain Cherokee back in Talequah Oklahoma know secrets of Modern Day Cherokee Village, imploded cave locations and the like. I wish I could sit down and talk with them. Iíd say look @ this stone, is this Grandmother Water Spider? I would show them where I c ghosts. Mike McCormicks house has ghosts of Cherokee. Right there is where wounded elders would meet up blockaded evacuees.

          I c it in my mind. Horns and shots, smoke and screams of war signal Cherokee2 open the spill ways. Young or vulnerable flee in canoes, riding the temporary flood out2  the larger strawberry chain of lakes or river, eventually reaching the black swamp just east, achieving relative safety.

          Now, if the Osages and Chickasaw formed an unholy alliance, the Chickasaw would form a blockade around Hiway 58 2ambush fleeing Cherokee. If confronted, Cherokees would have2 reverse course and move upstream on Big Creek, back2 Liberty Hill. Near Mocormicks house is where elders and wounded from the initial Osage incursion hours b4 would slowly gather. There they would help the evacuees regroup or portage over2 Rock Creek and Spring River.

          They would harvest beaver, who were tame here and worked side by side with Cherokee, quickly, pelters would work under duress as war raged around them. With a boat of fine fur refugees would flee2 Modern Day Bono.

          Osages attacked on horse back, I assume late in the summer, so the pelts would b inferior. Cherokee would use them, selling winter pelts in Saint Louis in defiance of Spanish Law that pelts harvested in Arkansas must by sold @ the Arkansas Trading Post, but that post was dangerous and cheap, Saint Louis paid way better so Cherokee Would simply travel across the big swamps @ night. Crossing the Mississippi was also only done @ night.

          Horseback invaders were ez2 elude on steep shelves of Otter Town.(modern day Cherokee Village.)

          There was a teepee village near the Airport. And while u donít usually associate Arkansas Cherokee with teepees, these far flung western territories and spots on subcontinental divides were cosmopolitan, there was a mixture of the horse culture and water cult. Rivers were traditional highways, buffalo and foot trails became horse trails, then wagon trails.

          Traditional Cherokee ďprayed by the cataracts.Ē A Cataract is a man made dam, water fall, fish trap, and prayer platform. The Cherokee are known2 have many through out the area, some are under water or were destroyed making modern day Lakes in Cherokee Village, others are still with us, scattered about the area creeks.

          Iím working 4 UPS again this year so expect more of this speculation about Cherokee history. Yes, the painful drug and background checks I voluntarily submit2 r back. Once again I will pop in on ppl around town and make their day with my quick wit and smile. And. Their. Package.

          T Rump: ďthe fact checkers have us @ seventy four percent lies. We can do better, I think itís probably up closer2 ninety percent lies. And these are public record, easily proven lies, there are a lots of shady areas they cant possibly know are lies that they donít count. So the real percentage is closer2 ninety, which is an incredible number. Itís impressive. Ninety percent lies, thatís the highest percentage of lies by far, ever4 a president or governor. Thatís no lie.Ē

          NRA: ďbecause these liberal senators are attacking America we must go on all the talk shows and spread lies. The Founding Fathers wanted us all2 have high capacity fully automatic machine guns with Bump Stocks. Itís in the constitution. We must b allowed2 purchase these guns with no waiting period, even if the buyer is covered in blood. And read my lips, Inter continental ballistic missiles. Can. B. Used. 4. Rabbit hunting.

Obama is from Chicago. They have strict gun laws that we have gutted and look @ Obamaís hometown. Some president.Ē

          Pence leaves an NFL game bcos of the kneeling. Turns out it was a PR stunt he and T Rump spent a couple million setting up. The whole cabinet is flying their family out2 eat. T Rumps golf has cost close 2 one hundred million by now, add the flights and uíve got six months of pre existing conditions covered.

          ďI will not allow evil athiests2 peacefully protest in my exalted presence,Ē pious Pence pronounced. ďI believe in the Under God(pun?), not the Justice4 all.Ē

          Tesls, not the band or it would be in ALL CAPS, offered2 power Puerto Rico with Solar. T Rump took2 twitter immediately accusing Musk, CEO of Tesla, of being in cahoots with Hillary, claimed he was in on Benghazi, that he was an evil atheist, and that Solar ďdoesnít work. My friends in the business says2 kill solar, kill electric cars, kill wind energy b4 those blades slice up all the butterflies and birds left. We MUST USE COAL.Ē

          Asked about hemp and itís proven record of clean renewable energy, he shouted n2 a megaphone. ďHemp kills. It destroys families, it causes black musicians and athletes2 rape white women and riot. It makes Mexicans lazy rapists, and Puerto Ricans, the things I could tell u about Puerto Rican stoners. I know a lot about under priviliged beauty contestant stoners and its not good, trust me .this I can tell u stick with coke, good quality cocaine, and fine whiskey. Beat ur wife drunk. Drive ur large American car now that I bailed out GM.

          The dums are trying2 make me look bad. Donít they know by now I can grab any pussy and murder people and the sun still shines outa my ass. Im the golden orange God, or Lucifer if ur  libtistic.í

          So life is. And then U.

October 7 2017

Quiet morning. Life is. Acorns falling on the roof. Deer came in last night and 8 a bunch. Iím getting red e2 ride. I want2 romp this day. Iíve got my  shtuff 2gether yo. Iíve got a head start on winter. The Old man and the Witches titty will not suppress me.

     T Rump sabotaging the law of the land. This is tantamount2 murder. Asked about murdering millions of people, He lashed out, ďwho told u that? Leaking that information is way worse than murder. Leakers should b murdered now that Iím prez. And reporters should b murdered2 so watch ur ass cupcake.Ē

     Red states, super duper red states like Iowa and Oklahoma kind of perplexed they are getting screwed by this sabotage, not allowed2 expand Medicaid and medicare like the Affordable Care Act allows. Duh, Iowa and Oklahoma, what do u expect from this moron? U red morons.

     T Rump not pissed about the moron comment. He expects it. He lives4 disgruntled subordinates2 hate him. He just doesnít want anyone2 know. Kind of like the Mexican President, who he begged not2 say anything in defiance of the wall.

     Suppression of unfavorable data is rampant in this administration. Ninety percent of Puerto Rico still struggling? Delete most of that off the FEMA website.

     Beneficiaries of the corporate tax cuts? Deleted off the Treasury website.

     Risks of mountain top removal and filling in of creeks and rivers in defiance of common sense and the Clean Water Initiative? Halt the study.

     Suppress the data on gun violence. Donít even allow people2 study it.

     Pollution? Donít mention it.

    Evolution? Fake science.

     Rapes? Not the appropriate time2 study it.

     Travel Gate? Hey Boeing dropped the price of F35s so itís ok. T Rump repeatedly takes the credit buy they were going bargain basement no matter who claims2 b president.

     Vast conspiracy? There is obviously not one against Hillary. The real story is how comedians are conspiring against T Rump. Congress is calling Jimmy Kimmel up next week as part of a new inquiry.

     Obviously I could keep this up all day. I gotta get out in the day and ride. Pace.

October 6 2017

And we roll this hot humid sunny day. Early I was in a declining ash. I hit my throw ball shots perfect, nailing three separate targets so I was ending the week with rhythm. And I needed it, the tree was whacko, large dead pieces with plenty of risk. But it all went smooth, I may b a utube star by now. Nice Rebel Tree Care job in Hardy.

     Then it was another job in Highland. Trimming4 view numerous small oak and hickoryÖ Also removing sycamoreÖ

     So itís head n2 the weekend strong. I may hit the Pioneer Daze Pow Wow in Hardy 2moro. Ride it.

     I hope2 catch THE MIKE GRAY BAND Saturday night. LAUREN  is out of town so itíll b a more traditional set. Maybe DYLAN KANE will show up.

     I need2 talk2 CHRIS LYNCH about having a singer songwriter thing Halloween night when EROSION  and DYLAN KANE play.

     I need2 hit a river many days. Boom stay tuned.

     It will b depressing without Bonny @ first. Maybe I should take Lucy. I have b4. Thatís just strange though, I donít care 4 that bitch. I want2 have inner sha.

     I will sing the song I fist sang2 Bonny on our first trip 2gether, four days of Strawberry River. Near dark the first day the river was barred by a dense gate of thorn branches from a tree. Strong Current, no way out, this was in winter also, I had 2 flip the canoe and ride under the thorns. All of my gear was forced deep under as it dispatched from the canoe yada yada. We hit the last wild pig crossing in front of usÖ Bonny and I had quite the maiden voyage then. I'm sure it's all chronicled in the archives.

`    I sang WHITESNAKE 2her:

     The wind was with u

When u left on the morning tide

U set ur sail, 4 an island in the sun.

     On the horizon, storm clouds of ahead

The Ocean, is deeper. Then it seems.

     Bound4 Glory, on the seven seas of life

     After all is said and one.

     Take me with u, take me far away.

Weíll ride in the wind across the sky

     Take the chance and u will c

U control ur destiny,

After all is said and done.

Iím just rattling these off, donít feel like google right now. Iím kind of getting where I donít trust google now anyway, or facebook, I mean were finding out Russia put out some serious hard right hoax news last year, and weíre finding out that Google and Facebook knew about it. I wish the Russians had wanted Hillary in, but shes no puppet.

     I wrote a standard blues song inspired by Bonny that Iíve been doing @ Open MIc lately:

     My friends all call u Bonny Boo Hoo

     Cos ur crying all the time

     U ainít never got no reason baby

     U ainít never got no rhyme.

     U just cry, cry cry, all the time time time

     Bought u a forty dollar steak.

     And a thousand dollar car.

     Now u gonna call me cryin from cross town

Donít know where the hell u are.

     My friends all call u Bonny Boo Hoo

U just cryin all the time.

     ďUncleĒ Tom Cotton: we must renege on our word and bomb Iran. We have them surrounded. They donít like Israel, who is mentioned in the Holy Bible. This Holy war will cos the entire world2 b destroyed, just like the Bible Says. We must chop gays in two and starve the poor, just like the Bible. We can sell unruly daughters 4 sacks of grain, We can chop the tits off unfaithful women. But first we must make damn sure2 strip the poor of health insurance. Masturbation is murder.Ē

     Special Jeffy ďMidnightĒ Sessions goes after gays and trans in the name of religious liberty. ďAs a mega hypocrite it is my duty2 discriminate based on the Bible. We must stamp out those different. We must force them2 march2 their deaths. We. Must. Ethnic and Sexually. Cleanse our cities and rural areas of non white liberal weirdo foreigners. As Attorney General I took a pledge2 honor certain cherry picked parts of the constitution and cherry pick certain Bible verses2 condemn the unfortunate and down trodden among us as the statute of liberty demands. Sure, if they will gratefully accept minimum wage jobs and not put on airs and start thinking they are somebody. Somebody white. I have owned many neegra slaves, taken many a young pre teen neegra boy as a lover, I claim my right as the bible says, 2 own dark servants and employ bean counters with hannukahs and rag heads. Then u got the nippers, our culture is way better because we bombed them with weapons of mass destruction. We must through the power of Jesus Christ almighty imprison medical marijuana users immediately, shut down the grows and dispensaries, kill the free health care and college initiatives massive profits from this illegal devil weed generate. My friends in the private prison industry say that pot smokers are the most violent and depraved rapists and murderers. God tells me this2. We must imprison pot growers, distributors, smokers, prescribersíÖ We must allow white domestic terrorists2 proliferate. They are fine folks. In Jesus name I pray4 the deportation of all dark skinned people. Contraception is murder.Ē

October 4 2017

And we roll. Hot1 seems like. Early I was reducing a massive elm. This oldy was sweatn in this humidity. Frogs and spiders were out last night, mosquitos 2day, all from the pittance of rain we got.

       Last night was open Mic @ the Pub. DYLAN KANE runs the show, the guy is a natural, energy and talent aplomb. Me not so much lol. I did a few EROSION songs, and accompanied DYLAN on several of his. I sung LED ZEPPELIN, PANTERA, JOHN PRINE, TOM PETTYÖ We did a TOM PETTY tribute with young ladies harmonizing. Quick fun night @ the Pub.

       So itís knock off miles and take names. I have a whacko job Friday in Hardy, huge declining elm. I have firewood2 rick up, winterizingÖ

       So get er dun and get lunch. Pace.

       T Rump says itís fake news that his Puerto Rico response was not the best response in the history of responses.

       ďThis is not the time2 talk climate change, gun control, gay rights or pollutionÖ Itís just not appropriate right now. And anyone who insists on speaking out about these things are un-American.Ē

       Tillerson: ďT Rump is the greatest american2 ever live. And a moron.Ē

       Hatebookers projecting their insecurity, railing against CNN, 2them Fox is the only source u can trust lol lmfao. Rachel Maddows sexuality will become the talking point soon. They spin the massacre, spin the hurricane response, post about their empathy and about how fair and balanced they are. They are projecting their weakness and failures on2 Liberals. They are very transparent. Conservative snow flakes.

       Knife control opponents up in arms.

October 3 2017

Bingo. And we roll. Hard morning chipping brush and little else. I donít care4 these jobs but occasionally I get sucked n2 1.

      Itís over now. And the chips have been delivered2 a key erosion control project. Light rain most of the day. Really barely a trace until this mid afternoon, itís picking up a little. Címon Címon C;mon.

      2nite itís open  mic w DYLAN KAN. We r working up a JOHNNY CASH song4 2nite. We honor requests, the next week. Not that night. But itís tough hosting an open mic and not knowing any covers. I used2 really piss people off. N0 we donít do covers, hereís an original again, or ur welcome2 sing it. Or play it. Just donít ask me2 lol. But I promised a good friend I would try a JOHNNY CASH song this week, DYLAN is working on the guitar hook, Iíll barely b heard with my bass so itís only important2 hit a couple of notes but there is a lot of lyrics2 the song so I may have2 smoothly check my phone a couple of times. I try2 drink a beer sip in the same motion.  If im not driving I might kill one.

      DYLAN wins the crowd over usually. They can turn on me. Who knew bikers hated heavy metal?

      Oh yeh I think weíre doing an EROSION/DYLAN KANE show Halloweed @ Copper Feather. Thatís a typo btw.

      I really want2 do the King Biscuit Festival. Thatís the real deal. King Biscuit right here in Arkansas invented rock n roll. By that I mean LED ZEPPELIN nad the BEATLES, ROLLING STONES, CR»ME(CLAPTON) listened2 the blues radio show out of Helena as youngsters. They listened2 every bent note and cool vibe coming from delta blues.

      So its ride in the rain. Get nutty.

      I have a large elm2 quick trim 2moro. Moron Tap.

      T Rump lands in Puerto Rico, He lamented that the golf course Had 2many hazards2 play. Angered that he couldnít hate tweet the NfL, he passed out hats2 dehydrated seniors and danced with Melania4 malnourished toddlers and malaria stricken children.

      He heads2 Las Vegas 2moro, an NRA rally titled Deregulate silencers. As Hillary noted, people were running from the sound of Gun shots. If they hadnít heard them he would have killed more. So of course the repos r trying2 deregulate more. Itís their systemic murder of a certain acceptable percentage of people.

      But this guy was white. The president and fox will not utter the words domestic terrorism. That doesnít fit the narrative of the right. They say it was disrespect of T Rump that spurred the murders. Pat Robertson and  others r actually saying that. They r not mentioning gay marriage and retribution this time.

      Still the rain falls. Lightly but fairly consistent. Nice.

October 2 2017

And we roll this Monday. Early I was clearing a parking lot of side volunteers and proper pruning some. Then my attractive helper showed and we were chipping brush. Then it was up a hickory over a fine town home, reducing. Standard work.

     Lunch @ Carolís as always.

     Then more chipping brush.

     Bonny is gone. She suffered a traumatic injury and is being put down as we speak. My soul is sad4 her. My perfect companion4 many miles of the Buffalo, White, Black, Strawberry, Little Maumelle, North Fork, Southfork, Spring, Warm Fork, Eleven Point, and Current Rivers. Also the Fouche, Piney and Crooked Creek. Maybe more.

     I wrote a blues song4 her that I do on open mic these days:

My friends all call u Bonny BooHoo

     Cos u cryin all the time

     U aint never got no reason baby

     U aint never got no rhyme

     U just cry, I, I, ing all the timeÖ

     Bought u a forty dollar steak

     And a thousand dollar car.

     Now u gonna call me cryin from crosstown

Donít know where the hell u are.

     RIP Bonny. Awesome friend. Loyal and true like I rarely know.

     Hundreds dead and wounded in Las Vegas.

September 29 2017

And we roll. Let it roll. Down the Highway. I had that 8track. BTO was awesome, especially that song.

       Not so early Rebel Tree Care was on the job in Cherokee/Highland removing loblolly pines in a pond bank. Aslo a thorny pear, a few cedars. One pine got a pruning.

       Then it was a large red oak over a fine town home in Cherokee Village. Really just snatching a storm hanger over a parking shed, dicey shtuff nonethelessÖ

       Still we labored, my hot little helper sweating now, we picked up some Bradford pear and raked some twigs, hauling heavy load up the hill2 Highland and beyond.

       Lunch @ China Garden quite nice. Me likee. I always tell the new girls fresh off the boat that they have2 kiss me now. Some dig it some donít.

       So Iím starting my weekend now.

September 28 2017

And we roll. Hard ride2 Eagle Crest Community and beyond. I rip off miles now eating them up, red e4 more. Iím a young man. Burning it up. LOL.

   Itís several busy highway miles, rolling hills and quite a challenge. Extreme sports. Urban cycling. 2gether with the Urban Forest I guess Iím n2 extreme sports every day almost. Multiple day canoe trips are also an extreme sport. Makes me wanna crank up some QUICKSAND. Manic Compression. Once in my life I ask myself, loading my questions like a shotgun, u can fuck every chance with one shot, u think thatís the answerÖ The cut. It Stings. Look b4 u leapÖ All blown apartÖ Google QUICKSAND band. I love Ďem. They broke up after one album, broke my heart.

   Looks like work picking back up again. A full several days coming up. I should b mentally rested and physically razor sharp. Iím getting my legs back quickly. Happy feet.

   T Rump feverishly working the phones all hours, hitting fox and speechifying, trying his best2 make everyone stand4 the anthem. His grudge against the NFL is laughingstock, he ignores Puerto Rico, doing six hour lunches with Jerry Jones. ďWhy would we help Puerto Rico,Ē he tweeted b4 erasing it, ďWe have problems here in the US. We canít b helping foreign countries.

   I am announcing a gigantic aid package4 Israel. They are a very rich country so all the money goes back2 Boeing4 missiles. Boeing goes the economy. We Must. Kill. Palestinians. In case. They. Are. Gay.Ē

   Roy Moore red e2 win Jeff Sessions vacated seat. He showed a draft of a bill he plans2 introduce on day one. Itís tentatively titled, Send all Gays2 Guantanamo, one rider makes masturbation, gay or straight, jailable, another says in the stature, ďwhite girls of impregnable age caught with birth control will be enslaved @ private facilities4 no less than nine months. Another rider says transsexuals will b imprisoned4 even applying4 a marriage license. And Lesbian Muslims will b pitted in gladiator syle death matches in Roy Mooreís Alabama.

   Hugh Hefner dies. He leaves behind seven blonde girlfriends whose ages totaled up are barely older than him. His last wish was4 me2 come 2the mansion and trim the trees, but Iím sure convincing the security guard of that will b a bitch. I hope he left a note on the wall.

    T Rump: ďthis is not a travel ban, but this travel ban is really popular with the tourism industry. And itís not a muslim ban look, we added a non muslim country. The Devil is in me, I mean in the details, so come out2 Indiana next week and get all that and more as I, Donald T Rump, will wrestle a bear. Not just any bear, heís killed people in public.(Semi Pro).

   We must ban travel from Chad. And Danny Bonaduce.

   Travel from North Korea was getting out of hand. Weíve had a lot of trouble in my hotels from out of control parties by North Koreans. A North Korean rock star threw a tv in the pool just last night.Ē Told North Koreans were not allowed2 travel abroad, He said, ďexactly.

   Hey we totally would have killed millions if that one imaginary senator wasnít in the hospital. Everything we do is a win.  We are the most successful administration in the history of the world, just ask Sarah Huckster SandersÖĒ

   When asked2 clarify T Rumps remarks on the NFL protests she said with rare and startling honesty, ďthatís a black and white issue.Ē

   Newly installed white wing supreme court judge gorsauch entertains @ T Rump hotel. ďI live here,Ē he says smirking, ďso itís not a conflict.Ē Mike Pence threatened2 ďshoot him in the face,Ē if he ever voted liberal.

   When asked about violence against kurds T Rump seemed perplexed, ďwhats a kurd?Ē

   He blustered when informed about Kurds, and vowed he would never pardon Turkey on Thanksgiving.

   He shouted loudly that he hated Poles., ďThey always disapprove of me lately, And can u believe this latest pole from North Korea, my approval rating is two percent. Well, it was, those people were murdered, itís back down2 zero.
   Iím really popular in Russia, Vladís latest pole shows Iím popular with one hundred percent approval in Russia. Wow, gotta love Russia. I hate fifty four percent of America.Ē   





Willow Ford. I love this woman deeply. This picture never fails2 make me catch my breath in intense feelings. We may not be 2gether 4ever, but our time has been the happiest 5 years of my life. Uh oh. I said has been.   Seriously I stare@ this photo every night. I enlarge it way big2 get even more intense. Rhonda is the sweetest thing I have ever known.  I will always love her. Even now in 2016 I still pine4 her. Red Faced shame that I lost her. Lost love is a real bitch. But this pic may well be my defining moment, the absolute happiest time of my life. We'll c. With this pic my arms are always around her. I say her name, breathless. Rhonda. She is moved off2 the soulless big city when all that should have mattered was pleasing me. Only I know  secrets of Willow searching. Reaching. Blind. Straining, madly dancing, serene.. Slender limbs, soft shoulders, sweet caresses and shelter from storm. .Only I am an island.

    She was my lucky charm. Hiking with her I looked down and found a blood stone transparent ceremonial arrow head. Canoing with her on Strawberry River I looked down eating lunch and found an arrowhead. She had a roof that don't leak. When the rain is falling down. She was like rolling a seven. Every time I roll the dice...Each week of five years with her was like a seven game world series.

Did You Know There Are Codes and Standards For Tree Service?

            With dismay I have noticed a continuing rash of spike climbing residential and municipal trees for pruning. This discredited method is unprofessional at best. Climbing spikes are to be used for removing trees only. Thousands of communities world wide have outlawed or discouraged this method of climbing, as it needlessly causes irreparable damage. Slick tree services use a bait and switch method to get the jobs, presenting themselves as ďmastersĒ or ďexpertsĒ, then performing non standard ďhackĒ work. Is your tree service posing as legitimate, qualified arborists? One way a client can be sure 2 get quality work is insist that compliance with ANSI A300 tree pruning standard be put in writing.

            Use the internet. Sites such as and can help you realize the huge difference in tree service. The standard is very important. So called tree men are moving the Cherokee Village/Hardy area backward with gratuitous malpractice. Only one man has consistently carried the standard of quality in the area (insured continually) since early 1989, and continues to do so today.


Alan Williams

Rebel Tree Care

 With dismay I read of the topped willow oaks. This malpractice is against ANSI standard. While not law yet, this standard is used in courts of law for deciding litigation. Joe maintenance man is nearly always ignorant of such standards, considering the tree a nuisance. It is not hard work for a gang of men to top off a tree. Hard work is an arborist climbing the tree without the aid of climbing spikes, diligently striving to make proper pruning cuts. Sadly a high percentage of professional tree services use discredited methods to make quick money, the industry is rife with myth and fast talk.

            How many times in sixteen years have I felt the same as Pete Rausch when beautiful trees are topped? Here in Hardy and Cherokee Village, as in many other places, this malpractice is rampant. A county judge should acquaint his or herself with these standards, codes, and guidelines when ordering public work done. Specifying in writing that all work is to be done to ANSI standard would eliminate many common problems and level the field for competing bids.

            These standards are important. Storm work shows internal weakness caused by improper pruning often years or decades past. From massive shade trees to tiny landscaping plants, ANSI standards are crucial to saving the urban forest.


Alan Williams

Rebel Tree Care

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