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August 13 2019

And we roll. Another lovely morning in the Urban Forest of Hardy. Early we were laying brush out4 chipping as we worked on a nice view of an awesome waterfall on Spring River. Then it was the main event. I ascended a giant white oak spikeless as always when pruning, set about rigging large dead over the house and patio. We broke a hummingbird feeder but nothing else. Throughout the morning I trimmed white oaks, tulip poplars, walnuts, sycamores, box elders, dogwoods, redbuds... Also removing a few and some scrawny cedars... A few landed in the river so I jumped in and pushed them n2 the current or diced them up so they didn't inconvenience anyone downstream. That can b a touchy subject. Temps were pushing in2 the upper nineties so the water was a welcome respite.

T Rump triples down on easily proven lies. He has suddenly leaped2 well over 12000, increasing his output of lies2 over twenty a day. And thats public record.

Don Junior also picking up the tempo on easily proven lies, hitting the rally trails2 scream and screech lies and demonic reasonings2 potential mass killers much like his father, but in a hip, modern, "Friends," or "Seinfeld" tone that boob toobers love.

T Rump, along side Moscow Mitch and Putin announce a huge initiative2 work 2gether and ban paper straws.

T Rump and Barr should have thought it through b4 they murdered Epstein. NOw all the many non disclosure agreements are void and all those many witnesses can affirm things they don't want the public or the FBI 2know. So watch out IRan if u think T Rump will go down without tossing a few nukes.

"If I'm out of the oval office Ivanka has the launch codes. I trust her, sure shes a mess when she's on her period and gulping hydros with vodka, but shes my girl, and like me, she has gr8 wisdom and judgment, I mean stable genius like we've never seen before. Never in the history of this nation or the world has their existed stable genius like us."

He paraded scientists that he said were testifying that he was the most stable genius in the history of mankind, and that man made climate change is a hoax and that the Mueller investigation was a hoax. And that his hands are very large.

August 12 2019

And we roll this hot monday. Early I was heading up a leaning curving hickory over a nice home on Spring River in Hardy. Awesome roar of waterfalls all around us. I relieved that one of much weight, A thorough reduction or comprehensive pruning. We got2 work removing cedar and ash volunteers around the boathouse.

Then the main event. A bushy gum was all over the roof. We took out numerous large bushy branches, there is plenty of space now. In the mix was a red oak and some shrubs. Moron tap 2moro.

Radio announcers are weird now. They are like "Wal mart announces they will still sell guns but not video games in responce2 multiple mass shootings. come on out2 the big chili supper and cheer on the Red Wolves practice game. Heres coach2 fire us up about sports. 4get that we are under attack by white supremacists aided and abetted by our President. 4get that we are @ war and more is imminent. 4get that the same people that own this station want everybody2 have a gun but not health care. pancake breakfast yada yada..."

The Clinton conspiracy theorists are out in force in response2 Jeff Epsteins apparent suicide. U don't hear alot about it but Epstein and T Rump are up4 the forcible rape of a thirteen year old girl. They got tired of serial raping sixteen year old girls so they stepped it down. Anyhow the dude is dead under suspicious circumstances. T Rumps co defendant dead under suspicious circumstances.

Fox will play it down, instead running a six hour best of Hillary fake Fox/Russian mini scandals, all disproven long ago.

they will also blame Hillary and Bill4 the Murder. Then run a special on the surfing squirrel. Then after "proving" with fake "experts" that Epsteins death is a bipartisan problem, they will spring board in2 how the deficit is also a bipartisan problem, caused by strictly partisan passage of the tax cut4 the extremely rich. The extremely poor must sacrifice now.

So it's take a bike ride. EAgle Crest and beyond. There is a heat advisory so I'm careful. Mostly it's2 loosen by back up. My weekend shenanigans with younger people are catching up2 me. The sweat was flowing this morning. By eight oclock I was thoroughly soaked. Typical monday. Slapped in the face with hickory branch. In retrospect I can't believe I didn't plunge n2 that sweet white water so near. 2moro it's a priority.

    Saturday was a typical crazy trip down upper Spring. I slid2 a stop @ Howards and enjoyed the rest of the day light there. I swim hard, dance a little, or a lot, hang with family and friends.



                                                        This mornings tree job location. Sweet.

One guy is a huge T Rump supporter, lies and all. He says the tariffs put him out of business. But he still supports him. We can read between the lines, because u have $. If u didn't have $ u would b unemployed and hungry. Another guy is well T Rump says a couple crazy things, but the economy is great. What that guy and Fox fail2 mention is that the economy is growing @ the exact same rate as Obamas tenure. Except now the deficit is ballooning. Like a giant condom about2 burst. Repos rarely mention the eleven thousand lies.

August 8 2019

Quiet night. Good vibes, I'm feeling like a gingerbread man after two brutal bike trips2 Upper Spring and back in two days.

Creeks are still trickling, most years by this time they would b dry. Tiny schools of minnows patrolling trapped in box canyons. Dominant crawdads back away warily. Stunted willows shade pools. Brutal run.

Now it is choose. Next week good works await. But4 now its plan bike rides and floats. it's organize and pack gear, that puts me in proper frame of mind.

T Rump tweets insults and lies from the hospital where he and Melania were visiting a hospital. Disruption and heartache resulted from both his ill advised visits. He refuses2 acknowledge that his rhetoric has anything2 do with the massacres, even thought the screeds and manifestos match him in tone and substance.

We are finding that he stifled investigations n2 domestic terrorism if the perps are white pride.

Senate shifts funds from housing education and health4 border wall. "It's a fence," shouted McConnel. "An aesthetically pleasing barriar. Those social programs were making the deficit skyrocket. If it weren't4 the massive tax cuts4 the very rich we wouldn't have donor support4 killing off the social programs and letting our buddies privatize it4 gigantic personal profit." MCconnel stripped his shirt off, "u think Moscow Mitch gives a god dam about poor toothless bastards in Ketucky?"

MIke Huckster: its not assault rifles that kill people, its the lack of thoughts and prayers.

"believe me," says T Rump, "Farmers love me. I'm cutting checks left and right2 farmers. Thats what the farmers intended.

As I read this teleprompter in a bored monotone voice rest assured that I will immediately upon ending this speech go on twitter insulting and defaming those who disagree with me on the slightest thing. 2nite @ a rally I will urge my supporters2 shoot Mexicans and imprison liberals. what we need now is unity."

August 6 2019

And we roll. Another brutal day. Early I was on the shores of Lake Thunderbird ascending a tall white oak. Spikeless of course, I relieved it of damage and dead or danglers. We worked throughout the morning as temps climbed. B4 lunch we were done and gone.

Then it was a mountain bike ride in the Ozarks. Eagle Crest and beyond.

Peolple are noticing that T Rumps rhetoric matches the manifestos of mass killers perfectly. The terrorists are the rabid right wing. Most of our massacres and those of other countries such as New Zealand are quoting T Rump and marching with orders2 stop the invasion yada yada. They have a deep seated hatred of HIllary and her email. Plus all the fake murders she commited. Most were repo hits they just tried2 pin it on her. Slick HIllary and the blue dress.

Angry white men. what triggered them? percieved slight @ ARby's? Small penis with ur ex dating a black guy? Friends ridiculing ur manifesto or hit list. One killer lately had a rape list in high school. I mean. A rape list.

So heritage foundation and the Fox/Russia spin tanks are all about the video games causing massacres now. Even though research proves the opposite, Repos in lockstep grand stand about video games while ignoring the need4 back ground checks.

T Rump likes the massacres. They keep the news channels off his ass.

He prowls the White House a soulless corpse devoid of humanity. He tweets and checks Hannity, gulps down a dozen tiger penis scones and scans television while unread intelligence reports pile up. Occasionally he snaps a photo of one and texts it2 Putin on his unsecured server.

He will coercea doctor n2 signing an affidavit that his hands are the largest of any president ever. He will line up presidential hand historians that will testify @ risk of their careers, T rumps hands are def the biggest. And other parts of him2.

A Fox/Russia crowd size certifier will show that the inaugaration of T Rump was the largest crowd4 a presidential inauguarion ever. IN any country.

Remember the election integrity commision led by Kansas snake oil CEO Koback. They ignored seventeen intelligence assessments that Russian meddled in our election, instead insisting bus loads of illegal immigrants, three million of them, came across and voted4 HIllary, coincidentally she also won the popular vote by three million.

The maelstrom in a cesspool. California passes a law that a presidential candidate mus show his tax returns.

New York deep in2 the T Rump.Org rabbit hole with Doosh Bank as T Rump dangles federal pardons4 state crimes. Which. Is. Not a thing. T Rumps answer? Threaten the lawyers family on twitter.

August 5 2019

Elephant 24

And we roll. Back2 work in a big way 2day. EArly we were on the shores of Lake Thunderbird. A huge red oak died after a new septic tank installation. Recurring theme.

I used spikes2 ascend the tree. Thats ok on removals. There was roping and rigging, slicing and dicing.... We got the brush cleaned up and now it's another morning of cleanup but it's Saul Goode.

2 mass shootings in twelve hours.

Repos are all over, wait4 it, video games. There is no proof, in fact the opposite, that video games cause mass shootings. Other countries dont' have the problem. ONly in America do spoiled whites kill as many ppl as possible.

"We must!" shouted a repo, "insure that all twelve year olds across this great land, Have the right2 access rocket launchers. And we must, anally probe the makers of Super Mario and HIllary."

Moscow Mitch danged pissed off. About the phrase Moscow Mitch. He's ok with Moscow warping our election because they help repos. Who help them. Pretty obvious.

All the NRA con-servatives who watch Fox/Russia post immediately after any and all mass shootings, blaming it on Obama, gays, video games, heavy metal. But never guns and ez access2 automatic weapons and bump stocks. Bump stocks make killing lots of ppl @ a concert, or I will concede, a dense herd of deer, much quicker. More efficient.

I have a solution. Salt and pepper. Replace assault weapons with pepper spray.

After T Rump attacked Baltimore and it's ppl just because his most effective critic is a black senator from Baltimore, four T Rump supporters unfurled a T Rump banner. And. Were. Promptly ejected from the stadium haha.

Mississippi and T Rump are making a push 4 Spring River. My new favorite song is Jackson Mississippi by KID ROCK. Sex crazed conservatives run amok. I like2 party w them, but best not talk politics lol.

I'm not a dum. They are far2 spineless and wishy washy, liberal in name or accusation only. I am Green Party. @ one time the only registered Green Party voter in Sharp County.

But I loathe repos. not the average voter obviously, some of my most cherished family and friends are hard core T Rump fans. Str8 up. some of my deepest loves and likes are forever totally Obama hatin far right. But the repo "leaders," masters of hypocrisy, highly paid spin demons and fake authority, the trickle up bastards of war and pollution, inequality and greed, hate and division, repos across the board are slimy reptiles with demonic demeanor, crackling with evil, vampires of pregnant America they tap n2 world wars and famine, vulture capitalists diversify offshore and pull the repo strings.

Dums may be puppets2, but their policies help real people. Preexisting condition anyone? Repos bleed us out, feed us our own flesh, a pound here, an Ak47 there. T Rump wails @ rallies that only he will save preexisting conditions protections, that he is actively trying2 destroy.

/Repos are like Hannibal Lecter feeding Ray Liotta his own brain. We are Ray Liotta, chewing our own brain, slowly realizing that we are chewing our own brain. Slowly realizing that repos are feeding us our own brains. Jody Foster watches.

EROSION in house 2nite. Sweet jam. Loud n Proud. We had a guest guitarist and it was nice.

So 2moro its finish up some stuff. And. Then. It will b time2. U guessed it. Hit. The. River.

I'm playing it just right this year. No burnout. Imma float strong n2 fall and beyond. Imma float 4ever.

Tired this monday night. I spent the morning in a sunny hot red oak, then did a bike blast2 Eagle Crest and beyond. Then the EROSION jam. Deep chill and veg now. It's what I do...

August 4 2019     Quiet night on Spring River. Cooling down. It was a sweet upstream challenge on Strawberry 2day. Spacious sand bars welcoming frolic. Nice picnic complete w ants. Many swims. My little companion was gr8 company. Nice soft Strawberry run.

  Yesterday was a brutal upstream challenge on upper Spring. Steady train of entertainment. Loud rock @ Howards yada yada.

August 2 2019

sweet morning in trees. Early I was ascending a large sycamore way out over Spring River in Hardy. Fun job. I reduced the end weight, dropping a large section, then worked back2 the bank dropping long drooping runners etc. Everyone is happy with it. A prominent redbud got an all over pruning also. Nice, really nice Rebel Tree Care job this cool day.

Then it was over2 Ozark Acres. a tall dead post oak. We were able2 drop it whole, very near the house. Rebel Tree Care. Insurance certificate.

Cant stress enough how beautiful and cool this day is. Time4 a bike jam2 EAgle Crest and beyond. Then Spring River. A float on tap 2moro. Stay tuned

And we roll. TRee stuff on lake thunderbird this morning kinda nice. Nice romp on the bike. Nice.

Instead of the spiral tightening the pass is sloppy. End over end but falling inexplicably2 a reciever4 a touchdown.

I don't need2 hit a homer. I can walk four times and score.

Cherokee made aspirin from willow. Willows eased headaches in many ways. Sweet shade, fronds gently tickling and teasing. If willows were prevalent it was more likely water travel, smooth and quiet. Horses and mules might get bogged down, or make noise.

This was a quiet land. Cherokee and Osage held precarious peace, council and common sense said keep quiet. Taboos against axes, un muted roosters, unneccesary gun shots, loud voices, beating of metal, pipe music, fiddle music, large drums, squeeling pigs, barking dogs etc. meant this area of the Ozarks West of the delta but east of Devils Backbone was very quiet.

Aside from near silent farms man made and natural waterfalls abounded here. Traditional Cherokee here worked with tamed beavers2 build fish ponds and navigation channels, at these cataracts they prayed, listening2 the babble and murmur or roar of streams, entering trance like prayer.

Otter Creek romped like an otter down2 Southfork River. Turkey Creek stepped like a turkey down2 Strawberry River.

Running Boys carried messages on foot paths. These trails, particularly modern day Cherokee Village, were difficult4 horse bound Osages2 navigate, equalizing the advantages of horse back riders.

Atlantic Ocean style canoes gave advantage in open water of which there was much in the old Mississippi Floodplain.

Guns equalized superior Osage bows.

Plows and picks, hoes and kettles gave modern advantage2 simple farms.

Cherokee smuggled fine white clay from Saint Francis2 the upper Cumberland River, returning with baby mules or scissors, maybe a shovel or adze.

They were never forced from this area, except4 temporary evacuations back2 the Jonesboro Area when organized Osage drove them out.

4 many years the divide between NorthFork and SouthFork was the western limit of Cherokee expansion.

Viola, possibly named in response2 the Cherokee ban on Fiddle music, represented many available taboos. Pfeiffer was similar2 Viola in that they lay just outside the backbone, Viola on the toll road2 the west, Pfeiffer on the turn pike south. Kilted scots played loud pipes and drank ale aplenty once outside the backbone and strict Cherokee Council.

Shawnee and Delaware in Missouri kept close council with Cherokee in Arkansas. AFter the earthquakes of 1811 and 1812 they decided in common council2 evacuate west @ the same time. They left fields planted, the first whites who arrived found easy harvest.

Quiet night. Deep rest. AFter a weekend of floating and swimming I had a rainout this morning and a nice restful day. Got2 get back2 riding b4 I lose my edge.

I have work so things are carrying on.

LIfe is. And then u.

Moscow Mitch block yet another election security bill. Hmmm. He says the bullying and lies will not work with him. So T Rump will have2 try another tactic. Bribery? I mean a hefty donation2 the Kentucky Repo party. While Kentucky starves.

Arkansas Farm Bureau still trying2 manipulate Arkansas into polluting. There lobbyists run much of the government here, slimy repo fingerprints on draconian bills2 unfettered pollution or any sort of controls.

Fox is bipartisan. When it comes2 sharing blame4 the zooming deficit caused by the gigantic tax cuts4 the richest. Boy they throw that word around when their is blame2 b assigned.

Every morning they show giant images of fake ass experts, big pollution shills2 spin Mueller as rogue, spin T Rump as a master strategist, spin HIllary and Obama as criminal, spin treason as patriotism. Patiotism as treason. Fox/Russia fake news.

Fox/Russia/T Rump say investigate Obama. Well they did. Non stop. 4 every imagined fake Fox scandal. HIlalry and Bill and Obama have been painfully probed non stop by the Repo/Russia authorities.

And they are still the bad guys. Even though they really were exonerated. Putin though is above reproach. "he says he didn't do it. I believe him." Seventeen intelligence agencies say he did. They are all rogue, bad cops, framing Putin and T Rump. Can't have one without the other.

    So T Rump attacking Baltimore. He wants us2 think it's racist so he can solidify his racist base. But look deeper. He lost a bid2 host a conference2 Baltimore. It would have line his pockets with millions of $. "they give it2 a black guy, an Obama crony. We need2 look n2 this but not the other stuff about me. ONly dums and especially black dums and sympathizers we need2 look n2. People are saying, and alot of people don't know this, but I donate my profits2 charity through T and Doosh BAnk. I'm way richer than Elijah Cummings and that makes me smarter than him." 

July 24 2019
Quiet night. NOw that EROSION is done w rehearsal. We make some noise lol. Sometime I feel sorry4 my neighbors. But it doesn't last long.
2day was a long day in trees. I rented a bucket lift4 several jobs I was loathe 2 do the old fashioned way. They were all hazard trees with difficulties and dangerous4 a climber. And as it happens we could get the bucket near enough2 do the job and got em done.
Just after day light we were positioning4 a dead elder above a fine guest home on Spring River. At risk was an antique playground of once colorful animals adorning steel teeter totter, merry go round and swing set. Also the guest house and air conditioner. See Rebel tree cAre. Insurance certificate. Insured 28 years in a row.
ON2 another box elder, this one declining, a dead top very near the house. Boom.
ON2 another fine home on Spring River, this one in Hardy. A very tall red oak had a dead branch over parking. A few delays as we moved the lift around, then that one was done. ON2 Lake Thunderbird.
A large red oak was slightly declining. A large branch indeed a ten inch spar also, we roped meticulously down, also some dead ends etc... Strange new day4 Rebel Tree Care.
I only use lifts or recommend them occasionally. I'm actually glad I went ahead and did it instead of handing the job off2 some bucket chump who invariably leaves improper pruning and other forms of malpractice.
T Rump once again claims exoneration after an FBI agent details his treason2 Congress. Congress responded2 multiple factual examples of obstruction of Justice and cover ups by our president by censuring the first Muslim Women congressmen over rumors she married her brother.
So there will be no problem with Russian meddling in our election again. As Mueller said, "they are doing it as we speak. It has become the new normal." McConnel and company are ok with it. They know it helps them.
I wonder if repos would b silent if it was Hillary Mueller was talking about. But they weren't just silent. They were also dismissive of any and all potential crimes by T Rump and/or Russia. They were mocking in tone, preening, sniffing the winds4 bloody carcasses that HIllary might have butchered and buried along with the fetuses and pre teen hookers she buries nightly with a huge back hoe as Bill drools, watching, stabbing infants while young girls do things2 him. I mean he did have consensual sex out of wed lock. So good thing T Rump is restoring America's credibility and character yada yada.
Tired. Tired of T Rump. Tired of alot of things. I'm not going2 take it any more.
So it's a concert, then river. I must flow. I am an island.
So it's JIMMY EATS WORLD 2moro in Northwest Arkansas.

July 23 2019

                So with Mueller set2 testify2 congress we are2 b treated2 quite a variety of insinuations by repos, the lovers that conspired2 bring T Rump down, The Dossier, the spying, all these things that T Rump does. Wow they will pose and preen with the only goal of getting name recognition. 5 minutes of Cspan on a case like this is pure cash $ guarantee from mega donors. Names like Gohmert, Cruz, etc. or in the old days Cantor, Sessions, et. Al….

                It makes no difference what they say is actually a cover up4 or distraction from treason. Which. Is. Treason. One repo will manage2 drop a few abortions in, the phrase “Hillary Clinton’s email server,” will b bandied about by repos standing there in 5 minutes of obstruction.

                When a dum question starts2 hit home, chrystalizing something shudderingly wrong about this orange vampire bastard, this soulless coward hiding crack pipes in the oval office, this baby Huey tottering 2ward a spectacular, poisonous burning fall. Once again Mueller will spell out specific reasons they should imprison the president. Dums will huff and puff a minute, repos will try2 imprison Mueller4 violating the new rules Barr sent him 2day.

                Amid the hub bub enough dums have been hijacked with clever bribes and black mail. Just enough “blue dog" dums will sell out and nullify the dum impeachment votes in the house, and should they somehow pass the impeachment  lock step Nazi bastards in the Senate, led by the richest Senator, from the poorest state, Bitch McConnel, will avoid impeachment by one vote.

                Comey will come up, the firings, the attempted obstruction about letting Flynn go. The tweets should  come, remember when T Rump bragged about firing Comey and gave a reason and that reason didn’t fit the narrative? So get this if u don’t remember it or watch Fox, T Rumps lawyer commandeers the twitter account, explaining that he had made the boastful tweets about Comey. No one confronted them on that, so I’m sure they will pull that one out again.

                Oh, August 23 2018, well, u c, believe me, but that date, by some miracle, happens2 b the very, the only, believe me, a lot of ppl r saying it’s a miracle, but that date the august whatever u named was the only other time my lawyer wrote the tweet.

Shown tweets where he threatened a witness and the family of an ex lawyer, T Rump was dismissive, “My lawyer wrote those.”

                Jumping on the “go back2 ur shithole countries comment T Rump laid on the four brown women, now there is this repo saying the four brown women r the 4horsemen of the apocalypse. Which were doing God’s Work.

                So now we have looming cuts2 social security and medicare. The expansion of these programs is completely halted, now ready2 slide back down2 pre ACA levels, including but not limited2 ppl w pre existing conditions and forty million losing coverage. Not sure if this last ruling completely killed it out or if it sits on appeal and they stay the ruling or whatever. Stay the appeal of the ruling of the overturning of the ban on appealing stays of appeal of preexisting guarantees.

                The Junk Plans were crafted @ T Rump U. T Rump insurance will go the way of T Rump Steaks, T Rump Vodka, T Rump water, "I still have valuable samples of all these, even  the Steaks," he shouted @ a presser, “they are for sale in the lobby of the White House. Plus the White House pays us  in vendor subsidies and perks. Medicaid expansion is crippling us.”

July 22 2019

Brutal morning in a tree. Early it was spitting rain but we got on it anyway. Way up above the north Golf Course of Cherokee Village I was admiring the view from a tall hickory over a fine home on a bluff above Southfork River.

                I set about reducing the tree, taking long nut laden branches, rigging and roping… soon it was done and soon after that it was all cleaned up. Now I have some wood chips4 a friend.

                There are other jobs waiting, but it’s rainy so we kicked it down the road.

                Red E4 some river. It’s been over 12 hours since I was on it.

                So I’m working4 the river.

                Instead of destroying scientists career, T Rump insists that they relocate2 Missouri, right now. With no office ready or reason or rhyme. If they are studying the ocean he says they have2 move2 either Missouri or Nebraska. If they claim that global warming is a threat, he is sending them2 the NOAH weather station @ Antarctica.

          As Mueller gets red e2 testify, Fox/Russia play him up as a rogue cop gone bad, a traitorous imposter on a vengeful vendetta, a scorned lover of boys, a liberal spy, hater of Merica.

          As the short investigation of the T Rump foundation found very quickly that the foundation was obviously a $ laundering front, a cesspool of self pay and back pay, pay offs and off pays of pay pals and pals paying pay pals. They ordered T Rump and his foundation2 never pretend 2 b a charitable foundation again.

          That same day Fox/Russia played a twelve hour miniseries about the Clinton Foundation. They quoted shadowy fictional characters, implied the Pedriatric AIDS wing of the foundation was a front4 Bill2 booger young boys.

          Faced with insurmountable evidence of certain insecticide causing massive honey bee extinction, T Rump broadened the use of those chemicals and eased regulation, making any scientist who disagreed move2 Missouri.

          Faced with insurmountable evidence that certain carcinogens cause cancer in humans T Rump broadened the use and eased regulation of those chemicals. He also made sure that any future mention of illness by chemical would b considered a preexisting condition, therefore not covered in T Rump Care. “It’s a better system. It’s cheaper, popular with the hip crowd, and wont cover anything. But my guys say it will b after the 2020 election b4 the stupid voting public figure it out. Oh sure Liberal media will b all over it, trying2 expose some trend of sickness, explain2 the public that it’s murder. But Fox/Russia will not mention it, and half of the ppl, my half watch only that.”

Barr tells private citizen Mueller2  limit his testimony. T Rump tells him2 “watch it.” He warned the brown congresswomen2 “watch what they say.”  He tweeted he would have “their families butchered.”

          Fox/Russia brushed it off as “New York tough talk.” They played a throw back special about Obama’s tan suit.

Chelsea Clinton gives birth2 third child, Rush Limbaugh called her an ugly slut. T Rump tweeted she was a disgusting tramp. Hannity scoffed that anyone would impregnate her and implied she needed another baby2 qualify4 HUD. They hosted a public forum on civility in media.

Told that Pakistan didn’t like him, T Rump boasted he could kill them all in thirty seconds. He promised not2 if Pelosi gets Mueller2 go AWOL.

July 21 2019

Hot 1. Long canoe trip on Spring River 2day. We slayed the fishes, heavy stringers of small mouth bass and trout. Also a skipjack shad and plenty of bluegill. Nice brutally hot run on Spring River 2day.

                Yesterday was the usual shenanagins @ Howards. Long day of River dancing. Friday I did a brutal bike ride2 Saddler Falls. Hot on a Friday, it was a precarious run.

                Forty Islands creek shady and soft. Myrtle blossoms raining down. Loons vibrant. Bald eagle. Big soft shell turtles…

                I sold tree jobs and took my time, fishing and relaxing. That trip can b tedious if ur in a hurry. Saul Goode though.

July 17 2019

Hot1. Sposed2 b like that a while. So that’s what we r dealing w. Not so early I was over a fine Ash Flat home  Flat home. First it was reducing a bushy post oak. Then a red oak had some showy dead n I got that. Fairly quick job but it was heating up quick. Lunch @ Meacham’s exquisite as always, then it was a party @ Eagle Crest. Now finally I am chilling it. EROSION in house 2nite. We will b the hottest band around 2nite. Our biggest fan will b prominent.

T Rump outlines his reelection plans: Tell all brown ppl2 get the hell out of his country. Fox/Russia all over it, doubling down on racism. But u can’t say racism. If u say racism it becomes all about ur use of the word racism. Not the racism itself. Kind of like treason. If a repo commits treason, and they do, all of them, every day, but it’s  not about the treason. It’s about the leak, the reporting, or the word treason. Those r the crimes, not treason. If u call out treason u hate ur country.

Rand Paul: “I will block the nine eleven victims fund because it’s not paid4. Also Rand Paul: “I will vote4 the gigantic tax cut4 corporations and trillionaires because a guy said they would pay4 themselves.”

But that is not happening, it only makes giant corporations suck up even more subsidies while infrastructure and schools fall further n2 disrepair. Corporations simply used the $4 stock buy backs and tricks of tax evasion while we also subsidize low paid workers through Medicaid and other programs. Corporations triple dip n2 our retirement. The rich don’t care, they can retire early anyway, whiling aways days watching Fox/Russia, fearful of immigrants and hating on Godless liberals, the enemy of the people yada yada freaking yada.

I know in my heart that fifty percent of Muslims are better ppl than fifty percent of Christians.

They behead us with swords. We behead them with drones and missiles.

We claim Iran is dangerous while we load up every country near them with dangerous weapons, we surround them with dangerous weapons.

Immigrants are dangerous. They brought us T Rump.

Mexicans flooded over during world war II. 2 help us. We invited them over2 help us. We relegalized hemp  just in time2 win the war. So without hemp and Mexicans we would b speaking Der Fuhrer. Cheeto Mussolini speaks in parrallels2 Hitler, then all the repos will start comparing The Affordable Care Act2 Nazi Germany. Fox/Russia, always on the forefront of the talking points will lead the way, simultaneously repo congressmen will drop not so subtle talking points, Socialism, communism, Nazi Germany, liberals, Stalin, Stalling…

Fox/Russia tears down Mueller and his team as rogue cops gone bad, over reach of law enforcement, The origins they assume all Fox/Russia watchers know exactly what they are talking about, the dossier, they assume all Fox/Russia viewers know what they are talking about.

The big news that Epstien and the plea deal and T Rumps buddy  getting such a kushy deal4 such a scumbag crime? Fox/Russia ignores that, focusing instead on a shadowy documentary, six hour miniseries mind u, about the weekend that Bill Clinton is known2 have spent with the perp. Not the numerous vacays with T Rump. T Rump even tweeted that “he likes his women almost as young and doped up as I do.”

So T Rumps father built a huge housing empire on federal subsidies and racism. Not only was the man that bankrolled our presidents youthful play things like casinos etc a violent racist in the KKK, he was finally proven2 not only b denying housing2 blacks, but often he would send them down town n2 a corporate black hole when the deal was already done: No blacks. Fred did this4 decades, but after Donald took over it got worse, thus the law suits the T Rumps lost.

When a central park jogger was raped and killed Donny used daddy’s $2 take out a full  page attack ad on the five young black suspects. He tried2 have them put2 death, tried really hard2 put them2 death, then we found out they didn’t do it.

4 8years he tweeted about Obama;s birth certificate. He implied that Obama should go back2 Kenya. Now it’s the four black congresswomen presenting a simple intelligent plan2 actually help ppl.

Obama saved millions of lives. T Rump is killing millions. And his evil minions the repo party are accomplices.

So they call expanded Medicaid socialism. But not snow plows. Not Farm bailouts. Not wall street bail outs. Oil and gas subsidies? Fox/Russia will never call oil and gas subsidies socialism. That gives them a bad sound. Only health care should sound bad.

                Reverse socialism is favored by Repos and Fox/Russia: a system in which the wealth of the middle and lower classes is misappropriated and redistributed among the wealthiest and most corrupt individuals  and unethical corporations against the best interest and well being of the majority. I lifted this from a Facebook meme but it’s hitting the right notes. Mike Sullivan is finally useful.

I like what representative Aryanna Pressley said about T Rump, she is of course, brown: “I refer2 T Rump as the occupant, that is, that is he simply occupies the space. He embodies zero of the qualities and the principles, the responsibility, grace, integrity, the compassion of someone who would truly embody that office.”

Or maybe ur a sports fan, and like what Greg Popovich, former darling of conservatives, said about T Rump. “He is a soulless coward.”

Faced with an escalating Iran Crisis, Nukes in North Korea, and tensions on the Chinese border, T Rump sat on the shitter celebrating that he passed “that no talent loser,” Regis Philbin, on the all time air time hours of tv accumulated.

Btw those brown congresswomen have all been Americans longer than Melania.

So Fox/Russia and the disinformation machine, the fake news machine, is now a revolving door as T Rump hires dozens of ex Fox/Russia employees. Draining the swamp.

Uno the reason he uses that phrase is because he probably was denied a permit2 put up some putrid cheesy strip mall in New Jersey and the EPA prolly put the brakes on it so he lost a couple hundred thousand in bribes and permits. Prolly some endangered species or delicate wetland, some swamp that he desperately wanted2 drain. He even enlisted a couple of hit men from Kentucky2 blow a sixteen inch hole in a beaver dam down state but that failed.

Eric and Don Jr. took it upon them selves2 kill the last spotted owl in Wyoming. Liz Cheney unveiled a stuffed carcass as Eric and Don Jr. Gushed in awkward glee. They showed a slide show of other endangered species they had finished off. The guests @ the Farm Bureau one hundred thousand dollar a plate repo fund raiser were treated2 a bottomless bowl of tiger penis soup and panda casserole. Melania modeled a snow leopard bikini, while Ivanka sold thousands. They toasted holding black rhino horns high. The National Rifle Association raffled off polar bear warehouse carpeting and crates of fully automatic Russian Ak47s.

Obama chides Repos about the Grifter in chief. U wont hear about it on Fox/Russia. He is so right. They criticized him endlessly4 even talking2 Russians. But golden shower kisses on him4 his bromance with Putin. If ur from a family of immigrants why do repos not take offence when they are demonized as rapists and criminals.

The family values party covers4 paying off porn stars and  calling women pigs, slobs, etc. Mock the disabled. Screw the disabled, ban Muslims.

There is so much more. History will record this demonic cheeto in chief4 his deeds not tweets. Obama beats him in every way. So I guess the white supremacy thing is proven wrong.

Quiet night. Saddler Falls roaring constant approval. Life is as it should b. Almost. Yesterday as Tropical system Barry moved in I rode a mountain bike from Saddler Falls2 Hardy. Mud run. Nice. But I was sore and stiff and didn’t ride 2day. Big heat coming so rides will b strict. A couple of rain outs has me fresh though. Back @ it 2moro. And . Then. It. Will. LOL. B time4. W8 4it. A River trip! I really want2 do Warm Fork again. And the Spring. It’s all good. Some ppl avoid the DJ wars. I just want2 catch trouts and c a titty lol. If ur a big fat man I’m a titty fan, I’d like2 c urs2.

                So it’s push my truck4 work and play as another truck is in the shop going on a year with drive train damage, and a van @ Mr oilys4 four? Months.

                I just want2 bust out in a canoe. Hit a river many days. Punish and contemplate. An island of adrenalin. Straining. Searching. Reaching. Blind. And that’s just right somehow. Quest4 fire with polyurethane tent and collapsible poles. Survival with beer and tiger penis soup. I need2 keep better notes. Plus pics. I really should take more pics. Railroad trestles I have seen could make a hell of a coffee table photo gallery. I mean excellent bridge and culvert trussles along any of the many rivers I have done the last few years. I have taken very few pics though. Plus I tend2 c more trussles than ur average river traveler because when u press n2 side creeks and up channels etc u find weird little bridges and tunnels etc. Most of my multiday trips are documented here but some were pre journal.

                We used2 take red beach club canoes and camp on the island @ Many Islands, 4 a fee, then back2 Hardy the next day. The Little Rock Rubber Company, the Trojans, Sandy Halls old team. Many a wasted canoe trip with those boys in the nineties.

                I did the Buffalo with friends and a Girl Friend. The  Big Piney with the same friends and girlfriend. I did the south fork in High school. Canoed and camped @ Many islands, Spring River Oaks, and Howards many many times dating back2 the 1970s. The eighties only a few times as I was in Little Rock much of that decade and didn’t get home often. But still managed2 hit upper spring  quite a bit. Then in the nineties I had an incredible jam box i Kept in a trash bag and played OZZY, LYNCH MOB, ACDC and BADLANDS.

                But I made up4 it in the nineties, canoeing almost every day well into this century. It’s all rafts now, only a few canoes, and many of these inept. Same w kayaks. Rafts are better over all, safer and less likely2 spill trash.

                So Hurrican Barry is gone, we dodged the bullet.


And we roll. Busy morning in the urban forest. Early I was going up a large red oak over a prominent business. I warned them we shouldn’t trim it this time of year, but insurance deadline yada yada, they should read a pamphlet yada yada. So I trimmed the tree, minor reduction. Insurance guys no nothing about trees. Kind of like real estate. They think they are oh so much smarter than a tree or a tree person. They like2 bark orders however unwise but whatever. Part of an arborists job is navigating tricky waters between the human that owns the tree and the health of the tree. I do what I can. Sattelite guys are notorious 4bs. On a whim they will tell u2 take a giant featured tree down rather than move the dish a few feet. Or the next guy will tell u it's no problem. Unless u want Mexican porn, then u do have a problem. It's ez2 get porn. Getting rid of porn is the problem. Or porn is the problem. Or the solution. Different strokes.

    Gary Coleman was in the news4 beating a mugger senseless, then in a daze car jacking Danny Bonaduce and leading police on a low speed chase while ranting on a cell phone2 entertainment 2nite.

                Then it was down the road2 a super fine estate home here in Highland. A large sassafras is dead. Now it is down. Love me some sassyfrass. The aroma. It's downright... Heady...

                Finally one more fine home in Highland needed road clearance. A giant thorny bush removal gave us fits, but pruning a cedar and walnut was a little more our style. The end of a brutal week.

                Now it is time2 ride bikes and canoe. Fish and swim. Trees will wait till next week.

                T Rump praising Doosh Bank. “They have the cleanest money around. They launder it all the time. When I sold Vlad that leaky condo in Boca4 three hundred trillion we just transferred it around, Doosh Bank was there4 us4 a cut.”

                TONY SPINNER @ Copper Feather Saturday night.


And we roll. Another brutal morning in trees. We got out just as temps moved n2 the nineties. The nineties were my favorite decade but not my fave temps.

                Early I was up a prominent red oak in Cherokee Village. Careful2 only get dead wood I relieved it of old stubs and big dead…

                A skinny blackjack got a quick trim and so did a maple under the wires and a post oak with an improperly cut branch.

                Then2 the main event. I got way up in a large post oak over the house, relieving it of large heavy branches way above, then in the midsection, then immediately over the roof. I make decisions on what2 prune based on percentage of canopy, branch/trunk connections, etc…

                Another post oak got the same treatment. Numerous heavy branches over the roof removed…

                Now it’s chill a precious few moments then hit the bike. 2moro is a lighter day so I don’t have2 save it up.

                I’m bout red e4 some river. IT’s been a minute.

                                EROSION in house last night. We r working on some new material. Still tweaking the old. Saul Goode. KYLE VYPER is ripping up the drums.

                I think Imma do Warm Fork again. That rocks. Spend hours in Missouri then come n2 Spring River.

                So I did a mountain bike romp.  Radar showed a crack in the storms so I bolted4 Eagle Crest. An hour later it still hasn’t rained. Big thunder and visible rain over in Cherokee Village just west, but here in Highland it’s still dry. Hope we get a little. They say a tropical system is going2 dump a lot of rain late this weekend.

                So as I move journal entries2 the archives I sometimes read a few again. I like my new timelines4 Cherokee Occupation of Arkansas from 1696 til 1812. If not4 the earthquakes they would still b here in Modern Day Cherokee Village and Highland. And the Shawnees would b located in Emminence Missouri or Thereabouts. Delewares would live around West Plains and Dalton. There were of course intermarriages between tribes, and also quite a variety of nationality and race. For instance Lots of English were with Delaware, Lots of Irish and Scots Cherokee. All tribes had Black Africans, yellow mulattos, Caribbean etc… some whites or black were more traditional Cherokee or native than actual blood Cherokee. Whites in war paint and fringed leather and coon skin hats or farmers using kettles and plows, steel traps. In other words Cherokee set the template4 whites coming n2 the Ozarks when Cherokee, Shawnee, and Delaware evacuated west in 1812 after the earthquakes. They decided @ intertribal council2 breech Devil’s Backbone in tandem. The old treaty was shaken asunder.

                I'm sure many Cherokees, particularly those from southern Crowley’s Ridge took horses west, maybe joining the Comanche in Two Can Carry New Mexico or Pawnee in Kansas, Apache or Navajo if cunning or talented. But that was4 a glamorous few. Most Cherokee had seen war back east, preferring clan and farm deep in Ozark mountain, with limited trade or contact with outside world.

                Sure they traded otter and lion skins2 Deleware4 bullets, and the Delaware, being north of the Thirty six Thirty line were licensed by the Spanish2 trade in Saint Genevieve Missouri, a fine and prosperous multi ethnic city on the Mississippi.

                Spanish “governors” decreed that Cherokee, being south of the thrity six thirty line must trade @ foul and dangerous Arkansas Post down on the Arkansas river. The journey like as not resulted in cheating or death of simple Cherokee.

                Cherokee and beavers worked side by side2 form dams 4 ponds and lakes. But, when Osage brought as many as five hundred horsemen2 run Cherokee off, during the evacuation back2 Crowleys Ridge dam keepers and others would quickly and efficiently kill many beavers by some method and release the dam water from spill ways, aiding the evacualtion2 Strawberry River and safety of endless cane of big swamp, horsemen could not follow.

                And Cherokee Village was perfect4 Cherokee2 avoid Osage horsemen, rock shelves and ledges quickly traversed by nimble Cherokee on foot, but impassable 4 horse bound Osage.

                Sometimes the Osage silhouetted themselves on a ridge2 intimidate and make Cherokee evacuate without a skirmish. Other times not, plus sometimes it was not Osage proper, but rogue horse thief bands, white sponsored black guarders  etc.

                White corporate slavers meddled, creating war between Osage and Caddo. One reason behind England, France, and Spain issuing deeds 2 Cherokee in Arkansas was that it divided and weakened the Osage. But in times of cooperation, with shared knowledge and native tradition, the coalition of tribes began2 awaken2 a new power. They held the Ozarks, no whites held true power. The Spanish road was cut @ blessing of Cherokee council. Fifty Lewis and Clarks were sent n2 the Ozarks by Washington after the Louisiana purchase. Not only did they not achieve the fame of Lewis and Clark, or even Dunbar Hunter who explored the Ouachita River, they were never heard from again. Legend has it they were killed, rotting corpses with blue jackets or hats displayed on crosses @ river junctions.

                The famous Sacajawea who helped Louis an Clark on the Missouri River was likely Sioux I 4get, but there were likely Cherokee women who helped whites, I’m sure Grandmother Water Spider worked with Frenchmen2 navigate the vast swamp westward2 hard Ozark hill. Nancy Ward may have been vanquished2 Arkansas4 a time as she was briefly hated by many Cherokee4 warning whites back in Kentucky of impending Cherokee surprise attack. Her nickname was Rose, Rose Hill was the name of the entertainment district of Hardy Arkansas. Al Capone would later water ski there.

July 9 2019

And we roll. Brutal heat. Very early I was headed way up a tall post oak over a fine Cherokee Village home. This was a major reduction large heavy limbs roped down carefully. It was dicey and meticulous, requiring skill and teamwork.

                Then it was reducing a tall blackjack. No major branches removed, just a comprehensive pruning of many many small dead and green. I reached way out2 relieve a little end weight when I could. Soon that beast was done.

                Finally it was another post oak reduction, major branches over the house… Then another blackjack trim, albeit this one very minor…Another post oak branch, this one very minor also. We cleaned up the brush, raked up, blew everything clean and left small piles of firewood all over the yard. The client is well pleased. And I am done4 the day. After a quick siesta I will b off on the bike2 Eagle Crest and beyond. And then EROSION in house, last night got cancelled.

                Watch4 the new Yahoo documentary ConspiracyLand. It details the snake pit of sewage that is Fox/Russia. It shows clearly how Russia/Wikileaks/Fox and the Republican National Committee/T Rump and T Rump.Org and homeless teen girls and hard core porn stars all work 2gether2 frame Hillary. It shows an email trail of lies and cover ups, how they manipulate the FBI with false conspiracy theories so that they cannot investigate the real crimes and how the investigation cannot help but lead back2 the real crimes as detailed in the Mueller report.

                The man responsible4 thousands of needless deaths on his watch is trotting out his industry shills2 proclaim his wonderful environmental record. Confronted with a brutal Fact  check revealing his speeches2 b riddled with, and almost completely lies, he doubles down, lying more and louder. Over and over, he says his environmental record is very very gr8, or very amazing, or very very amazing, without ever providing proof of such  claims. T Rump 101. Other countries laugh @ us now, a country that elects this buffoon is much more weak and stupid than they guessed. But we could bomb them. Third world countries are more reliable than us. There is no confidence in America. T Rumps only position on anything is that if Obama was 4it, he is against it. That includes respect, clean water, mutual cooperation, basic human decency and truth.

                He literally just said he wouldn’t cut n2 corporate profits by enforcing regulations. But takes credit4 water that is pretty. The only thing that has ever mattered2 Cheeto Mussolini is using daddy’s $ 2bang the best sluts.

                He’s a lying loud mouth whose father made millions on government contracts and discrimination. 4 him it’s all about free stuff. Automatically receiving free stuff because he wears a red hat. But4 the poor2 stay alive with assistance? Losers.

                Thunder this hot sunny day. Storms moving in.

July 8 2019

Brutal day about2 get loud as EROSION kicks in soon. Hot morning of tree work 2day. Early I was ascending a large post oak all over a fine Cherokee Village home. I could C Southfork River way below. WE reduced the tree, pruning large branches above the roof. Another post oak got the same. Then a bushy hickory with a large stem curving over the house. Another hickory. A Declining red oak is down. Moron tap 2moro. And wedneseday and thurs. In fact I’m booked well n2 next week also. Rebel Tree Care knocking out jobs.

                English ambassador reports truthfully and honestly 2 his people in a private msg about T Rump. Not a flattering msg. The msg got out. The truth usually does.

                T Rump will now ridicule England's teeth and threaten2 hit them with a nuke on twitter. He says we should have hit them with an Atomic cluster bomb launched from an Osprey attack helicopter in the war of 1812. We could have erased Great Britain, all of the UK with one Phantom Jet and a couple of nukes. We would have been declared the winner.

             Ronald Raygun told me2 bomb Iran. Nancy and were chatting in the cake room, Ronny said he was going2 give them one more shipment. I mean chance.”

                Death of ethic. 

insanity. Thongs, I mean throngs of people in rafts.

Don’t know when I last checked in. Last Thursday was an early morning canoe trip from Saddler Falls2 Hardy. Then @ Hardy a DJ float was forming. Soon that was in full blast mode, it was locals, family and friends. Reunion. Sweet.

Saturday was an epic float. Dense crowds of rafts with a few kayaks and canoes mixed in. Dancing on raft platforms.

I was checked by law enforcement many times, both on the road and river.

Awesome hanging with old friends and new friends. Brother. Sister in law. Nieces. Nephews.

I put more trout and bass in the freezer. I saw bald eagles, huge turtles, a family of muscular otters. And lots of wild life2.

I sell tree jobs and collect $ from clients. I swim hard, pushing the boat around, or tie it up and hit big currents. I pick up riders, hot young girls looking2 cadge a beer or drunk over weight women tired of rafting. I head bang and rock out catching a cracrawdad2 ACDC. It’s the perfect mix of river and party. Party Hardy.

So now it’s get ready4 a brutal week of tree reductions. Many of them.

Journal veterans remember how good it feels2 strap those boots on Monday mornings. Thunder now.

My feet are damaged. Cut and bruised from a typical Spring River day. I weave among rafts with instinct and cunning, antanticipating where they will stop and claiming a prime piece of real estate 4 a few moments until they move on. I’m often trapped by rafts, Saturday I actually dragged my boat through woods or over gravel bars2 better my position. It’s an art.

But sweat will flow and the pain will remind me of tough times past, tough times 2 come… I am an island. The river flows past me, through me, over and under me… Only I know the secrets of Willows weeping. They search, straining, dancing madly, supple limbs graceful, tickling and teasing, blind, eternal battering ram…

Mississippi beaches shut down. Repos there go by the play book, pass racist, divisive laws and kill the environment. It is what God commands.

Arkansas doing the same as new laws written by haters of the EPA, sworn enemies, lifetime lobbyists4 giant pollution write our laws and dismantle ones they don’t like. Big beef and industrial meat play dirty, lie cheat and steal but so does T Rump so it’s all good unless a liberal does it, or a black.

There are  black conservatives. A Few, and they are installed in government as proof that repos are not racist. Hypocrisy is all repos have, fool the rubes, lie continually2 the bible belt. The southern strategy. Win the south by race baiting. Repo 101.

T Rump all over Spring River. Mississippi young repos cocky and smug getting hammered. DJs are all about T Rump, making quick jokes about liberals. They never mention Russia.

So repos decided that only they can break the Hatch Act. They have decided that Dums cannot violate the Hatch Act. Only repos can violate the Hatch Act. It’s just very hard2 get around the darn thing. Makes it darn hard2 profit and politisize from a tax payer paid government position. Only repos can do this now, cos God and Merica.

Also repos can lie constantly and without fear of reprise. But Dums cannot lie even once. A Repo president can lie eleven thousand times, eleven thousand easily proven, indisputable lies mind u, But a dum cannot utter even one vague, slightly misleading statement without shouts of imprisonment and crucifixion.

Rumors of infidelity or a college grope ruin a potential dum candidate immediately. Stacks of film and proof of pay offs2 hard core porn stars, along with the lies and transfers of $ that show his willingness2 pay black mail only make the Christian Right adore a repo candidate all the more.

The unborn are sacred2 the right. Unless those unborn are muslims making gas prices higher. Or immigrants applying4 legal asylum fleeing oppression and turmoil caused by the right. Instead of making more fuel efficient cars we bomb muslims. Instead of recycling we bomb Muslims. Instead of truth and justice, we bomb muslims. As protestants and catholics team up2 bomb muslims and demonize health care, As repos and Russia team up2 sabotage social programs2 pay4 tax cuts4 the rich, ease restrictions on pollution, they are committing treason, murder, theft… U name a sin or crime and repos are all over it. U know how u can tell? They blame dums4 the very crimes they commit. Out of the blue, they just start blaming dums.

And why is it that anyone makes mention of dishonest politicians in a speech or tweet everyone assumes they are talking about T Rump. Because they are. Talking points sent out2 Fox and key repos rehearse the new spin, throughout the day they not so subtly drop  big hints and slanderous innuendo while repos destroy all ethics and constitutionality.

T Rump busy lying about Obama lately. ON foreign soil, domestic soil, he lies about his predecessor, obviously obsessed with a truly intelligent, ethical, well spoken black man. “Obama said the airports were under siege in the revolutionary war and the media never blinked,” he probably tweeted, “but I say it because of a faulty teleprompter which I never use, and the world is on fire. There will b no aid 2 California until they vote4 me. Pink slime is meat. It just is.”

July 2, 2019

And we roll. Nice bike romp 2 Eagle Crest and beyond. It takes a lot of planning and organization, not always my strong points. I am an island.

    So I did the two day on Warm fork. Great 2day trip, No one does it though. I hope2 do it again soon b4 it goes down.

    But right now I’m in the midst of a three day bike/canoe blitzkrieg.

    Ride2 Saddler Falls, prefabricated luxury camp, move out in canoe early morning loaded 4 a multi day trip. Get2 Hardy Beach @ noon July 4. Join a massive dj float of locals, family and friends. Camp @ Haweiand Island, Kurt was on original head knocker. Set camp near a Frisbee field or right on the shady sandy island. Spend time with my brother and sister in law. Solid times down there. Nieces and nephews. All ages.

    Next day I wanted2 do the Warm Fork two day, but realistically I should weed eat or do household chores that day but the warrior in me is still champ. Sure the Raptors are @ least a one hit wonder but Kwahi may bolt.

    I spout gibberish occasionally but cant stand women who do that when asked a straight forward question.

    So Im mapping and planning routes. Im trying2 look @ trees on a bike ride and still make it2 the river camp. Probable big heat…

    Viscous storms just north are complicating my plans4 3 days from now. For instance its dry here in Highland but hardy just a few miles north is getting ripped by sheeting rain.

    So its ride while Im not working. Keeps me fit. I can dance a jig. Or fish with one. A Crappy jig. Or an acoustic bass. DAmmit im an island. Don’t hate the river.  Hate hate.

    I wont stop pollution if it cuts n2 the obscene profits of CEO's.

July 1, 2019

And we roll. Spring River Rapids babble. Sweet mesmerizing  babble and roar of approval. I caught a trout first cast.

      Early I was reducing a box elder near a fine home on Spring River. Then it was reducing honey locust, removing maple, quick trims all around. Swims. Sweat. Swim. Sweat. Moron tap 2moro.

      Its been a good run of floats and jobs. I cant complain.

      One more round of work 2moro then Im tryna work a new rebel river adventure where I leave my truck down River Road south of Hardy. Ride a bike back2 Highland. Next day ride a bike2 sAddler Falls. Next day canoe2 south of Hardy. Drive back. Rinse Repeat.

      Kerry Wayne was the best climber this day. I hugged my old friend PHILLIP @ a funeral. Also Johnny, Terry… Many.

      So here we go with a crazy week of floats and festival. I’m the tannest old bastard around lately.

            Im getting a fish fry 2gether. The calendar is fattening next week. But next week is a long time away.


June 27, 2019

Bookman old style bold.

     Rough and tough morning in a tree. Early I was headed up a huge white oak over Spring River in Hardy. The water was brown, swirling, seething, restless. The falls barely falls, almost flat. Seems the hail and rain yesterday was widespread and powerful. It will clear up on Upper Spring by Saturday.

     So a few odds and ends 2moro, wrap up some loose ends. Get geared down4 many days on a river. It may take Southfork a few days2 clear up. Much of Current is shut down due2 high water.

     I’m sure Strawberry is pulsing, but 2brown4 swimming, high water is when the chicken crap and cow crap washes n2 the creeks and rivers, ecoli is highest, etc… That’s why Farm Bureau lobbyists and repos who control the testing of our water insist on doing most of it during low water. The pollution is @ a minimum then. Don’t like a rule that benefits humanity? Change the narrative2 benefit corporations, change the over sight2 benefit corporations, change the department2 benefit corporations, put a corporate lobbyist against the department his entire life @ the head of the department.

     Prick Scott, convicted of Medicaid fraud, now heads Medicaid. Prick Perry, idiot shill4 gigantic oil heads up the energy department. On down the list as the destruction of the United States continues @ the direction of Putin. Agent Orange pouts and preens, issuing false decrees via twitter.

     Ben Carson heads HUD simply because he is black. This proves there is no race bias @ HUD. Betsy DeVos, private school devotee, hates public school and their no evil guide lines of ethics and non discrimination, so she is tapped2 head Education. On down the line, every repo appointee is the anti Christ of that department. And it trickles down2 the states. T Rump and company have savaged the Hatch Act or any other act meant2 keep ethic and constitutionality forefront in government service. And now that that is business as usual, Russia will, is meddling, Gerry Mander is head of the election commission, Jim Crow is director, Voter intimidation and suppression is rampant. Out right tampering of the tally. All these things give repos a huge edge, and they still barely win by one tenth of one percent. what a coincidence.

     2day a key Gerrymandering case is stricken down. The conservative court delivers what it was hired2 do.

     T Rump hates everybody but darling Vlad. Melania does a private show4 Putin whenever they all get 2gether, and Gstring, I mean the G20 summit is extra special. Guinness called a new world record on Lobster tails ordered by one politician. T Rump and Vlad spank Melania with lobster tails as she bends over in a French maid costume. Donny had2 excuse himself2 get go get peed on by a hot Russian hard core porn star. With leather chaps and a whip, whip cream canister and cocaine vial in hand, T Rump talked2 Franklin Graham on the phone about God and using  God and tax exemption2 pay off and cover up and discredit photos of being peed on by hard core Russian porn stars.

     So the Supreme Court, first offering up the pathetic lie: $ has no influence on elections, now says Gerrymandering does not affect elections. How stupid are these ppl? What white column fake world do they reside in? Unholy supreme court whack a doodies.

     With North Korea and Iran now increasing their nuclear capabilities, Russia selling all their soy beans2 China, thousands of children in concentration camps and repo cronies charging us 500$ per toothbrush they don’t even supply, huge pollution saving trillions on waste disposal on top of the gigantic tax cuts they got, ethics and the rule of law no longer a thing4 repos, we are the laughingstock of the world. Our respect is gone. Obama brought hope and dignity2 precarious situations and he responded with intelligence and research. Well briefed by a non compromised team of quality professionals, he weighed options and found common ground through empathy, respect, and inspiration. Now? Meh.

June 26, 2019

Bring ur best. That’s what we expect. There is a dangerous trend in tree work in Cherokee Village now. I’m seeing fresh topping, a new vile run of big $ bullshit.

     Early I was crossing Southfork River. A Cracked and riddled hickory leaned and curved over a house. Another healthier one got in the way a little yada yada.

     So we used an adjacent walnut, very tall and strong, 2 ensure we didn’t lose control of the situation.

     On2 another job in Cherokee Village. We savaged a honeysuckle tree. I argued against it but finally gave up and chopped it off. I also trimmed a fine dwarf maple, hickory, numerous redbud… In the mix were elm and redbud removals…

     Now I have a fat load of chips4 someone. May take them out2 my property. Turkeys love them. Trouble is so do pigs. Wild hogs are running rough shod over my woods and creek.

     Thunder now. Sweet.

     Mueller2 testify. Ted Cruz will posture and preen4 most of his three minutes, then hinting around @ a conspiracy against T Rump he will demand an answer2 why Mueller allows reporters on non Fox News Stations2 say things or ask questions. Mueller will sigh and bring up the constitution, @ which point  Cruz will act as if he has solved the problem, as if by following the constitution, job description and codes of ethics, Mueller is proving himself a liberal socialist spy guy.

     There will b no questions from any repos about the lies, mischaracterizations, fraud, abuse, the deaths of children, the war mongering, graft, increased inequality, increased pollution or any other substantive sentence. Only the hinting @ Hillary investigation, the three minute vague blame and click bait type headline grabber substance free, fact free Fox fake scandal that got them there.

     Dums on the other hand will bumble and preen, un charismatic and blunt or shrill they will run out of time setting up questions. With no coordination they will squander most of their time. AOC and EW will make giant points4 impeachment and imprisonment, 2 little avail. The new standard is destroy this country. T Rump is trying, all the lies point2 Russia. The sheer magnitude of lies the Mueller Report has uncovered, the cover ups and obstructions, it’s a solid wall of solid factual evidence. Numerous guilty pleas also. Plus New York should b building a gigantic water tight case awaiting impeachment or electoral loss so they can indict the orange POS. But he won’t leave if voted out, he will declare martial law and either flee the country4 North Korea or Antarctica, or maybe the head of the Secret Service will enter the Oval Office without knocking. “Your under arrest sir.”

     President Pelosi will order the Sergeant @ Arms2 drive a wooden stake through the heart of Mike Pence. She will carry a pistol with silver bullets.

     Actually it will b President Warren. I can hear the repos now, :The Warren Report proves that ten year old Elizabeth shot John F. Kennedy in Dallas.”

     A new bill forgives student debt. Great idea now that my student loan is paid off. Now graduates can smoke better weed.

     Thunder all around. No rain so far.

     The rivers are dingy. If I could just get South Fork while its up but clear like years past. Strange times. Both SouthFork and Strawberry are dingy way 2much the last couple years. They have their clarity @ times, And Spring clears up quick, it’s never chrystal clear like some rivers, but fresh and greenish or bluish, but the others not fed with huge springs or dams or bordered by national forest are yellowish quite a bit now.

     A lot of the problem is unregulated, non best management construction and      logging. Cattle Ranches and hay fields play a large role in degradation, they not only cover the gravel filters of the rivers with sediment in which unnatural hay  and weeds grow, they also flood the water with e coli and other nasty elements. In conjunction with Pork and Poultry, big beefs practice and politics play hell with water. It’s a foundation of repo politics. Pollute. Period. Exersize ur Jesus given right2 pollute.

     We are high and mighty in large SUV chariots. WE sneer @ older models with fewer drink holders. We are better than other cultures, We are prosperous through force, other religions drive smaller vehicles. Our metal boxes allow us2 sit like kings and queens, insulated from the fray, air conditioned metal boxes keep others @ a distance, we are above all high and mighty, above all we are exceptional and superior. If the credit card runs out we become hippies, either is fine if ur hot.

     T Rump: “she’s not my type. Take a look @ her Facebook. U think I’d rape that? I only grab the finest married pussy while I’m married without asking. In Jesus name I pray that evil Mooslims don’t make me nuke them. The dums better back off or 2strikes ur out Iran. What’s fallout?”

RAin now. Vicious lightning. Heavy thunder percussions. Lightning ripping the sky. Patches of sun. brief rain squall...

June 25, 2019

And we roll. Quiet night. Last night was EROSION in house. WE cut it short, I needed2 prepare4 a hard week.

    Early we were @ a fine home on Nine Mile Ridge. A large white oak was partially rotten, one side declining… It looks gr8 now!

    2moro is a leaning hickory, a bushy privet, a low hanging hickory, etc… and the calendar stretches n2 July now. Time off4 the fourth, which falls on a Thursday this year so that makes4 a long weekend.

I figure I float quite a bit. I have a little interest from some potential float partners yada yada. As long as they don’t try2 run the show lol.

Quiet night. Falls roar. Train rolling though. June 24, 2019

Last night was TRAIN. Sweet concert in Mississippi. GOOGOO DOLLS…ALLEN STONE…

      Calling all Angels. This caps a huge run, Friday was a huge run down Warm Fork in Missouri. eatching fish every cast. I collected a fat stringer of  blue gill and goggle eye they are frozen ready4 the next time.

      I camped in Mammoth Spring. A hurricane hit that evening, serious wind and rain. As I was putting the tent up I’m sure the restaurant across the river was amused as it was more like flying a kite4 a little while.  But I got it up just in time, sitting inside enjoying shelter. Said restaurant was a good visit both that evening and early morning.

      Quickly that morning I had a limit of trout, settling n2 a slow float2 dam3, there joining a throng of partiers and rocking out2 floating DJmusic all day.

      Way up Warm Fork I started. Buzzards warmed up in sun and stretched. Dozens disturbed or not by my canoe snaking down the quick stream. This river is rarely floatable and being up is was quite the adventure. I had2 abandon ship many times2 avoid hazards, skill and quickness needed… A fat bald eagle hunted, king fishers and herons entertained, otters, beavers, minks and deers, giant softshell turtles… Orange honeysuckle blossoms decorated and entertained, spinning indly in current or stuck in side skims.

      So I can add another fork2 the list. Along with South Fork, North Fork, Jack’s Fork I can add Warm Fork, and I hope2 get Devils’ Fork and Archies Fork then Reggie Fork and Primo fork. Those last2 are fictional. Betty and veronica fork are real though.

      The trains stop along Warm Fork in Thayer, hobo code on bridge pillars. Hobo code is different from modern graffiti. Certain Kansas City artists do the beautiful graffiti on box cars. It’s purpose is2 decorate or indicate gang preference, hobo code is2 facilitate safe transitions4 hobos. I bet many have plunged joyfully n2 Warm Fork over the decades. Knock that prairie dust and railroad grime off.  Break n2 a shack.

      So it’s back @ it 2moro. I have a full slate, plus new storm damage…

      T Rump concocts a lie about Iran. Repos on board.

      Pence is weird looking. He is like this albino vampire corpse, a lifeless robot of evil. Hatred and discrimination fuel his un holy demeanor, he eats muslim fetuses in midnight mass. The man who would b king is a vapid, shallow silent ring wraith, souless coward, whore4 huge pollution and war as usual.

      T Rump sux2. Don’t have time2 run a partial catalogue of recent lies and the sinister moves of his lobbyist cabinet. Suffice it2 say the evil bastards are sticking it2 us4 Putin.

      Oregon militia and repos lawmakers threatening violence if a climate change or green new deal package is passed. Big Petro has fish hooks through their nipples, Satan in assless chaps whips them in a dungeon2 remind them that pink slime is  and hemp is an evil spawn of liberal tree hugging patchouli lovers. Hemp could end big petroleum, but it’s doubtful that it happens in time2 save Iran.



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