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June 11, 2019

And we roll.  Crazy run 2day winding down. Early I was in a bushy white oak all over wires and a fine home in Hardy. That1 went well, then it was up some really tall and a little gangly hickories. Reducing way above the roof, nearer the roof, and away from service wires. Rough and tough. Steep drag4 the cleanup as it was a lake front home.

      Moron tap the rest of the week and beyond.

      Plus I have a cool weekend planned. I want2 do the Warm Fork. Sure, Iíve canoed the lower end of the Missouri stream, but I want2 get immersed in it. Get2 know the upper reaches a few miles north of Thayer. It crosses the state line right my Mammoth Spring itself, then meanders around the park2 join the colder, usually clearer water of Spring River @ the south end of the State Park very near the highway and train bridges. Start a three day trip in Missouri Friday, then finish south of Hardy Sunday.

      Plus I have a new camper so Saturday night is luxury camping.

So I have work and more work. I had a cool EROSION jam last night. VYPER is thirsty with metal vengeance and can not b defeated. VYPER  is my drummer. Loki is my new bass, plus Sir Paul, another bass.

      Now is the time4 all arborists2 get er did. The Golden State Warriors down 3-2. The Razorbacks are headed2 Omaha4 the college World Series. The Saint Lious Blues head2 game 7 of the National Hockey League championship. Plus the inner Mongolian bikini beer pong regionals.

      I get2 help watch a hyper active six year old 2nite. But I did get my miles in on the bike three days in a row now after taking a few days off. Rest. Rain. Business.

      Itís so cool lately I donít need my AC or fan even. Sweet chill June nights.

June 7, 2019

And we roll. Rain was falling but we went2 work anyway. A good client had a Bradford pear split up on a calm day. So I have a fat load of chips4 a lucky recipient. Forty  bucks lol.

    So itís choices. What2 leave in what2 leave out. BOB SEGER.

    TONY SPINNER is rocking Copper Feather 2nite so that will b on tap.

    EROSION  is also on tap in the shop. I think I will take TONY  a dvd of my stuff so maybe he can play guitar with us some time.

    I also want2 get GERRY MOSS 2 do a show with us when he is in town in a couple months. The Iron Man of Beale was EROSIONs first guitarist. GERRY and KALE dug my shtuff. A hurricane blew up on my first song in my first concert and destroyed the lights and drums. Half way through the first song we had2 abandon ship.

    I was also sposed2 do a float/fish 2day but itís raining. That doesnít stop professionals but itís a motivation killer. I will rip off a ride this afternoon if the rain stops.

    I have a full slate of work next week.

    So itís TONY SPINNER 2nite, THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY 2moro night.   

June 6, 2019

Rain out. Wow was this needed. We been put through the wringer lately. Yesterday was a large post oak over a fine garage in Cherokee Village. I think that was all. Not sure.

      I got a bike blast in then a river adventure. I had 4gotten about the intense rain storm that hit just west of here two days ago. Southfork jumped up a couple feet @ one oclock in the afternoon. We headed up stream and quickly abandoned that idea, but swung around and headed up n2 Otter Creek. There we slew  eating size bass and blue gill. A buddy had quite a stringer of catfish. Nice shady strange excursion.

      2day I need rest. I may get out on the bike if things clear up. Plenty of work on the calendar, things are brisk. Life is fineÖ

      Im pinballing options. Canoe the Philippines4 a year. The Cossattot here in Arkansas is virgin territory. Itís in the Ouchitas south of Arkansas River as opposed2 the Ozarks north of Arkansas River. I have done the Little Maumelle which is south. I used2 run over 2 the Ouachita foot hills every Friday from the Ozarks2 buy beer in college.

      I have swam and touched water throughout the Ouachitas, traveling through it is my habit. But only canoed that one time on little Maumelle.

      The Cossatot is a very popular float stream, seems it has some challenge2 it. I need2 take a look. Take the float. Get the vibe.

W8 I did do the Red, it may be technically in the Ouchitas.

      Which brings up another, more startling point. The Little Red. This is a nearby gem that I ignore2 my  detriment. I need2 look n2 this more but seems there n not only three or four fantastic float streams on the Upper Little Red, more easily understood as the feeder streams2 Greers Ferry Lake near Heber Springs Arkansas.

      Seems like itís Archie Fork, Betty Fork, no, Reggy Fork. Just kidding Archie Fork, and like north fork southfork whatever. One run has a class 5 rapid I have examined closely but never had a chance2 try.

      B4 I pause2 google this 4u, I wanted2 note that the tail waters below the dam are full of fish I hear, and a tour of a game preserve south Bald Knob looks like it would b a good float.

      The internet doesnít seem2 want us2 know there are floatable streams upstream of the lake. Probably all private but u canít stop people from putting in @ low water bridges or camping on islands. Sure people say they own the river yada yada, landowners toss all kinds of authoritative false precedents and rulings and double deed language but bottom line the river is public 2 the normal high water line. A wise floater chooses not2 tempt the issue, being discreet and leaving no sign.

    There is Archies fork, Devils Fork, Middle Fork etc. All probably nice floats on the upper Little Red. I would also like2 check out Choctaw Creek. All this is very near2 the headwaters of Cadron Creek, which I think is a great float. Time for a vacation2 Heber area. Shirley.

      Hard rain most of the day. Deep rest. Wellness.

      T Rump bumbles through UK decreasing our respect abroad. Petrochemical conglomerates struggling with plastic. Many countries and provinces are banning use of plastic. But hemp based plastic, ecologically sound and biodegradable, will continue2 b demonized as Devil Weed while the same families that criminalized it in the thirties continue2 profit.

      There will be assassination. There will b misinformation. With the dismantling of Environmental laws Petrochemical conglomerates can dump metallic sludge in Low land Black Projects. They will have  changed their name and moved the bank accounts by the time the increased cancer rate is proven.

      Remember, hemp still needs no pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, or fertilizer2 grow. Hemp needs no watering.

      Hemp paper needs no glue2 bind it or bleach2 brighten it as wood pulp paper does.

      Hemp plastic has none of the air and water polluting chemicals of petro plastic. Did we just destroy Exxon and DuPont? Uh oh, new war on casual drug user coming up. Continued war on small farmers@ the behest of banks. Yes banks r in the room of this unholy midnight coven of false profit and injustice. Democracy4 sale.

      Pharmaceuticals were in the room. They knew2 allow this miracle drug2 remain free would stifle the chemical pharmaceutical industry.

      Big Tobacco was there. They knew if cannabis became more common, cigarette smoking would be less pervasive and addictive.

      The AMA sent a doctor2 testify, and he did state that the plant, contrary2 sensationalist news reports, had many benefits and little negatives, was a useful harmless substance. That testimony, delivered late @ night was swept under the rug. Some of our first yellow journalism, actually not near the first, but very pervasive nation wide as Timber barons, who would lose millions if Hemp took itís sensible place as the maker of our paper, and Randolph Hearst, Fox News of the day, his network of newspapers demonized marijuana daily. His Buddy DuPont was a major player, almost everything His corporation made could b replaced cheaply and economically with hemp grown by small farmers.

      Plus the fertilizer, which DuPont with his roots deep in the war machine knew much about. The Bleach, fungicide, insecticide, herbicide. Cotton clothes and wood pulp paper needed these things. So Americans, each and every american, must wear and read these non hemp products. Pollution could b hidden among the poor.

      My point is now that hemp is legal again, we will have new variation of all those scenarios. Itís only been seventy or so years. Itís almost the same people. And it will happen again, because we are special us Americans, just as ignoring Russian meddling. Making a Scooby doo joke. Itís like Cow Farts2 sum up pollution and thatís it. Just a joke.

      How many times has Sarah Huckster said ďthe president was joking,Ē or ďthe president was obviously joking.Ē? Was he joking about John McCain? And the making fun of the Handicapped reporter? Was That joking? I thought he was really mad about the horrible state of America that he inherited and instantly turned around?        

      Fox News blonde of the month Tomi Lahren is one angry white bitch. ďI will cut a motha****er! Iím tired of rich white beautiful blondes not allowed2 party like rock stars. I can rap yo : I will walk through Compton with my AK and hand the blunt2 my homey. If u think Iím spoiled white rich repo bitch u donít even know me. Iím a blonde bitch on Fox, u can switch2 soaps itís ur damn box.

      Now we can bomb the japs, or scale back emissions, maybe T Rumps dementia is in remission, We can jail the stoners in the Midwest, we can build the wall higher than the pole vault record, I can spin the news4 the rubes with help of my crawler, Yo this aint trolling bitch this is trauling, Gas lighting the tired ass people, showing them what2 buy2 b sheeple, Gotta go Putin is horny.Ē

June 4, 2019

And we roll. Brutal day in trees.

     Early we were @ a fine Cherokee Village home reducing a huge oak over a house, relieving it of a leaning curving side trunk all over the house. ON2 an elm, smaller but just as tricky. Nice Rebel Tree Care morning.

     Then it was a storm damaged old post oak in Ash Flat. The gnarly beast was recently ripped asunder by a freak storm, I very gingerly went up and topped it out, needing perfect placement of the pieces2 avoid wires and the house. As they flopped flatly covering the entire parking area I was glad. No way was I going2 rig and rope them, the split tree could have held myriad hidden hazards, in fact black wasps buzzed me a few times. Soon the beast was layed down and cut up.

     Then it was still yet another job, this a quick e. A dead branch on a red oak and a quick trim of a post oak in Cherokee Village.

     Errands kept me running til late in the day, filling up the calendar and public relations. Now thunder and rain approach.

     Remember when repos were going2 impeach Hillary? 4 unsubstantiated crimes? Vague, unproven nonexistent crimes? Me2, and now, with proven high crimes and misdeanors by this president, proven obstruction, proven treason. Itís pretty much, meh. Crickets. The rows of repo vampires stand in glowing hypocrisy.


     Even one of the worlds top prime evil vampires, Mitt the Bitch wrongknee jerk is mum on impeachment, this after having probably run on restoring character and values yada fucking yada.

     T Rump says reports of protests against him are fake news. Even with film footage of hundreds of thousands of marchers in London, he claims its all made up. Or that they are in support of him. As he called it fake news u could literally hear them outside.

     Manafort in solitary @ Rikers.

     Feds seize Prick Snydassís phone. The ex governor of Michigan should be locked up, as should any elected official who helps destroy clean water. Whoops that would mean the entire repo party. Oh well.

     Linda Collins Smith shot2 death. She is the local congresswoman, who got elected as a dum, then switched2 repo, then lost the repo primary. Foul play is suspected.

     Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers @ epic levels. It is cresting, now Louisiana is diverting and preparingÖ

     Good thing T Rump put J Kush in charge of Middle East peace. Now Israel is blowing up everybody. Since they have control of half the American Senate they figure they are bullet proof.

     Blaming Iran and funneling arms 2 the Saudis, just as Putin wants. We have Iran surrounded. If they so much as blink or complain, one blown head gasket on a freighter or malfunctioning helicopter and Iran goes bye bye. The PTSD that our soldiers in the region suffer from fallout and initial radiation will b ignored by future repos as they suddenly focus on balancing the budget which means poor people, including and especially poor veterans, die.

June 3, 2019

And we roll. Brutal day in trees. It was a painful Monday but thatís how we roll. Early I was up a Cherokee Village post oak over a fine home near Southfork River and the North Golf Course. I reduced it, taking a codominant stem, half the tree actually, the house is cleared4 decades now and the tree looks great. Up another one, spikeless as always, reducing the tree, removing major heavy branches over the roof. Another, again major weight taken off above the roof. Finally another, this one over the gas tank and the neighbors house, a couple above, a few below, etc. Proper Pruning. Rare.

     And. Then. It was a huge dangling branch over a fine home on Spring River. A very large sycamore, the branch seemed eager2 fall so gingerly We rigged and roped so I could climb the tree safely. Very carefully we secured it and then lowered it slowly down n2 the river, cutting it up precariously on rip rap river bank.   

     Finally it was landscaping @ a fine home down the road. Spring River welcomed as I plunged2 knock the sawdust and my worries afloat. Life is good.

     I donít know when I last checked in but Friday was a rough and tough day in Thayer and Salem. Sunday morning I worked cutting a dock loose from storm damage. Saturday was a relaxing float on Upper Spring with family and friends, and Sunday was another float on Lower Spring with an attractive young lady. Iím catching the occasional fish and getting a savage tan.

     Iím booked4 a couple weeks of pruning so Iím living right and sleeping well.

May 31, 2019

And we roll. Long day exhausting, but VYPER wants2 do a Facebook Live rehearsal so Im only getting a few minutes rest.

     Early we were in Thayer Missouri.

Quickly up a near dead red oak, slicing and dicing, topping lopping, flopping. Another red oak was healthy but a curving side trunk shaded a plum with tasty fruits. Another red oak was near dead near the house and septicÖ Miscellaneous pruning2 clear a pear. Rough and tough morning in Missouri.

     Then it was a haul over2 Salem Arkansas. Myatt Creek and Southfork River so inviting. Not2 mention we crossed Spring River a half dozen times 2day.

     This was a brutal job clearing around a storage building, trimming and removing many cedar, pear, mulberry, redbud, mimosa, elmÖ All is well now as I chillÖ

     So now itsí hit Spring River 2moro and possibly Sunday also. Next week is booked up with scheduled pruning jobs. That always snow balls. And the rivers will settle down ready2 float. I got my ducks in a row. All I need is a woman. And. Since American Women are so stuck up Im thinking seriously about finding an Indonesian woman2 take4 a wife. Not a joke lol.

     Crisp jam. We decided not2 go face book live. VYPER was tired from weedeating.

     Iím trying2 perfect the perfect recreation canoeing set up. Yeti Cooler in front. One water proof bag with rain gear, triscuits, towel and some other stuff. This bag is in an air tight 5 gallon bucket. It goes in the very front of the boat. 4 a back rest Im going2 try a light weight air mattress wedged n2 the back of the canoe. Simple fishing and boating gear in a mesh bag: sponges, tiny tackle box, stringer and hemos, off!, suntan oilÖ Stuff u can get wet. Thatís it. Mesh bag with immediate things, air tight bucket with rain gear and towel, lunch and first aid, I always carry first aid. In the Yeti cooler u have one or two gallons of frozen drinking water in jugs, then a bag of beer and Gatorade. Life Jackets and paddles. Some times I have a lawn recliner4 a woman but until I actually have a date I may not bother.

      This set up is very different than multi day canoe camping trips. The checklists are evolving. I will try2 keep updating it on River Adventures.

     Panadox. We played giant screen video on our facebook live but the trouble was, we hurried n2 it4 some reason and not only were we showing a Mad Max Movie which is illegal, but the FBI warning and everything was there but I managed2 move in front of the projector and disrupt the credits and ratings. Next time itís a waterfall that I filmed. They canít get us4 that.

     So Rebel Tree Care. Busy this off season, now entering a busy pruning season. Busting ass and getting paid.

     Rebel River Adventures. Weaving among carnage on Upper Spring River rocking. I caught a nice bass. Plan2 catch more 2moro. My daily bike rides count as River Adventures as I tour creeks and use renewable clean transportation.

     Word. I have been working on Ruby Yacht, setting up sequences and chapters trying2 get  a coherent story line and  cohesive chapters yada yada. Iím liking what Im reading.

     I also keep tweaking Water Spider as I get new inspiration. Google and Wikipedia help a lot. Having a smart phone is really nice, when I have a whim wherever, a notion, I can look n2 it. Lately itís Louisville Kentucky. The area was the only water falls sequence on the Ohio River in the day. What this meant4 Cherokee and Powhatan moving west is food for thought. In highest water they likely skirted the area on bays, but if forced2 make the trek with lower water the coalition with Shawnees, wars and truces with Chickasaw crucial. False flags and false attacks of evildoers in costume or mask. Liquor.

     EROSION is tight. VYPER is all over the music now, inspired and reaching. Iím trying different basses now, different sounds and arrangements of my set. We added cow bell of course, every band and every song needs more cow bell, KILE, I mean VYPER, toys with a single conga now. I told him2 keep it in an inaccessable corner lest drunken reveler start hitting it during our set.

     Lastly Panadox is in house usually. I play as mentioned b4, Mad Max Fury Road, without a doubt the greatest visual action flick ever made. Or waterfalls. Giant white water falls. Plus I have MIKE I and MIKE II, Iíve used them many times over the years, Itís car bombs and jello, water falls, old cartoons, Benny Hill, and home video.  We call it the car bomb tape, U c Robert Deniro blam explosion. U C Bruce Willis blam explosion, yellow fire ball, Or Jack Black getting his arm shot off. U C james bond or Rambo, double blammo orange ass fireballs. White explosions. This goes on4 about an hour on each tape, with the remaining clips the aforementioned variety. I love it.

     4 the performers on stage I have changed2 waterfalls as it is more steady less chaotic and distracting. Kaleidoscope/Waterfalls is cool2.

     So that about does it. All five facets of are covered lately. Stay tuned4 the blow by blow.

May 29, 2019

Rain. Thunder. Intense lightning this afternoon. Searing, tearing lightning, bracketing thunder like a trolley  car out of control.

      Epic flooding on the Arkansas and Others. Crazy times my friends crazy times indeed.

      Mueller pretty much tells congress: do ur job. Impeach the ***********r.

      So I been battening hatches. Wicked thunder. Fairly hard rain. Trees tossing. Thunder rolling, pushing, ripping, light storm, vibration and odd timbered cascading clicks of slow ripping static and booms. Kind of glad Iím not on a river right now, but @ least when it hits late in the day like this u have a chance2 make camp first. Making camp in a vicious thunderstorm is a bitch.

      If u can get a fire going hot b4 the rain often u can keep it going through a drenching storm. If itís red hot it burns a lot of rain. Ov course an old piece of tin come in way handy. Sure saved me on Eleven Point I believe just over a year ago. Check the archives.

      Warriors Raptors set. Should b a good series.

      But this flooding is epic. They say itís now the worst since 1927. The mississipi was eighty miles wide in Arkansas then. Itís not quite as high as then, still ten or fifteen feet or so off the level, Iím winging this with no real research, But I think fifty feet is well over riverside drive in Memphis. In 27 it got fifty six feet, that would b over the railroad track a little ways up the hill on Beale from Riverside. How West Memphis and every flat land town could not be underwater is amazing. The levee system I guess.

      Still rolling thunder, constant, sifting and drifting, jetting, fuzzy, like a poltiergeist, damaging bolts finding targets with a  thud sudden stoppage. Delays increase, or decrease as thunderheads move away or over head. Steady rain.

      I did work 2day, getting a flood jam free @ a fine home on Spring River. Plus a hard fast bike ride as clouds built.

      2moro is another day, another decisionÖ Life isÖ andÖ ThenÖ UÖ.

May 28, 2019

And we roll. Yada yada. Early this morning we rolled up on  a fabulous Spring River home. Two sycamores are declining needed some major dead out. Plus we got n2 some elm and oak, wire clearance. I usually get more than just the wire clearance, always on the lookout4 crossing and interfering branchesÖ ez dead, etcÖ.Collar cutsÖ. Nice Rebel Tree Care morning.

      And we werenítí through yet. Another super nice location,  a fine home right on the water @ a spectacular water fall. A declining box elder, two of them in fact, and some other random pruning and clearing.  It was hot and we were tired, but sitting on the deck above the water gave us incentive2 finish strong.

      So now maybe, just maybe a few more days off b4 June pruning begins.

      Major floods on the Missouri, Mississippi, and Arkansas Rivers. Plus Current and maybe Eleven Point still raging. That means plenty of firewood lol when it is time2 float those rivers.

      So get er did yo. T Rump will trample and pose, he will bring regal bearing2 the gutter. Every day he adds2 his lie count. Approaching eleven thousand I bet. I wonder if the right would have freaked if Obama had told one of the eleven thousand lies T Rump has told since taking office?

      Remember how Obama and Hillary stone walled and  obstructed partisan witch hunts? Me neither. They cooperated fully and got things done while the partisan witch hunts raged. They were the adults in the room. T Rump? Meh. Not so much.

      As he accuses anyone trying2 do their constitutional  oversight duty of being treasonous his treason spins out of control. And if he is convicted of treason both he and Pence go away. Hello President Pelosi.

      So itís chill a minute then ride. Hit the pavement, pound it. Smoothly.

      I had a sweet young pretty helper this morning and she gave it everything.  I like bossing women around. As long as I pay them lol.

    I was a first responder several times again last weekend. One girl turned her ankle, but she was redneck just looking2 cadge a ride back2 Mammoth4 her drunk redneck ass and two drunk rednecks guys. She's like don't call an ambulance just run us back2 the damn yada yada.

    The other girl  had a bad cut on the tip of ther finger from a beer can. I cleaned her up and sterilized her, wrapped it up and taped it4 her. Dont' know if she was in a raft or what and what happened with her after that. The rednecks managed2 get a ride in a maroon SUV although it was going the wrong way.

    Road blocks were a factor. Out on the dirt road many people were getting busted4 Alcohol or weed. Scary scene some times when all that dust makes a tunnel ending in blue lights and u r hammered. Salem ARkansas.

    I did get hugged by a naked guy @ party after I wailed some WHITESNAKE. I didn't know it was a naked guy hugging me, I was talking2 some people and didn't realize it was a naked guy hugging me.. Spring River @ night.

    Not everyone loves the DJs. Some disapprove and will always disapprove. But it's better now. Rafts and concentrated parties with DJs help people get the full experience. It's cathartic. There is less fighting and litter than a decade ago. There are some good things about rafts as opposed2 canoes. Less people are stranded, hurt, etc. It doesn't exactly foster nature appreciation but it does give an amusement park feel that keeps chaos a little safer. Hubris will always b there, but hopefully harmless.

May 21, 2019

And we roll. Crazy run this early week. Donít know when I last checked in but yesterday was a dead red oak by a fine home in Liberty Hill. Also an ugly hickory leaning 2ward the house. The cleanup got a little hot but soon we were out of there. We left a nice yard cleaned up and left the wood all cut up4 the next guy.

      This morning was the main event. A huge sprawling dead elm was all over two buildings in Evening Shade. Yes itís a real town. Burt Reynolds came by and checked on us. Also @ stake was an antique bridge. This job was dicey, everything about it. But itís Saul Goode now.

      Moron tap the rest of the week as Memorial Day weekend approaches. But the worrisome stuff is over. The rest is regular trimming and removals @ 2 Cherokee Village homes on Southfork River.

      And. Then. U. Know. What.

      T Rump complains that Fox is being fair, which is unfair2 him.

      Christianity under attack by slaves and gays wanting equal rights.

      Anonymous sources are fine4 T Rump2 use. But not dums or reporters.

      Quickly racing2 eleven thousand lies, T Rump railed against Joe Biden.

      Amidst unprecedented stonewalling and secrecy, T Rump bemoans a lack of transparency.

      After seeming2 endorse universal health care in his campaign, when asked about it yesterday he blurted. ďhell no.Ē

      Doosh Bank flagged T Rump and J Kush as suspicious. About the same time as red flags went up about his lies and connections2 Russia, the mob like money laundering and myriad $ trail. Hey itís not ez losing a billion $ of ur daddyís $. Itís complicated.

      Yesterday  T Rump branded the investigators ďtreasonous.Ē He used the words treason and treasonous describing the FBI in an early morning tweet storm. Tis the treason.

      T Rump apparently still believes that China is paying4 the tariffs. Not the American consumers.

      One lone repo admits after reading the Mueller report that T Rump has committed impeachable offenses. Duh.

      In his big speech about energy policy, T Rump revealed he knows nothing about energy policy.

      Behind all the strutting and posing about Iran, T Rump reveals he know nothing about Iran, the Iran Treaty, or energy policy.

      Storms blowing in soon. Imma try2 get a ride in b4 it hits. Pace.

May 18, 2019

And we roll. And Toll. Deep rest. Yesterday was a fantastic upstream challenge on STrawverry. Not as pure enjoyable as floating downstream, but somehow u earn it more. Plus there is no gasoline shuttle..

      Kingfishers in fine form entertained. Beautiful pristine sand bars I played Frisbee and got a sudden first deep dose of wild river. Nice.

      She welcomed me, bending and shining, soft shoulders and quickening, gangly bluff trees waving @ me from mottled greens of deep forested cliffs. Viny bank side sycamores stood @ attention, declining maples salutingÖ

      I read tracks on sand bars: coyote, beaver and otter, birds of all sortÖ Interesting rocks and shells. After all the floods weíve had everything is a clean slate, not much invasive grasses from cow farms covering everything up yet. Virgin sand that I defile with my big ugly  footprints and fire rings. No other sign. I never litter.

      Imma try2 get bike ride in now, look @ trees.

So I did a hot sunny sixteen miles. Thatís about average.

      Hot work of removals etc coming up.

    Birds are singing. Pretty morning.

May 15, 2019

Quiet night. Maybe a ride up2 Red Mule in store lol. Hard ride2 Hardy in the sun 2day. Yesterday it was Cherokee Village and Ash Flat and beyond. Eagle crest in the mix.

    Diplomatic staff pulled from Iraq in run up2 War under False Pretenses. It worked so well4 Bush. Repos donít need valid pretenses. They vote2 imprison mothers4 legal abortion. Even Pat Robertson says thatís a bad idea. And he is always right. Wing.

    We must criminalize gays in cartoons. We must assure that country of origin labels are not allowed on dripping packages of pink slime. We must leverage the scales in favor of corporate slavers. Slave owners are under attack by slaves. We must assure T Rump junior is above. The. Law. And that J Kush is qualified2  craft in two weeks an immigration plan that is the best immigration plan. Like our health care plan we have promised4 ten years now, scribbled in the margins oh yeh no preexisting BS.

    We cannot afford. 2 maintain a frequently asked questions link on the Affordable Care Web site. Plus the Russians and repos damaged it so bad sabotaging the roll out itsí irreparable. I mean we really riddled it with malicious spy ware and disabling virus lol. We watched on Fox laughing our asses off.

    T Rump kicks one million off health care last year.

    One hundred twenty thousand troops now designated4 the Middle East. It seems a crappy tanker broke down and we claim Iran did it. Yemen tried2 take the credit but Russia wants Iran2 b blamed.

    T Rumps lawyers and their lawyers and their lawyers lawyers attorneys now say that prosecuting Water Gate was illegal. They say that congress conducting over sight is illegal. They say if Dums and American people are allowed answers, millions of new born babies will b murdered.

    Asked about the ruinous effect on his constituency of T Rumpís Trade Agenda, Arkansas senator Tom ďhigh treasonĒ Cotton said suck it up. Dead veterans sacrificed more than farmers. Plus all the murdered new borns.

    Lindsey Graham2 junior. ďheres a subpoena. Donít comply.Ē

    Barr orders an investigation of the investigation. They will soon have2 cover up and redact that when they find even more compromising info and espionage by T Rump. In the investigation of the investigation of the investigation of the investigation they will find the FBI had effn good reason2 look @ T Rump as a foreign agent. Agent Orange is a Russian tool. Itís not up4 debate.

    T Rump unveils plan2 4 a gigantic coal powered ice factory in the Arctic. He says ďvery quickly,Ē this factory will restore lost arctic ice.

    Congress: brief us on the coming war. T Rump: what. These traitors who ask my son questions? These anti American activists who threaten my staff with jail, who say my attorney general is a puppet? Hes no puppet. Just ask Putin. Vlad will tell u all about it over a dozen cognacs and spanking a stripper till she pisses. Love me some Russian pussy. Especially hookers, itís all business. Especially the end. In our Lord heavenly father we pray.

    Feet on the ground 2moro. Reclaiming a fine Cherokee Village home space. And. Then. Hit. A. River. Friday 4 sure. Iím about2 lose it and nothing soothes, nothing brings inner sha, like setting afloat. I it is what I must do.

May 14 2019

So I figured I better check in.

I been workn a little. Pruning ash over the wire and hickory and oak all over a Cherokee Village house. Spikeless climbing. Rare. I saw where I lost on job on another lake 2 a spike climber. Pathetic. Itís either conform2 ANSI standard or u suck. Some people will never learn. They will go down in flames screaming like T Rump with five figure hookers.

      War with Iran imminent. It intimidated the senate just enough2 agree2 all kinds of jumping through hoops4 Juniors testimony yada freaking yade. Fox/Russia have been cheerleading this war with senseless lies. T Rumps rationale will b that Iran is now breaking the Iran treaty. That. T. Rump. Pulled out of. Agent Orange should pull out more often.

      So they begin the third investigation of the investigation. They will show that Hillary did indeed give the stand down order.

      No actually, it will show even more clearly just how conflicted T Rump is, with the sheer multitude of lies. Lies2 congress. Lles2 the FBI. Serial and manifest lies. Lies all around. Lies 4 everyone. Pure and clean lies4 everybody. OF Course they investigated him, he and his people showed and show all the hall marks of being treasonous spies. KGB M***********S.

      No  lies 4 all would b socialism. Good thing the right is destroying farmers by initiating a senseless trade war, because the right gets2 give them $ now. All better. And here Yemen have some baloney sandwiches.

      I think people just hate Islam. They think all Mooslims is terrorists. They think a piece of shit traitor who claims2 b Christian is better than the most ethical devout Muslim. They think quasi Christians, drive through salvation, are way better than any ethical, contented and happy Hindu.

      They take violent quotations from the Quran2 prove Muslims are inherently violent, but not violent quotations from the Holy Bible that would imply that Christians are inherently violent.

      They complain about some Muslims beheading some Christians, but not not about a Christian Nation beheading hundreds of thousands of innocent peaceful Muslims. Maybe millions. A large percentage of those are beheaded. By the bombs.

      They use the Bible2 shun gays. But not2 shun those who separate threads on Sunday or sell daughters4 sacks of grain.

      We have Iran surrounded. They can barely get merchant ships and innocent passage between our bristling bases and ships.

      Yesterday we supposedly send a fleet of carriers 2ward Iran because some crappy freighter broke down. T Rump and Bolton are talking about well over one hundred thousand soldiers 2 the region. Many of those will die if congress gets T Rumps taxes.

      But not only are repos ignoring the election meddling, the meddling is still going. Florida 2day admits the Russians hacked the voting machines. This happened a lot. Iím going2 say that again. The Russians hacked the voting machines. And not only is T Rump calling the investigation an evil hoax, repos down the line are ignoring the intel and not even trying2 stop the interference.

      Israel meddled big time. Tom ďhigh treasonĒ cotton and other Repos brought him n2 congress and bad mouthed our president. T Rump addressed congress with a gigantic lie about the border, when in reality FBI agents4 years were warning that white supremacists and other domestic terrorists are obviously a much larger threat.

      Fox fake facts. Fox/Russia are running the show until repos are voted out. T Rump is burning the repo party down and out. History will judge the blind. That is reason 2 celebrate. But the scarier thing is he is destroying Christianity itself. How can churches b taken seriously after supporting him? Agent Orange is wrong. Seriously damaged, heís like Gollum with the ring. He spent a billion $2 tread water like he was a big shot4 forty years. A Billion $ given2 him by his dad.

    Now Franky "N Stein" Graham is being blackmailed, he feeds @ the T Rump succubus and vice versa.

      Looks like the rain is easing up, more and more sunshine in the forecast. I only have a few jobs b4 the June pruning season kicks in after u guessed it Memorial Day weekend.

      I will b on river soon, this much we know.

      EROSION in house 2moro night.

May 8, 2019

Rain. Heavy and consistent. Probable flooding.

      My favorite baseball players. Brooks Robinson is my all time fave since I was a little kid n2 present day. As a child I followed his exploits three straight world series. Only in laer years did I learn he was from Arkansas. But I have some distant seconds that deserve honorable mention: Tug McGraw was cool. He had comedic television presence and worked the crowd. It helped that he was one of the greatest relief pitchers of all time. He tossed us a ball once, a buddy caught it and still has it.

      Ozzy smith and Darryl strawberry were faves, but one guy really stole my heart with a play in Busch stadium. Cesar Cedeno a left fielder with the Astros I think hit the wall @ full speed and caught a sure triple4 an out. Knocked himself out, luckily he wore a helmet in the outfield, probably4 that reason.

      I have my favorites. Terry Jamieson, the catcher on my high school team was the total package. His weakness was his head, he struggled with insane talent in three sports.

      Jeff Gourley was an intense left handed pitcher who always won. He posted some wins and some big hits. Some of his wins were walk off home runs by Jeff.

      Roth also was a winning pitcher with incredible pitches. While Jeff was a knuckleballer and pickoff artist, Roth could drop the bottom off it, his curves were incredible. Both had sliders, both could hit and field well. All staters Iím sure.

      There are so many: Malcom Long and Roger Nicholson. Wayne Long, Scott Long, Jeff Long, Matt and Mike Long. J. E. Murphy, Nicky Murphy, Sandy Murphy, Sandy Hall.

      Steel spikes and rough play were gratuitous. As a shortstop I learned quickly how2 avoid steel spikes on double play balls. Throwing across the body is key there, watch a slo mo of a pro its always an across the body throw. Deep shit.

      And as it happens our high School coach taught us those fine points. I  mean we were a salty bunch of players. A Dynasty in little league, Coach Katrosh took it2 another level and we won state.

      We had an incredible run of wins both before and after my years. And in my four years on the team we only lost a couple a year.

      People were in awe of Highland. We could whip it around the horn like u never seen. Plus I think it was the Ozark ground, u never didnít get a bad hop but u still made the play.

      Flat land fields were sweet. Hoppers slowed down in cool delta sand and an infielder might knock one down if persistent.

      U got mosquitos2. Most of Highlands conference was in the flat lands of North east Arkansas. Laser level fields and soft sandy loam, whereas in the Ozarks it was rarely either, crusty sand and scattered pebbles worried me as I staked out a territory. I usually managed2 make a cool play, I remember meeting the opposing team in hand shakes after many a game, and respect was given.

      Highland also had stadium lighting. A.L. Hutson insisted on that. And he was right. It gave Highland Baseball games an aura. Instead of three glaring spotlights on  a game there were banks of lights, softer but more coverage, like major parks instead of how most country bumkin towns did it with the glaring triple flood lights.

      A.L. was a class act.

      So the superintendent and principal both played college basketball, Razorback and Indian, or Aggie, or whatever they called Arkansas State back then. Several coaches of course played college. And I guess the teachers went2 college lol.

      My junior high basketball coach was one of the best shooters ever in this state. He led the Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference in scoring three years in a row, averaging near thirty points with no three point line when most of his points came from jump shots beyond the modern day three point line. Thatís basically averaging closer2 forty points  game 2day.

      He then went on2 organize and implement coaching methods2 teach others the methods that had made him the best.

      I took those methods and became a pretty good shot. @ any level, from any distance, I shot a high percentage. Before little Rock and after.

      Other coaches defenders, the drill and philosophies they imprint on u stick.


Early French buried lead plates as boundary markers in West Virginia. The very first Cherokee and Powhatan2 come here2 the Ozarks were likely guided by Frenchmen in the Western Virginia area. In other words the Saint Francis River was likely named that b4 Cherokee claimed it. Usually the saint francis ended just north of Poplar Bluff as it emptied n2 the great ocean or swamp much of the year. During drought rivers were nearer modern times, hundreds of curvy miles downstream2 Quapaw or Chickasaw country.

     Cherokee massacred miners in their Missouri territory, and eventually settled4 the lower part of Saint Francis River.  But2 own Saint Francis River was2 ďownĒ Crowleys Ridge, as that was the west bank much of the journey of Saint Francis. It still is in places, and easy2 c it.

     Pine Knot is tucked n2 folds in Northern Crow Leeís Ridge. It is a soft simple portage over2 the western side and the Cache river drainage. Here the eternal fire popped. Maybe u brought a Pine Knot2 contribute. Maybe if u showed a pine knot u were not killed.

     Maybe u carried caged pigeons. Gently placed them in a large Outer Banks Standard canoe. Shoved off bound across big water. Grandmother would sponge the boat bottom, she held cocked crossbow low.

     Bypassing Powhatans Village, up Strawberry River finding way through Cypress stands, willow points, and sycamore shoals. When hard rock is found a pigeon released would tell the tale back in Pine Knot.

     So from the Strawberry Arkansas area the bird would fly in a half hour2 the Paragould Arkansas area, just north of the Jonesboro Arkansas area. There would b no need2 affix or alter a scroll on the birds leg. With no disruptions or trouble, the first bird would need only signal no problems mainland achieved.

     Depending on exact errand and destination, other birds would b released say: upon gaining the wool farm in modern day Horseshoe Bend Arkansas and  cutting a deal4 a load of woven wool cloth in exchange4 bringing a cross cut saw2 the farm. The bird would b fitted with a tiny paper scroll, fine symbols and tallies2 inform council @ Pine Knot. In less than one hour, elders there knew of steel traps being exchanged4 skins or fur, and how many skins or furs heading back. Of course things could change, the scouts or traders dropping off some skins4 a gourd of honey etc. Not everything was pigeon worthy.

     So a scout may fall n2 a project that takes a day or two. Once the first couple of birds were used, he or she might release one every day after, or even every week and month. It was this process of writing the information on the scrolls on pigeons used here in Arkansas that planted seeds of a Cherokee alphabet. George Guess, I call him Geese, is known2 have spent a lot of time in Arkansas. I think there was a printing press in Franklin Arkansas pre eighteen twelve. Geese by  the way was better known as Sequoyah.

     But those Cherokee and Powhatan in Western Virginia preferred Frenchmen2 Englishmen. Where the English were staunch and stiff, land bound foppish bumblers pathetic in battle, Frenchmen were soft spoken and easy2 socialize with. They were fluid and wise, common men similar2 natives, in general they sought peace. This helped as Cherokee and Powhatan left English Territory2 traverse French territory. Frenchmen and oldest traditional Keetoowah Cherokee formed strong web across the middle waters, the fresh water ďoceanĒ with a tide and distinct shores. Frenchtown near Saddle Arkansas was the heart of the old Cherokee nation here.

     South was Strawberry River Valley and Irish Cherokee clans and families. Outside of this nucleus were Scottish Cherokee near Batesville Arkansas and English Cherokee near Mammoth Spring Arkansas, Black Cherokees North of Salem Arkansas, and Hebrew Cherokee south of Imboden Arkansas.



So I research Powhatan, as with Pocahontas and the word Cherokee, these are white pronunciations barely similar guttural native translations.   

     But4 simplicity I refer2 Descendants of Powhatan or Daughters of Pocahontas, which means remnants of the fading tribe decades after Chief Powhatans death. Some of these people accompanied the very first Cherokee excursions2 the Ozarks. Whites named the towns of Pocahontas and Powhatan4 a reason. There is a connection.

     But Powhatan, he was the father of Pocahontas, they had many a scuffle and kiss with the English as they began2 populate Virginia in very early 1600s. They didnít know this @ the time, but Powhatan would later get credit4 exterminating an earlier English settlement down @ Roanoke. About that time as Natives realized the power of the metal adze in wood working. Around the Outer Banks of Carolina, @ the Roanoke island, competition spurred precise engineering of canoes2 handle the atlantic ocean but still maneuver inland. They developed a standard size, balance and length that sort of swept the area. The English took note of much faster boats, Frenchmen helped Cherokee and Powhatans, the atlantic style was much faster than piroques. Faster than great lakes style

 boats. Much faster than utilitarian birch boats. EZ2 portage or slide.

     But this Powhatan was ruthless. He ruled with tight knit federation much of the 1600s. The English gave pittances of swamp land as reservations2 some tribes, the Pamunkey, the Appamatox, and others, but many Powhatan began2 shift west with first Cherokees,

Crossing gigantic Cape Girardeax with help of Frenchmen first as scouting parties in the 1680s, then as settlers in 1696, Cherokee traveled @ night.

     Powhatan ordered a grinding wheel from John Smith, I guess in trade4 his daughter, in 1616 or so. Maybe it was2 sharpen the adzes they had sacked from the Roanoke colony decades b4. If. Adzes need sharpening. Iím sure they do.

     U had2 have security2 make canoes. It took fire, which meant smoke. Consistent smoke4 many days in the same spot.

     Unless the boat was already afloat as they burned and dug it out with the metal adze. I saw one pic where thatís what they did, float the boat as it burns4 days. Smart.

     Waterfalls also needed secure area4 portaging and barter. So Powhatan controlled an area of old Virginia from the Atlantic2 the Ohio River, the Cherokee old territory brushed borders with them @ times. There were many wars, slavers and profiteers, Pilgrims and freedom seekers coming ashore each day.  Guns and kettles, plow and adze. Disease.


     So I guess its stall another day b4 getting on the river. Im thinking about posting a facebook request 4 others2 join.

     Imma try2 get a ride in b4 it rains. Storms on the way. Pace.

May 7, 2019

Quiet morning. Sunny. Gearing up4 an all day ride. Bike sojourn. Should b on the river but its prolly a little high, I think it was still over the bridges yesterday.

    We got several jobs done around the rain. Early it was removing a lush red oak4 sattelitte television. That just sounds wrong doesnít it?

    We beat the rain barely, my attractive young female helper quick and engaging.

    Then it was another attractive young female helper, a cat in a tree, and a nice trimming job, also mulching and planting. We cut back over grown privet, cherry, oak, juniper, mulberry crabapple.. complete cleanupÖ

    But the cat thing. Iím two for four so far. Here is the brief history of this cat: I go2 get him from a tree he had been in4 a few days @ a nice home south of Ash Flat a couple months back around the trip2 Little Rock if ur an archive freak, but I couldnít get the guy, he was up sixty feet on skinny branch so I gave up. A little while after I left he was down and fine.

    Then he was in a squatter tree near the house a few days later. I couldnít get him again. He was a crazy cat still, once again climbing out of reach.

    Ten days later he was tired. I was able2 slowly climb above him and tie in and gather him in gently and ease down. That was a good one.

    Now yesterday was a little of both. I got above the cat but he inched way out on small branch but it was stout enough2 support me i angled out there and made friends then lifted him. He was tense like a steel spring so I thought my better chance was dropping him n2 the waiting fireman style blanket held by the people below. I had some burlap I might have gotten it wrapped it and down the tree but this seemed like the best chance.

    One time a shorter, portly manĒs daughterís cat was up a very tall red oak way up above the back patio. I climbed up about seventy feet trying everything2 coax or catch this cat but it was getting way out eighty feet above a concrete patio and about2 fall so I told the short portly man 2 grab my poles and tarp and fashion a thing2 catch the cat with and sure enough the cat got airborne and the short portly man swung that tarp around just in time4 that cat2 hit it and break the fall. The cat was fine.

    So Iíve been promising2 hit southfork many days. But I donít have the nads, its big and bad, and something tells me its not going down immediately so Imma give it a few days2 get reasonable.

    I been trying out a new bass. Loki is sounding swell. Maybe I will rest Mr. Alvarez a while.

    Sir Paul is pretty. Plus I have Jackson but Iím getting2 know Loki. I still play Mr. Player and Rogue but they are acoustic and Iím on a power trip.

    Which reminds me itís take a bass canoeing month. I write songs on the river. Bonny Boohoo developed on the river. River Blues developed on the river. The rest is history.

    So it is likely Shawnees and Delawares came west2 the Ozarks @ a very early time. I would say likely they accompanied the very first Cherokee and Powhatan who took the Ohio River and connected swamps2 Ozark mainland in Missouri and Arkansas. @ a very early time, around seventeen hundred, Cherokee, Shawnee, and Delaware quietly claimed river valleys here in the eastern Ozarks. Powhatans were reduced2 remnants @ this time. They claimed areas and junctures4 towns in the Ozarks, modern day Pocahontas and Powhatan Arkansas, but they expected2 assimilate n2 the other tribes and did not need2 claim large territory for a potential migration. Powahatans may have never been a tangible tribe as Cherokee and the others, they were more a federation of dozens of smaller tribes, pamunkey, appamatox etcÖ They ruled the sixteen hundreds in Virginia, by the seventeen hundreds they were waning and apt2 head west. The same can be said4 Delaware @ the northern part of the Powhatan federation, Cherokee in the Southern part of the Powhatan federation, and Shawnee on the western border of the Powhatan federation. Shawnee controlled the vital Konawha River, It flowed from Carolina and Virginia westward strangely as no other river. Once the Ocean standard canoe was developed and moved up the roanoake river, The area around Blacksburg Virginia would portage this new perfect canoe over2 the Konawha River. Thus the standard canoe headed west 2 the Ohio River. And very quickly2 the Ozarks.

    Always @ night. As coalitions and secrets and coalition secrets moved west with strict social and military discipline. Some among the tribes were masons or royalty, fused in2 tribe by circumstance or cunning, love or luck, war and peace brought hostage and slave. Each tribe had blacks from darkest Africa, red headed irish, Scottish kilt or pipe, English clansmen etc. Motley Crew moved quiet and quick across massive lakes and swamps, n2 the sun. If the month was April coming n2 the Mississippi a paddler would head directly n2 the setting sun. Keeping course by moon or star light b4 daylight they would find high ground comingn2 the Saint Francis River. Cherokee claimed the long north south ridge now known as Crowleyís Ridge.

    Although the ridge ends @ the state line, on across Saint Francis, out in vast Missouri prairie or lake, were two islands, now just peculiar knobs of oak trees jutting n2 endless flat farm fields. But Shawnee and Delaware would have held those islands. Although most records donít show them in the area till the eighteen hundreds they, like the cheroke were in the area a full one hundred years b4.

    Shawnee culture is likely ancient. Deleware(the Grandfathers) culture is likely ancient and shaped by Europeans religious dogma from the tenth century. Cherokee are the the Principal People. These three tribes emerged as akin, though  most of the Powhatans were Algonquin, Cherokee are Iroquoan, the common language was Algonquin Powhatan, or a Mobilain trade language with elements of French Cajun, and, as secrecy and silence became paramount in trespass on Osage territory, sign language grew in importance. Think sniper.

    Think tonto/sniper. Daniel boone probably used sign language a lot. The Daniel Boone national forest is where most Cherokee that came here over the decades of the 1700s likely departed. The Cumberland River.

    Near the old Cherokee community of Pine Knot(near modern day Paragould Arkansas) is Crockett. I figure Davy moved in as the Cherokee left that area en masse4 the Arkansas River. Those here in the Ozarks crossed the White River2 the Buffalo, given most of Northwest Arkansas by the United States, they would set the template4 pioneering here b4 the United State reneged on their agreement and evicted the Cherokee amid white Christian hypocrisy. First Newspapers west of the Mississippi wasted little time demonizing Native Americans @ the behest of Corporate Slavers. The first Yellow journalism west of the Mississippi. Fox/Russia of the day.

May 4, 2019

May the Forth b w u. So if we get off oil, Putin and others will b castrated. Quiet.

`     Electric cars and being vagitarian could save the planet. Putin and T Rump would not b in power. Venuzuala and our DEA would not b so intertwined. The human dimension might heal. I am an island. And that. Is. As. It.Should. B.

     So in Cherokee days water falls were paramount. Socially, economically, religiously, waterfalls were the center of life4 water travelers. Mules would b seen, trails of smoke as canoe makers labored. Crafters were wise, they were not mindless workers slaving4 a corporate boss. Shaman and traditional canoe making used smoke and mists, musicians often accompanied deafening roars of larger waterfalls. River travelers were helpless or vulnerable here traveling upstream or down stream. If proper signal of affiliation affirmed those traveling upstream might barter4 a pull up a level. If traveling downstream, u would abandon the canoe, empty it, packing a mule2 take ur goods down the slope as passengers walk or ride, often the boat released2 plummet down, then retrieved below. There were numerous tricks of trade, but wise Cherokee knew only the standard thirty two foot poplar canoe design developed on the Outer Banks of Carolina was truly effective plying a variety of water. If used properly the boat could cut ocean swells, or move across inland lakes and up rivers with far greater efficiency than all other boats on the continent. Lightweight and  still utilitarian the Outer Banks canoe ruled Cape Girardeax.

     So @ waterfalls in the east, @ headwaters of the Cumberland and Kentucky Rivers Cherokee embarked4 modern day Paragould Arkansas. @ times the headwaters of the French Broad or Holstein and pigeon rivers, forming the headwater of the Tennessee and Little Tennessee, then headwater of the Duck and Buffalo in modern day Tennessee. Cherokee took cross cut saws and hauled ass. Not I figure there was a rapid area around the juncture of the Cumberland, Kentucky, and Tennessee rivers. There is a dam now, a huge lake area, there were portages ebbing and flowing not only with water levels, but prevailing war or peace conditions. Chickasaw were dangerous, Shawnees not always allies. English and French claiming dominion glad2 give whiskey or scrawl a treaty map. With pigeons and written symbol writing Cherokee knew more than many...

     But the modern day twin lakes Kentucky area, a large area of lake and peninsula, Cherokee would launch in late afternoon, inconspicuous traveling with rush hour, and no thatís not a joke, areas like this had rush hours of canoe and kayak travel. But as most travelers were getting home in Illinois and kentucky from day light sojourns, Cherokee heading north n2 the Ohio River turned west n2 the Mississippi as the sun set, heading across the vast Ocean in to the sun(in certain months_2 the northern limits of Crow Leeís Ridge where the Saint Francis River cuts it @ the modern day Arkansas Missouri state line.

     The passage from Crow Leeís Ridge2 the eastern edge of Ozarks @ Pocahontas, Black Rock, or Powhatan ;Arkansas would b done the next night. This area, knows as Cherokee Bay, was heavily restricted by Cherokee and Deleware, non affiliated were killed and displayed on crosses @ forks in the river, bits of red jacket or blue hat providing clues many months later.

     Traditional Cherokee, more secretive, moved deeper n2 the mountains, up Southfork River, continuous farms and communities as Devils Backbone became the western limit.

     Water falls would greet them eventually. Just keep pressing 4ward. They would c them twinkling white off2 the sides of main channels,@ times one hundred feet tall when creeks were full, other times rough jumbles of churning white. Eventually the main channel would reveal white curtain barring passage. Here might b a helper with a mule, maybe not. Prior knowledge or map of the area might help make decisions, fixed destination often guided moves. Maybe getting a plow2 Frenchtown was the only motive. Maybe getting a saw2 franklin and bringing back wool was the plan.

     The tiniest Cherokee child knew stuff about nature and animals wildlife biologists and botanists still donít know. Common Cherokee laborers knew more about managing fish and game and  working in harmony with storms and nature than any municipal planner installed by a crony2 sop up government tax $.

     Council was not denied. If a member of the tribe could not b appeased, could not abide by council decree, then banishment was sentenced. Back east this meant going2 Arkansas. In ARkansas it meant breeching the backbone. Walking or riding a horse2 Viola and beyond.

     Cherokee knew extreme military discipline. Besides traveling @ night and avoiding smoke or noise, especially here in the Ozarks in trespass on Osage territory, they worked hard, very poor and hard scrabble. Sure their were times when they could lay down deep in caves and rest plenty, hottest summer and coldest winter most likely, but they knew labor. Skilled labor, making and disguising brush arbors, working horses or mules, rock working, sawing, stocking of differing woods, trapping;  Otters and lions were chief export as Beaver worked with Cherokee building dams and were held as reserve. Bears and bear oil surplus, mink and mink oil. Though the French governments knew better, the Spanish decreed that Cherokee furs were inferior and that they must trade @ Despised Arkansas post. This triggered a chain of trade inland with allied Delaware around Myrtle Missouri. The Delaware were certified by the Spanish as living north of the thirty six thirty line and thus could trade @ favored Saint Genevieve Missouri.

     Im cold. So ready2 hit a river.

May 3, 2019

Book Antigua bold. Opposition Road. Takes me down2. Killin it. Ripping off miles. Iím a maniac on my bike. I go nuts.

       EROSION in house 2nite.      WARREN PEACE and VYPER. Time2 get back in the groove. We took time off after the gig, maybe a biker gig coming up in the summer. Prolly something somewhere. I want2 do JT FEST, where we play Frisbee on the river and rock out loud.

       That crowd may even kick hacky sack. They are okay, but may not like me if I donít let them serve themselves. I will take my sack and go away if they donít follow the rules. Hacky Kickers are rule breakers2 begin with first and foremost so itís tough2 get them2 c the wisdom of conforming2 the four simple rules.  Following the four simple rules is cool. Breaking the rules of Hacky Sack is lame.

       Donít serve yourself. Period. Toss the hacky sack2 another player. DONíT SERVE YOURSELF.

       Donít use ur hands. Not even if u deem it impossible2 kick the sack, Donít use ur hands. If u must use ur hands2 pick the sack from the ground and renew the game that is allowable. Donít Serve yourself. Donít use ur hands.

       Those two rules are the most important. The next2 are also important.

       Donít hog it. Sure u can pop rainbows back and forth, smooth sick hesitations and tricks but donít hog it. Sure the others are not as good but donít hog it. After a couple three kicks allow some one else in the group2 try.

       Donít say your sorry. This is irritating. Some players are novice or have little foot eye coordination or instruction, they often miss easy kicks and immediately apologize. Breaking this rule once is okay but continually no. Even more experienced players may miss one and apologize. NEVER SAY YOUR SORRY.

       Love me some frisbee2. There are no rules2 frisbee. I mean there are techniques and types that help the game. I usually throw the Frisbee right2 someone. They rarely can throw it back. Sure some guys can or girls. I like the spongy ones, its way safe but they throw like  a standard hard disc. Many people come up2 me over the years and thank me4 teaching them how2 play.

       With the soft ones u can play around cars and electronic equipment and babies or such.  1bad throw wonít ruin somebodies life by scratching a Porsche.

       I did play hacky sack on Beale Street last year about this time. Old School chaos@ one point a fever pitch of guest players and revolving cast of characters as me and the tie dye guy dueled. He wanted2 serve himself simply because I hated it, so that game disintegrated and he was lost in Dead land when I pulled the plug and commandeered my sack. ELVIS was watching.

       Dam Iím so ready2 hit Southfork. Put in @ Lanton Missouri. Four days of the good life2 Hardy ARkansas and Beyond.

    T Rump chats Putin up for over an hour 2day. He says they both agree no collusion. When asked if they discussed the massive military attack of our election system he says it didn't come up. Not a joke.

    Last week T Rump topped the holy grail of ten thousand easily proven lies. Fox responded with a retrospective of the anniversary of Obama disgracing the US by wearing that tan suit.

April 30, 2019

And we roll. Quiet night. Frogs n crickets. Tired. Ripping off bike miles. Plus doing jobs.

    Lets c yesterday was the flag pole, we replaced a worn out flag. Then took a split hickory down. Cleaned it up.

    2day was a rough and tough morning taking dead oaks down. And a hickory. Cleaning it up. Another successful Rebel Tree Care job.

    So now itís take several days off, maybe hit Mfis. Donít know yet. Probably lol. Go get a diver and a tan. Itís sposed2 rain lol. Get in the mud pit and try2 love somebody.

    Mueller: Barr is completely misrepresenting.

So the history of Cherokee occupation and influence here in the Eastern Ozarks in Arkansas begins in 1492,   

      Sure Irish were among Cherokee in Carolina a full century b4 Columbus but I doubt they had the adze. Anyway it was another one hundred years b4 the English got a half arsed colony around Roanoke, which is Virginia very near Carolina, then another twenty years till Jamestown. So the sixteen hundreds in Virginia set the stage4 occupation of Arkansas.

      Powhatan the great chief, leader, ruler, whatever u call him he must have been quite a cat treading troubled waters between numerous tribes and the Expanding English dominion.

      He was ruthless and cunning, passionate and diplomatic. There are accounts of hostage situations and treachery, brave and loyal. Powhatans Daughter Pocahontas married John Smith yada yada, Catawba and Tuscarora wars.

      The Powhatan Federation held power in a certain area. That area included northern Cherokee territory, southern Delaware or Lenape territory, and probably Shawnee2 the northwest.

      In secured areas ambush vulnerable river travelers could move safely down small rivers through thick jungle without getting attacked by humans, they could socialize and barter @ waterfall portages.

      Waterfalls were portal 2 another dimension. In the east it was a departure, final provisions and instruction, barter of heavy objects. Konawha falls, falls on the Cumberland and Kentucky River, and over time, the Duck and Buffalo, the Tennessee headwaters

      In the west, here on the eastern shelf of Ozarks, joyous exaltation, quiet prayer by babbling rapids or man made cataract.

      In the middle was fast travel. With Atlantic style boats faster than all others fleets of Cherokee put the hammer down crossing river capes @ night, likely more than one hundred miles a night. @ thirty  two feet long the boat carried many people and much gear, maybe a steel plow, steel saw, a kettle or any surplus eastern good.

      Boats traveling back east from Arkansas carried otter skins, white clay, or smoked goose and fish. Fine caviar was a prime trading good4 small deals with French or Spanish cruiscrs, the English also had a presence and fort in Arkansas, though likely only in Low Water as it was in West Memphis.

      There was more eastern migration and trade than many realize. When Osage attacked here in the eastern Ozarks hundreds of Cherokee made haste2 Crowleyís Ridge and the safety of Saint Francis.

      Plus there were regular movements as clan and council sent word by pigeon of needs back east,  communal workers, assassins,  seed or stock might b moved, always @ night. From the Paragould Area Cherokee could likely make mainland well n2 the mouth of the Cumberland River in one night.


So the metal adze revolutionized canoe making. Native canoe builders on the Outer Banks fostered sharing of industry and culture as this new tool sped up and standardized canoe making. They still burned it slowly @ first, but instead of stone and shell tools they had this iron or steel implement and excavating the boat was now cleaner, easier, fasterÖ

      As communication and competition between tribes based on the Outer Banks increased, with conversion from Rough Atlantic ocean travel2 shallow river travel and portage constant challenge, canoe design and consistency became key. From the years fifteen ninety or so til Powahatans death in sixteen forty or so, rapid advancements in Canoe making resulted in an unbeatable dug out, light and maneuverable, stable and strong. This boat moved up the Roanoke river. The Powhatan Federation still strong with Sons and daughters of Powhatan and Pocahontas running the show still stretched from ďFrenchĒ territory on the Ohio River2 English territory on the Atlantic.     

      From French intelligence they realize that stretching from Modern Day West Virginia was another ocean. A Vast area of flat water and cypress forest stretched from the deep water of the Konawha River in modern day West Virginia thousands of miles2 the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Cape Girardo, the French men said correctly, was the largest fresh water body on the planet.

      In the Sixteen eighties Powhatans were actively  looking4 new destinations. They and Cherokee scouts moved 2gether, traveling @ night across Cape Girado, staking informal claim2 modern day Pocahontas and Powhatan. @ this time they hadnít brought many guns, relying on stealth and speed2 gain advantage on big water. But when exploring further they realized native Osage held incredible bows. They could kill @ one hundred yards while Cherokee and Powhatan only fifty.

      So Cherokee and Powhatan were chased away in those initial incursions. Maybe a few stayed on Saint Francis River.

      A few years later, in sixteen ninety six, Dangerous Man traded his farm4 guns and journied2 deep water West Virginia. With a few dozen Atlantic Ocean style canoes, each with a Cherokee family with a long rifle, they traveled @ night. Each day they set out n2 the setting sun2 capture fire.

      In seventeen twenty one would b a major series of immigrations2 Arkansas. Small pox decimated Carolina Cherokee. Traditional Shaman, unable2 stop the disease, were banished2 Saint Francis River. In conjunction with this movement, Dangerous Man brought six hundred new Cherokee settlers2 Missouri and Arkansas.

      These were Cherokee leaving the pressure and influence of English settlements, wishing4 traditional Cherokee freedoms and belief systems, which they maintained here in Arkansas until the trail of tears forced almost all Cherokee out of the state.

      In eighteen twelve, in response2 the New Madrid Earthquakes, Cherokee basically switched from the Northeast Arkansas2 Northwest Arkansas,


Powatan and his confederacy rejected horses. They doubled down on water travel.


April 26, 2019

Rough and tough this Friday. I thought I had an attractive young helper but got stood up. So I had2 do more work but itís Saul Goode cos I also got more $. Early I was getting a better view of Lake Thunderbird. Minor pruning of cedar, chinkapin, ash, hickory, post oak, red oak, more cedar, more hickoryÖredbud. Beatiful job, nice view. Bass fishermen trolled by as I worked.

      Then2 a storm damaged hickory lying across a driveway. That one was ez enough by myself, next week we go back2 take the rest of the tree out. Itís a double hickory, bad form, mushrooms, and rot. Plus more pruning in June.

      Plenty of work next weekÖ

      So Iím chilln now, gonna jam on the bike, jam on bassÖ

April 25 2019

Baskerville Old Face. Sounds like an old Cherokee name. But I want2 get deeper n2 Native Coalitions. Not just Tecumseh and his Prophet Brother using experience of Eastern Wars2 bond native tribes, increasingly those west of the Mississippi, but the Powhatan Federation which bonded tribes from the East Coast2 the Ohio River, a coalition Cherokee in Carolina respected and abided. In return Cherokee were given passage @ times, or voice.

      Powhatan was a brutal man. I know little about him still but he was a crafter of agreements, leader of broad coalition. He is credited with killing the lost settlers of Roanoke, He allowed other settlers2 clear and plant disputed areas, and @ prearranged signal massacred them all.

      U probably know more about his daughter Pocahontas than I do. But Pocahontas or her daughters was likely on first journeys of the unbeatable Outer Banks Style Canoe that developed as Natives took up use of the metal adze traded2 them by those first settlers in the late fifteen hundreds and eartly sixteen hundreds. Great industry and competition ensued, a perfect canoe standardized. Outer Banks craftsmen had shared knowledge and open industry2 factor all uses of boats4 open water, shallow water, mud, sand, wind, weight, stability, all the factors u can think of the Outer Banks poplar canoe ranked highly in all categories. As the boat made itís way up the Roanoke and over the hill2 the Ohio, guns, specifically long rifles but also shorter guns and pistols accompanied. As Powhatan federation traded and protected coalition travelers from ambush, some moved west with Cherokee as the Federation weakened. Still strong in the sixteen Hundreds when factions of Powhatan made quiet Ozark towns in the locations of modern Day Pocahontas and Powhatan around sixteen eighty five.

They and Cherokee found that osage bows were undefeatable.  They returned with rifles in sixteen ninety six Dangerous Man claimed all of Crow Leeís Ridge, moving that same year2 stake a claim2 Otter Creek, running through modern day Highland and Cherokee Village. Hundreds of cataracts dams took shape using rock and tame beavers. The huge level Mississippi swamp reached deep in2 the Ozarks, fingers reaching @ times2 Devils Backbone itself.

So in modern times we have seen the Mississippi @ fifty feet, and where our water here in Eastern Ozarks reaches in epic floods. So take that level the highest anyone has ever heard of, say, near the shoulders of hiways and over railroad tracks, and add another ten feet2 that, and then weíre talking about the level that hit in the early seventeen nineties and stayed many years. All fields we c now were lakes. Or maybe the highlands were in drought but wet conditions on other parts of the continent pushed the big swamp deep upstream even though Southfork concievably nearly dry. Even then Spring River was likely reliable. My point is u could b dry as a bone here, Southfork completely dry, and big water still start, the ocean itself start say, right there @ Flathead Bridge.

Or maybe Pierce creek held flat water but the falls upstream crunchy with imposing boulders. When the delta floods so big that it pushes n2 the Ozarks, the compression as water jams n2 rock funnel type area results in multiplication of rise. Even in modern times a thirty foot flood out in the delta can push say Strawberry river up forty or fifty feet in some areas.

      Happy Bithday2 my brother Rodney. Hope itís a good one. Need2 get down there.

April 24, 2019

Tahoma Bold Font. Rain. Hard rain this early afternoon. Thunder. Lightning. Texas is sending some more stuff and brewing up more as Dallas gets pummeled this hour also.

     I did manage2 get a couple of jobs done b4 it hit while I was leaving the second. First up was a solitary cedar in a finely maintained landscape. I worked methodically, raising the canopy a few feet, removing many old stubs and branches arching down from above that would have been a nuisance in a few years. Almost every tree I do has this type of branch here and there. The homeowner, a pretty lady from California, watched, offered input on pruning decisions, and actually did much of the  cleanup as far as dragging fallen branches2 the chipper and raking/sweeping the finer debriÖ Sweet laid back job in Cherokee Village.

     Around the cove2 another job, this pruning hickory, hackberry, crepe myrtle, cedar, privet, redbud, dogwood, and removing volunteer redbud, cedar, othersÖ Another nice Rebel Tree Care job down the hatch.

     Then I sold a flag pole job. Not my specialty but what the hell Iíll give it a shot. Patriot Act.

     And the rain hit as I left. Feels real good deep down inside4 some reason. All is well w Rebel Tree Care. Im WARREN PEACE. And ur OK.

April 23, 2019

And we roll. Giant week comes2 an end this Tuesday evening lol. A massive 2days but we got a large job done. 2moro itís sposed2 rain, I only have one small job right now, except4 June, it continues2 book up. And thatís fine. Rivers are roaring. I was sposed2 take a couple of attractive women on a trip 2moro but that may be canceled. Then I have an attractive float partner4 Thursday. So Iím a playa. All kinds of game. But itís subtle. Whatevs.

    So the Mueller report confirms what we already know. T Rump is a treasonous asshole, using the presidency2 rip us asunder just2 save his orange ass. POS.

    Here's an exercise in enabling. Take the Mueller report and everywhere it says T Rump put Obama. C if the right changes their tone @ all. Anybody out there care2 take a little guess as2 maybe they change their tone? Hypocrites.

    And the thing is, if we donít change their tone now this it will b business as usual. Russia and Israel will always meddle in our elections, attacking us constantly. Pence now refuses2 release his tax returns. As T Rump approaches the holy grail of ten thousand provable lies in his first three years, the planet burns, all species are endangered. Agent Orange spews his goo on us as he burns this country down.

    I have a special cedar2 trim. Life goes on. And then u get social security @ age seventy because T Rump gave his buddies a gigantic tax break while putting pressure on the middle class, the working poor, and downtrodden and disabled. He tramples skinny protestors on his way2 the feast. Their skulls make fine cobblestone4 his long winding driveway2 his gigantic seventh beach house. Illegals take fine care of the meticulous landscape.

So as a child I  was told about the Cherokee coming2 this area when they acquired guns2 defeat famed Osage bows and bow men as this was Osage territory from an early time, but they used it only on seasonal hunts, Based near Branson or Springfield Missouri, increasingly operating prairie with horses while Cherokee farmed and trapped Southfork river valley. In conjunction with Powhatan federation Cherokee used a canoe style recently developed in the 1600s with a competitive industry spurred by the introduction of the Metal Adze on the Outer Bank Islands near the mouth of the Roanoke River in Carolina. Hard driving Ocean canoe men used tides and storm surge2 charge up Roanoke River from the Outer Banks, Using trust in Federation, sentry and signal, they moved as far up Roanoke River as possible, Modern day Blacksburg. In western Virginia, still under the control of native Coalition, they portaged or made more Atlantic Standard Canoes.

      Now on the Konawa River, now called the New River(western) tenacious travelers would move downstream now, again using federation2 portage through waterfalls in Modern Day West Virginia until deep water was found, then the Ohio River, @ times back then part of the largest freshwater body on the planet. Cape Girardo stretched a thousand miles or more From the Ohio River2 Baton Rouge.

      Cherokee, with long rifles ready, moved onto the Ohio in efficient groups, faster and more maneuverable, more adaptable(the atlantic standard canoe style, which had developed quickly after the introduction of the Metal Adze by settlers from Europe, not only faster than all others, but lighter and shallow drafted, good also4 swamp travel and mud, 2men could carry it, many more could ride). They traveled @ night by habit, but armed with guns and faster boats moved as far west as feasible. That was Cherokee Village Arkansas.

      But Cherokee Village historians donít know this. Arkansas historians donít know this. Cherokee historians donít know this. Famous authors such as George Sabo III who write thick books on Cherokees and Canoes in Arkansas History donít know this.

      Only a few know this, those same Cherokees in Tahlequah Oklahoma also know where the caves are that they imploded and disguised as they evacuated this area in 1812 and crossed the  White River. But I wonder if they know where the burial ground marked with a water spider is. If they do why do they allow it2 b bulldozed and abused?

`    It must b the Keetoowah. They have complex and center very near the Main Cherokee center in Talequah. Their website is a little pc, someday I will speak with an elder who will tell me about Otter Town and Forty Islands.

      Five Civilized tribes signed a treaty here, likely fostered by Shawnees, even though Shawnee were not included in the white mans list of five.

      Beaver were tame, working side by side and underfoot. Messenger Pigeons and tiny scrolls were the beginnings of the Cherokee Alphabet. The birds kept Cherokee here in constant contact with Kindred and clan on Saint Francis river east of here. The modern state line was used from an early time2 delineate English treaty, French treaty, and native treaties. Certainly itís well documented and spoken legend the Spanish used the line2 designate ďinferiorĒ furs and decree that Cherokee trade @ despicable Arkansas Post as opposed2 pleasant and profitable Saint Genevieve Missouri as brothers Shawnee and Delaware were ďallowedĒ 2do.

      My pitiful ramblings do little justice2 Cherokee. Tenacious as we moderns can never fathom. The toughness and diligence of the frontier, freedom and dominance, incredible endurance. Military organization and social ethic.

      I will stand with Pocahontas over T Rump. Quasi Christain franklin Graham says gays cant b Christian, but that T Rump is in fact, a Christian. Fake news. Muslims are better Christians than most quasi Christains.

      My eyeballs hurt. Ears ring. Legs and back dead tired. Iíve been bloodied and bruised. But only journal veterans hear about it. Iíve learned that commenting on how tired u are because of what u have done is only a prompt4 the person u r speaking2 2say they2 r tired, they2 had a crazy day. And they did. They have never chipped Blackjack though.

      I may work in the rain 2moro. Just4 the hell of it. Itís a feet on the ground job pruning a prominent cedar. No helper. Laid back.

      EROSION in house 2moro night.


April 22, 2019

And we roll. Hot one this afternoon as we bore down tryna get a large job near completion. Early I was up a sprawling red oak slicing, dicingÖ Then another. Then another. These were removals, not a great way2 honor Earth Day but I do my part.

     Saturday was Blue Collar Pow Wow. Great show. EROSION kicked it off. We did a tight set, well received. Hardy definitely heard us lol. KILE rocked the drums and I did my part.

`    Then LAUREN and MIKE TOOK THE STAGE. They were a little subdued, they were on the road performing4 hundreds of people @ the Manilla BBQ festival the night b4. But everbody loves them. They summoned some passion and had fun.

           BROKEN RISE rocked a set. JOHN PAUL on guitar and vocals and lovely SARAH on percussions and vocals. They hail from West Plains, but had2 bounce right after their set2 do their regular gig in Willow Springs Missouri. Milo and Jacks?.

     SHAGGY, or JOSH GENTRY, took the stage by himself and delivered a quality set of acoustic grunge. He has that nineties voice and cool tastes in songs.

     JOEL SMITH, like SHAGGY, is a veteran of Blue Collar, he had a killer set of originals, but we had difficulty 2ward the end of his slot and ended it a little early. Our sound board kept over heating. I felt bad4 basically pulling the plug on him but he took it well, he had another set down the road @The Spring River Draft House.

     BLACK RIVER PEARL absolutely rocked . They play in Little Rock, hail from Pocahontas and are cool shtuff. CHRIS and ALEX are brothers, nucleus of several killer bands over the years, CHRIS on vocals and lead guitar, ALEX with uncanny style and poise on drums. ZACK is smooth and romping on bass. Quality band.

     Finally DYLAN KANE AND COMPANY took over. As day light waned I set up Panadox and ran visual behind them. Darkness intensified the eight foot bouncing  laser white waterfall, filmed actually in the City Limits of Hardy. They did plenty of banjo, and Iím sure campers listening appreciated it. Love the banjo. But they do a folk boogy, I got2 get the other guys name and the girl, but DYLAN did a top notch Wakkarussa type show.

     There was a tye dye booth next2 us. Heavy traffic whizzing by very near us all day. Then cop cars seemed2 b circling us, we felt almost threatened. Maybe it was a coincidence. But the weed block nearby kept the paranoia up. Yep thatís a weed check point, they were arresting high drivers. It wasnít the twenty eight state trooper cars with two troopers each that we all remember from Blue Collar Jam, but it was a little strange. In other words cops and Blue Collar are no strangers.

     T Rump proven now2 b a treasonous whore. Iíve noticed his supporters are doubling down on hatred. Of Muslimis, which I will accept faster than any T Rump hypocrite quasi Christian, or Mexicans, who donít have our lack of work ethic. The right loves them some Russians though.

     Turns out T Rumps AG Barr, who sugar coated the Mueller report2 stall the wolves a couple of weeks, was also involved in covering up the Iran/Contra scandal, uno that one, where we murdered whole cultures in a genocidal secret war paid4 by bargaining with terrorists, giving them weapons now used2 kill us, and sold hard drugs2 Americans by way a crack monopoly. Just say no.

     And remember, the Supreme Court, guy they just confirmed, Kavanaugh the one with beer and sexually assault stuff, which who didnít get drunk and assault somebody in high school, but this guy goes on2 craft the questions concerning Bill Clinton and the getting of the uno what. Very specific questions concerning ejaculation and cigars, etc. Nothing partisan there. All of those heinous hypocrite  repos involved in that witch hunt are either convicted of heinous sex crimes or support T Rump. So, there is not much variety there.

     So another big day 2moro.  A huge blackjack all over a house. Plenty of detail and cleanup. And. Then. It. Will. B. Time.2. Hit a river. Hit it hard. Inner Sha. Gotta go.

     I have worked a little lately. Removing privet, trimming cherry, redbud, cedarÖ I also got a cat out of a tree. He was ready this time. Ten days in that tree through storms had him more cooperative. And that was after a week in another tree. Hope he has learned his lesson.

     Ripping off hard miles on the bike. Canoe gear is way ready.

April 10, 2019

Hard rides lately as I take time off. The only climbing of trees right now is2 get cats.

      As I ride the parade of blooms is cool. While the pears, black locust peach and barberries are dropping off, apple and crabapple are showing, redbuds in heavy bloom, northern magnolia, spirea showy, cherry plum prettyÖ Dogwoods about2 burst, white oak leaves bright scarlet as they emergeÖ Japanese cherry beautifulÖ

      Gearing up4 Blue Collar Pow Wow. Here is my incomplete list of artists: EROSION. LAUREN GRAY w special guest MIKE GRAY. BROKEN RISE, JOEL SMITH. SHAGGY. BLACK RIVER PEARL, ICKARUS GIN, DYLAN KANE.

      Panadox will provide visuals4 the tail end of the show, from nine pm til 10.

      So Im riding super hard, ripping off huge miles each hot sunny day now.  I sleep well, tired, spentÖ I live2 ride.

      EROSION in house 2nite. Lookn 4ward2 making some noise.

      Im packed up and red e2 hit a river many days. As soon as my van is out of the shop Iím gone2 Spring River a few days. Or somewhere. Donít want2 get2 far away from home till after Blue Collar.

      But then itís National Forest time. Buffalo or Current hopefully.

      Rebel Tree Care. Iím booking June. I have a decent start on June scheduled. Wise.

      So rock on and dig it. Life is And. Then U.

Still yet more Cherokee musings:

       Myatt River. Bennetts River. 2 river valleys along the MIssouri ARkansas state line. Myatt and Bennett were likely neighbors, Bennett waters leading off2 North Fork River and White. Myatt drains n2 Black River via Spring River. Native Cherokee considered the Southfork2 flow on2 Black Rock and join the Eleven Point, Black and Current Rivers. In other words Spring River below the junction of Spring And Southfork was called South Fork by Cherokee. Bennet probably knew the Osage white hairs, probably held black slaves, and sometimes white slaves, in lean times might trade a few Cherokee slaves2 the roaming Caddo, Bennet might have played loud music on full moons or maybe his black smith hammered metal early day light. Roosters were not muted in Bennetts valley

    Inside the backbone Myatt was quiet. He dampened hidden fire well b4 day light. He held quiet gathering in bushy brush arbors. Myatts family quiet, abiding by taboos instituted by Cherokee council of persuasion and consensus.  And if u lost @ council u did not continue, u did not insist on and on that ur point of view b the official point of view of Cherokee Council.

    Bennet and Myatt traded salt and skins or any frontier what not. They both received wool from Irish growers on Strawberry River. Frenchmen already held contracts4 trade. Myatt and Bennet ceased trade during war times, the backbone strife with skirmish as Myatts and Bennets feuded.

    But during times of peace, of which there were many, exceptional Cherokee took horses west, riding as guest of Osage buffalo parties. some Cherokee returned 2Otter Creek and Saint Francis with favorable stories of Osages. Over the one hundred and sixteen years they lived here in Modern Day Cherokee Village there were numerous wars and truce, evacuations and evasions. Tactical escape maneuvers, peace paths and war paths. Clan revenge and blood libel. Escalations and burying of hatchets.

       @ some point many English captives went west with Ohio Delaware when given a choice 2 return2 White Society they went west with Delawareís. As Delaware as an identity and ancient ethic, as Delaware encountered Osage council, Osage accepted them, allowed them Eleven Point River Watershed in Missouri bordered on the west by the Devils Backbone.

       @ some point English men eased quietly through cracks in territories. Plus Delaware and Cherokees allies here, both crucial elements of coalition.

       As Spanish captains pretended2 enforce a division line, which is the modern state line savvy Englishmen farmed both sides, trapped and hunted both sides. When  the Backbone was breeched by Cherokee they forfeited Southfork Watershed north of thirty six thirty.@peace they merged with English Delaware. But they would hold the Arkansas Territory south of the line and east of Devils Backbone4 over one hundred years. Englishmen moved on2 upper south fork north of the line.

       Frenchmen had no need4 Politics and ambassadors. They were settled, farming Southfork long b4 the English appeared. These Cherokee invented Keetoowah. Guarded secrets of federation fostered and filtered by sister towns Pocahontas and Powhatan. These people, the native coalition knew how2 keep secrets. Plus they had Masons and Templars among them, knowledge and custom, expertise and ingenuity.

       French Cherokee were the first2 establish towns and camps that, except4 temporary desertions or war time evacuations as horse back Osage came2 defend their sovereign hunting grounds, were occupied by Cherokee4 one hundred and sixteen years.

       And though French culture got here first, the Irish and Cherokee connection in Carolina went back centuries. Before Columbus. Irish Cherokee were among the first2 come2 Arkansas, likely claiming all of Strawberry River in about 1700.

       I say 1700 because Dangerous Man was likely staking claim2 southfork by 1697 after coming here with guns2 counter mighty osage bows, Atlantic ocean style canoes2 counter Horses, and robust network of trade and defense2 counter rogue invasion.

       But common word was that Osages did not want2 shed Cherokee Blood. They would cluster in bands of Many hundred and move slowly on horses2 bald hillsides where they would silhouette them selves on a skyline, showing their numbers and giving Cherokee plenty of time2 flee east2 swampland and across2 Crow Leeís Ridge and Saint Francis River(s).

       But b4 many of the Osages returned home2 modern day Branson and Springfield areas, Cherokee moved back here2 Otter Town or modern day Cherokee Village. Messenger pigeons carried talking symbols as a Cherokee Alphabet developed.

       Sometimes a friendly council was achieved with wise white hairs of the greater Osage. If a truce confirmed,  Cherokee Councils in Modern Day Cherokee Village and modern day Paragould might lift certain taboos, such as open fires, gun shots, harvesting beaverÖ

       My gut tells me John Coopers mansion or Fountain Place was the location of peace time councils. High above Otter Creek, modern day Lake Thunderbird, and Raccoon Springs and South fork River, meeting place of a treaty of five civilized tribes.

       Scot Cherokee also had deep influence here. The north South Spanish Road here was built by a team of hard living Scots, Stuart, Modern day highland, is named after a scot Cherokee. Cave City and Pfeiffer were sister cities, Cave City like Myatt as opposed2 Bennet, quiet and reserved as Cherokee ethic and clan law, Pfieffer like  Bennet outside Devils Backbone, Bag pipes and beating of metal celebrated. The  Amber glow of beer and ale lit halls filled with pipe music and kilt dancing.

       @ the Western Devils Backbone was a similar town: viola. Just west of the Backbone u could get a shot of whiskey and shoot ur gun n2 the sky near a bonfire with whores.

       Viola and Pfieffer were basically the only entry and exit points4 the mule trails that eventually became hiways 412 and 167. @ times these trails became turn pikes or toll roads, trading posts collected tribute. The northern border were friendly Delaware where secretive lead trade discouraged visitors, and eastward was more Cherokee territory all the way2 the Mississippi River, on the other side of which Chickasaw ruled.

       Pocahontas and Powhatan, on high rock just off the gigantic swamp were filters and conduits as river travelers eased through or not. Pocahontas was south of the line, but on the Eleven Point Watershed. Many Shawnee, Powhatan, Delaware, Mingo and Cherokee, Choctaw, Chippewa, QuapawÖ These people filtered n2 the wilderness and farms via marriage and clan affiliation, becoming Cherokee not by blood but by circumstance. There were Africans black as deepest jungle in the Cherokee Tribe here. There were albinos with bushy red hair.  There were many half breeds: melungeon, maroon, melanistic. Many Cherokee pock marked and disfigured from disease.

       Turbans were in fashion many years by Cherokee here and back east. Sometimes I wonder if that was an anti Christian statement or a Muslim thing. They probably just got a good deal on a roll of purple cloth.

       There were religious meetings here. Arkansas Cherokee used brush arbors as an art. They disguised them expertly and held spirituals. They anointed former slaves here as slavery was taboo.

       But aforementioned Stuart, namesake of the Scottish influenced post here in Highland on the north south Spanish Road, he was a Baptist preacher. He and his son and maybe grandson were famous Scot Cherokee Baptist preachers. Bushyhead. Oo na dota.

       Dota creek is near Pfieffer. Nearby is Curia Creek, which I think Curia has a religious element like maybe catholic. Which would match up nicely as the year they banned Catholics somewhere was the same year a major immigration2 Arkansas occurred. Donít have the particulars. Tired.

       Even Moko, a town very near the intersection of devils backbone and thirty six thirty line, has religious connotations: Africans and Haitians or black Cajuns have a festival of stilts, Moko Jumbi. Jumbi is a corruption of the word Zombie. Itís a festival of the dead on stilts. I bet the bands are killer.

       Moko was likely a community of escaped slaves. Even in the seventeen hundreds there was talk of thirty six thirty becoming the dividing line between free and slave.

       On the same year that Dangerous Man, who some say was named Smith and brought six hundred Cherokee settlers2 an area north of here in Missouri in 1721, first came here, many would say in 1696 because that is when he signed the first or second land cession with England and went west with guns all the news was of the Salem Witch Trials. Maybe Salem Arkansas was named after Salem Massachusetts in sixteen ninety six. Using the Powhatan confederation and network of guarded portage trails was crucial4 these very first Cherokee in Arkansas and Missouri. Equipped with guns and superior canoes they came here by water @ night.

       Outside the backbone was dangerous. Only the quickest gun fighters and devious horse thieves survived, and those not4 long. The official Arkansas Trading post was worse, evil characters stalking and plotting @ all times. Cherokee leaving the Newark Arkansas area with furs or bear and mink oil would send a pigeon2 modern day Forest city area so that other Cherokee with guns and fast canoes would meet them @ Arkansas Post. With backup and show of coalition Cherokee tolerated some trade with disgusting Arkansas Post. Spanish captains had mandated they trade there, these ineffectual ďgovernorsĒ did not know that Cherokee traded finer goods and skins @ favored Saint Genevieve Missouri in violation of Spanish Decree, either through dark night travel or Delaware middlemen.

Deep rest.


March 29, 2019

March on. Another rough and tough Rebel Tree Care day in the books. First up was a large shaky red oak. Rotten and leaning 2ward a fine Cherokee Village home we rigged it just so and boom it hit on target. Then it was cut it up, chip some of it, and coil numerous ropes and hang equipment as we traversed2 the front of the house removing numerous volunteer cherry, elm, hackberry, mimosaÖ. Trimming juniperÖ then the main course, a large pine was over the house and the neighbors parking and shiny new fence.

      Not just any tree service would do what we did2 this pine. It was difficult and took skill. I climbed the tree spikeless2 around eighty feet up, relieving the top of  large branches, working methodically down taking old storm damage and numerous stubs left by chumps. Tree Services should b required2 read a pamphlet.

      So life is good. Brutal week closes. Another brutal week on tap starting Monday. June is booking rapidly also.

      ITís trying2 rain and thatís fine. We worked through sprinkles and spats all day.

      Iím filling a list of ppl that want chips. Chips are smart. Itís recycling and renewable @ itís core. Mulch can save the planet. So mulch.

      T Rump and the repos r dealt another blow2 their attempts 2 sabotage the Affordable Care Act. Uno, the law. The Supreme court, yesterday struck down the draconian work requirements and now the ASSociation bs T Rump and the repos scribbled in the margins as the vote was taken. The court did not mince words, absurd was actually one word they did not mince. it was obviously a lame ass attempt2 get around the law and needs2 go away. So do repos.

      T Rump: ďI know a lot about wind power. If the wind doesnít blow, u canít watch tv.Ē That. Is. False. Just like every word out of his mouth. Approaching ten thousand lies since his inauguration. Easily proven lies. And remember if Hillary told even one of those ten thousand easily proven lies, repos via Fox/Russia would burn the world down. Hypocrisy much?

    BAsically it's fine4 T Rump2 plead bankrupt, not pay taxes, under value and over estimate in a deliberate shell game bilking you and I4 billions, but people receiving health care assistance while also eating sea food is the problem.

      Rain now.

Look4 THE MIKE GRAY BAND featuring LAUREN GRAY Saturday night @ Copper Feather in Cherokee Village.   

      We have seven bands down4 Blue Collar Pow Wow in Hardy April 20. Stay tuned.

March 28, 2019

March on. And we roll. Another one bites the dust. Tired. Long run. Disco Strangler. EAGLES.

    Donít know where I checked in last. The attempted cat rescue. The gigantic Cabot sycamore. The huge Cabot pine. The Cabot walnut, another Cabot sycamore.

    The Sherwood cherry, Sherwood Japanese maples, one a removal, one a trim. Removal of holly and others.

    The two Little Rock Bradford PearsÖ Those were yesterday.

    2day was a Cherokee Village Post Oak over a fine home. Also removing many yew. Moron tap 2moro.

    Mueller report in. We donít know what it says, But T Rumps newly appointed Attorney General perused it and says Saule Goode. Repos taking victory laps, sleight of hand as they attack the last shreds of The Affordable Care Act. One of those last shreds is Preexisting Conditions.

    In an orchestrated move, Betsy DeVos cuts Special Olympics and gives executives a large raise. Then, timed2 maximize news coverage T Rump ďoverridesĒ her and saves the Special Olympics. Fox will swoon him, Fox will run a six hour infomercial showing T Rump with autistic kids. He will get a hiccup in the polls, although America did allow a Muslim Woman2 b sworn in.

    How can we win the Holy War with Muslims in our government. We must. Make Sure. White. Supremacist. Christians. Rule unaccountable.

    Hypocrisy and Sarcasm as standard, War and Pollution, Collusions and greed4 ever and yon, Der Furher of Mother Russia manipulates us. No doubt Repos and Russians colluded2 cripple the Health Market Place.

    Repos and Russians colluded2 flood Facebook with Fake News via Russian Bots and Repo voters.   

    Repos and Russians. Kind of like Bush and Saudi Arabia. The favoritism and blatant superiority. Trillionaires were Bushs base also, they and congress sent no sons or daughters, each county, every community must sacrifise2 the many headed beast.

    I need me some river. In another week or so it will start materializing. Actually setting afloat, I want2 do the Little Red, but with all the high water it wont b ez2 find camp spots, even in a wildlife refuge.

    The Southfork is back down around ample water again. If it stays up I will b doing me some Missouri2 Hardy soon.

    I also want2 do the lower Strawberry but Black River is pretty high and could complicate things. Then I got Little Maumelle soon I bet.

    Upper Spring is really nice on the off season or non Saturday early or late in the year.

    The Gasconade twists and turns awaiting me, and old reliable Current and Eleven Point always excite me.

    T Rump administration erases limits on Mercury and other toxic metals in water. @ this very instant in time, asinine repos @ the behest of Farm Bureau, aka shills4 water pollution, are attempting a law that will gut what little regulation we have. Instead of DEQ, or Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, repos want some fancily named new department that they will control and undermine any remaining regulations on Water sheds and concentrated Animal Factories.

    2day the Supreme Court ruled against work requirements4 Medicare, Kentucky and Arkansas have recently lost many thousands of people who were unable2 work the eighty hours a month because they worked already, didnítí have the internet, etc. The Supreme Court found that2 b the goal of T Rumps work requirement, kick people off Medicare, which was against the stated goal of Medicare, which is2 help ppl. Duh Repos. U heinous murderous bastards.

    Run the government like a business. Like Bitch Romney was going2 do. Bankrupt the Government. Just like ur business.

    Romney, with T Rump the two remaining vampirical underlings of demonic hierarchy stays irrelevant, but I think heís a senator now. He moved back 2 Utah and married his seven pretty cousins.

    The hacking continues. Iím pretty sure they remove Rachel Maddow from the algorithms of Face Book and searches. They cripple her show by deadending  certain links, like a regional brown out, just4 a little while, then roving on2 darken liberal feeds world wide.

    They hacked Obama Care. Sabatoged it. Cyber Attack. Slander AttackÖ

    They hacked the election, T Rump attacked fake news only after he won. He used it with Russia, and Fox/Russiaís help. Itís pretty obvious he colluded. Maybe collusion with a foreign government2 cripple Americans is not a crime. But it is treason. The repo party itself is pure treason. Tis the treason. Repos r hacks. 

Quasi Christian crack head false profits.

    Governor Hutchinson vows2 defy the Supreme Court and reinstate work requirements4 public assistance recipients. He vowed2 make all disability applicants2 jump through hoops.

    Iím digging this Adam Shiff dude. He tearing Fox/Russia a new one with his spirited charges against T Rump, but I cant get through on the link. Hackers. Repo Right hackers. Godís Hackers. But remember the Planned Parenthood video makers went2 jail. The tape was fake. Completely.

    As they try2 completely and totally screw The Affordable Care Act n2 oblivion, T Rump and the Senate still have no plan. McConnel scribbled a few notes on a cocktail napkin after banging a cocktail waitress, he drunk dialed Eric Cantor4 inspiration. Meanwhile T Rump asked Ivanka about health care, she fumed that ďthis black girl on ObamaCare had a boob job.Ē



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