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River Adventures


     Copper age sailors explore ancient Atlantic. Also the Adriatic Sea, the Mediterranean, the Black, interior Russian rivers, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi River. Fledgling democracies and strange kingdom’s add culture to melting pot crew. Fleeing epic flood they sail deep into present day Russia and United states...

    Clan and trade, family and lodge, Does a character's name tip us as to their final destination? A world atlas at the ready might help trace the journey.

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avant ancient ocean copper age bronze diffusion Arkansas epic flood cypress swamp vikings jews Noah world journey Sarah, Demos, Fin... creative writing in Arkansas, badly researched long on vision short on character development Mark Demos is this copper age Bruce Lee.. Aruba is like a Shaquille O'neal maybe... Sarah, sweet Sarah Harper is like a famous MADONNA, the original LADY GAGA... Ham is the son of Noah. Fin is a ship wright. Vale Hollow is winter camp. Linen Grade was flash frozen. CrimeA is sale and trade of Hemp. Crimean Hemp, harvested by tall strong Scythians, superior2 Italian Hemp, Far ranging sailing ships were @ distinct advantage is ropes and sails from consistent Crimean Hemp. But it must sail throught Istanbul, the Sea of MaraMara, and Troy2 make Crete, King Dominos expect tribute if not in coin then favor. Mark Demos is from Lesbos, as Andros, Samos, and others fester in sexual deviation and often violent, Mark Demos ends the fight fast. Millers, Fellers, Hunters and Fishers, Green, Harper, Archers....