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River Adventures


Tortured, ugly, obscenely rich kid takes slum tour of world ports, helping orphans and dancers. This would make a good mini series on HBO. Lot's of sunshine and ocean awareness, lore and history, symptoms and problems, with a guest super model every episode/port. I haven't figured his ultimate statement but the Ruby Yacht may very well sail till I can't

2 bumble my way 2 an ending.

Memorable characters? Seaman Stains.

Beautiful dancers  of differing ethnic blood and culture.

A guy that does high school nerd movies could play Wink,

Stains is this old old guy that knows oceans in primitive ways

The Ruby Yacht is a state of the art pleasure boat, incredibly fast, stable, and sophisticated. Wink got it 4 his eighteenth birthday, @ the party he freaks over an imagined snub by a pretty obsession, and takes off. He shamelessly spends a fortune on dancers and prostitutes, even while creating beneficial companies @ orphanages and schools 4 the poor. A tale of reducers, coercers, imploders, redeemers, seagoers... Not finished, six HBO episodes.

read it

ruby yacht lap top sattelite tanker stripper computers for orphans unfinished needs thorough research real world experience like multi day Ozark stream canoe trips. The King Fisher. Egg research. A few googles and you know it all The prophet. In novel or HBO form Ruby Yacht will have awesome fishing scenes. Seaman Stains knows fishing. Survivor man. Super Yacht.This makes me want 2 pull this project up. Ruby Yacht is fun actually. It's fun being an ugly nerd in real life. IF you control eight figures.