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     Quality rock fiction is elusive. For a half century I’ve struggled with angst and humor. In school I was a Genius, but wanted to be good at sports. I worked at Warren’s IGA, danced to AC/DC and disco, helped win State and regional championships, drove a sixty nine mustang really fast, and kept beer under a dock in cold Spring River. Writing developed as a vent, a way to say things without being held accountable. At first I expected an airlift to fame on a Harley, then quit caring about being discovered, but kept writing, using my surroundings for ideas on a multitude of projects. Some became worthy of ending, editing and saving, others went to the scrap heap. Computers in the eighties discouraged me, though I had a degree in Programming, nothing was compatible, large projects had to be redone; daunting tasks taking months, years, even decades of work.

    Seriously, Most people around c me as the tall guy that trims trees and moves kinda slow but I could run in the day. without even training in the mile my mile time was better than the district champs but I didn't run track cos I dug baseball. I played with some incredible players in my day. Started a lot of games @ shortstop4 the Rebels. Jay Hansen. Malcolm Long. Terry Jamieson. Jeff Gourley. His brother Roth. Many other all state or college  or champion level players. Steve Allen. Scott and Wayne Long. Ed French. Roger Nicholson. Sandy Hall. Robert and Richard Wiles. I played on some great teams, starting the district championship game @ shortstop as a ninth grader. I started five or so games as tenth grader as we won state. I started five or so games as a junior and thirty or so as a senior.

    But4 some reason I enjoy creative writing. It's a vent I guess. My blog lets me blow off steam without having2 argue morality or politics with republican loved ones and acquaintances. I'll be honest, not all of my stuff is that great. Rokkalypse was written when I was nineteen and copywritten when I was twenty. It's incoherent and raw with shabby character development. It's almost like a liquid novel, like a cartoon novel. Decent read. i like LOJoker best. It's damn cool. Plus Water Spider, I keep trying2 breath life n2 it, I keep finding tidbits of telling lore or remembering local legends. When I was child there was someone who told passionately of the Cherokee. They traveled here by canoe. At night. Forty Islands was a meeting place. Raccoon springs was a treaty place. The Cherokee had a system of locks and dams. Osage horsemen floundered on the steep shelf slopes of Cherokee Village.

    Osage dominant in older days with bows way more powerful than Cherokee. Then Cherokee got guns and came here2 modern day Sharp and Fulton Counties, The Devil's Backbone was the dividing line. I have now completed Water Spider with yearly updates as I learn more about the First Keetoowah Cherokee who lived in my home town of Highland(Stuart) Arkansas, and Cherokee Village Arkansas. As of February 2017 I have completed the novel4 awhile. Short Saga of the ARkansaw Cherokee.


    I now present my body of work to cyberspace, inviting prospective publishers, agents, speculators, or producers to entreat me with offers. Or regular folks might find some works entertaining.  To hell with established publishers. Print your own. Take a look at the synopsis’ and casts of characters here in Rebel Word, there is more than meets the mind, whatever the hell that means. I wrote that in O4 when I put this web site 2gether, and never particularly felt really good about that sentence. Here's a quick look at my latest project:

Probable Outline of  Water Spider

1696--Dangerous Man heads west armed with rifles. Occupies Southfork river based on Saint Francis

1721— Cherokee Shaman priests forced to move west from Carolina and Virginia.

Cherokee establish claim to modern day Crowley’s Ridge.

1724—Osage attack Otter Town(modern day Cherokee Village Arkansas).

Cherokee retreat to Turtle Island(Crowley’s Ridge). French, Irish, Scottish and English, Jewish and Black Cherokee lay claim in the Eastern Ozarks on Southfork and Strawberry rivers. Iron tools trickle into the Ozarks.

1768—Coalitions of Shawnee, Delaware join anti British Cherokee in Spanish territory;

Shawnee have permission of Osage to occupy Current River,

Delaware have permission of Osage to occupy Eleven Point River,

Cherokee have no such permission for their occupation of South Fork River.

Forty Islands(Hardy Arkansas) becomes flash point in alcohol prohibition.

Again, Osage Grand Council orders invasion of Otter Town;

Again, slaughter is averted by elaborate means of signal and transport.

Elders give their lives, Grandmother Water Spider lives!

1780 pro British faction of Cherokee banished to Arkansas

1790 Chickamauga's come to Otter Town. Otter Lifter is healed. A spanish road is cut through Stuart, Bushyhead Stuart is a principal western chief, also a Baptist preacher.

1810—Osage Lower Council softening as Tecumseh, Great Shawnee speaks.

Huge coalition of tribes meet at Raccoon Springs(South Fork River).

Messenger webs of flag, pigeon, pony, smoke, mirrors, drum and canoes aid Cherokee,

Holdouts in Alabama and Tennessee organize.

Blacks traveled the ancient trail also.

1811—Poised to present a unified face to fend encroachments by white settlers

Cherokee nation crisscrosses Goose Lake (Cape Girardo, Missouri).

Earthquakes destroy all communication.

The New Madrid Earthquakes strike with little understood force.

Epicenter corresponds with Capitol of Cherokee Nation West.

Years later White River, then Oklahoma are contested by the Nations.

1838—Trail of Tears.

Water Spider.

brace yourself 4 the cover


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